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Great vehicle with great features.

I have had my 2019 rogue for just over a month now and have zero complaints. . It's very roomy with plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats, which was important for my husband and I as we're tall. There's also a spacious cargo area with floor panels that can be reconfigured to form shelves. The rear seats also fold down to provide even more cargo space. . The safety features are also great. It has curtain airbags all around. It also has collision and blind spot sensors that alert you when there are other vehicles or people in your path. The backup camera is clear and very useful. I'm also very happy with the sound system. I like listening to music and podcasts on the way to and from work, so sound quality is important to me. The audio for bluetooth calling is also fantastic. Gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV. I average at 25-28 mpg, with 32 being my best overall.

- Sarah G

2019 Rogue Sport - An Excellent Compact SUV

The Rogue Sport SV is the mid-level trim and is missing things like a garage door opener (which is available on the SL trim). The acceleration is very good and it is very fun to drive. However, the gas mileage is lower than my previous lease (MB GLA 250) even though the Rogue Sport is smaller and lighter. The technology package of the Rogue Sport has plenty of bells and whistles: lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay. The front seats (which is a particular point for me) are comfortable and support you on long drives. The cargo area is a good size. The Rogue Sport has a compact spare tire (which the MB did not). Overall, The Rogue Sport is an excellent value.

- Thomas G

My sleek Rogue fits like a charm for our family!

The size of the Nissan Rogue is what drew me to purchase. It beware a full size SUV in style and functionality, perfect for family of 4 comfortably. My toner children can get in themselves if I have my hands full. They hip in and I buckle them up and we're ready. Also the trunk room is great and has available area to make more cargo space for awkward cargo. The ride is smooth and the mileage is great highway and city. Only weird drawback is the gas tank capacity, I wish it held more. Either way my Rogue is my vehicle of choice. I love my Rogue!

- Danielle P

Awesome! We love our new car - safety and comfort are a plus. Great on fuel!

I love our 2019 Nissan rogue. We have a lifetime warranty. We have it four months and just got it serviced for free and washed for free at the Nissan dealer. It is comfortable and rides smoothly and quietly. It is a dark silver and love the color. We have the blind spot monitor which is great and we feel safe with that. We had a ford escape before but this car is much nicer. It has a more comfortable seat and has plenty of room. Nissan offers more than the other car dealers.

- Christine P

Nissan Rogue, Safest Vehicle Ever!

I've had my Nissan Rogue 2019 for a month and like it a lot. The performance is really good and I love its safety features. The mileage is great and even better with its eco mode, along with its sports mode if you need a little more power in your rogue. The comfort is really good. It's very spacious and comfortable for all heights. The back seats recline and slide backwards to give your backseat passengers some extra room to stretch.

- John Q

The smooth and clean rogue flight

Driving in my Nissan Rogue feels like riding on a smooth plane ride. It also helps to have such a beautiful interior with amazing space and I love my rogue. The only problem I've had is a weird noise from whenever the seat belts in the back aren't being used; it sounds almost as if there's something stuck in the middle part of the seatbelts and continuously runs up and down

- Penelope M

2019 Nissan Rogue Best decision

I currently drive a 2019 Nissan Rogue and I love it. Some of many features are backup camera, accident safety sensors that will detect cars or objects around you while driving, and a beautiful glass sunroof. This wasn't my first choice but with one child and one on the way this was the best decision I've made since this vehicle is also great with space.

- Elijah B

New Features in this 2019 Rogue

Very comfortable to drive, great new features, I especially like the blind spot lights, helps you to move into another lane. Comes with Sirius, which makes a long commute tolerable. Also can connect phones both so you can make hands free calls and also responses to texts automatically to tell texter you cannot text that your are driving!

- Jean F

Nissan Rogue, nicely equipped but shoddy quality

I love how smooth my car rides, it's a bit sluggish off the line, has scratches and chips in the paint, the car has leather seats but the plastic shroud on the driver's seat is dangling and there's a quarter size hole in the carpet on the driver's side. The car has a nice Bose audio system, navigation (doesn't give accurate directions).

- Jared M

Outstanding SUV which makes traveling a joy!

Love this vehicle. It's very comfortable, drives easily, has a great look and has all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a car. The cargo space is large enough to carry a week's worth of groceries and the audio system is top-notch. It gets approximately 28 miles per gal which is great for a SUV this size.

- John L

Safety Features and Technology

Rides great, heated seats, rides smooth, love how the back seats move forward and back, great trunk space, auto Android is a fantastic feature, gas mileage is average, sports rack on roof, love the sensors for the blind spot, car breaks on own if you're too close to the car in front of you or if they slam on breaks.

