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Nissan sentry the best car on the road.

I love my Nissan sentra. I have had no problems since I bought it. I get great gas mileage. There was a recall on the airbags a year ago, and the service dept got me right in and out in less than an hour. If I were in the market of purchasing a new car, I would get another Nissan. If you are looking at buying a car I recommend you first check out Nissan. Great car for the price.

- Brenda Y

All around good little car.

Great little car. Comfortable and reliable. Mine doesn't like going uphill really though, definitely lax in torque department. Good gas mileage, good daily driver. Has decent trunk space. My car sits low, makes other headlights on road harsh, can be hard for my disabled mother to climb up out of sometimes. Heat is nice. So far has been pretty low maintenance.

- Jamie P

The gas mileage is fantastic! If nothing else it's a great city car.

I love that it gets great gas mileage in the city, i travel alot for work so that is a plus. It's small enough to fit into some of the tighter parallel spots too. I only wish it had more room in the back for my friends, a few of them are heavy set and they are always a bit uncomfortable in the back, like an extra 2 or 3 inches would make them happy

- Kit C

My car isn't fancy but it gets the job done. It can be relied upon on a daily basis.

My Nissan is a reliable car that's held up well over the years. It's not fancy and doesn't have special features, but it's good enough to get me from point A to point B. Repairs aren't frequent, and when they're needed it's not expensive as I can find the parts fairly easily in junk yards. It has air conditioning and a decent stereo system.

- Lacey M

My car is pretty old, but it runs great.

My car run pretty well for being a 2001 model, I have just recently been having issues with the catalytic converter but that is not too pricey to repair, besides that I haven't had too many issues. It is a comfortable car and is suits all of my needs. Besides the issue that I am having with the converter it runs really well.

- Stephanie M

My poor broken down Sentra.

My car has almost 200, 000 miles on it, so I have had to replace a lot of stuff on it. And recently it broke down on me, and I am currently unable to afford to fix it. I usually work on my own vehicles, but the converter has went bad and is completely stopped up, and it will cost me approx. $250. 00 to get it fixed.

- Veronica R

Good all around car! Would definitely recommend.

Other then the fact that my car is 17 years old, it is pretty good. Normal wear and tear on the car so I have had to replace the brakes, battery, get my oil changed and my fluids and had to buy 4 new tires. It is got 85, 000 miles on it and because its still running well i'd recommend a Nissan to anyone.

- Kim B

Reliable as long as you maintain it.

I love the way my car drives and that the mileage I get per gallon is awesome and saves me money. It has been a very reliable car for me. I wish it was bigger, but I love how much space I have in the trunk. It is an older model, and I love that it does not have all the new unnecessary technology in it.

- Melissa B

It is great on gas and it's very comfortable to ride on long trips.

It is old so it has some rust and it needs repairs often. It also sometimes does not want to start in the morning but it is really great on gas do that is a plus it is very comfortable for long rides and the seats reclines so it makes it even more comfortable and it has a nice stereo and speakers.

- Debbie S

It's the best cat for gas mileage of anyone else's car I know.

One of the best things about this car is it is great on gas and it starts every morning. The heat always works great on the winter and it rides down the road very smoothly. Also its easy to maintain it never burns a drop of oil we just change the oil when it's time to keep it running smoothly.

- Debbie S

Nissan Sentra: most reliable vehicle you will ever own.

The Nissan Sentra is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. With proper maintenance, it has surpassed every other make and model hands down in terms of functionality and longevity. The manufacturing and parts are of the highest quality. I would suggest the Nissan Sentra to anyone.

- Chris P

Nissan sentra great reliable car.

Very reliable gets me from point a to point b with no issues. Very comfortable and wouldn't trade it for the world. Good heat and a/c with power features, like wipers and seats. Only problem I have is that it is very low to the ground and hits a good amount of speed bumps and potholes.

- Iarla F

Great on gas. Super reliable.

Other than the fact that it is old I would love my car. The Nissan Sentra is really good on gas mileage, and it is a smooth driver. I like that it is a smaller car since it is just me for now, but it would even be fine with small children. My car has been super reliable.

- Sierra L

The amount of miles that have been put on it has exceeded my expectations.

My car has been great on gas mileage, and is at over 200,000 miles and is still running. I like the compactness, and feel safe when driving it. I do not have many complaints this car has really proven as reliable through the years.

- Tiffany H

Very reliable and trustworthy car.

I have owned this car for about 4 years and have loved it. It is very reliable and I seldom have any problems with it. It runs great even with the lots of travel and wear and tear that my family puts on it.

