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a lot of problems but i still manage and will continue to frankenstein it back together

its reliable for the most part. its my first car. i've been driving the 03 sentra since i was a sophomore in high school. prior to me owning it, it was my dads car. He bought it brand new to commute to work. Its pretty good on mpgs. During my college years, it gave me a bunch of crap. Overheating, misdiagnosed and thought it was a head gasket and replaced the whole engine. turns out it was a bad radiator. then another major issue was that it was not shifting out of second gear. That problem was a bad sensor on the transmission. pain in the butt. and now the "new" engine is leaking a little oil. internal leak, not external, so im burning oil and you can see it smokin when i floor it. The car is very loud because the catalytic converter died on me, and i got a crack in my exhaust. sooo it noisey like a muscle car, not as loud as a straight piped 5.0L mustang, not as pricey as a honda. the rumble is not like a tin can, more like a small airplane. it gets me from point A to point B. I just top off the oil when i put gas... if i have enough money, in the future, i'd like to do another engine swap on the sentra. and put a v6 engine in it. one of the nissan VQ engines, and make it a sleeper

- harlow g

2003 Nissan sentra, not the best condition.

I was given my car as a gift from my father and the car was bought used from someone off of Facebook marketplace. We assumed the car was not going to be in the best shape because we were only spending 1,300 dollars on the car. As it turns out, the car does have quite a few problems and the check engine light remains on. However, when you have to buy an inexpensive car, then you usually do not have the extra money to fix said problems. There is a problem with the fuel, catalytic converter, heating/air.

- Brandy C

2003 Nissan Sentra performance review.

The Nissan is gas economy ( 29 /42 mpg) durable, and trouble free, it is comfortable. Little to no maintenance compact yet spacious room inside. Powerful 1. 8 EfI engine, automatic transmission. Quiet, runs forever when it comes to mileage. We have only had to keep the oil changed with a new engine belt. Otherwise it is efficient and have power windows.

- Michael S

Very good on gas and mileage. An overall reliable and affordable vehicle.

Only maintenance issues like breaks, tires, etc. Very reliable and comfortable. I feel like I can drive this car anywhere and I feel very safe. Great on gas as well. I would highly suggest this car to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable car. Would make an awesome starter car for anyone looking for their children.

- Kate V

My highlight for it is that it takes me to work and back.

Sometimes because it is an old car it kind of gives problems but overall it runs good, I honestly would give it a 7 out of 10 on a scale of 1-10. It's a good car just not my thing. I prefer a newer model. Its reliable for close distances. If you use it to go out of state it might give you issues as it has done for me.

- Gina S

A reliable car gets me where I need to go.

I like my vehicle because it saves me more money on gas than my Jeep does, but if I were to get a smaller car I'd save more money. My car drives well, but because it is 2 wheel drive the tires slip when its raining and that often scares me because my Jeep does not do that. The car is reliable which is why I have it.

- Catherine L

The Center of the Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra gets you where you need to be but not much else. It is pretty good on gas mileage, until it's below the quarter of a tank mark. It is adequate comfort wise, though a little snug the seats are well made and there's still leg room. It does the job for a car it's age, just needs lots of maintenance.

- Dana N

It's very dependable and easy to keep up!!

It's good on gas easy to keep up and very dependable, get at least 29 miles to the gallon, with quick pick up and so much more, the sound system that it came sounds just like your sitting in concert. . With today's gas prices and the cost of living having a Nissan could be considered the best car for the buck.

- Bernard S

It has no A/C which is what I usually tell those who will be in my car.

Since I bought it from someone online, it is used, the paint seems to be peeling badly on the front of the car. The A/C doesn't work, and In the area I live it can get to 100 degrees outside, which can be excruciating. However it hasn't broken down since I got it, it gets me from point A to B.

- Derly C

A true workhorse. This car can go forever.

Not a looker by all means but it is been the most reliable car I have ever had. We got this car out of desperation since we crashed the last one but this was a hidden gem. Easy to fix when it has problems, decent gas mileage and the is a workhorse. The CD player doesn't work though.

- Justin B

Nissan sentra: to buy or not to buy?

My car has 140 thousand miles on it. The only problem I've had is to change the alternator. The suspension has some wear and needs replacing and the fuel pump causes it to have a rough idle. Other than that after 140 thousand miles, I cannot complain. Runs well and is very resilient.

- Christopher S

Only $20 and the gas tank is full and it last for a week.

The car shakes to much when your on a stop light or at a stop sign. The air conditioning doesn't work at all, it just blows hot air. The drivers window doesn't go down at all. But those are thing I could fix at a mechanic. The seats are comfortable, the gas last for a whole week.

- Ruby C

I love the overdrive. Fast and powerful.

It is reliable, with 145,000 miles, it has shut down or any signs of it. Love engine performance... It is a power and is probably not a v6. Has all basic factors needed for comfort. Even two departments for holding necessities. The car is sustainable in all areas very well!

- Philip Q

Small, cramped, barely made it through 1 Minnesota winter.

My shocks are going bad, my brakes are going bad, its tiny and cramped and is only 1. 5 liter engine so it sounds like a freight train when it tries to work in the cold. The lock and window mechanism in the driver door is also going out. It also has terrible gas mileage.

