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Drive carefully with your Rogue.

I drive our Nissan Rogue everywhere and it is a very durable and dependable vehicle. I keep the maintenance up to date as much as possible with regular oil changes and have the dealer check out anything else. But the issue of a blind spot on the right hand side of the car still is unnerving at times. There have been numerous times where I have tried to merge to the right and hadn't seen the car next to me, even when I looked in the mirror. Check on the internet other people have experienced the same issue. It seems that the space between the front passenger window to the window directly behind it is a big longer than most vehicles. Because of this issue I really take a long time to merge to ensure that no vehicle is in my blind spot and if they are to stay in my lane until it is clear.

- Jim G

One of my favorite details is the cargo area. It is surprisingly spacious.

I found the Rogue to be roomy with plenty of legroom (I am 5'10" so this was important) it is reliable and easy to drive. It has a couple of issues such as at times, the heat shield vibrates when starting the car, and the car seats have flattened with time. The gas mileage could be better. I appreciate the back-up camera although it took me a while to determine how close was too close. The 2012 model I purchased is a shade of grey/brown depending on the lighting, and I had a choice of red, black, white and the grey. I would have liked a wider selection of colors. I have driven my Rogue on highways and in the mountains and it always performed well. All of my cars have been Nissan and I am glad to add the Rogue to the family.

- Rhonda R

Nissan rogue: an easy car to manage and drive.

There are no main problems with my vehicle. It is very reliable and a simple car to manage and use. The gas tank fills to about 300 miles. The seats are pretty comfortable, never uncomfortable that I would have noticed a difference. There is a backup camera, a USB, auxiliary plug in which is nice. The car that I have does not have heated seats and I am a big fan of heated seats. I feel like it is not a confusing car, the radio is easy to work, the heat and ac works well, there is a lot of room, a big trunk, it has cruise control that is easy to work. I do not have any major complaints with this car, it is a standard car that has a nice interior and exterior.

- Caroline S

I like intelligent key, but it is a fortune to replace & sucks when battery dies!

Though the Rogue is an SUV, it is smaller than I prefer. There is not enough room for backseat passengers to be comfortable. In spite of the small size, this car is a gas guzzler!! I cannot imagine where all the gas goes. Aside from the vehicle being less than desirable, the dealer where I purchased the vehicle was extremely shady! I had to wait an entire day after purchase to pick up the vehicle. They claim it took so long because they put all new tires on the vehicle. Ha! I have never experienced so many problems with tires as I did with these "brand new" tires. Needless to say, I will not go back to that dealer, not will I recommend them to anyone!

- Michele T

Rogue madness: the ups and downs of the Nissan Rogue.

The style and size of the vehicle are great. The fold down seats have been very beneficial with moving to grad school and traveling with pets. However, there is not much power in the vehicle. I have also had issues with the driver's seat. The seat no longer moves forward so I can barely reach the pedals. I had it looked at and was told it would be a couple thousand dollars to fix it. The Nissan Rogue is descent with gas. Another issue is the GPS. You are unable to enter an email address or change it while the vehicle is moving, which could be a potential risk hazard if you are unable to stop where you are.

- Rachel A

Nissan rogue: the mom car everyone wants.

There has been no problems with this vehicle except that one of the doors will not unlock. This is not a problem with the 'child lock' because I have tried to fix it multiple times. It is the passenger back door, but besides that there have been no problems. I have actually loved this car because it is reliable and is not too expensive to fill up with gas. I haven't had to get any maintenance done, which is nice because it is not the newest model of the car. In terms of comfort, this has been the most comfortable car I have owned. I have owned two cars but I would happily get another Nissan rogue.

- Samantha L

Overall it is a great car with decent gas mileage and a good amount of storage. If you're concerned about blind spots, you may consider a similar alternative vehicle like the Honda CRV.

I like having an SUV vehicle because I can transport more and larger items than I could in my last vehicle (Honda sedan). I like it because it causes me to sit higher and makes me feel safer and more comfortable driving because I can see more. I dislike that there's a pretty significant blind spot in the rear due to the small windows/car shape in the back near the hatch opening. I dislike that it has a rougher ride and makes a high-pitch rev when I accelerate, but that could just be because I purchased it used and there's something wrong with it my mechanic didn't identify.

- Megan C

Rogue is a good choice with reliability and storage space.

The Nissan rogue is a really great car. The best part of it, for me, is its capacity. I am a constantly traveling musician and being able to put my instruments in the back has been a lifesaver, and I couldn't do it with other cars. It rarely has problems and only has to be taken in for regular maintenance. It is quite reliable, though it makes a scary sound sometimes when it is cold outside. One of the very few complaints I have about this car is the fact that the rear wiper does not also spray wiper fluid. That has been inconvenient on several occasions.

- Christine N

Going Rogue with Nissan vehicles.

The Nissan Rogue is a reliable car. It drives well and handles well regardless of outside conditions. It is not the most comfortable when you are driving but as a passenger it's comfortable to ride in. We have completed regular maintenance so have had no issues with any aspect of the car. In 6 years we have replaced the tires twice and the windshield wipers twice and one headlamp. I had another car equally as long before the Rogue and we didn't replace items as often.

- Mary J

Nissan rogue perfect if you don't need the space.

The ride is perfect for me it drives smooth and quietly I can't even tell it's on most of the time. . . The only complaints I have of the vehicle is that the front area is to small not enough space for your legs. There is not enough compartments for anything the drink holders are to small and there are no ac vents to the back so it get pretty hot in the back. But the most important one is the compartments and the lack of space.

- Ruby O

Great car if you need reliability and style.

The rogue is a very reliable car. Starts up consistently even in the morning after a long below zero night. Good on gas. Fairly comfortable. Not an extremely comfortable ride. Reasonable room in the back area. The CD player and am-FM radio supplies ample listening entertainment for long drives. Air conditioning and heating keep the car comfortable all year. I do not like the cloth seats. Leather would be easier to clean.

- Rita D

2012 Nissan Rogue se black exterior, grey interior.

My vehicle is incredible, I haven't had any major mechanical problems with it. Super roomy and super comfy for my family of four, and even more fun to drive alone. I have been in love with this car since I rented one a few years back to take on a road trip with my whole family, I came back home and went out a bought one a few months later. Super happy with my choice and will continue to get Rogues in the future.

- Jessica D

It is got a backup camera.

Nissan rogues have spacious seating and great for families. With this vehicle, there are more cons than pros. The doors don't stay open so prepare for heavy bruising if you have to unload anything. It is horrible on gas so stash some money to pay for gas every couple of days. The bucket seats in the front (driver and passenger) have a console wedged between them so if you drop anything, it is gone forever.

- Jamie M

SUV that is very reliable when needed and amazing safety if all else fails.

It has all wheel drive which is a wonderful option in the winter time. For being a mid-size SUV that gas mileage is very impressive. The interior is roomy with folding down seats to make even more if needed to move large items which is great. Dislike type of transmission gets some getting used too. Also there is a Speed button right near the gear shift that accidentally get turned on all the time.

- Will B

Nissan Rogue! A great choice!

I love my Nissan Rogue! It is a great car for winter driving. I have found it to have decent gas mileage for the driving I do. The Rogue holds a ton of stuff and is a great help during a move! The only thing I am not to fond of is the cvt transmission. What they do not tell you is that at every 30, 000 miles you need to get a $250 flush. Other then that I would highly recommend this car to anyone!

- Melanie K

Handles well in all sorts of weather but particularly snow!

The Rogue is quite the SUV. It handles well in all conditions but particularly well in snow and bad weather. Its interior is roomy and our dog loves it! We have, however, had some problems with a leak and had to return it to the dealer on at least 2 occasions. Maintenance generally costs quite a bit for that model and that may be because we always take it to the dealer. This is our second Nissan.

- Denise J

Ellwood, because it is missing the cigarette lighter.

I love several things, one the keyless entry so I do not have to dig for my keys is great. The color looks eggplant. Dealer listed it as red. Crazy, it stands out in the parking lots. I like the GPS screen, lots of room with seats that fold down, helpful as I am moving, plus buying plants. Easy to understand the computer and options. I feel safe driving this and the AWD is great in winter.