- Ashley A

It�s all black with black cloth interior

My car is very sleek and comfortable! The only issue I have is with the push button start. I had to get that to get the seat warmers and half of the time when I press the button it doesn't start fully. The unlocking feature from the driver side door can also be annoying because it doesn't often open the whole car

- Rae C

Nissan Rogue: The perfect car for a young professional

I like my Nissan rogue because of its appearance and comfortable interior. The AC is also very cold on summer days. I like the fuel efficiency as well. I like the white color of my rogue. I like the way it drives and holds steady on the road. I like all the safety features. I also like the camera and apple play

- Anna P

Nissan Rogue: Awesome car.

This vehicle suits me it's not too big the size is nice. With motion detector to open the trunk, sensor to let u know if a car or object is too close. Bluetooth radio to stream your music wirelessly and the front and back camera to make sure you are properly parked right. The features to this car is endless.

- Mary G

Apple Carplay is great because you can use your map or Waze for GPS

Comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage. Power driver seat, Apple Carplay, roomy trunk. Has lane departure assistance to there is a light and beeping when there is an object next to your car. This helps when cars are in your blind spot and stops beeping and light goes off once you clear that car or object

- Matt M

Rogue is the best! Top Notch SUV!

I love my Rogue. Nissan overall are great and dependable vehicles. This is my second Rogue and my 3rd Nissan vehicle. They are affordable, safe, reliable and modern with their technology and what they offer. I researched many SUV's and found that Rogue offers the most amount of features that I'm used to.

- Vanessa G

The wide scope of the backup camera and the trunk space. The overall look

I personally love the Rogue. Its features are wonderful. I think that the Viewing scope of the backup camera is very wide. This I love. The handling of the braking system is superb. The dashboard display is great also. As for the trunk I like the appearance of how the space is sort of divided. Is great.

- Arlene S

Great Mid-Size SUV for the Money

The car rides very smoothly. I love the steering wheel, flat at the bottom. Love the technology of the car. Love the Apple Car Play. The gas mileage has been very good also. Have went on several trips and get over 33 miles per gallon each time. I would highly recommend this SUV.

- Lisa S

Great car but slow performance.

It is a very nicely built car with a nice leather interior but the performance with the battery engine is very poor. I was ready to out a hybrid vehicle but after all of research I still didn't realize that it would be so dangerously slow. I am happy about the gas mileage through.

- Dan W

Roomy with great safety options!

The only issue I have noticed is the hesitation as the car accelerates after being at a stop. Otherwise, this vehicle offers lots of room and safety options such as blind spots detection and notifying you when a car has stopped ahead of you and you are getting too close.

- Lucia W

Great Car for the price, very happy with my purchase

Ride is great, performance is more than I expected. Price was definitely right. Love the Android play and the way you can hook up to apps on your phone. No need to spend money on Navigation with Android Play. Seats are very comfortable especially with the lumbar support.

- Peggy N

Great Car for first time car buyers

Car is very dependable, only issue was AC broke in the middle of summer. Haven't had any issues since. Car runs very smooth and is good on gas. I travel a lot and can usually make my trips on a full tank of gas to and from location. I would recommend to new car buyers

- Chris V

If maintained properly car will last for over 100,000 miles.

Love the car have owned Nissans for the passed 10 years. Very reliable. Very comfortable and smooth drive. Love the feature eco so u can get better gas mileage. Roomy back seat. Big trunk. Good value for your money. If maintained car will last for over 100,000 miles.

- Sharon K

I love my Rogue! I feel secure and find it very reliable.

I love this car! It had to have the software updated because it would beep for no reason when driving or auto stop when not in danger. I love all the amenities as well and it is very reliable! It is average on gas for an SUV. This is my 2nd Nissan and not my last!

- Sarah B

Cool advance auto features, worth the money value, performance is perfect.

I love our 2019 Nissan rogue. Don't have any complains so far. I love the colors too, perfect to what we envision before purchase. Performance with auto drive features is just perfect for a lady driver. Love the seat auto adjustment as we are 2 drivers using.

- May A

What I love about my New Rogue

The Best things about this Vehicle is the Blind spot monitoring, the lift Gate, the Android auto app, lane departure, and the back hatch rearrangeable space. I also like the Feature of Remote start not only for the winter but for the hot summer days as well.

- Leah S

The sporty look of the drivetrain is great.

The Rogue is exceptionally roomy and comfortable. It's sporty look threw me off initially thinking it was a stick shift. I love the alerts it gives you if you get too close to veering out of your lane. It really helps you with improving your driving.

- Monica R

Mostly great family SUV with a few minor snags

Safety features are harsh to get used to. Sudden stops are scary. Trunk door doesn't open manually - slow open only. But overall performance is smooth and car has a tremendous amount if space inside. Love the electric blue color - very sleek looking

- Christy G

the all wheel drive

I love the size

- Katelyn S