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My car is roomier than it looks from the outside.

It is small and has a four cylinder engine, so it is less powerful than my previous car (V6), but it gets MUCH better gas mileage than my previous car. I miss the power of my old car, but I love the gas mileage I get with my Sentra. It is comfortable for me to drive, even on long trips, and I can seat my family in it comfortably in spite of It's small size. Love that the trunk is bigger than you'd think it would be looking at the car from the outside. The blind spots are very blind spots. More than once I have changed lanes only to have a car appear on my bumper with me wondering where it came from, or it blowing It's horn (so I assume it was there and I didn't see it before I made my move). I have to be hyper-vigilant about keeping up with what's going on around and behind me in traffic.

- Jeanna R

Nissan Sentra transmission issue warning.

I have had my Nissan Sentra for about three years now and it has been up and down. I had to get my transmission replaced within two years of having the vehicle. There was a point where my car would just shut down for no reason and I would have to pull over and restart it in order for it to do drive again. This lasted for about 2 months until the transmission was replaced. Now that there is a new transmission it has been a fine car to drive with no problems. It gets me from point A to point B daily and it does great on gas as well. I have seen other reviews stating that this same model has had other cases of premature transmission issues as well. Aside from that problem I would say that it's a great, affordable car to have.

- Hunter T

Nissan Sentra a small car that drives like bigger cars easy to maneuver.

My Nissan Sentra is not really a bad car at all. It is been 100% reliable such as, it always starts right up, it has never broken down on us and it has never needed new parts and we never had to get a mechanic to fix it. Only minor upkeep has been all we have done on the car so far. It is a pretty small car which I like. It is good on gas and although small it has 4 doors which is a plus in my book. Plus this car truly does ride pretty smoothly despite its small size. Yet even with all of the positive things I have told you about our car I still feel like it's the wrong car for me. Its looks like a mom should be driving it which I am but it's just not my style.

- Jackie A

My 2013 Nissan Sentra is the car of my dreams.

The seats are comfortable but are not electronic so you will have to adjust them manually. It does come with satellite radio for a subscription but you can get it free of charge if you have the Bluetooth service on your cell phone. I really like that feature. The windows are electronic and it comes with child-proof talking for those with little ones. It also has GPS and it as well that allows you to save your routine destinations. It goes up to 180 on the dash and has a sport feature if you really need to get up and go. And also has an eco-friendly feature if you want to contribute to saving the environment from unnecessary pollution.

- Krystal P

If the battery has died, you are not going to be able to move the car.

It is pretty reliable. Gas mileage is decent. Like that I can connect my phone or mp3 player to the stereo to listen to music or podcasts while driving. Dislike that the doors automatically unlock when cutting the engine - would rather unlock them myself when I am ready to. Everything being dependent on the electrical system was a problem when the car was in the garage when the battery died and we couldn't get the gear shift to go into neutral so we could push it out of the garage to jump off from a neighbor's car. Given a choice, I would prefer a less automated, manual transmission car with the same stereo system.

- Frances H

Stay away from Nissan Sentra.

I enjoy very little about my car—rear view camera, heated seats, and Bluetooth. There are a lot of negatives. The seats are uncomfortable, especially for someone who is always driving. With only 69k miles, the transmission needed to be replaced completely. That is only 9, 000 miles over warranty. Something I didn't even think was possible (and neither did Nissan). Not much room and comfort as stated before. I am not a fan and immediately regretted buying a Nissan brand new from the start. My plan is to get rid of this car asap especially after the stunt with the transmission.

- Rosanne P

2013 Nissan Sentra: comfy, convenient, and efficient.

Very reliable, amazing mileage. Spacy, good looking car. Comfortable for long trips. Great stereo quality, uses an auxiliary cord too. Fairly luxurious for a simple car. Handling is very comfortable and it is an easy car to get used to, and an easy car to keep clean. Good space for items and drinks, a very nice interior. Needs oil changes slightly more often than most cars its type. Windows, locks, et cetera are electronic and I never have problems with the electric key functions. Performs well in bad weather but carefully in extreme weather. Affordable, comfy, and convenient!

- Olive F

Amazing mile per gallon ratio.

Extremely comfortable and easy to drive. I always feel safe in my car and seldom experience mechanical difficulties. Great interior and features. Speaker system is amazing and everything is so smooth. My favourite thing about this car is the miles per gallon it gets. It helps me to save a lot of money on gas. I am able to get about 420 miles on a full tank of gas. It has an eco button which also aids in the preservation of gas. This car big enough for everyone but also small enough to fit just about anywhere. It is very quiet and very smooth.

- Jo B

Ecoboost cars = gas saver.

This car has gotten me all over the place! I am able to travel 300 miles on a full tank of gas! On my Sentra, I have the eco-boost and use the eco button system. This allows me to save on gas, which is really good in this economy. I love that my Sentra has a backup camera just in case I cannot see something in my rear-view mirror. It helps me get to where I need to go without using up too much gas. I also have my Bluetooth connected to my Sentra so I can listen to music from my phone without having to use an AUX cord.

- Molly M

Reliable car brakes should be quieter.

We have always gone to the dealership with any issues, I can say that whatever brake pads they use for this car will always squeak. That is the only thing I hate about the car but other problems have always been a few recalls but only one affected us. That was the shifter getting stuck. The size is perfect for our small family of 3. It drives good and the heated seats are great. We have never been strained in this car, maybe a flat tire or two but nothing where the car wouldn't start.

- Serena H

The eco button on the left of the wheel helps you save gas.

The interior of the car is very comfortable. The car has an "eco button" on the left side of the wheel that you can turn on to save a little gas per mile! It is not great in the snow but I think that just comes down to tires. The key is electric and sometimes won't start the car when the car is too cold. There is a physical metal key inside of the fob but there is no visible key hole on the doors or inside the car so I still have yet to find the use for it.

- Jane H

Great car! No manufacturer issues.

Car is wonderful. Heated seats, navigation. The car runs well and has not had any kind of manufacturing issues. The car also has great gas mileage. I get about 33 city and 35 highway. The only problem I have with it is a minor issue with the stereo volume control. I cannot use the knob on the dashboard but instead have to use the volume adjustment on the steering wheel. It is not a total inconvenience but so far haven't been able to get it fixed.

- Skyllar R

My Sentra is pretty average.

In 3 years of owning a Nissan Sentra, I haven't been particularly impressed or annoyed. Mishaps tend to occur about as much as one would expect from a sedan. The inbuilt stereo system is pretty much useless, as all stock stereos tend to be. I replaced mine with an aftermarket unit almost immediately. All around, it is a pretty uneventful affair. It gets me from point A to point B and there's not much to complain about.

- Nicholas G

I lost my hubcap is that normal.

This vehicle is very spacious. It's the perfect I'm between size car i've ever driven in. It hasn't given up on me in any of the crazy situations I get it in. However I will say this, and I am not sure if its common for cars or not. My hubcap fell off when I was driving. I don't recall going over any major bumps but when I got home the hub cab was gone. I tried going back to look for it but it had disappeared.

