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It has been very reliable with barely any issues.

I like that the 2006 Nissan Sentra is a small compact car yet is comfortable and does not feel to small inside. I have been in smaller cars like the Ford fiesta and felt crammed. I really enjoy having a 4 door car because it is convenient especially for having passengers or kids in the car. The buckles in the back seat to latch child car seats on is a great feature. I thing for the most part it gets decent mileage. It has quite the acceleration which can be nice especially when you pull out into a lane and need to go quicker than expected. I enjoy having the auxiliary port as it is a slightly older car it does easily allow me to plug in my phone to charge or listen to music. When the motor died on our rear driver window though it was difficult to have fixed because there were 2 window models made that year and our car dealership didn't have that distinguished in their system. For a car that is over 10 years old and just over 100, 000 miles it is still running really well. I hope we can keep this car for another several years. We really haven't had any engine problems. The only persistent issue has been with car batteries leaking, even new ones and we don't know why. I think we will look a Nissan again in the future though as a possible car.

- Cami C

Nissan Sentra reliable and dependable.

I bought my Sentra in 2010. It had approximately 100,000 miles on it. I am close to 300,000 miles. Outside of regular maintenance I can not remember any major problems. I am 6 '1 with long legs it can be a little tight for long distance trips. It has been very reliable has never left me stranded. It is not expensive to repair and as long as you keep the maintenance there should be no problems. For long distance trips I would say no more than 2 adults. The rear is sufficient for young children but, came be uncomfortable for adults sitting the rear on long trips. Front wheel drive is good in the snow. I have had to replace the rubber seal in trunk. Power window regulators might need to be replaced. The car is 12 years old that would come under regular wear. It may not be the fastest but, if your looking for reliable transportation. This would be a good choice. A great 2nd car for around town. A good first car your teen or a college student. I will purchase another used Nissan again.

- Malcolm M

It is a reliable car. Great for first time drivers and for single people.

My 2006 Nissan Sentra is the 1. 8s sedan version. The car has ran fairly decent over the last 5 years of ownership. The 1st person to own to own it was my older grandmother, who did regular maintenance and didn't drive it much(only in-town driving, not far). With-in my 5 years of ownership, I drove it nearly 8. 000 miles, growing each day, little by little. I do everything at home and only checking once a month. My check engine like has been on and off for 2 years now after an ac belt flew off. Also developed a screech in that time span. Transmission slips, does not like the highways and does not like making it over bridges. Mechanics have looked at it and all told me different things. I suspect a chip issue (replaced 6 years ago) or a new transmission. Over all great, small car, reliable for sure. Especially if maintained regularly. I would if my wallet and growing family could keep up!

- Darian F

13 years old and as reliable as ever.

This is my first car that I have owned so I do have an attachment to it, however, there are some features that I value and dislike more than others. One issue is that it is long both in the front and the back, my boyfriend calls it the boat. This causes parking to sometimes be difficult, especially parallel parking in the city. On the other hand, the sound system is really great which as a music lover I am grateful for. While it does not have fancy features such as heated seats or remote start, it has been an incredibly reliable car that has held up quite nicely even though it is 13 years old. I had to drive back and forth from Minnesota to Illinois quite often and it was always there for me, providing comfort for 6 hour car rides. Overall, I would recommend this make and model!

- Mackenzie J

This car had the suspension, brakes, tires, window wipers, lights replaced.

It is an old car, a lot of it was repaired but the downside is that the car is mostly manual. This means that there is no remote for it and that I have to physically unlock and lock each door with a key. Even though this is an old car it still has gotten me to places safely and even though it stalls when you try to turn it on but it still runs and drives smooth enough. Another downside is that the back windows do not roll down so I make sure they stay shut and the windshield is a little cracked from the last owner. I do love this car a lot and aside from the problems it has new tires, new suspension, and new breaks so it has everything it needs to run smoothly and safely.

- Katherine H

New used car: I've had the car for 3 years but it's 13 years old

I got the car 3 years ago when it already had a lot of miles on it, so a year into ownership of the car I was already having problems. The A/C doesn't blow a lot of cold air and the battery has died twice. Besides that the car is a real trooper for the 3.5 hour drive to college for me. I can make the 200 mile journey on 3/4ths of a tank and I get an oil change from the local Walmart about twice a year. The interior of the car is very old but still comfortable. It's easy to clean and accidental spills rarely leave stains on the dark carpeting. The car is very reliable as long as you pay attention to how you're driving and take care of the cars needs.

- Michelle L

It is reliable, easy to drive,looks good. Low maintenance,dependable

I have always been very happy with my Nissan. I have had minimal problems and have been very pleased with the reliability as well as performance. I will keep it until I am no longer driving, which will be in two years or less. I have always kept up with the maintenance, which I believe has added to the great performance and minimal problems. I have always taken it to a Nissan-Datsun shop for a winter check-up and again in the spring. I have always been glad that I bought my Nissan, although I had won a Ford just a week after buying my Nissan. I sold th Ford which helped pay for my Nissan. Yeah Nissan!!

- Marion H

2006 White Nissan small sedan.

I have had a Nissan Sentra since 2006 and I quite like it. It is small and very easy to drive and park. Problems started a few years after I bought it- the first of which was an ongoing issue with the starter- it does not always work right away but I have literally never had it fixed and my car always starts eventually. Radio and speakers went after probably 5-6 years. Comfortable to drive if you are smaller (my 6 foot tall husband cannot drive it comfortably). But I love this car and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

- Katie W

A great car for the family

I love my sentra. I drive it about 150 miles each day for work and I've not had any major problems out of it at all. A headlight is about all I've had to replace as long as I do routine maintenance. While its very comfortable for me, I know it's not the most luxurious car. However, its very reliable and has all of the necessary features. I would highly recommend this car as a starter car for a teenager or car for a small family. I honestly will probably buy another one to replace this car when the time comes.

- timmy F

My 2006 Nissan sentra is a very family reliable car.

My Nissan sentra is a very reliable family car. It gets me where I need to go whether it be to the zoo, park or the children's museum, my family is very comfortable and the double stroller fits in the trunk. The gas is about 30 dollars to fill up these days. My air conditioner is out but I just need to get that fix. There is about 150,000 thousand miles on the car and it does need new motor mounts. The back window stopped working and so did the button to pop the trunk.

- Amy C

My Nissan Sentra review. I cannot think of any interesting details.

