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Nissan Sentra! The perfect review.

The Nissan Sentra is a very reliable car. The gas mileage is amazing, and the comfort is splendid. Performance is great with two feature labeled eco mode and sport mode on the vehicle. Comfortable seats and very roomy with a lot of space for friends or other people to get in the car. I've never personally experienced any problems with the car, it has been very good to me since I've purchased the car. This car is very reliable. I've gone over 40,000 miles before I had to get new tires, the car is very safe. I've been involved in one accident but the car left me standing! There are not really a lot of features with the model I've gotten. It comes with a USB for USB enabled devices to be plugged in. Bluetooth for talking but not music, and has great speakers for standard speakers in the car! The trunk is very spacious, and can hold a 65' TV with the seats folded down! I've driven the car to very far places before and it drives like a champion. Plus the oil changes are very cheap for the car. Unless you get full synthetic, then of course it'll be pricey than normal.

- Francisco Z

A great daily driver. The best thing is the eco mode and the gas mileage.

Car is a great daily driver, great on gas and comfortable for small family. As my first car right out of high school it was an extremely responsible choice on my part. I've had the car for a little over 2 years now have had no serious problems or issues with the car. I drive 30 minutes to work and take monthly trips that are about 300 miles to get to my destination. As my daily driver on fairly flat surfaces I think it's great. Where it falls short is going uphill. I notice it struggles a bit but does compensate with the sport mode and overdrive. Pretty much both buttons just up the RPMs to give it more power. So it can handle hills just me personally I don't like having to resort to those buttons too often. The Eco mode tho is a lifesaver I average just above 33 miles per gallon which I think is awesome for how much I drive. So as a daily driver to work and home and occasional trips I think the Nissan Sentra SV is a solid 8/10.

- Isaiah V

Good car not completely appreciated by jaded owner.

Love the interior features of my car, leather seats, heated seats, extra interior lights and cup holders. The style of the exterior is sleek and the paint color is an unusual dark blue. But to the important things, I do have a concern about gas mileage, it has gone from 31 to 28.9 in 8 months and I am concerned about a rattle that has developed under the car that the dealership has not been able to identify and fix. The car performed nicely in all the snow this winter but the windows had a problem icing up on the inside which is annoying. Pickup and performance is as expected and the braking system is working fine. It is a comfortable car to drive and ride in. All in all, it is a good car. I had to trade a Land Rover small SUV, which I loved for more than 100,000 miles for it so that I do not completely love a sedan is expected. I am sure anyone else would love this car completely.

- Janice W

Great vehicle, good gas mileage and plenty of space for size.

While the car appears to be small, it does not lack in space unless you have four or five people, which it can fit though a little uncomfortably. The trunk space is spacious for the size of the vehicle and when I have travelled alone or with one other person, I have never lacked for space. As far as performance, the vehicle drives smoothly and transitions from the options of eco, sport, and regular without a hitch though I prefer eco because it really saves on gas even though the vehicle gets great gas mileage. Sport option on the vehicle does tend to use noticeably more gas than the other two options, which is understandable. In sport, it does not take as long to reach mph as it does in eco though there is not a significant difference. Overall this vehicle has been reliable and cost efficient, as well as comfortable given what I need.

- Jonathan R

Reliable Nissan Sentra 2015

There's many futures about my Nissan that I love so much! First it's reliable, I've never had an issue with the engine. Of course I do my monthly maintenance, oil change, fluids, tire rotation, ect. The seats are very comfortable, and adjust to your height and length. My car also has a backup camera so I feel confident when backing up and parallel parking. The AC works amazing as well as the heater. I upgraded from another brand and I would never go back! The truck is also extremely spacious and so is the back seat. It's not cramped and I'm able to put two car seats. I've been on 8 hour road trips and have yet to have any issues. I got my car at 28k miles and now on 94k miles. Again, with no problems. I would recommend this car to almost anyone looking for a reliable car.

- Guest O

Great Upgrades but a Small Engine and Tank. Great for new drivers.

The car only had a few miles on it so it was new when I purchased it. My only issue with it is that it accelerates slowly. I have to mash the gas while merging onto the highway and you can hear the engine loudly struggling. The tank is very small and only holds about 11 gallons so I fill up once a week. Highway miles are better than local driving. However the car tells you how many miles you have left. Besides that, my car has all upgrades and I love the digital dashboard. It has an app to play app on the center console model. One of my favorite upgrades is the push to star. The other is the using the button on the doors to open and the trunk. The auto lights is an awesome feature as well.

- Anay A

Why to buy a Sentra and why not

Overall the car is very gas efficient if traveling long distances on the daily. When I first got the car the wheels were a bit beat up being only having one previous owner over a year before, so having to replace them right away wasn't the best. I do happen to have at times trouble with the gas pedal, yes the pedal inside the car it will stick and not move past 60 mph and won't accelerate at all no matter how hard I push on it. I don't have a Bluetooth system inside it's a simple disc radio , A/C overall works great, seats are comfortable if kept in good condition, plenty of room to move around. A bit hard to keep clean since everything sticks to the seats or cup holder area .

- Genesis P

Great on gas, handles great, easy to park, has enough room and trunk space

This car number one is great for gas mileage! A tankful from 3 quarters down cost no more than 20 dollars of regular gas. It handles great for a smaller car. I feel comfortable on the highway and city and parking this car is really easy. It also has enough room inside for my needs. I recently moved a lot of my belongings to my new condo. I did buy this car as a used vehicle with around 7,000 miles. I felt I got very lucky. It was the perfect car for me. I will be enjoying this car for many years to come. It's very comfortable, has enough room. I'm not a large guy so I don't need very much! I highly recommend a Nissan Sentra

- Chris M

Amazing compact car with complete reliability, and great on gas.

My Nissan sentra is extremely reliable and has gotten me through the last year with no problems. One thing that does give me issues are their tires. I have maintained it every six months and because I work from home have not used too many miles a year. The one thing is accelerating may take time especially if driving on eco versus other cars that do still drive smoothly when speeding up on that setting. The comfort is great for a compact car. The size, driving, cameras and sensors have been very convenient as well in the past. I would say the tires do tend to give me issues more than normal but may not be due to the car.

- Esther P

Great engine but everything else is breaking.

My Nissan Sentra runs great and I have never had to take it to the car shop for repairs! The interior carpet is detaching from the floor. The door strips are constantly hanging off. The door handle on the drivers side is broken. I have never owned a vehicle that was this cheaply built. I was afraid that I had purchased a car that was only built for the showroom and not actually for regular use. I will never recommend a Nissan to anyone and I tell people all the time not to purchase one. The only good thing is that it has never had any engine problems. The only feature that I like is the Bluetooth.

- Marcus G

Review of 2015 Nissan Sentra

The car drives well on city roads. The performance on highway leaves much to be desired. The cars CVT does not perform well. It seems to get stuck in the lower gears and has trouble keeping up with the speed and flow of traffic. The features of the car are very basic, nothing very exciting or visually appealing. Overall, it is a very basic car that has good reliability with every day driving. I would recommend it for younger drivers or those who do not drive a great distance on a regular basis. However, if you do any amount of interstate driving at higher speeds, I would pass on this one.

- Ashley K

Positive features of the Nissan Sentra

It gets great gas mileage. It has very comfortable seats and they are easily adjusted. The trunk is much larger than it appears. The seats recline with very little effort. It is easy to park even in tight spaces. It rides great on highway driving and very reliable cruise control. The upholstery is easy to clean. It is a dark gray which is forgiving in case of spills. It requires very simple maintenance, mainly regular oil changes and tire rotation. It accelerates quickly to enter from a highway entrance ramp in heavy traffic. It is very easy to add gas and has a locking gas cap.

- Patricia M

Simple and amazing Nissan Sentra

I love driving my vehicle every single day! It is reliable, safe, and a smooth ride. Additionally, it is great on gas with ECO features while also maintaining a sports feature to keep the driver in style. Overall, performance is excellent with no issues since I have had the vehicle. The only issue I have is that the windows seem to not shut all the way when I close them. I can always hear the wind whistling through my window when I am on a highway during long distance travel. Nevertheless, I am still very content with my vehicle and have no plans to replace it anytime soon!

- David V

My first car that I hope will last forever because it really could.

This was my first car and it will be for a long time. The gas mileage is really great. I love the economy drive feature. I also love the Bluetooth feature because I can use my phone without touching it and I can listen to my own music. I also like how you can control the radio stations and volume from the steering wheel. Also, one of my favorite feature is the cruise control because it is very user friendly and drives so smoothly. I also love the keyless feature because I do not have to fish out my keys which is especially good when I am alone at night.

- Abi L

Affordable car with great features.

I've had my car for a little over a year with no problems. It has keyless entry and push button start which is super convenient, I hate digging my keys out of my purse especially parked somewhere at night. There is a back up cam which makes parallel parking and backing out of parking lots super easy. The interior is spacious and sleek, the trunk is very roomy. My car gets about 34 mpg. Sometimes it feels like I could use more horsepower, only when I am loaded with passengers and going up-hill otherwise driving is smooth and the car is pretty zippy.

- Sammy M

My wonderful, reliable, shiny white Sentra!

My Sentra vehicle suits me very well. I have no problems with it; it is very reliable no matter what the weather throws at me. It is warm when I need it and cool when I need it to be cool. I drive it to work every day on a busy highway, and never have any problems, I am lucky to work in a building downtown that has an underground parking garage, so many times I just throw my coat in the back seat just in case of a mishap on the highway where I would have to step out of my vehicle. I am happy to say that has not happened!

- Patricia S

Great gas mileage, Bluetooth capability, and great handling vehicle.

Small, but very roomy. Bluetooth enables me to link my phone to the car, and makes it safer to make and receive calls without taking my eyes off of the road. The handling is easy making driving a pleasure. It has great gas mileage, I only have to fill up my tank once every 2 weeks. I can drive long distances in total comfort from the air conditioner and heater. The digital display lets me know when I am low on fuel, as well as any problems that may cause a malfunction of the operational performance of my vehicle.

- Susan W

The air conditioner unit will stop working within 3-4 years of new car ownership because the unit is now made from aluminum and you have to replace the whole unit not just one part. And Nissan will not work with you regarding cost of replacement.

Ii bought the car brand new with 37 miles on the odometer with 36 month/37k mile warranty. It is a pretty car and drives smoothly. However, the air conditioner compressor stopped working after 38 months /33k miles and Nissan refused to work with me regarding obtaining a new part/unit and I had to pay 1200 to get it replaced. Air conditioner compressors usually have to be replaced within 6-12 years and mine went out in 3 years 2 months. I will never buy a Nissan again due to poor customer service.

- Mardi M

2015 Nissan Sentra - A Decent Car

The 2015 Nissan Sentra has been a reliable car for the 80,000 miles I've racked up so far. It doesn't have a lot of power, but it's reasonably quick and has pretty good fuel consumption (I average 37 mpg). It's a small car so it is pretty nimble, however the ride is a little harsh. The interior seems solid and well put together although it's nothing fancy. The CVT is less smooth than expected, with frequent jerky acceleration from a stop. All in all, a reasonable vehicle for the price.

- Adam E

EVAP leaks are annoying, but safe

I've only had a few issues with my car. It jerks often, and I've had trouble with the EVAP system. My engine light has been going on and off for about 5 or 6 months and I just found out that I need a Fuel Pump Assembly. It's a really expensive repair, and I do not think it is covered by any warranty or insurance. I've also had an instance where the brakes locked up and every light on my dashboard lit up. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it was really weird. Otherwise, the car is great!