- Weary C

2013 Nissan Sentra vs. one fine car.

Great little car, good on gas, very reliable, actually quite fun to drive. However, one thing I do not like is the fact that the automatic transmission is a sealed unit making it impossible to service myself. I mean, I cannot even check the fluids level. I still think the pro’s far outweighs the cons I guess the best testament of my love for the car is that I would buy it again.

- John S

Efficient gas mileage check, premature cosmetic wear

Love the gas mileage, rear view mirror "dimming" (extra feature), backup cam and bluetooth capability. Requires synthetic oil, so oil changes are a little more expansive but it doesn't need to be changed as often as older models so it evens out. Cons: trunk isn't sealed well so water leaks in and the handle is coming apart on driver side door and we have only owned it 4 Years.

- Allyssa K

Review of 2013 Nissan Sentra.

The vehicle is comfortable for its size. It is attractive and I enjoy being in it. I have had problems with reliability. The transmission had to be replaced within three years. There have also been some other mechanical issues. The vehicle is not all wheel drive and performs poorly in rain and snow. It is not recommended for areas that experience this type of weather often.

- Victoria B

If you want a compact fully loaded vehicle go with this awesome Nissan Sentra.

I wanted a small used car which the Nissan Sentra we bought is just that, the only issue I have is that when you pull out in front of others it does not accelerate fast enough for me. My husband does not feel the same way though. We got a great deal on our car with a fantastic extended warranty and it will be paid off next year so we are happy with our purchase overall.

- Michelle H

2013 Nissan's are known for having transmission issues so don't buy one unless you have a warranty.

I really like my car gets really good gas mileage when it's running correctly. The only problem I really have is that it's got transmission issues and it has since basically the day I bought it but thankfully the dealership covers it on a lifetime unlimited miles warranty and all Ipay is a $100 deductible when the transmission finally goes out. Because it will.

- Brooke H

Transmission issues, gutless Nissan. Sentra.

My car is gutless. Apparently, Nissan Sentra cars are known for transmission issues. I had to have a new transmission put in. Something is draining the battery and the dealership cannot find out what it is. Rocks get stuck in the brake pad area and the solution is to drive in reverse to release them. Just not an ideal car to own. I will never get another one.

- Dana E

Self locking doors and very roomy.

Low mileage, I replaced the battery last year. My car is very reliable and the features include... Auto door locks, nice speakers and air conditioning gets really cold fast. The mileage is on 35,645. I never had a flat and it a smoother ride. I had a later sentra and I got this one because of the dependability of my first sentra. My car has a roomy back seat.

- Lori D

It has good gas mileage and relatively spacious.

I love that it is a relatively simple car to care for, it does not require heavy maintenance or much invested into gas since the mileage is good.... As for dislikes, it's a small car, and as for preference I'd like to have a midsize but it does not take away from the fact that it is a good car. It's more of a personal preference and circumstances.

- Victoria G

Nissan motors have transmission problems.

Nice for a compact car. Gear shift broke and is very expensive to get fixed. Feels like the transmission is slipping a little and sometimes the steering feels like it's wanting to stick when you turn. For a 5 year old car the body still looks nice and I keep it serviced. Just the bigger things that will cost. Not sure I would buy a Nissan again.

- Vivian S

Review of Nissan Sentra 2012.

Transmission is different then most cars so it may be harder to get worked on, it is a good little car runs well good on gas I love my car. It runs well great for short or long trips. Cute sport look to it. Roomy inside but not to big. Haven't had to much wrong with it just keep up on the oil check s and other normal things. Like any other car.

- Savannah G

The interior is sleek and comfortable.

My vehicle runs very smoothly. It is nice to have an economy option to save on gas and a sport option to have a little bit of fun. The sound system is nice considering I love to listen to music. I have only had it for 7 months so I haven't really had to pay upkeep on it. It is a smaller car but I enjoy that and makes it easier to drive.

- Julian C

The inside panels on the doors are all lined with cloth.

I love my vehicle. It drives well, the gas mileage is good, and it has a nice interior. The only things I do not like about my car is the film they use for the back windshield is hard to see out of, and that the hubcaps that come with the tires are plastic so one of them broke of while I was driving through just three inches of water.

- Savannah J

Nissan Sentra - not only comfortable, but suitable for all sizes.

I love my Nissan Sentra mainly for its comfort, size, and gas usage. The car also runs very smoothly and is easy to maneuver. I love the size because I live in NYC and I am able to fit in almost any parking spot. The seats are very comfortable and although the car is small, it comfortably fits tall and bigger people in the seats.

- Christina S

My car is a Nissan Sentra. The term model of the car is SV. It has basic features but the car is reliable. An interesting highlight would be that when the tire pressure is low and you fix it, the car will honk to let you know you have met the tire pressure preference.

So far I have not had any problems with my car. The performance of the car is great; the acceleration isn't fast. Reliability of it is great, still don't have any problem with my Sentra yet. The comfort is nice, just wish that the seats were more adjustable. Features are nice, the features that come on the car are standard.

- Danyell R

A reliable vehicle (bonuses help too)!

I really love my sentra! The only problems I have had with it so far have been standard maintenance things and faults of my own. It works best with the synthetic oil (which is recommended). I have a lot of upgraded features in mine (GPS navigation, bluetooth voice activation, etc.) and I do enjoy all of those as well.

- Allison B

Fast, economical, and fun.

My car is a red 6 speed, economical, fun car. I get 29 mpg in town and 42 mpg on the freeway. Some days I wish I had gotten an automatic transmission but when I get on the open road I remember why I bought it. It's easy maintenance and comfortable front and back seats with plenty of trunk space for big shopping days.

- Cathleen D

My vehicle has been running smoothly and hope to trade it in one day.

My vehicle has had little problems since I bought it. I got my car in February and I had to change one of my back tires and fill some of my tires up. I changed my oil last month but nothing major has been wrong with my car. It has been treating me well so far and I am trying to take care of it for as long as I can.

- Ariel W

I couldn't imagine life without my vehicle. My vehicle is my first car.

I love everything about my car. Only thing I do not like it does have an alarm. If my car had an alarm, it would be every amazing! Also another thing I do not really like it is a rebuilt car, which I am hoping a lot problems do not happen. Beside that the my is amazing! It takes me place and it does not burn gas!

- Francesca D

A decent vehicle but next time I think I will get a higher end car.

The car is just ok. It does not drive super smooth but then again it is the lower end of the models. My transmission just went out at 45, 000 miles which was weird but it was under warranty so it was covered. The seats are not that comfortable. I had to buy a lumbar pillow to make them better. I get about 27 mph.

- Brenda M

Great on gas starting in the morning is perfect heat comes on within moment.

I love my Nissan it is great on gas and the performance is great I haven't had any issues with my car the tires that came with my car I just had to change and my battery last year I have had any problems and my car has over seventy thousand miles I would recommend a Nissan to anyone looking to purchase a car.

- Christina M

My Sentra has the keyless, push to start, option.

