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Trusty, Trendy, Nissan Sentra

This car has a great amount of room in the back and the front and has 4 doors as well as 4 windows. The seats are comfortable without being too close to the ground when getting into or out of the vehicle. The seat belts are comfortable and adjustable which is important not to have too tightly on your neck area. The motor in this car is great and gets great gas mileage. It comes in 5 speed standard or automatic transmission. Ours is 5 speed standard and they really handle in icy, snowy weather.

- Pamela P

My first car.. my Nissan sentra

I really like my Nissan. It has style and comfort. It has an adjustable set that you can change to your preference. It is 4 door which helps when you have more passengers. I like the roomy backseat and very roomy trunk. I don't like the tire size which causes it to sit low to the ground but of course that is adjustable. It has dual airbags and it is definitely good on gas which helps on longer trips

- Katherine S

My vehicle is a 2002 Nissan Sentra. It gets great gas mileage.

It is a very good car that has no problems. If you want a car that goes 80 miles per hour up a steep hill this one struggles a bit but will make it. This 2002 Nissan Sentra gets great gas mileage, and is great for driving around. Whether it is on long trips to another state, or just a little trip to your local grocery store, I would highly recommend going with a Nissan Sentra.

- Alexis S

Overall, the Nissan Sentra is an ideal car for reliability and someone on a budget.

My Sentra has very few issues. Sometimes there is lag time when trying to start the car but for being a 2002 vehicle it is running surprisingly well. I have no complaints other than just wanting a new vehicle. The AC works great, the vehicle has plenty of room on the inside and the windows are tinted so even on the hot days it cools down quickly

- Kathleen O

Nissan brand makes amazing vehicles. I would love to own a Nissan Maxima next.

The car itself as in make and model is great! This is my 2nd one. It will run forever as long as you keep up on the maintenance. It's very durable. The last Sentra I had was involved in 5 hit n runs. And it still never really hurt the car just cosmetically. This Sentra I have now just doesn't feel like home to me. I cant get comfortable.

- Jennifer W

My 2002 Sentra is reliable and hasn't let me down.

My vehicle is very old but yet it is very durable. The interior is cozy and comfortable and I can for 4 people in the car with me. It is very reliable and doesn't remind me of a super old car. The only problem I have had with my car is the noise of an old car which is common with all older cars. I have no complaints I love my car.

- Miss H

It's an ok car it gets. Me where I need to go.

My car is ok, but the air condition doesn't work, it acts like it wants to stall out sometimes, and it does this thing where I push on the gas and it revs up but I don't go any faster, other than that it's not that bad. The inside is nice, it burns gas kind of fast, the seats are comfortable, only the front speakers work.

- Heather C

My Nissan Sentra is a good running car to be a 2002.

It's a gas saver. It runs well even though it is an aged care. I love it. The parts are cheap, a really can do job yourself watching YouTube. Its small but comfy. It is just right for me. If given the chance I would purchase another Nissan Sentra, maybe this time with a sunroof and black. It drives easy and smooth also.

- Johnson L

Sentra is very reliable car!

Decent amount of room for driver. Good room for passengers as well. Has good drive and comfortable when steering, no drag or swing. Brakes work well. An all around very decent vehicle. Nissan lasts long and is maintainable. I am second owner of this car and bought it with over 150,000 miles and it is still kicking!

- Ronald W

Very reliable and spacious for size.

My 2002 Nissan Sentra has proven time and time again to be a very reliable vehicle. Although it appears small from the outside, once you are in it, you really notice how very spacious it is. Giving ample space for my family and I. Although gas mileage is not the greatest in town, highway miles exceed expectations.

- Samantha D

Great gas mileage! Love this car.

I really enjoy this car. Great gas mileage. I haven't had to do anything other than change the spark plugs. Part have been rather cheap as far as I have looked also. Definitely recommend this car to anyone.. Kids, old folks, middle age people. Air and heat are both great. Plenty of trunks space for a small car.

- Adrian W

It is already bought and paid for.