One of my nephews gave me this car I have right now. It drives nicely and I am pretty happy with it. However being a short person I would much rather be driving a smaller car like a Volkswagen bug. I like very small cars best. The window on the driver's side is very hard to roll upwards. I am speaking of the Nissan now. Also the windshield wipers do not have an intermittent speed. Would like to have another car in addition to this one. . . A much smaller one.

- Elaine W

This car is very reliable and comfortable. Very enjoyable to drive.

I have had no real problems with this car, regular maintenance, serpentine belt needs to be replaced every 3 years or so. Drivers seat is very comfortable, I take it on road trips once a year, great gas mileage. Has a CD player, which is a standard player. It has 2 cup holders in front and back, which is very convenient. The trunk has plenty of room. Handles great in the rain, does not slide around corners on wet surfaces. I totally enjoy driving this car.

- Terry B

So many good things in this small package.

It is comfortable. I am 5'2" so there is plenty of headroom, not so much for taller people. It has leather seat, automatic windows, and and a great sound system. The tires are wider; therefore, the tires are special order, which can be a bit more expensive. The car is four door with a huge truck; it can hold 4 large suitcases. The car is compact so it is easy to maneuver and park; fits in the smallest parking spaces. Overall, it handles very well.

- Christine C

Nice Car but Comes With Some Iffy Problems

I had bought the car used from a car lot so some of these problems may have been due to wear and tear, but I've had a problem with the car not wanting to accelerate even when pushing the accelerator, it won't go over 5-10 MPH. It doesn't do it every time, mostly when it's hot out, but every one whom I've taken it to has not been able to find out the problem. Also the interior seems to be made of very low-quality materials and breaks easily.

- Heather M

Old reliable: 2006 Nissan Sentra will get you from a to be safely and affordably.

My 4 door Nissan Sentra is reliable, has had no major problems at 157k miles. It still gets 33 mpg on the freeway and is a safe car for s family. I have only had to fix a power window motor, some electrical work on sensors, rear springs and 2 exhaust systems In the cars lifetime. Wonderful affordable car. Starting to show so mb e rust...new england winters. Nothing fancy. Striking or a tin of room but dependable great on gas and safe.

- Keith W

The incredibly reliable car!

This has been an incredibly reliable car. I had to have something for the fuel injector replaced but that was years ago and covered by warranty. It also had to have the airbag replaced due to the Taketa issues. However, it has had no major functional problems. I have been consistent with maintenance. It is showing its age with the exterior paint chipping and some plastic parts inside that have broken, such as the glove compartment.

- Jennifer R

My car is important because it is my grandmothers that passed away.

My 2006 Nissan Sentra is a really good car it has been through my whole family starting with my grandma. It still runs really good has needed a new part but it is old and has done a lot of running around but it still goes as if any other car. It's a very comfortable car for long rides. In the 2006 Nissan Sentra there are no blind spots. My 2006 Sentra has been in 5 wrecks and it still runs without going in the shop for work.

- Felicia S

The Sentra is a percent college student vehicle.

Sentra is small and comfy. Only takes about 30$ to fill up and averages a week drive time with a busy driver. Very ideal for college student!! Trunk is spacious and back seats lay down, opening the trunk for larger storage. Vehicle is very easily maintainable in that nothing costs an arm and an leg to fix and are not cheap replacement parts. I travel a lot and the Nissan Sentra has made my commuting easy and affordable.

- Joanna W

It is as good as the day we drove it off of the lot, due to regular maintenance.

I love my Nissan because we've had it since 2008, and except for regular maintenance we have had very few problems with it, and most of those were caused by car repair shops not doing what we paid them to do, like a front end alignment that had the car driving worse than it did before we brought it there. In truth, we would buy another Nissan, but take it to a Nissan service dealer. It is an exceptional buy for us!!

- Samuel G

Works well. No major issues that I did not cause

It works well. The only problems I have with it that are not my fault are the speakers. The front two speakers did not work when I bought this car and 1 of the speakers in the back does not work. Other than that, this car works perfectly. I have had this car for 3 years now and other than the speakers, the only problems I have had with this car are from one accident I had and from where I drive rough.

- Patience S

My vehicle is very easy to make repairs on and is very easy to find parts for.

The person that previously owned the vehicle did not keep maintenance up-to-date and has caused multiple transmission failures and extremely financial repairs to be needed. The car has been mostly reliable and for the last five years. I work very hard to keep the car maintained and reliable. Beyond the financial repairs needing to be made, this vehicle is reliable and compatible to my lifestyle .

- Adrianne K

This is a regular Nissan.

My car is great on gas and mileage. Being that I drive it everyday, it causes a lot of wear and tear on the tires and components on the bottom of the car. I bought used, so a valve underneath the hood opens the vents for heat/air conditioning. The car drives smooth. It might take a few tries for the car to start up, especially during the cold months of the year. Overall it's a pretty decent car.

- Aaron V

Very reliable and good gas saver!

Never had any issues with my Sentra. It's always been reliable. It's small and cozy. It has 6 CD changer, aux, a/c, power windows. I always make sure to give it an oil change regularly. Since I bought it, I haven't needed to do much but add tint. Right now my husband, three kids and I use the car until we buy an SUV later down in this year. We'll also keep our good ole faithful as a second car.

- Reed K

AC works great! Very reliable car!

It's a very reliable vehicle. I haven't had much problems with maintenance other than oil changes and getting some parts replaced because of age. The a/c works great, has lots of legroom. I like the cruise control feature a lot! The only costly problem I faced was having the front struts replaced and that came to around $800. Other than that there have been mostly no issues. It's a great car!

- Laura P

Nissan Sentra- a good, reliable car.

It is a great car, very reliable and thankfully has not required to much work over the years. Downsides- stereo and speakers both stopped working over the years and I have had a problem with the starter for quite some time(however, it does not actually prevent the car from starting so I can work around it). Overall, I love my car. It is small and compact so it is very easy to drive and park.

- Rachel W

Vehicle is still reliable after 100,000 miles!

I enjoy car very much. It gets great gas mileage and is still very well at 103,000 miles. This vehicle is comfortable and has working AC and an auxiliary port. The only issue I have with this vehicle is that it gets very shaky when on the highway, and can be aggressive when accelerating. These attributes are likely cause by the old age of the car and the fact that the engine is older.

- Haley W

It is a solid car and very reliable so far.