I really enjoy the drive of this car and the push to start, keyless features, button access lock on the driver and passenger doors, and the spacious seating. I also really enjoy the sunroof and the navigation system. I like that I can connect my phone via Bluetooth to play music. It is an overall great car.

- J A

My reliable Sentra never lets me down.

I have never had a problem! It is a very reliable car! It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable, with heated leather seats! I have never had a break down except for a flat tire! The air conditioning is awesome and easy to regulate! Driving my Sentra is a pleasure because it has great maneuverability!

- Marie D

2013 Nissan Sentra- great reliable vehicle.

My Nissan Sentra is a great, reliable car. If you keep the oil/air filter changed regularly there’s no problems with it at all. The tire pressure sensor is a bit touchy, and constantly goes off even when my tire pressure is fine. I have had the dealership “reset” this but it is a reoccurring thing.

- Alex C

2013 Nissan Sentra Review

The 2013 Nissan Sentra is a great vehicle for the city and for travel. It has a spacious backseat and trunk and just an overall good car. However, since it (2013 model) is the first of it's kind when Nissan redesigned the Sentra, it has a few problems such as a faulty compressor and technical issues.

- Jairus E

Wished I bought an Altima.

The car is ok. I do wish I would have bought the next level up (Altima). This Sentra gets about 27mph. The transmission went out with only 40000 miles on it but it was covered under warranty. The seats are not super comfy. The headrest is too forward pointing. I use a back lumbar cushion for support.

- Brenda L

Nissan Sentra good buy or lemon.

The rain leaks in and the transmission is horrible it has a good sound system decent interior if you don't get cream the engine is underpowered no passing speed and the back window slides against the rear break light and makes noise the paint chips easy and when it chips rust appears no matter what.

- Joel S

Low maintenance, affordable, stylish for compact.

Great mileage for expenses cost of gasoline in town. , It is a compact Sentra I enjoy the comfortable drive long distances. I have not any major repairs since bought the vehicle in 2023. Low maintenance. So great since I woman. I love how it looks sporty but Sentra compact car. Also is affordable.

- Janet A

Nissan issues. Spacious and smooth but has problems.

It has been a great vehicle but has had more issues than I care for. Had to replace the transmission, shifter, ac has had problems and now the catalytic converter. Other than those issues it has been great on gas mileage and reliable in all aspects. Its roomy and has space for everything I need.

- Diamond C

My car is a very comfortable car in comparison to all of its other competition.

When thinking about my experience with my sentra it is very hard to complain. The mgp is absolutely perfect and reliable in relation to my day-to-day commute. Usually, I can see roughly 35 mpg and that is something I cannot ever complain about. Also, I absolutely love how comfortable the car is!

- Alexis H

This car has great gas mileage!

My car has been extremely dependable. I haven't had problems with it all. I have only had to do regular maintenance on it! It is been great! I like the feature of "economic" or "sport" regarding gas usage. It is also very handy for the car to show how many miles I have left on a tank of gas.

- Joshua H

There is room for my family and all of our gear even on trips.

I really enjoy this car. It is very comfortable and has room for my growing children. The only challenge is the visibility out of the back. I have to make sure to turn and look before changing lanes. I also like all the nooks for storing things. My paper work is not buried in the glove box.

- Allison B

Magnificent ride. Couldn't ask for better.

Haven't had any problems with my Sentra. Runs beautifully. Great on gas and mileage. Great on the highway too. The ride is very smooth. The Sentra is light and kinda fast, if that is what you like. The sunroof is wonderful day or night. Like the stylish lighting at night. Overall it's nice.

- Daphne C

The car is small to look at but has a lot of space for a family of 4.

Cool. Good mileage. Easy to maintain; reliable, with lot of features that are needed for a basic car. It may not be fancy, but it serves the purpose. Good for long rides too. Happy to own such a good car. This is comfortable to maintain as well. Cheap maintenance. Easy labor and parts.

- A A

Affordable, great looking car.

Affordable, simple, reliable, not for someone looking for all the bells and whistles. The car for someone who wants an affordable vehicle that is reliable and is a good looking car. Parts are not expensive, most mechanics know how to work on the car, not too expensive to keep up with.

- Mia A

Nissan Sentra: the best of all worlds.

My car is very spacious, leaving my passengers feeling comfortable. Silent and smooth transition when accelerating. Great mpg (29, 38 highway). Effective eco-friendly mode, controlling acceleration and speed of car. Accompanying sports mode, which leaves the driver feeling dangerous.

- Elizabeth E

Reliable car: just a couple things could be improved.

I do not like the placement of the center console. It does not allow for the driver to rest their arm. I wish the eco function would stay on until the driver decides to turn it off, I always forget to turn it back on when getting into the car. I enjoy the handling and turn radius.

- Stephanie F

Sport mode is my favorite thing.

I love my car and the sport mode but sometimes the rpm does not work right. However we bought the car used so it may be from the first drivers. My car is not good in the winter but in every other season it is great. I would highly recommend as a not so expensive fancy sports car.

- Madison B

Great car!! I would recommend.

My vehicle is very good on gas and it is not very hard to park because it is a compact car which is nice and the performance is very good as well, I personally have minimal problems with it the car itself. The size is comfortable to drive and all around the car drives very well.

- Taylor W

My 2013 sentra, small car, big performance.

The car I drive is a 2013 Nissan sentra. I have owned the car since 2015 and I haven't had any major issues at all with the car to this point. I recommend this type of vehicle to people who need good gas mileage and dependability. The size is just right for a small family also,

- Clarence T

The most important thing about my car for me is the excellent gas mileage.

My vehicle has a lot of different features that make it enjoyable while driving. It has a built in navigation system as well as Sirius XM radio, a CD player, a USB port and an AUX port for different listening options. It also has a back up camera which is useful for parking.

- Alexander J

The transmission might fail around 100k miles.

The Nissan Sentra 2013 is not a great car but it gets the job done the transmission failed on me and the low pressure tire light is always on but it's better than most cars on the road it has leather seats Bose sound system and that's about it gas mileage is ok too I guess.

- Joel S

I love how my car is good on gas and rides very smooth.

My 2013 Nissan Sentra has been good to me going on 4 years. The drive is smooth. The only thing bad about the car is the mileage, it is way too high. It is compact and it can hold up to 5 people. I have never had serious issues with my car. She is very good on gas as well!

- Courtney C

Great affordable car for school.

Great affordable car. Does have transmission problems so that is the downfall. Lots of room in the back seat. Great starter car. Comfy seats. Loud speakers. Has rear view camera for backing up. Very sporty. Has Bluetooth and voice command. Has am/FM radio, aux, CD player.

- Gabs S

Great car, very highly recommend especially as a first car for someone.

My car is very reliable and smooth when it comes to driving! Being able to switch from sports to eco to just regular drive is another very cool feature. It is also a very lightweight car. The car is also easy to maneuver. It is a very nice car if you take good care of it.

- Katy L

My experience with the Nissan sentra.