- Susan W

It's stylish, it's durable and it will get you around in the mountains.

I love the AWD in my Rogue and that the car is an SUV. This allows me to carry things in it that I could not before with my smaller car. I also like that it has a lot of power options that my old base model car did not have. I don't like the gas mileage of my car and the fact that the car is a 4-cylinder. It sometimes does not have the pick up I'd like when driving in the mountains.

- Robert G

Would consider buying another Rogue.

My Nissan Rogue is great, it has plenty of room for cargo and passengers. The gas mileage is good for the size SUV it is about 24 mpg. I have had no problems whatsoever with the vehicle after buying it a little over 4 years ago. Only money I have spent is general maintenance such as oil change, spark plugs. If I was looking for another vehicle would definitely consider another Rogue.

- Daniel H

dependable,good on gas for a SUV,Comfortable to ride and drive,easy to handle on the road, good price

SUV- Very comfortable to sit and drive. Able to see over steering wheel comfortably.High off the ground.all wheel drive and great in snow,back up view seen on dash to help visualize what is in back of you to prevent accidents and provide .child locks for safety.back seats fold done for carrying large items,has phone available so you can drive safely without taking hands off wheel,

- lori b

Best SUV- highlights: stylist modern, sleek look.

I have had my Nissan Rogue for 5 years now. The styling is modern and sleek and well assembled. It is a smooth driving car with a nice Bose system with 5 speakers for that surround sound. Leather interior with seat warmers. Front seats are comfortable and supportive and the rear seat have plenty of legroom. There are a lot of interior tech features smartphone integration.

- Pamela W

This car is good quality for the cost and very reliable.

I have had minimal problems with my car. It has good gas mileage especially on the highway. I wish it was a hybrid. The interior is good quality. It does not have the giddy up and go of other vehicles because it is a 4 cylinder. I like that it comes in all wheel drive. The back up camera is handy but it does not beep when you get close to things. I love my sunroof.

- Ashley G

It's a sleek and relatively dependable crossover vehicle. Just be aware that the CVT has been an issue for some owners, including myself. The coolant tank tends to malfunction.

I like the style and contours of the car, and I've always liked how they ride. (My father has been, until recently, a longtime Nissan driver, too.) I wish it were slightly more spacious. I also had some trouble with the CVT a couple of years ago, and a local dealer refused to honor the warranty until I got regional Nissan involved. Otherwise, it's been a good car.

- Kenley s

Consider the Nissan Rogue High End

I purchased the 2012 Nissan Rogue SL back in December 2016. I am still really happy with this car 2 years later. It is comfortable as a high end small SUV. It's a higher trim but it set such a high standard for Nissan to me. I haven't had any issues other than general maintenance. Newer editions of this trim and model do not have all of the same luxury features.

- Jeff P

Very reliable, comfortable, great ride and good visibility.

I like everything, the height of the seats so I do not have to bend to get in or out. The height of the back hatch for ease of putting groceries or packages in our out. The way the back seats fold down to give me extra room in the loading area. It would be nice to be able to open the hatch without having to press a button, just slide my foot under the bumper.

- Barbara T

It can endure high mileage with proper maintenance.

The Nissan rogue is very economical and affordable. It is a compact SUV that is pretty roomy. The drive is pretty smooth but has a sport option for rougher terrain. Its AWD so it is great in rough weather. It is an older model (2012), but I have not had any problems with it. The best thing about the Nissan rogue is that the brand holds Its value pretty well.

- Katrina P

I can rely on it and I feel safe driving it.

Only problem was a transmission computer failure at about 45, 000 miles but it was covered under warranty. Very comfortable to drive, just the right size for me. Sits high enough to see well in traffic and parking lots. I love the backup camera. It handles well and is very roomy. Plenty of storage room in the back. Short turning radius and easy to maneuver.

- Mary S

Nissan Rogue is a great ride!

I love the Rogue. Proses are it gets good gas mileage. Can be a bit fast. I have a moonroof that I am in love with. Heated seats. Electric windows. O can start the car with or without the keys in the ignition. I haven't had any issues with it since I have had it. It is pretty spacious. However, 4 kids it's definitely a squeeze. I am glad I chose this car.

- sheena h

Reliably efficient and durable.

I have no major problems with it. I have encountered some offsetting sounds, but up on fixing it did not return. I appreciate the check light that comes up to indicate that there is a problem. Runs smoothly and efficiently. I have appreciated the color. This is an upgrade from a 98 Corolla and thus enjoy all the modern benefits that comes with the car.

- Dwight K

The best detail is the seats fold down.

It is a good car but I wish it had more space. Also I have been having suspension issues. I have had to replace the front end and it is not that good as far as gas mileage. Also I wish it was push button start but it is a keyless start. This car has been trouble as of late but it is because I got it used. I would be more comfortable if I got it new.

- Cleopatra G

Very reliable and perfect height for easy entrance.

I like the ride but it is noisy inside. My model has navigation which is very accurate as long as you buy the updated maps each year or 2. It is roomy in the back but headroom is lacking both front and back. Also could use some more lighting inside, no light in back seat and dim where there is lights. No major mechanical problems, very reliable.

- Christine Z

Great ride for a new family.

Bought brand new. Love the interior and exterior. Cigarette lighter charger stopped working pretty early. Everything else is great. Pickup and go is a little challenging making it difficult to do mountain driving at high speeds which we do IN Colorado often. Very reliable. Does great in all weather. Love the controls from the steering wheel.

- Kaitlyn N

2012 Nissan Rogue (pre-owned).

I got my 2012 Nissan Rogue used in 2014 with about 18, 000 miles. I have had no major issues with the car and it now has about 65, 000 miles. The vehicle has some tricky blind spots and is not great accelerating quickly or uphill. Otherwise, it seems to have relatively moderate gas mileage and has been about as reliable as I could've hoped.

- Stephanie T

I runs smooth and is a good little car just not really my cup of tea.

It is a good little car just want something safer and a little bit more room. I have two kids so more room the better. Plus the back glass is way to small. I have read about the 2012's having a lot of transmission issues so Nissan really needs to get that taken care of. I even had transmission issues with mine and that is unacceptable.

- Mary C

Its reliable and I feel safe driving it.

I love my car. It is the base model so not a lot of bells and whistles but Its still sporty and fun to drive. I get awesome gas mileage. The size is great to. I downsized from an extra large SUV and I still have the capability of fitting quite a bit of stuff when necessary. It's just a great car and I would definitely buy another one.

- Wendy L

My car is comfortable, convenient, and looks great!

I really like the navigation system in my car. I enjoy the sunroof. I like how there are leather seats in my car and the seats can be heated in cold weather. I dislike how the Bluetooth is limited and I need to use a USB cable to connect my phone for music. I like how there is Bluetooth for calling people from the phone.

- Jessica S

Best value of this vehicle purchase.

I am so happy with my 2012 Nissan Rogue. Gas mileage is so good. No faulty parts no repairs. The ride is so smooth. A pleasure to own this. If you want a good stable. Vehicle this product line is the one to purchase. It is so easy to see everything around you because you sit higher thus it is much safer to drive.

- Lorraine S

Great gas mileage, has lots of room.

My Rogue seats 5 easily. Gets 33 miles to the gallon with plenty of space for groceries/ luggage. I have kept up my oil changes and upkeep through Nissan and can say I haven't had any big issues with my vehicle. I am very happy with my Rogue and with Nissan as a whole. My husband, daughter, and son all drive Nissan's.

- Donna E

My thoughts on the Nissan Rogue.

I find it to be a bit hard to turn at times, and it seems to be very slow when reversing. It can be a tad touchy with the gas, accelerating quickly with very light pressure on the pedal, which is both a pro and a con. However, I find it to be a very comfortable vehicle with small blind spots and it seems quite safe.

- Amber M

Nissan Rogue is the best value for your money.

I love the Nissan Rogue. It is very dependable and reliable. I do not have any performance issues with this vehicle. Other than regular maintenance I have never had any major issues. It is the perfect size for a family of 5. The interior features are pretty good for a 2012 it has XM radio and Bluetooth technology.

