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If you have kids here is what I think.

I like the roominess of the car, there is lots of room for me to put my stuff as well as my daughters. I am not a fan of the center console controls. They are hard to navigate. Sometimes it takes me multiple times just to change the heating settings in the car. I love how open the car feels with all of the windows and skylights. I like the foot pedals are adjustable as I am short so I do not have to sit as close to the steering wheel. Having automatic doors is nice with a little kid. I can open her door so that when I get to her all I have to do is lift her out. Over time the car does make a clunking noise though which gets annoying but can be drowned out with the radio.

- Kate E

It has a lot of room for the passengers in the back.

The first problem with the vehicle was it was not giving me accurate mileage but I think it was a Nissan thing cause they fixed it for free. For the longest the audio just stopped working on the car also. I haven't listened to the radio in years and the DVD player in the back stopped working almost immediately. Also I keep having problems with the brakes and even after I replaced with new ones they're still faulty. Overall, I do not like the style of the van, it is short in the front and super wide in the back and no space in the trunk.

- Maria Del Carmen M

Spacious and comfortable vehicle! DVD player, automatic doors, 3 row folds flat

Extremely comfortable and spacious! Middle row has 2 bucket seats which allows for lots of roominess. The third row can fold completely flat, making the trunk gigantic! Leather seats are very comfortable, heated in the front. The 2 moon roofs makes you feel like the roof is very high above you. The Bose stereo system is amazing - sounds like you're at a concert. This has been the best car for having small children. There is a DVD player that folds down from the ceiling. The back doors open automatically. The best car!

- Erin Y

Slate grey 2011 Nissan quest.

Since purchasing this vehicle a year ago, I have yet to have any problems. It is very comfortable to drive and has a lot of space if you have a large family. There is a second set of back seats that fold down for more space. It has a CD player and your typical radio buttons, no navigation. Ever since owning a Nissan quest, I look forward to owning another in the future (quest or other type of Nissan).

- Jessica L

It is spacious and able to accommodate more people than normal minivans.

It is a mini van at times it is slow and other times stalls still when it works it is fine. We mainly have it for when my mom looks after kids. It is pretty spacious and easy to drive. It does not require too much maintenance but it works fine. It would be good to take it to the dealership to get fixed once in a while to make sure it is in good working order and not get stuck in the freeway.

- Sergio S

Nissan Quests are reliable and dependable, they are great for families!

I love the setup of the vehicle. It is very roomy inside for the type of minivan class it is in. The features are great as well. I have reached 100,000 miles on it and the dash is starting to crack. I believe the dash should last longer as other vehicles in Its class.

- Chris H

Perfect Family Van! Good balance of passenger and cargo space.

Our Nissan Quest is the perfect fit for our family of 5. The seats accommodated the kids' child seats and boosters with ease. This van has been very reliable for us, and is comfortable to drive even on long road trips. We love the entertainment system and trunk space.

- Chris H

Whose fault is it? Is it me, the van, or the dealership.

I've had problems with transmission with a belt with the tires with some shocks and I just bought like 4 months ago well I am buying still so what am I doing wrong here is it me or is it the van or is it the car lot people that maybe they didn't fix right.

- Nathalie C

You pay for what you get. I feel that I have a good quality vehicle

I brought my vehicle used back in 2013. Since then we have relocated to another state. No major problems just the brakes. Now that it's over 100,000 miles I just had the first major job which was replacing the radiator and hoses. I will buy another Nissan

- Sharita A

It is very dependable and comfortable to drive and travel in.

It runs great and handles quite well. Plenty of room and great accessories. Occasional extra maintenance can be expensive due to parts cost, other than that it is very reasonable for upkeep costs. It seems more expensive to insure though.

- Terri T

It fits so much in it. I can fit strollers, car seats, diaper bags, two weeks of groceries and more inside. I can also haul friends.

I love that I can fit all of the things I need for my kids. I love the sliding doors and that it is lower to the ground than an SUV, so it is easy to get my kids and all their gear inside. It is also much easier to drive than an SUV.

- Livia J

The pros and cons of a Minivan

Cons: Sliding doors don't always open, it is not fuel efficient, tv no longer works, needs a/c repair, has some electrical problems. Pros: gets my family to where we need to go, holds my large family, has a lot of room and storage

- Clarissa L

Storage space is key for us. With the back seats down there is so much room plus there is a compartment under the back floor that is perfect for chairs and everything you may need for a picnic or day at the beach

Very functional family vehicle. Plenty of room for our 2 kids and all the things we need to take with us when we go places. Also gets good gas mileage for a bigger vehicle with relatively low maintenance costs

- Shaun H

Nissan Quest transcends the minivan.

It is perfect for both town driving as well as travel. It is spacious enough to move someone to college yet pretty inside. The features are nice and it has held up nicely each passing year. I love my Quest.

- Teresa W

It's convenient for families with more than two kids.

It has a lot of space and is easy to get kids in and out. Its TV and headphones are great when I want to listen to music and kids can hear the TV. I don't like that it's so ugly looking.

- Shannon G

Nissan Quest is great for families!

It drives very well. It handles turns great and is easy to park for a larger-sized vehicle. The seats are comfortable and the storage space is great.

- Tar C

That the seats recline in different ways making the van very roomy...plus storage.

I enjoy my Nissan Quest. It is very spacious and economical. It is great for long trips with the family. It has served its purpose for many years.

- Carol S

It has the most storage space of any minivan we reviewed.

It is so comfortable. Love the storage in the back under the floorboard. Seats fold down easily to allow for even more space. Very reliable.

- Amanda V

It has a lot of room. You sit up high, so you can see better.

I love the automatic doors. I love the room. I like all of the cup holders. I hate some of the blind spots.

- Melanie S

It has way more space than you think. You can put the seats down and fit a lot of stuff.

I like the comfort of the seats for driver and passengers and I like the amount of trunk space.

- Michelle W

It's a premier minivan with lots of room and my wife loves it

runs well It's reliable and quiet It's comfortable it s roomy my wife loves it.

- Paul D

the ease of the ride, and it is comfortable for long rides. the visibility is very good

i love the way it rides. the seats are very comfortable

- Ruth B