Insurance is through the roof and the car is just not good for my driving style. It has had a lot of problems regarding transmission (which is weird since it is a newer model) I have done many road trips with this car and overall good it is just not the best I have had.

- Maddie S

Dependable, cheap on gas, but not designed for a family with older children.

While still under warranty, the dealership had to replace both wheel bearings at different times. There have been a few recalls, but all-in-all, it's been a good car. It has over 100,000 miles and still drives good. It's small, not good for a family with older kids.

- Sabrina J

Nissan is reliable and low maintenance.

My first time owning a Nissan. It is reliable, smooth and low maintenance. I bought it used. Prior to that I only bought Chevrolets or used rentals. It was a leap of faith to try a Nissan but based on so many recommendations from trusted sources, I am glad that I did.

- Renata T

Smooth ride, reliable, easy to park and handle.

The Nissan Sentra is a very reliable and comfortable car. It is roomy, without being too big to handle. It is small enough to make parking easy. The trunk is roomy enough to pack luggage and supplies for a road trip. Drove it from Chicago to Asheville with no issues.

- Nicole K

Nice used car that drives smooth, has modern features for comfort and efficiency and is a good first-timer car.

No problems. It is a new car. Less than two months owned. Had 115 miles on it. Comfortable. Love the aux cord feature and the cruise control feature for longer drives. It's about 35 mph per gallon which is cost effective for the household. Nice color. Got a blue one.

- Rachel W

How I love my Nissan Sentra.

My vehicle has given me no problems I maintain it whenever its time the ride is smooth and comfortable I feel safe on road trips. I never have to worry about anything major going wrong. . I absolutely love my car. Not only is it reliable, it looks and drives amazing.

- Jessica H

Rough ride, but good horsepower for the price.

CVT transmission is sluggish on taking off. The car is a little rough riding. Gas mileage is not accurate. Car is small. But overall the car is reliable and roomy given the size compact. I am pretty content with the car for work usage hope this helps with purchase.

- Evelyn S

A Sentra for everyday use.

Comfortable, smooth ride. Silver exterior with light interior helps deflect hot Florida sun. Manual transmission is fun to drive, but first gear is sort of useless. It is easy to park and maneuver. Big wide windows provide a good view without a lot of blind spots.

- Sheryl A

Good performance and very reliable.

It is dependable good gas mileage roomy looks good. Nissan makes a good product and color choice. The service at Nissan dealership are though and Nissan demands certain criteria to be followed to make sure their product gives their customers complete satisfaction.

- Ann T

Compact car for a small family.

It is a very compact car for a small family easy to maintain and easy to drive. Performance is good. Family of 3-4 people can easily use it for long drives. It is good for long drives and to drive around in cute traffic. So all in all a very good buy I would day.

- Dev N

Nissan sentra is a safe and affordable choice.

Great and reliable automobile. Really enjoy how spacious and convenient this car is. I have had this car for a few years now and it has had no issues. Nissan is a great company and always offer updates when needed. Overall I recommend Nissan sentra to everyone.

- Mark T

Sharp and reliable, would buy another.

This is my first car that I financed and now own. After 5 years it is still in beautiful condition with minimal upkeep. Would likely purchase another. Spacious trunk, big back seats, and comfortable seating for driver and passengers. Satellite radio is a plus.

- Lauren C

A comfortable car for you.

Car rides nice and it is pretty quiet. I am at 99 thousand miles with my car and it is still going on pretty strong. I have always felt safe and comfortable in my car. The only issue is how aggressive the car lurches when it is switching gears automatically.

- Audrey P

Large trunk and great gas mileage.

I love the inside it gets great gas mileage. I wish the tank was bigger. I only have a 10 gallon tank. The is a lot of room in the car. Love the color. Blue-green. The car runs good. No problem with bad weather. Has large trunk. Have not had any problems.

- Diane M

Fantastic affordable car for a family of 4.

It is a very reliable, comfortable, and affordable car. Some of the interior feels cheap, and is coming apart and is easy to knock out of place. The gas mileage is really good. Decent amount of trunk space. I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever.

- Sarah D

It is gets good gas mileage.

My car is great. Only one bad thing about it is it is not a good car for the winter. Horrible in snow. Other than that the car is excellent! It is good on gas, comfortable seats, and great speakers for music. The GPS built in is a awesome tool as well.

- Jane G

Sentra. Pros and cons. . Good mileage but poor legroom.

The pick up is very poor. The legroom is inadequate. The car has very good mileage. It is a small car but the legroom is disappointing anyway. The pickup is quite poor. The legroom is not good. . Especially passenger side. But the car has good mileage.

- Beth R

Choose reliability over luxury.

Leather seats - very comfortable. Seat warmers for the winter. Low to ground/sedan, so bumps in the road feel really pronounced. Smooth drive otherwise. Bluetooth connectivity issues. Reliable car, driven across country often for school and vacations.

- Emerald A

A short thought on Nissan Sentra

I like that it has enough room in the backseat. It could have a better job with stereo system. It is reliable because I can drive without any problems. However, sometimes the engine will trick you into thinking that it will flow smooth but it is not.

- Nicholl L

The high-performance car that is built to last.

A great all around car. I have not encountered any issues that would be noteworthy. It rides very comfortably, and gets great mileage. Nissans are built to last. Tires, brakes, etc. Have longevity. It is a great car for traveling and/or city driving.

- Holly H

Lots of room for a small car!

Very reliable, performance is great. At 80, 000 shift lock/transmission unit had to be replaced - but still runs fine. Love the heated seats. Love the push button Start. Rides great and keeps outside sound out for the most part. Stereo is wonderful.

- Dee T

It has a stick shift - knowing how to drive a car with a manual transmission should be a requirement to get a driver's license!

I like that my car is a manual transmission and it's not too big. It gets pretty good gas mileage averaging 34 miles per gallon. My car has most standard features (automatic windows and doors, for example), but I wish it had Cruise Control, too.

- danni L

The most important thing one should know about my car is it is safe.

My favorite thing about my vehicle is the dependability, the comfort, and the ease with which I am able to drive it for long periods of time. The only thing I do not like about my car is there is no Bluetooth, and the paint is easily scratched.

- Jasmine H

Amazing turn radius! It looks sleek and can be used for everyday things or long trips.

Great gas mileage. Never have any problems with it. Very comfortable. I personally don't have a lot of extra features but it's still a great car. The turn radius is amazing. Very nifty and sleek car for day to day work, errands or long trips.

- Cody Y

The car is amazing on gas and roomy.

The overall rating for my 2013 Nissan Sentra would have to be 4 out of 5 stars. I found the vehicle to be pretty good in the snow with the right tires and had to perform very little maintenance during the 2 years that I have had the car.

- Jared K

Very dependable vehicle. A great value for the price.

Extremely reliable, economical, comfortable. Great vehicle, especially for the price. Very dependable, little maintenance. Only repairs were tires and brakes this past year. Have had the vehicle since 2013 with nearly 50,000 miles.

