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Great gas mileage as well as 6, 000 miles between oil changes.

Until now we bought or leased u. S. Cars only. We heard that several foreign cars had better gas mileage; some dealerships provide better service; and some gave more incentives, including the Nissan dealership nearest to our house. So, we tried a new Nissan Sentra 10 months ago and we are very pleased with its overall performance. Traveling to Florida (from Michigan) we boasted a 37. 4 miles per gallon gasoline, much more than any previously owned vehicle. Also, though it is a basic model, we are delighted with the smooth ride, comfortable seats, and turning radius. Only 10 months old we have not had any problems to report (it is a 3 year lease, so time will tell). However, when purchased a tire warranty when we signed the initial lease and sure enough, we had a puncture on the sidewall. Would the warranty cover that? A resounding yes! Finally, we were excited to hear that our first oil change was free and, instead of the usual 3, 000 recommended miles between oil changes that we were used to, the Nissan Sentra needs the oil change every 6, 000 miles! So, needless to say, we are extremely happy with this vehicle. In fact, we are looking forward to leasing another Nissan when this lease is up.

- James D

The Nissan sentra-surprising capability in a smaller car!

My sentra has been nice. It has surprising pick up and is never a problem to get up to freeway speeds. As for comfort I have driven several times to visit family in Dallas, TX a four hour drive. I usually pop some music on and relax for the drive. One thing that I haven't tried is the additional 'sport' mode which I assume tightens up the responsiveness of the car. I haven't really tried that yet because the steering is already tight and the shows enough power to get me where I am going even with big trucks on the road. I have tried the 'eco' mode which controls how fast you can get off the line at traffic lights and helps save fuel. So far I haven't had any problems with it and I can say that I really enjoy driving it on my daily commute and my travels out of town. Speaking of which when I have passengers they enjoy the backseat room and the trunk is able to carry a big load.

- Rodney S

Best zippy car for someone on a budget.

I went from a wry to a Sentra sr turbo. Exact same power as the Nismo version but minus the extra branding, sport seats, limited colors, and red trim. I didn't consider those important. It does 0-60 in less than 7 seconds. Rides smooth and provides comfort for long drives. Only minor complaint is the wiper blades will not lift completely off the windshield (like for prepping for snow and ice). The hood of the car actually prevents them from lifting more than an inch or so. Trunk is roomy. I like to fish and it is deep enough to fit my 4. 5-5' poles diagonally with minimal bending. Definitely recommend this for someone on a budget looking for nice features. Also, fuel efficient! Uses regular and I get 26 mpg city with a lead foot! 42 Highway!

- Jessica M

Best car ever hands down Nissan Sentra 2017.

I am pleased with my Nissan Sentra 2017! I have not had any issues or problems with it which is what I am most proud about. My past cars I had issues with within two months and this car I have had for seven months. It feels good to be able to depend on a car to get you places and not having to worry about getting something fixed each week. I am the primary driver so I can not say how it feels to be driven around in my car but driving it is comfortable. I sometimes forget if the car is on or not because of how quiet it is. I do not have to take my eyes off the road to change the station because I have my playlist on my phone now and I can skip forward or backwards right from the steering wheel. I love it!

- Lisa A

The convenience of a 2017 Nissan Sentra.

My 2017 Nissan Sentra is a leased vehicle that we had to get because our 2002 Nissan Xterra transmission and computer system stopped working. I am in love with my 2017 Nissan Sentra, it is so convenient, has great functionality, and has great fuel economy. For example, I often travel back home from Tallahassee 2. 5 hours away. A full tank of gas on the vehicle's eco mode will last a whole trip there and back, basically a 5 hour drive. I also love the car's Bluetooth connection system which allows me to safely receive and make phone calls completely handsfree. There is also a USB port in the car where I can charge my phone or listen to music from an iPod. Great car!!

- Lyssa B

An Eco-Friendly Sports car that is comfortable for a small family.

I bought my Nissan Sentra brand new, fully warranted and I love it. It has an Eco button that helps me save gas. My husband likes the Sport button. Its comfortable for long trips and uses little gas. I am the designated person at lunch that drives everyone out and they love sitting in my car. The only thing is it seems to take forever to get cold air going but we do live in Florida. With the maintenance plan, I can take it to a Nissan dealership and they will change oil, rotate tires and give it a good car wash. I've had it almost two years, barely have 15000 miles on it and it runs like I just got it yesterday

- Stephanie P

The design, while very simple, is very nice.

