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It's a good reliable car that last a long time for families that like safety and reliability.

I love that it's comfortable for my whole family to be in for long trips. It's a beautiful color and was brand new when I bought it. It has done a great job running for as long as it has and for as many miles I have put onto it. I didn't like that the power door didn't last very long where I had taken it in many times to have them fix it but they couldn't figure it out. I don't like that the dvd player in it didn't last that long also but never took it in to get it checked out.

- Megan D

Nissan quest is a good family vehicle.

I have had little issues with my Nissan quest. It is the perfect family vehicle with so much room and space. The interior in mine is not made for children and it has been hard to keep clean, but what do you expect with a bunch of kids. It gets great gas mileage on the freeway and around town. It has tons of space in the trunk for groceries and I love that all the seats will go down for when I need to pick up large items.

- Mindy B

2007 Nissan Quest A Reliable Vehicle

The most reliable car I have ever owned in my 13 years of driving. It really could use more cup holders. My model has cloth seats, and I hate how they are cream colored. Also, the seats are very uncomfortable. On the bright side they are very budget friendly. And get decent gas mileage. Mine gets 18 mpg. Would need to take to mechanic if issues arise as is very intensive to work on this vehicle at home.

- Ashley H

Plenty of legroom and the third row seat is easier to access than any mini-van I test drove.

I bought my Nissan Quest used in 2013 and have been very happy with it's performance. I have a family of 5 and there is plenty of space for everyone to fit comfortably and the third row seat is easy to access. I have never had any serious mechanical problems. It does need some work but considering the age and mileage it's typical.

- Kara J

The Nissan Quest has several blind spots that you need to recognize and watch out for.

I really like my Nissan Quest SL. It drives nice, but could use more insulation to rid itself of some road noise. I would prefer a console over the tray that pulls up between the seats. There is no storage with the tray and if you store something under it, you must pull all of it out in order to put the tray down.

- Stacey M

Great reliable car! Definitely recommend.

The Nissan xterra is a great car, it is built for rugged terrain but still rides smooth. It is a reliable car. As far as comfort and features it is a basic car nothing fancy. The only thing is that it only does 19 on the highway and 16 in the city so it can add up a little bit but other than that it is a great car!

- Stephanie M

There is a lot of room for whatever you need it for.

I love the Minivan. You can fit 7 people if it is a larger group of people. If it comes down to take things from one place to another, the seats can come down. It is a pretty big space to fit quite a bit of things. I love the electric doors. It makes things easier to get things on and off the van.

- Ricardo E

The way is runs now, enjoy the sliding door and opening of the hatch.

Mine was a 1 owner vehicle and had a lot of items broken on it, one by one getting them fixed with a lot of expense, so beginning to drive like a vehicle should. Gas mileage is better also. Once it is detailed it should be a pretty good vehicle, would recommend the make and model to anyone.

- Sandra G

My Nissan quest is spacious seats 6 passengers. Runs great in all weather.

My vehicle has a lot of room, runs great, decent gas mileage. Runs great in the snow. Feel safe. Problems I have is may gas gauge is broke, I have to keep track of my gas. Needs a new paint job, has a few scratches.. But it has tinted windows also, it seats six passengers.

- Danilo S

Pretty good gas mileage and good steering. .

Very comfy! Two door, back windows do not open. Awesome ac/ heat. Great performance and very reliable. Radio and CD player works really good. Built in DVD player in back for kids to watch. Love the seats. Front seats 2 med seats and 2 back seats. Really good van!

- Linda Clark K

Great roomy family vehicle.

It has a great amount of room for storing luggage for long trips. Plenty of space for everyone in the car. I like how the dashboard is arranged. I like the electric seat adjustment for the driver. It would be nice if the passenger's seat was electric.

- Amy V

The seats are spacious and comfortable.

The van is very spacious with comfortable seats. Has good gas mileage. Great to drive for long trips and for family to use daily. The air is both in front and back which is convenient. The trunk has a lot of space and the seats have a lot of legroom.

- Sandra M

Nissan Quest - great family van!

I purchased this car used in April 2018. It is very comfortable, smooth riding. I particularly like the ample leg room, and the backup camera is a great addition. I had only heard good things about the Nissan brand, and I'm glad I purchased this van.

- Doris B

Has been good on maintenance.

I enjoy my vehicle. Comfortable driving around town and on trips. Like that it can hold up to 7 passengers. And by folding down the rear seat and folding down the middle seats can hold a considerable amount of cargo. Great on gas,

- Richard R

Jeep does not get the greatest gas mileage.