- Brittany C

Black Nissan sentra with black cloth interior. The exterior look is extensive.

My vehicle is black with black cloth interior. It gets terribly hot in the sun. The front defrost is very slow when the front window fogs up, especially in the rain. The sound system is stock. It has a great sound. The driver's seat and front passenger seat are comfortable. The rear seat can fit three average sized adults. There is a blind spot in the rear side mirrors that can make changing lanes a challenge. The trunk is roomy, allowing me to carry many different sized items at one time.

- Charlotte M

Fuel efficient great first car! Sporty look and comfortable!

I like the Nissan Sentra sr because it has a really sporty look and is comfortable. I like that the seats are material and still heated. I like the file efficacy. I drive a lot so having a comfortable car that goods gas mileage is really important. The only problem I have had is that the heat guard came loose and it was horrible sounding. But I was able to fix it at home. This little baby had a lot of get up and go too. I also enjoy the push to start and controls on the steering wheel.

- Emily B

The Nissan Sentra is a great buy, no lie!

I have owned my car for 2 years now. It was pre-owned by one owner. It had low miles and the gas mileage is great. It takes me wherever I want to go. It's great for traveling and basic everyday routine driving. I love that I can literally drive to and from one destination and back on 1 tank of gas. What I also love about it, is it is very roomy in the back and trunk. It drives very smooth on the road. It has Bluetooth set up which I love and great for on the go people like myself!

- Stephanie E

The gas mileage is 39 mpg on the freeway and 30 mpg in traffic.

I really enjoy my car as it is my second car I have ever owned. The car drives really smooth. Mainly I am driving from home to school, and the performance on the freeway is phenomenal. Also the gas mileage is top notch. It is about 39 miles per gallon for my car. Which is very beneficial for anyone on a tight budget. The Nissan Sentra in my opinion is one of the best cars for college students. It is very affordable and it is perfect for a long commute between home and college.

- Patrick P

Transmission is going out and only has 78000 miles on it.

Ride runs really smooth. Love the backup camera and the Bluetooth. Only problem I am having now that just started at 75000 miles, when driving sometimes the rpm's starts going crazy jumping up to 3 or 4 like it wants to take off. Someone told me it was my transmission is going bad. The car is very comfortable and esp. Roomy in the back seat. Gas mileage is good,. Could use a little more elbow space in the front esp. If bigger people are sitting in the passage side.

- Martha P

Gas mileage is the best reason to get this car.

Overall it is a decent car. It has great gas mileage and it has quite a bit of power. I wouldn't recommend this car if you live in a snowy/rainy area because the lack of AWD. It does have tire sensors that turn on a brake feature to reduce sliding which makes up somewhat for it though. It is a reliable car. Very low maintenance. I do have to get frequent tire alignments though. It is comfortable and modern. The stereo could be better but it is decent.

- Mark M

Sentra Pros: great gas efficiency and trunk space. Cons: small space for driver

In terms of comfort, the car feels a tad cramped while driving, specifically with the steering wheel and cars stereo interface interaction. The door isn't the most comfortable to use an 'armrest' though it's not the worst. The front windshield is steep so cleaning it inside can be difficult. The brakes aren't that sensitive compared to other cars I've driven. The back seat is roomy, the trunk is massive, it gets great mileage for it's gas efficiency.

- David S

Looks expensive and worthier than the price; suitable or short or long trip.

The steering wheel is the best, very light, flexible to make huge turns. The car looks just right, not too superficial, not to old-fashioned. I got a lot of compliment about the car from my co-workers. They ask me the price and they said it is just worth it. The car size is pretty big. And you can put tons of stuff. The car is so affordable in terms of gas. Long trip no problem. This car will take you either short trip or long time. Love it overall.

- Elizabeth C

Great quality car that has easy to use features and settings

I've had this vehicle since 2014, and have never come across any issues with it. Car drives very smoothly and has an button to use its economy feature and a sport feature. It is very easy to setup the Bluetooth, and change menu/screen settings. My car has the push to start feature which is amazing the only problem is that if your FOB dies you will not be able to start the car. Thankfully you can take the 'key' out of the fob to open the car doors.

- Lena M

Affordable and stylish car

Second time buyer of a Nissan. Gas mileage, reliable, and cost were important in the deciding factor. No major issues or concerns simply keeping up with the maintenance has proven the car and company to have built a reliable car. I drive out of town constantly so gas mileage was an important factor and hasn't disappointed to this day. The cost is affordable even when upgrading to leather heating seats and makes for a great first vehicle purchase.

- Veronica R

My favorite car is on red alert.

I love my sentra because it has everything I need. The sport mode makes it feel like a much different car. The Nissan connect lets you call and receive while driving. The back up camera is very accurate. Car handles very well and after 3 years I still do not need to replace the brakes even though I live in a very hilly area. The color is red alert which is great for other drivers to see me coming! I would like better highway gas mileage.

- Richard T

Dependable and reliable performer..

Performance is excellent, I have never had problems with it. When I press the start button, it starts. The only time it didn't was when the battery in the remote went dead, then I just pulled out the key, inserted in the ignition and it started. I have routine maintenance performed on it on a regular basis and it keeps on going. It is smooth riding and very comfortable. The heated front seats are an appreciated bonus on really cold days.

- Patricia D

It has great gas mileage. I only have to fill up once a week.

For the most part it is a reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and very comfortable to drive. The only problem I have is with the Bluetooth. Sometimes it works and other times it does not. I also do not like where the radio is placed on the dashboard. When your driving during the day, the sun shines on it and when the phone rings you cannot see who it is because of the glare. They need to raise it higher up on the dashboard.

- Andrea S

Affordable, family- and budget-friendly ride.

I love this car. It drives well, it was very affordable, the standard features included leather seats, a backup camera, power windows/doors, power adjustable driver's seat, and cruise control. Maintenance has been limited to occasional tire rotations and regular oil changes, which are often free with coupons from the dealer. Reliable, fits our family of five I'll be at a little tight, ample trunk space. This is my second sentra.

- Angela B

Nissan Sentra: Hit or Miss??

I cannot complain. It's great on gas and is just a reliable car. This is my second time having a Sentra and I can't believe the great quality that comes from such a compact vehicle. This car is great for traveling. I fill up my car once every 2 weeks without traveling and only twice when I travel far distances. I would highly recommend a Nissan Sentra to anyone, especially a college student who is going to school away from home!

- Ashley S

All black 4dr/ sedan. Bluetooth Hands-free feature. Small and spacious

My car is a nice mid-sized sedan. It is easy to maneuver and is small enough to fit in smaller spaces. I love the hands-free features as well as the eco feature that conserves gas during local driving. I do not like that it doesn't have a quick pick up and go when trying to pick up speed for merging onto busy roads/highways. I do love that it is very reliable, good on gas, and parts/labor isn't super expensive when needed.

- Brandy S

It's everything you need in one car.

I absolutely love this car! It looks good, drives smoothly and it is fast. It is the best of both worlds because it can be a family car and a race car. But most importantly its great on gas! $25-30 will have my tank full for up to two weeks, if not longer! I guess that would depend on how much you drive, but I work a full time job so if it lasts for me it will last for you too! I highly suggest getting this Nissan Sentra!!

- Dymond M

Dependable, no-frills vehicle

The Sentra has been reliable and gets fairly good gas mileage. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the higher-end Nissans, but it's been a dependable car that meets my needs for commuting to and from work. The air conditioning works very quickly- much needed in the heat of Texas! A part of the driver's door handle started coming off not long after the car was purchased, but the handle still works.

- Hannah V

Push start ignition, Bluetooth radio, faster transmission.

I bought my Nissan Sentra in may 2017. I normally only bought Chevrolet vehicles in the past, and this was my first Nissan. My vehicle has a push start ignition, Bluetooth radio and more. The transmission is fast and there is no lull when going from stop to go. Since having my car for over a year now, I am not only very happy with my vehicle, but would continue buying Nissan Sentras in the future.

- Lindsay T

Extremely reliable and economical car.

Overall performance and reliability is great! I have been with Nissan for over almost 10 years and have had three upgrades with them all Sentras. Very economical, and spacious. My cars over 3 years old, I barely had to change my battery and fix my alignment, so little things that I had to do but drove over 30,000 miles before needing minor repairs. Would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Beautiful M

Okay car with okay performance and the worst seats in the world

The car gets good gas mileage and drives pretty well. With the Right Tires goes great in the snow. Stereos pretty good. The car is a bit underpowered but still does pretty good on hills. The seats for longer drives are god awful. It is the most uncomfortable car to drive longer than 2 hours I have ever owned. My late 80's Subaru wagon had better seats. For a commuter car it does the job

- Brian M

Excellent economy size car.

I have not had any issues at all with my vehicle since I have purchased it. It's very comfortable to Radio and has great gas mileage. I love the modern technology features also. Has a great stereo system and I love the backup camera that has help me a lot. Has a smooth ride and sunroof feature is awesome ! I have had a previous Nissan Sentra and decided to buy another one. Very Nice car

- Denise O

Nissan sentra an amazing eco friendly car.

The 2015 Nissan sentra is a great vehicle. With great average mpg of 37 or greater on the highway, this is a very economical and green vehicle. The eco and sports option are nice to have as well. The eco option I like to use if I just have to take my time to get somewhere. If you are in a rush though the sports mode will give you that added acceleration to get where you need to be.

- Jeremy C

A Reliable Car, Still Fairly Modern

The Sentra has held up well over the years. So far, I've put around 60,000 miles on it, and the interior has sustained many a spilled drink and overloaded move, but it looks the same as the day it came from the factory. The only qualm I have is a rattle in the engine bay, but this is due to a loose intake cover, and nothing actually detrimental to the operation of the vehicle.

- Trenton T

It's a great small car for commuting short distances, but don't rely on it for traveling to far away places. I sometimes worry It's going to stop on me because of how much noise it makes.

I love that it doesn't take up too much gas and has plenty of space inside. I also love It's overall design on the outside. On the other hand, it seems to constantly need maintenance. I constantly have to take it to the mechanic for various things such as recently the brakes were not working properly. The thing i dislike the most is how much noise the car makes, It's so loud.

- Jocelyn H

Nissan does give me problems but gets me from point a to b.

My car ac gives problems. It blows hard and then slow and sometimes takes a while to cool down. Also the shifting gears make the car drive sorta slow. My engine light has come on a couple time do to the mass airflow needed to be changed. Other than that it isn't too bad. This honestly can be done to me having to get the car checked. But it is what I am currently dealing with.

- Cheyenne R

The button on the handle to unlock the car without having to take your keys out.

Performs well, do not have and have not had an issues with speed, brakes, or other mechanical items. My favorite feature is the button the door handle that allows you to unlock the car f your key is close enough without having to take the keys out of my pocket or bag. Pretty comfortable to drive. I do not drive a lot though so I cannot weigh in on long distance comfort.

- Kim G

It gets really good gas mileage.

I do not like that it is a really basic base model car but it is very gas efficient and reliable, which trump the fact that I do not have any extras on the vehicle big time. My aux cord input has had issues since I bought the vehicle and the car is only three years old and my radio time clock already does not work anymore. Other than that it is a good little car though.

- Alexandra S

Very spacious and roomy for passengers

This car gets great mileage and handles like a dream. The back up camera is spot on. I never have issues when backing up. The radio always gets awesome reception. Never have a problem getting my favorite stations. The truck has so much room. Plenty of space for even my biggest grocery trip. Great headroom even for tall people. Very spacious interior. Features are great

- Shelly P

Best value car for reliability.

