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Premium family van with great upgrades that just make life easier

Overall, this is a great family car that has proven to be a good workhorse for all of our daily activities. We are a family of 6 most are still in booster seats/car seats so we opted to take out the center console in the middle row so it's easier for the older kids to get to the third row. The seats do slide but with the other car seats there it's more difficult. One day we will put the console back in. The functionality of the features in the van are great for a family. The sunroofs, DVD player, extra device plug ins and tons of cup holders. I like the built in window shades for long road trips when the sun is really bright or we pull in late to a gas station. The heated seats are fantastic on the leather seats in the winter up here in Indiana. The storage in the back is sufficient. I definitely like the removable subflooring that allows for more storage. Even still on long trips or long days at the softball field it's full to the brim and sometimes wish it was just a little more storage. The silver part near the buttons on the back gate (license plate area) is starting to rust a bit and the paint is chipping off of the rear left fender but other than that it really has been a pretty great car.

- Alyssa A

The best van we have owned! Would buy it again any day.

We have loved this van! It is roomy enough for me to get all the way in the back comfortably and buckle in our twins into their car seats, and I am 5'9'. It drives great, has been perfectly reliable, and has all the features we need. The only problem we have had is the wind noise from the seal on the windows (other's had complained about that so I knew about it going in), and the sliding doors occasionally get stuck. I also wish that they had a sensor that if something was in the way they wouldn't shut. Our twins sometimes make a run for the door after I have pushed the button to close it and there is no stopping that door unless you push the button again or grab the handle. On that note, we love the button on the handle! It makes it so easy to open and close the doors when you have full hands and my 5 year old loves that she can open and close her own door easily.

- Ellie K

Nissan Quest is the best!

My Quest is an extremely comfortable vehicle. It seems more spacious than some other minivans which helps to make it more comfortable. I like that it has heated seats, navigation, sound system and DVD player. Even with the third row there is still a lot of room in the back to store things or put groceries. There is an underneath compartment in the back that I put some groceries so they do not roll around or get smushed. We have had no issues with the Quest it runs great and smoothly. We love it and would never go back to a different vehicle.

- Kristen G

The Nissan Quest is a fantastic, reliable, spacious family car with wonderful storage options!

I love this minivan because it drives like an SUV! Very smooth, turns great, and has been extremely reliable. We have had no problems with it since the day we purchased! The interior is super spacious, we love the extra storage space in the trunk and being able to fold down the seats in the back makes hauling large loads a dream! Especially whenever we go out of town! The only downside with this car is that there isn't as much leg room as one might want in the very back seats, but people still fit back there just fine!

- Madison H

The best vehicle for this family of 6!

I love my 2016 Nissan quest! It drives really smooth and does not seem like a 'bulky' vehicle. I love that the side doors can easily open with a push of a button. My kids love the DVD player. The two front seats offer a 'seat heater' option, which is great for winter. I love the dual air system and that the air to the back can be controlled up front. The only thing I dislike about this model is the back door not being able to be controlled by a push of a button to close. That would be extremely helpful!!

- Ashley S

Nissan quest great purchase!

The 2016 Nissan quest is very comfortable, the 7 seats allows for my kids and my parents to relax and stretch out for each of our car rides. My son loves the accessibility of all the cup holders and storage bins. For myself, the back up camera is very reliable and easy to use. The little inlet below the screen allows me to place my phone there so I can use it for directions. The easy to read dash is helpful especially if there is something wrong with the vehicle.

- Kris R

Nissan quest 2016. Great van. Gets good gas mileage. Double doors are amazing.

I have really loved my Nissan quest from the moment I got it! I have 3 kids and before my van I was driving a small SUV. My van drives very well and very roomy. It can hold up to 9 people if they are smaller such as kids or 7 adults. One of the best features is the double sliding doors, it really helps a lot. One drawback is the backup camera does not beep when you start getting close to an object.

- Brittany B

Spacious van which is definitely great for a family of 7.

I love the Nissan Quest. My only complaint is the gap/aisle in center seats. It makes it difficult for other passengers to get into the third row seating. The third row seats down to make enough space for moving furniture etc. trunk is deep. I like that each passenger have an ac vent. Very spacious. Back Doors can be opened with a push of a button which is located on the drivers side.

- Katrina M

It lives up to its Japanese workmanship and will not disappoint.

I like how there's a lot of ways to connect your devices to the vehicle (USB, Bluetooth, aux) because I need to listen to my own music and podcasts while driving. The fuel range is accurate and it's never let me run out of gas. The car runs well and has never broken down. If I do have a complaint though it's the fact that the seats can't be fully stowed like in a Dodge Grand Caravan.