I bought this vehicle used two years ago, I have put new tires, new brakes, front wheel alignment and oil changes to it. I bought it because I thought it would be a reliable every day vehicle that could take some wear and tear and it has proven that it can. I did not buy this car for looks, I bought it because it was a gas saver and thought to be reliable transportation.

- Dan Green A

Great choice. Great gas mileage!

My Sentra is the most dependable car I have ever owned. My gas mileage is above what they advertise it to be. I make several 13 hour trips a year that I need to have a dependable car and this is for sure one. The only problem I have had is replacement of the air conditioner. Even with 190, 000 miles on it I still do not want to trade because it is such a great car.

- Colleen L

Why I will always buy a Nissan.

My car is very reliable and I have had very few issues. In fact, recently is the first time I had any problems and I only had to replace the brakes, rotors, and a few other things. It ended up costing me about $950 which for owning it for about 5-6 years is great. The car drives smooth and goes from 0 to 60 in seconds. It is one of the best cars I have ever owned.

- Eva M

The fact that it has chance of skidding when you break hard on wet surfaces.

I love my Nissan Sentra. It runs well, but when it does break down, parts are easy to find and comparatively inexpensive. Been in two accidents and it saved my life both times. It is a little small for my current needs, but we make due. It does not take big hills super well, but it makes it up there eventually. Sometimes skids when you break hard on wet surfaces.

- Rachael P

Nissan sentra 2006 review.

My Nissan is very reliable even though it is older. I have had it for a little over a year and never had a problem! It is small and easy to drive. It is comfortable and has 4 doors so there is a good amount of room. There is an aux cord adapter so I can attach my phone and play music. The radio is nice and the speakers can be very loud! It is a great first car!

- Tori C

It is a great compact car with good mpg, and it runs solid. I use it to commute ~30 miles 3-4x a week.

It is an automatic 2006 nissan Sentra. It's compact four door. What i like about it is, it gets good mpg, the factory stereo system is excellent, and for a compact it is decently sized on the inside (6.5/10). What i don't like about it is that the trunk is small, and you cannot put down the back seats to reach the trunk. Oh and the cup holders are terrible!

- Nicolasa T

Nissan Sentra is good on gas.

I have the special edition which has a Rockford fosgate sound system that sounds pretty good. The little 4 cylinder lacks power though especially when the air-conditioning is on. Otherwise the body style and paint look pretty good as well. It is a dark blue with black interior. I guess the gas mileage is pretty good due to the small four cylinder engine.

- Anthony C

My.2006 Nissan Sentra is a very dependable and smooth driving car

I really haven't had any major problems with my car at all. My car drives very smooth and comfortable. I love the cruise control and since I drive one a month out of state 800 miles round trip, I use it a lot. If you keep up the maintain such has oil changes and rotation of tires this car is a great vehicle to drive and I consider it very dependable

- Sharon D

Very dependable car with low maintenance. After 10 yrs, it rides smooth.

I have very little e maintenance I have to do with this car. It is very dependable After owning it for 10 years I have only had to replace tires and some other minor repair. Since I live in a badly maintained roads I have had to have struts and shocks replaced and russo brake pads. No major repairs need after all, it has over 147,000 miles on it.

- Patti S

My car has great power, it handle great and that is what you want in a car.

Well a 2006 Nissan Sentra is a great car, it saves on gas and the maintenance is inexpensive. I am happy with the performance and that why I bought it, handle well the power is there and it is comfortable it is a perfect car for a single person. If I would like I would buy the one with the factor turbo which I know will increase it performance.

- Victor N

Reliable and great gas mileage.

My car is reliable and very gas efficient. I am 5'3' so it is really the perfect size for me. It accelerates quickly. It does not like to go faster than 70 miles per hour but neither do I. The trunk could be bigger and easier to load. I have had problems with the rear window motors going out but other than that nothing to complain about.

- Regina P

Did I mention I can go fast and save gas.

My Nissan Sentra spec v is awesome. It saves gas and is fast. Its a 6 speed stick shift. I love it! Its 4 doors for a small but comfortable fit for my grandchildren, great trunk space and sporty looking. I have never had problems with the motor v6. I love that it has a sunroof. I have a smooth ride great suspension. Plenty of legroom.

- Sylvia F

Great car! Have had it for 10+ years.

I have had this vehicle for 10 plus years and love it. The only problems is it has had is an airbag recall and it also came with low profile tires so when buying new tires it can become very pricey. Other than those two things I have had minimal problems with it. I have two children and have been able to fit two car seats in the back.

- Ashlee H

I changed the color from blue to white, the inside of the doors are still blue.

It is comfortable but it often has problems starting up even though we have checked the transmission. It also shakes when I go over 60mph even though the tires are rotated and aligned. The braking is very slow and I have had trouble with braking quickly when I need to. It has never broken down though and it gets very good gas mileage.

- Jamie L

My car is very economic. I do not spend a lot of money on gas. I usually fill up with $20-$25 depending on gas prices and it will last me a long time.

I sometimes have problems with starting the car. Instead of starting as I turn the key the first time, it'll take 2 or 3 times to turn on. It is a very comfortable car if you're in the front. Passengers in the backseat are restricted in leg room. The radio is great. I like the idea of bluetooth, but I know that this is an old model.

- Daniela F

It has a Rockford stereo system with a subwoofer.

Check engine light stays on, I love the size of my vehicle and the gas mileage. The ac only blows onto the windshield, which is frustrating. I love the amount of trunk space. The back seat is kind of small. It will be very reliable once I get everything fixed on it (tire leak, check engine light, alignment and oil change).

- Rachel G

Reliable and still looks good.

Been super reliable. I bought car new 2006. I am amazed how little trouble I have had with it. I went from garage kept car in heat of. Desert to freezing cold kept outside of east coast car still runs and looks good. I am in my 70’s this be my last car. Someday I am going pass car to grandson knowing still reliable.

- Linda P

It�s not that great, wouldn't recommend to anyone

It's very loud, the power steering just went out. The radio clicks in and out and my CD player doesn't work. One of my seat belts don't work. And the door handles are gone minus two. I don't know if I would recommend this vehicle to anybody shopping for cars. It's old and outdated and also has quite a few miles on it

- Angel G

One broken door, still reliable.

One of the car doors does not work anymore, the window does not electronically go up or down and you cannot electronically unlock or lock it. Otherwise it drives good still and takes me places safely. The seats are good and adjust well for my shorter height, and the car itself is not too big or small. Just right.

