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Nissan Sentra 2007: General Overview from daily driver (non-mechanic)

I haven't had any problems so far except for flat tires. I would say it performs well as it is my daily driver and I have made 2 out of town (1hr+) trips with it. I enjoy the fact that the seats are not leather, and the window controls fully work. I also like the fact that I can lock all the windows except mine, from my kids. I use all of the compartments, and the gas lever is the same as the trunk lever, except I push down to pop the gas lock. Driving wise, it's smooth. It does not handle potholes or train tracks very well when going faster then 15, but for the most part I try to avoid hitting potholes and I just go slower on tracks. Otherwise, on the highway and freeway it handles turns well at high speeds (60-75mph). It is a quick start like 0-30 in about 7 secs which is nice. It also is not very expensive to fill ($35) and that lasts me typically 2 weeks and like 2 or 3 days when I'm only doing in town runs.im not sure what else to say. . The lights are very bright but not blinding at night, the a.c. and heater work exceptionally well, only takes about 5 minutes to get warm or cool. Yupp, I'm very happy with my car.

- Nakia A

Overall, my car is great. However, I would not invest in this car again.

When I first was given this car, I loved it. It's cute, just the right size for me, and usually drives well. It was used when I received it; and I've only had it for 2 years. Over these couple of years, its performance has declined drastically. I have many problems with it now; the engine doesn't work properly most of the time, the back window motor is broken so the window falls when I drive, the back bumper looks loose when I haven't hit anything or been hit, both passenger doors are very hard to open, and the car has trouble starting - I've taken it into the shop to be checked many times and there 'is no problem' but it takes several tries to turn the engine on.

- Shay P

Nissan sentra, oldie but goodie.

It is not to bad of a car but it is a bit outdated. Some of the features that I really like about the 2007 Nissan sentra is that it has a radio with an aux port and a CD player, the downside to that is that most cars and music tech including some modern phones now are use Bluetooth. The trunk has plenty of space and you can enter it through the back seat unlike the front of the car which feels trapped in comparison. If a passenger is even the slightest bit on the plus side and moves to much they might end up hit the gear shift. Overall it drives nice and is a good starter car that can get you from point a to b but nothing I would buy again.

- Candice R

Nissan Sentra is a reliable compact car.

The performance of this vehicle is great! I save so much more gas than I use to on my Honda Accord. It is super reliable, I drive long distances on a daily basis and have had this car for a year and it is done amazing so far. Since I have bought it I have only had to get an oil change and that is it but that is only for maintenance purposes. The only thing I would change about it, is the way it accelerates. My Honda never had any problems with that and with my Nissan it does not seem like it is meant to drive fast as I would like it to. It is also a comfortable compact car and I just love that I bought this vehicle to begin with.

- Lorena B

Mostly reliable, great for young adults and for a first car experience.

My transmission went out at 123,000 miles. I had to have it rebuilt. Other than that, I really haven't had many issues with it, albeit having a shotty transmission is a fairly big issue. It cost around $3,000 to have it rebuilt. It has been extremely reliable and has never left me stranded. Even when the transmission went out, I was pulling up my driveway so even then it didn't fail me. I have always taken good care of it though. Oil changes regularly and all. I got it when I was 16 and am now 28, so I know nothing different than it. I am ready for a new car though. All in all, it's been a good car. Especially for a young adult.

- Michelle L

It is comfortable, roomy, 6 speed manual drives smooth and is very quiet.

I absolutely love everything about this car it is a 2.0 which makes it easy on gas. It is a 6 speed manual which I love but some may not. I purchased this vehicle from a used dealership 2 years ago and 2 months after purchase I had to replace the clutch and flywheel and it did well for a year then had to replace the starter and throttle body which I am in the process of doing now. I love the look of this car and the interior is spacious and comfortable. Aside from the mechanical issues I have had which is expected on a vehicle of its age I love this car and would purchase it again if opportunity was given.

- Beth W

The all so reliable Nissan Sentra

I love my Nissan Sentra. The seats are very comfortable and for a sedan I think that it is very roomy. I rarely ever have problems with the car, even though it is 12 years old now. I have driven it very far distances without any problems and even with a lot of miles the car still works great. Only thing I don't like about the car is it is expensive to get parts for the car since it isn't made in America, but this would be true for any car that isn't. One of the most impressive parts about the car is the air. In the winter, the air warms up very quick and in the summer it cools off very quick.

