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What’s my absolute favorite of my car is the white powdery color.

My original car that I wanted was a 2016 Chevy Cruze which originally came with Exeter window tint that had/and was the car I originally intended to by; my next car of choice was to go ahead and buy a Nissan Sentra sv press start sedan. It came with a intelligent smart key so they call it. Why I do not know works with a press of a button. Has front wheel drive; unlike the Chevy Cruze though it has excellent eco mode which is extremely competitive to most cars which I love helps save gas; sport mode which is also included, which is intended to use to get you out of any situation as far as sedan features which is a plus for me takes time and gets you to place to place in no time it helps speed up the car as it is used for a race car. Unfortunately didn't come with tint I purchased it all on my own. It was all used we I purchased it came with expensive tires firestone to be exact. A awesome cvt engine which means continuous variable transmission, can perform to its top beast in my very own opinion which is a great engine on the market right now. Flawless features suitable for sedan cross; came with backup camera when in reverse shift as well as USB auxiliary port and CD player. Although it is a great car and all does have two or three issues two I have no worries to take out my own pocket to have it running safe and well does have its needs. One is a well alignment does need its cvt transmission fluid replacement and a quick left rear back driver side ball joint leak which is in need of also an replacement I can do. Great for all around turns quick tight rough smooth drives when your on the road. It came as a cheap price sales taxes including totaled out to 13340 not too bad. Not done paying on it but when done I might consider selling for 5000. Would definitely come in handy for someone else.

- Samuel G

The best in style, efficiency, service, and features!

Very easy car to drive. I have had it for about 2 years and have brought it to every maintenance check / service check and everything is still in check and running well. I the feature of the driver’s seat that can be lifted up with the handle on the side. This helps to raise your view when you are short like me. I also like the option to make the dash lights lighter or dimmer day or night. My eyes are sensitive to the light so I like dimmer feature when driving at night. Seats are comfortable both front and back and allows leg room for you are taller family members and friends. This Sentra can comfortably fit five people be it adult or children. And yes it has the safety features for you are youngest children to be securely locked in as well as the safety belt system to accommodate the babies in our lives to have their car seats stay put while driving on the road. A comfortable ride and gets you where you need to go. The dependability and reliability is why I trust the Nissan name. And yes! They have great and good looking SUVs and trucks too if those peak your interest. But for me, my Sentra does it all. . . Gets me where I am going and brings me home at night both safely and efficiently! Speaking of efficient, smart and spacious this Nissan Sentra looks more expensive than a lot in its category and has so many other wonderful features and options I could go on and on. Before I let you go my most favorite of all is the roomiest trunk space for a mid size sedan plus gives you the option to cruise to your destination or speed it on the highways and freeways. Please give the Nissan Sentra a place in your home because you will not be disappointed!

- Elaine S

I have had no problems with it whatsoever so it is a really nice car.

One problem I have with the Nissan Sentra is that it needs a lot of gasoline on a regular basis. It is really reliable I have never gone into a crash and it is pretty safe. I am not sure how much horsepower it has but it is a really fast car so yeah. I recommend having a Nissan Sentra because it is just overall really good car. Another reason why I like the Nissan Sentra is because inside the seats are very sturdy and comfortable. The interior of the Nissan Sentra is very nice and snazzy. The front seats are reclinable you could adjust however you want in height and if you want to lay down or not. You rarely have to change the wheels on the car. The windows are very easy to clean along with the interior of the car. The trunk of the Nissan Sentra is very spacious, you can fit a lot of things in there, from scooters, skateboards, bottles, and groceries.

- Alexa C

An economically and financially sound buy!

This vehicle is economically efficient. I currently have it at 37 miles per gallon. It comes with an economy, standard, and sport mode. Since I bought this car, I have had no problems with it. Upkeep and maintenance is basic upkeep. Heated seats and a really good a/c system help with temperatures. The a/c also has an additional button that can make the air even colder than the standard a/c too. The only minor complaints I have is the driver seat can be uncomfortable after extended periods of driving, and with economy mode it is a lot harder to get up and go. There is a minor noise that can be heard when under 2, 000 rpm's in economy mode, but that is standard for this car.

- Rae H

Nissan Sentra, great for young professionals.

I absolutely love my Nissan Sentra. I had to get a new car and was able to find a used 2016 Nissan Sentra. Coming from driving a 2003 station wagon, this was really a step up. And it was approved my every car expert in my life, they all said that Nissan has a trustworthy brand to buy second hand. The car has plus interior, spacious, and plenty of pockets and storage throughout the car. The car features several options on the dash like average mpg, how many miles until empty. Great features for a planner like me. In addition to the great dash features, it also has on steering wheel Audio controls which I absolutely love.

- Rosalie M

Compact, simple car if you are not a simple, basic person.

First of all, my car is a 2016 Nissan Sentra sv. It is the second trim from the bottom. Although it is considered pretty new, it lacks a lot of tech stuff such as the entertainment system and technologies. Nowadays, a lot of features come standard. On the other hand, it comes with a back-up camera, which is always nice for reverse and getting out of parking lots. It is also a compact car, making it is easy to drive. The mpg is pretty solid even if I drive in city most of the time and I have no problem with its acceleration and engine, regarding the price range of the car.

- Tony P

2016 Nissan Sentra; light gray. A cool feature about the car is- keyless entry.

This is a great car. I use it everyday and it is very comfortable to be in, even through traffic. I really like that it has a Bluetooth feature in it to connect your phone and listen to whatever you want to. I like how you can do everything with the steering wheel like switching the song, switching the station, putting the volume up or down, and check your cars maintenance. The only bad thing is that sometimes the system is kind of slow and it delays when trying to switch the song but it always gets to it. But other than that, there are no problems.

- Andrea A

My vehicle is great for incoming college freshman and any teenager in general.

I love my car because it is very tiny on the outside but very spacious on the inside. I love the color of my car and the design of it. The only problem that I would say I have is that the technology in it could be better. I like that it has a nice stereo though but I cannot seem to figure out how to work the Bluetooth feature of my car. I just wish my car had seat warmers also. Another good thing about my car is that it is great on gas mileage. I only have to fill up once a week usually and I drive about 300 miles per week.

- Ashley G

Love the controls on the steering wheel. Decent stereo. Huge trunk!

Its. A fun economical car. Seat it adjustable. Inside windows are hard to clean. There needs to be a way to disable the trunk from the key fob. Cause if it's in your pocket it can pop open, and you do not even know it. And they should all come with rain guards. If it's raining you cannot open the windows without getting wet. Overall it's a decent little car. Good get up and go when you need it. And things always fall between the seats. And there is no place to put your phone when you are charging it.

- Katherine B

Excellent choice for those on a budget.

Great fuel mileage. And runs great. A excellent deal. Handles great. It has a great stylish design. It is also great for husband, wife or child. The vehicle has back seat buckles down for high chair or for child safety seat and also has a lot of trunk space. The engine is perfect and the economical the floor space in the back is very roomy for lags those that maybe 6 feet or taller would not have a problem sitting in the back seat of this car. It is an economical and also green friendly decision.

- Russell W

Great buy! Never considered a smaller compact car but this results are great!

This is a very good size vehicle, gets good gas mileage, love the push to start and the key less entry to car and trunk are great. Love being able to have keys in purse at all times. Bluetooth is awesome as phone connects automatically and also the AUX option for other passengers to connect their phone to play music is a plus. XM radio and built in GPS is great as well. The blind spot assist with the lights on side mirrors is great when merging, changing lanes and or parking.

- Gabriela J

That Nissan Sentra have transmission problems!

I do like my Nissan Sentra it's a good car to go back and forth to work and run errands. But what I dislike about the car is all the issue that Nissan has had with it's transmissions in certain Nissan Sentra years. I had to have the transmission replaced after only 1 and half years of having the car. I am very disappointed with the issue Nissan's have. I still see so many of them on the road still. I'm very likely to get another car model next year.

- Donald t

I worked a great deal for the car!

I love Nissans so when my 2009 Nissan Versa started to give me troubles because of all the driving I but on it I decided to move on and get my Sentra and I just love it I searched for months and test drove all different kinds of car but when I met Stella " that's her name " it was love at first sight she's a beautiful blue with grayish cream seats and black dash. Has the push start and backup camera XM radio Bluetooth just perfect. Ride smooth.

- Dana T

Reliable and roomie car for family.

