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Spacious Nissan Quest: why I love it.

I love this vehicle. I initially bought it because I have two small kids and I'm usually the one driving my family and sisters around as well and I love the electric doors. Now, we are expecting baby #3 and are glad we have so much space. Seats are leather but still very comfortable, there are seat warmers in the front. You can also move the pedals to fit your comfort level. No one is complaining because the other person is touching them, no fighting over who sits where either. I love the amount of space in this vehicle.

- Reagan H

Buy Nissan space is great and roomy a little more space in the trunk needed.

I purchased my Nissan quest in 2007 it was a 2004 used only problems were my other half did not keep up maintenance so I took over the van just yearly upkeep I have 90, 000 miles and my car still runs like a dream. I have always owned Nissan cars had to switch to van because when I got married and had kids needed a van for trips and vacations I used to own a Altima wish I could afford to keep both but could not so the van was perfect I would advise everyone to at least try Nissan.

- Donald K

make an option to roll all the windows up n down more child proof n car seat ava

I love Nissan Quest pretty comfy ride.I feel safe and secure when riding. does well in gas on highway. only negative thing I can think of off the top of my head would be gas guzzler it's when I travel on the back roads or during traffic. Wish there was a gas saver button to push to glide when going 20 miles or less. Maybe let all the windows roll up and down versus just the front two. Other than that she's a comfortable, reliable, nicely put together vehicle .

- Ashley S

It has held up over time, but requires frequent repairs for minor issues, such as dash, door and controls. Overall, it is a decent choice with an especially unique seat storage feature that allows for lots of room for hauling when necessary.

I like this vehicle because it is a minivan, which accommodates our growing family. I like it because it has been reliable. I like the options for storing the seats away to open up the back for hauling. I do not like it because it has some frequent minor problems, such as with the locks and windows and dash components, which I have discovered occur typically with this make and model. I will choose another make of minivan with our next purchase.

- Kevin B

Nissan quest great for style and family!

Wheel bearing went out which sucks. But I really like the space if you have a growing family with car seats it's easy to get car seats in regardless of second or third row! Also great trunk space! I like all the room there is. The DVD player is nice but I don't like that the people upfront cant listen to music while they are watching a show!

- Megan W

Reliable . Very good on gas.

I have never had an issue. Very reliable. Very comfortable for my family. Has thesis player which is an added bonus for my family.. It does not use a lot of gas and once died the gas last quite a long time. The vehicle has dual large side doors which is quite effective for loading or the kids have easy access to get in and out.

- Gigi M

The best van you could ever have.

I love my van it is perfect for my family. Each of my children have their own spot in the van. They enjoy listening to the music and it comes with a 6 CD holder automatic door opens. Back seat folds down so you can have more room to back things for trips. Or it can lay down so that your children can sleep during long trips.

- Maria H

It has many buttons but there are easy to read and understand

The transmission is about to go out. It's very comfortable for my family. It has a DVD player for my baby niece and nephew. It can seat up to seven people. It has air and heat for the front and back. It also has its own wiper in back. It isn't real good on gas but the comfort is so awesome. People can sleep in it and all

- Rebecca F

If 'christine' were a minivan.

Has plenty of room and a DVD player for the kids. But the automatic closing doors have a mind of their own and have tried shutting on my kids on multiple occasions. It also has a loud ticking noise that has something to do with the a/c and heat, but no one knows what it is or how to fix it.

- Britney S

I love my Nissan quest, what more could I want in a van.

My 2004 Nissan quest is perfect for me. It has all the room I need whether hauling kids or building supplies. It also has all the options I like, auto lights, auto windshield wipers, electric windows and seats, Bose stereo, skylights all the way back, leather seats that move,

- Becky C

Love the DVD player and the space in the car that it has

Not many issues minor wear and tare like brakes and struts that need to be replaced other than that I love my can. Has DVD player for my kids space so they don't fight over space and I love driving it. I highly recommend getting a can of this kind because they are worth it.

- Tracey R

There's a tv it can take DVD or vs..

Great on gas. Very minimum problems. Fixes here and there. Had to fix the breaks. Energy runs decant. Batter died for leaving lights on. Turned back on after a while. Air conditioning is great. Comes with a tv and 2 headphones. It's tricky to play sound out the speaker.

- Clair D

Grandkids on board all the time.

Complaints? Only one and it's the poor gas mileage it gets. I love it due to its durability 200, 000 miles or no breakdown of van. So far, just basic maintenance. It fits most of my babies when wanting to venture out for the day I live driving. Very happy with my van.

