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A good family car overall

Pros: -Sufficient storage space (enough for what I need without being unnecessary) -rear seats at the perfect height to comfortably put kids in and out of car seats/booster seats -decent gas mileage -360 cameras are awesome, parking has never been easier -wiper blades do an additional swipe a few seconds after using washer fluid to clear remnants- a little thing but I love it -push button hatch is great when my hands are full -easy to drive -digital mph display for cruise control is nice Cons: -seats are built for short people, my knees hang off the edge more than I'd like and the headrest is always pushing my head forward, especially if I have a ponytail (I am 5'9) -gas mileage is not as good as advertised -poor user interface for playing music from a mobile device. Music randomly skips a few seconds of songs, no ability to access library from the car (have to choose specific songs from the phone which is unsafe), volume controls are not gradual (ie, "4" is barely audible but "5" is way too loud) -making a phone call is a pain. No redial, doesn't remember people I call frequently, and the "suggested" people on voice command are a little racist! I say one person who has an Indian last name and it brings up all the Patels in my address book too (which sounds nothing even remotely like the person I said)

- Jaimie A

Honest review: love this car and would recommend.

Size: when I was looking at cars one thing I kept in mind was size- I wanted a SUV that was on the smaller size but didn't want to compromise on space or height (I am over feet tall). I moved cross country in this car and it held a little less than what I expected in terms of boxes/luggage, but was great for moving furniture (tables) as I was able to put the seats down. As a tall person, the headspace is just right but taller people may not be as comfortable/ may tap the ceiling with their head. . Safety: one of the main reasons I picked this car was because of it is safety ratings. It was very important to me that both myself and passengers be safe. . Performance: not only does it have great mpg but I really like that it tells me what my best mpg has ever been. The car is easy to drive-feels like driving a smaller car not a big vehicle. . Reliability: I bought the car nissan certified pre-owned. The tires that came with it easily popped and I had to replace multiple tires within the first year of purchasing the car. . Comfort: overall great comfort. However, the headrests curve forward unnaturally and I find myself trying to avoid putting my head on the headrests. . Features: my previous vehicles didn't have a backup camera, this has been extremely helpful and I cannot imagine this car without it now.

- Laur P

Rouge: Sleek and inviting.

I love my rouge the drive is smooth. The gas mileage is great. Feature for the backup camera is nice; only thing is that when someone purchases the vehicle there should be instruction on how to use the camera. Most important I would think is that they should be sure to still look before backing up. The Bluetooth is really nice and also one of the best features; safety over the text and trying made a call while driving. The instruments are so easy to read and follow. If there was any real complaint that I have it would be the legroom for the front driver and passenger. While lots of people like the color white I find it horrible and will never buy a white car again. I like the design of the vehicle other then the fact that there are so many vehicles shaped just like the rouge. Sound in the vehicle is wonderful, easy to adjust and equalize throughout the vehicle. The balance is just wonderful with the music. The only other thing that I think should be considered is upgrading the engine as so many of vehicles now, to where the oil changes are every 5k or annually to help reduce the cost of the maintenance or have all dealerships offer the free oil change etc. I have owned a lot of vehicles throughout my years and the rouge I must is the best one yet. Do not know you could improve it more.

- Tracy M

Summarize: overall the Nissan rogue I have is a very great car to have.

I have a silver Nissan rogue 2016. Mine is a low end car as far as price. The only problem I have with the rogue is the blind spot on the drivers side. ( left side) when turning left you have to be very careful because you can't see anything, you have to raise up and look around the blind spot to make sure nothing is coming from that direction. By the way Nissan does not tell you about this problem. But I think they should address the issue or fix the blind spot. Performance: is very good it will get up and go with you when needed. Reliability: is good. The only thing I am having to do to the car is change the tires. Only had the car for one year and 4 months. I think I have around 27,000 miles. Comfort: I love the car. If I ever go to trade, I will pick another new rogue. Features: not many with this one. You do have a backup camera, CD player, car phone plugs are in the back, so the boys do not have to use mine. You have plenty leg room.

- Blanche G

Rogue drives smoothly and fits the driver like a glove.

During my test drive, I fell in love with this car. It really felt like it was built for me to drive! I really like the backup camera, and it makes me far more comfortable when parking. I like that it does not beep when I am within a certain proximity, because the beeping alarms make me nervous. I installed remote start to the car, which was easily adapted at the dealership. This makes my winter mornings more bearable. I have not had many problems with my vehicle. The two issues I have had were easily fixed and under warranty. The a/c did not work properly and a paint spot started to lift on the interior of the door. Outside of that, I only have two complaints about the car. The headrests tilt forward too much for my liking, and the visors do not reach across to the door, leaving about two inches for sun to come in during my morning commute.

- Rebecca R

My Rogue with minimal to no problems

When I first purchased this vehicle, one of the lights where the mirror is on the inside of the front of the car was not working. This was resolved easily after pressing the button harder. The car changes gears fast and has a comfortable sensitivity to the gas pedal. The camera that shows on the screen when you put the car in reverse is clear in quality as well as the night time vision. I do not like feeling cramped however in the drive seat as it is a little hard to move my legs as I am kind of a tall person. The turning radius on the car isn't very big like other cars and trucks I have driven though. My car has lasted quite a long time with only a few problems throughout the time I've had it. I only recall two other problems where the car made a squeaky noise when driving and when the battery smelled bad after driving.

- Matthew H

The Nissan Rogue is a reliable, comfortable, spacious, lower price vehicle.

I have owned the Rogue since may 2018. It is a base model, but it has all the features I need. It handles very well and is very good on gas mileage. Plenty of leg room and storage. The only problems I have encountered are: (1) the windshield on the drivers side will not stay clear. I have changed the blades and it does not seem to help. I have brought it to the dealer and the tech said something about the "crystal shield?" I am not sure if that is some coating that is put on the windshield, (2) hard to use my blind spot, and (3) I think even base models should include lumbar support. Overall it was pretty comfortable, but on long trips; especially when I got stuck in traffic, my back became very achy and I was extremely sore for the rest of the trip. For the most part I am very happy with my Rogue.

- Pam H

Rogue excellence: surprising and pleasing performance.

I have been a Nissan customer since 2000, I have owned three Altima's, but I found myself needing a vehicle that allowed for transporting some larger equipment. I am very pleased with my Rogue, it gets excellent gas mileage, just slightly less than my previous 2012 Altima. The seats are very comfortable, even on distance trips. I enjoy the features that allow me to see my current tire pressures and the option to be notified when it is time for an oil change. The sound system sounds great. My favorite feature is the adjustable shelving in the back. It can be a flat storage area, or you can create a shelf with the flooring panels, which is sometimes very useful.

- Jennifer K

It is perfect to be a family car.

I love my car because it is very comfortable. I can sit down to my adjust. The car is pretty big. I have a family so it is very good as a family car. I can fit at least two car seats and so it is perfect. I love the fact you can put your own music in the AUX cord. I love how when your reversing there's a camera to show you who's behind. I love how smooth it can drive. The back is pretty wide and big so the stroller can fit and bags if I went grocery shopping. The passenger seat has a lot of room to not only rest but spread their legs. I do not have nothing bad to say about my car, I really do love my car. I wouldn't trade it for nothing in this world.

- Wesley A

Best in reliability and design.

I love my Nissan Rogue! I went from the Sentra to the Rogue this last lease and couldn’t be happier. It handles well in the snow with the all wheel drive. It is so reliable, as all of my Nissans have been. No problems at all! It gets pretty good gas mileage for a mid size SUV. It is comfortable, roomy, and has a nice design overall. The technology in mine would maybe be the only slight downside. I have the middle of the road version and I wish it had heated seats, remote car starter, and that it connected to the phone better. Overall though it is great and I plan on leasing another Rogue when this lease is up! I would totally recommend this vehicle!

- Amy Z

Nissan Rogue: Perfect for all of our needs

This car has been perfect for our family. We're on the road almost every day of the week. It gets great gas mileage (31+ Hwy MPG). The seats are comfortable and the leather wipes clean easily. I absolutely love that I can't lock my keys in the car (I'm notorious for that). The rear storage space can be reconfigured to allow you to carry all kinds of items and conceal your shopping. My kids kinda' wish it was a little bigger and had an entertainment system (our last vehicle had both). It's usually only three of us in the vehicle so it's really perfect for us.

- Mandy M

Like probably all vehicles there are some very costly things that can go wrong with it. I've always had used cars and they've always had problems. This experience has taught me it's not worth it in the end in terms of reliability and surprise bills.

It's a nice car and I enjoy the features but I'm concerned because I bought it used 6 months ago and even though it's only 2 years old I've already had to spend almost $1000 on major repairs. I can tell when I drive it that something isn't right but honestly I don't have the money to even find out what's wrong. Even though I purchased a warranty it didn't actually cover anything. It makes me nervous when I drive. I will never buy another used car. I imagine if I bought or leased a new Rogue it would be better, or at least it would have a real warranty.

- Kay B

Sporty, swift and hip Rogue.

Positives- it has great gas mileage. It has great get up and go it is easy to get in and out of. It is sporty. It is roomy enough, in the back, for groceries or suitcases to fit into the rear compartment. It is Negatives- it rattles and has issues with shaking/ vibrating while sitting still at lights. It feels like wind of 25 miles per hour will blow it off the road- although that will not happen (it is just very light weight). It is hood also tends to be very thin and air gusts cause it to move ever so slightly.

- Brenda B

The Bluetooth and sunroof.

I have had no problems with my vehicle so far. My car is roomy, it drives well. I love my chrome tires. you like the seats that heat up on a cold day they'll also go for when my back aches. The sunroof is a fantastic view at night when I am lucky to be on the passenger side. Live the leg room along with the back seats that lay down. The Bluetooth is awesome love being hands free. you think the one thing I would love to have is where it remembers your setting when someone else drives.

- Vicki P

I love that the vehicle is able to have a third row of seating if needed.

The vehicle is a smooth ride with great seating, 3 rows if wanted. The vehicle is satellite and Bluetooth capable, making hands free driving a breeze. The car also has AWD, sport mode and an eco mode to save on gas. There is plenty of cargo room with this vehicle, so loading groceries or sports equipment is no problem. The engine runs smooth without any issues so far. The vehicle does take high synthetic oil when going for an oil change which can be at least $65 every oil change.

- Sara S

The best crossover that is just right in size.

No problems with this car. Very reliable and I have had the car for 2 years. This is my first crossover/SUV that is not top big for me. It is very roomy and my favorite part is that my trunk has a piece that can be let up to stash groceries in. Also, while I do not have it right now, I enjoy being able to subscribe to satellite radio (xm) which comes in handy for road trips. The most important feature is that it is good on gas and unleaded gas is just fine.

- Krystal C

Love my Rogue! The safety features make it the best choice!

The performance on the vehicle is spectacular and I love the safety features. The blind spot detector is genius and I almost can't live without it now. I also feel safe driving knowing that the safety features of the vehicle are great! The seat warmers are comfy, the backup camera is great, and I love how easily I can add my phone through Bluetooth, plus the controls on the steering wheel. The eco friendly version is great! It keeps you from. Wasting gas.