- Joanne A

I like the size of the car for myself and picking up my grandchildren. Room for two car seats. Not very much room in the trunk for double stroller or extra large cooler. Comfortable seats and leg room. My sons don't agree but they're over 6' tall. Not good in the snow. All over the road.

Not good in the snow even though it's an all wheel vehicle. Definitely wouldn't buy again, looking for something with 4 wheel drive because I live in New England and have to drive in snow all winter. Also the trunk is too small.

- Michelle C

The vehicle rolls too much.

My vehicle is a manual, and the major issue I have with it is the fact that it tends to roll forward when reverse is on, and rolls backwards when in gear. It is not just minor rolling too, it rolls fast, even on minor hills.

- Eric M

It shakes while it's idle

I like the look and style of the vehicle. I do not like the fact that it shakes while it is idle. It has done this the whole time that I have owned the car. I have read the same complaints from other people with this car.

- Kiley M

The Nissan Sentra is a smart, sporty car and good on gas mileage.

I really like Nissans. I like the Nissan Sentra a lot, it's a good sized car for someone who drives a lot of miles like me. I also like this car because it's a manual transmission and I'm hoping it lasts me a long time.

- Michelle H

Great Gas Mileage and Comfortable!

My Sentra is very comfortable! It has many features like a Sport and Eco mode, an AUX port, and many ways to keep up with the status of the car. It handles very well, and I would buy another! Excellent gas mileage.

- Kristen R

Love my Nissan Sentra 2014

I love my Sentra. It has built in Navigation that works great as well as the backup camera. I love the push button start except for when the remote runs out of batteries so I can't start the car even with the keys

- Layne C

Good car to start with. The size isn't super small like a Versa but also not as big as an Altima so it's very ideal in the city area.

It's a great small single person car. Not so great for a family car because it's so small and I had transmission issues so it was a bummer. It wa under warranty so it was fixed free. Other than that a great car.

- Melissa O

It has great gas mileage. It it's pretty roomy on the inside and it hasn't required a lot of maintenance.

My Nissan sentra has not had many problems in the five years I've had the vehicle. It has good gas mileage. Doesn't need a lot of maintenance. It's pretty roomy on the inside with a good amount a trunk space.

- Rodney C

It's the most affordable car in Its class. And it is pretty good for the price.

I purchased the sentra because i needed a car that is good on mileage. I travel a lot for work. It does pretty well with mileage, and it was one of the cheaper cars available, so I am pretty happy with it.

- Mike G

GAS, GAS, GAS! The vehicle is highly efficient on gas and does not cost much on maintenance. Great car for long commutes to work.

The Nissan Sentra provides great gas mileage and is a reliable vehicle. I just wish the standard features included more technological enhancements since the price of the vehicle has gone up over the years.

- Emmanuel T

Even as a resale Nissan Sentra exceeds expectations!

I bought this car used from a reputable dealer. I love its performance, the way it handles and more. It is extremely comfortable sitting in any of the seats and the trunk is huge! I'd highly recommend one.

- Erica P

Nissan last forever .. invest in a car that is going to last and affordable too.

i love the bose stereo system in the car. The car is sporty and gets great gas mileage. I am disappointed that is only a 4 cylinder but the sport turbo option gives it the extra boost it needs some time.

- tamara w

Dependability and the ability to go anywhere.

I like that my car has a navigation system and that its very spacious. I also like that it looks very high tech inside... I do not like that the brakes and engine have started to deteriorate so quickly..

- Amanda S

My car is affordable and great on gas.

I like that my car gets good mileage and is fairly new. I also like the color of my car. I do wish that the car came with satellite radio and a rear camera option as well as Bluetooth capability.

- Ma D

That the gas mileage is very high, making it affordable to fill-up.

I like the gas mileage is very high and overall it is a reliable car. It rides smoothly and the steering is sharp and accurate. Overall, a very nice car and i do not have any complaints about it.

- Alyssa Y

It is the whole package, other than in outdoorsy terrain.

I have never had technical issues with the car. It gets great gas mileage. Not good in snow (as expected, but still inconvenient in the winter). Nice features (seat warmers, leather seats).

- Miriam C

The Nissan Sentra has a lot of space for a car and great on gas.

My car I bought with only 25000 miles on it for a really good price. There is nothing wrong with it only small stuff that is easy to fix. Reliable and just all around great car. I love it.

- DaVonne M

It is good on gas mileage.

The suspension is terrible, the breaks are not that great either, so it does not feel safe. But there is a lot of room on the inside, it gets going quickly, and I like the way it looks.

- Laura B

The brakes are very sensitive, and speed will be a issue if your heavy footed.

There are not many problems yet with my vehicle. The a/c runs great, amazing miles to the gallon, I couldn't ask for a better vehicle to get around in, very reliable, tough and strong.

- Caleb A

It's a pretty run of the mill car

I bought it used so it can be a little bit funky but I think that's because there was a previous owner. Also the transmission died suddenly even though it was a certified pre owned

- Manda G

It makes a slight humming noise.

I like the color of it, soft red and i like that its compact and easy to drive. I dislike that the battery/engine makes a little humming noise when you drive but nothing too obvious.

- Valerie S

I love it and the stereo sound system is good!

I love my Nissan Sentra! It is a great vehicle and never really have to. Any problem a with it a all. Even when there is something wrong with it and it has to go to the dealership!!

- Kevin H

The most important thing others should know is how reliable it is.

I got my car used. Everything started out fine, I did have some problems with the transmission that required replacing. I'm once the company fixed it, my car was almost good as new.

- Cha H

Great gas mileage and the fact that it cost in the low 20's

I love that my car gets good gas mileage. It's a great basic car. I wish that it had a better sound system and features but I'm sure that I needed to upgrade even more for that.

- Jessica H

That I take care of my car and meet all maintenance needs.

I like that it is reliable and has had barely any needed maintenance. I dislike that it is slow to accelerate and that there is beginning to be noticeable wear in certain areas.

- Kaleigh F

The Nissan Sentra is great on gas and a reliable vehicle all around.

The vehicle's performance is good, it has sports mode as well as an eco feature. It shows how many miles until the gas tank is empty and connects wirelessly to the cell phone.

- Alannah J

It's a very good car for the price you pay. One of the better choices out there.

I like the Sentra. It has a nice ride. The only thing I dislike is the seats. They are uncomfortable on a long ride. The car has been roomy, reliable and enjoyable so far.

- Lori F

Great mileage is one of the best things about my car.

I have become a fan of Nissan's because they are reliable. My car gets great mileage. I wish it was a little bigger but I have gotten used to it being smaller than my Altima.

- Susan P

It is a great car with great features. It is also very family friendly.

I like that my vehicle has hands free calling, a built in anchor for my babies car seat, and other safety features. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle at this time.

- Shauntaye B

I have had some issues with the transmission before 100,000 miles which is never good, but had it fixed under warranty. Also the gear shift messed up where you put it in reverse so I had to get that switched out as well.

I love the small size, but it is not a family size car. It's great as a first car for a young adult to commute with. It is also good on gas and does not take much to fill.