- Richard Lopez M

Nissan quest falling apart.

The display lights are known to not work, thus not knowing how much gas is in your car, I have recently replaced the fuel pump, front wheel bearing and spark plugs. My mechanic has even stated Nissans quality has decreased over the years. Will not buy another Nissan.

- Lauren K

Nissan quest reasons to purchase.

Love the fact that it has lots of features such as power brakes, power steering, maintenance updates, heated seats, tire pressure regulators, and leather seats. I like the fact that it is low maintenance. It also has a 6 CD changer and excellent speakers.

- Brenda D

Comforter ride watching a movie and see the stars through the moon windows.

Haven't had any problems and it is nice to be able to put a lot in it and easy to get in and out. It is nice to sleep in it and you can look out the moon window watching the night sky. You can charge up the phone and watch movies on the panel.

- Jeanie D

Nissans are very reliable and worth the $ and withstand many years of use! Take it from me, since I drive a 2004 Quest currently and still love it!

I love my Nissan Quest. I got it at a auto auction for $5000 in 2013 and it has been very reliable even with 185000 miles on it at present. The only downside is that it is getting pretty old. I still drive it daily. I LOVE it!!

- Jennifer W

Mini van: spacious and has extra wide seats

I like that it is big and that the third row has a step to get up into. It is a very reliable car and we put a lot of miles on it. The bucket seats are really big and wide. One problem is that it it so low to the ground.

- Andrea S

It's paid for which means I can spend my money on more important things than a car payment.

I love my minivan. I love that the side doors open automatically. I love that it has a TV for my kids. I love that it is roomie and paid for. I don't like that the carpet has stains and needs to be replaced.

- Josephine h

It is a family friendly car and great for driving short or long distances.

I like automatic back sliding door and rear doors. I also love DVD player for kids. I dislike some of the lights on dashboard and doors sensitivity to closing automatically.

- Chantelle M

Longevity and good on gasoline.

Have 175 miles. It runs good. Have had minor repairs done as needed. Does not use oil. Is spacious with 3 full seat rows. Mine has leather seats.

- Brenda B

It is 14 years old and still runs great. Has taken lots of kids to lots of events!

This has been such a reliable vehicle! Love my van and all the wonderful extras in it. Seats are comfy, sunroof is perfect! Would buy it again!

- Barb M

It's been a great vehicle overall. Very roomy and comfy.

I love how it drives. The only thing I don't like about it is the things that have quit working due to the age are very expensive to replace.

- Jill S

Don't buy one! The space isn't worth it. Go with a Dodge Grand Caravan instead.

The half shafts has gone out 4 times in two years. We bought the car used...two weeks later is was on a tow truck because it wouldn't start.

- Renee M

The van has Lots of room. All seats move so easy to store transport things in bulk.

I bought mine 2nd hand. So for my experience I have an engine light on. Automatic doors open sometimes. Lots of leaks. Electrical issues.

- Rose A

After almost two decades it is still running.

Like the gas mileage, power and room. I do not like worrying about what is going to go wrong next. I blame the dealership on the worry.

- Jim M

That it has room for 5 people and it can haul a lot of stuff.

It's a gas hog and the muffler and exhaust are going. I do like that it has a lot of room and enough seats to fit 5 people comfortably.

- Kara B

That it has never broken down and if it did I would get help

It's very reliable. It is very spacious and roomy. It is my first Nissan Quest it was very affordable and I love the DVD player

- Melissa L

It's long and it's takes getting used to when parking.

I love the room inside, the ease of folding rear seats. Good gas mileage no blind spots. There's nothing that I don't like.

- Gloria P

My vehicle does have a TV in the back and it came with 4 headphones.

Had problems with power steering pump, and the starter as well. Constantly having to put power steering fluid in it.

- Felicia P

It is dependable, holds lots of things and people and i would buy another.

It has lots of room. The kids love the dvd player and its practical and convenient.

- Ashley B

reliable and the room on the inside is nice when you have children and animals

the room in the vehicle is nice. no complaints or anything to change

- Angel J

It is reliable. For being used, we have had to do some upkeep, but it works great.

Bought as a used vehicle. Needed for a bigger family. Works great

- Monica M

Family car that is spacious. Has powerful engine . Lots of extras.

Very comfortable ride. Powerful engine. Bad paint, faded early.

- Lisa B