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Nissan Quest overall a good van

We purchased our 2015 Nissan Quest a little over a year ago. Overall I do like our van. However we have had two major problems with our van. We had to replace the fuel pump just a few months ago. The van threw several codes and was acting strange. When we took it into the Nissan automotive repair. They found that we needed a completely new fuel pump. They could not give us a reason why this was happening. The second issues is when the van gets low on gas. Usually around 100 miles it will 'jerk'. We have had this checked several times. They have cleaned filters, replaced different parts, and it comes back as nothing. I have even had them drive our van so they can see what it does. This problem has been ongoing since we purchased it. The van is very roomy and comfortable for my family of 6. We have one car seat and one in a booster seat. It gets great gas mileage. Tons of storage.

- Mindy P

Beautiful Vehicle: Installing a rear lift so I don't drag my scooter.

Nissan Quest SV 2015. 7 passenger seating. I don't use the third row seating, it's a waste of seating as there on two of us in my household. L have never had any trouble with the car. I do keep up with the maintenance on this vehicle. I have only one problem. I am a disabled veteran and very limited on my walking. I have and do use a electric scooter that weighs about 300 pounds. I also have a rear lift and this is where my problem lies. When I am carrying the scooter around it sits so low to the ground.. I am at a loss as what to do. I am unable to afford the cost of putting a lift on the rear axle so that I can raise the rear end.

- Alan T

It is the best, most affordable vehicle for our family.

We recently purchased a 2015 Nissan Quest. We love that it has enough seating and space for our family plus other guests. The sliding doors are amazing. It has a DVD player, which my kids love. I love the leather seats and all weather floor mats for messes and bad weather. It holds a lot of cargo. I do wish that ours had a power liftgate, because I am short so sometimes it's hard for me to close the back hatch if I'm holding other things.

- Alissa F

Super car! Grandson loves it too!

Little too big. Love the cupholders, and the back up camera, and the windshield wiper and defroster on the back windshield. I enjoy driving the car, and transporting my grandson in it. I like the large front windshield, and that the side mirrors are large. Gets pretty good gas mileage. I enjoy the color of the car. And to me, Nissan products are extremely dependable and attractive, 4th Nissan I have owned.

- Cynthia S

Nice and spacious family van

I purchased this van due to an issue with my SUV. I do prefer an SUV however this van meets my needs at this point. I have 4 children 2 in car seats so I need space. This van is very spacious. I like the automatic door system. And my version has a TV/DVD player which is also a must right. I don't really like the way it drives in general compared to my SUV. It's terrible in the snow and rain.

- Katie M

Excellent van, but watch out for transmission/cpu issues.

Car has been very reliable. Only issue so fas has been the transmission. Had to have the cpu reprogrammed twice after issues with acceleration. Engine rpm would rev very high and then speed up and slow down even when driving with steady pressure on the gas pedal and on a flat road. Speed was steady, just rpm fluctuates badly. CPU reprogram fixed both times for at least one year.

- Ian A

The Nissan Quest is the ultimate family vehicle with comfort and versatility.

It's very reliable, spacious, and comfy. Great for long trips. I love that it's easy to air up the tires with the proper amount since the van will honk when it reaches the proper limit. It has extra trunk space which is nice especially when holiday shopping. It's easy to move seats and clean inside as well. I love that I can remove the console between the two middle seats.

- Jamie G

The convenience of the sliding doors is worth every penny!

I love the space, convenience, and gas mileage our quest provides us. It has been a wonderful family car, and we hope for it to last us several more years. The sliding doors are a lifesaver with two small boys. The DVD player and leather seats were an added bonus. The only feature I wish it had was a power liftgate, which is an option other trim packages come with.

- Alyssa F

Best decision was getting a minivan

This is my first time owning a minivan and I love it. The size is perfect for a family, my kids love that it's both comfy and roomy. The outside of the car is not a normal minivan shape which to me is another plus . It's drives very smooth and actually has some speed for a minivan. Before my mini van I really was actually was against even owning one .

- Sarah B

It has lots of space and will get you where you need to go safely which is the most important thing.

I drive a Nissan Quest. I enjoy it somewhat but there are some issues. First, the step into the back shattered. Nothing happened just one of my kids stepped on it and it cracked. That's what it is for how did it crack so easily? We like all the room especially the secret trunk compartment that allows for maximum storage and hidden space.

- megan s

The joys of a Nissan Quest

Seats 8, roomy, reliable, backup camera love it, DVD player to keep kids occupied. It's decent on gas. Love the multiple vents and the rear ac/heat controls. The fold down rear seats are awesome to stow camping gear and sports gear. Even with rear seats up enough room for shopping and groceries.

- Kathleen P

Lots of room and sliding doors are key.

It is great for kids, comfortable and convenient. It is a minivan though, so not for everyone. The sliding doors make it very easy for the kids to get in and out and there is so much room. The trunk space is also very roomy so plenty of room for the kids stuff and groceries, etc.

- Jessica E

The best SUV. The 2015 Nissan rogue.

The only thing I dislike is when it is windy I find it's a little hard to keep it on the road. Profile is a little high for the wind. I would prefer a small SUV with a lower profile. Other than that the Nissan rogue is a great SUV. Great on gas, low maintenance. Great car.