- Melissa O

I guess the most important thing about my car is that the air conditioning doesn't get cold fast, but when it gets there, it's very cold.

I like that my vehicle is great on gas. I can fill the tank up in less than $30. My only complaint is that it doesn't run very smooth and the engine is a little small.

- Shakyra D

Best First Car Purchase - Perfect Gas Mileage!

I love my Sentra! The gas mileage makes commuting to work much easier on the wallet, while the size of the trunk provides plenty of storage to bring supplies to work.

- Renee R

The Nissan Sentra is great on gas mileage and is a great starter car.

The Nissan Sentra SR is a great car. It has decent gas mileage and the latest features; however, it does not have bluetooth. You can use an aux cord to answer calls.

- Mic D

That it is very comfortable and roomy.

I love the color and the leather seats. It is a smooth ride. It is very roomy for passengers. There is a lot of trunk room also. It holds the road really good also.

- Laurie B

My car has a lot of room for anything and any one.

I like that my car has Bluetooth capability for hands free phone conversations. I wish that my car had a back rear view camera. I would like to upgrade my car soon.

- Jani M

How to start car and not forget keys.

My car has a push button starter and there is so many times I forget keys since I do not need them. I like how the gas tank needs to be opened from inside the car.

- Diane M

Do not have to spend much on gas.

I like it because it runs fast and it is a pretty decent size car. Something you can drive on a trip. It is pretty affordable and does not take up a lot of gas.

- Silvia V

It is a great car! No significant issues.

I have had no significant issues. Love the car. If I could change one thing it would be that it is sometimes hard to see the backup camera in direct sunlight.

- Jenna W

It is safe to drive and cost effective. It is for both male and female.

Very efficient on gas and easy to maintain. I dislike that it is a bit slow in the sense that it takes a long time to pick up speed and the engine is loud.

- Kim L

The Nissan is very good on gas and can run for many miles without quitting.

After a few years, the car makes a rattling sound. The car stills runs well, even with rattling sound. The car is roomy inside. The Nissan is good on gas.

- Marla W

My car is a really good car but if it were to mess up on me it would be an expensive fixe. I do love the fact that it is a gas saver.

I dislike the fact that it is slow. Another thing I don't like is that it's really sensitive. Last really don't like the fact that it's all computerized.

- Jasmine G

It's a safe car and good for families.

I love this car. It has a smooth ride. It is great on gas and not too costly to maintain or repair. It's the basic model but I wish it had seat warmers.

- Tina V




Love the eco and sport features. The eco comes in handy on long trips.

Bought the car brand new. Just had to replace the battery after five years. One flat tire. Gets me where I need to go. I love it. 10/10 would recommend

- Brittany C

that if the keyless entry is not in car you cannot start it

what I like about my car is that it rides real smooth and quite. it blocks out a lot of exterior noise. the thing I don't like is the keyless ignition

- Delbert W

This car comes with backing up assistance! Every car should have this!

I really like our Nissan Sentra! Easy to get around and love the navigation system. I also love the help for backup parking! Gets great gas mileage!

- Jihn S

this car is a great value, wasn't expensive & no issues with it

I've had a few of these cars over the years & have never had any issues. Runs smoothly and fun to drive. Wasn't too expensive either which is great

- gail w

It's paid off and it's reliable. It's an ok car, but wish it was a Toyota

It's paid for, but it doesn't get good gas mileage. It's not very comfortable or big. I wish we would have stuck with Toyota like we normally do

- Susie M

The most important thing is this car is economical and will save you a lot of money on gas!

My car looks awesome, gets great gas mileage and is always reliable. Only complaint is it doesn't get up to speed very fast has a sluggish 0-6.

- Andrew R

It is a very reliable car to have

I've had the car for about 4 years now, and it has been a really great and reliable car. I've hardly had any issues with it. Great on gas too.

- Mariah R

It's a wonderful car. It drives amazing

There is sports mode and echo. It's a great car it saves on gas.has room for my two kids. Only bad thing is i've has to replace to many tires

- Destini D

It's very easy to drive. The ride is smooth and comfortable.

I like how much space is in the truck and leg space between the seats. The seats are very comfortable. I really like the push start ignition.

- Brittany M

The car has excellent gas efficiency to mileage used.

The car is gas efficient. Another positive attribute is that it has a large trunk. However, the ABS brakes take a bit of time to get used to.

- Cristina F

I don't see anything that would be interesting. If you want a simple car

Smooth driving, take off quickly. Simple for new drivers, Though the car is small for tall people or bigger people, it's best for the small.

- Felicity K

Comfortable and good on gas

My car is amazing on gas. I love that i have the option to use eco as well.. It's one of the most comfortable cars I've ever been in as well

- Sarah D

It is a manual transmission.

I dislike that it is manual transmission. It also has scratches on one side. I like that it is a light interior to better reflect sunlight.

- Sheryl A

Dependable, it always gets me where I need to go. Love it!

Built in navigation and hands free. Reliable, have had no mechanical problems. Very comfortable ride even on long trips. Very good mileage

- Denise A

Great gas mileage and reliability.

I like that it has eco mode. I like that it is compact but still roomy. I dislike that it is gutless. I wish it had more get up and go..

- Dana E

My 2013 black Nissan Sentra rides so smooth and works great.

I love my car. I have a black 2013 Nissan Sentra. I love the gas saving mode and the sports mode as well. The car rides smooth and nice.

- Simone G

Nice interior, I have the sports edition.

I love my car but sometimes when it gets really cold, it would not turn on!! Had to get a new battery, tires are not that great either.

- Tina A

It is safe and comfortably fits up to 7 people.

It is very reliable. A little confusing to navigate where the buttons at times. It is very easy to find parts to the vehicle if needed.

- Hue Y

When you driving this vehicle, you cannot feel the engine a all.

So far I had any issues with my vehicle. It's been almost 3 years and haven't had no problems. If very comfortable and highly reliable.

- Olga G

Nissan Sentra in a nutshell

I hate the blind spot in this car. It gets great gas mileage. It's a comfortable car, but I really dislike the blind spot that it has.

- Celina L

It will last a long time as long as it is maintenances well.

I love how reliable it is. It is not too small for a family of 4 to take a trip. The trunk size is also amazing. No complaints really.

- Cristina S

It has a big trunk. I think since it is a smaller car most people don't realize the trunk size

I love pretty much everything about my car. My favorite thing is the size of my car. The only dislike I have is light color interior.

- Emily B

Very comfortable to drive.

Nice small car and looks good. I get many compliments of how the car looks like. I inside looks more expensive than the older models.

- Tanya K

Good but the gas doesn't last.

It's good and everything but the gas burn too quickly. Even if I use the economy button to save gas it gets wasted away too quickly.

- Valeria Z

Ease to drive and comfort. Also it is not a power car so does not accelerate for fast passing.

It is easy to drive very comfortable. Dashboard easy to read and easy to reach radio Main dislike..seat doesn't have power control.

- Ken H

Nissan Sentra outstanding reliable vehicle.

This car has been fantastic with gas mileage. It is the first car I ever purchased on my own and I love the vehicle. Very reliable.