- Elena P

Just enough horsepower to get up and go

I love my car. It runs great, had just enough horsepower to get up and go if I need it to but yet it's still great on gas. It's 4 door so it's great to accommodate my entire family. However one thing I think the company should think about is remote control starts for all cars. That would be so much more helpful

- Ashley S

The joy of small car driving.

The car I own is a 2006 Nissan Sentra, a reliable car. I get very good gas mileage from the vehicle. The vehicle is comfortable for a small car. The vehicle has front wheel, good in snow. The engine is powerful enough for freeway driving. The exterior paint is good. The ac unit gets the job done in the summer.

- Ron M

My car is reliable but quirky.

My car is highly reliable, but has lots of cosmetic problems and small failures. The power windows in back quit working, and the passenger side window only works on the switch on the passenger side. The heat is now on at all times, unless the air conditioner is turned on, in which case I do get some cold air.

- Toni S

My favorite detail about it is the great quality speakers.

Sometimes the brakes can be really weak but I just need to keep up with the brake fluid it goes through a lot. It is reliable I like the radio and the mpg rate, it is comfortable, a little small but that is fine. The lights have trouble sometimes because the lenses are plastic and have become kind of bad.

- Samuel J

It�s slim and clean, and well put together. It has a nice appearance.

The only issue I really have with my vehicle is that it does not accelerate very well. But it maintains speed and has decent gas mileage. It's a good size, and holds itself together well. It's nice to look at, comfortable, and easy to work. It is a smaller sized vehicle, but still has plenty of space.

- Cameron T

The 2006 Nissan Sentra is compact car that is easy to maintain.

My 2006 Nissan Sentra is a reliable small car. It has been a low cost vehicle to maintain. It is also good on gas. At the moment I only drive it within city limits. Nissan makes small reliable vehicles. I feel since it does not have a lot of extra electronics I have not had to have many repairs on it.

- Jennifer M

The worst car ever made!!

The engine is the worst car I have ever dealt with in my life. I have had issues with the maf sensor and with the crankshaft sensor. My engine also blew a head gasket had about 120, 000 miles. I have also had issues with the transmission and the car is constantly breaking down. It is not reliable.

- Michael A

2006 Nissan Sentra review.

I love my 2006 Nissan. I bought the car in 2011 and it had about 26, 000 miles on it. I have had very few issues with it. I recently had to have belts replaced and I do need new tires and battery. I hope to keep it for a few more years. It is comfortable, drives well, and suits my needs perfectly.

- Laura H

Just the right car for my needs.

Though an older car, the Nissan looks and feels newer. It has the bells and whistles I need without needing an advanced electronics degree to operate. The interior is comfortable and the exterior look is current. No major mechanical issues, my mechanic assures me I made a good choice in this car.

- Dean W

It's an all around good value, performs well, and has no problems.

I like that it is durable, I've had it for over 10 years and it still works fine. I also like that it has good gas mileage and handles very well. There is nothing about it that I dislike, just hope that the things I like are the same or better when I eventually get a new one of the same style.

- Michael L

Older Nissan�s are worth their weight in gas

The quality of gas very much effects the long term reliability of this model. Gas from Walmart gas stations for example gums up the engine and causes it to overheat. Also the air conditioning has failed multiple times, so that wasn't a priority in its design. However it is great on gas mileage.

- Amanda R

I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra.

I do not have any problems with my car. It drives great. I love the small size too. I just keep up the oil and brake care and the car runs like a dream. I was in a accident several years ago and it was damaged but the parts where reasonable to replace and fix the car. It is also great on gas.

- Chanel B

Fun to drive, handles well.

Runs good, looks good, lots of trunk room. Driver's seat isn't for big and tall people but passenger seat is. Engine has lots of miles and still performs nicely. Drink holder sit too close to the stereo. Gets good gas mileage, fog lights help to see when it's very dark. Stereo is very good.

- Tammy A

Comfort with Cruise control.

My car is a very reliable car. Only problems I have with it right now is passenger window motor. Car also needs tires. My car is comfortable when you have to do those long trips that you dread to take. Just relax turn the cruise control on an cruise. Gas mileage I think is pretty good too.

- Brenda B

My old but amazing 06 Sentra!

I love my Sentra! I bought it 3 years ago from a Nissan dealer and have only had 1 minor trip to an auto shop. I actually would like to buy a brand new Sentra when I decide to get into a new car because I love mine so much. I gave it a four just because I'm not a huge fan of the body style

- Kari W

Affordable car, great sound system, looks sporty.

I rarely experience issues with this car. I have had it for about six years and put over 100, 000 miles on it, but have had to pay very little out of pocket for repairs. It came with a fantastic sound system with a subwoofer in the trunk that makes it sound like you are at a live concert.

- Justin H

Merlin the life of my second Nissan Sentra.

I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra it seems that it has had some issues with the fan for blowing cold air but probably due to age. I like Nissans especially because they get great gas mileage for the Sentra as I only drive about 25 miles a day to go to work and a full tank last me about 12 days.

- Dustin K

It is been through a lot but still functions overall well.

The brakes need frequent maintenance, there's an issue with second gear, however it runs fairly well considering the amount of miles on it and how old it is. It has made surprisingly long trips but it is starting to show it is age. The lights are fairly dim but it is lasted a long time.

- Ryan B

I think an interesting vehicle would be one that helps prevent accidents.

This vehicle has been through multiple accidents and although the body looks beat up, it still runs great! It has taken many trips from Pennsylvania to Florida. I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for reliable transportation that does not constantly need mechanical work.

- Courtney H

Sentra is reliable and low maintenance to own.

Small- but reliable. It is a gas saver and low maintenance. My car was all manual including the transmission and the windows. The doors were also manual. The pats for service were very cheap and easy to find and work with. I never had to replace big parts just the regular maintenance

- Ben M

Nissan sentra equals a lemon.

The car is super small on the inside. There is an airbag recall and something wrong with the front end that is a mystery to everyone that has looked at it. The air conditioner works when it wants to. The seals leak on the passenger door as well. The prices was right but it is a lemon.

- Jessica M

Great, reliable car with good gas mileage.

Very reliable. No major problems or concerns. Not very spacious which is not helpful for long car trips. Good gas mileage for the age of the car. Wish it had a backup camera. High accident safety when rear ended. No major repairs but ensure belts are changed or loud screeching occurs.

- Liza F

Banged up but running so far.