- Lauren N

The safety cameras provide added safety to protect the driver and passengers.

My Nissan rogue is sporty and luxurious both inside and out. The quiet four cylinder engine provides plenty of pick up and power. Safety features including the blind spot cameras and the rear, back and side cameras for maneuvering provide an additional since of safely. The car is reliable and has required only routine maintenance. It rides comfortably in both the front and rear seats with plenty of legroom. A sporty car that is fun to take on road trips.

- Donna K

Very comfortable car and safe during winter time.

I love my SUV, very good family car, comfortable for long trips. Car has GPS installed, which is very convenient for travelling. This advanced air bag system includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags with front seat belt sensors and front passenger occupant-classification sensors. Rogue also features front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags and roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags with rollover sensor.

- Olena R

My basic black Nissan rogue.

Great car but the gas is a little more expensive than my former car, a Toyota corolla. I also wish I drove a Mercedes or Porsche. I haven't experienced any problems. The car always starts and works and is reliable. The AWD only works if I drive under 25 mph which is ridiculous. I would feel safer driving with AWD at all speeds. I have the most basic model but I would love an automatic car starter, sunroof, heated seats and tinted windows.

- Erin W

It is a beautiful design that I think would fit anyone.

I used to have a Honda CR-V, and in 2016, it got totaled by an elderly woman who ran a red light. It was my first car and I was devastated. I had to go car shopping and I was looking online and I kept seeing "Nissan Rogue. " I loved the way it looked and I took a 2016 model for a test drive and fell in love. I ended up having to lease it because I didn't have enough money to buy it. I love the gas mileage and the stability it provides.

- Cara W

For what the car provides, the price is great.

I love the sound system in my car. I am able to play my music from my phone using Bluetooth or by plugging it in. I also love the backup camera. It is awesome. It gives the aerial view and what is right behind me. I use it all the time. The car has plenty of space, drives well, and gets great gas mileage. I sometimes get annoyed about little things, like it does not unlock when I put it in park, like a lot of other cars do.

- Grace M

Nissan Rogue- personal and professional.

Great ride, great pick up, nice storage, great gas mileage, great stereo, quiet, professional luxury look, gets lots of compliments, nice back up camera, rear windshield wiper. Has automatic cruise control, steering wheel controls for Bluetooth phone and stereo, also computer notification system on updates and needed car warnings, remote keyless entry, lets you know you left your keys in the car when you close the doors.

- Mark R

It gets decent gas mileage and drives well. We have had to do no extra maintenance outside of the regular oil changes and tire rotations.

The overhead light in the passenger area is too far back for me to reach when driving. I have to stop to turn on the light if I need to see what my kids are doing. It would be nice if there was a switch up front. The light in the truck is down on the side where any items you have in the trunk block the light. I wish it was on the ceiling or door. Those are my biggest complaints with the car. I really like it otherwise.

- Tara D

Rear part of SUV could have been more thought out for multiple uses.

My car is comfortable and performs well. I have had no service requirements other than the normal items. It is roomy and drives great. I wish I had paid more attention to the area behind the seats - it is not functional to carry your dog and certainly is not comfortable for dog when you fold the back seats up unless you rig up some type of floor for them to stand on. That is the biggest problem I have with the car.

- Amy N

Nissan Rogue. Great sun filter. Good radio. Horrible material on seats.

Very roomy. I dislike that there is not a button inside that opens the truck. The air works wonderful and the speakers can work in the front or the back. I got tinted windows and they keep the air circulating. I do not like that the material on the seats stains and it is so hard to get out the dirt. This also happened with my Nissan Altima. The material needs to be replaced for a fabric that is easier to clean.

- Sandra M

Nissan Rogue. Good small SUV.

It is a reliable vehicle. Good on gas. Have not had any major issues with it. Only issue seems to be the frequency on the radio. We can't seem to get any radio stations clearly in south jersey. So definitely stock up on CD"s. Car has some nice features such as seat warmers and such. Roomy for a smaller SUV. Overall it is a good buy. I would recommend the Nissan Rogue to anyone looking for a smaller SUV.

- Celeste J

Great family car, affordable and great on gas.

Car is great, it does have its details. All of a sudden all the dashboard lights go off saying the chassis control error and to see dealership asap. In the end it's just a known error in the Nissan models. It's great in gas though. It has a lot of room in the back seats. Fits only a small family. I have not had any other issues with this vehicle except the dashboard lights but everything is good.

- Dan H

I love that it has Bluetooth. It is so easy to listen to music on my phone.

I have had my Nissan rogue for over a year now and I love it!! I bought it used but it drives like new!! I really love the camera that assists me with backing up and parallel parking. a first I wasn't that fond of it but now I am hooked!! The model year is 2016 and it is more spacious than one would thing. I believe this is a great car and believe it will last for a long time with proper maintenance.

- Britt R

Parts and service support after sale is very poor. The 4 cyl gas engine performs well

The car is ok. Really nothing special. I would never buy another Nissan though not because of the car but because of the level of service. I liked that it handles and rides well and was priced in my budget. I disliked the service. The cars was 4 weeks old when a computer part failed. It took 4 weeks, and only after I involved the National Service Mgr, did the part get replaced. Treated very poorly.

- robert M

Favorite SUV on the market for a fair price.

Comfortable for long drives, perfect mid-size allows for good fuel economy. Back up camera is very accurate, cruise control greatly increases mpg performance, eco mode saves mpg to make for a perfect commuter car. Ac is ice cold, heat warms up very fast. Steering wheel controls make hands-free adjustments very easy: making/answering calls, radio volume, switching Audio sources and cruise control.

- Danielle H

A very and elegant car to drive.

This vehicle is very comfortable and is gas economic, The space is perfect for my family size, it has the roof availability to carry stuff when we go away, the sound radio is very good, I love all the driver seat is automatic able to adjust, also people tells me the flashlights are nice, the color light gray is very nice a well. The cups holder are very convenience for all the passengers.

- L J

Adventure ready, with conditions.

The transmission on this vehicle can be a bit rocky. Sometimes it "kicks" when I am trying to accelerate, even if I am not slamming down on the gas pedal. Also, when I lay the back seats down there is an awkward incline and gap between the seats and the storage level in the trunk. This makes it difficult for my dog to be in the back when the seats are down without falling into a crack.

- Kelsey T

Great gas mileage. The keyless start and electric seats and windows are great.

The Nissan rogue is the perfect size SUV. Seating is ample and comfortable. The lumbar support for the driver's seat is a great bonus. The keyless start is a great feature for the vehicle. The rogue gets great gas mileage, both in town and on the highway ( 28 and 35 ). The back seat is roomy and comfortable seats 3. The back end for storage offers several different storage options.

- Diane G

Great car but third row useless.

Overall I really like my Nissan Rogue. It is a smooth ride and a perfect size for someone like me who does not want something too big. The Bluetooth works well and the back up camera is fantastic. It has plenty of room in the first two rows and always fits all my groceries. I really just wish it had more leg room for the third row we opted in to have but it really is not usable.

- Lea D

The comfortable, economic Nissan Rogue.

My Rogue is a very comfortable, good looking car, I love the seats, the controls and the handling of the vehicle. The gas mileage is very good and it has an economy switch that allows you to get even better gas mileage. The one thing I do not care for is the connectivity. I recently drove a rental that had carplay and it worked so much better than the system that is in my car.

- Brett H

Great smaller size SUV for anyone.

Love the blind spot warning and front end braking. Moonroof and sound system are great. Wish it had a remote starter. Love the navigation. Quiet and smooth ride. Has power and shifts easily. Great small SUV. I feel like I am protected. The led headlights help to see at night. Also like the warnings that pop up when you have an issue like low tire pressure in the cold months.

- Tricia G

I have been driving this car for two years and the only thing I have needed to change is the oil and oil filter it is a very reliable product and the seats are comfortable for the kids in the back seats too I want one for my daughter when she comes of age cause safety first when buying a car and the camera in the back is awesome hope to see more rogues out on the streets.

- Adrian S

I really feel much more confident in driving when in an SUV.

I love my vehicle I like the fact you can sit up higher than a regular car. I enjoy the back up mirror and yet helps a great deal. I do notice that there is a blind area in each corner of the back. I would like to have a SUV that warns you when someone walks into that spot. Pedestrian s dare you to hit them and pay little to no attention to drivers that are backing!

- Joy P

The Bluetooth is awesome because I do not get that many ads.

It is a great vehicle for traveling, whether it is long distance or not, it is comfortable, spacious, and holds luggage for three people plus a car and snacks/food/water. The performance is fantastic. It is reliable transportation. I have my Bluetooth connected so I can play the music I want instead of hearing the same songs on all the stations without as many ads.

- Sheila M

2016 Nissan Rogue must get!

My Nissan Rogue is amazing! The car is very simple, but nice and drives very smoothly. The gas mileage is also not bad, I would estimate about 30-35 miles to the gallon and I drive in New York city. On top of that, the car for parking has the reverse camera which at first I didn't like, but it really does come in helpful and clutch. Overall, I recommend the car.

- Katherine H

The perfect car to drive is my Nissan rogue.

My Nissan is very reliable, especially in the snow/ice. I like the back space for my groceries or any other stuff I need to transport. I like the back seat space for my girls' car seats. It performs great now but at the beginning it did break from the motor. It was a manufacturer issue and the warranty covered 100%. After it was fixed, it felt like new again.

- Miriam Y

If your considering buying a rogue- do it!

Love the blind spot indicator lights. Very spacious for being a small SUV. Great gas mileage. We feel we overpaid but it was because from the moment I got into the SUV I had to have it. There is not a day that goes by that I regret trading in my old car. I do wish I could have found one with light colored interior. The black leather is very hot in the summer.

- Jessie T

Great family car for families with little ones.

Performance wise it is economical for commuters however did run into a problem with throttle and other electric matters despite it being under a year old. Space inside is limited so if you are buying an sl family pack it should be for little kids and not for a family with teens as they would be too cramped. Air flow in back seats is limited despite use of ac.

- Jean F

Positive review for 2016 Nissan rogue sv.

The Nissan rogue 2016 is spacious, and reliable. It is also versatile, comfortable, economical, and good gas mileage. There are no performance or mechanical issues to speak of and it is a safe vehicle. The Nissan rogue also is a low maintenance vehicles. It has affordable insurance options. It also handles roads well. It is equipped with desirable features.

- Kay R

Good and reliable Nissan rogue.

Very nice looking vehicle that handles well in the winter weather. This vehicle is decent on gas mileage and handles well on the interstate and highways. The interior is a cloth material and comfortable for longer trips. The sound system is above average but could be better. Overall, we have enjoyed having this vehicle and would consider buying one again.

- Douglas L

A good ride for the money.

For the money, I like my vehicle. However, the ride is a little to rough for me and the panels in front of the driver's and front passenger's door are to big. It is difficult to see around them for traffic to the right or left at an intersection. The carpets are hard to clean. A vacuum does not get all of the debris off. You have to sweep or pick it off.