- Arlene B

The Nissan rogue is a great vehicle!

The Nissan rogue is very reliable. It is very comfortable and drives smoothly. It has a reverse camera which is very helpful. The rouge gets get great gas mileage. It has a good amount of storage space in the trunk. The back seats also fold down if you need more room for storage. I really enjoy the Nissan rogue!!

- Jordan M

Travel with safety in mind.

I love my Nissan rogue. It handles and drives well. I have never had an issue with it for the two years I have owned it, outside of regular maintenance (I.E., oil changes, tire rotations). It is roomy and provides maximum comfort on long road trips. It is a great, safe car perfect for new and experienced drivers.

- Jessica K

Four wheel drive vehicle perfect for families in need of a reliable vehicle.

Vehicle is reliable tire pressure sensor goes off easily love the backup camera and handles great in the snow. Keyless entry is nice but have to remember to take keys out of vehicle before locking it. Spacious for at least two car seats in the back just wish the trunk was a little bit bigger for when we travel.

- Ashlee L

4 wheel drive, it is very comfortable.

My rouge is a all terrain drive and it gets great gas mileage. I do a lot of hunting and this car can really take rough areas with ease. On the open road it is a smooth running car with a comfortable ride. I am very blessed to have purchased it. In fact I talked my brother into buying one, and he loves it.

- James D

Nissan Rogue: a car for the young family.

I like that it fits my family. However, I would love to see an in-dash nav system come standard. It works really well with tough road conditions (snow and ice) but sometimes the de-frost can take a while to get windows defogged. I would say for a small family, such as mine (4) it works really well though.

- Brent C

Great size. Not so great mechanically.

The insurance premium on Nissans are high. I had problems with the transmission sensor and the cost of labor to repair it was more that the park. I probably will never purchase another Rogue. It has bad highway noise. I love the hatchback part it makes it easier to when you are always on the go with kids.

- Lillian T

Perfect family car that also seconds as the soccer mom car.

Drives well and very little mechanic repairs needed. Easy to keep up with the maintenance. Passenger seat is not as comfortable as the driver's seat. Blind spots are bad and you must be sure to look before changing lanes. Good extras though as far as Bose sound system, Bluetooth and hands free options.

- Crystal P

Great and affordable SUV to have!

It is a nice SUV to have, there is plenty of room for people and to hold things in. The transmission on my car went out a bit earlier that I expected and had to spent about $4, 000 to put a new one in. I do not like that you have to step on the acceleration a bit to get the car going. Runs good on gas.

- Sana C

Performance and act label for Nissan Rogue 2012.

The car, overall, is a durable vehicle for its kind. The features are well up to date with most recent technology. The seats can be considered quite stiff, not the most comfortable. It is a very light weight car; therefore, the gas/brake pedals are sensitive. It is performance is higher than expected.

- Seem B

Nissan Rogue 2012 with backup camera. Great family car

I recently bought a used Nissan Rogue. I needed a car that would fit my two young children with enough space to carry a double stroller and could fit their car seats. My Rogue has more than enough space to carry what I need. The safety and reliability is wonderful. It even came with a backup camera!

- Jennie F

Nissan rogue the best vehicle.

My rouge is perfection. Even though its an older model it still gets me where I need to be. I plan to get the same one when I get a new car. Its spacious and drives smoothly. The seats are comfortable and my family loves it. I'd pass it down to my children when they get the it license. 10 out of 10.

- Tina M

It is spacious and comfortable, but overall it didn't live up to my expectations and durability.

I was pleased with my Rogue until my transmission started failing right after I reached 100,000 miles. Previous models were given an extended warranty because the transmissions we're found to be faulty. However, Nissan would not cover mine because they said it was not a problem with the 2012 model.

- Christy S

Nice little car for running around and it is easy to park.

No big problems in the 5 years I have owned it. Like the backup camera. I wish I could push a button to open the back gate but I have to get out and open it myself. Not a gas guzzler. I do not like that I mess up my hair every time I get into the driver side seat. I would like more warning lights.

- Molly S

Why the Rogue is not for me.

The vehicle is nice and satisfactory, however, it belongs to my parents and I, personally, do not like it. I prefer a compact car. The Rogue is too long for me and there are lights on the dash that will not turn off. There seems to be other issues with the Rogue that are currently unidentifiable.

- Bill V

I really do not like the Nissan Rogue, way to small for my liking.

Not enough room in back seat, does not have all the up to date electronics, I would not by this car again, I like more room feels very cramped. No room in trunk, I do not like the color silver, but it gets very good mileage, and no major repairs as of yet only had to replace tires once so far.

- Ann H

I like the Nissan Rogue so much I would buy another Nissan.

I love that my car has four wheel drive what I do not like about my car not comfortable to drive on long trips I love the way it handles at high speeds and get great gas mileage would buy another Nissan Rogue I have always liked the Nissan's car but I think I am going to try Nissan titan truck.

- Karen K

It's easy to drive. It's super smooth and I can even make a u-turn in one street.

I absolutely love my Rogue. It is large enough to fit a lot of people on a road trip but small enough that it's easy to park on the streets. The back up camera is amazing. The only problem is that the stereo was made to hook up to an ipad, not a phone, so sometimes it doesn't like my streaming.

- Madeline B

All purpose four wheel drive.

Reliable car with just the right amount of space and functionality for singles or people with kids/pets. Efficient with gas use and low maintenance. I feel safe driving this car because it is durable and not easily damaged. In addition to being functional, it is stylish and easy to keep clean.

- A B

Ironically I cannot see when I turn I had to check my blind spot.

The main thing I hate about my vehicle is the fact that I cannot see out the back on the right side when I am trying to change lanes on the interstate. The design of the car makes impossible to see my blind spot. It really does not have any power and it sits to low to the ground for an SUV.

- Megan M

All around great vehicle!

The Rogue drives smoothly and feels very safe. It has good acceleration and a decent turning radius. Gas mileage is good as well. Only issue is I do not absolutely love the way the windshield wipers are designed. Also, seeing in back of you is far which is why they provide a rear view camera

- Maggie W

Reliable Rogue is the best affordable SUV with great gas mileage!

The Nissan Rogue which I own has heated leather seats and is very comfortable. The best gas mileage which I have gotten is approximately 33 miles per gallon. This vehicle is all wheel drive and it has been very reliable in the winter weather. I live in northern NY and we get lots of snow.

- Nancy A

It is color, it is size, it is fit, it is space perfect.

I have no problems so far with my vehicle. I love it is performance. It is very reliable for my needs. I love the comfort the seats cushions my butt perfectly. I will advise anyone to get a nice comfortable SUV. It is features are fantastic. It is size is perfect and the color is perfect.

- Kimberly L

I am constantly losing my keys so not having to search constantly is great.

There are a lot of features that I enjoy such as the rear view camera and keyless ignition. With this being said, however, I do feel that the performance is poor. It is rather heavy so things like accelerating are not as smooth as I would like. It feels like it struggles to accelerate.

- Kimberly N

Love the heater in the seats.

I have not had any big problems with the Rogue I get good gas miles and it's just the right size for a small family or a single person you have enough room to carry luggage and grocery. I like it on rainy days because its not low to the ground and you do not fill the water on the road.

- Mary A

Sunroof light interior seats.

I love my car it provides good safety and gets me to where I have to go it is great on gas I fill up once a week and I use the eco setting helps the environment with gas issues. It roomy so I can fit up to four passengers including myself it is a great car and still running good.

- Cheyenne S

Everyone should own a rouge.

This car is a good reliable car. I really enjoy riding in it. It's a smooth ride. I just bought new tires for my car. It's a nice car. I like taking road trips in this car. I love the color of my car. It has a lot of nice features. It's a great car. Everyone should have a rouge!

- Jennifer C

It looks good and it is easy to get in and out of.

The Rogue is easy to get in and out of. It is comfortable I like the fact that there are gauges to tell me the temperature and the oil. I do not like the triangular window on the side near the back it is difficult when I look back to see if there are any cars in my blind spot.

- Susan B

Hope to be a Nissan buyer for life!!