- Isabelle C

Drove 6,500 miles without a problem.

The only real problem I have noticed with my vehicle is that the light on the dashboard is blinking that is meant to indicate the tires are flat, but the tires are not flat. Other than that it drives very good and is very reliable considering the fact that I drove 6,500 miles in it without a problem. The seat is not so comfortable if you sit in it for a long time, but we just bought a back cushion which fixed the problem. It has an aux cord plug which I really benefit from because I like to listen to my own music, it has leather seats and the interior is very pleasing to the eye.

- Julie M

Spacious car at its finest

I love my Nissan. I had a spacious trunk, drives very well and can take a good amount of miles. I have 3 children ranging from 13 years old to 3 months old and I have plenty of room for all of them and my husband to ride along with me. It has cruise control and radio features right on your steering wheel, great ac and heat. The driver seat will match with your height going up and down plus forward and backwards. The back seats completely fold down and the trunk becomes even bigger.

- Alexis K

Seat height adjustment for short people. Tinted windows provides extra privacy.

It has been a very reliable vehicle over the last decade plus. I live the tinted windows! It is the perfect size for me, as I struggle with depth perception. I love the feature in the car that increases the height of the driver's seat. I am a short individual and this feature allows me the comfort to see clearly. I have maintained the car over the years. I don't drive much but really enjoy driving my car. It has a couple small dents I want to fix, but is in great condition.

- Bridget B

It is a workhorse, it keeps ticking despite the age and wear and tear.

Its getting old... Lots of mileage... Damaged automatic windows and its showing its age badly... Key fob problems which had to be replaced... Suspension needed replaced... And were just pouring money into a car on its way to its deathbed so... Shocks and tires always seem to need replaced, and it doesn't handle as well... Radio died... CD player never worked... It's just a mess and a new car is the ultimate solution, if we can find a reasonable price.

- Joseph D

Nissan sentra the immortal.

I own a Nissan sentra 2007 that still holds up today pretty well. The car has 188,000 miles on it but drives like it is still new. The engine purrs like a tiny cat being stroked. There's a slight drone that, in my opinion, is quite relaxing. I love to just go for drives to clear my head. The car has been through a lot more than one would realize. One of these things is driving in one of the cities with the worst streets everywhere.

- Tristan W

Great car, reliable and a comfortable drive.

My car has over 215,000 mile on it and I have had minimal issues with it. As far has breaking down or needing repairs it has been a really great car and am happy that I purchased it. The only problem with it currently is that it burns oil frequently. I check it weekend to ensure I do not run too low and refill as needed. Which some would say is to be expected with a car as old and with so many miles.

- Tammy P

Smaller car but mighty and dependable!

This car has great gas mileage and even though it is a small car you have plenty of room inside. The size of the trunk is huge for the size of the car! This car is very dependable if you keep up the routine care. I expected to not have a lot of traction during the Chicago winter months but with decent tires even on this size of a car I do not. It is comfortable to drive for a long distance trip too.

- Sheryl S

My car is black with a fin, which is particularly intriguing.

Struts gave out early, the brakes were worn out when bought. The mileage is good and the interior is comfortable. Perfect seat height for my body, and the turning range is fantastic. The back is roomy and fits my family, friends, and two large dogs at one time. The engine and transmission has never had any issue, even where it is sitting at 150,000 miles over the lifetime of its duration.

- Angelic R

Comfortable, safe, easy to maintain!

This has been a comfortable, easy-to-care for vehicle for our family. We've had it for 11 years. It drives quite smoothly. The only 'downside' is that the front left has a bit of a blind spot, but we've long-since-learned to be aware of it and adjust accordingly. We take multiple long road trips in this each year and are always very comfortable and feel quite safe in this car!

- Kelli W

Perfect vehicle for day to day use and the occasional road trip.

My Nissan Sentra has been a great vehicle for your day to day commute. It has been reliable, fuel efficient, and easy to drive. My only issue has been the transmission which turned out to be a cracked oil pan. I bought this vehicle used and has not had any maintenance issues besides the regular oil change. I put 44, 000 miles on it in two years and it is still running great!

- Katie P

Only issue is power door locks and window control.

