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I can go and come back from certain places on a half of tank.

This car is pretty good on gas. It is small so it could be classified as a compact car. The fabric on the roof of the inside was coming down. As a result, I had to hot glue back up so that my passengers would be comfortable. The light on the inside of the car is not working. Some days if feels like it takes about one hour just for the car to warm up and defrost. Only one headlight works when I set them to dim. The car sits pretty low so a lot of times the front of the car hits potholes and other bumps in the road pretty hard. The air conditioning blows pretty well. Some days I have to turn it down only because is gets cold quickly.

- Monica S

The trunk space is quite large. For a compact car.

My vehicle has been very reliable, Still gets good mileage, is quite. Easy and comfortable to drive. It. Performs very well in all types of. Conditions. If I were to buy another. Vehicle, I would definitely consider. Another Nissan Sentra probably. With more upgrades. It currently has. 130, 000 miles on the odometer. This auto is probably good for. Another 70, 000 miles. I would. Highly recommend this vehicle. To everyone.

- Lucille J

Can take front end crashes and still be a good affordable ride.

Ours was bought with a salvaged title. It was a very hard it. Still has some frame warp. Rides straightened somehow. With that said. Great on gas mileage, smooth ride, it is not too stiff and great around the corners, comfortable seats and good leg room. My hubby hit a deer with this car. We were able to pull straight the frame by the radiator, new to car hood, and she still runs great.

- Michelle W

Great vehicle overall. Very reliable.

Acceleration could be better, drives well though and also has great reliability driving long distances. Has navigation for the car but you'll need to get a sd card so you can use it while driving rather than using your phone to navigate. Does not really have any problems going on with the car unless you do not get an oil change or even take care of it.

- Ethan C

It's a really great car as far as gas goes just as long as you keep up on transmission fluid

The bearings have gone out and we need to replace them. We have the parts but have to have them pressed in and can't find somewhere to do it. It burns oil and hose and tank besides the gas line has issues. Power steering gone. Windshield fluid useless and so on. However it's a comfy ride all the windows work

- Fawn R

Color is maroon/red. Air conditioning is broken.

My car drives incredibly smooth, it is nice and cozy inside, the seats are very comfy as well. I like basically everything about this car. The only thing I do not really like is how the air conditioning is broken. The car is a maroon/red color and it is very pretty and shiny as well.

- Amanda B

Nissan has been good. With the right maintenance can get YEARS out of it.

Good value. But needs a friendly access to cabin filter to change it. Other makers, one can easily access the cabin filter from the glove compartment without having to unscrew anything. Otherwise, Nissan has been reliable.

- First L

For it being as old as it is it's very durable

A really wore down car that I bought used a couple years ago. The paint has started to come off due to the sun hitting the car do much and the back lights occasionally don't work

- Ricardo A

Dependable and Sturdy Mid Size Sedan that will not let you down

It is a trusty and rusty vehicle that has served its purpose for many years but it is nearing the end of its life. I think it would be a great first car for a beginning driver

- Elisa P

Nissan Sentra 2000 review

Desde que lo compre me ha dado mucho problemas, obviamente es un carro usado y tienes varios años ya. Me gusta mucho porque es un carro cómodo para mi y mis hijos.

- Jeniffer C

My car gets 33 miles to the gallon, is dependable and is a manual transmission.

I love my Nissan Sentra. After 18 years it still gets 33 miles to the gallon and the manual transmission is a great drive. I have no complaints.

- Ila C

A reliable older car that's stood the test of time

My car gets good gas mileage. It's an older model but still runs really well and getting regular oil changes helps to improve its performance

- Gwenda J

It has been reliable and its dependable when I have always needed it.

Only thing I dislike about my 2000 Nissan Sentra is that the paint is fading. The other thing is that I'm having problems with the a/c.

- Dale S

Old but ok. Not bad for what it is.

It still goes. Reliable. Has a hard time working in the cold. And the air conditioning goes out pretty fast. Has average gas mileage.

- Noah G

Nissan, a reliable and well built car.

I have had it for many years and it has been a very dependable car. I do not have to work on it much other than regular maintenance.

- Alan C

It's a reliable car. That is economical.

I like its severed me so well all these years. It still runs well, it only has 69956 miles on it. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Alma G

Old 2000 Sentra still a good car.

It is a salvage title but has wonderful gas mileage and runs super great. Seats are very comfortable and it is a smooth ride.

- Michelle W

The most important thing people should know about the car is that it is a manual stick shift.

There are no problems with this car. The car has been taken care of for 18 years, it has well over 500,000 miles on it.

- Ebony C

Its very spacious and roomy.

I like that it drives smooth and its small. I dislike that there is no a/c in it. But overall it is a cute little car.

- Amanda B

It has a good safety rating.

I like it because it has good gas mileage.. It needs a paint job and the vibration because of a previous accident..

- Kelly W

The 1.4 engine has a lot of flaws. You will have to replace parts over time.

We never figured out why it stopped in traffic several years ago. Otherwise, it has run well with minimal repairs.

- Beth G

Great gas mileage and good engine.

Too small for a family for 4. Gets great gas mileage. Light weight and travels on snow very well. Good engine.

- Kiri G

Most important thing is that the front right axle needs fixed.

Reliable and dependable always starts and gets us from point home to point where we are going. Big interior.

- Dave W

That it is safe but a big time gas consumer. Also good on road trips.

Its has no air conditioning and its old. The body is falling apart. Headliner and interior is decrepit.

- John M

It's very suitable to drive with. You will like it

Doesn't use much gas. Doesn't have enough space I want.

- Joceline E