- Joan M

No problems so far; great mileage but nervous on icy roads.

The car has not had any major problems or issues for the past two years. Maintenance can be pricey if you go to the Nissan dealership. If driving on icy roads, the brakes struggle and the car steering control could be better in snow. Gas mileage is great, but the estimated gas mileage can be off. Also, the GPS needs updating so I can get to more places.

- Dan L

You will be envied as you drive by in this beautiful SUV.

In the past year I have had no problems with my nissan rogue. It gets good gas mileage, is roomy. And comfortable to ride in. It has a backup feature where I can see behind me on a screen in the dash. This is a beauty red with a coating that makes it shine, the interior is black fabric that looks like suede. I am a proud owner of this awd vehicle.

- Christine J

The Nissan Rogue is a fantastic family car.

I love the Nissan Rogue. It is roomy and a good family car. Lots of space for car seats in the back. It also has great gas mileage for an SUV. I would definitely buy it again. I have the base model which comes with cloth seats. I would prefer to have leather seats as I have dogs and kids in my car frequently and leather seats are easier to clean.

- Diana M

The safety features such as the camera and the blind spot beep.

I like the looks of our Rogue. I like the fact that it's roomy and I love all the safety features especially the warning signal you get when a vehicle is in your blind spot. Love the gas mileage and the backup camera. I wish it had a little more room in the area between the front seats. Also the windshield allows too much sunshine to come in.

- Linda W

The gas mileage isn't as great as Nissan says it is.

I'm pretty sure that the gas mileage I get is less than what Nissan said I'd be getting, which is really frustrating considering I have a long commute. Overall, the car is nice, has a ton of storage area and looks good too. I probably wouldn't get this same model again, I think I'd go up to the next bigger size, but I would buy another Nissan.

- Alex Y

. This makes it an ideal car for families with multiple children.

Comfortable seats, but would be better if heated. Standard model does not come with GPS navigation system. The heating and cooling system works well and the customizable trunk is good for groceries and hauling different items. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants enough room for car seats. There is plenty of legroom in the backseat.

- Amanda J

It is a small SUV that is dependable!

I love the reliability of the Rogue. It has been a very sturdy car and I have not had any issues in the almost two years I have had it. I change the oil every 5, 000 miles and it continues to run well. It is a comfortable ride and I love the cruise control features for long trips. The radio feature is great and the sound system is wonderful.

- Lauren D

Great car for drivers who hate driving!

My car is very reliable. I have had no issues with it and it actually alerts me to when it need services! I highly recommend it especially if you drive on vacations or long distances for work. It has a backup camera that is helpful with reversing. It also has Bluetooth that connects to your phone so you can safely take a call while driving.

- Rebekah R

A comfortable ride with great gas mileage.

The Nissan rogue is very reliable. It has a ton of room, great visibility, and pretty decent gas mileage for an SUV. The heat system works well and quickly and it is a very comfortable ride. I appreciate that it does not let me lock my keys in the car or leave the lights on- the auto light feature helps me not forget to turn them on or off.

- Amanda U

Reliable, safe family vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. Looks great and performs great. We like that it is highly rated for safety. Does not have a lot of power, but we do not need that. Overall, we really love it, and find it great for what we need it for - short commutes and trips out into nature. Also like the dark interior that masks dirt from our dog after a hike.

- Whitney L

Best bang for your buck vehicle.

I love everything about this car. The cameras - the front cameras, the rear backup camera, the side camera for parallel parking and the above view as well, the all wheel drive especially in the snow, the gas mileage. The roominess of the interior. The visibility with minimal blind spots.. These are all qualities I look for in a vehicle.

- Diane C

Foldable back seats, extra storage in floor of trunk.

Not a very gas efficient car, so I would not recommend for traveling. I spend almost 50 dollars every two weeks for gas. It is very roomy, although. The back seats are able to fold down for extra storage, and there is a storage compartment in the trunk area. I love the Bluetooth feature, and it alerts anyone who texts me while driving.

- Elise R

Good car, but beware no spare tire.

Good reliable car, tons of space. Third row is great and can fit lots of stuff in the car by folding the second and third row. My biggest issue is because of the third row there is no spare tire. The run flats are usually fine but when you need then replaced because of a leak good luck finding anyone that can do it same or next day.

- Trisha F

Needs better suspension on the Nissan and better parts.

Rides rough. Just bought it and the joint needs replaced. Drives nice but the suspension is not great. I like the storage compartment in the back. It's great if you have kids. Lots of room. We had 5 people in it and went on a trip. Everyone in the back was very comfortable. We had our camping gear I am the back with 3 kids stuff.

- Donna B

That the Nissan Rogue is a reliable car that drives really well.

I love the Nissan Rogue. I bought it because I needed a safer car for my new baby. I am a very tall individual and I can sit comfortably in either the front seats or the back seats. In addition, I love the features that help alert you if there are any "Warnings" (like change oil, tires need air, etc.) It is just a worry-free car.

- John M

Great SUV by Nissan handling well.

The vehicle handles well, gets great gas mileage the features all work very well such as a/c and heat radio and Bluetooth with your phone paired up to the autos speakers allowing hand free driving while answering or making calls. It seats 5 but 4 most comfortably and has ample space in the back area but do wish for a little more.

- L K

This car is just overall completely comfortable!

This car is extremely comfortable and everything I wanted in a car. It is spacious whether it's me getting groceries or a careful of people we do not feel overcrowded. It also drives very well and smooth. It's easy to maintain & I love that it has hands free features via Bluetooth or keyless entry when I have my hands full.

- Jade S

It is a very safe and durable vehicle!

I like the features such as satellite radio and power locks and seats, and it has lots of room inside. It is very sturdy because it has held up well through two rear end collisions and prevented me from suffering serious injuries. I also love the body style and the headlight design. My only complaint is that it brakes shaky.

- Tammy K

Stay away from the Nissan Rogue.

I have great hopes as I have seen Nissan top list of cars. however, the Rogue is awkward in handling, slow and noisy in acceleration and has awkward selection of accessories that seem randomly bundled, the factory tires are very cheap grade and the room inside is not what was expected. Overall I will not buy another Nissan.

- Charles H

The greatest thing added to a vehicle. . . Ever.

This vehicle is amazing. I get great gas mileage, it tells me when my tires need air. One time I was traveling on the interstate and there was a patch of black ice, I didn't have time to react, but my Rogue handled it just fine by turning off cruise control and we did kept going fine. Traction control is a great innovation.

- Theresa D

Most comfortable car available.

The Nissan Rogue is incredibly comfortable and fun to drive. It has all the features you need plus some amazing bonus features- dual control air conditioning, panoramic moonroof, "eco" mode. This is my second Nissan Rogue and I absolutely love them. Plenty of room to move people and belongings all with decent fuel economy.

- Mandy T

The safety features are wonderful.

Reliable, zippy, good pick up, comfortable. Wish it had leather seats, good safety features. Like the console and navigation system. It is easy to park. No real issues, I was in an accident with the car and feel safe. I get good gas mileage. The Nissan dealership is wonderful to work with. Plenty of room in the second row.

- Kristen P

Silver all wheel drive SUV.

It's great, rides smooth. Gets really great highway gas mileage. Air conditioning gets really cold. Has lots of storage space in back. don't like that is there is a pop under my left foot when I turn but dealership could find nothing wrong. Its nice that you can turn passenger side air on and off. Has great factory radio.

- Mandy D

It really is just too small for my liking.

I like the features on the car like blinking lights to alert you when you change lanes, the auto braking if needed and the interior of the car. I do not like the head rest (they are angled and are uncomfortable). I would prefer it to be a bit wider (seems too small with almost shoulder to shoulder passenger and driver).

- e B

It's a pretty low maintenance car, does great on gas mileage.

I like the amount of space inside the car and the large space of the truck. I like the way the vents are as opposed to the older models with the round ones. I like the tinted windows and shape of the car. I wish it had the little button you could press to close the trunk and I wish it had the electric adjustable seating.

- brittani s

Nissan rogue is attractive and reliable.

Overall, I love my Nissan rogue. It has all the features I need, (backup camera, automatically checks my tire pressure, and is reliable so far) and I like the size and way it looks. My two complaint is visibility for switching lanes is difficult because the back windows are small and my model does not have seat heaters.

- Mesa W

The Nissan Rogue is a very reliable and efficient car.

I feel in love with the Nissan Rogue because of all the technology included. It has built-in navigation, bluetooth, satellite radio capability, back-up cameras, parking cameras, just to name a few. It drives very smoothly and quietly. I have had it for over 2 years now without any problems. It is well worth the money.

- Michele D

There is a button to lift the trunk automatically.

Very comfortable ride a lot of extras on the vehicle. Has blind spot so you know that there is a car beside you. Has the camera so I can now back up into a parking spot much easier. I just got the vehicle about 2 weeks ago so I don't even know everything that is on it yet but I like everything so far that I have found.

- Tammy C

Great family car spacious room and good pick up.

It's very roomie, a great family car, great on gas. Love the space and the way it handles. Its quick and it's my first crossover. And I got a few years older and has amazing features inside. The lights, radio are nice the speakers are amazing. Also XM radio, and is easy to connect faith phone. Absolutely love this car.

- Tara W

Take my car for a worrisome ride.

I love my vehicle, it is very roomy and drives smoothly and so comfortable. The only thing is that is that it is a little too big for me, I will get the smaller Rogue version. I have used this vehicle on long trips and has never given me no problems, I felt very confident and not worried of having vehicle problems.

- Eva G

Nissan Rogue: for a small family.

This car is really functional for a small family. Good cargo room and comfortably fits four people. We haven't really had any mechanical issues with it whatsoever. There is not a latch for the middle seat, but I wouldn't really recommend putting any car seat larger than an infant carrier on the middle seat anyway.

- Emma M

Perfect size for everyday.

This is my 3rd Rogue, I love the size, the reliability, the performance. It's the perfect size for everyday errands. Comfortable, nicely appointed, good gas mileage. We take it for every vacation that is within driving distance, along with back seat passengers who love the comfort and viewing angle from the back.

- Nicole B

Reliable safe vehicle to get you to where you need to be even in a blizzard.

Absolutely love this vehicle. I had a 2008 and loved it so much I upgraded to the newer model. I live in the northeast where we get a lot of snow and this vehicle gets me through anything! I work in a hospital and I'm expected to work even during a blizzard. Couldn't imagine driving any other awd to get in safely

- Jennifer L

My new ride the Nissan from outer space.

Vehicle was bought in 2015 and only has 30,000 miles. I test drove it and liked it, but after a few months on rough roads I saw right quick that it rode like a log wagon! My test drive was on a newly paved road and was just fine. Now after three years it still looks new inside and out, but still rides real rough.

- Sam R

The one most important thing others should know is that the Nissan Rogue is a nice, comfortable fuel efficient ride.

My vehicle is classy and fuel-efficient. It's style matches mine. I have a base model by choice and I appreciate the standard back-up camera and Bluetooth. In addition, the front area has four cup holders. These simple extras are very important to me. It does not have a lot of power but overall I'm pleased.