I've had it since it was new. I love this car. I haven't had many problems with it. Only maintenance has ever had to be done. It's a very reliable car. It is also quite comfortable to be such a compact car. I have the base model. One issue that I've had for a while is the power door locks and windows on the driver's side doesn't work. I've read that it is a common problem.

- Tam S

Nissan Sentra: the car you can depend on

The sound system is incredible. Nissan's in general run forever and any car parts that need fixing are cheaper than other car models. On my current vehicle there are some problems with the engine and one of the tires never properly lines up with my rims and so it creates a slow leak. These are individual problems and not with every vehicle this type. Overall, a great car!

- Samantha A

Only Nissan for me: great mileage and smooth driving.

Great gas mileage which I love. Smooth driving with only the normal repairs expected or required of a eleven year old car. Very reliable. Love the sunroof. Also the perfect sedan size for me; not too big and not too small. Comfy seats, love having the features on the steering wheel and Bluetooth connection. I also love the keyless entry and start functions.

- Lisa R

The car has been reliable. I have only needed major service once in 11 years.

I like the headspace - never feel my hair is hitting the ceiling. The seats are comfortable. The car turns nicely. There's one negative: sometimes when you try to accelerate, the engine cuts out. This can be scary if you are trying to pass. It appears the engine in my car may have been the wrong type. But I got used to it quickly - it is not a problem.

- Lisa P

Comfortable and reliable.

Very comfortable and very reliable. The car has saved me a lot of money from gas, I only put $40 a weak while my friends and family member have to put $60 or more in gas. The car was my moms, then my sister and now mine. It has been in my family for more than ten years and everyone who has ever use it have describe the car as comfortable and reliable.

- Monica C

A super compact, spacious, reliable, gas saver vehicle.

The Nissan sentra 2.0 sl is very practical and convenient. This vehicle is very compact is great for far and short trips. A good size and space for passengers, as well as, a spacious trunk. It also pretty much fits anywhere for parking. This vehicle is also a gas saver and the parts for the car are a reasonable price. The performance is in all great.

- Lorena R

Overall great family vehicle

The only issue I've had with this vehicle, and I have had it for over a year, is sometimes it seems like the transmission might be slipping. I got it used over a year ago and everything else has been great. I like that it shows my distance until empty for gas and lets me know if and which door is ajar. It's not the best on gas but pretty good.

- Danielle C

No cruise control, but still a nice car

The Nissan sentra I have is easy on gas, comfortable for those long trips, and is easy to get in and out. Only downside is my car DID NOT come with cruise control. It seems strange that as advanced as the cars are today, that cruise control isn't standard. We have smart keys, but can't install cruise control as standard equipment.

- Audra S

My car does not have anti-lock brakes.

It does not have anti-lock brakes. Due to this, it is very hard to drive in the winter. I have to drive very slow otherwise my brakes will not allow me to stop. It is also a trouble driving up hills in the winter. It is also hard to start driving after I have come to a complete stop in the winter as my tires will spin out.

- Gena S

A great car that is a good gas saver.

It is really good on gas very roomy on the inside. It has a really good stereo system the seats are pretty comfy. The color of the car is a good color the heat works very good and the ac works very good as well. The radio and CD player and the aux is great and glad it has it. The backseat seats are very comfy and so roomy.

- Britt A

Nissan sentra serves its purpose

It is budget friendly, serves its purpose of bringing me from point a to point b. However, if you got 3 small kids, it's not the best option. I think it is fuel efficient. It is also user friendly. Its interior is not that attractive like others but decent enough and as long as it serves its purpose, I have no complaints.

- ash R

I love my car. It has leather seats and great sound system.

So I have a 2007 Nissan, I just bought it last may. It is still running good. It is also gas efficient, it always last for a week for a full tank. It is also good for long drives, the only problem that it has is the air conditioning. Well, luckily, the fan is just blowing a hot air so it only needed to be recharge.

- Karla V

Reliable Family-Friendly Vehicle

My car has been in the family since 2007 and is very reliable. It has over 125,000 miles on it and gets me to anywhere I need to go! I love the bluetooth feature, because I'm able to talk to friends or family on the phone safely. I also like the auxiliary outlet so that I can hook up my phone to listen to music.

- Camille S

My car is my baby and I love it.