My car is very good on gas, perfect size for my family and has a huge trunk. It has an easy to use Bluetooth system. I have not had any problems with this car since I got it other than not being able to start the car because the battery in the key was dead. The only thing I would change is the push to start feature. I do not mind it but I would prefer to have the option to stick a key in an ignition in case the key fab’s battery dies again.

- Jacqueline G

The power of control while driving.

The car is very comfortable to ride in. One of the highlights are the controls on the steering wheel. You can control phone calls, connected through bluetooth, and music. Your music options are through radio, cd and usb connected devices. The usb slot is located inside the arm rest between the front seats. From the steering wheel, you can switch the sources of the music. This helps to keep most of your visual focus to the road while driving.

- Carlo L

It is a smaller sedan, great for a small family, but would not recommend for more than a family of 4.

This is my second Sentra (leased) and I could not recommend the car enough. Not only is the monthly payment affordable, it has great mileage, minimal service needs and durability as good as any luxury car. The 2013 design updated to look like many of the sleek cars we see on the road today, with the 2016 only improving from there. We are a loyal Nissan family and will continue to remain as they suit our needs with affordability.

- Jami G

The most important thing that others should know is that my car is spacious enough on the inside to comfortably seat 5 people.

I like that my car is a major upgrade from my previous car. It has working air conditioning and vent switches, automatic lights, bluetooth, and a USB port for charging my phone. I also like that the color because you can't tell if it's dirty from far away. I wish the display for the audio sources was a little bigger so that I can see more information, and I wish my caller ID on that display could display my contact names.

- Jasmine M

an unforgettable ride, menacing look and serious strength.

The Sentra has a reputation as a reliable ride at an affordable price, but driving fun is lacking. The SR Turbo has more pep, but it can't completely hide the car's basic shortcomings. The tall, boxy body rolls in turns, while the steering is too light, and the brakes do not inspire confidence. Numerous options allow you to tailor the Sentra to your tastes, and the back seat is roomy, but the interior design is plain.

- Dave G

Great, reliable family vehicle.

The only problems I have had is 2 years in the battery died out of nowhere, every once in a while the right blinker will stop working and I have been having trouble with the tire pressure. Very reliable otherwise seats are very comfortable and air and heat work well, car runs well does not accelerate very fast unless it is in sports mode. Very good on gas about $20 to fill up and usually lasts about two weeks.

- Stacy T

The Nissan Sentra is a very reliable, roomy and reasonably priced car.

I love my Nissan Sentra. It gets great gas mileage. I have not had any mechanical problems so far. I am currently around 54,000 miles, It has Bluetooth which I have enjoyed. The only thing I would change is the cloth seats, My car is the primary vehicle so leather seats would be a better choice for the wear and tear of everyday use. All in all it has been a very reliable and roomy vehicle for the low price.

- melanie a

I love the fact as a new driver I can use the camera to pull back.

It's the first car I ever drive, the camera in the back helped me a lot in the dark at night. It's comfortable and its best car ever. The steering stability of vehicle behavior become more effective depend on experience and driving. It's very a quiet car and because it was new at that time I feel like the speed was so fragile for example it will get hard for me to respect the speed limit.

- Anne T

First time purchasing a sedan.

My Nissan Sentra is great. I purchased it in April and have driven it all over the country since. I haven't have any problem. It gets great gas mileage and is perfect for my lifestyle. I would highly recommend this car to anyone. I drove a Nissan Pathfinder before purchasing my Sentra. The Nissan brand is very reliable. I look forward to many years and many miles in my new Nissan Sentra.

- Nick D

Just got this new (used) car.

The Nissan Sentra is great, but this is coming from a guy who had two really old cars before then. Still, it handles well, good on gas and it is a common car, if something happens, you will not bend over backwards trying to find a new part. The only thing though is accelerating, it feels good, but, there are fits of it feeling like it slows down before kicking back up. 8/10 would buy.

- Marcus P

Nissan Sentra; comfortable, affordable and a great family vehicle!

I really love my Nissan Sentra. It is comfortable, you can move the seat as high or low as like it as well as high close or far from the steering wheel. I absolutely love the heated seats as well. It has a decent size trunk for those who like to travel. I haven't had any issues whatsoever s8nce I have had my Nissan! It also has a backup camera that comes in handy at times.

- Brandon S

The car is reliable. Nissans are known for being high-mileage take-a-beating cars.

I purchased this certified pre-owned, which was a great idea. I don't regret that part. However, it means sometimes "you get what you get" - there are some bells and whistles missing, and if I had bought new or off the lot I may have had them. I didn't like that the car was 2 years old and already dealt with batteries dying in the fob and air pressure issues in new tires.

- Sarah M

It's great on better than most cars but the price to high.

It is great on gas easy to park easy to drive it could ride a little smoother the trunk should have more space. It should come with better tires. The controls on the seats are not simple enough. The dashboard is hard to understand such as how the headlights work. The 2016 Nissan Sentra should have better technology than it has. Its made cheaply and priced to high.

- Cynthia B

Comfortable and easy ride.

I love my Nissan Sentra. The Bluetooth feature is great--being able to call people on my workday commute is so helpful to me. The most notable features are Bluetooth, push to start, seat warmers, dashboard menu that is controlled by steering wheel. My car has had great performance, reliability, and comfort. It gets me to work every day 25 miles from where I live.

- Erica T

Car drives easily, warning signal when changing lanes or backing out.

Our car is easy to drive and has a notification when we attempt to change lanes and there is a car in the lane or when we back out of our garage if a car is coming. I like the fact the doors lock as soon as we begin to drive, it makes me feel safe. We have had no problems with our car since we purchased it and it was take a trip to Texas and California.

- Mickey B

Good looking, cheap depending on your budget, and connectivity with my phone.

It is very comfortable and nice looking. Although I wish Nissan would have tinted all the windows became I like my privacy when I am driving. Other than that I would recommend this car to a new car buyer that does not want to break the bank. Also very nice connectivity with my phone. I can make phone calls without touching my phone while driving.

- Japheth S

Colored red, my son named her betty boop. Great on gas and mileage.

I love my Nissan because it is got a lot of power when driving the freeways, and it is been good to me it has not broke down even once since I bought it. My all time favorite is that it is awesome on gas and mileage I couldn't ask for a better car. Also since I love music so much i'd have to say that I love the stereo it is stalked with too.

- Melissa H

Luxury fill with economic price tag.

It is great on gas mileage and an economical vehicle. It also has an environmental friendly driving option. The car gives you all the comfort of a luxury car but without the price tag. As stated it is great on mileage and rather inexpensive to fill up the tank. Of this varies due to price but I spend 15 to $20 a week for a full tank of gas.

- Jennifer M

The spoiler helps to stabilize at high speed. Does well on gas.

The Sentra does not necessarily stand out in the compact sedan world, but it is worth mentioning. Perhaps most notably, the Sentra's backseat delivers space and comfort that rival some mid-size sedans, and the trunk is just as generous. On the road, the Sentra is not thrilling, but its powertrain is fuel-efficient and generally unobtrusive.

- Nikki W

My favorite part would be the comfort of driving it or the eco mode button.

All aspects of the car are good. It's good on gas and has a button for eco mode to help save more gas. Roomy in the back and front seats. Plenty of trunk space. Safe car. Has bright headlights. The car has sport mode too. Good for far drives. Good breaks and tires. Seats are comfortable. Reliable car and I havent had any problems with it.

- Victoria A

Compact, efficient, and sleek

My Nissan Sentra is super reliable, fuel-efficient, and comfortable. I know it's always going to get me where I need to get comfortable. My only issues were a slight Noise at high speeds, which I got fixed, but was apparently caused by air going through the mirrors. It also fogs easily. But other than those minor tiny issues, I love it!

- Charlie C

The Nissan Sentra offers the luxury of a mid-size car in compact convenience.

The interior is roomier than a Chevy Cruze or Ford Fusion and has more features, but I had some issues after purchases. There was a whistling noise when driving at highway speeds, which ended up being defective door seals. Also, an interior panel by the windshield kept falling off and was also replaced. Everything is fine now with it.

- Sarah P

I love my vehicle!! It is very comfortable and convenient.

Nothing everything is great I love my car, great gas mileage and runs great! I will definitely be keeping this car for a long time. Always look for a vehicle that is going to be comfortable and convenient if you travel a lot. I love it and it fits me and my son and husband just fine. Maybe go for an SUV if you have more than one kid.

- Patricia W

Amazing car, dependable, safe, and affordable.