No problems thus far, and I drive this car a lot. I have been commuting 2 hours each way three days a week and I feel safe with this car. There is ample room in the interior, and overall it is a great value for its price. I rarely use the radio, with Bluetooth ability I am able to listen to any of my apps in the car for free, including all of my music and Audiobooks.

- Stacy R

Perfect vehicle for moms with two children!

I have a 2015 Nissan sentra sv. Push to start, manual seating, automatic windows, lots of legroom in the driver's seat and passengers. Plenty of room in the back seat, large and spacious trunk. I have had this car for 3 years and have had no problems at all. I get regular oil changes and maintenance. This vehicle is super comfortable and reliable. Perfect car for me.

- Jaime P

Summer road trips are ideal with the great gas mileage

I like my car a lot because it is small but spacious inside. It doesn't get too hot in the summer time even though it is all black inside. The ac works great and I like the fabric material of the seats. It's easy to vacuum too. Only issues with my car involve brake pads and my brakes not working as nicely as I wish they did but it's an easy fix to replace brake pads.

- Chloe M

You will need a cable to connect your phone to play music.

The only thing I have to complain about is the ac on this car, it never get cold like it should be. I spend $ 80. 00 to check is if was loosing free on and they told me no. I like how it give me the option to drive on eco, sport or regular. It drive very nice on highway and city. Again the only complain I really have is the ac that never gets a cold as it should be.

- Paul F

A nice little sedan that gets great gas mileage.

I do not drive a lot, but this vehicle gets great gas mileage and the eco boost feature does well when doing long road trips. Couldn't be happier with the purchase and find little in the way of faults. Only downside is it probably wouldn't be great for anyone with a family. Back seats are not horrible, but not sure if they would be great with kid seats in back.

- Todd V

Everything need in a Sedan-Spacious, good gas mileage, built-in technology.

My car is the perfect sedan. It drives nice, is comfortable, & has a pretty decent size trunk compared to most small cars. It also has good pick up, great gas mileage, and I love the keyless entry. The car has built in Bluetooth to make playing music, or answering calls easy & hands free, as well as both an aux and USB plug-in inside the center console.

- Mal Z

The Sentra runs well, but too many little things have come loose for a brand new car. Poor craftsmanship.

It runs well, but the craftsmanship is not good. Problem with muffler a few months after I bought it. Edges around windows coming loose and door handle loose, all in the first 3 years of a brand new car! I expected more from Nissan! Was told a lot of sentras had the window problem but it had just reached 36,000 miles when I brought it in, so no warranty on it!

- Ellen F

Good car, great mileage and runs perfect, no issues!

My Nissan Sentra 2015 was my first car, it's definitely a reliable car and easy to use, no issues since I've bought the car and gas mileage is a lifesaver. I would recommend this car to anyone especially if your looking for a reliable car and nothing too fancy. Also inside the car is spacious for a small family anyone with more than 2 kids might be difficult.

- Kat V

Love my Nissan Sentra! Great Car!

I love my Nissan Sentra. It has always been very reliable, great on gas and a fun car to drive. I like all the features mine has to offer. It is packaged with Bluetooth and Navigation which are extremely important to me. The seats are comfortable and has a roomy back seat. The trunk is also of good size which can easily accommodate luggage for long trips.

- Michele P

Good and bad of my 2015 Nissan Sentra ownership.

The only issue I have had is with the paint. It has been chipping off and I have corrosion just above my windshield. I absolutely love all of the features and drivability. The car looks small on the exterior but is fairly spacious on the interior. It has the Bose sound system. Heated seats, moonroof and navigation. It also comes with the intelligent key.

- Elaine E

Smooth ride with little to no wind noise.

The Sentra is perfect for me! I drive to see the grandkids a lot, and I usually get about 35mpg. It is a smooth 3 hour drive. There is little to no wind noise. The stereo system is amazing as well and it helps the time fly by! I also love that it has the Bose speakers! I do not really crank it that loud, but if I ever do, these speakers will be perfect!

- Jill H

My favorite feature is the Bluetooth.

I have had my car for two years now and I love it! It has consistently been performing well and still rides super smooth. The seats are nice and have held up well & the sound system on the inside of the car sounds amazing and carries bass really good. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth. Super easy to set up and makes things a lot easier when driving.

- Tiffany N

Nissan Sentra 2015 A cheap reliable car

To be honest, I just got this car. So far it runs great. It's very roomy and I love the leather interior. I've always wanted a sunroof and now I actually have one. Gas and mileage is super great. I get 39 Hwy and 29 city. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. Nissans are great cars. Please pray for me to make sure nothing bad happens to it.

- simone M

Nissan sentra is a decent starter vehicle.

Nissan sentra 2015 is a good starter vehicle for first time drivers. It has a sporty look to it and has great features such as the eco mode that saves gas and also the built in GPS. The Nissan sentra does has it cons though. Acceleration is not great and also the interior is very tight, especially the back seats. Overall it is a decent vehicle.

- Terence C

Nissan Sentra is for families

The dark interior and fabric is comfortable. The gas mileage is affordable and efficient. My first car was a Nissan Sentra and they all tend to be reliable and easy to take care of. I have only had to replace spark plugs and frequently put in gas tank cleaner to keep my previous Nissan in shape. It is a safe reliable car for me and my family.

- Lauren P

Nissan Sentra - small but reliable.

I like the Nissan Sentra, however it is smaller than I am used to. However, the trunk is a nice size. It sits very low to the ground for me and does not have much power. Overall, it is not a bad car at all if you are okay with small. I haven't had any issues with it since I bought it two years ago. That is definitely something worth noting.

- Robin J

Most important the car is an all around comfortable vehicle to drive.

The transmission for this vehicle make has a history of problems. With warranty the transmission was fully covered to be replaced. As a whole the vehicle is reliable and there are no other issues. The interior is comfortable and has easy access to all of it is features. The seats are very comfortable and spacious. Mileage is excellent.

- Michelle T

My vehicle is great, and reliable and it look nice in a bad neighborhood

The comfort for tall people above 6'ft is really bad. But the performance and reliability is good and strong, this is a car you want for a long time. The features to me can be better like a fully loaded car but the car is good to go to work in and driving around. The trunk is good off you have kids and you need the stroller in the back

- Rookie R

Nissan Sentra; great for comfort and reliability

I love my vehicle! It is great on performance and really good on gas. It is comfortable to drive and includes features such as heated seats, navigation, and sports/economic drive. The speaker system in the car is perfect and it is also a good car to drive in the snow. I've never had an issue with my Sentra and I had It for 4 years now

- Nancy S


the car is dependable, good on gas, easy to drive and comfortable for 4 but will seat 5 in an emergency. Replacing tires is affordable. Good visibility when driving. Easy to clean. Headlights work well at night. Love GPS. radio is good quality. A little light in windy and stormy weather means paying close attention while driving

- Mary V

Nissan Sentra SV from CarMax

I've had no problems. It has eco and sports mode, it's a push to start, it has a camera for backing up, you can pop the trunk open just by a button on the keys, it has Bluetooth, it's pretty reliable, I've only had it for almost 4 months and it hasn't acted up at all. The seats are comfortable and for a sedan, it's actually spacious.

- Jasmine G

The car is very reliable.

The steering wheel is pretty easy and flexible to rotate. The car is very reliable for short trip and long trips. The engine does not wear out easily. Even though I bought the rental second-hand car and the mileage was about 79, 000, it was really a good condition and felt like driving a new car. The car design looks enough modern.

- Elizabeth K

Transmission difficulty, but great Nissan service.

Transmission has already gone out, this is a 2015 vehicle. But it is in for process of becoming under lemon law, so will get reimbursed and nissan has taken great care of me while working it out. It is a great car other than that! . Nissan has also set me up with a loaner car, a nissan rogue which has been great for the time being.

- Kelsey M

Economic and Sporty with a smooth ride and good style.

The car drives very smooth and has multiple options like sport or economic status. It has great mileage ranging from mid to low 30 MPG. I have had the car for many years and have not had any issues with the way it runs. the only issue I have is that at times the radio will not work and I need to restart the car to have it turn on.

- jourdan w

Keyless ignition is the best part about the car.

My 2015 Nissan sentra is excellent! It is good on gas drives smooth! It has Bluetooth and satellite radio and also CD player. For safety it is keyless entry and also keyless ignition. The car does not display any problems at the moment. I have been having my car for 2 months and it is going great! And I have low monthly car note!

- J K

The Nissan Sentra is a reliable car

The car is comfortable, and responds well. Pick up is on the slow side. The car itself is pretty light which makes it more difficult to drive in snow. Gas mileage is good ' between 25 to 30 miles per gallon. It's very reliable, and I haven't had any major repairs needed. The ride is smooth. It's quiet in the car when running.

- Holly D

Nissan Sentra 2015, back up camera and push start button

Every time I change gears it makes a hard sound. It's reliable and comfortable. Has nice features for being a 2015. It drives well. Not a bad car. I would recommend, especially for the price. I have had it over a couple of years and it is still running well. It came with warranty on many things which is another win situation.

- Amy C

Great car, Great gas mileage, loss of space eco friendly

It's a great reliable, Eco friendly family car great interior. Runs and drives great I would suggest this car to many people it's a great car you can depend on. Good gas mileage. Lots of space you can take it in road trips or you can take it to the grocery store either way this care will get you there with no problems at all

- Steven R

Nissan sentra, where you get the most out of your travels.

My car performs great on long trip because it is great on gas. I love the space inside the car as well as some of the features it has. Like the cruise control and the indicator of when my tires need air. I also like the color of the car. My favorite thing about my car is being able to connect my phone and listen to my music.

- A L

I love that it lets me know when I need to check the tire pressure built in USB

It's a spacious gas saving simple inexpensive vehicle I got myself right after graduating high school but I did not like that my Bluetooth never worked in this car so I never enjoyed my music and phone calls. Being that it's a 2015 vehicle it had a really cheap radio installed. Speakers blew out 6 months into having the car

- Salina G

The seats are really comfortable and the gas goes a long way.

Nissans are really economical and affordable cars. They're great when it comes to traveling long distance however my model is a lot older and has some things that need fixing. I checked out the new 2019 sedan models and they're really economical and comfortable. It is a go to car for someone looking to buy their first car.

- Luis E

Manual and smooth. Looks nice. Drives really nice. Haven't had any problems.

No problem so far. Other than oil change and breaks. I love that it's a manual car. Smooth driving. The Audio is good. It's comfortable for the passengers. The car is 4 door. The trunk is roomy with plenty of space. The car is nice looking and sporty. I live driving this car. It's much nicer looking than the older Sentras.

- Annette A

Why Nissan as your next car choice is a good decision

Good, reliable, sturdy, good gas mileage. I'd recommend this brand. Was first unsure since I've had a Nissan before but was really surprised after driving this car for a year. I'd recommend going to your Nissan dealership and seeing what fits you, but with the friendly service and promotions they offer your in good hands

- Michael G

The room the way it runs and its hands free for my phone calls

I bought my car a year ago. And so far I've had no problems with it other than I got a nail in the tire that was the only thing that I had to replace. It is very roomy. It has bluetooth in it so i can use my phone in the car and am able to drive without distractions and i can receive texts it reads it to me i love my car

- Sonie H

It gets good gas mileage.

Comfortable for people with smaller builds. Little bit to small for average sized people. Enough room for forward facing toddler car seat but not much for rear facing infant seat. Driver side handle comes undone and apparently not covered on warranty which was frustrating. Overall drives smooth and gets good gas mileage.