I love my car but I did have an issue at one time where I had to get my motor replaced and wasn't able to drive it for about 2 months. I've had a few issues with my alignment needing done and it still pulls to the right a lot of the time. I would like to get a new car eventually but it can wait for now.

- A P

The car is great as a family car, show car, even a racing car!

Had the car 12 years, no major issues. Been on many long distance road trips, was hit by a drunk driver who ALMOST totaled my car and the car was even stolen once and STILL it has not failed me. I bought the car when my daughter was still rear facing in her car seat-she just started 8th grade last week.

- Lauren Q

My Nissan Sentra is an average car with nice features.

I wish there was more visibility, when I drive I feel like I cannot see out the windows as well as my old car. It is also so low to the ground I feel like it bottoms out all the time. But it does great in the winter even though it is only 2 wheel drive and is very reliable. Also gets good gas mileage.

- Julia P

All about my Nissan Sentra

I bought my car used so of course it had some problems. After getting the problems fixed, it is pretty reliable now. It is good on gas and the seats are very comfortable. It does come with an aux outlet which is very important to me! It is also a small car so it's easy to maneuver the car around.

- Gianni H

It has a brand new radio. I use it to go to school and work .

I have a lot problems with rolling down the windows. The horn doesn't work. The wheels aren't brand new so they don't have much friction. The hood doesn't lift up correctly you need two people to lift it up. Many of the seats have rips in them. The wheel doesn't have the correct cover for it

- Vanessa N

Good brand and great mileage.

It was great when I got it but the recent few years it has been breaking down and parts are hard to find. It is over 10 years old and I have found that Nissan is a dependable brand. Will purchase a Nissan again in the future. I would say one issue that was big I liked was the gas mileage.

- Joel G

Great car, but sensors lie!

The tire pressure and sensor is almost always on, and that seems to be a problem with the older Nissans. Tire pressure is good, just have to check it every once in a while! Otherwise, great car. Not many problems. The air bag sensor goes off on occasion, but that could just be my car!

- Kayla P

If in a front end collision, my motor will fall to ground and not push in on me.

My car gets good gas mileage. May be a 4 cylinder but has plenty of get up and go. Love my transmission cause going down hills it automatically slows vehicle down. My car is actually roomier than some Honda CRV in front and definitely Corolla and sets higher up than a lot of cars.

- Joyce R

Old reliable, big blue!! That's what we call our car

No problems it's a good car that runs well. The radio is okay the speakers are now busted but it gets us from point a to point b. The paint is faded but it runs well. The best part is our car is paid off so we are happy with it. We keep the up the maintenance and couldn't be happier.

- Brenda F

Great little family fun car.

The car is very nice and comfortable it has great trunk space it is great on gas mileage it is a nice size easy to take care of would be a great first time car would also be great to take on vacations or even trying to learn how to drive for the first time or even great for seniors.

- Jared L

Steeler mobile from Pittsburgh Pa.

I love my Nissan Sentra, never a problem and very comfortable. It goes forever. Good gas mileage and very little maintenance. I plan to buy a new Nissan when this one runs out of energy. My whole family has Nissans and they all love them. You should buy one for their dependability.

- Joan D

Nissan Sentras will last a long time.

This vehicle engine takes 6 quarts of transmission fluid for a smooth ride. There are also issues with the tpm light. Other than that, reliable car. There is lots of inside space and compartments and the inside of the trunk is big. There are no fog lights which I wish were added.

- Beth G

Zippy little 6 speed commuter

30 plus mpg. Zippy little 6 speed. Hasn't asked me for much. I have had this car for a few years now and it has never let me down. Great in the snow for a front wheel drive. It's my second Nissan and I would definitely suggest it as a commuter car for anyone looking for economy.

- Joshua G

I think the gas mileage is the most important thing others should know.

My vehicle is very reliable and has very good gas mileage. It runs very smoothly as well and I never have any major issues with it. Occasionally I have some issues when it comes to having the air conditioner on when the car is idling. But other than that it is a great vehicle.

- Jacky B

If you prefer performance to luxury, this is the car for you.

Great car but no backseat air vents, no trunk access from inside vehicle, window sticks unpredictably even after repair. Good gas price and mileage, drives well, nice acceleration and brake. Limited cup holders and storage space. Sleek outside look and nice cloth interior.