- Kay H

The size is okay, it could be better though. It has great gas mileage

I love the gas mileage my sentra gets. It is a nice ride a well. It has not been very costly with upkeep either. I dislike the size

- natasha m

It breaks easily if crashed.

I like the fact that it gets good mileage. It drives smoothly and early has problems. It has a lot of good features and it is safe.

- Amira M

The book value of the car maintains itself at a rather high level each year.

I like the gas mileage it gets. In the winter it's hard to keep snow out from under the tires and it makes the vehicle unbalanced.

- First Name L

The car gets good mileage.

We like the 40 mph we get on the highway. We wish the car had better pickup and that there was more legroom on the passenger side.

- Beth R

Good gas mileage for this car

I hate that the salesman did not tell me that this was a sports car. The tires cost 180.00 each. And I can not wait to trade it in

- Karen G

It's a gas saver, plenty of room for 5 people ride is smooth and enjoyable. plenty of trunk space. handle well on rough roads.

I love the fact it totally a gas saver. i can drive all day around town with stop and go and i get about 31 or so miles per gallon

- Raianne M

It is a smooth driving spacious vehicle.

I love my car. It's not too complicated and has yet to cause me any problems. It rides smooth and it is spacious and comfortable.

- Vanessa D

Solid vehicle with minor downsides.

Great vehicle. Solid mileage, comfortable seating, spacious trunk. The only issue is the manual one rolls a lot when stationary.

- Eric M

Its gas usage is fantastic! It gets 300+ per tank.

This is my second vehicle to own. It was an upgrade! It's fantastic on gas. Has great space for a smaller car. And a huge trunk!

- Ashley C

It is horrible during the winter.

It has great gas mileage.. Poor craftsmanship. Blowers do not work properly with bad ventilation and horrible defrost function.

- George E

Nissan Sentra is a pretty good car

Great car but has power issues, engine is too small. All other things work quite well. Not easy to travel in in the winter.

- James P

It's a reliable car. With enough space for a family of four. With plenty of truck space for all their toys.

I bought this car brand new and haven't had any problems with the car. Gas mileage is good and is comfortable for long trips.

- Adam S

Running like it is brand new.

My car is very reliable, and gets me where I need to go. I had it for five years and it is still running like its brand new.

- Brandy P

I paid for it by myself. And I also pay full coverage insurance.

Its small great on gas and very dependable. Dislike the power and the trunk space as well as the amount of passenger space.

- Corey P

Fits a car seat comfortably.

Reliable good gas mileage has cruise control for long distances fits a car seat comfortably cloth seats large trunk space.

- Shirley V

It's a very nice car. I love the color and I am very happy with the car.

I love the color. The brand is solid. When I bought the car the customer service was impressive. Im happy with the car.

- Ruth C

It's the best car ever. Especially for a first choice.

The canister purge valve goes really quickly. That's the only real issue the car has. It needs to be changed immediately.

- Saudia K

it is reliable & a good value as well

It's always been reliable, have had no problems. My 2nd type of this car & I would also buy it again. Satisfied with it.

- gail M

It is safe, dependable, and gets great gas mileage. It is cheap relatively and was great value.

I like the miles per gallon of my car as well as the handling. I like that it is safe. I like that is sleek and stylish.

- Nick S

Sturdy. You do not have to put any real work into a Nissan.

I'Ve only had to do oil changes and brakes. It's gotten me on a few road trips. It's just a cute and sturdy little car.

- Nicole Z

Very Nice and excellent vehicle

It has good mileage. The built is nice. It is spacious. Very nice leg space even for the back sitters. Easy to operate.

- shradha w

It is easy to drive and has an econ/sport mode if you need power.

Love the features, problems with changing air filter and car a bit noisy when driving. It is also great on gas mileage.

- Thomas S

Excellent service provided by dealership when required,Nissan cares.

Very reliable,good mileage performance,reasonably priced,a little too small for portly drivers,limited color selection

- Gerhard P

The key fob battery can die and you won't be able to start your car

I love the size of it. The trunk is huge. It holds my baby seat and all of the things I need for my baby comfortably.

- Lindsay L

It's very economical and safe.

It is very economical..I do not have to fill up frequently. It runs smoothly. It looks good...Not flashy or simple..

- Anna F

The problem with the 2013 Nissan sedan. Too many transmission problems.

I hate this cvt transmission in this car. All Nissan Sentra seem to have to have transmissions replaced early on??.

- Vanessa R

Great car to drive in city or out.

The car runs really well and is really good on gas. It is easy to maintain. I enjoy travelling out of state in it.

- France A

No comment I like driving.. I like the car.. Get good gas mileage.. Good speed.

I love that it has comfort.. Size.. Tech/Bluetooth.... With it had remote start.. Glare resistant back up camera.

- Jen W

It vibrates on stops. And the aux cord doesn't work.

Like that it's good on gas. Fast and that it rides smooth. Don't like how it rattles sometimes when its on idle.

- Noah O

The gas mileage on this car is amazing.

It has good gas mileage. Turns very smoothly. Very spacious and comfortable. Overall is the best car I ever had.

- Olga G

It handles well and is a practical vehicle to have.

It gets me from point A to point B. It's similar to other cars I've owned. I haven't had any issues with it yet.

- Brett M

Very reliable and very dependable.

Realizable in any kind of weather, good gas mileage, comfortable seats and climate control, great durable tires.

- Wendy T

It is very versatile it is great for in town as well as mountain drives.

There is not anything that I dislike. I like the way it looks and drives. It is dependable. I trust the brand!.

- Felix L

It is an economic car but with issues.

It is having transmission problems. But I like that I don't spend a lot of money in gas because it is economic.

- Karina L

It is mine and I love it. I will buy another one.

The transmission blew and its barely 5 years old. It drives well but I cannot trust it. I bought it brand new.

- Kayla C

It is inexpensive, reliable and has low maintenance costs.

I like the gas mileage.. I like the design and spaciousness of the interior.. I am not a big fan of the cvt..

- Annie G

Good fuel economy per miles and comfortable to drive

The gas per miles is great. I fine it comfortable to drive in and i feel that it requires little maintenance.

- Anton L

It is reliable. I just hit 100k miles and it still runs like new.

My car is safe and reliable. It is comfortable for long drives. I like the way it handles and it looks good.

- Vivian B

The look of the car is my favorite thing about it. Not only does it run great but I enjoy driving down the street in it.

I've never had any major issues out of my car that weren't self inflicted. Amazing on gas and very reliable.

- Sierra P

It is a safe family car. I get gas a lot less often than I did in my previous car.

I love my Sentra! Gas mileage is great. I feel safe driving my family in it. Never had any problems from it!

- Sarah G

If you have to travel long distances daily it is dependable and great on gas.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I do not like the color of it. It's black and shows dirt too much.

- Tracy C

it's a sexy machine that turns heads all the time

good car got it second hand but it runs well fuel consumption is pretty good and i am happy with it overall

- Sam F

It gets great gas mileage. Almost 40 miles to the gallon.