The driver side door lock doesn't work, the airbag has a recall on it, I can't roll down the window on the driver side back door, it has a problem with the temperature gauge and shows hot when it's freezing outside, the shocks need to be replaced and the brake pads are messed up too.

- Courtney C

What a dependable ride this is!

It has been a really reliable vehicle. The engine has over 219000 miles and still runs great. The transmission is starting to slip some but that is expected. It has the best gas mileage of any vehicle I have owned. The factory stereo system and Sirius radio make long drives bearable.

- Hayden H

2006 Nissan Sentra- Awesome car!

I absolutely love my car! My only issue is that my car leaks power steering fluid and so it is very hard to turn sometimes. I have had the car for two and a half years, and it is a 2006. It's running on 217,000 miles and it has been very reliable. It has amazing gas mileage as well.

- Maya F

Great car to drive, and good on gas.

My Nissan sentra is a very good car, good on gas, has good comfortable seats, and drives well. I had this car for a while. Recommend to others. I really don't have that much of a problem with the vehicle. Would buy another. It is a nice size vehicle, easy to drive and park. Love it.

- Bobbie K

The gas handle is on the drivers side floor board beside the seat.

My Nissan sentra is a great car. It saves a lot on gas. It has a few dents and scratches. Nothing wrong with it except it needs a tune up. Has a new transmission and fairly new tires. Nissans are a great first car to buy. No tears or scratches on the seats. It has cruise control.

- Rebecca S

This is a good car, nothing fancy.

This car is very comfortable. It gets great gas mileage. I do wish it had some extra amenities though. It does not have cruise control, or power locks or windows. I have not had any mechanical issues so far. The dash console does fall off a lot easier than I feel it should though.

- Rachel T

The worst car I have ever owned in my life.

The engine on my 2006 Nissan Sentra is very unreliable. I have had to replace multiple sensors and eventually the head gasket. I would not recommend this car to anyone, not even my worst enemy. The only cool feature that my car has is that it is a six speed manual transmission.

- Michael A

It runs very well and is reliable.

It gets harder to start and is very dented. However, it has driven well for the past couple of years. As well, it gets me long distances without a problem. It does well in bad weather and works very well for being 10+ years old. I hope to get another Nissan that works as well.

- Chelsea S

In all the Nissan is a really good car that gets the job done.

The only problem is that the car is old. The thing about the Nissan is that the car battery dies after like a year instead of the two three year battery life. The car is reliable drives fast and really good on gas. The most you'd be paying to fill up is 22 if you drive safe.

- Ikenna S

It is a very reliable and dependable vehicle, as long as you keep up the maintenance the vehicle will definitely last you a long while.

It's a reliable vehicle. Has good room, has been quite dependable. As long as maintenance has been done it has lasted. Gas mileage has been very good. Great Soundsystem. Only complaint is the cupholders. Seriously I don't know why they were put right next to the a/c knobs.

- Andrea J

My favorite car by far the best

This is by far the best car I have owned it has over 200,000 miles and still running great I haven't had any work done on it it's really good on gas I definitely would buy another one it drives good on the highway great trunk space I'm a housekeeper I drive all over town

- Alison L

A small Nissan story details of a good value vehicle.

My car is economic and comfortable for a small one and it has a sporty look for a sedan. The price was great so it has value I like to drive it and it is also good on highway driving comfortable for distance driving I like the look and feel of it ji would buy one again.

- Donna M

It is very average but usually dependable.

Air not working and it is too small. It is very dependable as long as you get regular maintenance done. It has lasted several years of regular use. If you have more than 2 larger people it would be difficult to fit comfortably. I wish I had found Nissan earlier in life.

- Bob F

Drives well, awkward placement

The vehicle drives pretty well. I have some size issues with the steering wheel and my knees. Those size issues are just my body type. The turning radius could be better. Cup holders are awkwardly placed upfront. This makes it difficult to access climate control panel.

- Mitchell L

Nice Stereo System w/ 9 Speakers and 300 watt amp, 1.8L 4 Cylinder motor, Special Edition w/ sports and audio package.

Nice Stereo System w/ 9 Speakers and 300 watt amp, 1.8L 4 Cylinder motor, Special Edition w/ sports and audio package. Great gas mileage and attractive interior and exterior. 145,000 miles with only minor repairs(ignition and blower motor resistors) still runs great!

- Carol L

To do normal maintenance, and always check your tires, inflation, tread, etc.

I have always like the body style of it, It's nice and compact. Also is very good on gas(gas saver. Last thing is the engine, with the amount of miles i have put on it, it has been very good to me, I have kept up with the normal maintenance of it, so that has helped.

- Anthony r

My vehicle is good on gas. I commute five days a week to work.

My car is compact and good on gas. I use regular gas for my car. It seats four people comfortably. It has a nice size trunk. It also comes with a lock for the wheel covers. It has safety lock for children or adults and adjustable . Front seats for front passengers.

- Robyn W

Love My Nissan as it is very dependable.

My Nissan is a very dependable car. Good on gas and mileage. Very few repairs have been needed as I keep all maintenance up on it. I have owned many American made cars in my 72 years. I feel the Nissan Sentra or any car by Nissan is the most dependable to own.

- Kathryn S

2006 Nissan Sentra, general summary.

It has been a very reliable car so far. It is good on gas mileage. Only money I have had to put in it is the basics, ( oil changes, new light bulbs, etc.. ) If I had to complain about something the only thing I do not like is the lack of space in the backseat.

- Danielle K

Great reliable car for people who care about safety and fuel economy.

My car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I have maintained my vehicle and have had to do very few repairs since buying it. The rear power windows no longer work but I have not chosen to have them fixed. The largest repair needed was to the exhaust system.

- Alicia G

The sentra: moderately adequate.

The sentra seems to wear it is breaks easily, but it is a nice size for a small family. It is got decent trunk space and comfortability. Does not take back weight very well though, so if you've got a full backseat and stuff in the trunk be careful over bumps.

- Nicole Z

2006 Nissan Sentra a great little car!

I bought my car in 2009 when it was 3 years old with 60,000 miles on it. I have had it for 9 years now with very minimal problems, such as the A/C went out in 2012. Minimal maintenance, regular oil changes but that's about it. It has been a great little car.

- Katie M

If you don't care about the older model, this is one of the toughest and strong cars.

This vehicle is very reliable and tough. I owned before the same but an older version 2004 and was running perfectly. The 2006 runs very smooth. The only problem is sometimes the light check engine turns on, but if you have good mechanic it is not a problem.