- Sarah T

Nissan Sentra: small car, big value.

This is a great small car. It gets 25-30 mpg. The only problem I have had with it is the paint. It has chipped, which is something I have noticed about Nissans of the late 2000s vintage. So cosmetically, it is rough around the Edges, but mechanically, it treats me well.

- Ellen S

Okay car has a few issues.

Dash light will not go off even though no issues. Battery issue unusual size have to use larger aftermarket and no clamp down option so sometimes battery moves and not reliable during cold months good on gas good size for 4 people comfortably good sound and easy upkeep.

- Pete H

Definitely recommend Nissan Sentra

A Nissan Sentra is a great dependable car. It has rarely given me any problems at all. This is my second Nissan Sentra and am still getting the same great results out of this one. I definitely recommend. It has definitely been a reliable vehicle with great performance.

- Jessie E

Economical but very comfortable and doesn't make a lot of noise

It has very good mileage. Very efficient. Very comfortable, even though is compact, the back seat seats 3 passengers very comfortably. The only complaint everyone has about it its blind spots for the mirrors is very big, you have to be very alert of your surroundings.

- Maribel C

Reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable

I have had no problems with my car. It gets good gas mileage, and is easy to maintain. I did have one problem where the speed sensor went out, but it just started working again the next day. I am happy with my car and how it has turned out. I have had it for two years

- Nate S

My vehicle is very small and convenient for younger teens, single person.

It is a smaller 4 door vehicle, automatic drive, good heating and air conditioning, comfortable bucket seats in the front ( comfortable back seats too ). Very good performance, no issues other than tire sensor blinking ( no one has been able to help fix this issue ).

- Porsche B

Nissan sentra. A great car.

Great overall. Great gas mileage. Great power. I like that it had enough room for a family of 5 while it may be a bit cramped it works. I can make it up mountain passes and still get about 30 mpg. It is a Nissan so it should last forever. Maintenance is easy as well.

- David O

The car does not eat up a lot gas and I have not had any problems with the engine.

It is a nice car, and it runs smoothly. It is not a newer model so the music system is outdated, I would prefer a sunroof, and the horn should be in the middle of the steering wheel instead of on the lateral parts. The driving is fine, the interior is my only issue.

- Felicia M

Small but reliable 2007 Nissan Sentra

I need a motor mount on my 2007 Nissan sentra at the moment. I find the car isn't as forgiving as other vehicles and that may be the biggest negative I have about the car. I love the miles per gallon I have! I can fill up for 25 bucks and it lasts me almost a week!

- Rhonda B

Reliable, comfortable family car

My 2007 Nissan Sentra has been a reliable car for the 6 years that I've had it. Over the years, I've changed the battery, brakes, rotors, tires, oil and head gasket. The car runs well and comfortable enough to take multiple long trips down the coast to Florida.

- Stephanie F

Nissan sentra: the car that does not last as long as you would think.

I love the look and interior of my vehicle but I feel there are too many problems with it holding 6 quarts of transmission fluid. When there is a small leak with the fluid, it can cost a lot of money to repair and refill. Also, the wipers are horribly designed.

- Betty G

Small but efficient. Gets you where you need to be.

I have no had many problems with this car. The only real problem was the fact that many of the radio pieces have fallen off such as the buttons. It gets good gas mileage, not too loud, good surround sound. Fairly reliable and has lasted for over 10 years now.

- Ethan Y

It is bigger on the inside than it seems from the outside.

a first I really liked my Nissan, but after a few years it does not seem to have a same get up and go. Also I recently had to get the front right engine mount replaced, not a cheap fix. My next trip to the auto shop will be to replace the struts.

- Shannon P

If you like great gas mileage and a smooth ride you will absolutely love the Nissan Sentra.

I really do love my car. Only few issues I have with the car is the gas cover was designed awful and it bends when you open it. Another issue I have is the small amount of space I have from time to time. Other than that I truly love my car.

- Nick D

Good gas mileage in town and on the highway.

This car is good on gas, dependable, and would make a good first car. The base model does not have cruise control though and I wish it did. If you are planning on having kids though it is very difficult to fit 3 car seats in the back seat.

- Heaven D

Its over 10 years old and has had about $8k worth of work done on it.