- Michelle D

My vehicle is gun metal gray 4 door sedan

Love the gas mileage. I love that it is a push button start. Some of the problems that I have ran into in my car is that it takes a while for it to cool off when it is very hot outside. Also another problem is that the air won't ever just turn off and not blow air. Also takes a while to heat up during the winter months.

- Kayla C

It�s dark grey, with black and silver interior

I love my husband's car. It looks classy and very clean. It's nothing too big but it's just right for us. It has done very well while we travel. Haven't had a lot of problems with it at all. I love how easy it is to get use to when you're first learning how to drive a newer car. I love the color and the interior inside.

- Michaela W

Nissan Sentra best vehicle for value.

The Sentra is a great value. It is stylish, fuel efficient and easy to maintain. The inside is roomy and it is nice for long distance drives. Most options are standard. It handles well and the 4 cylinder engine performs well. The Sentra is my third Nissan product. I highly recommend it for the value and fuel efficiency.

- Debra M

It�s a decent sized car, It has an economy feature for saving gas.

I love the way the vehicle drives, the seats are comfortable, and I can adjust things easily. The air conditioning is really cold and works well. I like the space in the trunk. The gas mileage is also really good. The only problem I have with it right now is that it won't play my music through the Bluetooth connection.

- Courtney G

All eyes in the center of my Sentra

My vehicle has been very reliable from the start. I am a smaller, short person and the size and compact of my vehicle fits perfectly for me. It is easy to navigate, get around in, and hasn't had any foreseen issues whatsoever in the time I've had it which is always a plus. It's a very reliable and good vehicle to have.

- Alexis S

Affordable vehicle with basic key features

Within 2 years I had to have the transmission replaced and close to year 3 the fuel pump replaced. Thank goodness for warranty. Those issues with such a new car has me considering if I will purchase another Nissan. Overall, the vehicle drives well and has the essential features: back up camera and Bluetooth capability.

- KeNesha J

Easy to drive. Simple to use.

My car is incredibly easy to drive. The car has working a/c and is easily accessible. My car has great performance. The only problem is a squeaky door on one of the passenger's seat. Other than that, the car works well and is very clean. Tires function well and the trunk is wide enough to carry a hefty amount of cargo.

- Elisa A

Cute, sleek and affordable.

This car is good on gas. It has a nice design and is very reliable. Good car for a small family or teenage driver. Very safe vehicle. Great for the price. I have not had any problems with the engine or other mechanical parts of the car. Would recommend it for someone who is on a budget and needs a reliable vehicle.

- Christy N

one go the biggest details in the car will be the sport and eco button.

the car is a real money saver, it is reliable to take to places, the model of the car comes with a back camera, touch screen, the seats are comfy and don't stain easily, also the cars comes with Bluetooth which is great for music, text and phone calls. Only problems are the sensors acts up a little here and there.

- hector D

Nissan Sentra for the win!

It gets great gas mileage (approximately 30 mpg). It is extremely roomy, especially the back seat (I have really long legs but don't feel cramped when in the back at all). It has Bluetooth and a rear camera to help when backing up. It is not an overly large car, but doesn't feel like a super compact car, either.

- Maile B

Reliable, affordable, good buy!

There is a wind sound when you drive over 80 mph on the highway. Car also sits relatively low to the ground. Not a large problem except it can get stuck in the snow relatively easily. Overall I love all of the capabilities the car has. I have had it for close to three years and I have not had any major problems.

- Elizabeth J

Nissan Sentra upgrade seats

Love the vehicle. The one thing that I was not happy was after a while the seat started feeling uncomfortable and my tailbone started hurting on long trips. They need to upgrade the seats for more comfort. Over all I love the fact that it saves me on gas. The performance is great has not given me any problems.

- Carmen R

A very nice, practical and affordable car.

This car is reliable and well-built. The appearance is pleasing and modern. It is spacious and has good legroom even for taller passengers. The trunk is also spacious. The car comes with a backup camera, which is a plus. The only downside for me is the light colored interior I have which can be easily stained.

- MK K

My Nissan sentra sv 2015 experience.

Saves on gas and drives great not smooth but just okay. I spend $26 on a full tank. Transmission jerks sometimes. Not a big car but spacious enough but not for a heavy built person. Very lightweight and shaky on a windy day. A backup camera included. FM/AM, Bluetooth, CD, SiriusXM included. Speakers are great.


comfortable and small but good handling and good value

It is stylish, comfortable, and easy to drive. I love the keyless start but I do wish it had a way to lock the car from the outside and I have to carry the pod. My only real complaint is that sometimes in the wind there is a loud sound that sounds like a horn blowing but must because of some type of vibration

- zandra s

This has been a great car. I would recommend this car to anyone.

It's been a great car. I have had no problems that come to mind. It drives great. Has great gas mileage. Perfect size for a sedan. Good amount of space in the trunk. The radio is great with great speakers. Oh and the AC works wonderfully even on the almost 100 degree days that we've been having lately.

- Ashley L

Nissan Sentra: great starter car. It is comfortable and easily understandable.

It is a small car, but not to small, I has great ac, radio, Bluetooth , trunk size, mpg, and indicators. It has a push start which means you cannot lock your keys in your car. You must make sure though that the battery in the car fob is full. It has great miles per gallon and can go 200 miles on half a tank.

- Kristen C

The car is very inexpensive.

So far overall, it is a great value for the money. I use it as an everyday commuter to work. Very fuel efficient. In the first 20, 000 miles of the car, when stepping on the gas, the car can be a bit loud and noisy. Oil change is very inexpensive. I recommend it as a commuter car and an affordable purchase.

- May R

My conclusion I recommend the Nissan Sentra because it's good on gas.

With my Nissan Sentra, I haven't had any real issues. Just as long you get your schedule oil changes, tire rotations, and maintenance done on your AC kept up, you have very good dependable car. The Sentras are really good on gas, the color of my car is a charcoal gray, that color looks awesome on a Sentra.

- Karen L

Great on fuel economy and ample back seat space.

It has comfy seats and a navigation system. It has sports mode and good fuel economy system. It is just a great car. It drives fast and moves quickly. You need to put synthetic oil inside the car. It has other phone connection features like Bluetooth. There is a big trunk, cruise control, rear view camera.

- Alina K

I purchased the vehicle online (caravan), and it was delivered to me.

I bought the vehicle used and have not had any problems with it at all. It gets very good gas mileage, has some very nice premium options. I have taken a few long road trips in the vehicle also, very comfortable! The way I purchased the vehicle was very unique too. Best experience in car buying I ever had.

- SuZan A

Nissan Sentra SR is great for getting around town

I love this car for getting around town. It is reliable and easy to drive. It has great features. The only negative I would be the acceleration. Merging onto highways can be difficult because the car can take a little bit of time to get up to speed. I would say that that's the only negative about the car.

- Sydney E

My very first Sentra review!

The car runs smooth and calm. It is also very good on gas, and the back up camera on it works great. When I first got this car I wasn't sure about the push start on it, but I soon got use to it. This Sentra was my very first new car, and I am so glad that I decided to go with it. I have no cons with it.

- Jamie B

Nissan Sentra highlights.

I haven't had any problems to report. It runs great it has good gas mileage. Stereo is pretty good. Bluetooth connection is a great feature. Love the cruise control. Interior is nice. For being an inexpensive vehicle it has a lot to offer, I would definitely recommend this vehicle to friends and family.

- Shelly T

Nissan Sentra SUV: A good car for the average family.

This car is the perfect one for a medium sized family, with room in the back for the grandkids, good enough space in the back for groceries and what not, reclining seats and good mileage. While not a real luxury car, this SUV can get you around places all over the state. Watch the gas mileage, though.

- Joe C

Nissan Sentra 2015, great

The Sentra is great. It's great on gas and has an eco setting for my efficiency while driving and also a sport setting which is great to use to pass. The car looks small from the exterior but is very roomy on the inside. The trunk is very large and the car is great for a road trip with one other person.

- Sammy M

My 2015 Nissan Sentra review

Very reliable. Great on gas when in Eco mode but can really get up and go in sport mode. Super spacious back seat. Trunk has unbelievable storage space. It's smart. Overall it's a great car. Easy to maintain, we have driven the car a lot in the time we've had it and it's not got a single issue to date.

- Christine S

Great on gas, reliable, great safety features.

I bought this car new. The only major maintenance has been the purchase of new tires. This car can get up to 42 mpg Hwy on eco mode and 33 in city if driven conservatively. The car is comfortable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. The color selections were limited and that is my own only complaint.

- Chelsea E

Small, economic, and comfortable.

It performs well and is cheap on gas. It doesn't have a lot of power when accelerating, I would say that is the only downside to it. I love how easy it is to maneuver, make u-turns AND parking. It is a good car for commuters when trying to save on gas but drive comfortably. It has a good sound system.

- Dulce H

Would highly recommend this vehicle. I absolutely love it.

This has been a great vehicle. I am a social worker and I utilize this vehicle lot for travel to and from different locations. This vehicle has provided me with excellent gas mileage performance. I would highly recommend leased vehicle for any student person traveling to and from work or small family.

- Quey B

I get amazing gas mileage and this car is really reliable.

I enjoy my vehicle its really reliable, the only issue I have is the seals on the doors aren't that good so when your on the freeway driving with a lot of wind you can hear the wind coming through the doors. It gets really good gas mileage and I like that it has a volume control on the steering wheel.

- Brittany M

I love that it has XM radio.

The most reliable car I have ever owned. Haven't had any issues with it. Good solid car great gas mileage. Runs great drives even better. Great handling. Picks up and goes. Great safety features. Nice sound system. Lots of trunk space. Plenty of legroom throughout the entire car. Lots of cup holders.

- Brett S

Highlights of the 2015 Nissan sentra sv.

It is very reliable and has more features than I figured. Gets an average of 32 miles per gallon. I average a little over 300 miles on a tank. Mine has a camera, Bluetooth for which helps me especially while driving when someone calls me. It also has Sirius XM for which I am not that enthused about.


it is a smooth driving vehicle and it is mostly up to date and modern

I have a dent in my vehicle I was in a car crash on June the 6th. The door handle has also stopped working after the crash which made it difficult to drive it around. But however, the vehicle still runs good and the engine of my vehicle is really good & I also really enjoyed driving around in it

- Trevor C

Perfect car with a low price

It's a reliable car that has never given me any issues. It's comfortable and very stable. It has Bluetooth connection and syncs well with both apple and Android. Backseat space is sufficient and trunk is very big. Never had to do anything mechanical other than the regular oil and brake maintenance

- jesus G

The Nissan Sentra is a Japanese made car.

I love my car because it has the auxiliary thing on the steering where I can play my own music. I also have cruise control, which I have never had before. It saves gas which is very important to me. The Nissan Sentra is Japanese made, not American. For that reason, it is cheaper and more trustful.

- Cory F

Sentra making major upgrades.

I think the best thing about my car is the gas and the maintenance. I had many different options to choose from. Although I did but it used it was in good conditions. I was surprised how nice it was. It was a prior rental. I have had my car for almost four years, and I have had no issues with it.

- Lis A

Great gas mileage, smooth ride and an overall great starter car

I absolutely love my sentra. I have had this car for four years now, and have not had any issues. It gets great gas mileage, and is a smooth ride anywhere I go. I commute to work, and often travel to and from Arkansas to Texas. The speakers and Bluetooth functionality in the car works great.