I really love my rogue! It gets great gas mileage, has plenty of room, and so far, has been relatively maintenance free. I hope to trade my rogue in on a murano, pathfinder, titan, or frontier in the very near future. I would like to be a Nissan owner for the rest of my life!

- Cathy C

Great ride, smooth and fun. Love it. Great storage

Love my Rogue. Have the sunroof and heated seats. Didn't think I would need the heated seats and I don't need them but I LOVE them. Have not had any problems yet. Not my first Nissan. Would definitely buy another Rogue. Smooth ride, great handling. Plenty of storage room.


I love my backup camera. But when the weather is appealed the camera.

The tires that came with the car did not last me long, as I had to pay for a full set 6 months after buying the car. I love my Nissan an I hope to purchase another soon but considering I live on a dirt road I need reliable tires that will allow me to use my four wheel drive.

- Kelsey P

My 2012 Nissan Rogue review.

Do not like the blind spots due to the small rear window but I have become to use the backup camera quite a lot now. I love the Bluetooth capability but the GPS is not that great in my opinion. It is roomy and the back seats fold down easily if you have large items to move.

- Sharon E

Gertrude my Nissan white little rouge.

It has been very reliable. I purchased it at carmax. It has about 77, 000 and I will need new tires but it is running very smoothly. The inside is still clean and the outside still looks really good. I have no rust. I would buy another Nissan. I also like the way it drives.

- Rose C

Backup cameras field of a vision is perfect for backing out in cramped spaces.

I love the space inside. The backseat has ample room for 3 passengers. The hatch back leaves room for storage and extra space. You can lay down the seats for even more room. The seat belts are all night adjustable which is perfect for children and the gas mileage is great.

- Angela G

Nissan Rogue rules the road!

The Nissan Rogue is the best car I have ever owned. It has the size and features (all wheel drive, back up camera etc.) but the fuel efficiency and handling of a smaller vehicle. No major maintenance issues to report either. A great car at a good price. I highly recommend.

- Big Steve T

It is dependable and reliable.

Love my car. It is comfortable s c reliable. My car had room enough for the kids to climb in and out. Has enough trunk space for all my stuff. It is dependable and a good car. It is a great model and rides smooth. If you take care of it it’ll stay longer and last longer.

- Ashley S

This is a great car for the money.

Comfortable, been a good car, no problems with it. Has blind spots where headrests are. Has backup mirror that we love. Makes it easy to parallel park. Has plenty of headroom in back. Leg room is really good as I have long legs and sit in the back when going out to eat.

- Sue P

Nissan vehicles do not stand the test of time.

I loved the size of my vehicle when I had only one child. Now that I have two children, both in car seats, it is difficult to seat anyone extra and storage is non-existent! Also, I had to replace my transmission after 4 years of having this vehicle. That ruined it for me.

- Aly H

The Nissan Rogue is a good vehicle that does well in the snow.

I like my Nissan Rogue but there are a few issues with it, one is there are blind spots due to how the car doors are divided and where the seats are. . . Two the auxiliary plug ins are inside the middle console and hard to reach especially if you store things in there.

- Cindy D

I just did this in the last slide.

There are no problems. There are 78, 000 miles on the car and not one problem. It is got great room, great handling and holds its own against the Honda CR-V or the Toyota RAV4 and all the other vehicles in this category. The newer Rogues have gotten excellent reviews.

- Steve R

It's very safe. A friend had an accident in a rogue and the other car was totalled while their rogue was still intact. It also handles extremely well.

I love the way it looks and the way it handles. It has a sunroof as well as a built in gps. The only problem is that the GPS doesn't show traffic and im not quite sure how much it will cost me to update the software. It's a very safe vehicle and very easy to handle.

- Tatiana S

The size and comfort is perfect for those with disabilities.

I love my Nissan rogue. I have a disability and the height is perfect for me to get in and out without any problems. That is why I bought it. I do regular maintenance so I haven't experienced any major problems. It is reliable and fits my grandchildren comfortably.

- Pam W

The rogue, SUV for an average family.

The Nissan rogue is a decent SUV for the average person. It is a little small for a family bigger than 3. It drives well, with good braking. Gas mileage is good enough for a person who travels moderately. Overall the rogue is a good choice when picking a vehicle.

- Matt T

A car is a transport vehicle that travels on two wheels or more, which moves.

A car is a transport vehicle that moves on two wheels or more, which moves by animal traction, pulled by horses, mules, donkeys, oxen, other animals or even people, depending on the customs of the place. It can also be called cart, horse carriage, coach, etc.

- Billy B

Pretty reliable vehicle for family.

It is a bit small when you have two car seats in the back seat. Great trunk space and very reliable vehicle. Love the radio and phone on the steering wheel makes it more safe and you do not have to take your eyes off the road. Pretty comfortable in the front.

- Jen H

Great gas mileage!!!!!!!!

Shakes when stopped and air is on. Kinda boring interior. If you have the air vents partially closed it makes a whistling sound. Good gas mileage. Easy for a diy person to work on it. It takes about 29 minutes for a break change. 10 minutes for a oil change.

- Brian L

It is very well equipped for the price paid for it.

It has plenty of cargo space. It gives a comfortable ride. Being all-wheel drive I feel safe in it in bad weather, especially when it snows. The one complaint I have is there are not separate controls for the driver and passenger for heating and cooling.

- Joan L

Love the features inside & sunroof.

Nice features. Love the sunroof. Not great in the snow. Needs to have heat/ac in the rear seats. Love heated seats in the winter. Bose stereo system is great, radio cuts in and out of service. Navigation system is helpful when no cell service in the area.

- Alicia H

It has keyless entry and AWD.

I love that it is AWD, and an SUV type of vehicle. I like sitting up high enough but it is not terribly too high to get in and out of. My vs. has all the features I ever wanted, sunroof, navigation, power locks/windows, rear camera. It is a great vehicle!

- J W

I love the size of my Nissan Rogue. It has plenty of room for me and my 2 kids.

I have had my Nissan for 4 or 5 years. I have never had an issue with it. The only money I ever put into it was for breaks and tires. We had a Nissan car prior to this and we had that one for over 11 years. I will more than likely always drive a Nissan.

- Carrie M

Easy rider. Good on fuel. Rides well on the road. Seat 5 comfortable.

Get good mileage, gas easy management handy for small things and loads. Back seats lower to carry loads. I only fill up on gas once month. Ease to park in parking lots able to see the road when driving in all angles. Interior is very easy to keep clean.

- I Della C

It's great on gas! I get about 23 to 25 miles to the gallon. For an SUV that is great.

It is very nice. I would like a sunroof and more room in the second row seating. The ride is very smooth. Have traveled quite a bit with my family with this SUV and the ride was great. The upholstery is not very good though. Could be higher quality.

- Michael K

Don't buy one - there are better quality vehicles out there. Maybe the newer models are better but I will never own one again.

My vehicle is a considered a midsize SUV, but it performs worse in the snow than any other car I have ever had. The all wheel tires wear faster than any other tire I have had, it doesn't seem to drive very well, and I just honestly don't like it.

- Lori R

It will need a new transmission and it will cost you a small fortune.

Nissans have a reputation for terrible transmissions. We spent $4000 on a new one last year, and it is not worth that much. My husband's Nissan Altima is a 2013 and it also needs a new transmission. I would not recommend Nissans to my worst enemy.

- Debra W

Love the heated seats, don't like the "check tire pressure" sensor!

Very reliable and comfortable. Leather seats, sunroof, heated seats and Bose sound system. Only glitch is that the "check tire pressure" sensor goes off every time the weather gets colder. Sometimes one of the tires does need air, but not usually.

- Shelley B

It's a great value since I've had no repair issues yet after six years and bought it for under $20,000 new.

It has been very reliable since I've owned it. It really hugs the road and is a pleasure to drive. One thing I don't like is the visibility is not the greatest and there are a couple blind spots. Other than that, it has been a great car.

- Hans G

Feels like a crossover, drives like a car

This car has been running great since the day I bought it. It has the roominess of a crossover but feels like a car when driving. Nissan car interiors always seem high quality. Gas mileage could be a little better. Overall, very satisfied.