- Mary M

I love how spacious it is inside!

It is very nice inside, very comfortable, spacious, holds up to 5 people, parks up hills great, drives smoothly, speakers are great, the radio gets great channels, it is silver with black tint witch is great for the heat. The seats are comfortable, it has air conditioning in the back seat, the heat works great,

- Samantha M

Convenient! ...except for where it counts

My Nissan Rogue is very helpful in that it has real-time updates on tire pressures, easy to recognize symbols for possible problems, and allows you to change settings from the steering wheel. However, I do have a very big issue with the fact that a compass was considered an "option" when purchasing my vehicle.

- Ari C

Positive review of my Nissan rogue.

Car is easy to drive, all controls are easy to manage, car gets great gas mileage, is still spacious but also compact, like the multi level storage in the back, spare tire is easy to get to, presentation of controls is nice, also can control the settings of your controls, like the automatic locks and windows.

- Elizabeth L

Satisfied customer of Nissan Rogue.

I have been using my Nissan Rogue for 2 years now and so far I have had no problems with it. Their customer service is really good. I also try to maintain it to make sure there are no problems. So far, I am really satisfied with it. I use it daily to work and have taken it on long drives without any problems.

- Christina D

2016 Nissan Rogue ls - great car.

It is a smooth ride and has nice features. The seats are comfortable and the heated seats are nice. The only thing I wish it had was the lane departure warning that many similar models have. The blind spot warnings, forward collision warnings, and other such safety features are great for me and my daughter.

- Amy M

Love the color, kind of confusing on lights.

Hate the way the transmission works. Feels like it takes a lot to shift. It feels like you have to press on gas all the way to get it into the next gear. My husband says he hates it. The body is perfect size for me. The back seat is kind of small I have 3 grandkids so it is not big enough for 3 car seats.

- Diane B

Love my Rogue comfortable and stylish.

The Rogue rides really nicely. I got the sl and the seats are incredibly comfortable and nice leather, looks sleek. Plenty of space to pack up the trunk but not an oversized SUV. Only problem is my lift gate for the trunk has stopped working I need to get that looked at. Otherwise this is a great vehicle.

- Caitlin W

The black Nissan Rogue with great space.

This car has comfortable seats that seem somewhat resistant to normal wear. I have experienced few problems other than a wheel bearing, but that could have been due to road conditions. Gas mileage is pretty good and there is a lot of space in the interior/ back truck area. Overall a very good vehicle.

- Jen H

Reliable and comfortable SUV.

Overall, love the vehicle. Very comfortable seating, with the theater seating in second row. Roomy. Enjoy the screen with radio, Bluetooth, and XM radio. Has good pick up, able to accelerate quickly. Reliable if I have had any issues reach out to Nissan. Only feature I would like is automatic lights.

- Alyssa H

Sleek details, modern touches, rounded design. Roomy interior.

I feel safe in my car. It is a very reliable car and has great features such as SiriusXM and good air conditioning. The steering is so smooth, I feel like I am barely driving. The interior is very roomy in both the front and back. It has a nice looking design - looks like a more expensive type car.

- Roxanne M

Pleased with my rogue and it is sleek color of midnight jade.

Performance on the rogue is superior. It has an eco button to save on gas and a sport button to go faster when needed. It also has indicator lights that blink when there is a car in your blind spot. Heated seats are a definite plus in the winter. And it also comes equipped with a navigation system.

- Annie F

Sporty mid size SUV with an eco friendly addition.

Love the eco drive; helps me save money on gas. Second row is lifted so your passengers can have a theater like view. Love the sporty look and feel of the car, you can change to sport mode and take this mid size vehicle for a fast spin. Also safety features are great, saying this from experience!

- Lucia M

Safe on the rogue all the way back home.

Brakes are squeaking already with only 27k miles, but very smooth ride and performs well, comfortable seats and features such as side alarm when cars are approaching you to the side helps prevent accidents. I like the rear window wipers and the sunroof goes all the way back to the 2nd row seats.

- Kathy J

Awesome Cool Sporty Economic.

It is spacious comfortable the seats are soft and easy to clean. The ac is perfect cools really fast and the hot air too. Drives very smoothly and gas saver. The steering wheel is perfect the outside easy to clean windshield very durable. The automatic windows helps a lot the space in the trunk.

- Karin A

Affordable and cute compact SUV.

Over all, practical and affordable. Highway drives feel a bit unstable. The acceleration is lacking. The interior is not that well made. Many plastic pieces broke easily within the first year of drives. I like the automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Parking sensor is a plus.

- Cece L

The Nissan Rogue is a vehicle I would definitely recommend for a family.

I have loved my Nissan Rogue from the minute I purchased it. I have had no problems for the past two years (since I purchased it) and have had great success with driving it in the winter time. I feel safe while driving it and feel comfortable having my family in the car for longer road trips.

- Leslie G

The features and stereo are absolutely amazing!

Nothing I love this beguile. I do wish that the sunroof went all the way back but it is already a huge sunroof. The stereo is absolutely amazing with a Bose and quality speakers. The space inside the vehicle is awesome and the back of the trunk is fully customizable. The features are amazing.

- Kayla C

Love my Nissan's comfort and style.

I love my Nissan rogue. It is comfortable and reliable. I am short and I am able to see all around me. It is just the right size! The gas mileage is great too and the trunk space is great. We have traveled with it and it is very easy to drive and has plenty of room for us and for our luggage.

- Marsha L

If you want a comfortable and reliable car, Rogue is the way to go.

Rogue is reliable and comfortable and well equipped. Have never had any mechanical problem with it on over 2 years. The trunk has a great capacity with underboard storage as well. The only issue I have is the moon roof which was warped and let in air that made an annoying sound when driving.

- Gina D

Comfort and quality. Safety and performance.

The 2016 Nissan rogue has an impressive cabin with a long list of safety and infotainment features. Very comfortable. Stylish interior. Nissan is short on power but it rides well and easy to drive. I like rear view camera and cruise control. Nissan rogue offers a lot of tech which I love it.

- Katarzyna S

Nissan rogue cool car, that handles well, is comfortable but, blends in to much.

I love the Nissan rogue. It handles well and responds well. The interior is very comfortable. Love how the trunk can reconfigure for different needs. The sound system is really good. The backup mirror is easy to look out of. Only thing I am not thrilled about there are so many on the road.

- Dana D

Nissan Rogue, the greatest SUV around.

This SUV is great on gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive especially on long trips, the seats are designed to give you comfort. The SUV is spacious inside and allows for plenty of room for grocery bags. The back seats pull down so you can have addition room for haul longer things.

- Katie C

Love the Nissan Rogue 2016.

I have had my Nissan Rogue for over 2 years, I have put over 30, 000 miles on it with no issues or maintenance needed other than oil changes. I do think the blind spots are a little too large. Overall I love the car, I am leasing and planning to turn my car in for a newer model next year.

- Samantha D

Basic features, but very reliable for a small family

I bought this vehicle when I found out I was expecting my son. It is big enough to comfortably seat me, my husband, my son, and another. It is small enough to easily park and fit in the garage. Nothing has gone wrong yet, and it now has about 30,000 miles. I get about 25 miles per gallon.

- Nicole N

My backup camera is simply amazing!!!

The rouge I dive is amazing on fuel. I have the rogue sl which doesn't come with all the bells and whistles but is still a solid car. The backup camera is simply amazing. The only thing that i'm not happy with is the range of the driver's seat position. Im only 6'1 and my legs feel cramp.

- Jay J

Love my new Nissan rogue and I do recommend to anyone.

I just love this type car I have for me just perfect running great so far, I do recommended weather is family or single person, just make sure always have it in eco to save gas, very smooth when traveling on interstate trips, for those with kids I am sure they will love the Nissan rogue.

- J B

The most excellent service record of a Nissan vehicle. As long as you properly take care of it (such as It's all change for one thing) a Nissan always runs like magic.

It has a very stylish design. The interior room is excellent for hauling around my two grandchildren. Gas mileage is awesome. I never have any trouble with it - take it in for It's regular maintenance (oil change, filter check/change) and that is all. Exterior color does not fade out.

- Marna H

The most important feature is the powerful 4 cylinder engine that has great pick up and still gets very high fuel mileage.

Love the safety features, the size, the gas mileage, the easy handling, the appearance and even the recessed space against the firewall behind the brake pedal for stretching your legs on long trips. Do not like the thin metal that already has a dent from someone's door in a parking lot.

- Mike N

The vehicle you need today.

The 2016 Nissan Rogue is a great car for the most part. Runs smoothly, sleek features, very spacious. It has good mileage and it is performance is great. It is reliable and comfortable and feels very safe. I would recommend this car to any new driver -- but get a new model and not used.

- Bella P

I like all features of my car. Interior and exterior.

The tire sensor has been my only issue. It always says my tires are low when they are not. Other than that I love my car. No issues in the past 2 years. It is a reliable car great for families. The vehicle is great for snow and safe in the winter. Hands free driving and back up cameras.

- Tiff H

Second to none, best choice I made and will keep it as long as possible.

I have all wheel drive, and love it. Great in gas and is roomy. Tinted windows, all the toys and good on long trips. If you want a dependable vehicle then go check it out and get it done. My wife drives mine every day and wants to get newer car like this for herself, just another color.

- Peter S

My Rogue is a high quality vehicle because of the safety features.

I love the blindside detectors, backup camera, eco mode and Bluetooth. It drives nicely and makes me feel safe while I am driving on the road. Eco mode saves on gas. The blind side detectors have saved me from a couple accidents. Bluetooth allows me to talk safely while I am driving.

- Nicole C

I heart my rogue and you should too.

This is a great car for anyone needing to transport cargo or people. I love the cloth seats, the design, and the amount of doors available to transport. I love the Sirius XM feature and the other bells and whistles this car offers. The sleek interior design is nice and easy to clean.

- Elizabeth D

When I come to a complete stop the vehicle tend to shutter.

So far I have no problems with this vehicle. The only thing that makes me nervous is when I come to a complete stop, after about 5 seconds the vehicle shakes when the ac is on. I had it checked but the find no problem. The mechanic said some vehicles tend to do that when they idles.

- Margaret M

Nissan rogue for the win!

I love my Nissan rogue. It is the perfect size making it a safe SUV. It has amazing features, especially the back up camera and birds eye view. It is totally up to date. It runs smooth and very has efficient. Easy to maintain, the perfect car. The cost of it is also very affordable!

- Stephanie C

It is very roomy but may have mechanical issues.

It was not the original vehicle I wanted. There are mechanical issues that fall under warranty but should not be an issue, in my mind. The price is too high and there are many other comparable vehicles that I would have liked better but I was in a pressed for time buying situation.

- Dorette w

I love my Nissan Rogue; smooth drive.

I really love my car. It drives very smooth. The only problem I have had is something that happened with my washer fluid dispenser but I do not think it was a factory issue. The company as a whole has been pretty good as well. I would pick this car again if I were to buy a new one.

- Amber P

It's amazing! Easy to drive, feels very safe and it's fun and pretty.