Never had any issues. I am not well versed in car lingo, but I am very happy with the performance and reliability of my vehicle. It is very economic as well. The only slight hiccup I had was that in the beginning the car system for audio hookup (Bluetooth) would not connect properly, but stopped being an issue once I took it to the dealer to get it fixed. Besides that, it is fine. Another thing I really enjoy about the vehicle is that it is very spacious and comfortable, but I wish the driver's seat was a lot more adjustable and had the option to have preset preferences depending on who is driving.

- Heidi R

Great car with great gas mileage.

No problems; good performance; took a trip to Florida and it handle very well, especially through the mountains of Tennessee. Gas mileage was terrific; very comfortable ride; easy to maneuver. It has options for the gas mileage. For example, we used the eco feature which gets better miles per gallon. Also, we hit some rain on our trip, in the mountains, as well as some fog, and the car easily kept to the road. We are at the end of our first year of a 3 year lease and this is our first experience with a non-big 3 car; we have already decided to stick with Nissan for our next vehicle.

- James L

Favorite starter car for your 20s.

My Sentra is the perfect size for me. I am freshly out of college, working for the first time, so I needed something affordable. I like to drive with the eco feature, so I usually only have to fill up my gas tank maybe once a week. I like the way it drives, the rear view camera is a great tool, and it connects to my phone so I can call my parents safely on long road trips. I sometimes get lower back pain when driving for long periods, but these seats are far more comfortable for me than previous vehicles. My last car was also a Nissan, so I am a happy returning customer.

- Emily S

My car is practical, user friendly, and perfect for a young professional.

My car is very reliable. It has not had a problem since I started leasing it last year. The only issue I had was a small hole in my tire which I was alerted of by the dashboard saying I had low tire pressure. I immediately knew which tire was a little lower than the rest and went to get it plugged at the shop. It was a $5 fix and I went about my way. No problems ever since then. My car performs well in dry conditions but it can slip and slide a little bit whenever the roads are a bit wet. That is the part that makes me insecure about my car.

- Chino E

Nissan Sentra 2018 best car ever!!

The Nissan Sentra that we just bought is so far by most my favorite car. I really love the interior design of it, simply because of its color which is black. I also love the exterior design because it makes the car look very luxurious. We are a family of four but we really fit well in our car. It is very spacious both the front and the back seats. The trunk is also a favorite of mine because it is veer big and spacious. Usually we can fit everything in the back which we really love and like a lot.

- Jorge G

Nissan altima- an enjoyable drive or ride!

The car looks good, is good on fuel, and easy to handle. Most of the features are on the steering wheel so I do not have to take my eyes off the road to change music or volume, answer my phone, etc. The safety features are reassuring. If I had one thing I do not like about it, the seats are not very comfortable for a long drive. However, we stay in town most of the time, so our trips are not often very long. My husband drives the car to work and back every day, and loves the performance!

- Therese W

It is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone.

I hate how small it is. I hate that the windows have zero shading so any type of car headlights behind you at night time literally blind you not just from the rearview mirror but both sides mirrors as well. I hate that there is not enough space in/around the front consul area/cup holder or stick shift area for phone, keys, purse, water bottles, Chapstick etc. etc. etc. There is nothing I like about this vehicle. I also hate that the seat adjustment is not electric there are only 3 settings. .

- Kacey L

My true black Nissan sentra sv is a very great vehicle.

I have been leasing my 2017 Nissan sentra sv for two years now; it is a really great car. I first leased the car with only 8 miles on it; so, it was brand new. The only thing I had to do with the car for the first 6000 miles of driving it was get an oil change. The car is super reliable. I am recently at 40k miles altogether and, still, I have only had to replace the tires and get my front alignment fixed. I truthfully feel a sense of security with my vehicle after just two years.

- Gary S

Best car for teens and young adults.