- Silvia S

2006 Nissan Sentra power, fun, great mpg

My 2006 Nissan Sentra has been a great car. It gets 33+ miles per gallon. The car has a lot of power. It a straight gear and fun to drive. The clutch is a little loose. The trunk has little space, but the seats lay down to put longer things in your trunk.

- Tim M

That it has been very good to me. It has been very reliable for many years.

I like that it gets good gas mileage even though it is 12 years old. I also like that for being such an old car, it hasn't cost an ungodly amount of money to maintain. My only complaint is that my back windows stopped going up and down several years ago.

- Jennifer S

Runs great and will not be disappointed

This car runs great. Has very good gas mileage about 30 mpg. Haven't had any major problems with it besides normal wear and tear. It is quite comfortable to ride in but my complaint is the backseat has very little room for anyone to sit and be comfortable.

- Tyler J

My beat up Nissan Sentra.

It runs great even with the high mileage. Great gas mileage. Rides smooth. Comfortable. Downside my air vents don't work right and I am missing a sun visor. All caused by me though. It's a great car and I hope to get a few more years out of it. Hopefully.

- Nikki F

Nissan Sentra is great for road trips

I really love my Sentra. It drives well and is very comfortable. I've driven it on long road trips and have never had any problems with it. It's surprisingly roomy inside for being a small car & I never worry about not having enough room for my stuff

- Sarah M

2006 Nissan Sentra Ol� Reliable

The vehicle has power windows. But one window ran off track and won't go down. The car squeaks when you turn the air on. I got a replacement transmission, alternator, and battery within 5 years. It rides good and is reliable. All problems were easy fixes

- Ashley M

Sentra for the win, it's so fun to drive.

I love this car! I have two children, and the only thing I would want to change is making it a little more spacious. It gets great gas mileage, and I love that it's a manual transmission. It runs great and I haven't had any problems with it.

- Ashlee A

I've had it for years and still is perfect no damage.

I love it because it's small and fast. . Perfect for me. Four doors because I have two kids. I bought my car all by myself and worked hard to get it. I take full advantage of it because I wouldn't want to live without it. Its my everything.

- Sabrina S

It's a smooth and comfortable ride. Gas sensor tells you how how many miles till empty.

Bought the car used and has performed well. I have made some repairs to it and perform regular maintenance. I like that it has cruise control and an adjustable driver's seat. Still gets good gas mileage and all systems function like new.

- Robert T

It has continued functioning since I've gotten it, and it has nearly 200k miles.

I like that it is gas efficient and drives smoothly. Many parts of the car have become dilapidated over time. The A/C, two of the electric windows, and many cosmetic parts of the car have broken. It gets me from place to place though.

- Wyatt S

Press button on the door handle to unlock the door with the fob in your pocket.

It is a good car with fairly good gas mileage. I love that plugging in my phone also connects it to the aux system. I do not like that when I plug it in it automatically starts playing my music even if I had not been playing music.

- Erin L

It's a great family car the ac is amazing it's spacious for being so little and so affordable

I love my Sentra it's the perfect size for When I have things to do with the kids it runs great low mileage gas is cheap 25$ and my tank is full the seats are amazing and I'm able to fit three full sized car seats in the back

- Krystin S

Very few miles for its age.

Great air conditioning, it can hold 7 compact discs, passenger space is very limited, good sized trunk space, speaker system added but not sure how to use it, visors do not offer very much coverage, no back seat headrests.

- Ashley W

It's a great size for a single person to get to and from work and find a parking spot easily.

I like the size and maneuverability, but I've had problems with the roof leaking and the door coming off it's hinge despite never having been in an accident, as well as other problems arising from the age of the vehicle.

- Tara L

While it may only be a base model, with nothing flashy, it's as reliable as a car could ever be. It's built to last!

I love my 2006 Nissan Sentra because it is so reliable. I've had the car for seven years and it has never given me a major problem. At close to 300,000 miles, it has all the original major components. It's been amazing!

- James B

It will let you know when it is neglected and not taken care of.

It does seem to be a very reliable car and as long as the usual maintenance is kept up on it and the tires, fluids, spark plugs and wires, etc. are kept in good condition there should not be any problems at all.

- Krystal R

The 2006 Nissan Sentra is a dependable vehicle. I would consider this brand of vehicle for another purchase.

When I initially purchased this used vehicle it was a replacement for a previous Nissan Sentra. This vehicle has been good but at this time has many mechanical and electrical issues. It does the job though.

- Edward S

It run good on gas & easy

What I love about my car it can still run after these years since I was in high school, but I what i dislike is that it taking its toll on me and I haven't been taking care of it as much lately.

- Chris C

In order for a carri be in good condition one must keep up the maintenance .

Considering my car is 12 years old it still runs great. I feel that because I keep up with the maintenance it is still in good condition. However I would like to get a new paint job.

- Darlene R

It gets great gas mileage.

Suspension and power steering doesn't last long. Also there is a guide on the back of the a/c control that breaks so you can't switch from heat to a/c without removing the faceplate.

- Andrew W

The most important thing would be the reliability of this model.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It has two doors and also a sunroof. The sun woof is the perfect asset during summertime. This car can fit approximately 4 to 7 people in the vehicle.

- Lulu L

Not to drive it too much.

I like the way it looks. But because we drive it so much there is something always going wrong with it. Just last week the battery died even though we've replaced it a couple times.

- Jade L

That it is an older car, but it gets me from point A to point B no problem.

I like the fact that my car has held up for 12 years, so that makes it a reliable car. I love the fact that it is cheap for me to fill my car up. I just wish I had more gas mileage.

- Jalen W

My Nissan is very dependable and low maintenance. I can get it and and trust it to get me where I am going with no problems even enough it is old, 2006. I would definitely look at Nissans where I am ready to replace.

I have had this vehicle for a long time. It is very dependable, low maintenance, and easy to drive. I would buy a new Nissan and consider it a great car, also looks good.

- rita w

It is an attractive, dependable,and easy handling vehicle.

It is a sporty looking mid-size sedan. It is easy to drive and comfortable to ride in. Even if it is 12 years old it has retained the smooth handling and attractive style.

- Rhonda D

The most important thing to know about my car is its reliability. It never lets me down, even though it's older and has high-mileage.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I've only had to replace the alternator once in its 12-year life. It has about 103,000 miles. The only gripe about it is its performance.