- Yukiko U

My vehicle has not given me any major issues. Just normal wear and tear.

I love the style of the vehicle! This is the first vehicle I did not trade in after 3 years and I have no intentions on trading it in anytime soon. I do not have any dislikes about my vehicle. I have had new cars since I was 19 years old!

- Sharon E

Very reliable and runs great.

I love that its actually a fully loaded vehicle, meaning its got a nav system, seat warmers, a really nice sound system. It is also a four wheel drive which is nice because we get snow where I live. It also does not use up a lot of gas!.

- Liana L

Reliable and well made. Gets good gas mileage.

Overall it is a decent car. Good gas mileage. The seats in front are too close so that if anything falls between the seats it is impossible to retrieve it. Could use a cup holder in the side door and an additional charging station.

- ClAudia H

Great alternative to a minivan. Can store a lot in the trunk and great car for baby seats

Great mileage and smooth ride. Seat heaters and sunroof are great additional features as well as rear camera when going in reverse. Can connect in your phone via Bluetooth and fits 5 easily. Low maintenance and has a sport button!

- Suzanne C

It is reliable and great on gas mileage. Also a perfect size for family of 3!

It is reliable, I've never had a problem with it. It is a good size, not overwhelmingly large but bigger than a sedan. It is also great on gas mileage. This is important because I commute 45 minutes each way to work 3 days a week.

- Dani L

The most important thing about the vehicle, I feel would be the excellent gas mileage

I do love the gas mileage of the vehicle and it's easy handling skills. It's a very roomy car and the family fits comfortably. The only complaint, I have with the rouge, is that the locking system does not function very easily.

- Sharon C

It may not be the zippiest car but its smooth and reliable and will get you where you need to go for a good price.

The rogue is big and roomy and drives very smoothly. I like the way it looks although it is generic for an SUV. Mine doesn't have any extras, so it is a little boring but they can come equipped with anything you could want.

- Danielle G

It feels pretty safe. looks sporty and is good on gas.

I love my Rouge. It's small like a car but nice sized for carrying some things. I love the grey interior and silver color. The only thing i have to complain about is a metal to metal noise when I put my foot on the gas.

- Terry R

It is dependable and reliable.

I have had no problems with my Nissan rogue. It is very dependable and reliable. I love the features, leather seats, Bose stereo system, Bluetooth, backup camera and much more. I would recommend this vehicle very highly.

- Dee Ann S

It's dependable. I've had no mechanical issues at with it.

Have had no mechanical problems at all with my Rogue. Very dependable. I gave it a 4 only because I have such a hard time with visibility and the steering is a little too tight. I would definitely buy another Nissan.

- Connie C

It's fun to drive and once you own one you will never want to give it up.

I like how roomy it is. I really like how it handles on the road, and the general comfort-ability or it. The only thing I wish was better, is the gas mileage, it doesn't really perform as well as the stats suggest.

- Melanie S

I don't think most people understand how to maintain a car with a CVT. Changing the transmission fluid is a MUST and can cause significant damage if neglected.

I think it drives well and the gas mileage is great. I love the interior and the way it is designed. My least favorite thing is the door handles on the outside. Both my driver and passenger handles have broken off.

- Dori D

The Nissan Rogue is great for taking on family trips and fits a lot of people for vacations, moving and provides a ton of storage for all your stuff.

Performance is good. There is a lot of legroom and fits three adults in back seat. There is good trunk space. The problems I have is with the brakes and the lights. Many parts have had to be replaced over time.

- Dara G

Good car, but not the quietest I have driven

Tire noise is a problem with this car. Just had wheel bearing replaced at 40,000 miles, noise reduced some but still have tire noise on highway. Is a comfortable car and performs well in snow/ice conditions.

- Amy L

My Perfect Nissan- from sporty to hauling

I love my rogue. It is big enough to haul all I need to and small enough to be comfortable and sporty. I love the dealer where I purchased it and will probably never get anything else besides another Nissan.

- Susan G

It is a nice compact suv. You get the extra space without having to drive a large cumbersome vehicle.

The gas mileage is good. The rear hatch provides plenty of storage and the rear camera is helpful. I dislike the dash panel and control options. I wish there were more options, It's seems a bit outdated.

- Devin W

It is a little loud with road noise.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and always starts up fine. I like that I have a lot more trunk space and that it is higher up off the ground. I also like that it drives well and has good safety ratings.

- Molly W

It's great for a family of 3 or 4 or 5. It's definitely a great car for moms to drive.

I like it because it's has room to fit my family. The trunk is spacious to put all sorts of things like strollers. I just don't like that it makes a weird noise when I drive. It's great for road trips.

- Liz N

there are some dangerous blind spots that make you really have to look around when you change lanes or something like that.

i like the size. mot too big, but certainly not small. i like that i sit a little higher and not like i'm on the ground. the only thing i don't like is that there are some dangerous blind spots.

- renee d

Stylish, low gas, compact but comfortable.

I love it because it's compact and luxurious to drive. It has low gas consumption. Easy to maneuver and drives lightly. It is suitable for a small family or a single person. Stylish and comfortable.

- Stela T

Spacious cab width and height

I love the way my rogue drives, I rarely have any issues in inclement weather. The drivers seat has enough seat settings to accommodate both I and my fiancé, who is nearly a foot taller than me.

- Lauren D

My vehicle is a medium sized van (sort of), and it's spacious.

The car is spacious and is a near perfect vehicle for the winter weather that I live in. The only problem i've ever faced had to do with it overheating during a long trip in extremely hot weather.

- Sydney O

Try to get your transmission cover by any car insurance or dealer protection.

The car is not that fast as I expected. The cvt transmission a nightmare. The interior of the car is pretty simple, it has very good space in the trunk. The car fits good in regular parking spot.

- Luis T

This car is very reliable even over time.

I have had the vehicle for a while and have had no machine issues with it. The air conditioning works really well. I love the size of the vehicle as well, it's not too big but has plenty of room.

- celeste j

I would say that the Nissan brand has good cars and it is worth buying them.

It was my first car I was proud to have it, it was comfortable, reliable, I used it all the time to look for my daughter from school, to go out with my family and friends. It was a very good car.

- Brian J

It really makes driving easy

I am not sold on the no sunroof. I also have had to have major repairs done. The dealership I purchased my vehicle seems to enjoy tossing me a lemon. I no longer deal with them for any reason.

- Tiana lynn b

It's a great small SUV--offers the benefits of a SUV while being the same fuel efficiency as a sedan.

I really love this car, handles well in all weather, and is a great car for a SMALL family. I have 2 kids and could really use more space in the backseat. It's basically a sedan in SUV shape.

- Elisabeth M

Transmission is unreliable and prone to failure.

It gets good mileage but the CVT transmission is unreliable. The transmission went out at 94k miles and it cost $3200 to replace it with a used one. I would not recommend the Rogue to anyone.

- Steven R

It is a very loud car. I had read that, but did not realize how distracting and problematic it would be.

I like the size, but it is a very loud car. It sounds like engine problems at times when there is no problem. It also is a basic model, so it would be nice to have some bells and whistles.

- annie l

It's a good, solid value for the vehicle.

I like the size and gas mileage. I don't like the trouble it has going up hills or long drives (2.5 to 3 hrs or more). I wish I had a model with a backup camera and blind spot warnings.

- Melissa S

It is a good dependable car. I depend on it every day.

I like my car very much. It is easy to drive and has a nice ride. It is roomy enough for my needs. The only thing I find troublesome is visibility when I look over my right shoulder.

- Luella F

It is a great size and very aesthetically pleasing.

I like the size of my car. It drives well and has clean lines. It has a trunk for storage and I like being high off the ground. Only complaint is that it has horrible blind spots.

- tori S

Comfortable inside and noise level is low. There a a lot of good things about the vehicle.

It's a great car. Have had no problems at all. It drives great and it is comfortable. It is all leather and the backseat is room. My daughter will be getting this car next month!

- spring b

It is safe, reliable and a good form of transportation for commuting around town.

My Rogue is reliable and just what I need for commuting to and from work. It gets good gas mileage. I feel like it a safe vehicle that I feel comfortable with my kids riding in.