I like my car. It's easy to drive. It gets great gas mileage.It's very nice looking. I have no complaints.

- Elyse A

Nice Car for the money, but a little underwhelming

The car is a nice car. It has nice appointments but it does not handle very considering it is a small car

- Rachael B

it is mine! and it gets me where I need to go safely

I has good gas mileage, drives easily, drivers seat adjusts and is comfortable not good on slippery roads

- patricia W

Economy button really helps save on gas

Nissan is reliable and I love it. I wouldn't want another car. Great on gas and it's always a smooth ride

- Cecilia E

The gas mileage is really amazing. We are saving tons of money!

Good gas mileage, very affordable. Spacious for groceries. Lots of room to travel with pets in back seat.

- Polly T

It is economical to drive.

It is economical to drive. My car is comfortable. The only problem is it could have a little more power.

- William T

It has great gas mileage.

My car gets me from plan a to b. Has never broke down on me. Also has great gas mileage, almost 35 mpg.

- Amanda G

Timely maintenance, gas efficiency and miles driven daily.

Like: Less maintenance. High gas efficiency. Good leg room. Dislike: Base model with no cruise control.

- Vinit M

Easy to drive and perfect for first car for anyone.

It is a very reliable little car. It is fairly cheap for it being so reliable. It is a great first car.

- Delia m

The Nissan Sentra is a great driving car.

I like the model. It's a nice driving car and good on gas. And the car itself is easy on maintenance.

- Norvell B

Pretty spacious both inside and and in the trunk.

Great vehicle overall. Little maintenance required. Excellent gas mileage. Would recommend to others.

- Jacob S

It's very reliable no breakdowns or problems.

I got it on a good sale. It's been very reliable and gets good mileage. It's a nice looking car also.

- Jack C

No cruise control. But it is still a great car.

I like the gas mileage and the dependability of my Sentra. However, it does not have cruise control.

- Lindsey E

It gets awesome gas mileage.

I would like heated seats and heated steering wheel. I would like to sit higher. My car drives nice.

- Janet R

The front seats are too close together . Driver and passengers bump elbows a lot. It is "gutless". No get up and go.

It's paid for. It's a good car all in all. Compared to our old car, a PT Cruiser, it's much better.

- Wanda C

It's very spacious for a car. The trunk space is amazing

I love how spacious it is for a car, the trunk space is awesome. It fits our family of four perfect

- Ashley L

It's a nice car. It's safe. It's stylish and a great family car. I think Nissan is a high quality and affordable car.

I like the style and look of it. It drives smooth . It has low mileage for the year it was made.

- Dena L

It's a great value for the money. A good deal of features and great fuel economy for not a whole lot of money.

I like the smooth CVT transmission, handling, and good fuel economy. No complaints. None yet.

- Ken H

It's more comfortable and roomy than the exterior appears.

It is comfortable, easy to get around in, has ample storage space, and is good on gas mileage.

- Arnie N

It's kinda reliable, but the fuel pump was a major repair that i did not coming.

The fuel pump already needed to be replaced. All the plastic in the car makes it feel cheap.

- Manuel M

If it's safe and how the process works when being in shotgun

The car is awesome. I can't imagine not being able to transfer from place to place by walking

- Raymond C

My is car is very reliant and trustworthy. I haven't had trouble with my car.

My car is very reliable. I wish it was wider. Another then that I really appreciate my car.

- Teresa B

It just gets me from Point A to Point B. I don't need something fancy.

It is good on gas and gives me very few problems. I enjoy riding in it and have no issues.

- Melissa M

The gas mileage is very good. Better than most cars I have had before

I love the gas mileage my car gets. It is inexpensive to take care of as well. Easy to fix

- Natasha Marie Mueller M

It is a good value for the money. I'm basically satisfied with it.

It's cute and cost efficient. I wish it was a little bigger and had a few more amenities.

- Josie J

The safety and the innovation and the fuel- efficiency that is has

I like the Mileage. I like the rear end camera. I like the how smooth that it rides.

- Stormy T

This car gets great mileage and is very spacious inside.

Great size, comfortable. Offers a smooth ride every time and gets great gas mileage

- Afton G

That it has a CVT transmission

I like the gas mileage. I have a lot of transmission and air conditioner problems

- Jackie R

fuel economy sacrifices the amount of power the car puts out

love the fuel consumption. but it doesn't have enough power being a 4 cylinder

- kristine s

Nissan is one of the best there is.

It's still doing great at 5 yrs. Love the features. Very nice and looks good.

- Ginger M

It fits me perfectly. I really enjoy driving it. My kind of car.

I can park the car easily it's comfortable to drive and I just really like it

- Teresa C

The car is easy upkeep and great to drive, very reliable.

Is a nice driving car. Is easy to handle in bad weather. Is a reliable car.

- Bonnie W

safe and reliable great gas mileage

car is reliable gets great gas mileage. just wished I had cruise control

- Robert C

It is sporty and rides nice. It is also very comfortable and roomy

I love the style of my car and how it drives. There is some blind spots

- Taryn R

It's innovative and bluetooth compatibility. It's blue. It great on gas and great city I or town

It's fun.It's nission. It's innovative. It's great car to drive around.

- Julie B

make sure to buy from a trustworthy dealer. don't believe everything they tell you. make sure car is in perfect condition before you leave lot.

too small for road trips. dealer service was terrible. overpriced car.

- nicki s

How great the gas mileage is. It's an eco friendly car as well as family friendly for traveling

I really like how eco friendly the car is. It gets great gas Mileage.

- Larissa N

It's very reliable. I've driven up and down the coast many times to visit family and rarely have car trouble.

I love the size of the car. It's easy to maneuver. It's good on gas.

- Sofia S

Great gas mileage but recommended to gas up with ethanol free regular to prolong engine life

Great mileage and Reliability Hassle of Dealership only maintenance

- Jose R

5 star all the way around,.

Paid a good price for it. It is very reliable and low maintenance.

- Jack D

Economic. I don't spend a lot of money in gas

I love the color. It's a very comfortable vehicle. No complaints

- R C

Color is good and engine is strong.Sound is good and AC works well - good gas mileage.

Low seat view. Transmission had issues. Good durability. Sporty.

- M S

its small but gets me around

great gas mileage. small enough to get around with no problems

- jim w

The great economy is one of the best aspects

It has good economy. It is easy to drive. It has a fun look.

- Gerry D




it is a great first car for small family. Budget friendly

smooth ride economic dislike that it does have fog lights

- edmy m

I like the gas mileage the vehicle allows. I do not like the body style or color. I like the brand.

The car gets great mileage and has many safety features.

- Anj M

It is good to know it's still possible to lock your keys inside of your car!

I dislike that the inside of the car is so dark black.

- Lauren S

Easy to use, bigger trunk for more space. Sensitive wheel and can handle higher speeds. Comfortable seats.

The car is comfortable to sit in, and easy to use.

- Evan H

It gets from point A to point b

It's kind of shaky. Not as good as a Toyota.

- James H