- Ali M

I got a good deal on it. The air works great on it. It gets really good gas mileage.

I like that it's good on gas. It has a good air conditioner. It's beat up on the inside and out cause I bought it used. It was cheap that was good but it has high mileage.

- Liza f

Its comfort and its size for hauling things around.

It is not reliable and I have had to make numerous costly repairs. What I do you like about it is that it is a six speed manual transmission and it is still fun to drive.

- Michael A

This car is a reliable gas saver. It can get you from place to place with no frills.

This car is very reliable. It takes me from place to place with little gas. I have had to do maintenance on it such as brakes, oil changes and tires but nothing major.

- Dan G

TLC goes a long way when it comes to taking care of a car

I love this car simply because of its reliability and good gas mileage. This car has been in the family for more then years and that's after being purchased after 2006

- Damond K

It is a great little commuter vehicle with great gas mileage.

My vehicle gets excellent gas mileage and handles well. The main complaint I have is the air conditioning goes out and I have been told it is common for this vehicle.

- Melanie D

It is very reliable! No breakdowns, no major problems and it's over 222,250 miles.

It feels safe on the road. The handling is good and it feels zippy. The gas mileage isn't bad and it hasn't broken down once since I've had it. No complaints.

- Jennifer W

The gas mileage is fantastic. My husband's SUV takes over $50+ to fill each week. I can get around a week and a half between fill-ups for under $30.

I love my Sentra. I've had a minivan/SUV for the last 15 years, but recently switched back to a sedan. I love having a zippy, peppy, easy to park car again!

- Barbara P

Good reliable car for a family

Hi. It is a reliable car. It is very fuel efficient. Approximately 300 miles per tank of fuel milage. The only problem with the car was an airbag recall.

- Rashauna M

It's very good on gas as well as big enough to carry a family of four.

I really don't have any complaints. I really like my car because it is the right size for me. It's really good on gas and can handle my everyday trips.

- adrian l

Personal opinion of my Nissan Sentra

My car general is very reliable because it of its relatively good gas mileage. it has helped me for 3 years now and I think it was a good investment.

- Cristian H

My own car and the wonderful places I have been.

I have had my Nissan for about four years now and it has been pretty reliable. It has served me well and has not had any total breakdowns at all.

- Christian H

Extremely reliable! I love that Nissan makes vehicles that you can rely on.

I have a base model car. It does a great job - gets me where I need to go w/out all the bells and whistles. Runs great and is super reliable.

- Melissa B

The gas mileage is on the high end as far as mileage goes.

I like that it has an aid cord and that it does not use that much gas... Dislike that it is too small, no Bluetooth and no technology with car.

- Diana M

They should know that it is fuel-efficient!

I like that is fuel-efficient. Also, I like the color which is gray (preference). The only thing I do not like is that is small for my liking.

- Tina H

Runs perfect. Will keep till it no longer runs

I bought my car used.. it just hit 200,000 miles last week and still runs like a champ. No issues at all. Runs great. Everything still works.

- Justin M

There is plenty of room in the large cab for hauling trash or furniture.

It runs well I keep it serviced it needs some body work done it has a great deal of miles on it I plan on keeping it for a few more years.

- Darlene R

It is not a good family car and car seats don't fit well a all.

My vehicle is fine just annoying. The axle needs to be fixed and my hood latch broke for no reason. Also my back window does not roll up.

- Sarah N

What others should know about my car is that it is economical on gas and that there is a manufacturer recall on the air bags

I like the style and color of my car . I dislike that it is not modern and needs a few things fixed. I love that i still have low mileage

- angela p

Good gas mileage. Do not have to spend a lot of money in the gas tank. The air.

I dislike that its older but it is good on gas. Also its the color i like black. The air and heat work great. I had to get shocks twice.

- Jenna M

Very small car, great for someone first car as a teenager.

The battery is overdue for a new one, and It's just a little to small for my needs. Along with the trunk being to small height wise.

- Tanya L

Special edition, gas safer, winter time mate

4 cylinder , comfy, reliable, you can drive it safely every day and it goes very well even after 250k miles, it have all what I need

- Jesse A

Keep up with upkeep, or it is expensive.

The things I like about my vehicle are the fuel economy and dependability, what I do not like is I wish it was a little bit bigger.

- James B

It is reliable and dependable.

Love the size of it, the way it drives. I love the sound system that is in the car... I do not like having to park it in the city..

- Sharon G

Great car for commuting. Gas mileage is wonderful.

Only have the power windows work. Not a large enough trunk anymore. Love that it was small for my first car and has held up well.

- Whitney R

It looks beat up and beat down, but it is consistent

I like that is has been reliable for years with minimal repairs or maintenance concerns. Though it has Its flaws, It's a trooper.

- Jeff J

i had this car (nissan) for a long time,and it's really good.it has a nice size trunk.good on gas,and reliable.

i like my vehicle because it is very reliable.it is also good on gas.i had this nissan for a very long time,and it's been good.

- bobbie k

I love my used Nissan! It is great!

It only takes $20 to fill up. I bought it used so it's has had a life. It has over 200k miles and I'm still going. I do love it

- Hayley I

It is a reliable brand and car for anyone who is single.

It is incredible reliable. It was fairly cheap considering how reliable it is. It is easy to drive. Best first car for anyone.

- Delia M

nice silver paint job with black leather seats

good mileage for the make, i really like its silver paint job. so far it has never failed me and hopefully it stays that way.

- manuel c

Safety ratings, and mileage.

I dislike the cupholders. They are too small. I also do not like the fabric of the seats. It is scratchy and uncomfortable.

- Wendy S

I think it is one of a kind.

My vehicle is cheap on gas and there is nothing that I do not like about it and I love my car because it ruin really good.

- Mona W

Economical as far as gas usage

I like that it is stick shift and is economical when it comes to gas usage. I dislike the fact that it's now an old car.

- Joe P

Not a looker, but you'll always get from point A to point B.

Reliable car. Has held up well over the years. Still has cold A/C. The only bad thing is the clear coat is peeling, bad.

- Shira S

It's good on gas low mileages.

Great on gas dislike CD player and radio a little too small it has low mileage no cruise control it get good gas mileage.

- Heather M

You must change belts about every 3 months.

Belts squeal, but reliable and gas friendly. I get 25 mpg in town which is fantastic. Not very roomy but I don't care. .

- Olivia W

My car is very well maintained. I keep all the maintenance records on it.