I really love the size and affordability of this car. It has great gas mileage, and it has a sleek design. It is small, but not too small so that you do not feel safe in it while driving. So far, I haven't had any issues besides a light issue on the interior, but that is minor. It is a very smooth ride, and the inside is gorgeous!

- Samantha R

Its has backup cameras. And was purchased brand new.

The vehicles reliability is great. It is great on gas and gives little to no problems. The biggest issue with the car is wear and tear. Every so often I have to change the brake pads. I love the car the car is a 4 cylinder so it does not go very fast. But it is very dependable and has only started giving problems after two years.

- Nadia D

Very economic in gas and safe far to drive around also very spacious.

The Nissan Sentra is a great car very economic. It is very spacious and elegant for a sedan. You can fill your tank up and it will last you for two weeks and besides that the ac system works very well especially for these hot days. The car also comes with front seat warmers for when the cold season comes. It is very reliable.

- Maggie C

The car has impressed with my friends with how fuel efficient it is.

The 2016 Nissan Sentra has excellent fuel efficiency! I am currently getting 35. 9 miles to the gallon. However, a major drawback of the vehicle is how difficult it is to see out of the rear windshield when backing. For the relatively new nature of the vehicle, it is not as equipped with safety features as might be expected.

- Molly N

Compact car with the luxuries of an SUV.

The 2016 Nissan Sentra gives you the gas mileage of a small car but the luxuries and room of an SUV. The car easily fits 5 people and has ample trunk space. The car comes with a USB charging port as well as an auxiliary cord port for listening to music. With Bluetooth compatibility, it is easy to use your phone hands-free.

- Laura B

The Nissan Sentra has great features and saves on gas!

I really like the eco boost feature on my car. It helps save me money on gas. I have had no major issues with my car and when I take it in for routine maintenance the service rep is always so helpful in explaining any issues I am having with my car. I would recommend getting a Nissan Sentra to any of my friends or family.

- Nan M

The best choice for me was the Sentra

Choosinging my vehicle was difficult. I was driving a truck but was not going to pay the astronomical prices for a truck so I started looking at cars. The features are where I started. Sunroof, leather, good radio, and 4 doors. My Sentra has all of those plus looks good and great mileage. I'd choose it all over again.

- Tim B

the space in the trunk.i will say this car have the most trunk space than any other car in this base price

i like the vehicle so much convenient vehicle for less price.. i just worry about little more space to keep my things in the car. the lovely feature of my car is that i can have access to trunk from the back seat by folding the seat a little bit. very convenient in rainy days when i have my umbrella or shoes in trunk

- Shon T

Sport car this really nice vehicle good gas mileage.

2016 Nissan Sentra. Wonderful car good gas mileage 20-46+ on cruise control no problem depending on the driver. One of the worst problems is when back window are down it will make sound that you cannot stand. Too narrow. Other that and will sure do that smooth ride. P. S. Make you turn it off. Quiet motor cool car.

- Al P

Comfortable and spacious for small car.

I have not had any issues with my car yet. The seats are pretty comfortable and there's plenty of leg space considering it is a small car. It feels really smooth when driving, it has Bluetooth and USB charging station. The speaker quality is not the best but it sounds good as long as you do not turn it up too much.

- Stefani V

My car is one that is good on gas mileage.

I like the fuel economy on my vehicle, the color and body style. I do not like the size as I am a somewhat tall person and I am use to having more legroom in my previous sedan. Also, I got the base model and I do not like that I still have a physical key plus no Bluetooth audio pairing as the regular models have.

- Kenya B

Absolutely love my Nissan Sentra.

I absolutely love my Nissan Sentra. I have had zero problems with my car since I got it in November of 2016. It rides very smoothly, it's great on gas. The only issue I have now is that I am pregnant and so we are having to fit a car seat in the back seat and I'm finding that there isn't really that much room.

- Savannah D

The fuel-efficient, smooth riding Nissan Sentra.

Very comfortable, simple, easy to clean, manual is easy to read, fuel-efficient. The car drives very nice at speeds past 65. It is rather roomie as well. I like the color of the car and it does not scratch easily. It looks better with bigger wheels and tints, but it does not look so factory like either.

- Alena D

Sporty, cute and pretty good on gas.

It's a very quiet car on the highway. They also improved the look. I think its a cute car and fun to drive. So far it has been reliable and good on gas. I am enjoying my heated seats and the back up camera. The steering wheel is nice and sporty leather. The car looks more expensive than it actually is.

- Kimberly N

Very helpful rear camera that can see more than the driver can.

The Sentra is very comfortable for long drives, as we routinely make a 4 hour trip monthly to visit family. It is very reliable and we have had no major problems. The rear camera that goes into use when the vehicle is in reverse is super helpful when reversing out of a space in a crowded parking lot.

- Denise M

Nissan Sentra great small car.

I love my Nissan Sentra, it's a compact size, fuel efficient. It gets great mileage to gas ratio. I have a rear view camera that is great and so helpful. Trunk space is also big. Haven't needed any services, or had mechanical issues in the two years that I purchased it. I highly recommend the Sentra.

- Nadia H

2016 Nissan Sentra is a good car.

I drive a 2016 Nissan Sentra, and I love my car but there are some down sides. Shortly after getting it, the pressure gauge on the tire broke and it slowly started to eat away at my gas more and more. But, it is very spacious and comfortable, the radio quality is great and it is a pretty smooth ride.

- Lauren F

Great 1st time purchase!!

First time Nissan buyer and it is great. Very comfortable, reliable, easy to maneuver. Rear view camera and blind spot assist are awesome. Heated seats and mirrors are a plus. Bluetooth function is awesome for hands free phone and the navigation feature with turn by turn directions is great as well.

- Gabriela J

Sleek and reliable, but I have only had it a month.

Interior is sleek and black. Bluetooth only works with calls, not Audio. You have to buy a separate Audio package which I wasn't told at the time of purchase when Bluetooth was an important factor for me. Wipers are weak. Only had the car a month and wipers are streaky and does not clear the water.

- Hannah C

Nissan Sentra: good for new car owners.

Started having mechanical/wiring issues within the first year of purchase. Drives well, handles well. Brakes work great. Good for road trips. Had to have the airbag replaced due to fault in other vehicles of same model. Stays clean. Has Bluetooth capabilities. Does not charge my phone well at all.

- Jessica M

The car has a nice sporty look but a comfortable normal car feel.

The car is a very comfortable drive. It drives very smooth with a lot of space in the back for passengers also a decent space in the trunk. The speaker system is also very high quality. It also has nice ac system that starts up right away. Overall the car is a nice price for what you are getting.

- Eric W

The 2016 Nissan Sentra is a very efficient and user friendly car. There is a good amount of car space, great gas mileage, and an overall great performance.

I have had no problems or performance issues with this vehicle. When taken care of, it can easily get 35 mpg around the city or in suburbs, and 40 mpg on the highway. Very efficient and have good pick up speed when "sports mode" is activated. I have not had any problems with the vehicle so far.

- Abbey G

Great company and reliable car.

It is reliable. It is comfortable. It has both air conditioning and heater. It is modern. It works great as long as it is taken care of properly just like any other vehicle made. Nissan is a great company overall in my experience. I would recommend Nissan to anyone interested in buying a car.

- Caroline L

If you're looking for a compact import, you can't go wrong with a Nissan Sentra.

It gets me from point A to point B reliably. It can comfortably seat 4 people (although I've had as many as 5). It pretty much has space for everything I like to keep inside the car. Trunk space is quite adequate. Doesn't have the greatest horsepower, but does get up to speed quickly.

- Todd B

The one most important thing others should know about the car is it's bluetooth capability.

My vehicle is a 2016 Nissan Sentra that is a sporty blue color. My favorite thing about the car is the bluetooth and the ability to connect to spotify. Some of the things I don't like are the little nuances that happen that are minor but major because I have to go to the shop every time.

- Deneise H

Reliable with large back seat for sleeping.

I love my car and have not had much trouble with it. I drive around town a lot because I go to school 30 minutes from my home and also work 30 minutes from school and home. I go through gas fast and my window kind of squeaks when I drive fast or if I am driving and it is windy outside.

- Kaitlyn C

A basic summary of the 2016 sentra.

The gas mileage, the ride and all the bells whistles and extras. Love the color choices and the interior. The sleek style the radio with Bose speakers. Cruise control, abs brakes and the ease of parking. I like the automatic lights that come on with the wipers and when there is no sun.