- Meghan C

Nissan Sentra is excellent choice

The car is reliable and gets good miles per gallon. It is comfortable and compact yet roomy enough for even long trips. I have only ever experienced one issue with the push start not working and flooding the engine. Otherwise the car is fantastic and affordable for most with a reasonable income.

- Felicia H

Very wonderful car... great driver. Excellent condition

Everything is good in great condition. No problems no wrecks and no bumps or any marks. Great vehicle.. it is worth 12k so I am very happy to say that I love my vehicle.. it sits on a great set of 4 new wheels and also 4 new brake pads. Great on gas mileage and only has 40k miles on the engine

- Erica D

My favorite part of my car is the keyless features. It is so convenient.

I really love all the features. Especially the keyless entry and start, and the backup camera. I could not live without them now. I love the interior as well. So far I haven't had any mechanical issues, which is always great. I would buy this car again, however I do think I paid too much for it.

- Louisa J

Great car for comfortable commuting.

This car is very comfortable. It has power windows, door locks, keyless entry and cruise control. It also has hands free technology for safety. There have been no problems with this car. It is not the greatest in the snow but does offer traction control. It is good on gas and has an eco option.

- Jessica H

2015 Nissan sentra review.

The car has been very reliable. I did have an issue with the transmission, but it was covered by the warranty. I was told that this particular problem sometimes occurs with CVT transmissions. The gas mileage has been pretty good. I get about 28 mpg in the city, and about 35 mpg on the highway.

- Mike P

Good commuting vehicle for work.

The performance is good for a smaller vehicle. It has great gas mileage right around 38 mpg. It has decent room to fit 4 to 5 people and good trunk space. I have had no mechanical issues and would recommend anyway that is looking for a good vehicle to commute to work with. It will save on gas.

- Robert F

2015 Black Nissan Sentra.

Best car I have driven so far. Great gas mileage, low maintenance, nice slick look. Automatic windows, it tells you how far you can go before you run out of gas. Lets you know when there are any problems such as low tire pressure. Definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a car.

- Britt W

Reliable Nissan, looking for more pizzazz.

The car feels reliable. For my personal style the car lacks personality, it feels generic, but it gets the job done. I am appreciative for the car. I haven't had any major problem under the hood. That is cost savings! I would be interested in more unique or flashy designs by the same company.

- Erica K

2015 Nissan Sentra S review

I bought my car 3 years ago and I have not had any problems with my car. I love the hands free talk and my car runs great and it is roomy. It runs smooth. The only thing that I don't like when it gets cold out or rains my low tire light goes on. I fill up with air and the light goes back off.

- Geni S

My experience with my Nissan Sentra!

The car is loud on the road. The battery has had to be replaced already. The air conditioner is broken and the breaks are going again. The seats are not very comfortable considering they are leather and the paint chipped easily. The car seems only designed to last till the warranty has ended.

- Kurt G

Perfect day-to-day driver!

My car gets very good gas mileage and is a great day driver. It allows me to commute to school every day as well as work. Perfect car for a college kid! It has a USB plugin and AUX which is perfect for those long drives. I love my car, and hardly ever problems other than simple wear and tear.

- Victoria C

My vehicle is a base model. There is not anything fancy about it.

I have had zero problems with my vehicle. It does great on gas. It is a smooth ride. The only issue I have with it is I have a hard time setting up my hands free calling. It is not self explanatory. You actually have to pull out the manual and read it. But other than that it is a great ride.

- Carlie D

Gas mileage is not as good as you would think that it would be, or what they say you would get, only get 26 MPG, my Rogue, SUV gets 24

Gas mileage is not as good as would expect to be with as small of a car as it is. Also, have had issues with the "shiftless" transmission "shifting" since we have had it, had it in the dealership garage under 500 miles due to this and they can find nothing wrong and no reason that it does it

- Claudia b

Nissan transmission issues.

Transmission went out under warranty was replaced yet new one is slipping. Good on mileage however bogs down and somewhat gutless when trying to accelerate quickly to get on freeways or highways. Looking for better interior in next Nissan this type collects everything and not easy to clean.

- Darlene S

2015 Nissan Sentra fe-s. It has a very nice eco feature that saves gas.

It is a very nice car. It just does not have a lot of horsepower or takes awhile to get to 70 mph even when stepping hard on the gas pedal. I do like that it has a eco and sport feature on the car. I do wish it had leather seats or a backup camera since I have trouble backing out sometimes.

- Denise A

My care is grey, 4 door, black interior, heated seats and drives amazing.

I love everything about my car it has a touch screen radio, heated seats, black interior and it is very reliable I have no problems out of it whatsoever. It is drives super smooth $20 dollars fills it up and last forever I run the roads constantly and only have to fill it up every two days.

- Megan M

My worst first finance of a vehicle

I haven't has this car for a full 2 years , I kept up with the maintenance and now I need a brand new transmission. I might as well get a brand new car. I've also done my research. And the transmissions used for this car is horrible. They constantly go out and several people have complained

- Raven H

Best car I ever had, I will get same car over and over.

I love my car is very comfy, economic on gas a lot of space love it, love to drive it on the road never have an issue with it, and I will buy and other car same as mine, I recommend it to anyone is looking for a good car, good on price, is not small but is not big, very comfy for the road.

- Karla G

Best car ever for anyone that has somewhere to go.

My car is amazing it feels like I am riding on a cloud. It has such a smooth ride. It has excellent gas mileage. It has the perfect amount of room for all the people I travel with. Plus it has a ton of space in the trunk. I would recommend buying one to any of my friends looking for a car.

- Jill B

Highly recommend Nissan Sentra!

There has been no issues with our Nissan. It drives really well and we love the eco mode function. It conserves gas. The Sentra has great gas mileage on the highway. My husband takes it to Albany NY every day for work. Extremely affordable payment. Would highly recommend the car to others.

- Kate B

Trustful. If you simply do your job and take care of it, the oil changes.

I have only had it for 6 weeks and find it hard to judge, yet. As far as comfort, all is well, with the only thing I miss is the arm rests. This car has cruise control, which I love after moving 2 hours from the city. It also has an auxiliary input, which i'd never heard of, and I love it!

- Cory R

That it works like a dream! I would have no concern about taking it on a long trip.

The engine on the car runs so smoothly that I have to look at the gauges to tell if it's still running at a stop light. It has USB connections so that I can take all my music with me. It has a bluetooth connection for hands free telephone use. It's the second best car that I've ever owned.

- Edith C

Great on gas & love the color. Enough room for 3 car seats in the back if needed.

Vehicle is comfortable. Stereo system could be updated. Roomy. Can fit three car seats in the back seat. Ball joints need fixed. Need new brakes. Awesome on gas. Love the color. Wind visors on all four windows. Alarm system. Keyless entry. Wish I had a remote start that came with the car.

- Ashley C

Warm and cozy! Much like a warm snowflake to ride in.

I love the white color because it does not show dirt like black cars. I am very happy with my car's performance and reliability. Now that the weather in Pittsburgh is getting colder; it is comforting to know all I have to do is turn on the seat warmer. And it is instant cozy! Yea, Nissan!

- Patricia S

Economic king of the road.

For the price you just can't beat it. I average around 30 mpg in town without trying to save gas. Super roomie inside. The back seat is the most comfortable spot in the car. With the sentra u definitely get your bang for your buck. Same size inside as Altima but with the price of a versa.

- Jon C

Nissan car comfort review.

My car gets really good gas mileage. My car is small so it does not do good when it is windy outside and I am traveling at a higher speed. I wish it had more features, like a sunroof/moonroof. But it handles really well on the road. I have had it for 2 years now without any major issues.

- Michelle G

It has Bluetooth and a back dash cam.

Average car. Transmission is fine, comfortable to drive and control, very smooth to drive, has about 18,000 miles on it. I use it to drive it myself to work everyday, and t take my mother to get her medication. It has a back dash cam and it comes with Bluetooth for audio and phone calls.

- Mark A

It has push start and lock/unlock buttons on the handle, but no sunroof

The car is on great shape, but because it's a 4 cylinder, it doesn't drive nice. It's not smooth and it has no power to it. If you're looking for a smooth drive or you like to speed this car isn't it. If you're looking for a car good on gas and will get you places then this car is good.

- Madison G

That it is very safe and comfortable for long trips.

It is been dependable. I like the rear camera, the heated seats and the wireless capability. Making phone calls without using my handset, as well as listening to music. I dislike how small it is and how it does not have much oomph. The gas mileage is not as good as it is supposed to be.

- Nancy B

Beautiful, comfortable sedan with great gas mileage.

Very comfortable and good looking car as a first time car buyer. Amazing gas mileage and beautiful design. Incredibly reliable in all weather (minus snow) and a quiet ride. Maintenance is cheap since the car is newer. Is a great road trip car and doesn't need to be filled up constantly.

- Katie H

Great gas mileage!! Also had been super dependable!

I love my vehicle because I haven't had any problems with it. It's been a great car to me. Got me through college. Has really good gas mileage. Very nice, luxury car! Ride really smooth. Very comfortable seating. Color of my vehicle is my favorite color. Body is still in good condition.

- Audrey W

Great car but not for family vehicle.

It is really hard on tires. Good quality car. I love the radio. Like the seats and the seat warmers. Wish the car was a little bit bigger, not the perfect size for a family vehicle but it works. Power windows. No rust since I bought it. Has great gas mileage. Good quality air and heat.

- Danielle B

Very safe and reliable worth the investment.

No problem. Love the color & interior. Keyless entry and start is amazing to have. The ride is smooth. Good gas mileage. Large backseat and trunk. Enough headroom and legroom. The only feature that is frustrating is the Bluetooth is way more compatible with android phones than iPhones.

- Sadie M

My Nissan Sentra gives me great service and has a great sound system.

The Nissan Sentra is great gas saver with a roomy inside in a small car. Also, the only problem is the rubber on the back doors have come loose and need to be glue back on. Lastly, the Nissan Sentra is a great car for someone commuting to work often or for a single person/small family.

- L J

2015 Nissan Sentra SR, very efficient car.

Great car, very smooth drive and my everyday car. The fuel economy is great in this car which is good because gas prices are high. I haven't had any problems since I bought this car it's still in great condition. I've gone on many road trips and it hasn't failed me yet, very reliable.

- Jorge C

Perfect starter car for teenager.

So far my car has been pretty reliable. If you are going on a long drive the seats are very uncomfortable. The car does pretty good on gas. The trunk area is very spacious. I love the hidden pockets on the front seats. I also love the fact that it has a compartment for my sunglasses.

- Christie L

Good car for everyday life.

The interior is wonderful and is easy to keep clean. The hubcaps are extremely cheap and easy to break. A section broke off when a 3 year old hit it with a baseball. I have had fuel pumps replaced in both of my Sentra's around 45,000 miles, which should not happen. Great gas mileage.

- Kristin Y

Luxury feel at an affordable price!!

Very reliable and safe vehicle. Has not let me down yet. Love that I do not have to scramble for keys because of the fob. Makes it that much easier when I carrying a bunch of items. Smooth drive and handles bumps and curves very well. This is my 3rd Sentra and I couldn't be happier!!

- Shay R

My sentra that has not let me down.

Very reliable, it gets great gas mileage and has not given me any mechanical problems but has a stutter when accelerating from low speeds. It handles really well for the most part. The interior is holding quite well also and I have had a lot of people getting in and out of that car.

- Sean N

It�s keyless and great on gas

My Nissan Sentra has quite a few nice features including comfortable seats, Bluetooth, eco mode, sports mode, and great mpg. The one problem is that at random intervals it takes more horsepower for it to remain a constant speed and when that is happening the car will not accelerate.