My car works very good. I have to take it in for a brake job. It is just maintenance. It has dents and a little bit of rust. Other then that it is very reliable. It is a good car for getting to places I want to go. I do not use it on the highway. I only use it for city driving. I mostly drive it in Kenosha WI.

- Leanne B

It still needs one more part to replace but it still can last a while

I bought my car used but it runs great i just needed to give it a oil change and replace some little parts that cost almost nothing... I do wish it would spend less gas... It doesn't burn through it don't last as much as it probably should that would be my only complaint either than that it's really reliable.

- Armando R

A safe car, with ABS and side airbags.

I love driving my Nissan, because the seats are comfy, I can adjust to my height needs; despite its age, Whitey has been a dependable car; and, the insurance and registration is very cost-friendly. I hate that she is getting a bit run down looking, and we are about to invest about $2000-2500 in repairs.

- Linda M

Not a great car, get a newer car with more features.

Functional. Basic radio, unless you customize it. Seats are a bit tight. Trunk is small. Not a fast car. No lights for the gear shifter. Just get a Toyota Camry. No AUX port to plug your phone. Seat adjustments are manual. This car is only good for close distances. I do not sweetheart it for a road trip.

- Gavin G

Sentra is a good and reliable car.

I like my Nissan Sentra. It is very comfortable and reliable. I have had it a few years but next time I buy a new car it will probably be a brand new Sentra. The mileage is great and it is a gas saver. I love the way it looks and feels. It is a good brand so I know it is the best quality.

- Stephanie H

It just lasts forever. Nissans are SO reliable.

It's lasted through 170,000 miles with minimal repairs. It's old but reliable. Ac and all still intact. It's a very comfortable car and my next car will 100% be a newer Nissan Sentra because of its reliability. As long as you keep up with minor things, it will last you a decade or longer

- Stephanie S

Highly satisfied with my Nissan sentra

Overall my car has been very reliable. I've had few issues other than keeping up with maintenance. Not the most comfortable, it's fine for short trips. The features fit my current needs. Overall, I have been happy with my purchase and feel I have gotten my money's worth.

- Kathleen K

Budget car, if you do not have any other choice to buy.

The seats and interior is all fuzzy. Keep getting static shock from the doors. The only the radio is old. There is no AUX port, no Bluetooth. Other than that, the driving is decent. Cannot complain if your load on money. The automatic gear shifter is kind of slow.

- Gavin N

It might be a older model and everything but isn't bad at all

It's actually not a bad car at all, it's been dependable and it set for 5 years before I first started to drive it. It needed work before I started to drive it but it was from the driver before me, but after them problems was fixed it isn't a bad car at all.

- Ashley P

Nissan Sentra 2002 review. I like that it started on 1st try after for 2 mos.

It wasn't bought new. It starts up great after sitting for 2 months w/o a problem. It, however, has electrical problems and is falling apart inside. Window switch malfunctions and overhead compartment fell down while driving nearly hitting me in the face.

- Eva M

The car is very reliable and comfortable.

The car is very reliable, it's spacious enough for our family of 4 to fit and be comfortable. Whether a short or long drive we have always made it to our destination and enjoy the strength of the sound system to listen to loud music.

- Daisy V

that it is a simple car and easy to drive

I like my vehicle b/c it doesn't use a lot of gas and I can hardly hear the motor running and it's inexpensive to fix. the only thing I dislike is the fact that the paint is peeling. other than that I don't have any complaints

- antoinette T

Good, reliable, inexpensive car. The next generation has even better lines.

I like that it has a timing chain instead of a high maintenance belt. This lets it be inexpensive to maintain. I dislike that the interior has so much plastic. It becomes brittle over time and breaks.

- john s

My Nissan is a great back and forth car.

Very reliable and good mileage on gas, low maintenance on the car. The radio speakers are factory but still great sound. Small and compact a great first car for a student, or second car.

- Melanie R

Had 3 different tires on it, one that was a size too big. It is drivable.

Bought at a seedy auto dealership. Found out it has more issues that need to be fixed soon. They be made promises and have not kept their word. Not worth price I paid. Very let down.