- Deborah S

White sporty Nissan Sentra.

Good gas mileage. Feels solid. Good acceleration. Comfortable. Car looks sporty for a four door and is fun to drive. Trunk space is adequate. Radio connects to my smartphone and sound system is decent. Checked online and tire replacement is relatively cheap. Really have no complaints.

- Kenny W

Been real happy with never had any problems with it.

There's nothing that I can tell them is far the problems on the car we tell them how happy we are with car we have had the car since 2016 and we haven't had any problems with it I tell them that it a great car to have. I would buy the same car. Because I have been real happy with it.

- Helen T

The gas mileage is great and it is easy to drive.

I really like Bluetooth option. It allows me to connect any app from my phone like the navigation apps or audio apps. I dislike the trunk height size and back door opening width. Many times i have something that is too wide to fit in the back seat or too high to fit in the trunk.

- Mel S

The car's interior is very clean and nice.

My car does not use a lot of gas, which is great. My car runs really well, I have nothing bad to say about it. Nissan is also really good with keeping the car in check by providing services to me when my car needs work. I am really happy with my car and I would purchase again.

- Jackie A

It's a fairly comfortable, but not smooth or powerful ride.

I like the handling, it's smooth and responsive. The mileage isn't bad, about 28mpg. I dislike the suspension system, I feel every piece of gravel I run over. There is very little elbow room, which is a problem for me. The power seems below average to me, laggy acceleration.

- Donna M

Best bang for your buck v-4 economic car.

Radio makes a weird static noise, there is another noise on the passenger side that seems as if the wheel is not aligned correctly, the Bluetooth does not work well for music but it is very spacious for the size, very compact, excellent on gas and has great safety features.

- Lea G

Love the color of my Nissan. It's a very pretty black.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I absolutely love driving my car around the Kansas city area. I will always have a Nissan in my life. There's not to many cars out there that I would drive on a daily basis. I will always have a black car as well. Love Nissan's.

- Lakin P

I love my vehicle's ability to save gas and save me a lot of money.

My 2016 Nissan Sentra is has great gas mileage. It is equipped with the friendly eco booster to help save even more gas mileage and the sport booster to provide it with the sports car feeling. It is small but very roomy. It is black with four doors and a very roomy trunk.

- Shay M

It got a nice eco button to save gas.

I love the way it drives on the highway and how I use the cruise control to go fast. . And all the seats are comfortable. It got little more room then I thought it did though I love it so much. I love the eco button it has in the car as well. And my truck is a nice size.

- Marcus J

Why my Nissan Sentra is the best car ever.

Its convenient it is get good gas mileage and its perfect for one person it's reliable, very comfortable and I have no problems with my car. Nissan Sentra is the perfect car for a single person, it had enough room for my grandchildren especially on Friday night football.

- Sarah L

Nissan is the best quality for the money.

My car has moderate performance, reliability, and comfort. I drove a Mercedes before and the startup is not as good with my Nissan. But for the price, I would give it a B+. I love its style and outward appearance. It is comfortable in the back seat as well as the front.

- Gloria T

2016 Nissan Sentra, over 100, 000 miles on it.

Small gas tank, only 10 gallons. I work an hour from my home so I am constantly filling it up. Tire pressure gauge will act up if it gets to cold outside. Pressure usually at 32 will alert you when it's at 27 psi. Reliable, safe, comfy. Gets me from point A to point B.

- Amber K

I would always recommend a Nissan to my family and friends.

My Nissan Sentra has no problems. It is very reliable when I have to go places that are far. It has Bluetooth so when I get a phone call I can answer it and talk through my speakers in the car. I can really count on my car. The inside is very comfortable and roomy.

- Jodi W

excellent car with good mechanics, interior with luxurious finishes. motor made chord for the person

very good and durable car only problems of timing belt and valves, exclusive car interior with very fine finishes,excellent engine tuning, very good mechanics, very dynamic multimedia center, luxury finishes on the seats and very comfortable, excellent air conditioning

- xavier m

Good car to have. Great commuter vehicle.

This car is nice. Has the basic features a car needs now in days. It is reliable and the gas mileage is pretty good. It is a great commuter car. So far after 2 months with it no problems. It also has a somewhat sleek look that will not be outdated any time too soon.

- Ashley R

Nice gas mileage, reliable.

The gas mileage is hard to beat. I just wish it were a little larger, but that issue would be solved by purchasing a larger vehicle. The Nissan Sentra is a very reliable vehicle. No frills, but decent. I have not had major mechanical issues with this car to date.

- Kate D

My reliable Nissan Sentra vehicle.

I have had this car for about 6 months now and haven't had any issues, it is been reliable. It is easy to drive. I do wish there was more features, such as Bluetooth or a rear view screen, but for the price I paid, it is a nice car and gets me where I need to go.

- Sydney R

It has Siriusxm satellite radio and a rear video camera.

It serves its main purpose, which is to get me to and from work and enable to run errands on the weekends. I like the size, exterior styling, and interior comfort. It also has satellite radio,which I like. I wish it had a bit more horsepower and acceleration.

- Todd F

Gas efficient car with a great look.

It works well. I hate that the tires wear out so fast and for some reason it is always low. I have taken it to get checked and they tell me nothing is wrong with it. Other then that it runs smoothly. I do not have any other problems with it. Very gas efficient.

- Anna B

Compact car with great gas efficiency.

The best feature is the gas efficiency. I average on 34-35 miles/hour. The interior is very comfortable. My height is short, so the extra cushioned seats are great. The cons of the care include that the brakes are creaky and the engine is on the weaker end.

- Alice K

The Sentra may be the base model, but it looks and performs like a more expensive vehicle.

My Nissan Sentra has a sharp look to it and is affordable to lease. It handles better than other, more expensive cars that I have driven in the past and gets great gas mileage. It also seats adults comfortably in the back seat without sacrificing trunk space.

- Sara D

I recommend the Nissan Sentra they are not expensive and very reliable.

My 2016 nissan has been great. I have not had any problems at all. It runs smooth. I drive from one end of town to the other almost every day and have gone out of town and it has not fail at all. I also have a 2006 nissan that has been working very well.

- Claudia P

It is a very reliable car. Even though I am in a smaller car, I feel safe.

Nice, cute car. Great gas mileage! Would like more power! Would like more comfortable seats. I regret getting black, should have gotten a color that doesn't show scratches and dirt as easily. Great trunk space! Very reliable, have had no issues with engine!

- Robin S

Love this car and the color!

Have absolutely loved my time with this car. Unfortunately didn't get a lease with enough miles on it for how much I drive it, but that is no fault of the car’s. It is sleek, sporty and fun to drive. I also get tons of compliments on the blue pearl color.

- Rachel D

Hands free talk with Bluetooth and navigation.

My car is awesome. Hands free Bluetooth and navigation system. Sensors for tire pressure, oil and car fluids. Keyless entry and start, including the trunk. Smoothing riding and easy to handle. Large trunk space and back room space for the kids and the dogs.

- Mia W

Good for a young person comfortable model. Luxurious inside and out.

This vehicle is a great car. Very comfortable seats very nice features sound system. Heating system ac. No transmission trouble, it uses very little gas. Comfortable to park it doesn't take up too much space. It fits up to 5 people. It has a spacious trunk.

- Gabriela C

It is more spacious than you think and it requires little maintenance.

Overall I have been impressed with my car. At first I was very reluctant because I thought the make and model had limited space but I realized it is very spacious. However the one drawback that I experienced was the rubber tubing coming out around the door.

- Madison R

The gas mileage is amazing.

It has smooth performance, reliability, and comfort. The Sentra offers great gas mileage. Nice since I work 30 mins down the highway. The ride is comfortably due to the adjustable headrest. I love that the new Nissan cars come with XM radio, and Bluetooth.

- Crystal F

An awesome family vehicle.

Very comfortable, reliable, dependable car. I love the Bluetooth feature and XM radio. Comfortable 4 door sedan. Reliable and safe enough to carry my grandchildren. Plenty of airbags to know I and side during a crash. Large trunk to carr6 lots of extras.

- Kathleen B

Coming from a VW to a Nissan was a great experience.

Car is reliable. Space can be issue. No real tall or larger sized people can fit comfortable in the car because the seat doesn't allow for it. I enjoy the spacious trunk, and wish I had gotten the sunroof. Sound quality for a factory radio is great too.