- Kayla B

My car sits very low to the ground and should be driven very carefully over mounds,speed bumps, and other elevated pavements.

My car is an older car and has quite a few problems.I love the gas mileage but the money I save is spent on replacement parts and upkeep.Parts are also harder to find for a car over 10 years old.

- Crystal G

The most important thing about this vehicle is that even though it's older, it's been more reliable than any other vehicle I've had

I like my vehicle in that it is very dependable. This car has only had one minor issue where the wiring of the lights got finicky, but other than that it always gets me from point A to point B

- Shay H

If you live in the north it is amazing in the snow for a small car.

This car has held up for 17 years with no repairs of any kind except oil changes. It's almost the same gas mileage it did when I first bought it. I dislike nothing.

- Patricia P

One of the most important things about my car is it is good on gas.

Coolant leaks from reservoir tank, needs thermostat, cloth seats, good on gas, low miles for the year, squeaky suspension, motor and transmission runs fine.

- Antoinette W

Very reliable, with good mileage. A/C is still strong after 17 years.

Very reliable car. After 17 years, I have only had to do the usual repairs. I feel safe in this car and it runs well and still gets good mileage.

- Diana W


It gets good gas mileage . iT IS PRETTY DEPENDABLE ABOUT GETTING ME FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER. It is not as comfortable as a lot of larger cars.

- artis l

It is my car. I need it to make sure my child gets to any appointments.

It needs some work on it. New oil change. Needs new tires. More coolant for car. Other then that I enjoy the car very much. It is reliable.

- Williams M

The car is a relatively tight fit for groups larger than 3.

It is gas mileage is good. Maintenance is relatively affordable. However, it is on the smaller side. Little room for driver or passengers.

- Michael B

I recommend this car to any one the best experience ever

I have not have any problems with my vehicle. I absolutely love it. I bought this car zero miles and I never have any problems with it.

- Dona D

Nissan is a top quality brand that is not as expensive as Toyota.

My car is great! I need new tires and an oil pan. It has a slow oil leak. But it runs well. Everything works on the inside. I love it.

- April W

it's a car , basic transportation , that's pretty much it

it's dependable and gets decent gas mileage , still running well after all the years and miles on it , hasn't needed any major repairs

- tom j

It is great on gas and gets good miles per gallon.

Love the gas mileage and that it is a straight drive. Do not like that the paint is falling off and that it is so old of a model.

- Christopher L

Gas efficiency and easy to repair.

This car is good on gas. It is cheap to fix. It will last a long time. It sits low which can cause a problem with flex pipe.

- Kelly J

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a good car

No problems other than someone t boning me, and messing up my once good car. Has been very reliable..we'll until the wreck.

- Pat H

It is reliable and it is very low maintenance.

It is an old car so it is always breaking down. I just put $1000 into getting it fixed. I need to save money for a new car.

- Kim B

WAS reliable until wreck. Great gas mileage

loved it all until kid t boned me in mall parking lot. only had 30,000 miles on it now a mess, and cannot afford a new one

- Patricia T

My easy on gas good driving reliable Nissan

It has a slow oil leak and not a lot of power but it is really reliable always starts rides good and has good gas mileage

- Tim W

It is reliable and enjoy driving it.

I like it gets great gas mileage but I dislike that I have the base model with manual windows and no cruise control.

- Erika J

Great on gas, perfect size.

My car is small and perfect for me. It is great on gas. I have no complaints except minor electronic issues.

- Heidi S

DO NOT buy used Nissans from 2001 the exhaust will be bad and cost 3,000 dollars to fix it in CA.

I got in 2015 and have had nothing but trouble with it. 4000 dollars so far in maintenance & repairs.

- Jeff M

I love it because it's comfortable to drive and it has never broken down on me. I dislike that it doesn't get as good gas mileage as I thought it would.

It's a great vehicle. I've owned Lexus in the past, and this vehicle is far more reliable than Lexus.

- Kadi B

It always runs, we have to do little manintce on it

It's been through a lot it's been beat up pretty well but it never stops running

- Hayley C

Is very economy car that everybody should have in the house

I like the motor and the easy that is to buy some gadgets for the car

- John L

It's a reliable car and good for commuting. Gets decent gas mileage.

It is reliable but too old. It's lasted longer than I expected.

- Kris W

It's an old Nissan Sentra with some issues.

Average car with some issues. Cheaper to repair than replace,

- Mickey H

It help people to save money with this small car

Save gas Not much space inside I don't like the color

- Juan M