I love the spaciousness without the vehicle being overly large. I love all the features in my car such as the sunroof, media player and heated seats. The black color is sleek and so pretty. My only complaint is it doesn't have remote start and I have to add that as an aftermarket.

- Kymm W

Rouge ride. Exploring the road ahead.

Really like the style and roominess of the rouge. There is plenty of cargo space for luggage or work loads. It handles real well easy to drive. Just wish it had a little smoother ride find it to be a little uncomfortable on rough roads. Very good on gas. Great value for the money.

- Debbie D

Easy and smooth riding Rogue. Love the colors and the look.

I love the Nissan Rogue, it rides smooth and it is great in the snow. I am new to the ‘new features’ with any car and the Rogue made is very easy and simple to understand new features. If you never had a SUV, I would suggest going with the Rogue. I would definitely try it out.

- Joan Z

Problems with transition.

Well, my Nissan rogue is very nice in relation with the space. I have so many problem with the transmission, with the differential and also with the vcs. I spend a. Lot. Of money with this car. . The manufacture was very kind, but actually I do not recommended this car for no one.

- Mari C

Comfortable, great size, and drives well.

It drives very smoothly and comfortably. I like the size and it handles very well both on and off-road. I like to play music in the car, and the speaker system is very nice. It also gets good gas mileage. I would definitely recommend a Nissan Rogue to someone looking for a car.

- Emily H

Rogue is spacious and comfy.

I purchased a pre owned Rogue in April and I have enjoyed every part of it, from the plush seats to the Bluetooth feature. It has a smooth ride and is very comfortable. Other features I like include the spacious glove compartment, back seat air control, third seat and lighting.

- Barri B

Affordable but improvements needed.

Navigation system is not that user friendly and sometimes is out of date. The stuffs installed for the interior can easily broken or fall off. During the drive, sometimes the stereo and navigation system will shut off and restart by itself. The acceleration is not that smooth.

- Cindy L

Reliable family crossover with incredible cargo space!

We have the mid-level model of the Rogue and really like the body style and features. Unfortunately there are some "standard" features that we think are missing, like heated seats. It has great storage - one of the best in its class. It's been a reliable vehicle for our family.

- Lauren K

Rides good and great gas mileage.

Love the performance of the car along with the features. I get great gas mileage. My only problem right now with the car is I have had an ongoing issue with my front end. Had a recall that was fixed but now every time I turn around it is another problem. Overall I like the car.

- Paula G

Loving my red Nissan Rogue.

My Nissan Rogue is a very comfortable, reliable vehicle. It is great on gas mileage in city or on highway. We have had no problems with this SUV. We have taken several trips in our Rogue and it is very comfortable to ride in on long trips. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Michelle F

It is great in snow and I love the new technology.

The “bars” on the sides of the windshield that support it are very thick and prevents certain angles of vision. Other than that, I absolutely love the car. Plenty of space for my whole family. The middle seat seatbelt is sometimes a pain because the seat itself is so small.

- Lindsey J

A nice looking spacious SUV with power.

My Nissan rogue is great. It is not a behemoth and I like how far off the ground it sits. The ride is smooth. The design is nice. I haven't had any problems in the two years I have owned it. The interior is spacious and stylish. I like the power the it has during acceleration.

- Sarah Z

It is a very reliable car.

I have had no problem with the car. It is a very reliable car. Very comfortable riding car. I love the backup camera and the blue tooth I like because I can talk on the phone while driving. Very good gas mileage on the road. It has a very big truck so I can haul small objects.

- Charles R

Great SUV for size and performance!

Drive great and handles well. It has a lot of zip for a 4 cylinder so it picks up speed really good. The cargo space is good for everyday shopping or larger purchases. The seats are very easy to fold down to create larger cargo space. It is perfect for four people or just me!

- Laura H

The Nissan Rogue. Tough but soft.

I really love my Rogue. It has a lot of room and fits my needs. It comes with a back up camera which really helps in tight spots. Also has front wheel drive. I can also talk on my phone while driving because the Bluetooth works inside the radio. I really love my Nissan Rogue.

- Laura G

Rogue that keeps on giving.

Seats are not that comfortable for the price and carpet could be better. Easy to drive and compact to easy to get in and out of tight spaces. Love that there is plenty of space to put lots of cargo in. Love the Bluetooth and rear view camera. Handles good in city and highway.

- Amy H

My 2016 Nissan Rogue review.

My lease is up in July 2019. I didn't care for this vehicle. Every time I get gas I have to open the door to see release. My brake pedal always squeaks and the adjustment to increase my seat goes down. It was fine in snow. I will not purchase or lease a Nissan in the future.

- Maria P

The blind spot indicator is wonderful.

Slight road noise otherwise the car works good. The tires work good. The features are very good. I enjoy the car a lot. No problems with any mechanics in the car. Ac works good. Oil change needs to be done every 5000 miles. Seating is good, room space - trunk has room space.

- Lax V

Comfortable and reliable transportation, looks good too.

Good size for our family. Comfortable traveling distances, plenty of space for luggage, etc. Good gas mileage. Seats are comfortable for all. Have not had any performance issues in the two years we have owned. Warranty is good and service at local dealership has been great.

- Jerry M

Nissan Rogue review- pleased.

I have only had the vehicle for about six months. The only issue we have had was a nail in the tire. It is comfortable and very smooth to drive. So far we love it. We chose the highest trim package because of the features. One downfall is it does not have the digital speed.

- Lindsey K

Spacious trunk, not so spacious seating, reliable.

The Nissan Rogue is a great vehicle. We've taken it on family trips and have had no issues with the engine or steering. However, I would say that the back seat is not very spacious when it comes to fitting adult passengers. The trunk is very spacious however and fits a lot!

- Ranya K

Ultra conservative driver is glad she went Rogue.

Overall, I like my car. It handles very well. The interior is roomy, it has ample cargo space and it gets good gas mileage. It came equipped with a rear view camera I just wish I had opted for more features, blind spot recognition, a navigation system and leather seats.

- Cindy F

Rogue is one of the best vehicles on the road.

Drives great fantastic stereo super comfortable look forward to driving it every day. Kids love riding everyday. Seats are very nice and smooth outside of car is extremely nice looking nice smooth ride fast acceleration for passing all my friends love car and family too.

- Deborah C

Great SUV, just have a touchy side.

Great overall SUV. Spacious seating for people and large breed dogs. Push to start and backup mirror features are wonderful. The Rogue gets great gas mileage for someone who is partial city and highway. Only problem is that the traction is very touchy when it is raining.

- Ken D

The gas mileage is great on the highway and around town. But esp. the highway.

I like my Rogue because it has enough room for 5 adults and camping equipment piled high in the back. I like the mpg I get on the highway and the medium size of the car. I am a short person and love being able to see 360 degrees in the car. I don't like the bucket seats.

- susan m

Smooth ride and very comfortable.

We have had this car for over two years now it is a very comfortable ride it is AWD and goes good in snow it is very dependable and haven't had any issues with it at all smooth shift smooth ride it does not have a transmission like your older cars do and that is a plus.

- Terry S

Reasonably priced compact SUV with a wide array of tech, but they cut a lot of corners.

I like the top down/360 cameras and blind spot monitors. I like the leather. The car has been in the shop twice (under warranty) for the AC in under 2 years. The headrests are ridiculously uncomfortable. The car doesn't accommodate rear facing car seats well at all.

- Amanda Z

I think the car is alright. I will be returning at the end of my lease.

After two years with the car it really pisses me off that the my key does not really work. It tells me almost everyday that no key is detected and it is very annoying with 3 small children. Other than that the gas mileage is great and it drives really well in the snow.

- Kimberly M

Comfy and tech savvy SUV.

My car is very spacious and comfortable. It also has all the latest features such as Bluetooth, rear view camera, blind spot detector. My only complaint is the trunk space is not as large as I would like, I found fitting my large shopping cart hard to fit in my trunk.

- Asia C

Nissan Rogue: just right!

I love it! It is the perfect size. Not too big, but not so small that I feel unsafe. It rides smoothly and has plenty of space. As a musician with animals that also moves a lot, it is the perfect car for me. I also love its appearance! I definitely recommend this car.

- Rita T

Nissan rogue, a giant an gemm on the road.

Nothing bad to say about the car, just one observation, it can only tow 1 thousand pounds. In spite of it is a great car. The performance is absolutely amazing, the features are incredible, you have more features in your car with a reasonable price than another brand.

- Andrea T

A very boring Nissan product.

The rogue is okay. No real problems, but it is boring. I did not like the dealership experience and will not buy another Nissan due to that. The rogue was not a good choice for us and I will not consider anymore Nissan products. I cannot wait to get rid of this thing.

- Charles H

Good, bad and wonderful I love my rouge.

The only problem I have encountered with my rouge is the Sirius radio receptor is bad. I love the blind spot indicators, especially when highway driving. The back up camera is an extra that offers way more than just back up view. The hands free phone is a major plus.

- Joy W

Awesome keyless entry and cool storage.

My favorite feature on my car is that it has the keyless entry. It also has the push to start. I like how spacious it feels even in the very back. Plus the hideaway storage. The performance isn't the best out there but it is probably one of the better SUV out there.

- Danielle S

Affordable, safe and much more.

Nissan is a very dependable, safe, luxury car with a lot of features and very affordable. Nissan is my choice of vehicle and had been for many years. Every vehicle I have had from Nissan is also very comfortable with may seat feature options, heated seats and wheel.

- Samantha S

Good crossover SUV for city living.

Easy to drive and control. Interior is easy to clean. Not too fuel efficient but not horrible. Spacious back seats and good size of storage space in the trunk. However I wish it could be even sturdier, because it might "vibrate" sometime while idling in the traffic.

- Amy P

Great size but needs a larger backup camera screen.

It is a great size with a very large trunk. Love the different compartments in the trunk. You can hide some things. The seats are very comfortable for long road trips and I would probably buy it again. Backup camera screen should be a bit larger so you can see more.

- Devin S

Rogue is the best SUV I have owned.

I love the cameras around it. The leather seats, the color. I love that it is all wheel drive. It works great in the snow. The maintenance is affordable. I live the space that it has for my family of 5. Everything is electric. I love the navigation system installed.

- Ana G

Sleek, reliable and dependable!

I love the comfort of the seats and it is fully loaded. I do not like that there are so many blind spots. There is not a lot of space in the driver's seat. We have driven to Florida multiple times and has been a very reliable vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Robin M

Happy owner-no complaints except minor details.

I love everything about my car! My only complaint is that it is a four cylinder. I wish it had a bit more power. I would also like the back interior to be easier to wash. It is carpeted and I would rather it be something I could easily wipe down since it is an AWD.

- Carly O

Pretty car. Drives great.

It is a small SUV but it drives like a car. The steering radius is good, and it breaks like a car. It sits high. It is a very pretty car, both inside and outside. I like the ability to have my text messages read to me through Bluetooth. Seats are super comfortable.

- Stacey A

The Nissan Rogue is affordable reliability that still gets gas mileage comparable to my old car.