It's an okay car but I want a nice car. This car is a base model of the car it is and I would love to get a more sporty or muscle car. The car I have now was my grandma's car and she got a few dings on the car and I would like a clean car.

- Vincent M

It has good gas mileage and is very durable.

I don't like it as much as an Altima (that's what I previously had). The front on the car is more compact and not as spacious as I would like. Other than that I just like the Nissan branch, the cars are reliable and last for a long time.

- Alex l

Good reasonable car! It runs well, very good condition.it Fits for everyone.

I like the car because it is durable. it also had a reasonable price. It works well and serves Its purpose. What I don't like is the car does not have much personality. I would like the car more if the car has a hatchback.

- Miyuki O

It has the power to get you anywhere you want to go. You never have to worry if you go out to your car, that it wont start. It never breaks down. Considering it was manufactured 12 years ago, it's amazing.

I like how dependable it is. I like it has the power I need and the steering is very easy. They only thing I can think of that I don't like is I always seem to have a light out somewhere. I'm always replacing bulbs.

- Christine M

Very enjoyable to drive and ride in.

I really love that my car gets good gas mileage. It has lots of room for passengers in the front & back seats also a very roomy trunk for most needs. It has a very smooth ride. I also have a CD player that I love.

- Debbie E

The car is without a doubt reliable

I got my Nissan Sentra when I purchased it from someone on a Facebook exchange. The car is reliable, no doubt; however, I do experience problems from time to time with leakage, air conditioning, and heating.

- Samantha T

For an older vehicle, all in all, I'm very happy with this car. It's easy driving in city traffic. Quick response on turning.

I enjoy the good gas mileage, but it could be better. It's comfortable to drive on trips of 300 miles or less, but longer trips are hard on my back. Performance and reliability are very good.

- Marilyn J

It is good on gas, and it's comfortable. Large trunk space.

I love my car. It is very reliable, and comfortable. It has a big drunk, and seats go down. It's good on gas. It's not that great in snow, but unless you have 4 wheel drive nothing is good.

- Patricia A

Lemon car: too many issues and repairs. Average gas mileage.

Constant maintenance problems. I've replaced the front right strut at least 4 times. The transmission blew and had to be replaced. All four tire pressure sensors went out. It's a junk car.

- Emily L

It is a small compact vehicle that handles well on the road.

I like how it handles driving. I do not like how low to the ground it is. Thankful it has a protective layer on the underneath of the car. I would have tore up the car if not for that.

- Shane D

The Nissan Sentra gets great gas mileage and it's dependable!

My car is really reliable - it's a base model and it has about 175,000 miles on it but it still runs pretty well for its age and use. I'm impressed with the longevity of the vehicle

- Krystin C

2007 Nissan Sentra: dependable and reliable.

The 2007 Nissan Sentra is very reliable. It drives smoothly. Sentra has a good gas mileage. The Sentra is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It has keyless entry and keyless start.

- Di A

The tires are all different sizes.

I don't believe it's the cars problem necessarily but the owners who I bought the car from. I bought it from craigslist for $2900 and the car is fine but the tires were messed up.

- Sri S

Does not hold up well. There are certain cars that hold up for years and years, but this is not one of them for sure.

Great vehicle when I purchased it. Now, it is terrible. Constant problems, makes funny noises, needs tires and batteries replaced constantly. Did not hold up well as a car.

- Jessica A

It does not have cruise control if your used to that for long trips.

It's a good running car but I had to replace the transmission about 6 month ago. I don't like that you can't raise the seats up. I'm a short person. other than that I love it!

- Jennie G

It is a great reliable vehicle for work. Great gas mileage and low maintenance.

It is a great economy car and roomy to be a compact sedan. It gets great gas mileage. It has not require much maintenance other than your topical maintenance as a car owner.

- Sandra F

It's so reliable. Won't break down, great basics and you won't have to worry about high cost repairs.

I've had my car for 8 years and despite normal maintenance it's great! Some of the paint is starting to peel and t doors are rusting a but, but it's holding up really well.

- Jennifer P

That it doesn't accelerate the fastest. It can go fast, but its 0 - 60 is probably 7 seconds.

It is an okay car. It is one of those things you just kind of live with. I really can't wait to move forward with my own new car. No complaints as it gets the job done.

- Isiah H

The gas mileage is not as good as it should be. For a car this small, it really should be much more economical.