- Haley A

Very nice and affordable car

I think it is a very reliable and affordable vehicle. The seats are comfortable and it drives pretty smoothly. So far I haven't really had many problems with it so that's good. It isn't too bad to look at either it's kind of cute. And it is a really good size: not too big or small.

- Maria F

Great gas mileage! Drives well and is very comfortable to long trips

Car gets great mileage and has had no problems in 4 years... this car is very reliable and handles very well for long trips. I would not want to trade mine in until it gives out because it's everything I need. This car would make a great family car and I plan to use it for that use

- Nicole I

Great vehicle very good in winter and summer.

Well the car does not play music through Bluetooth which is frustrating other than that the car is great on gas and runs very smooth and with the eco and sport mode it makes driving on the highway or in town gas friendly also the overdrive is amazing it is also good in the winter.

- Albert C

Good car for a good price.

It is good on gas and good size compact car. It has good leg space in the back. Trunk space is also pretty big. Runs smoothly both in the city and highway. Good acceleration speed. I like the interior colors and lighting of the car. Storage space in the front seats is convenient.

- Mo D

The most interesting detail about my car is the led headlights.

I love my car because I have never had an with Nissan in general. It has most of the features I need to make for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The gas mileage is very good and it can last for over a week with normal driving distance. The led headlights make for a modern look.

- Michelle C

The sentra has an eco option to help save gas.

I really love my sentra. It is cost effective and great on gas expenses. The only downside to the sentra would have to be its reliability in the snow season. The car does not handle well in any type of snow or slippery conditions. Other than that I have no complaints on this car.

- Nash R

The battery dies when you have a car charger plugged in, so do not use one at all.

I like the vehicles gas mileage and that it usually gets me where I need to go. I dislike that the front seat area is a bit cramped feeling, that my a/c is super loud, that my battery dies if I use a charger in the car at all, and that it has so many recalls. It could be better.

- Victoria N

Nissan sentra s are spacious, fuel efficient, and compact.

I love my car. It has all the upgrades that I wanted, including the moonroof, and backup camera. It is spacious, while still being compact. The only complaint I have is sometimes the acceleration is jumpy. It gets great gas mileage, and I have had no major issues over the years.

- Dantel R

It is a comfortable for family and for long drives.

I like that it drives smoothly. It is comfortable. I like that it has bluetooth and there are warning lights for tire pressure. I do not like that the windshield is not curved; it blocks part of your view when it is flat and has that bar between the windshield and side windows.

- Dotti P

The Bluetooth feature and seat warmers are perfect to have.

The Nissan Sentra is a good first car to buy. The three years I had this car, I had minimum problems. If you turn on eco you really save money on gas. The seat warmers come in handy when its cold. Leather seats are durable and does not wrinkle even if you do not condition them.

- Ma J

The only thing I like about a Nissan sentra is that it good on gas.

Transmission always going out, good on gas, it cute but always have problems with transmission and other stuff. I would not buy another Nissan sentra again this is a waste of my money and time. And they also over charge you for the car so therefore you cannot even trade it in.

- Charnel W

The back seats are very roomy and comfortable.

The engine light stays on all the time and the light for the wiper fluids the car drives wonderfully the seats are comfortable the car is roomy I am very happy with it there's plenty of cup holders plenty of legroom its great on gas the color we shoes is dark gray its elegant.

- Elsa C

It is a perfect fit for a classy person.

I believe this is the best car, it is very affordable and also is very great on gas, however the only downside it is not the fastest car but it will get you from point A to point B it has very good sound speakers and also drive a very smoothly. It is a great car for a family.

- Carl M

Small BUT surprisingly amazing space

I love this car. It fits my family well and has a lot of space to be frank. My family is a heavy set family but we all fit without feeling tight or suffocated. It is great on gas and I just love the fact that is drives smooth. Best choice we made was purchasing this vehicle.

- Irene L

A short review on Nissan Sentra 2015.

Very good car had it almost 2 years and its still running good. It is small though, om 6, 2 and I have to get in slowly or I'd hit my head. For backseats I have 2 car seats and that's all u can really fit. It's a very good car for the price, and it's a long lasting vehicle.

- Michael D

The car is great for students or work

The car is good on gas but has no power. It also has really big trunk space. I don't like how the speakers aren't loud, they sound staticy after only turning it up halfway. Overall I would I say it's a good car for work or for a someone going to school for the gas mileage.

- Jesus S

The good and the not so great.

Some electrical issues but it is a reliable car and gets me around to and from work good on gas that is the one thing I love about car and the backup camera is a plus to have but overall I have to say it is a good reliable car for a single person or a family person as well.

- Diana M

Nissan sentry's are good cars.

Drives great, comfortable even for my son who is 6'5" tall. Romy, good head room. Great gas mileage. All n all, it is a pretty good car. Just watch your speed, it tends to take off when your not looking. It likes to go fast, zoom-zoom. Especially love the extra large trunk.

- Sue R

It's a small compatible car to go to work in . Gas saver

It has already had transmission issues with it . Which seems common because other family members have had the same issue with the same model. So transmission has been replaced . Comfort is ok but not for traveling long distance . A good commuter for work but nothing more.

- Yajaira R

Bright lights, charcoal gray, 24 in tires, hybrid, front wheel drive.

The performance is great, it is in perfect condition. 4 Cylinder, hybrid, supports Bluetooth with iPhone or android. Gets 32 mpg on highway and 18 mpg on rural streets. Has front wheel drive, so probably not the best vehicle in the winter. Installed USB and AUX connected.

- Jo S

Great sedan with great features

Rides great, very reliable, has XM, steering wheel controls, backup cam. Wish it was a little more roomy though and had power seats. It gets great gas mileage and has a pretty good sound system. Overall very pleased with my Sentra. It's a very easily maintainable vehicle.

- Sarah F

Decent car for the price but not up to prior Nissan expectations.

Overall my car is good. It has been reliable and the space in the car is good. I have not been impressed with the overall quality as it scratches and dents easily and the interior quality seems lesser than previous models. Also the gas mileage is not as good as expected.

- Charity W

Love its Bluetooth capability. Satellite radio compatible

I love my car but have a lot of issues with brakes and tires everything else has ran like a champ. Great gas mileage cleans up like brand new after a good wash. And has held up well from my now 7 year old. Trunk space is awesome and car has never put me down on the road.

- Courtney G

I love my Sentra it's a perfect car.

My versa is very reliable and comfortable no problems since I have had it wonderful on gas it is also a very good looking car with chrome around the windows and the handles. Also the stock radio in it is very enjoyable pretty loud I also have a very spacious trunk area.

- Sabrina S

Great on gas! Very dependable.

The only problem I have with the car is the airbag safety feature it was recalled took it to the dealership to get fixed but it still lights up. I love that its cheap on gas. I do not like the back window the slant as much it does not hold my baby on board sign so well.

- Sophie D

Great reliable Nissan Sentra.

Excellent gas mileage 35. 0 mpg, smooth ride, does well in snow and rain. I would recommend this car. If you keep the oil changed and all the preventive maintenance you should hopefully have no problems. At least I haven't. This is the second Nissan Sentra I have owned.

- Holly O

Little Nissan sentra 2015.

My car has super nice features Bluetooth radio backup camera is good on gas takes about $25 to fill it up. Give me the choice of sports or eco. Comfortable to drive no issues. Very nice family car. Also offers ox cord feature navigation 2 will Dr. Altogether great card.

- Tana C

Tough vehicle that is dependable

It's a good car. It's very reliable and has been driven through sand, heavy mud, etc and has pulled through each time. I only wish it had seat warmers and a touch screen in it. Those are small cosmetic things though. It is very dependable and will last me a long while:

- Gabby M

Very good car, spacious, and family friendly as well.

My car is great drives smoothly and perfect. Has a back camera which is a very good accessory. The AC and heater works well, seats are very comfy it's spacious for the kids in the back. Great car for a small family we're a family of 4 and it's perfect for us. Love it.

- Janet C

Good, safe, and quiet little car.

Transmission failure at 100k miles. Other than that, it's pretty good. Fuel economy is solid. Safety features are good. Nice and quiet inside the vehicle. Plenty of space for 8 & 6 year old in the back. Nissan has a great maintenance and warranty for the car also.

- Matthew M

Have a 2015 Nissan Sentra SV. It�s a great vehicle. The trunk is very spacious!

On the trim year I own 2015 Nissan Sentra SV the rubber stripping on both passenger door windows easily came off. Had to replace parts. This the screws in the door frame the rubs and wears the rubber. I've seen plenty cars make and model like mine with the same issue.

- Fallon D

Nissan Sentra! Highlight about the car is the miles per gallon

Great reliability performance is outstanding so is the gas! We only put in $22 and it get us a little over full. We get around 30 mpg. It's Bluetooth compatible. Great for babies there's an eco mode and a sports mode. Eco mode saves you on gas usually only in the city

- Lexie B

Everything you want to know about my car.

My vehicle has been very reliable for me. It gets good gas mileage and I enjoy it. I have regular oil changes and take care of it, so I expect it to last many years. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. I do not have a lot of extra features, but everything I need.

- George G

Bad transmission- loses power on the freeway at higher speeds.

Transmission has been having frequent issues. It will lose power on the freeway if going over 75 mph. Sometimes when it is really cold outside my car won't turn on. I am very frustrated about all of this considering the fact that it is a newer vehicle with low miles.

- McKenzie S

Fine car, great keyless entry.

My vehicle is good. It is reliable and gets me from point A to point B. I do not drive much but I have nothing against the car. I really like the keyless unlocking. I like not having to take my key out to unlock my car and just push the button on the handle instead.

- Lily G

2015 Nissan Sentra sir rocks!

My gas mileage indicator (listed in number of miles left) takes a while to update after putting gas in. Unsure of when to use eco mode. The car is reliable, comfortable, didn't realize I had heated seats when I bought it, easy to clean, durable and has a huge trunk.

- Alex K

Moonroof and heated seats:-).

I had an issue with the fuel pump. Comfortable but could have a little more space. I love that it has a moonroof and heated seats. Great on gas. Car has been very reliable until I had the issue with the fuel pump. No problems since though. All around great vehicle.

- Katie C

Black Nissan Sentra year 2015.

I have had no problems with my car currently. In the year and a half that I have had I'd had my car the only thing I have had to replace is my windshield wipers, which was just two weeks ago. My gas mileage is great for my driving lengths. Great & reliable vehicle.

- Lindsey M

It is a 6-speed manual transmission vehicle.

My vehicle is a 6-speed manual vehicle. The interior is cloth, and it has several was to play music. There is an AUX hook-up, a USB hook-up, and there is a one slot CD player inside, as well as the radio. It is a front wheel drive vehicle. It is exterior is white.

- Mackenzie P

Quality of 2015 Nissan Sentra.

It is a 4-cylinder engine, so the get up is sort of slow. Great speakers, good gas mileage, a lot of space in the car especially back seat and trunk. Affordable replacement parts. The handle on the door is coming off on mine, but easily replaceable. Drives smooth.

- Casey M

It's a great car to get to and from.

I just got my car in November. I really like it because everything work very well my ac, stereo, etc. It is a blue car. It's very good on gas, I use the ecosystem. It did get damage after a truck hit it. So on one side my car is smashed. But it's still driveable.

- Mo C

Will need service early on. Tires wore out under 30000 miles, ball joints seem to be going bad already.

Others recent gas mileage and has all the features I want such as navigation and Sirius radio. It is less sturdy and the deal around door keeps coming off, compared to the 2013 I had. gas mileage worse than 2013. Mechanical issues and tires wore out in two years.