After driving the same car for 20 years I decided to get a vehicle for winter use. I chose the Nissan Rogue because it is affordable, reliable, and I know several satisfied owners. So far I am extremely happy with my purchase however I have only had it for a month.

- Breanna K

It's low-maintenance. Just take it in for its regular oil changes and maintenance and you're good to go. No big surprises or weird quirks.

My Nissan Rogue is very low-maintenance. It's very comfortable and easy to take car camping. The gas mileage is fantastic. It rides great and the sound system is really nice, plus it has some bells and whistles, like a back-up camera and bluetooth. I love this car.

- Naomi T

Comfortable and easy to drive.

I love of my Nissan rogue I have had it for 3 months I have had no issues it drives smooth it shifts through its comfortable it is roomy I get great mileage on it is easy to update the oil changes easy to do regular maintenance on it yourself love my Nissan rogue.

- Susan W

Do not get the 4 cylinder and invest/upgrade to an aftermarket real horn!.

It is a dog (poor acceleration and no power). After two years is feels cheaply built. Horn is a tiny toot... It sits higher than most vehicles which is why we bought it due to frequent local flooding and due to my arthritis. It also fits my wheelchair in the back.

- Donna P

I love the rear view camera and the music capabilities.

So far it is great, the only downside is that the wipers cannot be lifted without scratching the hood. I would love for this car to have a higher lifting power and a sunroof and then it would be the best car. I also would like to have more iOS apps capabilities.

- Alexandra T

This is a smooth riding car. It is comfortable and so far it has been reliable.

There is a blind spot next to the outside mirrors. Car frame and side view mirror combination leave little room for vision if you are not aware of it. GPS cannot update without it costing a lot of money and it is still not real-time and not really that current.

- Carole L

Great reliable car! I love it.

Great car. Hood problems that can be scary but other than that runs great super reliable great mileage. Looks small. But car is spacious and can fit a lot in trunk. Easy to clean and use. Maintenance is easy . Different oil so less oil changes which is amazing.

- Monica G

2016 Nissan Rogue review!

This vehicle is great, I love it. It gets great gas mileage, especially when in eco mode. I have no trouble driving in implicit weather. The only complaint I have is about the sound system, it is sub standard. Overall o recommend this vehicle to any individual.

- Marissa M

2016 Nissan Rogue sv a snow demon.

The vehicle is very sporty looking. No problems as of yet. Drove for the first time in snow and the handling and AWD was amazing. The back up camera could be a little better since it was a downgrade from my Altima. But overall very please with vehicle overall.

- Ashley M

Great family car for 1 child in the family.

The rear window is narrow and creates blind spots. Also the foot air blowers are not very strong and my feet are often cold. I do like how it rides and it has been a great family car. It is nice that the rear seat slides forward for extra storage in the trunk.

- Lauren A

Great mileage. It runs great.

It's a silver Nissan Rogue with black interior; wouldn't have chosen the black interior but it was a new lease and they made a special deal because only two were stuck in their inventory. $200/month 0% interest 0% down! Love it. Great ride, really pleased.

- Bill V

Summary of my Nissan rogue.

At this time I do not have any complaints or issues with my vehicle. I love Nissans they are very dependable vehicles. I have always owned a Nissan and I feel safe and secure with the Nissan brand. The Nissan rogue is a great crossover with good gas mileage.

- Josie E

A very reliable SUV. Would recommend.

It has really good gas mileage, especially when driving long distance on freeways. Very comfortable for long or short drives. Very reliable car and have had no issues with the car since I have gotten it. Would buy another one of the same cars in the future.

- Hannah F

Silver 2016 AWD reverse camera great on gas.

No issues! Roomy and comfortable. It's great on gas for city and highway. A lot of storage in the back. Vehicle is great in snow and bad weather with AWD. Has good features with backup camera and Bluetooth. Great car would purchase another one. Great value.

- Laura B

It is reliable, I feel safe when I am driving it.

I like the Nissan rogue, I wish it came with more features like a sunroof or leather seats. You have to pay extra for everything. The rogue itself definitely runs good especially in snowy weather. If it is your first SUV, I would suggest getting the rogue.

- Joan Z

Highest customer Nissan rogue.

My car doesn't have any problem, it is perfect, I don't have any complaining about my car, I have been using this car for almost 3 year and everything is perfect it looks like new car, I don't want to buy a new one, I am really happy with my Nissan rogue.

- juliana A

Comfortable and roomy throughout the vehicle.

My Nissan is very roomy, has lots of storage, just found more recently that I didn't know I had in the back end underneath the floor. I bought it with 30k on it, I have had no problems at all since buying over a year ago. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Christine B

Its affordable and has many safety features.

Great mileage, roomy and comfortable for short or long road trips. Love keyless entry and push button start and it has a non lock out feature so you can't lock your keys in your car. It has extra compartments in the back area for hidden or extra storage.

- Gina R

It's AWD and handles well in the winter; it can handle deep snow and get you through it.

I like the AWD and the flexibility in carrying cargo (being able to fold down part or all of the back seat). I dislike how the windows fog up during severe cold weather and you can't seem to de-fog them. Overall, I find it a comfortable vehicle to drive.

- Dan T

Above average on comfort and convenience.

I like the comfort and conveniences in my car. I think the gas mileage should be better. It is not too bad in summer. It is worst in winter. The AWD is not so go in deep snow. It is probably because I am used to a Jeep. I had more setting control in it.

- Billie S

Overall good performing vehicle.

Performance is very good, such as handling and gas mileage. Storage space is adequate. Comfort is good, but wish the driver seat would sit higher, due to shape of hood. The hands free phone is safe to use, without distraction and convenient when needed.

- Lyn L

If you drive it, you will love it, so be careful. And if I had it to do over again I would have gotten a few extras thrown in, especially wifi.

I really do like it quite well, but I do wish I had a little more room. I am 6'4 and long drives kill my knees, I could really use an extra 6-7 inches further back when no one is setting behind me. Other than that it is about the perfect vehicle for me.

- Dennis M

My Nissan rogue. I enjoy my car because it is not too big or small.

I purchased my Nissan used because I couldn't afford a new model. I like the Nissan because it is not too big or to small. I have been getting good mileage, almost 40 miles to the gallon. I was surprised that the car handled so good during the winter.

- Robert S

It is very roomy. All passengers feel very comfortable.

We have driven almost 18, 000 miles and the only problem we have had was with the air conditioner. It quit putting out cold air. I took it in and they repaired it for free since we were still under warranty. Other than it has been extremely reliable.

- Phillip T

It's a comfortable, roomy vehicle. It drives nicely and has pretty good gas mileage.

I like the way the car drives. I don't like that the cover over the side camera broke and I will have to replace the entire mirror to fix it since it's all pre-assembled. At first I only needed a new plastic cover, but now the camera has shorted out.

- Katie H

Great little SUV that is easy to enter and exit.

Love my small SUV. I have back issues, and am able to get in and out easily. It gets great gas mileage, and has a great navigation system. My Nissan dealer has been tremendously helpful. The only thing I feel could be improved upon is the road noise.

- Martha B

It is a very safe protective car and performs well in accidents., should you ever experience this situation.

We had a major problem with the vehicle when it was brand new. I was very upset. They did fix the problem but this should never have happened. It also lacks puck up when you try to get going from a stop or a rolling ride like getting on the highway.

- Darlene B

Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride with great amount of back storage space.

The performance is excellent. Always reliable. The seats are comfortable. They are missing power seats. It does not have GPS; my previous Rogue had one. It gets very good gas mileage. The back has great storage space-both or one seat folds down.

- Robin W

It is roomy and there is enough pace to put bags and boxes in the back.

I like it because I have bad knees and back so I am not sitting so low to the ground. It is comfortable for trips. It has some things on it that we don't use like Bluetooth. Also if your tire pressure is off it lets you know to check your tires.

- Melinda H

My car drives easily and is very safe and has good mileage

It is the second vehicle i have owned and I love it. I love to drive because it gives me the freedom to go where i want and when. I like the size of it and that i know It's a safe vehicle.i would definitely recommend this car to whom ever asks.

- sheri g

Love my silver Nissan Rogue.

I have only had the car 6 months but have not had any problems. I get good gas mileage. I like the moon roof that goes all the way to the back seat. I do not have GPS, but have satellite radio and Bluetooth. The entertainment system is great.

- Allison H

Great SUV, except it's touchy in the rain.

Great overall vehicle. Seats 5 people comfortably. Very spacious for large breed dogs. Push start and backup camera features are wonderful. The only reason it is not a 5 star review is due to the traction it catches when driving in the rain.

- Kendra D

This car gets Great gas mileage! And has pretty good pickup when you hit the gas. I pulled some pretty steep hills in this car.

I love that is a compact SUV with Bluetooth and hands free calling. It gets great gas mileage as well. The only things I dislike are that I doesn't have heater seats and that it takes the defroster quite a while to unfreeze the windshield.

- Kris O

It's a keyless remote start.

I like the layout of the inside and I like the dark color of the outside. There is lots of storage space in the very back. The thing dislike is that it doesn't have all the features I wanted. I also dislike the slow get up with speeding up.

- Danielle S

It is a great SUV that makes me feel safe and stylish at the same time!

My vehicle drives smoothly and has great gas mileage. It drives well in the snow and rain. The features in the car are nice, the navigation is easy to use and the sunroof is so big and goes really far back which is my favorite feature.

- Laura B

Great car but the backup camera needs to be recalled.

For the most part, I really like the Rogue. It is easy to drive, comfortable, and roomy. The only feature I have a problem with is the backup camera. You can barely see it during the day. The newer versions of this car have fixed this.

- Panayota W

An overall well balanced vehicle.

I love my Nissan Rogue. It has great gas mileage, has a lot of room, and is perfect for work. The only thing that I don't like about this car is that I accidentally dented the back corner of my car. Otherwise it is perfect for me.

- Brian M

It is dependable, and efficient.

I like the look and comfort of this vehicle. It has great cargo space, and the car is easy to drive. It is too high for my mom and dog to enter, but my disabled sister enters easily. It also hauls all of my sisters medical equipment.

- Jennifer O

It rides and handles smoothly.

It rides smoothly. It is missing many convenience features which the dealer did not stock on It's vehicles, like fully electric windows, a rear view mirror with a programmable garage door opener, a kick motion open rear hatch, etc.

- George E

Adjustments makes it nice for both the short or tall driver in the family.

Comfortable, good gas mileage and great for long trips w luxury package: safety features for blinds pot, breaking and backup camera which can be an adjustment when driving my older convertible which didn't come with these features.

- Joyce S

They should know that the trunk is deceptively small. Also, that handles a little loose on corners.

I like the color of our vehicle it's a subcompact SUV I do not care for the way the backseat since I think the truck needs a little more room I do enjoy the sunroof and the navigation system although it is not very user-friendly.

- Sean S

Reliable. Dependable. Great gas mileage. Also has sport mode.

I absolutely love my SUV. I get great gas mileage. I love that my vehicle can be set to alert me when oil is due to be changed. I also love it letting me know my tire pressure and how many miles I can go until I am empty on gas.