It's been a decent car, but I'm disappointed in the gas mileage. I wish it got more miles to the gallon. If I could go back, I might not purchase the same car.

- Kellie S

It lasts a long time and it is one of the most wonderful cars you can ever drive.

I have a very comfortable car it runs really well the brakes worked perfectly the brand new motor has new headlights steering wheel column everything wrong.

- Jared L

Very old, lots of miles, but extremely reliable and great

My car has been amazing, it's logged over 286,000 miles and it's still doing great. A few repair s over the years I have owned it but it's been so reliable

- Erik E

It runs great highly recommended for anybody but you don't have to take my word for it

I like mostly everything about my car its roomy runs great and it's nissan so it never really breaks only dislike i have is that i didn't get it sooner

- John P

It is durable. And it will last over 10 years.

I like the Sentra because it is a pretty reliable car. It is good on gas and the price was good. However, I have had some costly mechanical work done.

- Stephanie R

Fairly reliable car to have. Must take good care of it to get your money's worth.

It has issues every couple of months. It drives ok but shakes when it drives. It also isn't very fast which can be scary when entering fast roads.

- Preston N

Why the Nissan Sentra is awesome!

I love this car! It's more spacious than one would think on the inside, it handles well, and it gets good gas mileage. I highly recommend it!

- Daniel F

My car has transported me for 11 years with no major problems.

My Sentra is a very dependable car. I have never had any major work done on it. The only thing I dislike is that it is not an electric car.

- Mel R

It gets great gas mileage in town or highway. Best I've had yet.

I like that it is compact and gets great gas mileage. I do not like that it has a small trunk and backseat and it is hard to store anything.

- Tara R

One thing I like about my vehicle is that is easy maintenance. I also like the size it is not too big nor too small.

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is easy to maintain and you get a decent amount of miles per gallon.

- Kieran K

It get me from point A to point B and it's never stopped working you just have to take care of it

My vehicle is very reliable. It's had usual problems such as changing rotors and breaks. I wish it was made out of a more durable material.

- Averie H

It is very safe and very comfortable to be a passenger in.

I love having a Nissan, it is very reliable. I plan for my next car to be a Nissan Altima. There is very low maintenance with my vehicle.

- Mindy A

2007 Sentra review. The good and bad.

Good gas mileage with quality interior, but not without its flaws. I've had several repairs over the years and I'm only at 90,000 miles

- Drew O

Reliable, Affordable and Dependable

It's a very compact car. It has a good engine, is reliable and efficient. The car has been worth the money that was used to purchase it.

- John T

It's a dependable car that has served us faithfully for 8 years and over 100,000 miles.

It has been a dependable car with some minor quirks. We haven't had to put much maintenance into it, and the few issues are liveable.

- Stephen L

The car needs serious mechanical and cosmetic work to be dependable.

The headlights are dim and make seeing the road very difficult at night. The brakes are bad and make horrible noises when stopping.

- Mark S

Great mileage and good on the gas. I also want you to know that it has some problems with the wheels.

It is easy to maneuver and has great mileage. I love that it caters to my every need. I also love that the seats are comfortable.

- Nancy h

Nissan Sentra is a reliable vehicle.

2007 Nissan Sentra is reliable. Vehicle drives smoothly, has great add on features and have never had any major issues with it.

- Diana A

Even though its beat up some on the outside but I love the inside.

Over all runs great. It down have a few minor things that need to be fixed do to age of car. I love the base in my car as well.

- Jesse P

It is very reliable and an easy fix. Nissans are usually long term vehicles.

The car is reliable. If any issues do happen on the vehicle they are usually an easy fix. Parts and repairs are not expensive.

- Elisha R

The Nissan Sentra is a reliable car that can be driven daily and keep going.

The Nissan Sentra is incredibly reliable. The gas mileage is better than average. I feel safe when driving my Nissan Sentra.

- Heather T

It's easy on gas and its reliable.

I like my vehicle because it's easy on gas. Its reliable and easy to operate. What I dislike about my vehicle is its small.