- Jen M

Great sound system. Reliable. Good on gas. Must have.

This car is extremely reliable. One of my favorites to drive. Extremely smooth. It's great on gas and even with low when you need it to just give you those last few miles, it'll make that happen. This is a car that I would have to recommend to pretty much anyone.

- Trey B

The Nissan Sentra is a stylish, economical car that gets the job done.

I like the style of the vehicle, the paint color, the powerful air conditioning (I live in Arizona!). I do not like the position of the headrests; I feel as if I'm driving in a hunched over position. I do not like that the vehicle does not have rear air vents.


Comfortable, sleek, & designed for you.

The performance is great. The car is quiet and it's a comfortable drive. The car has a sleek design. Inside the SUV has comfortable seats. The car basic audio system includes Bluetooth , aux, and radio. You as the driver is able to customize this to your liking.

- Amber E

It's takes some adjusting to get used to. I'm used to compact cars that sit very high for the driver and passengers. Most individuals who are used to mid or standard sized cars will probably have no problem adjusting.

The car itself sits very low which makes visibility when driving for me more difficult even with the seat itself raised. The car is very functional and spacious. However, it is not the most comfortable to drive nor are it's interior functions easy to understand

- Genae E

Nissan-Sentra, the best basic car.

My car is great. It runs well with little to no problems. I have the standard model of my car so there is nothing fancy about it. My car runs well and drives great. It's a great car for people who drive in the city and don't really take it out the country much.

- Ashley D

Easy, reliable, and great.

The car is fairly new. I haven't had any major problems. The check light comes on once in a while, but a quick trip to jiffy lube does the trick. The cars does not hold a lot of gas so I have to fill up often. Overall the Nissan Sentra is a great, reliable car.

- Maggie K

Nissan Sentra SV 2015 White

This car is very user friendly. I love how it feels when I drive it. I don't like that it doesn't have a sunroof or seat warmers. That is something that I would have looked for in a car next time. I love the color of it and it has a backup camera which is nice.

- Haley J

The Nissan Sentra great car.

Great car. Excellent gas mileage in regular mode. Eco mode gives even better mileage but car is a little slower in eco mode. Inexpensive maintenance. Has a sport mode it drains gas, but it does allow the car to pick up speed better on the highway. Great value.

- Ashlee D

It's dependable, really good on gas, and eco friendly.

It's great on gas, comfortable for me but if you're a bigger person or have kids it's not for you. It's dependable and has good features like Bluetooth etc that I love. It's not super fast like you can't just go really fast it does have to gradually increase

- Chella M

Bold and great in road performance and fuel efficient

Very fuel efficient and reliable. Spacious and comfortable. Great gas mileage. Great performance on the road during tough weather conditions and gives you a smooth clean ride. Easy to switch gears as well and allows. Sound system plays loud, clear and smooth

- Adonis S

Very spacious good on gas

Very spacious car on the inside perfect for trips. Gas wise pretty decent. Wish my Bluetooth would connect to my music only connects for phone calls so have to have aux cable running through so make it hard to charge phone. Not many USB for charging either.

- Stephanie V

Best vehicle for a small family of 3!

Love my car! It's comfortable, reliable, has never given me problems. Features include, rear view camera, eco-mode, sport-mode, and touch engine. It has enough room for my son's car seat, stroller, and booster. The engine is quiet and saves me money on gas.

- Brisa M

The Nissan Sentra is an extremely dependable car.

My car is reliable. It drives well, is comfortable, has good gas mileage, and is an attractive car. I have had very few issues with this car, and any problems I have had required very simple fixes. It has keyless entry and a push start, which is convenient.

- Brooke T

Smaller sedan but reliable and s great gas saver.

Nissan Sentra is a great gas saver. It is offers eco and sports button. For a smaller car, it is still comfortable. Reliability is great with this car. No major issues with anything out if this car. I would recommend this car to anyone who asks me about it.

- Jennifer J

My opinion on my Nissan Sentra.

I love my Sentra. It gets 36 to 40 miles per gallon. It is very comfortable to ride in on long distance trips. All the dash and wheel gadgets are easy to get to and use. I also like the eco button, it helps with the gas mileage a lot. I would recommend it.

- Eve M

It has a fancy radio and sound system.

I miss my scion. It was better on gas and smaller. This one is to big, but I made an impulse buy. The current car sucks up gas and the tire pressure is always low. It is a reliable car and does what it needs to do, I just wish it got better gas mileage, .

- Mia M

The color. Tinted windows. The cars has a great dash.

Only problem is a small conceal. I like the car. Very reliable. Runs smooth.It's not my dream car. However, it is a great reliable low maintenance vehicle.I do not seem to have any problems so far. I did have some manufacturing issues that were repaired.

- James D

Keyless Sentra. No key needed for entry or start, great in bad weather.

Love this Sentra, has backup cameras, rides really nice and comfortable, and is very cheap on gas, very good gas mileage, great on the highway or in town, drives and handles like a big car or a race car with the flip of a switch, very low maintenance too.

- Floyd N

Easy on gas enough space for a family.

Great small car. Great gas mileage, I average nearly 40 mph going 70mph on the interstate. Has enough truck space for a small family. Not fancy with tons of bells and whistles and not so much truck space that you could fit tons but for me it's a good car

- Josia S

Great for a single person.

Vehicle was not how the salesman described it would be. We have replaced multiple parts on the vehicle. Smaller than we expected and does not drive how we were told. Vehicle has trouble starting in colder weather after we have replaced the battery twice.

- Taylor R

Great vehicle with awesome interior.

I love the Sentra. The gas mileage is great as is the features in the car. The thing that I do not like is how small the car seems when other people are in it. I have also had several issues with the mad sensor saying that the mad was bad when it wasn't.

- Courtney C

Great car to drive and have! Very dependable

Parts sometimes go quick. It's a tough car! I honestly love it. Just drive it a lot. It's a very safe car. If you get all the extras it really helps. The air sensor in the tires is very convenient. The heated seats in the north really help in the winter

- Leah C

Unimpressed with the Nissan Sentra.

This car is pretty much basic. The seats are uncomfortable, the speakers are not great, just nothing special. I am glad it has a back up camera, but other than that, I wish I had chosen a different vehicle. The value on this car definitely is not good.

- Amanda B

Incredible car, economic, spacious.

It's amazing, economic, have a-lot of space. Have power, I always have it on sport. I travel 2 times a week 4 hours road and I never have a problem. Good radio and sound system. Air-condition is perfect. One of my favorite features is the reverse cam.

- Melvin A

Very reliable and dependable Sentra

I love everything about my vehicle! It is a very smooth ride and it is incredibly reliable. I have been on many road trips in it in just the year we have had it and we haven't had any issues. I would absolutely purchase again if given the opportunity.

- Sabrina P

Pros and cons of a Sentra

The car is good on gas because it has the eco mode, it also has sport mode as well. I'm a mom and I don't like that it's not very spacious so I can't fit 3 car seats in the back seat. I do enjoy the camera when you reverse. The trunk is a good size.

- Roxanne G

My Sentra is a workhorse and my pockets appreciate the Mpg I get on the road

I bought my car used with 30k miles on it. I've since put about 30k miles on it myself driving all over for work. Gas mileage is really good! Feel like it my be having some transmission issues though because it gets a little jumpy when the gears shift

- Richard S

Nissan Sentra affordable good car

My car has been great so far I've only been driving it for about ten thousand miles so I'm not sure if I will see any problems in the future. It is a smooth ride and I love the backup camera feature it comes with. The interior is nice but can be hot.

- Kaitlyn J

Like every car, it is important to be update with the maintenance.

My car has been very reliable through the years. I actually haven't had any problems beyond that refill the gas to the air conditioning. Furniture is very comfortable, leather material and the engine is right perfect for the needs of small families.

- Louisa P

My vehicle is a compact sedan that runs smoothly and is very gas efficient.

Very reliable, not expensive on gas. My car has not required any major work besides the normal maintenance and changing of all four of the tires. The car has space, and can hold multiple pieces of luggage even though it looks like a small car.

- Jasmine S

White car, Nissan is the best.

I have had my car going on 3 years now, and have yet to have any issues. It is still brand new, but some cars will start to give you problems during the first year. I have had Kia before and didn't like it, Nissan so far has been my favorite.

- Angelica E

It's the perfect small family car

What I love about my car is that it is an easy car to drive around. It's a great gas saver. Perfect for a couple people. What I love about it is the Eco button that help save gas. It also has a sports car button were the car can drive fast!

- Kayla R

It doesn't have much of an appearance to others but overall the car is great whether for traveling or even for family use.

I like how much it saves on gas, the smooth driving , and how comfortable it is for traveling. I dislike how long it takes to pick up the speed, and how low it is on technology. An overall view of it though I find more I like than dislike.

- Mallory T

Reliable. It has not broke down on me. Cheap to work on for small issues.

2015 Nissan Sentra is an amazing car. I got it certified pre-owned and it has done two long 1000 mile trips and hasn't had an issue. Get pretty great gas mileage and the sport mode really keys you work the engine. Great car for the price.

- Harsha V

NISSAN Sentra saved my life in a car accident. It is sturdy and reliable.

I love the strength of the frame, the interior and the ease of drivability. I was in a car accident in a Sentra and the car was totaled, however I was only slightly injured. It made me feel safe and I got another Sentral to replace it.

- Christy T

The car gets really great mileage. On average gas costs between $20-$25.

It had a few problems at the beginning. Something within the engine zone of the car. Steering is great and the car has great braking abilities. The car is nice and spacious and comfortable for a single individual or a family as well.

- Saul V

My Nissan Sentra is a good economical car to drive and is very reliable.

I love my Nissan Sentra because it is very economical to drive. It gets good gas mileage and I have not had any issues. I love the Bluetooth feature. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a good economical car to drive.

- Kimberly W

great gas mileage and it rides and drives very well!

Very dependable. it gets very good gas mileage and rides very well. and the extras (XM radio and navigation) are all very nice to have. I have had some transmission issues however and some parts that have come loose (door handle)

- Jordan B

Reliable and good mileage.

I like the mileage and easy to use to drive around. I dislike the space and knowing that there are some issues with the transmission that I have been hearing about out there. So far, I don't have any issues with my transmission.

- Natalie W

It's compact but Sudan style interior so very spacious. Great on gas!

The only problem so far was transmission blew. Warranty is for people who don't drive a lot. I love the sports mode, how spacious it is, how safe it is for kids in the backseat. Performance is great , it's really saves on gas.

- Julie L

I love my backup camera!

My Nissan Sentra gets the best gas mileage. The drive is so smooth. The only issue I have is the space. I am a taller woman, so it's understandable that the car is a little too small for me. Great price for great car though!

- Tori M

Nice, small car that has good features

I really like that my car has seat warmers in it for the front seats. It's very nice and makes driving much more comfortable when it's cold. It's a very reliable car, and I haven't really had any performance issues so far.

- Savana V

This vehicle gets great gas mileage and is big enough to fit my family comfortably. Many parts are already breaking that I have never had to replace on a vehicle before. I wish to get a new car soon!

The seatbelt in the passenger seat is broken, the motor on the same side for the window is broken, the seals are coming off around the windows, there are several dents and scratches. This is a well driven vehicle for sure.

- Taylor F

It is so spacious! It's easy to fit into tight parking spots but there is a ton of leg room no matter where you sit and a lot of room in the trunk, too.

I have the basic model. I love how efficient it is on gas and that it is a push to start. I would love it if they could create a push to start car that has a remote start for the hot summer days and freezing winter days.