- Lindsey P

Customize paint Back up camera Space and extra compartment Comfort of my interior Stylish and sleek exterior Saves on fuel

The only thing I will say that the maintenance on the car can be expensive. If you want your car to stay reliable and perform well you must keep it serviced. I use the dealership because they do diagnostic test on your vehicle.

- Bridgette C

It is a great car, it drives well, it's easy to maintain.

I love my rogue! It gives me the perfect amount of space to fit my 2 children, who are still in car seats. I love the way it handles while driving. So far the maintenance on that car has been easy. There is nothing I dislike.

- Stephanie W

My car has the perfect combination of comfort and ease at a reasonable price.

I thoroughly enjoy trips in my Nissan Rogue, since it is easy to drive and comfortable. With its medium size, I feel quite safe inside. As a shorter person, I appreciate that the visor goes down farther than most other cars.

- Kaitlyn G

In my experience it is more fuel efficient than the ratings say.

I love my glass roof and the way my car handles. It is a lot of fun to drive. I do wish it was a little longer to make things easier to fit in the trunk. I also wish there was an option for a weathertech liner for the trunk.

- Miranda T

The adjustable driver's seat is easily adjusted to accommodate any driver.

I like the style and size of the car. It sits up a little higher than standard cars, is very comfortable to ride in, especially on road trips. Gets fairly good gas mileage for the size of the car and is enjoyable to drive.

- Lorraine W

In the back there is shelving which allows for better storage and organization. It holds a sport and economic mode depending upon your driving type.

Car is remarkable. I have a family of three and it holds enough space to sit comfortably and hold a stroller in the back. Down fall is outside of economic mode it's less than 20 mpg but upside in economic it's 30 mpg plus.

- Alex H

It gets good gas mileage for a suv.

I love that it is high above the ground and I can see the road better than in a car. I also love the smooth ride and the way it looks. The only thing that I don't like is that you can't open the back door from the inside.

- Rosemary P

Nice drive on a road trip.

A very smooth ride. Very good on the gas unless you have the habit of stomping on the gas pedal. A lot of road noise when windows are rolled down. Hand holds are a little far back when trying to grab for help getting out.

- Lyn K

How Good is the Nissan Rogue?

The Nissan Rogue is a excellent vehicle. The drive is very smooth and comfortable, while the amenities, spacious seating,and great mileage is definitely worth the price if you are looking for a small car in a SUV package.

- Randall C

Perfect upgrade from a sedan to a mid size suv

This car is honestly my favorite car. I bought this after having a corolla for 5 years because I was ready for a bigger car. This has plenty of space and a great riding system. Even good on gas for a slightly bigger car.

- Jennifer F

Great family vehicle, reliable and feel very safe when driving in this car

Comfortable and roomy. Accommodating for car seats. Reliable and pretty efficient with gas. Bluetooth feature very convenient. Backup camera helpful. Back trunk area is very roomy and has storage underneath as well.

- Ashley B

Very comfortable and roomy for long trips.

I love my rogue. It gets good gas mileage highway 35 mpg. Very reliable, haven't had any problems. I've had mine for 2 years. . Great performance and very reliable. Mine is loaded. Heated seats, sunroof, CD player,

- Angie K

it gets great gas mileage. this is my 4th nissan and i have no issues with nissan in general

i have had no issues with my vehicle. i love the gas mileage it gets. it rides smoothly. the one thing i hate is that the cabin is not quiet. i hear wind noise and noise from the tires as they roll on the road

- candice h

It is very reliable and fuel efficient.

I like that it has multiple exterior cameras, leather seats, a panoramic sunroof, heated seats. It drives like a car but has the space of an SUV to bring people or things. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Mandy S

Good gas mileage and performance.

It runs good for a 4 cylinder engine, and it gets good gas mileage. There is a chart on the dashboard that shows you your gas mileage. So far we have not had any issues with it. It has Sirius radio which is nice.

- Anon A

My Nissan Rogue is the perfect size for a small family, it has great gas mileage.

I have a 2016 silver Nissan Rogue, the vehicle has been perfect with no mechanical problems. I would definitely purchase another Nissan Rogue in the future. It has been reliable and the comfort level is amazing.

- kim t

They are spacious and have great gas mileage. There is also a feature called range which will show how much farther you can go on the amount of gas you have which is very helpful especially if you are in a rush and wonder if you really do need to get gas or not.

My only dislike is there is not an in dash GPS, but that is because it was purchased used and that was not a feature selected. I love that the seats can be put down for large items also that it is very spacious.

- Dominique C

Its rating is a 4 out of 5 for safety and I was in a accident recently and I didn't have to goto the hospital in a ambulance.

I love my car because it is comfortable and drives smooth. The music sounds great with the speakers that it has. The car is sporty looking yet slightly luxury looking. It's also great on gas yet has good power .

- Felicia H

It is a decent car at the price point. has been reliable.

I like the size, price, gas mileage of vehicle. Don't like the lack of insulation allowing for loud road noise and it idles hard, causing passenger seat to vibrate. interior fabric is tan and gets very dirty

- jeannette m

It is a great value and gets good gas mileage. The black is heard to keep clean.

I love everything about my car except the air conditioning and heating. In the winter time you you freeze your but off, The defrost and the heat doesn't work together it one or the other you can't use both.

- marianne S

extra features everything possible is included

Great car, good gas mileage, holds a lot of items in trunk including large items, sleek design, all extra features, comfortable interior, many colors to choose from, good price and great customer service.

- kayla m

It is affordable but not luxury.

Safety features are too sensitive. Horsepower is laughable. Getting the car going takes ages. Merging onto a highway at a high speed is dangerous. In the inter the car shakes over 50mph. Multiple recalls.

- Genesis A

All wheel drive luxury suv

Handles extremely well in bad weather such as snow, rain and/or ice. Back seat has raised seats which are especially helpful to those who experience car sickness. All wheel drive. Plenty of trunk space.

- Sarah P

Good value for the price and size.

The size overall is good for driving and parking but the inside including the back seat and back hatch could be a little bigger for kids, dogs, vacations and just moving items. Affordable and reliable.

- Olivia H

Who knew I would love a Nissan Rogue.

My Rogue is amazing. The backup camera is life saving. The gas mileage is the best I have had in an SUV. The only complaint is with the power. It has no horsepower and sucks to pass on the interstate.

- Marie D

Great starter family vehicle

Rented the car through a rental company and loved it so much I had to buy one! Very nice vehicle, reliable no issues. Since it's basic model it doesn't have all the high tech stuff but still love it!

- Laura A

It is a great family car.

It's a great vehicle. I only wish some of the buttons were in a better position to reach. Like the eco mode button or 4x4 is low so if needed you need to take your eyes off the road to turn on or off

- Brian W

It has all the features..Bose stereo.leather interior.bluetooth

have had a few issues...though minor they were inconvenient..feel overcharged for what I have...this is third Nissan but don't see a fourth Nissan in my future..the features don't warrant the sticker

- denettew s

Keep an eye on the transmission. My last rogue the transmission went out, but the warranty is great.

I love my glass roof and the comfort of the seats. I wish I had upgraded to leather, but that's ok. It makes a couple of strange sounds that have taken getting used to, but overall it's a great car.

- mindy t

It drives great in the winter.

I like the style of the car. Looks modern. I like the back up camera. There is a blind spot though when I have to make a turn using the side mirrors. That I don't like and I have to be careful.

- Marcy t

The leg room and space is great! You can really make it fit your needs.

I love the size of my car. It feels like a bigger car but has an amazing turn radius and good for family outings. There is a lot of trunk space and little storage. Road trips are easy in this car.

- Lisa B

It feels good and drives well.

Its comfortable and a spacious which is good for an SUV. It drives well and smooth and has good brakes. I can fit a lot in the trunk. It has a good camera for reversing and gets a lot of mileage.

- Connor S

Rogue, great family car and reliable.

I like driving it because you are a little higher up on the road. The seats are comfortable and the back seats pull down easy making for lots of cargo space. There is also space for hiding cargo.

- Jane E

Safety precautions it has with it. Like the blind spot beepers, airbags all over the vehicle

It has special features as far as built in navigation system, a newly remodeled back up camera, blind spot lights. It drives very well and is a mid-size SUV. Great for a small families first SUV

- Taylor M

2016 Nissan Rogue Overall Review

Roomy, a bit noisy, comfortable seats, the navigation system is not user friendly and passenger cannot use when car is moving, sound system is very nice, handles well, I haven't had any issues.

- Gail C

The Nissan Rogue is comfortable and reliable.

The Rogue offers everything I was looking for at the time. It's very comfortable and does everything I need it to do. I do wish it had more features such as heated seats and push button start.

- Aly T

It's a nice looking car and economical, too. it has good room inside and can fold seats down to gain more storage space.

I love the way the vehicle handles and the look. The mileage per gallons has been very good in town and on the highway. It has just enough bells and whistles to be a luxury vehicle in my eyes.

- Pat G

Rogue Rocks for Families on a Budget

You won't find a better mid-size SUV for the money. It's just the right size for a family of four and the 2.5-liter engine is super-efficient. We usually get more than 30 MPG on longer trips!

- Randy R

It is extremely spacious and comfortable. It can hold more than it looks.

It is very comfortable. It drives very well, and overall, it gets great gas mileage. The amount of room and space is excellent. I would love if the display screen were a little bit larger.

- katie g

The Rogue is stylish and not to expensive. It is a small crossover and has a lot of amenities.

I like the style of the body and the size of my vehicle. I like the warranty as recently I had to use the warranty to replace the transmission but now that that is done, it is running great.

- Trinh T

Great affordable small SUV! Drives great and reliable.

We love or Nissan Rogue. I have had no problems with performance or reliability. I wish it had a little more room between seats and 2 arm rests, but that is my only complaint comfort wise.

- Kathryn M

Reliable mid range vehicle

Good mid price vehicle. Great gas mileage, no repairs so far. I wish the ride was smoother. It's pretty rough for a new vehicle. Love having a backup camera. Interior is surprisingly roomy.

- Dawn T

This vehicle does not have a lot of "get up and go".

The car is roomy for 4 people and I get good gas mileage. While driving on a highway there is a lot of noise which makes listening to music difficult. It also does no accelerate quickly.

- Ellen L

It is an incredibly safe car. A friend of mine was in an accident in one, it was crushed, and she made it out with a sprained wrist.

I like it overall. It has the space I need, and is reliable. The gas mileage is decent for an SUV. I wish I had gone with the next model up though, for the privacy windows and roof rails.

- Alison G

It's safety record and it's maintenance free so I'm the end saves money

It has a great ride and I love the space it has when we take road trips! It it good on gas for and SUV and I actually Feel like I am driving a car! I do wish it had more update tech stuff

- Abbe M

Try some other similar makes/models that might have a perkier engine.

I like the look of it, but does not have much get up and go to it. I never realized until after I purchased it how "sluggish" the engine is, and for a 4 cyl, it has terrible gas mileage.

- Jenny D

It is all wheel drive and has a CD player. It also has bluetooth.