- Chad a

It is great for people with multiple children.

I like the handling of the car and love the keyless features, but truly dislike the lack of automated features, like lights, inside trunk release, or inside gas tank release.

- J S

Love the leather seats and steering wheel.

Love the car, wish I could afford an updated version. Easy to get in and out of with kids and dogs. Heated seats are great, and easy to drive. Wish it had less road noise.

- Ysabel T

This vehicle works well for singles, parents, and families. Good size for regular driving, whether in city on on highway, as well as for traveling.

I like the compact SUV size of my vehicle, the gas mileage, storage capacity, and features, including heated leather seats, 360 degree cameras, touch screen and nav, etc.

- Tasia B

It is a practical all wheel drive car and it is a cost effective option when considering a new car.

It is a very reliable all wheel drive vehicle. I do wish that it had more power, it sometimes takes a while to get up to speed. I'd like to see better maintenance options

- Rob C

The Nissan Rogue is very reliable and stylish without breaking the bank.

I love the size and reliability of my car. It drives well and rides well. My gas mileage is good for a small SUV. My only complaint is I wish there were more cup holders.

- Dana C

Nissans are good cars for the price. i would recommend him to anyone. Never owned one before.

Love my Rogue because it's great on mileage. Safe car to drive, works well and low maintenance Holds up well still look good..It's all paid for. : ) No complaints at all.

- kathy l

It is a very nice car with lots of good features for a very good price!

I love the space and how smooth it drives. I also love not having to ever take out my key to enter or start the car. It is nice being able to keep the key in my purse.

- Kendall C

Nissan Rogue is reliable and comfortable!

This vehicle is comfortable for my family of 3. performance and reliability have been great and I have had no serious issues. Replaced tires and a battery recently.

- Kim J

Easy to drive and park. It is not too bulky.

My car is a little too small when it comes to space for drinks and leg room. I also do not like the overhang on my rear window. It makes it hard to clean the window.

- Karen H

It is a good car, drives well.

Like the screen so i can watch and see what is behind me when i back up but wish it was bigger. Wish i could open the back automatically instead of doing it by hand.

- Molly S

It is very comfortable and reliable.

Love my car. Great reliable and comfy. It rides smooth and has few problems. Full backseat and gas enough trunk room. The kids love it and it is a great family car.

- Ashley F

All wheel drive is just o. K. In snow. Definitely not an off-road SUV.

The Nissan rogue is a great mid sized SUV. Good size, roomy rear seats and above average gas mileage. Have owned for over 3 years with no major maintenance issues.

- Stevie R

It looks and great and runs well. It is comfortable and has good visibility

I love my rogue. It is easy to get in and out of without having to bend down to get in like a sedan. Wish the back seats would fold flat without a slight rise.

- pat m

It is small, easy to drive and I love it.

I have had very few problems with my vehicle. I am very happy with Its performance, reliability and comfort. Just got new tires put on and it passed inspection.

- Joyce D

Love my Nissan only 2 issues

Needed a new air compressor that was very expensive and the heat shields rattle other than that I love my Nissan. Rides great and is very roomy and comfortable

- Darlene C

Easy to drive Nissan Rogue

I love it. It performs well. I just wished it had the safety features on the Mirrors like the new cars do. I love the back up camera and it is easy to drive.

- Stacy D

Has been very reliable. Comfortable, smooth ride.

We have owned the vehicle for over 2 years. Bought it with 30, 000 miles. Have not had any problems to date. Occasionally, have a problem with the Bluetooth.

- Rex B

Reliable, comfortable car with a minor problem.

I like the size of the car. It's comfortable. It makes noises that seem to be a common problem with Rogues. There should be a recall because of this problem.

- Nicole M

It's not a flashy car, but it does get you from point A to B without a lot of extra costs that are associated with nicer brands.

No problems at all, we've been really happy with the card. The only out of pocket costs have been oil changes and regular maintenance like brakes and tires.

- Karl S

Beware of the CVT transmission issues.

The gas mileage on my Nissan Rogue is fantastic. I can travel across the state on less than 2 tanks of gas. What I hate is the CVT transmission. It sucks!

- elsa m

The gas mileage is great on it.

I do like the gas mileage on it, but I do dislike the fact that it is smaller than what I am used to, so hauling stuff, like furniture, is a bit difficult.

- Echelle L

It drives well and it is very safe in all types of weather.

Great ride, gets good gas mileage,comfortable to drive. I like the color. Little or no maintenance. I like the size, makes me feel safe in highway driving.

- Mary Lou D

It has a blind spot when changing lanes.

I am short and it is difficult to get into. It has a very reliable heater and air conditioner. It has a blind spot when trying to change lanes in traffic.

- Melba D

Great on gas. I can use just 20 dollars to get close to the full on the meter.

Love it. I got what I wanted. The only thing that I would change is the color. I would have picked white or black. Right now, I grew to love my red rogue.

- Kadi K

I want to keep it a safe, clean and comfortable space.

I like that its big and has a lot of space. I like that it drives smoothly. I like that it can fit 5 or more people in it. I dislike the color of my car.

- Rylee C

Good gas mileage is really important also very reliable

Nissan is very reliable, good gas mileage, very comfortable to drive, lots of room, only problems were usual car problems, replace brakes, battery etc

- Catherine H

4 door small but spacious SUV with a nice size "trunk" space!

The Nissan Rogue is a small but spacious SUV. The only issues i've had in 6.5 years are air conditioning problems. This is the perfect vehicle for me!

- Meagan B

The vehicle I thought I wouldn't like but now do...

NO PROBLEMS with vehicle. It has performed very well in some snow which I probably shouldn't have went in, never any problems handling on rough roads.


The Nissan Rogue is reliable and dependable. It gets fair gas mileage.

Bought this car used (certified pre-owned). Have had no major problems with it. Very reliable vehicle. Comfortable for long road trips up to 4 people.

- Debra C

It feels sporty and solid. I feel safe in my car.

I love that it is all wheel drive. It is a smaller crossover vehicle but feels roomy inside. I like the features of bluetooth phone and backup camera

- sharma S

It is a safe and reliable car for a family who lives in a 4-season region.

My car runs well and is reliable. It's is comfortable for me and my family. I wish the trunk area was larger and that the back seats could fold flat.

- Amanda F

The Nissan Rogue is an extremely reliable car. With regular oil changes, this car will last for ages.

My vehicle is extremely reliable, and has fantastic gas mileage. I get the oil changed regularly, and it can kept my car in great shape for 6+ years.

- Alayna H

The size is absolutely perfect for just about anyone. With two kids i need the space to load stuff and them. It drives great with excellent gas mileage.

I love my little Nissan! It is compact yet versatile while moving. Im able to drop the back seats to load larger items. The gas mileage is great,

- tammy m

Great on gas mileage engine runs great handles good incurves.

Problems with my car is slow on take not comfortable on long trip. Can tow 5by8 trailer over the colorado rocky mountains anti-locking brake system.

- Karen K

It gets me from point A to point B. It gets ok gas mileage.

It is a good car. It had good gas mileage. It tends to have ABS lights come on for no reason. Sometimes the engine light comes on for no reason.

- James G

Do not buy a 2012 Nissan rogue.

Transmission is terrible, almost everything else is terrible about this car. You get something fixed and shortly after it always breaks back down.

- Kelsey T

It's a hidden gem in its class. It has ample storage and seating.

Very reliable. It is a 4 cyl so it's good on gas but it doesn't have a lot of get up and go. Very comfortable seating, great for my tall spouse.

- Shelley C

People should know that the car is safe and reliable.

I like that my car has a lot of space and that it runs very smoothly. My only complaint with the car is that it has some really bad blind spots.

- Olivia S

you don't need to put a key it, as long as you have the fob you can turn the key ignition to start it.

I like the size, it does have a lot of room for being a crossover. The aesthetics are good enough for me, but I don't like how it is only a v4.

- Melanie H

The rogue isn't very spacious

The car is great has great gas mileage the only thing i don't like is that it doesn't have a sunroof and could be just a little bigger in size

- Felicia A

The engine needs to get better gas mileage for its size.