- Conner G

This vehicle is really great!

This vehicle is durable. This vehicle is comfortable. This vehicle is dependable. It is so safe and it is wonderful. It really lasts. This vehicle has great gas mileage. This vehicle is cute. This vehicle is compact. This vehicle is amazing. This vehicle is wonderful.

- Christina P

Nissan Sentras are durable, reliable and economic.

I bought this car new. I have had it since 2002 as I bought it right after the model was for sale. This Sentra has been dependable, economic and perfect for my Urban lifestyle. I have only 84,000 actual miles on it! I intend to drive it as long as it holds up!

- Alice G

A cozy little starter car! Very reliable!

It is a cozy little car. Nothing overly fancy but it is reliable and comfortable. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good starter car or something to send your kid off to college with without fear of it needing excessive amounts of maintenance.

- Emily M

Gets your miles for the gas burned.

My vehicle is a Nissan Sentra 2003 model I've had it for three years and the only major problem I had was replacing the motor for a rebuilt one and my radiator cracking other than that it has been great good gas to the mileage and many major complications.

- Crystal W

Do normal maintenance and it will get you where you need to go.

The only complaint I have is the air conditioner does not cool like it should. Every now & then it only blows room temperature air. As far as the engine goes, we have only had to do normal maintenance, spark plugs, oil & filter change and brake pads.

- Stephanie S

That its reliable and not unreasonably priced.

Well, my car is very reliable, I have to admit. I haven't had any major issues within 3 years of ownership, plus it was used when I got it. It's not super fancy or fast or high tech, but it does get me where I need to go.

- Amanda C

Vehicle is well-kept with lots of character.

My car gets me wherever I need to go. Very reliable, clean and is up to date with being serviced as needed. Leather interior with seat warmers which is my favorite, Bose stereo and moonroof.

- Doreen D

Nothing too major that I have found. The car has served me well other than the bad transmission.

The engine runs great, the only problem is the transmission will not engage all the time. It does have a large transmission leak, thus I am continually putting transmission fluid into it.

- Jeremy H

It has good gas mileage..

I like that my car is dependable but I do not like that I have to keep replacing parts and that it does not like to be driven long distances without something breaking on it.

- Sarah M

Something small always seems to be not working well on it. The locks don't work well. The windows have trouble going down, and even the air conditioning isn't consistent.

Although it's a great car for the first couple of years, once it starts falling apart it becomes a real headache. It's not the type of car that'll stand the test of time.

- Dan H

Just a great car overall !

I am 100 satisfied with this car best car I've ever owned great on gas very reliable just like all Nissan's are in my honest opinion suspension handles like a champ

- Eliezer K

No airbags and they need more colors

Not enough colors for this car and for 2004. And they need better airbags, my soon to be husband was hurt in a car accident and they didn't go off.

- Sam N

It's fast and useful. Not the prettiest but there when needed

It's very old and it's at the point where it stops working at least once a month but it's still very useful to me for the day to day chores

- Andrea M

its a nissan sentra 03 and the color is black

the brakes screech, the alternator isn't that good. i always have to get a new battery for it. but other than the issues it works fine

- Lucy p


I love my sentra! it drives well. it's roomy and so fun to drive. it's a quick little car that will take you anywhere you want to go!

- Ali H

That it is very fuel efficient.

I like my Nissan because itis fuel efficient, I like my Nissan rides very smooth, I like my Nissan because it has a beautiful color.

- Linda T

2003 Nissan Sentra great car.

My Nissan Sentra 2003 is a great car. It is faster than what I expected when I brought the car. It handles great in snow and rain.

- Joe S

I love my car like family

My car has been all over the place and is still kicking after nearly 15 years. Very reliable. No major problems. Just the normal.

- Jennifer B

My car is very reliable, and gets terrific gas mileage.

I am the sole owner of this vehicle, and it has never let me down. I like it mostly, because I am able to work on it myself.

- Juli H

It is getting old being 15 years old.

It gets okay gas mileage and I have good visibility. I need a little more lift in the seating. Plenty of room for passengers.

- Mary K

Very affordable and great on gas!.

It is a very old car and is my first big purchase as an adult. The car is holding on but it is definitely time for a new one.

- Quincy S

Great vehicle that I will drive until it dies.

Reliable transportation with very little maintenance issues. It was bought new and is still running well 15 years later.

- Alston J

That you can run it forever it is very durable.

No problems runs forever, low maintenance little to no work on it, and it goes for miles because of gas economy.

- Mike S

Great on gas only cost about 20 to full up

Like it because it's cheap on gas. It's too small in the backseat for my child. It also is very slow

- Bekka L

My car pulls to the left really bad. The tired pressure isn't always the best.

My car drives great. It has wonderful gas mileage. Its very trustworthy

- Jessica R

gets good gas mileage and is low maintenance. four doors so easy to get in and out of.

gets good gas mileage on trips decent mileage in the city

- Kare F

It is low maintenance and it has high gas mileage.

It satisfies very well my needs. It is very reliable

- Luciano Z

Nice car, good mileage, seats 4. Less than 90K miles

It is hard to get in & out of for me. I love trucks

- Cheri B