- Breanna R

Key Fob- keyless entry and starting never need to take your keys out of your purse

it's comfortable, reliable and I can't lock my keys in it. I love the key fob. But the truck is broken now and that sucks

- Berni D

My parents bought this car for me when I was 16 years old as my first car. It has been through it all with me! Through high school, college, and now adult life and still running like it did when I first got it. I love the dependability of this car and how durable it is. One thing I dislike about it are some of the parts that make up the car, specifically on the interior, have broken or faded. For example, the driver side window wouldn't roll all the way down due to a part in the door that was damaged. And the driver side mirror is flimsy. But other than those minor things, the overall car has been a great one

This car's engine has over 150,000 miles on it and doesn't obtain problems. This engine is very reliable and dependable

- Vivian S

It's a gas saver and a great starter car

It's great on gas , it is getting older; It's a 2007 so she has so loose eds. o major complaints. mantainenece is ok

- jasmine s

Don't buy this car. Find Japanese one

It has bad transmission and muffler rusted very fast. Also it is too tiny for a family.the bluetooth stopped working

- Ahmed W

It is very reliable,decent price,easy to maintain,have few problems

It is a great car, very reliable,good on gas,handles well, no major problems, power door locks, abs,pw,ps,cd player

- John G

It is fast for a four cylinder.

I like the shape and the handling and the mileage, but I could use something newer, and higher up off the ground.

- Frank R

The most important thing that others should know about the car is that it uses gas efficiently.

The only complaint that I have about the car is the color. I didn't get to choose the car. It was given to me.

- NyKeisha S

It is a reliable car. I have had to do much to it but the normal upkeep.

Reliable car as long as you do the upkeep of it I have had my car for 11 years and it still runs pretty good.

- Lisa F

very goo, careful with the blind spots

it's very reliable, only thing bad about it it's having a big blind spots on the front, by the side mirrors.

- mari c

It's the best. When I'm in the market for a new car, I will ONLY buy a Nissan.

It's the BEST car I've ever owned. It rides beautifully. There's nothing I dislike about and no complaints.

- kelli l

My car has great mileage and is reliable in the snow

The air conditioning is broken, but it is a great car overall. It is reliable and goes well in the snow.

- Sarah M

Nissan is a good company have some good promotions on cars.

My 2018 Nissan Sentra haven't give no headache yet I think it's a great car and its really good on gas.

- Daphne O

It was dependable and performed well in snow.

The only problem I had was it being totaled. I thought it was a roomer car compared to my previous car.

- Ellen J

Nissan Sentra is a very reliable car. I never need to worry if I need to get in my car and need to go somewhere.

I love the way my car handles. I love the power of the engine. The sunroof and interior are perfect.

- Christine H

The Nissan Sentra a little car

Great little four door car. Five seats, a/c, a radio, good speakers. Really amazing handling for a car

- Zach C

It's not a lemon it will get u to a and b and back to a again

I wish I would take my time to really choose a car but I don't. I really like the dodge Dakota trucks

- Darren H

A just an alright car. Have put a lot miles on it

Ok for the long haul. Minor issues with the engine. Don't like the cheap carpet. The paint will fade

- Mark S

It gets good gas mileage but is not the most comfortable seats.

It's gray. I like almost everything about the car except for the CVT. It's weird.

- Greg G

It's a great car, handles well and fun to drive and I love it!

I love the color. It drives well. It is good on gas. I have no complaints.

- gloria j

It is powerful and very reliable in the winter weather.

It is powerful for a tiny car. It goes well in the winter. It is reliable.

- Sarah Y

I like that it is a manual transmission and it has a sunroof and it is fun to drive. It also has been a reliable car. I don't like that it takes premium gas which costs me more at the pump.

It is reliable and has served my family well while still being fun to drive.

- Charissa S

Good reliable car and can last past 200,000 miles

Too many miles. Had to get the brakes fixed similar times. Car is too small

- Katrina B

It is very reliable. I have over 100,000 miles on this car. It runs like new.

It is reliable. I get great gas mileage. It is a comfortable ride.

- Treg M

The Nissan Sentra is a Great Midsize Sedan for anyone.

I love the style. Gas mileage is great. And it's low maintenance.

- mandi w

It will last a really long while

It's a smooth ride. I need to get ac charged good gas miles

- Christina T

It's the key fob, best thing

I can't lock my keys in it, that's the best thing about it

- Bernice D

Cvs transmissions are really bad if you forget to turn the overdrive off before you go on to the highway

It was really good until a few weeks after I bought it

- Cody G