- My E

Its economic, has an eco and sports choices.

The 2016 Nissan Sentra gets a 1. 8-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 130 hp and 128 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard on the s and Fe+ s trims, while a cvt is optional on those models and standard on all other Sentras.

- Charity A

For a compact vehicle it's more bang for your bucks than some others are.

My vehicle is quite roomy, inside, for a compact car. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. I don't like it's very hard to look out of the rear window when backing up. I also have a hard time telling where the front of the car ends from inside the car.

- Steve T

2016 American car review.

I like the car, it saves me gas. The only thing I do not like it that it makes a weird sound when I am going above 80 mph. Not sure if it is normal for this car, it might be just mine that came out defective. Other than that I have no problems with it.

- Mario C

The price of the car is well worth. The different varieties that the car gives is great. Few cars have other option when driving, such as sport and eco mode

I love the fact that has 2 other options when driving:sport and eco. The space inside is great. The mileage it gives per gallon is also great. For a 130 HP it does feel like it has more power. Overall from the engine to interior and exterior is great.

- Luis S

Nissan Sentra: slow takeoff, but very reliable.

It is comfortable, easy to drive. Too slow on taking off, tire pressure light comes on often w/ nothing wrong. Good on gas mileage. Very reliable and I haven't had any major problems. Keep the oil change and tire rotated and it should be good to you.

- Daze G

I average about 43 mpg on my vehicle. It also has an economy setting to help save on gas.

At first In was unsure about the size of my vehicle. In was worried it would be too small. I have plenty of space for me and my family. The vehicle handles very well. Also, I have a long commute to work and am very appreciative of the gas mileage.

- Brittany A

Smooth riding Nissan for the family to enjoy.

I love my Nissan. Bluetooth for hands-free talking and able to play music and YouTube for the kids. Warning signals when signaling to change lanes, tire pressure low and door/trunk still open. Hands-free to open trunk along with automatic windows.

- Washington W

Nissan Sentra - the little car that could.

Excellent gas mileage including city - have only owned the car for 7 months but so far a very reliable vehicle- smooth ride- all features readily available to the driver - the only option - not enough storage space if two people are in the front.

- Elizabeth T

A modern and affordable car.

I do not have any issues with the car. It is efficient, reliable, and comfortable. There are no fancy perks, all the features that it does have (heat, radio, cruise control, bluetooth) works fine. Not an exciting car. But suitable for my needs.

- Karen T

if you need a reliable mode of transportation....

It's used, but It's in good condition, still runs like a champ, it's only two years old. car comes with all the modern features like FoB key, Sport, ECO drive settings, BT capability, all that. very tight and comfy to sit in, good economy car.

- Marcus P

The most important thing about my car is the affordability of the car. Able to get a good mileage, high featured sedan that I am able to fit in is amazing.

This is the second sentra I have had over the years. It's seems to be a very reliable car and a good price point. I have the SL model which is the higher end versions of the Sentra. This provides luxury at the right price point for me.

- Don H

It gets 29 mpg on the street and 38 mpg on the highway.

I like that it has automatic lights, an eco mode to help improve my mpg, and a USB port for charging my devices. I wish that it had a sunroof to help air out the car quicker. I also wish there was an auto mode for the climate control.

- Jasmine M

It's roomy in the back seats.

I like the great gas mileage rides smooth fits in small parking spaces its roomy has back seats that fold down making more room for the trunk has cruise control ac/heat front side mirrors adjustable carpet floor mats auto headlights.

- David S

It's a dependable, solid sedan that is good for a small family.

I like that it is compact and easy to park. I like that, even though it is small, it still fits the two car seats I need for my children well in the back seat. I like that it has not needed any repairs beyond standard maintenance.

- Tressa G

It is perfect for someone who's just trying to get where they're going.

I love the gas mileage i get in my car, i also enjoy the amenities like keyless entry and Bluetooth. The transmission of the vehicle is finicky when driving over 80 mph, which i do not like. Also, sometimes the volume glitches.

- Autumn S

That it is a push start in a big gas saver.

I love my car push start gets me from point A to point B also I love the color white it has dark seats so that is good for someone that has kids it will not let you lock your keys in the car it beep if keys are left on the car.

- Kim W

Uses gas a lot, but it is sound has a great indicator of how much gas/miles you have left, very important when out on the long highways.

The car handles well, smooth ride, ac works well and I like the sound system really loud and great sounding. I dislike the backup camera, would rather have the sensor for when backing out that you know other cars are coming.

- Melvin H

Gas mileage is most important to consider.

Very comfortable even for long rides. Gets great gas mileage if using highway - for city, not as great as I would have hoped. I use the eco feature a lot to try to help boost mileage. Easy controls for cruise and stereo.

- Molly S

2016 Sentra. Fun to drive and comfortable.

Problem with starter. Love the way it drives and very comfortable. Paint could be better. Cheap door rubber insulation. Really like that the entire back seat folds down. Front too low to the ground. Love my sunroof.

- Abby V

Gas mileage is fantastic!

For the price it's a awesome car, it gets great gas mileage, I've traveled a lot and most of my miles are highway miles and gas is great, it's a very comfortable ride and I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Jenny S

What I like about my vehicle is that is saves gas,

My Nissan Sentra is reliable and a great affordable car. What I wish it had was a better interior. My radio is not that of a touch screen although it is 2016. I wish I had a radio with touchscreen and bluetooth,

- Jessica F

The gas mileage is great.

I honestly don't know much about cars. I depend on this car everyday. I drive it to do my errands throughout the week and I drive it to work on a daily basis. It is a reliable car and the gas mileage is great.

- Alexis C

This car gets excellent gas mileage, handles great, good pick up speed.

Small, compact, great gas mileage. Nice trunk space. Good handling. The biggest thing I don't like is the trunk opener is on the ignition key and you can accidentally open the trunk without knowing you did it.

- Kenneth W

Very good on gas and drives nice on the highway. Has good legroom and so far loving my car.

My last car was a Nissan and had that car for about 4 years. I loved that car because it drove nice and I never had any problems with it. So when it was time to get another car we went with Nissan again.

- Kimberley H

It's currently a leased vehicle but at the end of the lease, I will most likely purchase it. I've never done that before so that's how much I love it!

I love the blue color, leather interior, fuel efficiency, heated seats, fast defrost and built in navigation. I wish it had just a little more acceleration to it. Sometimes it takes a minute to kick in.

- Lindsey D

Trunk too sensitive ...lock opens

Problem; the trunk lock too sensitive. Opens all the time when keys are in pocket. The locks dont unlock quick enough when the car is turned off. Door handles on the outside of the auto are to slippery.

- Ouisa G

Great compact car for small family.

Handles great. Awesome gas mileage. Needs better horsepower. Overall it runs smoothly. For a compact car it has leg room in the front but could have had better leg room in the back. Trunk is spacious.

- Manny I

It just goes and goes and goes. It's very reliable, we haven't had any trouble with the car at all.

It's a really great car. We bought it used, but it hardly had any miles on it. It gets great gas mileage. It looks nice, except for a couple of dings that were my fault. I wish it were a bit roomier.

- Taylor S

Good gas mileage excellent engine

It's good on gas mileage.the engine is quite.it's not Worth what I paid it doesn't have a rear vision camera It doesn't ride smooth on rough roads.i have never had any mechanical problems with it.

- Cynthia B

It's a bargain for the money

My car is roomy. It gets great gas mileage. I can see other vehicles well from inside-no big blind spots. It sits high enough off the ground for a sedan. I wish the key & oil weren't so expensive.

- Ellen M

My car is reliable and comfortable. The features are many and the menu is easy to use.

I have had no problems with my Nissan Sentra. It has proved to be a reliable car for my husband and I. I am tall and have found the Sentra to be very comfortable as far as leg room is concerned.

- Carol K

That it's wonderful on gas.

I dislike how cheaply made it is. I like that it's good on gas and that it comes with a navigation system. I like the sensors on the side of the car that alert me when a car is in my blind spot.

- Oneika S

It's very reliable and safe, even when driving long distance

It is very roomy and perfect for a family of 4 or 5. It runs very smoothly & a trustworthy & reliable car. also, the parts are not as expensive as other car brands when I need to replace them.

- Renee R

That it gets great gas mileage!

I like that it gets good gas mileage and easy to drive. The only dislike I have is that it is not a very big interior but feels like a big exterior. Overall I like it and would recommend it.

- AJ P

My vehicle is very reliable.