Quality vehicle for an affordable price.

So far the quest has been an excellent vehicle. We have had zero mechanical issues so far (80000 miles). I am about 77 inches tall and the front has a good amount of room for me. We have 3 kids and there is enough space for our family even when we pack for long trips.

- Mike M

2015 Nissan Quest features

I love my Nissan Quest! It has a backup camera, that is really accurate and helps in tight spaces. We had to get the transmission replaced at about 60,000 miles. It has power locks and windows, automatic transmission, backup camera and more awesome features.

- Crystal B

I love my new Nissan Quest!

It is a great family vehicle! I love the captain seats in the 2nd row. It is nice and spacious. Plenty of room. Trunk is HUGE! It drives like a car. It's very powerful and has great pick up. It has nice interior. It has a great sound system. Very satisfied.

- Kia F

This vehicle has the interior of a luxury SUV with the fuel economy of a car!

I purchased my Nissan Quest in January 2016. I had a tow package added which has been invaluable as I tow a utility trailer frequently. I have the luxury of a SUV with the utility function of a pickup truck. I am extremely pleased with this vehicle.

- Matt H

Nissan Quest the minivan of comfort

I love my nissan quest minivan, it has power everything, plenty of space for all 6 of my grandkids, they love the DVD player so they can watch movies while we travel. my van gets good gas mileage and it runs excellent. I love it very much.

- Deanna B

That it's the easiest way to transport a large group and luggage as well. An SUV may sometimes have a third row, but you loose trunk space .

I LOVE MY MINIVAN. I never want to drive anything else. I love that the doors automatically slide open. I love that's there room for 7 in the car. It's great for road trips. My only dislike is that fewer companies are making minivans

- Shana W

It's a comfortable, easy, large car to drive. It gets 21 MPG on the highway.

I love the size of my van - it holds everything I need it to hold. The vehicle offers a very comfortable ride. The gas mileage isn't bad for the size of the vehicle.

- Nancy P

It's family friendly, spacious and very comfortable for long trips.

I love the room/space the Quest has. It can fit 7 people comfortably. It has adequate luggage space for when we travel. I also love the backup camera.

- Dawn S

Very good on gas and roomy.

I love it very spacious. Very ideal for road trips with your family. Drives very smooth. I have owned other vans in the past and this one is the best.

- Sonia A

It drives well and is comfortable on long trips. It's easy to hand things to kids in the middle row seats

It fits our family of 5 well. It is great for road trips, Plenty of room to haul stuff too. Was able to customize to Accommodate my daughter.

- Jaso K

Very affordable for a quality vehicle. The van has had zero mechanical issues.

Excellent power and comfortable ride. I would like it if there was more room in the back seats. Overall it has been an excellent vehicle.

- Mike M

Storage is great. I can let down two rows of seats. Then underneath storage.

It is very good on gas and mileage. Roomy enough for my family with two being over 6ft. The price was right. No complaints so far.

- Shone M

It is very family friendly.

I love the performance and style. Good gas mileage, comfortable ride. I dislike some electronic issues I had this summer with it.

- Tanya H

I love my Nissan. I would buy another one again.

I have absolutely no problems at all with my vehicle. It rides smooth and plenty of room. This will be my forever vehicle.

- Cindy P

Comfortable for families. Spacious. Smooth ride.

Spacious and comfortable. Bluetooth and usb connections don't work well. Love the two sunroofs. Poor gas mileage.

- Jeff B

We've had other vans and this Quest has treated us well.

This vehicle has not given us any trouble. It runs well and has got us to where we want to go. Not to bad on gas.

- Shelley T

Oil Changes cost over $100, whether you pay a dealer, garage or do it yourself

Poor layout of buttons and controls; Good Power Plant - speeds in excess of 140 - Gets a little light at 130

- David W

It has a very smooth ride and very dependable. I have owned many nissans and they last forever

Nissan has always been very dependable for me. The van is very roomy and comfortable, and is also stylish.

- Michele B

My Nissan quest has extra storage in the back and is a great vacation vehicle.

My Nissan quest is outstanding! It is so spacious and drives very smoothly! Great family and vacation car!

- Denise E

very good for transporting young children.

Vehicle is very roomy and can transport many things. Limited vision in blind spot. Very good gas mileage.

- Carl H

Potential for a low speed transmission jitter, but is not common with the quest.

Love the extra room in the back! We couldn't be happier with this vehicle. Great gas mileage as well.

- Pat S

That it drives very well and is easy to handle on the road.

I like my vehicle because it is very roomy. Also for a minivan it has a very stylish exterior.

- Mike K

That it has a lot of safety features that benefit the whole family

My van is very roomy and comfortable for me and my family. It's also very safe

- Jason Y

It's really only for people with very big families.

It's good. I very much like it. It's good for taking my kids places

- Matt M

Very simple. Wish there was a backup camera. Does not use to much gas

Owe more money then what it is worth. Wish it was cheaper

- Janelle B

unbelievable would buy another one in the near future

plenty of room and comfort for a family of 7 people


Great vehicle for families. Roomy. Comfortable. Drives great.

- Natasha D