It shakes for some reason and doesn't drive smoothly. However, I trust that it will be safe in the winter; it's all wheel drive. I have long legs and it's not comfortable long distance.

- Marie T

First time buying a brand new car.

The rogue is the perfect size for us. It has all the new features like navigation and Bluetooth. Heated leather seats are something I've always wanted and got as well as a roof rack.

- Amanda T

Its value for the money you pay; it functions like a luxury car without the price tag of a luxury car

I love my car! It's so easy to drive, and I love the features it has. My favorite feature is the parking camera, and the blind spot monitor is also very useful. I have no complaints!

- Danielle D

The blind spots! Where they are and how to avoid them.

The only thing I dislike about my Rogue are the blind spots. An 18-wheeler can get lost in the windshield side posts. And, mine doesn't have remote start. Other than that, I love it.

- Pam F

2016 Nissan Rogue is a great mid-size SUV

Love the size and versatility. Decent gas mileage. Great for transporting kids and pets, but can't fit three carseats across the backseat. Wish there were more A/C vents in the back.

- Season V

It has a camera of you actual environment when you are in reverse and in drive if not going above 2mph...so parking etc. the nav system is awful.

I like the leather seats, camera when in reverse, heated seats, AWD automatically, tire pressure monitor and smooth ride. nav system is awful. you have to get used to back window.

- JM A

It is very easy to maintain, no issues.

Front and back camera. Leather. Nice size, not too big not too small. A bit expensive and mileage to the gallon good but not great. I've had 4 Nissan cars, no real issues with any.

- Ana A

Reliable and fairly cheap to fill up the gas tank.

It's not my favorite because of the push start control. I'm not a big fan of the center console taking over my leg room. I also think the A/C motor isn't as strong as my last car.

- Brooklyn D

My car is more compact like a smaller car instead of a big SUV.

My vehicle has all the amenities one could ask for which also includes all the safety features. It handles all different road conditions with ease and is very good on gas mileage.

- Denise S

This car is very comfortable. The seats are great and the heat/air work fantastic. I like the bluetooth connection (my wife uses it to listen to music). There are little places to store things and the storage in the back area is wonderful. I do wish that there was a way to "pop the rear hatch" from the driver's seat. I am frustrated that the door locks do not unlock when you put the car into park and also frustrated that the headlights are not automatic. This car runs very well, but it does not accelerate as well as I would like

This car runs very well, but it does not accelerate as well as I would like. With today's drivers being so... crazy... a car that doesn't accelerate well can be rather dangerous.

- Charlie N

My Rogue is the best! I recommend it to people looking to buy a new vehicle.

I have had no problems. I love my Rogue. Most comfortable and reliable vehicle ever. I have a couple of friends who have purchased Rogues because they had ridden with me in mine.

- Leslie W

It is dependable and Nissan is easy to work with

I like that it is a small suv. Easy to get in and out of. Gets good gas mileage and is pretty. I don't like that the tint on the windows isn't darker and more power would be good

- Dee C

Roomy and comfortable vehicle.

It is a great car, very comfortable and roomy, the back up camera is also very useful for backing into tight areas. The only downside is the road noise, the cab could be quieter.

- Tina M

The gas mileage is great. The car is smooth on the road.

The reliability and performance of this vehicle are amazing. The gas mileage is the best. The seats are very comfortable. I wish I had upgraded my package and got more features.

- Lynetta L

Nissan Rogue gets great gas mileage for a midsize suv

I love the gas mileage that my Nissan rogue gets. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I wish automatic back hatch open was included with base model as well as back up sensors.

- Jennifer E

It has lots of room for cargo and people.

I love the cargo room. I have fit a twin size mattress and box springs in there. It gets good gas mileage, about 30 mpg. It is very roomy, the backseat has lots of leaf room.

- Kelly D

The level of overall quality of this model.

I like the model and the finishes of the rogue sl. I also like all the technical (safety) features. There are blind spots behind both right and left front windshield pillars.

- Bradley H

They should now how small the interior space is.

I enjoy the ride. It offers good gas mileage. The interior space is too small. The passenger seat cannot be adjusted for comfort. And the cd player only accommodates one cd.

- Richard K

It is a solid, reliable vehicle. It won't break down or get stuck in bad weather.

The inside is comfortable and the outside looks nice. The only problem with it is it can be hard to see out the back, but there is a backup camera that mitigates that issue.

- Josh R

If you can afford it go one step above the base model, you will get power seats along with seat heaters

Great car for a great price. Drives well in the snow and the gas mileage is awesome as well. Trunk space is big so I never worry about not having room when I go on big trips

- Matthew W

The rear view camera is very helpful.

I dislike that I have had to change the battery twice in two years. I cannot give anyone a jump or my car will not start. I love the way it drives, it is pretty good on gas.

- Gabriela Z

The back-up camera is something I will never go without now that I have it in my Rogue. I also love the fuel efficiency monitor that tells me how good my mileage is per tank of gas.

My Nissan Rogue has a very smooth and comfortable ride and is very fuel efficient for an SUV. It has all of the technology toys one might need and is as reliable as can be.

- John W

I found it to have the best mileage for the price and features in its class.

My car is great on gas, has lots of room and is a really nice looking vehicle. I do not like that the sunroof leaks and the dealer says it is not covered under my warranty.

- Susan D

Good space for car seats and family needs and good on gas mileage.

I like the roomy seat space and rear trunk space. The cut engine is very smooth through the gear shifts. The very quick acceleration is great on the highway and in traffic.

- Jessica R

The base model is cheap! Good on gas and you only have to change oil every 5k.

The only thing I do not like about it is once there a stroller in the back there is not much room for groceries. For an SUV is like more trunk space but it is good on gas!

- Briony D

It's worth the price. Its reliable, spacious, and is very comfortable. Rides smooth

It provides enough room for my family. It's me, my husband, and my little boy. It could be a little more roomier in the very back for trips. Wish they had better pick up.

- Stella S

It is very safe, everything is fully equipped.

My vehicle is the best. It rides smoothly. It is decent on gas. It gets me from point A to point B. The Bluetooth system is a life saver. Also, it fits everything I need!

- Micah E

It does not have a full size spare tire, it only has a donut

I like my backup camera. I like my handsfree bluetooth phone capabilities. I like the dashboard panel that shows mileage, warnings, etc. can't think of any complaints

- Lisa M

The car drives smooth, looks great, and gets good gas mileage!

I love my Nissan Rogue! It drives smoothly. It is very spacious. It also gets great gas mileage. The style and body of the car looks great. So far I have no complaints.

- Hilary O

Takes premium gas which is not cheap.

I love that it is very spacious. I like that it is great on gas. It is sturdy. If I could change one thing it would be for the cosmetic side to be a little more durable.

- Nina F

It is very innovation, fancy front desk. NO key star and smart.

very smart. I like the safe setting,e.x the front hit setting, blind spot. The only problem is accurate. Usually , it is slower than other car. But, i could accept it.

- Yongmei T

It is amazing on gas especially with the eco button.

The only thing I don't like is that you can't put anything in the navigation system when someone is driving. Even as a passenger. Other than that it is an amazing car.

- Heather W

It has 65,000 miles, a lot for a car that is less than 3 years old.

It is comfortable and affordable. At this point in my life, I prefer a car with good value that I can feel safe and upon which I can depend. Rogue accomplishes this.

- ellen m

Efficient and roomy, perfect for a family! This car is great for a family!

I like that my car is good on gas. I like that it rides smoothly and quietly. I really enjoy the height of the car, I don't like having to bend down to get into a car.

- Danielle R

Everything is great with this car.

I love the room it has. Large back seats. Large storage area. The only thing I dislike is that the gas mileage is nowhere near as good as my old car, a Nissan Altima.

- Donna G

It is reliable and that sense of security it gives me is worth the price.

Love the roominess, love the gas mileage, love the look, love that it sits up higher, love the color, love the air conditioning front and back and just love my rogue.

- Vicki B

Great gas mileage with comfort all around. Easy driving with an upper class vehicle feel.

The Rouge has nice space for a small SUV. For my 3 person family it gets us to and from with no problem. I wish it had a few more features with upcoming technology.

- Kim V

The backup camera is hard to see during sunlight hours.

It is a fun to drive, sporty, mid size SUV. It has good gas mileage. The backup camera is hard to see during the day. I wish it was slightly bigger and meatier built.

- Panayota l

It has a ton of space making it comfortable for passengers.

It drives smooth and has tons of space for passengers and cargo space. It is very reliable in bad weather and feels safe. It does not do well long term with potholes.

- Savannah G

Nissan Rogue afterthoughts.

Nice size trunk area. Seating comfortable and attractive. Wish I had gotten leather seats but cloth is attractive. Wish I had gotten black exterior instead of white.

- Loretta H

It has great fuel economy for its size and class. Better than similar other makes

It has great fuel economy for its size. Very comfortable. Reliable. Not fancy but has everything I need. Good warning notice system. I would love a blind spot alarm.

- Pam H

It is leased so if we're going on a road trip, I am not driving.

It is ok, it meets all my needs and has been solidly dependable, it is just a little boring. I do not dislike it, but I want something different when my lease is up.

- Julie S

Safety features, new technology, decent gas mileage

I love the camera features, the safety features, bluetooth options. I love the color of it. I wish the A/C worked a little colder and better towards the backseat.

- Christine H

The gas mileage is really good for an SUV.

The car is amazing, but Nissan has some transmission issues. The car gets amazing gas mileage and is perfect for a family of 4. I feel safe and comfortable in it.

- Sara P

The trunk space in my car is absolutely amazing and you can fit at least five people in the car!

I really like how big my vehicle is and it rides really nice but my bigger dislike is that the heating takes FOREVER. Also, it's not as luxurious as I would like.

- Rachel M

It's economical and for the most part gets decent gas mileage. It is roomy and perfect size for a small family.

I love the leather seats and sunroof, I don't like that it has a whine when the AC is running and it has no pick up when you get on the gas to get on the highway.

- Cynthia B

It gets good gas mileage for its size and it goes good in winter weather conditions.

I like the way it handles and the gas mileage. The back seat is too small for two children and the trunk space is too small for us to comfortably take vacations.

- Cortnie W

no spare tire for it have to use fix a flat or call for help

I really like the gas mileage versus our last vehicle. I like that it tells you how you are doing on gas/mileage/ Backup camera is cool. Sirius radio is nice too

- Debra R

The car is very reliable.

The car is very spacious. The fabric in the car is also easy to wash and does not absorb too much heat in the summer. It also does not require frequent fill ups.

- Demi N

I think they should know that the car is fun to drive.

I like the interior and exterior look of the car, it is fun to drive and get really good gas mileage. I like the modern technology that the car is equipped with.

- Jim D

A great car for your family

It is so reliable, just needs the recommended maintenance. Gas mileage is great, storage capacity is large. It is kid friendly and comfortable for long trips.

- Ginger M

It is the nicest vehicle I have owned.

I love the way it drives, the reliability. I however wish it were more spacious as an SUV. I like that they're fairly affordable but also luxurious in a sense.

- Jessica M