I love my vehicle. I like the fact that it is great on gas and it rides smoothly.. I love the color of my vehicle.. I love the fact that I am able to be handsfree if I have to take a call..

- Arabia C

It's a pretty simple car that does well in heavy traffic and has a great turn radius

The car gets awesome gas mileage and does well traveling throughout the city in and around heavy traffic. But on the interstate it doesn't have the pick up and go that id want it to have.

- Nikayla C

Great gas mileage in a safe, stylish, reliable vehicle

I like that my car has bluetooth built in. It does exceptionally well on gas mileage. It doesn't seem too large on the outside but it's very roomy inside. I wish it had more USB outlets.

- Jess J

Very good on gas. Gets very good highway as well as city mileage.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. It seats myself and my 3 children comfortably. It does have Bluetooth connects and voice command services which come in handy for my family.

- Amber J

Great nissans for all driving conditions.

It has automatic headlights for dark conditions. It steers great and has automatic traction control. It has rear defrost. It handles great on snowy roads. It's also great on gas

- Ken G

Beautiful car but noisy at times

I love the color of my vehicle and the fabric of the seats. I like that it is a very safe vehicle. I do not like that we get a humming noise when we drive and it is windy outside.

- Victoria D

Great on gas and very comfortable for a smaller car.

The Sentra is roomy and very comfortable for a compact car. It's great on gas and also gets great mileage. I feel that it's very reliable since I have over an hour commute to work.

- Caren A

You do not expect the amount of room that it has on the inside when looking at it's compact size on the outside.

Although it's a compact vehicle, we are very happy with the amount of legroom in the back seats. We are also very happy with how it handles even though it's a 4 cylinder vehicle.

- Stephanie C

How everything works and basic mechanics for the car you are driving.

I like the luxury and the way it drives, I dislike the suspension and the color and its rims and the radio has rims has to many sport and news channels not enough music channels.

- Sheila P

The ride is very comfortable.

The ride of the car is very comfortable. The mpg is very good on the road. I do not like the fact that there are "blind spots" caused by the shape of the window and window posts.

- Nancy S

It has a navigation system so it helps and assists people with directions.

I like that my vehicle is big, roomy and have a navigation system. I also like that it connects to bluetooth. I feel that the eco button does not make much difference in my car.

- Linda D

Pretty small vehicle with lots of room surprisingly

Honestly a pretty great car. Have very little complaints/concerns. Only thing i wish was different is that the bluetooth also allowed your music to play, not just for calling.

- Nick A

It is very reliable and the only expense I have is the monthly payment, gas and oil changes.

I like the reliability and the manufacturer. This is the 6th Nissan I have had. I get good mileage a low monthly payments. Minor downside is it is not that sporty looking.

- Sabatino P

That it is really good on gas.

I like that it is very gas efficient. I like that it drives smoothly. I like that it looks like a sports car. I like that it has a rearview camera, that comes in real handy.

- Gene P

Gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

I love my Nissan Sentra because it is a good size for four people. It also gets good gas mileage and is a beautiful, blue color (like the Dallas Cowboys, my favorite team).

- Stan M

It is economical, affordable and has ample room for passengers and cargo.

The car is economical, basic transportation. It has a low cost of ownership, does not have a lot of power, has ample room for passengers and cargo and gets good gas mileage.

- Joseph D

Very reliable. And easy to get in and out of with ease.

Always reliable and very gas efficient, easy to drive. It is just the right size for a senior to be able to get in and out of easily. I love it. This is my 3rd leased one.

- Nancy P

It is 4 cylinders which means that is very affordable when it comes to gas.

I love the Navigation system and Bluetooth. This car has never broke down on me. It has leather, heated seats which are great to have in the winter. I have no complaints.

- Ivan P

Accommodates iPod and CDs.

Rides comfortably. Great gas mileage. Roomy interior. Good sound system. Sirius capability. Windows and windshield allow great visibility. Powerful enough for traffic. V.

- Becky H

Reliable, cost effective Nissan Sentra.

I love my Nissan Sentra! It rides very smoothly, great turn radius, comfy! Only thing that is an inconvenience is that the gas pump is on the opposite side of most cars.

- Niki H

Nissan has very poor customer service, be aware of that, before you consider purchasing a vehicle from them!

I love how smooth it handles, and it is great on gas mileage. The only complaint, is that Nissan has very poor customer service, and I dislike utilizing the dealership.

- Susan D

The gas mileage is great!

My vehicle is push to start, which I think is really cool. Also, I love the gas mileage it gets. $25 fills my tank up and I can ride on that for a while. I love my car!

- Rosalyn W

Very smooth and stylish ride, dependable and sexy, this Nissan is the car for you

I like the different modes of transmission. It has both sport and eco mode depending on which performance I want. I also love the new body style of the 2016 SR package

- Patrick H

Nissan is a good brand and dependable.

It has been a good car, just wish I had a bigger vehicle because I have 3 kids. It is great on gas and haven't had any issues with the vehicle. It is very dependable.

- Lynda A

Great gas mileage, dependable, low maintenance, comfortable.

I bought my car for the gas mileage.It's a great car for what I bought it for, but its a 4 cylinder and does not have great pick up. I'm more of a sports car person.

- Cyndi R

backup rear view camera is amazing

No known problems. I love the rear view backup camera. Great for those tough spots. Awesome entertainment system, has CD, aux, bluetooth and satellite capabilities.

- Emily G

They tend to hydroplane in wet roads.

I love the look. I love the gas mileage. I love the color. I love the space and luxury of the vehicle. I love Nissans. I like the way it drives except in the rain.

- Gina R

Gas mileage is amazing. The car is very nice inside and out.

I like that my car gets 37 to 45 miles to the gallon. I chose this car for it's safety rating and blind spot awareness. I also like the navigation system as well.

- Kyle S

It gets great gas mileage but it still has a lot of get up and go.

I have only had the Sentra for about a week or two and it is my first sedan after driving trucks...I didn't think I would like the car so much but now I love it.

- Jim L

It is reliable and has good fuel economy.

I like that it is practical, has good fuel economy and is reliable. I do not like that it is not sporty, has slow pickup and has only basic features included.

- Anthony W

If they want more advanced features they should get the newest year.

I don't have issues with the car. My only wish is that it had certain features like 4 wheel drive or a backup camera but that's also due to the year of the car.

- Tanzania P

It is very safe and reliable. It gets great gas mileage and is very cheap to fill it up.

I love my car. The seats are heated and he drives very smoothly. It gets great gas mileage and it cost about $25 to fill it up. I have no complaints at all.

- Sara W

Amazing Wonderful Awesome

I love my car. It is the right size for me and is great on gas. I wish the car had power and leather seats but am still overall very excited about the purchase

- Toya S

It gets great gas mileage.

Likes: low mileage.. Rear view camera.. Bluetooth.. Sirius xm.. Window tint.. Good gas mileage.. Dislikes: no power seats.. No heated seats.. No remote start.

- Patricia S

That it has functions that are not really worth it: like facebook.

I do not like that I cannot have my music playing from Bluetooth if its plugged into usb and that it does not tell me which tire is low when the light is on.

- Jasmine R

Price, gas mileage and comfort.

Great gas mileage on the road & in town driving.. Comfort for everyone in family for old & young.. Driving a dream it's quiet, smooth and great handling.

- Jerry D

It's a good size sedan, gets great gas mileage, and is very easy to drive.

I don't like that my car is really expensive, the color & how slow it is to accelerate. In eco mode you really have to wait a bit to start gaining speed.

- Shayla K

2016 Nissan great reliable car.

I love my car it is sporty but still a great family car. Great on gas, best reliable car I have owned. I will be passing this car down to my daughter.

- Asa B

It is safe and reliable, plus it gets great gas mileage.

It is very comfortable and gets good gas mileage. I wish it had an automatic remote start option, so we could start the car and the air conditioning.

- Mickey B

Comfortable and Efficient

I love the Nissan Sentra because it gets good gas mileage and is an overall comfortable car because of its size. The power seats area good feature.

- Lisa B

It is a simple car but gets great gas mileage. It is inexpensive and reliable.

It is small which is nice and gets great gas mileage. But I don't like that it is a base model and doesn't have many features. It feels kinda cheap

- michael B

Runs great and looks good too.

I love the Nissan Sentra because it's a gas saver. I like that my teenager is able to drive it. I dislike how much space is available in the trunk.