My vehicle is ok. It has problems associated with age. The engine can use a little more pep and for a V4 it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

- law l

It's a very good vehicle for families and it will make you feel safer on the road.

It's practical and reliable. It's just the right size for our family. It gets us through the winters safely. It's also stylish and affordable.

- Amber W

It handles well and is great for the city.

I love that it bigger than a car but smaller than an SUV. I hate, and my previous car was Nissan as well, that the paint doesn't hold up well.

- Melissa D

It is a roomy SUV that drives rides like a car and gets comparable gas mileage.

Rogue is sporty, gets gas mileage like a car, good hauling capability. Has plenty of head and leg room and has had no major issues in 6 years.

- Beth S

Great ride and great gas mileage�.

It has awesome gas mileage and drives smooth only problem I am having is the catalytic converter which I still not over heating awesome ride.

- Amie M

The most important thing is that it is the most reliable car for anyone to have.

The engine is not very powerful; it has no pick-up, and there is a clunking noise Nissan cannot detect..... The car has a comfortable ride..

- Janet P

Very good vehicle to own and enjoy.

I love the space available. It runs great and has three seatbelts in the back to hold more car seats. I love the color and the way it runs.

- Brooke N

If you doo much traveling you might want a bigger car.

I love my rouge. It is very comfortable and is very trouble free. The only thing I dislike about it is that I wish it were a little bigger.

- Jeff W

That the gas mileage is excellent. The car has been on very long trips and each time I am shocked by how far I can get on one tank.

The car is very spacious and I get great gas mileage. I have had very minimal problems with the car. I would recommend a rogue to anyone.

- Breanna P

Handles more like a sedan than a SUV. Also, solid gas efficiency in class.

No major complaints. Suv that drives like a car. Decent on gas. All wheel drive could be a little more effective in snow conditions tho

- Steve R

It has heated seats which are great for the winter time.

It has AWD, great in snow.. Comfortable for husband I.. It is easy to park and handle.. I have just had to miniatus with it, well built.

- Angie H

It is very common for families and good gas mileage

The vehicle is very safe and In my opinion absolutely the best SUV for families. It gives great control and space for all family needs.

- Seneca G

I have a 2012 Nissan rogue, it is a good car for a young person for their first car, I don't think it's family friendly.

I enjoy the good gas mileage on the car, I wish it had dual climate so that way the passengers in the back seats would get air quicker

- Ariana U

Nissan Rogues rock for small families

I love it. It's super dependable and great for a small family. Backseat is spacious and the trunk is roomy. I love the sound system.

- Dawn M

Reliable, good gas mileage, fun to drive.

So far it has been very reliable. We have not had any major problems. I bought it used in 2014. We are very happy with our purchase.

- Michael S

I value my car and I like to keep it clean

I like the mileage I get out of the car it rides smoothly. The only thing I don't like are the seats they are a little uncomfortable

- Neh S

Very reliable,is six years old and never had any mechanical problem, I buy tires when needed and change the oil every 3000 miles.

Reliable; I live in New England so the all wheel drive feature is very helpful in the winter.Quality of the radio could be better.

- John W

My car is easy to get in and out of.

I like SUV style. I like the color of my car. My car is noisier than I would like it to be. I wish the rearview window was larger.

- Shelly P

It's safe to drive and fun to own.

I like my vehicle quite well. It looks nice on the outside and pretty spacious on the inside. It makes me feel safe driving it.

- A H

Great on gas and dependable.

More economical than sporty. It has creepy noises a lot in the seats and car in general makes it sound not as well put together.

- Holly D

I love this vehicle. Drives great on long trips.

At this time I have a right drive axle busted. I have just replaced front brakes & right front dome light needs to be replaced.

- Katherine M

Love my car, i would by the same one again.

I love my car, if you take care and do maintenance. It will run for long time. The maintenance is expensive but i love my car.

- Emily J

CT flush every 30,000 miles costs about $200.

The only issue I have with my rogue is the cut transmission. I love everything else about my car. It is also great for moving.

- Stephanie K

Big enough but also small enough. Can fit into parking spaces with ease

Great for haul everything I need at any time. Has all the features I need. Wish it had better gas mileage and better sunroof.

- Shauna O

It is roomy and great on gas. Those are important for a family on a budget.

It is a very reliable crossover. It is very good on gas. Also, it is very roomy. I love my rogue. I recommend it to everyone.

- Niglianie D

Good on gas. Has backup camera.

Slow take off. Air conditioner is not real cold. Stereo does not sound all that good. Just not that happy with this vehicle.

- Barbara B

To small inside not enough room.

Nice car good mileage but very small inside I would buy a larger SUV next time I buy shop around to get best pricing on SUV.

- An H

Has a lot of room for its size.

Like everything about my vehicle. It is very dependable. Get good gas mileage. It drives very good and is very comfortable.

- Frank M

It is comfortable and the sound system is great.

I love the size and mileage I get in my car. It is cute and a great quality. I enjoy the features and driving it everyday.

- Whitney M

My 2012 Nissan Rogue. Great small SUV!

I love my Nissan Rogue. I have had it since 2012 and have had no issues. While it has plenty of space, it isn't too large.

- Grace G

Very good gas mileage and daily driver.

Several issues with the electrical system and the air conditioner but does have good gas mileage. Overall I am satisfied.

- Chicago B

It runs nice, and has lots of interior room making traveling on vacation or everyday much easier.

I love the interior space that it has. It makes it a lot easier to travel with a toddler. I love that it rides smoothly.

- Amanda s

A must have car, gotta get one!

smooth driving, gas efficient, spacious, all wheel drive. back up camera helps, i will never get another car without one

- nat B

People should know that it has very limited cargo space if all the seats are filled.

I like that is has room enough for my children. I like that it rides nicely. I dislike that it has limited cargo space.

- Alicia S

It handles great on the road, good safety features

I love my vehicle, it has not had any major issues since I got it in 2012. I just take care of the general maintenance

- Christina A

My car has great speakers that came with the car and is a great car

It's a good car. Very comfortable seats. Holds a lot of gas which makes it a great car to travel long distances with

- Andrew S

Useful, affordable, any one can match the price because is not to expensive.

Is very easy to drive because is not to big and not to small either I think is really useful for the entire family.

- Olga P

Comfortable to drive and handle.

This is a great car to drive no problems seeing or handling it at all. Most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven.

- William R

My car is wonderful in the snowy winters. It also gets really good gas mileage.

My car is really good on gas. It snows a lot here so having the awd makes life easier when driving in the winter.

- Kristan N

Good car, if you take care of it.

I have any problems with my car so far. The only think, when you have to change oil or belts, brakes it's pricey.

- Emily D

Everyone has their own preferences, that's why they make so many different types of cars

It's the first car I bought on my own and I like how it drives. I like the safety for my kids and the features.

- Steve K

The transmission in this car isn't the best in the world

Enjoy vehicle just has trans issues. The all wheel drive works amazing through everything. Good small family car

- Randolph C

It's a great family car for getting out and about and taking things places you have to get them

I love that it fits our family well. It get done us where we need to go. I wish it had a dash NAV system though

- Brent C

Keep up the maintenance on transmission. That's the main issue with.

Its had some problems with transmission. I like the way it drives, I like the space inside the look of the SUV.

- Sheila R

Systems are very user friendly

Very noisy when it rains, sounds like they forgot insulation in the roof. Love that seats fold down very easily

- Lisa M

Good on gas where i live you need to get from here to there or if you're on a highway you get good gas miles

It's good I bought it because I needed a car fast my old ford was on its way out and this was in my price range

- Dennis P

The benefits of an SUV without the massive size

Very comfortable seats with good lumbar support. Smooth ride, low maintenance, decent but not great gas mileage

- Andrew P

It is very efficient on gas.

I do not have any dislikes about it currently. It is easy to maintain, drives smooth, and is efficient on gas.

- Brandon B

Rogue gets good gas mileage

I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the way it handles. I like that the brand usually lasts for a long time

- Kathy A

Reliability, great performance and cost effective.

My Nissan rogue has been a great car. No major problems a all. Love this car. It is reliable and fun to drive.