- Allison S

Great price but not that reliable. You get what you pay for with this vehicle.

I like that it is very fuel efficient. I think the car itself is a little small for passengers in the back. Trunk space is reasonable. I have already experienced some mechanical problems which I am not satisfied with.

- Gabriela G

The car must be comfortable to drive in, a lot of people are after performance, but being comfortable is the best.

I like the fact that it was very inexpensive to purchase, yet it is very comfortable and has decent performance and is fuel efficient. It also has a good performing AC unit which is huge. It also is easy to maintain.

- Nick S

It is meant probably for a single person or married couple. I don't think it would be a good fit for someone with more than one kid

I enjoy the gas mileage that I get out of it as well as being roomy for a sedan. My main problem is actually the dealership. It is a pain to get warranty work done and they try to hit me with extra fees all the time.

- Todd V

This car is reliable and runs well. Good car to move in the city.

Small car but reliable. Runs well and we used it a lot without mechanical problems. Always has the service engine light on and could be design different so that the seat belt on the drivers side is more easy to get.

- Maria G

Nissans are long lasting cars and rarely have recall issues.

My vehicle is great on gas. But because it is a four cylinder car the pick takes a while. The car is very spacious from the front seat to the trunk. It would also be nice to have a sun or moon roof for this model.

- Rosalind W

The most important thing about my car is that is saved me a good amount of gas money.

I like the space on the inside of the vehicle, it's very open. I also like the Bluetooth system since it makes listening to music easier. It also does pretty well with not much gas, as of now I have no complaints.

- Margarita M

Gracie (my car) is a great and dependable vehicle.

My vehicle has all the bells and whistles I wanted except for remote start. The size is a little smaller than I wanted but the upgrades made it better. My only complaint is that I wish it was at least 6 cylinders

- lititia W

Great gas mileage, has a few recalls but they are all easy fixes.

I like the gas mileage, Bluetooth hands free calling, and the feel of how the car drives. I don't like that the seats don't hug me as much as I would like and arm rest is farther back so I cannot really use it.

- Seth B

It is really comfortable and has good mileage.

My Nissan Sentra is awesome because it gets really good mileage, runs smoothly and quietly, and looks great (dark blue). It almost looks like new. It has a lot of room inside and is comfortable when driving.

- Michael F

It can travel for a long time, so mileage and gas works well with this car.

The vehicle is made of light material and easily dents, which I dislike. I also hate that it's really sensitive in handling such as the gas pedal and the steering wheel. I love that the car rides smoothly.

- Irma L

It drives smooth, its pretty okay with gas.It's great for families that travel.

I like that it is spacious and I can't really think of anything I dislike. The only things I actually dislike about my car are more personal than general. Such as color chosen and things I probably broke.

- Vanessa H

I genuinely love my car!!

I have had my car for 2 years now. I bought it used and have not had many issues with it. Currently the AC doesn't seem to get as cold but it's been extremely hot in Florida lately so perhaps that's why.

- Dina B

The most important thing other should now about this car is that it is safe and easy to drive.

I like the radio control being on the steering wheel, the back up camera and the Bluetooth for my phone. I like that the car does not feel low to the ground. Having a bigger gas tank on it would be nice.

- Karen B

My sentra has a rear view camera which makes parking so easy!

My sentra is amazing! I save so much on gas I fill it up every 2 weeks with $27. I have NEVER had a maintenance issue with it since I bought it back in 2016. I t even made it through a rough snowstorm.

- Renata M

Nissan is reliable. The brand is great and I have not ever had a severe mechanical issue with this brand.

Overall, I have no complaints. I wish there was more leg room in the rear for passengers. Now that I do not have to fit car seats in the backseat it was the right decision to downsize from the Altima

- Jamie W

It drives great in the rain and it is reliable.

I like it because it is a reliable car. I like the touch start engine. I like the touch screen radio/gps/Bluetooth hook-up to my phone. I dislike the gas tank capacity. I dislike the lack of speed.

- Julie E

Very economic vehicle on fuel.

I really like my car, it haves a lot of space, really good on gas , small so it fits anywhere, it's a 4 cylinder so it doesn't go that fast , that's the only bad thing,?i was used to my 6 cylinder.

- Jeanette H

It gets great gas mileage.

I love everything about it I just wish there was a better arm rest for the driver in the middle. Also I wish the windows were automatic. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing about the vehicle.

- Eric F

It warns you if your keys are still in the car and it will not let you lock it.

I like the low gas mileage. I like the comfort and sturdiness. I like the smooth way it handles and drives. The only thing that I could possibly dislike is that there is no rear windshield wiper.

- Lynne D

Great roomy economy car!!

It's great on gas mileage and has plenty of legroom. The latter is important because my husband's side is all above 6ft. However it is in the shop because the transmission went bad at 40k miles

- Sara S

2015 Nissan Sentra SR review

The Sentra is great on gas! The only thing I do not like is that it is a bit on the smaller side. My Sentra has the navigation system, leather seats, very comfortable to go on long trips with.

- Erenia M

Heated seats are amazing.

The only problem I have had has been with the volume button. It's a dial and for whatever reason whenever I turn it up it jumps all the way down. I have to use volume button on steering wheel.

- Katie N

That it is a gas saver and it is a good type of transportation.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. The performance is excellent. It is very reliable. The comfort is good. And the features is awesome. You can connect your smartphone to the vehicle.

- Dee B

Love the way the car zips around. The car is a sedan and still gets great gas mileage.

The car is very comfortable as I drive a lot. Gets 27 to 28 mpg. Love it. The only thing I would change is the air conditioner, but I still need to tint the Windows as I just got the vehicle.

- Jennifer T

it is reliable and has good mileage. It is not fancy but very practical

It is an average car, nothing special. It is reliable and gets good mileage to the gallon. It was a good price. But it is not unique and many people have the same vehicle, seems to be popular

- vicky k

The drift control will freak you out.

It runs well, parts are cheap and the sound system is good enough. Fwd is always good. Only think I do not like about it is that I got into an accident and it looks bad but that is about it.

- Cody M

the gas mileage is outstanding and the bose sound system is even better!

I have only had the car for a few months, but it has been a gem so far! it rides great and I have the SL version so it is a little loaded. Gas is great on it and definitely is a smooth ride!

- Chris S

Nothing else that I can think of.

It gets great gas mileage. There is plenty of room for the family and trips and the camera comes in very handy when backing up. Like the Bluetooth capability for my handsfree phone options.

- Tammy N

The gas mileage is pretty good, and the car is compact.

I like that it is compact which makes parking easier. Also, the gas mileage is excellent. There is also access from the back seat to the trunk, which is great! Overall, it is a good car.

- Meghan R

It is great with gas. It also has great value and the car is comfortable.

Like the back up camera, runs very smoothly, also like keyless entry, like the button on the door handle to open the car, like the economic button. Do not like the start and stop button.

- Samantha P

Comfortable and Roomy, with Comfort and Ease

I have not experienced any problems with my car. The gas mileage is great, it runs very smooth, and has plenty of room. The stereo system is amazing and connects to my bluetooth easily.

- Kaylee C

It has push-start engine which is super convenient.

My vehicle is a 4 door sedan with a trunk. It is considered a smaller sedan but it still fits 4-5 people comfortably. It gets great gas mileage and has nice features that come with it.

- Samantha T

It is a all around nice car great on the road in town.

It is a 2015 Nissan Sentra it is runs smooth picks up speed fast. Interior is nice just wish I had leather seats. Great on gas I can fill up with 25-30 dollars. Stereo system is great.

- Nicole O

Probably the fuel efficiency.

I love my vehicle because it gets an average of 30 mpg. It has new technology, and is very stylish. I love the exterior, and interior. It feels like luxury but at an affordable price.

- Lisa J

It is compact and is beautiful inside and out. It has a lot of great features.

I like that the vehicle is small. I like the features it has like Bluetooth. I dislike that it doesn't always seem to have a good pick-up or rev up correctly especially in the rain.

- Lisa L

That this car is definitely true to all that it has been vamped up to be.

I like the fact that it seems to be one of the most reliable cars i have ever owned. It has not yet to this day failed on me in any way possible. It also has phenomenal gas mileage.

- Ryan K

It is a nice reliable vehicle.

I like how the car drives. I like how reliable it is, that I do not have to worry about it breaking down or not starting in the morning. I like that the car has great gas mileage.

- William D

Red, 4 cylinder, 4 door sedan

My car is very reliable and a small cozy fit for my personal taste. It is a perfect first car type of vehicle, very easy to drive! I love this car I would completely recommend it!

- Sandra G

Ford is a reliable product, and has been a safe car to drive and maintain.

It is a great car,.. It runs smoothly,.. Gets us to point a to point b.... What I do not like about the car is the horn it is cheezie, and the smelling of burnt rubber is back..

- L L

It's reliable, fast, and affordable. It's not a bad car at all.

I don't have any complaints about my car. I love it because its medium-sized, and it has a lot of features. These features include bluetooth, rear camera, apps, and many others.

- Yesenia S

The fuel economy is fantastic with this car.

The seats could be a little more cushy, especially the back seats. I love the car, but wish that I would have gotten a slightly bigger vehicle to accommodate car seats better.

- Tasha K

Good gas mileage and also eco mode.

This car is really good on gas. It has an eco mode which can really help get the best gas possible. It come with a rear backup camera which helps me parallel park with ease.

- Amanda F

The car, when I first got it, made a strange sound when I first turned it on. Also, the brakes rumble a little.

I do not like that when I'm on the highway and I step on the gas, it takes a couple seconds to pick up speed. I love the fuel efficiency. I also love the large trunk space.

- Cristina B

This transmission blows don't buy.

The car has a known problem with the transmission. Nissan refuses to fix it. The cvt transmission starts to fail after 2 years. There is a current lawsuit against Nissan.

- Christina M

That the gas mileage is pretty good.

I like the mileage that I get with my car but I don't like that it has had a handful of problems that needed to be fixed so far and I haven't even had it for 3 years yet.

- Pattie A

the Nissan Sentra is resourceful and efficient.

the Nissan Sentra is a great and resourceful car. it has a navigation system and back camera and to fill the tank is fairly cheap. drives great and is a comfortable car.

- Jessica m

A reliable standard size vehicle with good trunk space and reliable since first driven off the lot.

The vehicle is great and I have had no issues during my ownership. I do wish the air flow for heat and air conditioning was more powerful. This is my only complaint.

- Kristina B

black nissan sentra NOT FOR SALE I repeat NOT FOR SALE!!!

I have a black four door nissan sentra, with gray interior. it has enough room for me and my family to go on road trips and it runs good on the milage...I LOVE IT.

- Lorretta A

The Nissan Sentra is perfect for any college student.

I love my car. The size is perfect for me I am a college student with two dogs. The back seat turns into their area and the trunk is big enough for all my stuff.

- Abie A

It is not worth buying it. Go for a Toyota.

What I like is it is economical on gas, also it is compact but okay on space. What I hate is that it feels cheap and makes noises and always has small problems.

- Jennifer L

That it is my car, so it is my rules. No eating in my car because I do not want crumbs or sticky stuff left behind. Also fix the driver seat after driving my car.

I like how it has heated seats because I freeze all the time. I really enjoy the satellite radio with it and the size of the car is perfect for someone like me.

- Stacey C

Great size, great on gas, no major problems.

Great in gas, perfect size car for a single adult or small family. Just enough room. Not too big, not too small. Good look. Have never had any problems with it.

- Stacy T