- Teresa S

There are an great gas mileage

I love the gas mileage and It's roomy enough for me and my family. It's great for trips for us. Has a good radio and air conditioning and heating

- Christy D

Great gas Mileage with the smaller Engine Handling like a Small sports car and all around confort

No Complaints on this car now but its still new I love the gas Mileage the soft feel of the road. The handling of the car is better than My BMW 3

- Jerry F

Great on gas! Roomy interior. Good for long drives.

It's not my dream car but it has great gas mileage. It's also comfortable for long drives. I enjoy having the xm radio and backup camera features.

- Angela J

It is a push button start and the keys must be in the car for it to start.

I love that it has heat cloth seats. I love that it is smaller due to I'm only 5'1. It gets good gas mileage. I do not like the CVT transmission.

- Candace W

Great on mileage. Accelerates fast and handles curves smoothly. A small car.

Drives smoothly, fast, turns sharp. No problems with anything. Nice car. The car is affordable. I do wish I had heated seats and steering wheel.

- Joan K

It is average performance.

New tires had to be replaced after one year all four. Horrible factory seal. Gas mileage not as high as was told would be. Not a lot if pick up.

- Debbie C

Get good miles for a gallon of gas.

Drives smoothly and is great on gas. Miss having an SUV - too low to the ground. Sound system is great. Love Nissan but would like a SUV again.

- Gerardo G

The most important thing is that its fuel efficient.

I love the cost. I love the gas mileage. I love the look. I don't like the tire pressure light that comes on even if the tire pressure is fine.

- Mada L

The car has wonderful gas mileage. I can fill the tank up for about 25 dollars and drive on a full tank for about 4 days.

The backseat is really tight with carseat. Other than that I love the car. The trunk space is massive and suits my families needs wonderfully.

- Elizabeth P

The Sentra is perfect for a small family

My Sentra is the perfect size. It's not too big or small, comfortably fits 5 people, and runs very well. I have not had any problems with it

- Christopher J

It is overall a good reliable car.

Weather stripping on the windows had to be repaired twice battery needed to be replaced after 2 yrs. glove box came off the hinges twice.

- Lisa P

I believe the sr is way better than the sv or ss.

I think my little car is perfect because it has so much technology in it and it is easy to use. It is also very spacious for a small car.

- Jonah G

The miles per gallon on the highway is 35+mpg.

There are not problems with my vehicle. It has been very reliable. It gets 35 mpg on the highway. It is a very quiet, comfortable ride.

- Nancy S

It is a gas saver, and do not have many miles on it.

I love because it drive smoothly. It is a gas saver. The only thing I dislike about is that it is getting too small for my family size.

- Shan J

I love the color and just how roomy it is. It has really great gas mileage. The door handles are chrome and it just makes the color of the car pop.

The most important thing people should know about my car is the gas mileage. It gets close to 38 miles to the gallon in some instances.

- Mason H

It has Bluetooth. The color is cool. Drives very nicely.

It is reliable gas saving spacious. Comfortable car love the four doors. Keyless is nice too. Safe care that I can trust to travel in.

- Kelly C

I love the way it drives it's very constable

My car has been very reliable I've had my car for 3 yrs and have not had any problems with it. I highly recommend shopping with Nissan

- Jessica B

How great of a cat it is.

I like that it has seat warmers and a rear view camera. I also enjoy the extra leg room. I do not dislike anything about this vehicle.

- Hannah F

My Sentra is white. Not fully loaded but, XM radio Bluetooth aux.

It performs really well! I have never had any problems with it! This is my everyday car! I bought my car from Nissan of Shelbyville.

- Toni C

Others should know that the nissan sentra is good on gas

Its reliable, good on gas, comfortable, not too big not too small. Only issue I had with it since i got it was bad windshield wipers

- Ally P

Reliable, safe, good gas mileage.

Performance is average. Comfortable. Good gas mileage, inexpensive to fill gas tank. No power seat adjustment and no push to start.

- Melissa M

it's dependable and stylish, and has great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and the sleek appearance. I also appreciate the spacious backseat and trunk. I dislike nothing about the car

- Alex C

The car is reliable, almost maintenance free, fairly priced with good MPG.

The car is very reliable as I have had no maintenance issue other than oil and filter changes. The car is also reasonably priced.

- Sam P

There is a lot of room interior.

I love the design of the car. I love how easy it is to turn on the car. I dislike that the seat adjustment is manual function.

- Shamilla k

The fuel economy is the best thing about the car and it is comfortable.

The fuel economy is outstanding. It is a very comfortable car and I have taken many trips in it. I do not have any complaints.

- Angela B

Very affordable, economical, convenient and fuel efficient.

It's very economical. It's very spacious for my three kids. The gas mileage is excellent. I'm very satisfied with my vehicle.

- Ashley M

This car is a dependable, smooth and excellent ride.

The only problem with this vehicle is that the headlights don't light up comfortably wide enough view at night while driving.

- John m

I am in love with my Nissan Sentra.

I absolutely love my car. I have had no problems with it all. Great mileage on gas and is big enough for me and my two kids.

- Jessica E

My car is very roomy and has a nice sized trunk.

I leased my car in 2016. It is a 4 door car with plenty of room inside. The trunk is also roomy enough for shopping trips.

- Victoria L

Although it is not a luxury car it has all the bells and whistles that are needed

It is compact, great on gas, easy to park, comfortable, good trunk space. It always does not not require lots of maintenance

- Patricia R

It is a great car that is pretty good on gas

I like the size of my car, it is not to big. I do not like it doesn't have power seats. I also wish the seats were leather

- Toya J

I love the eco boost feature on my vehicle. It helps save me on gas.

I really haven't had any major issues with my vehicle. I love how the dealer makes sure that my issues are taken care of.

- Nan M

What I like most about my 2016 Nissan Sentra is the gpm.

There have been no problems, the vehicle has been reliable to date. There could have been more options for the features.

- Annette S

Bluetooth connection as well as xm radio

Drives smooth, spacious inside, the only problem is the tire air gage is messed up. Other than that I have no complaints

- Sarah F

It is a good car and does not seem to have problems

The car has good acceleration and handles well. The doors are a little larger than I prefer but the trunk space is great

- Gary H

The nissan sentra runs very smoothly and blind spots are very visible.

I like how it is compact but spacious. I wish it had a moonroof and a nicer interior. I also like how it is good on gas.

- Ara R

The car is compact and easy handling. For daily usage feel it good

It's very comfortable and affordable. Easy to maintain and gives great mileage. Very suitable for four to five members.

- Sei S

It is a very safe car. I had one before that was in an accident and I did not suffer any injuries.

I love the backup camera. I also like the large amount of trunk space. It gets only fairly decent gas mileage, though.

- Angela T

Reliable, low maintenance cost great dealer.

It is a real nice car and all. But my bills are just extremely high. And it's hard to manage with the job that I have.

- Jeremiah G

The trunk will not close if the keys are left on the truck.

That it is push to start. I like it is good on gas. I like that it reads my texts. I do not like it does not have GPS.

- Turner P

It has one of best AC I have ever felt and it gets very good gas mileage

It's a nice little car, but it has black interior and it does get hot on hot days. The car handles very good as well.

- Jacob W

It is reliable, and I haven't hardly had in problems with it.

I love it. It is fancy and yet it is sporty. It great on gas and has not given me any problems. I have no complaints.

- Tori S

It has an eco save button for fuel.

A/c does not blow consistent cold air. I like how I can pay $27 to fill up the tank. I like how cheap the tires cost.

- Christina G

It's very good mileage wise

It is very good so far. I have been using it from last 3 years. I never had serious issues apart from usual puncture.

- Rag V

Nissan Sentra not too fast but comfortable and affordable.

Good vehicle, great on gas but it's just slow.. really doesn't give up good speed other than that it's comfortable.

- Jennifer V

Has a lot of features to use.

I love my vehicle. A lot of room for my family of four. Beautiful inside and out. Has all kind of cool features.

- Amanda T

A Great little car for the money

My Sentra is a well-designed car with good handling for a sedan. It is also good on gas mileage and reliability.

- Greg V

Great performance on the road and on the highway.

This car is good and also till now no problems and the only to keep it always but is hard when having children.

- Wendy D

How modern and up to date it is, not to mention it's amazing build quality

I like the design. It's very slick and clean. I also like the handling. I just wish the car had more features.

- Jeff G

It is a perfect starter family car or a perfect dog mom car!.