- Mark M

The storage in it is great and we get decent gas mileage.

Overall this is a good vehicle, it has the storage room that we were looking for. The one issue that we have is that it occasionally bogs down when taking off. They have told us that there is nothing wrong that this how it is with the quest. Wish they would have some incentIves for the quest like they do for the other Nissans when going to buy.

- Connie W

It is reliable, but not especially car seat friendly.

I like the roominess of the van, the keyless entry, the cargo stow and versatility of this van. I dislike the fact that it has only 4 car seat anchors, and two of those are next to each other (meaning usually only one can be used). I also dislike that this model does not have a trunk release on the key fob.

- Molly S

Roomy, comfy, and safe family car.

I love the layout of the car, particularly the controls. I love the boxy shape and windows, as I can see all around and there's not real blind spot. I wish it seated 8 instead of 7. I wish the radio control on the steering wheel scrolled through the radio stations rather than the presets.

- Cathy c

Good vehicle overall for a family of six

It does not have a power liftgate and is very heavy to lift. Seats are comfortable and it is a good vehicle for a trip. It has leather seats that are easy to clean. The weathertech floor mats are nice since I have a child that plays sports as well as a toddler and messy teenagers.

- Jaime M

This Nissan Quest is very roomy with bucket seating in front, captain chairs in center console and bench in rear. Kids love it.

Just love this vehicle, Runs great, rides good, roomy just a great all around vehicle. Have had no repair problems since buying this vehicle. Seats seven with captains chairs in center console, bench rear seating and bucket seats in front.

- Reb T

Customer service at Toyota is the best.

It is a great vehicle and works perfectly for our family. I do not have any complaints. We love the sensors for the doors and getting notifications about when to change the oil or a low tire pressure is wonderful.

- Kristen C

This is a great vehicle for people who need to carry a lot of passengers, especially kids, and cargo as well.

The van is easy to drive, though sometimes it is difficult to park with accuracy. I love the power sliding doors and wish I had a power lift tailgate. I love that I can fit 5 car seats.

- Marie M

The Rogue is nicely put together. . . Lots of space, great handling.

Love it. Great little SUV that looks stylish and handles well. It has lots of features that make it user friendly and the rear cargo space it nice. Overall very happy with my Rogue!

- Nan P

Nissan Quest is very roomy and comfortable when traveling to far destinations

Nissan Quest is extremely comfortable especially when traveling with kids. All kinds of car seats fit very nicely and very secure using the car seat latches behind the seats.

- Seden D

This car is discontinued so they no longer make this particular model.

Love the way it drives. I enjoy the comfort of the seats and interior. The backup camera helps make driving easier in parking lots. I like that the car is in good condition.

- Corrie D

Breast safety features and reliable.

This is a very reliable vehicle. Have not had any problems with it. The safety features are awesome which is vast side I have 3 kids that ride in this vehicle.

- Jason Y

Its child proof and lots of room for a big family.

My van is very useful. But I just wish that it had a sensor when backing up. The backup cam is great but it would be nice to have a backup cam with sensor.

- Jason R

It's very comfortable whether riding around town or on the highway.

I like the way it rides and drives. It is very comfortable. I get pretty good gas mileage. There is not anything I don't like. I have no complaints.

- Bonnie T

It fits a family of five comfortably and with storage space.

I like that my family of 5 fits comfortably. I like the storage space and the sliding doors. My only complaint is that it is a minivan and not an SUV.

- Amy W

I wanted to be more environmentally friendly

Holds me securely in place during normal, everyday driving,Needed a more fuel efficient vehicle to better manage my finances

- emb c

It is very practical, especially when you have more than 1 young child.

I like the room, the ease of the sliding doors, the DVD player, the comfort. I dislike the fact that it's a minivan.

- Jessica E

Great car for a large family. Plenty of storage space.

I like the design and the space it provides. I wish it had a full second row of seats instead of captains chairs.

- lindsey w

Great inexpensive family car.

I have the plain jane version of my car. Wish I had Bluetooth or somewhere I could plug in my iphone.

- Bee L

Great for road trips, camping, Disneyland, and carpooling the kids.

It has bluetooth connections, digital layout in the dashboard, comfortable seats and USB ports.

- Dustin C

it is big and for the whole family and will last you years if you care for it

it great does everything i need for my family big gets good gas miles and safe

- stefanie r

I really enjoy this vehicle because it has plenty of room for my family and four dogs! Plus I enjoy the powerful V6 engine that is able to accelerate quickly to merge into traffic or to get out of the way in a hurry. Only problem is the the reported safety rating isn't too good for head on collisions.

Powerful and roomy vehicle with great modern features.

- Matthew M