I like that it has a DVD player and it fits my five kids comfortably. I do not like that a/c in the driver's row no longer shoots out air conditioning and it needs tinted windows because I live in hot Arizona.

- Jean P

The vehicle is great for families.

The vehicle is perfect for families and for taking people to places. It is easy to camp in and it's a very smooth ride. I think it has all the things a car needs for a family a just a great car.

- Griffin B

It handles very well despite its size.

I like the size of my vehicle and the features, such as the power doors. I also like that it is easy to maneuver for a larger vehicle. I do not like that it has had several mechanical issues.

- Karla R

It has worked well for 10 years and has a lot of room for stuff or kids and their friends.

It fits a lot of people. It looks nice and has held up well over the years. It is 10 years old but doesn't seem that old. The only problem I have had was having to replace the transmission.

- Stacey W

One long belt that is hard to remove so makes trouble when mechanics work on engine.

I like sitting up high, more compact so not so hard to park, motor has good power so good acceleration. I do not like windows have film that fogs easy and lights case dogs up as well.

- Alinda S

Comfy- Roomy - spacious -

I love the room in the van - love the captains chairs - and plenty of trunk space too . I don't Like the newer models - they changed the design of the outside of the car

- Ann L

Great minivan for a large family like ours! It has the space for everyone and is fun to drive.

I love the color, seating arrangement for 7 and the pickup of the engine. I dislike how the convenience systems have failed, automatic door and rear backup sensor.

- Tessa S

Its smooth, soft, comfortable ride.

I do not like that wears out brakes too often as well as. Struts and shock absorbers need to be replaced at short intervals. I like its comfortable ride.

- Mario P

Reliable plenty of room an all around good van.

I like that I have enough room for not only people but also other things. I wish it had better gas mileage & things are starting to go wrong with it.

- Leslie V

Family Minivan plenty of room

The vehicle is very comfortable and works well with small kids. Plenty of room. Have some problems with the front end. There is a shake in the tires.

- Marcie P

Nissan Quest - Spacious & Reliable

Very reliable and sturdy car. Great for road trips and carpooling as there's plenty of space. Minimal issues over the years of owning this vehicle.

- Claire K

Reliable and affordable. Great for families.

It is very spacious. The kids can watch movies on the built in DVD player. When driving for vacation you can pack a lot of things to take with you.

- Pauline M

It can hold a lot of people and stuff and get you where you need to go.

It's roomy and comfortable. It has a sunroof and lots of windows. It has great double automatic door and completely flat fold up seating.

- Elis L

My van has lots of room, that can be use for deliveries or a long trip.

I like the ease of driving. I like the roominess of it. I do not like that it eats up gas. I wish it wasn't classified as a mom van.

- Faye K

Great size and all round great ride.

Only problem I have is the gas consumption but that's a given with older vehicles. Other than that I have no real complaints.

- Max R

Tough old car that doesn't stop

It is a quality car even with high miles. I have driven all over the state and it's still kicking with 182,000 miles on it.

- Jay P

It stores room for lots of people and allows you to make long trips

I like how there is room for enough people but it gets kind of hot cause the air is old and isn't as good ac as newer cars

- Vincent K

My 2007 Nissan Quest costs a lot of money to repair.

It has lots of room. It has an automatic rear door, and an automatic passenger door. It costs a lot of money to repair.

- Stan N

Dependable- the right size for my needs- capable on bad roads.

I like the shape. I like the rear cameras. I like the top glass view. I do not like that it does not have usb ports.

- Naomi B

What a family car should be.

Lots of room for equipment and people! Lots of power. Good gas mileage on the highway. Kids live the built in dvd.

- Jennifer S

It's my personal space. It's my happy place. I have all my style in it too make or my special area.

I like that it has plenty of space. I love the color and the vinyl interior. I love the design of the interior.

- Jessica B

Horrible vehicle. Will never own a nissan again

A limon after the 12 months. New engine by 59k miles, rebuilt transmission in 2013. Not worth a penny

- Teresa J

I really like how it runs in general. I have over 200,000 miles on it and while parts do break down, the engine is still strong.

Quality without the huge cost. It's comfortable, large inside, and runs strong.

- Marisol R

the maintenance and upkeep.

i love my van. there isn't anything i don't like! even put in a back up cam

- laura p

I like the van because it has a lot of space. It is very comfortable to drive. What the van needs is a lot of mechanical fixing.

It has a lot of space and the seats are very comfortable.

- Sandra M