- Linda R

It is versatile and great for families that have kids and dogs

Love how it handle, i feel safe in the car. I hate how many minor issues it has had since we bought it though.

- Samantha D

It is a chick magnet because a chick is always in it.

It is roomy. The size is nice. My passengers fit comfortably. I dislike that it does not have a backup camera.

- Emily V

I does not cost a lot of money gas.

I really like my vehicle. It takes me wherever i need to go. It's economic on gasoline. Gives no problems.

- Maria M

The most important thing is that it is an SUV.

It rides smooth. Does not break easily. It is spacious and continued to run good no matter where I drove it.

- Jason G

The vehicle is fast. The gas mileage is good. It's a safe vehicle.

The vehicle is fast. The windshield does have a dent. The vehicle does need a oil change every 5,000 miles.

- Katherine C

Extra space I needed for school activities. Wasn't way overpriced.

Drives as good as the day I bought it. Never had any major repairs. Has a lot of extra features. Great buy.

- Paula C

It gets great gas mileage. I believe it is a good family car.

I enjoy my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. I wish it was a little bigger. I wish it was more up to date.

- Melissa E

It runs very smoothly and is roomy for my children. I love the backup camera.

It is reliable and roomy. Greats for my little family. Just some rusting starting to happen under the body.

- Michelle K

The car is very dependable. Requires little more than normal maintenance.

I love my car. It has been very dependable. Regular maintenance but few few major issues. A good purchase.

- Michele W

Just did that in the last answer.

Just enjoy the vehicle, good ride, good gas mileage, comfortable. For long rides or short run around town.

- Fae W

Perfect size for everyday use....not too big or too small

I love my rogue. It's a perfect size: not as big as my old minivan but larger than a car. Perfect for me.

- Sondra R

It's dependable and trustworthy and has been on many trips with me.

I like my vehicle have had no major issues. It's just not the best ride and most co for table vehicle.

- Danielle H

Good family car with a lot of trunk space.

Reliable has some blind spots need to really rely on the backup camera good on gas very roomy inside.

- Sharon E

It handles very well in the snow.

It's a good size small suv. Does really well in the snow. Wish it were a little more spacious inside.

- Jessica D

Not a lot of power and some blind spots and a little bit of a gas guzzler

Not a lot of power and a little bit of a gas guzzler but other than that reliable car and luxurious.

- Tom B

Nissans are Great Cars!!!

I love my Nissan Rogue. It has been very reliable. It is a perfect size. Not too big, not too small.

- kathy H

Reliability, I can always count on this car. I take it in for check ups, can take it on short and long trips. I take care of it and it takes care of me.

I love it! Very reliable, haven't had any major problems, it is exactly what i wanted and needed.

- Kimberly E

IT is very roomy for tall people and can sit quite a few people and still have lots of storage room.

I like that it is roomy. I like the hatchback so we can carry things around. I like the comfort.

- Carol B

It's a comfortable car but we've had a lot of mechanical issues with it including air conditioning that has a leak and it's a very expensive repair.

It really isn't very powerful and it takes a long time to accelerate when entering the highway.

- Michelle H

It's a Nissan Rogue. Great care

SUV. I enjoy the ride. Smooth drive. Color is white which I'm not thrilled with it but oh well.

- John H

I like the style & is good on gas. I don't like that I keep having issues with the stirring. I don't know if it's a defect or just this vehicle.

It's fuel efficient, it gets good gas mileage. Maybe check other models of Nissan for reviews.

- Jennifer U

It's good for a family of 4, nothing bigger. It's a little loud when driving.

I like that it's a crossover and has plenty of trunk space. I dislike that it sits so low.

- I A

Great on Gas and safe family car!

Great gas mileage and low maintenance vehicle. Sporty for an SUV. Next car will be 2 door.

- Ebony A

Comfortable ride with lots of room for the things you carry.

I like the hatchback. I don't like the check engine light coming on and off. It is roomy.

- Carol B

Love the extra room and space for a family of four, but do not like that the engine overheats due to the way the vehicle was made. This is a common rogue issue Nissan refuses to fix

Roomy and good for families who just want to get somewhere in town, not great on highways

- Melissa T

It's comfortable and safe

It's a comfortable drive and relatively good on gas, I wish it was all wheel drive though

- Eric S

How well it does in the snow.

Does very well in the snow. gets pretty good gas mileage. Wish it was a little larger.

- bill M

great mileage low maintenance nothing else great pricing

not enough room in side not enough features feel cramped just shouldn't have bought it

- ann h

Nissan Rogues are smaller than they appear! The cars have a delay with acceleration after 60K miles.

I like how fast it goes. I do not like the delay with acceleration. I like the price.

- Karyl M

I love the style of the vehicle as well as the operation. I feel it is a nice safe car. It is very roomy for my kids.

It's very functional and reliable. It drives smooth and I never have issues with it.

- Kylee S

It is very reliable and gas efficient.

It is very reliable. The transmission fluid was hard to check initially though.

- Brandon W

That I love it. It's good on gas. Has a good sound system

I love my backup camera. I love my heated seats. I wish it had as auto start.

- Kelly F

It is very reliable. Even with over 100000 miles I have nothing done to it outside of regular maintenance

Live the reliability and gas mileage. Could use more leg room in the back.

- Sheila M

Reliability and comfortability

Easy to Drive. It has a lot of safety features Comfortable Secure handling

- Joe M

My car is 6 & 1/2 years old and I haven't even thought about buying anything new

It's dependable. Never had problems with it other than normal maintenance.

- Norma W

It is good on gas. It is comfortable to drive It hasn't had too many problems. Its tires are too expensive

It gets pretty good gas mileage - not as good as it claims but pretty good

- kathy m

It's been low maintenance and reliable and I plan to keep it for a while longer.

I like the size and handling and reliability. I dislike the blind spots.

- Lisa L

There's absolutely no power to this car. It's very frustrating when sitting at a light and it turns green and you're flooring it going 5 mph.

No gitty up power whatsoever. Visibility is awful. Can't see behind you

- Dan W

It's fun to drive but economical It's a nice vehicle for a good price

I love the size of it and the features it has. And it's good on gas!

- Lauren S

it is a big car and drive well i haven't have any major issues so far

i like the size, it is very roomy it can accommodate about 5 adults

- Cindy J

It's a roomy sporty crossover vehicle. Comfortable to drive and ride in!

Love the room and gas mileage. Hate the throttle body construction

- Angelina M

The one most important thing others should know about my car is the mileage isn't the best.

There's enough space to store stuff. The mileage isn't very good.

- Alex T

Rogues are nice cars to have you should get one they drive good too.

I like the Nissan rogue it's a really nice car really beautiful.

- Tiffany W

Everyone should know that the newer motors in a Nissan are expensive to fix.

In order to fix every day fixes on the Nissan it very expensive.

- Kelsey C

Roomy and very comfortable. Has enough area for the kids to climb in and out. Don't like the blind spots but would not trade it.

Drives good and would recommend it to anyone. It's worth buying

- Ashley F

It is dependable in all kinds of weather.

It has all wheel drive. It gets decent mpg. Handles nicely.

- Howie S

How good has gas mileage and how good backup camera

It has good gas mileage built in bluetooth keyless door entry

- Terry G

Economical, roomie, lights adjust, backup camera,

I like the car, not the color. It needs more cup holders!

- Missy T

It is comfortable and easy to take care of

Like the affordability, features and fits my lifestyle

- Nicole s

It's got great gas mileage and never gives me any grief. It's a solid vehicle.

It handles nicely. It's quiet. It has plenty of room.

- Robert G

Trustworthy vehicle, great for road trips, radio is great.

Love the handles. Great sound. Cameras are amazing.

- Jim T

They are very reliable and made well. I do not have problems with it even at 6 years old

It is very dependable and I have no issues with it.

- Jennifer M

It's a decent car, roomy, comfortable and rides well.

It's roomy. I like the hatchback. It's comfortable.

- Doll B

It's a safe & fun care to drive in the city & on highways.

I like the ride ,safety features and the economy.

- Ronald A

I love all the leg room the car offers.

- Katie D