- Jennifer W

Reliable comfortable transport in an affordable package

It gets me where I want to go. It drives comfortably. The trunk base rotted too early. The air conditioner blocked and flooded, taking out some dashboard functions.

- JF W

It is reliable, gets good gas mileage and I feel pretty safe in it.

I like the size, it is easy to drive and park, also parallel park. It sits pretty low to the ground, I think it would be much better a little higher up.

- Sue W

It does not hold gas really excellent.

I haven't really had any problem with my Nissan Sentra just yet. So I am not entirely sure what to say. I do though wish the gas intake was better.

- Karen R

That I am paying for it myself. I like the fact that it is mine and it is pretty reliable.

Dislike the fact it can only run only run on super unleaded. Also dislike it is so expensive to have repaired. I like the fact it rides smooth.

- Elizabeth W

I have owned that car for several years now and I have gotten my money's worth out of it.

I like the fact that my car still gets me around and can still pass inspection. I dislike that it breaks down a lot and needs a lot of repairs.

- Jacki H

It a very reliable car. You can always count on it for the most part.

It is small and is not the smoothest on the road. Can be kind of rough with some bumps in the road. It also sits a little low to the ground.

- Maison J

It gets good gas mileage.

It is old and getting rusty. It has occasional mechanical problems. The taxes are dirt cheap. I get 30 - 35 mpg. It seems indestructible.

- Thomas G

Good value for the money. Style is nice. Reputable make.

Just the right size for me. It does not have all the modern technology, and conveniences. It does not require much maintenance.

- Susan P

Great gas mileage - no gas guzzling! Needs some body work.

Rusting. Gets good gas mileage and it is a small car making it easy to park, but hard to transport many people. But low miles!

- Joel f

It is old but good reliable car great gas mileage just a few little things to do and it be perfect

I love my car. Just wish it was newer. It's a little car that's great on gas it pretty equipped with just about everything

- Mildred T

There is room to fit everyone comfortable.

I like the convenience of the room. My son has plenty of room. It is good for day trips. I do not really dislike anything.

- Lisa C

my car drives good and gets goo mileage

Like the mileage I get ... the size of the car ... enjoy having 4 doors ... wish it had come w/a better radio/speakers.

- jackie g

The one most important thing is the it costs a lot to fix.

Because it old. Had a lots of problems. It costs a lot to fix. I can trust it to get me where I need to go.

- Michelle A

it is dependable and it has been on the road for a long time

very dependable and it serves most of my needs it is also very ecinomacable and i like its styling as well

- norman f

Mileage per gallon is the most outstanding feature for this car.

My sedan is very reliable. I am proud that it is durable. I do wish the paint job was better.

- Jayson f

That they are expensive to fix. They have a comfy ride. I like their gas pedal it doesn't hurt my ankle.

Nissan's are so expensive to fix when they break down. Their parts are expensive to buy too.

- Michelle P

That Nissan is a trusted and reliable brand car. If taken care of properly it can last through multiple generations.

I like that it gets me from point a to point b. Even though it's old it's a dependable car.

- Ashley N

The seats are very comfortable for long road trips and the gas mileage is also great. My only dislike about the car is that it looks like a grandma car.

That the gas mileage in the car is great and it won't break the bank on road trips

- Jasmine M

It helped us to communicate to work and school. Although it's old, we count on it

It's too old and doesn't have AC. It's shaking all the time. Hope I can change it

- Shohreh K

That it is reliable and dependable. Gets good gas mileage

I like than it is go on gas. It's reliable and dependable. And it is comfy

- BethAnne H

The paint does not hold up well. I have seen numerous cars that are the same make, model, and year as mine and they have the same problem.

I dislike how easily the stock paint wore off. I like everything else.

- Kaitlin B

warrenty price color and how it runs hoppefully great

i like the idea no mistakes how it is lined out and what to do

- david C

It gets me from point a to point b

It has some problems but okay, gets me from point a to point b

- Nicole T

It's small so no big people

It small low on gas,works well bought use and low on mileage

- Dayana S

Great mileage and no extra costs.

It has very good gas mileage and it does not break down.

- Felicia J