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My kids call it a "spaceship" instead of a van!!!

2005 Nissan Quest

I just recently purchased this vehicle. So far, it has met the needs of my family. I like how it has a button that will turn the automatic side door opener feature off. With small children who like to press buttons this prevents wearing out the motor! I also like the button that shuts off all inside lights, this prevents a kid leaving a light on in the back of the van. I'm still trying to get used to the dash placements of the instruments since they are in the middle of the vehicle instead of directly in front of the driver. There seems to be more room in the back of the vehicle as well. This makes it easier for people to access the third row seat and more room to maneuver when trying to buckle a small child into a car seat.

- Jennifer M

Spacious spaceship interior: dash resembles spaceship & parts compact into floor.

2005 Nissan Quest SL

Everything is behind the engine, which makes repairs expensive. The frame is soft and I live in a rural area, which is not conducive. In a city with flat roads, this vehicle would last much longer. Other than these two points, I absolutely love my van. *I would also not suggest this van in windy places. It is very lightweight.

- Jennifer C

Great air and heat. Great ride on long ride.

2005 Nissan Quest

Good on gas. Nice ride. Love the color. Low repairs. Great van roomy. Can drive long trips in nice air and heater works very well. Everyone front and in back can control the air and the heat to their likings. Smooth ride. Great van would buy another anytime I need a new van. This one still running great.

- Bee B

What I like about my car is that is very spacious and have a great performance.

2005 Nissan Quest Base

A pretty comfortable car but I wished it had more power on its motor. The seats are pretty big and can have a lot of inside space if you decide to fold them to carry on anything big. The overall performance is great and very reliable. Other than that it is a pretty good family car to have.

- Juan G

Nissan Quest has been our reliable car. Spacious, great trunk space.

2005 Nissan Quest SE

Not too many problems with the car. Only real complaint is the sensors and fuse have gone out a few times. Other than that very reliable. Living in the northeast with the snowy winters car never had a problem. Spacious inside, great trunk space, very dependable and reliable.

- Danielle O

It's great on gas and very reliable for everyday Usage.

2005 Nissan Quest

The vehicle is great for a family road trip, lots of space and compartments and great storage space. The minivan has been very reliable for everyday Usage and is great on gas. I have never had any problems with the vehicle in the past. Fits a family of 7, including driver.

- Tina B

An interesting detail of the car is that it could quite fast for its size

2005 Nissan Quest SL

My care makes a lot of noise and after a while of driving it produces a burning smell. It is also kind of hard to turn. The one thing I love about it is that it has a lot of space to move around. I also love how the doors don't take too much space when opening

- Elliott S

It's a smooth drive with plenty of space just keep up with repairs.

2005 Nissan Quest

I like everything from leather seats with heating, dvd player and tv for kids, gas mileage, space, and smooth. I dislike that some parts have need multiple repairs (way it was built causes parts to be broken quicker).

- Laura C

This car is really good on gas and has two dvd players for the kids.

2005 Nissan Quest

The only issue I have with this car is the back driver side door does not open or shut with the key fob but it will open and shut manually. I wish it would open automatically but it doesn't.

- Brandy C

An amazing Nissan quest !

2005 Nissan Quest

I love my nissan quest. It is a family vehicle. My favorite thing about it ia the fact that it is so spacious. I do have a problem with leaking in my car but that isn't everyone of them.

- Melanie G

That it is great for a larger family.

2005 Nissan Quest

I like being high off the ground. I like the space. I do not like that it is getting old. I do not like the time it takes to get warm or cold inside the car.

- Elizabeth R

Great family mini van car

2005 Nissan Quest

Great family car. I love the captain seats and how it drives so smooth. I have had a few maintenance issues but nothing too unexpected for a used car.

- Carissa T

It is a very good vehicle if you keep up the maintenance.

2005 Nissan Quest

The digital gauge for gas, temp and mileage needs to be fixed, it does not have good gas mileage, other than that I love my vehicle.

- Joyce W

It is great on gas and mileage.

2005 Nissan Quest

No complaint's. Love the color. Love the size. It drives well in snow. It is a little hard on gas but the seats are nice.

- Bea B

The Quest is incredibly spacious, comfortable and dependable.

2005 Nissan Quest

It's incredibly spacious and comfortable. More features would be fabulous but the automatic doors are aaaammaaaaazing!

- Melina D

It's easy to get in and out of and it's easy to drive.

2005 Nissan Quest

I don't have to squat down to get in it. The seats are comfortable .It's roomy and nice to travel in.

- Patricia C

It is good on gas, and has minimal repairs, looks great, drives and handles great.

2005 Nissan Quest

no complaints. The vehicle is roomy, sturdy, gets good gas mileage and I feel safe in it.

- nan s


2005 Nissan Quest