My car is very dependable, with only regular maintenance repairs needed. It is very good on gas and a comfortable ride.

- Barbara S

Very fun to drive. It has a manual overdrive

Very highly reliable. The car has some significant problems when it comes to the formation of rust near the back wheels

- Ian R

It's a great car and would recommend it to anyone that asks.

It's been a great car. Low maintenance. There has no major problems with the car. Have been able to travel in the car.

- Melissa H

It is spacious it is simple and the features are not that bad.

It is dependable on where I need to go. It has an AUX cord input and a great stereo system. It is also great on gas.

- Madison C

It is a cool little car if you like small cars.

It is a cool little car, fast. It is kind of small. Backseat is too small. I like the color. It burns too much gas.

- Wyatt E

It is great for commuters.

Reliable, aesthetically pleasing, no problems, easy to maintain, drives great, comfortable to drive and ride in!.

- Megan S

Small and compact so easy to drive.

I like the vehicle because it is compact. It is 12 years old and still working well. Not much work done on it.

- Deb D

It's reliable, and helps me get to and from work on a regular basis, although sometimes it has issues.

It's good, but it's old. It's dirty, and it doesn't always work. It probably doesn't work because it's old.

- Danny H

The most important thing that consumers should know is that my car is reliable.

It's a very great car. Gas last and feels really safe. Has a lot of room and great interior, family friendly.

- Cristina O

Great car, a real solid runner.

It is a good reliable car, very solid and comfortable. It is very good on gas, and for its age, top quality.

- Dominique B

It's been a solid, reliable car. It does a fine job getting me from A to B.

Have 156k miles without trouble, reliability. Cheap to maintain, own. Good gas mileage. Not fancy or sporty.

- Kevin F

Smooth ride very easy on gas

Ice cold air easy on gas great handling smooth ride new tires great heat for the cold days 4 cylinder engine

- Jason C

that it's good on gas and it's not much to fill it up

that it's not fully loaded.and that is good on gas.simple plain car.dislike the suspension it drives ruff.

- andrey s

Great for a small family of 4.

I love that my vehicle is great on gas and also great on miles. Also easy to fix and not expensive at all.

- Aisha N

the car has had no problems in 12 years

the nissan has lasted a long time with no problems. i wish it was a lot roomier. the air could be colder.

- pat s

The car runs well and will continue to run for years to come.

It runs well. Never had a problem just your standard maintenance. Reliable. Would recommend. Looks good.

- Darren A

It can drive cross country multiple times. And it still drives like new.

I like how it takes nice sharp turns. It is a pleasant drive. I like the feeling of acceleration. A lot.

- Kevin B

It's very reliable, haven't had to do any major repairs to it

I haven't had to do any major repairs to my car. Gas mileage is good... 22 mpg in town. Easy to drive.

- Jeannie D

Gas efficiency and last longer compares with other vehicles

it has a reliability and fuel efficiency; large trunk space and last but not the least the name brand

- Vergilius T

Small but reliable car that is easy on gas

It is a bit small, if you are a bigger person and the air conditioner doesn't really do all that good

- Doug W

This is an old model runs bad

Radiator is bad and coolant leaks the breaks have had to be replaced as well as the heater core hose

- Trista G

Gets good gas mileage, it has good safety features.

Bad belt, bad steering pump. Have to change the fluid regularly. Tires always having to be replaced.

- Emily H

It's a reliable car that will do everything you need it to do to get from point A to point B.

My car had been reliable. Get great gas mileage and hasn't had any major problems since purchase.

- Casey L

It is dependable to drive and is relatively easy to work on.

I like that it gets good gas mileage and is mostly dependable to drive. I hate the cup holder.

- Teresa M

It is very reliable and economical to operate. This is a very good car.

It is really good on gas. It is very easy to drive and maneuver in traffic. It is reliable.

- Lorraine M

It is great on gas mileage and abs brakes. It has sunroof that is adjustable

I like the longevity of vehicle. Rides smooth. I like stereo system. I dislike the size

- Michelle W

It is not reliable, it has not run properly since I have had it

It has never run properly, it shakes a lot when idle and no one has been able to fix it

- Ashley Z

I love that my car is over 200,000 miles and is still able to travel long distances. I love that even though she's 12 years old she still performs like she's brand new. I love that this car has been with me through high school, college, marriage, and two children.

She may have over 200,000 miles but she'll give these new cars a run for their money.

- Shyera M

the car is extremely reliable

Works every single day. That's all I can really ask for it. Runs great, can be slow

- yang H

That I am very happy with it. It has very good gas mileage.

Like the color. I love that my car has a spoiler. I love everything about my car.

- Shirley R

It is a dependable car and it always gets me where I need to go with no problems what do ever

I live it bec it never gives me problems and always gets me where I need to go

- Christina V

It gets great gas mileage

It's small And extremely fuel efficient. The cup holders are horrible though

- Wendy C

That it has great gas mileage and it is reliable.

It is a 4 door sedan. It has great gas mileage. It is brown and a great car.

- Naomi M

It's affordable but roomy and durable.

I like that it is a gas saver. It's compact but roomy inside. No complaints.

- michana M

Parts still available Still runs well Does not use a lot of gas

My car is reliable My car does not break down My car is an old foreign car

- Blessing A

It gets great gas mileage and handles great and is a great car

I like the gas mileage.i love the style. I hate how much the tires cost.

- Scott D

It is a quality car and lasted a long time. I would buy another one.

It's old. It is also reliable. All in all it is good for how old it is.

- Taurean D

It has a long life span an enjoyable smooth ride quite stylish and customizable

A reliable vehicle that has a long life easy to drive and a smooth ride

- Jonathan r

It may be older but it still a good car and gets good gas mileage

No complaints. Get good gas mileage. I can get in and out of it easily

- Janice S

I like that my vehicle is spacious. I like that my vehicle is automatic. I like the design of my vehicle.

My vehicle, the Nissan Sentra, is spacious and comfortable.

- Arene A

Holds up well, very reliable. I would recommend a Nissan to anyone.

It has held up well and required very little maintenance

- Meghan W

It is very comfortable and I really enjoy driving it.

It gets good gas mileage handles well very comfortable.

- irene l

It's reliable. It's small and easily maneuverable. It's light but quick.

It's long lasting as long as you take good care of it

- Kira M

It runs good. Keeps going. Should run a long time.

It is good. Durable and long lasting. Keeps going.

- Darren w