It's a little slow to accelerate.. Love the space inside, is comfortable.. The reverse camera is very handy..

- Maria M

Nissan Sentra is Awesome!

I love that the drive is always really smooth. There's a lot of room for all passengers. The A/C works great!

- Caity N

Price is outstanding. Always on sale if the right time of month.

Like that its small, inexpensive & gas efficient.. Dislike that is not comfortable & not roomy & too light.

- Annie F

Love my 2016 Nissan Sentra

I love my car. It is blue and drives beautifully. It has decent gas mile and it is easy to keep maintained.

- Rachel T

It is the most reliable car I have ever had and you get great gas mileage.

Like-it has backup camera, comfortable seating and easy to drive. I just all around love it. Dislike- none.

- Kiki W

It is a reliable vehicle from a well known and respected maker.

I love that my vehicle is push start have passenger airbags adjustable seats the air conditioning is great.

- Jennifer W

My Sentra is super easy to drive, handle, and maintain.

I love my Sentra easy, affordable maintenance. I wish it was less touchy and jumpy. Overall I love my car.

- Jessie D

I love my Nissan Sentra!! It is the right size for me. Great gas mileage. I love the way the car looks.

Nissan Sentra is the car to own!! Great looking car, great gas mileage and a neat car to drive every day.

- Lynn Z

Safe, reliable and cute. Great for families or single people

I love the size, not too big not too small. Looks great. Big trunk. Nice amount of space in the back seat.

- Mary w

It is mine. Bought and paid for.

The back rims are bent. Everything else is good. I like its ability to get down the road from a dead stop.

- William S

It is super nice and accessible

If super easy and nice. Drive smoothly, perfect times and wheels. Amazing size. Nice engine. Pretty style

- Gaby D

It gets about 36 miles per gallon!

I love everything about my car, from the design to how it drives and I do not dislike anything about it.

- Alex C

It is economical. It gets good gas mileage, 34 mpg average.

It is economical. It is easy to maneuver in traffic. It is roomy. It is nice looking. It is comfortable.

- Rhonda C

Economic and comfortable vehicle.

The car rides smoothly. Love the push start engine and all the other features plus its very good on gas.

- Cindy D

The miles per gallons as well as its features

I really like its feature like the back view camera and its satellite radio. The size of it is good too.

- giovana c

It has a nice cd player in it the speakers are great

I love driving my car all around town it's so unique i love the color of it.it's so comfortable and th

- Marcus S

it's convenient small size that you can park in a small space. it drives well, maneuvering well

every time something is going on with it.locking the doors automatically goes by itself while driving

- Marina P

Great gas mileage and consistent reliability and comfort.

I love my car. It performs fluidly and it is very reliable. It is very comfortable and great on gas.

- Patti F

silver four door car shin

It was comfortable, and reliable at first. I enjoyed the car until it started to run hot. Too bad .

- Esther I

Gets awesome gas mileage! It takes only $5.00 sometimes to run errands all day

There's nothing to complain about. It gets great gas mileage #1! Very roomy, has features I need.

- Vatrina F

My car is an overall good city car and great for a lot of stop in go.

I like that It's good on gas and is great for ride sharing. I don't like that it lacked in power.

- Tamarah M

It has great fuel efficiency, so it is much easier to get around.

I like it because it has great fuel efficiency. It was on promotion and it has a great warranty.

- John R

Others should know that the car is lightweight and can easily be felt moving when a car passes by

I love the look and feel of my vehicle. I wish it was a little bit bigger but overall I love it.

- Aneissa O

It gets 36 miles per gallon, on average.

It gets great gas mileage, is comfortable, has a lot of easy to use technology. No complaints.

- Wayne P

I like that my car has terrific gas mileage and has been very dependable although being new I drive for Lyft and have put a lot of mileage on it and I have not had any problems

That it is a very dependable vehicle and with gas prices what it is it gets great gas mileage

- David G

It may not be the prettiest but it works well.

The gas mileage is decent and it rides well. I like that it is compact so I can park easier.

- Alyssa B

My car is reliable and is very dependable. It runs great.

I love my Sentra. It looks great and runs great! I haven't had any problems with it at all.

- Tamber M

Brake Safety features and back up camera

It rides very smoothly I really like the backup camera I just wish it had navigation in it

- Beverli G

The fully loaded inside with everything

I like the backup system on it. Very reliable, fully loaded with everything. No complaints

- Charles Z

It gets great mileage. Great car to get you where you want to go.

It's a nice car. It doesn't need too much to fill up the tank. I like the rear camera

- Andrea A

It is a modern, wide car, good speed and maneuvers, it fits well for me

it's good, it has not bothered me, it has a good motor, it's very comfortable inside

- Thomas J

It's a compact car, but still feels very roomy. It is only a 4 cylinder so she can't get up to speed very fast, but that's okay it keeps me from speeding. She is also very good on gas.

Great on gas! It gets about 28-30 mpg so it helps when you have to commute to work.

- Sasha H

Very reliable! Good on gas, very sleek looking, easy maintenance

I don't dislike anything about the car! I love the interior and how the car drives

- Ran S

Dependable great gas saver smooth driving and roomy.

Easy for parking anywhere due to mid size car and does not take up a lot of space.

- Olivia E

It will automatically stop if it detects object behind it

I like the black interior. I also enjoy the sound system. I dislike eco setting.

- Katie M

It's a good, solid vehicle. What's included in the vehicle's price is a great value.

Like the overall quality of the car. Good value for the money. No complaints.

- P S

It is very reliable and good on gas. The trunk is pretty big and the back seats three people.

I like that it is good on gas mileage. I dislike that the back seat is small.

- Susan M

It is reliable. And I trust I won't have any issues with it.

I haven't had any issues with it. It drives smoothly. It gets great mileage.

- Brenda G

Gets great gas mileage. Drives and handles good. Could be bigger

Needs nav system.and needs to be a little bigger. Would like a sunroof also

- Michael H

inexpensive to own & operate, yet very roomy inside, with plenty of trunk space

roomy, very good gas mileage--mediocre ride, but pretty good for a compact

- ken m

The most important thing people should know about my car is how great the gas mileage is.

I live the wheels. I love the gas mileage. I love how smooth the drive is.

- Nicole P

It is fuel efficient and comfortable.

I like that it has good gas mileage. It is great for long distance trips.

- Tj R

It's affordable. It's dependable. It has excellent gas mileage.

I love the price & style. I like the accessories. I like the gas mileage.

- Mark D

easy to drive and maintain this vehicle. Fun and good looking.

Great gas mileage. stylist and ease of driving. low maintenance

- Eva M

I like the mileage the car gets. I can usually get 35 miles to the gallon. I am not a fan of the heating/cooling system. The air takes a long time to kick in and it is uneven.

It is easy to drive, great on gas mileage and very affordable.

- Laurie F

Not really much of anything except take care when inside.

There isn't anything I really dislike. I like the design.

- Keith B

I like the look of the car and I like the quality of the interior of the car but I don't like that the eco button does not stay on and I have to press it everytime I start the car.

It gets better highway then city but not bad city miles.

- Bernadette S

My car is very stylish and I like the way it rides.

Easy riding. Save on gas. Like the color inside and out.

- Jane D

It's Very Convenient. Has Great Gas Mileage. Is A Newer Model.

It's new, drives smoothly, sunroof, GPS...and the works

- Dee K

In a nutshell we pay Way to much for the lease! But it drives well and knock on wood we haven't had any problems

It's a very dependable vehicle! Gets great gas mileage

- Stacey D

dependable, rarely needs any major repairs just regular maintenance

i like the radio it tells you name of artist and song

- cynthia o

Great gas mileage. Buy it!

It gets great gas mileage! It's cute. No complaints!

- Sofia M

It has a good size trunk. It has plenty of room. It gets good gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage. I like the style of it.

- Carol H

it's has great gas mileage and it's rides so great

it' great i love it and i don't have no dislikes.!

- Sharon T

It is compact and efficient compared to other cars

Second hand vehicle.. so we had to change the tyre

- Jaya B

It's cool. It gets me where I need to be.

It is white. It goes fast. It's cool. It's a car.

- Mike G

have to unlock it when put in park

Nice riding and looks nice, do not have dislike

- Sandra O

It is good for parking. It is also good on saving gas.

It is good on gas and easy to drive and park.

- Michael J

Rides good and gets good gas mileage

Don't like the seats. Like the gas mileage

- Pasty B