I have had no problems with my Sentra since I began leasing it from drivetime. The leather seats are amazingly comfortable, the heating and cooling work perfectly, and I absolutely love the push to start. The trunk has plenty of space to toss all my random junk or groceries in. The car can tell when the lights have been left on, parking brake is left on, keys are left in it, and multiple things and warns you to help you remember it all. I am head over heels in love with this car!

- Erika N

I love the color, I love the way it drives, and I love that it is good on gas!

The only thing I do not like about my car is that it does not have electrical seats. Also my boyfriend is really tall and so he has to push the seat all the way back and lean seat. Which messes up my perfect position when driving. Other than that it drives good and I love how you can change it from eco to sports and of course I had to try it out. It is really good on gas especially when I am driving out of town to visit friends and family. I love everything about my car.

- Jay W

Why I love my 2017 white Nissan Sentra.

I drive a white 2017 Nissan Sentra, it is my first car and I absolutely love it. I have tan interior which looks nice but does get messy easily, I have an AUX port and a USB port which is convenient for me since I can charge my phone and listen to music. My car comes with hands free handset for my phone which I love also. The trunk is very spacious & the seats are really comfy as well. The speakers are loud and clear, my radio dash is black and has many features.

- Gabriela F

Four door comfortable car.

I love my car, I lease my car's so this is the fourth sentra that I have had. I cannot say enough good things about it. The car gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable when driving and easy to operate. It's a four door so it is convenient for me to get my daughter in and out. Despite being a smaller car, the trunk is spacious and the back seats fold down which is a plus. The lease payments are inexpensive which is a plus. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Nicole E

Nissan Sentra 2017; turbo trim; with black exterior and a black interior.

My vehicle was fresh out the lot with a smooth handling and comfortable leather seats. The fuel economy is not what was advertised but I can't complain since it is stylish with great comfort in the drive experience; I should know since I work in valet parking. Truth be told that it's not the most luxurious interior for the year it is and for it being the best trim level to that of the competitors of its year might offer but nonetheless an amazing car.

- Bryan G

Pretty good car, but I do not think it was built to last very long.

My vehicle is very reliable, though I feel like sometimes a bit of a gas guzzler. Overall, it is a pretty nice car and affordable compared to similar makes and models. The trunk space is really useful, I feel like it has a huge trunk. I feel like the car will wear down pretty quickly. I leased it 10 months ago and my dashboard has started rattling when I am driving. I am not rough on cars and nothing I have done should have caused this rattling.

- Ali K

2017 Nissan sentra. 4 door compact sedan.

The Nissan sentra is a decent compact car. It can hold up to 5 people and the trunk is very spacious. The 2017 Nissan sentra have a CVT transmission which I am not a very huge fan of. It can be pretty loud at times but it its horse power or speed given the fact that out of the sentra's, Altima's and maxima's, the sentra is the slowest of the 3. I would recommend the sentra to anyone who wants a gas saving compact day to day sedan.

- Jalen J

2017 Nissan sentra is a pleasure to drive.

The 2017 Nissan sentra is a pleasure to drive. The seats are comfortable and legroom is spacious, front and back. I love the seat warmers on a cold day. The added bonus of turbo is helpful with merging on the highway. There is adequate trunk space to accommodate luggage for a family of four. Dashboard controls are easy to locate and use. Thus far, there have been no mechanical issues. We plan to purchase at the end of our lease.

- Jennifer M

Awesome car that makes you feel like you are in luxury at a decent price!

The Sentra is a smooth ride. It is literally the perfect car for young adults! It has a no key feature, that is super convenient. It is quiet, and easy to understand. The dashboard is super easy to read, and all of the accessories are easy to use. It has Bluetooth and you are able to use it to send messages while driving. It also has a backup camera. It honestly has all the luxury car accessories but at a super reasonable price.

- Shawn M

Economical and comfortable.

I love how my 2017 Nissan Sentra drives. It is mid sized which works well. I take my car to the dealership and they treat the car and myself great. This is my 3rd Nissan. I always lease their vehicles. The first one was a 2012 Nissan versa. Drove nice send saver gas. Too small for my teenager. Next car was a 2014 Sentra. This was bigger and enjoyed the space. The last car is a 2017. Their cars keep getting better!

- Christine D

Great gas mileage and very economic. I am happy with the vehicle.

Great gas mileage, roomy with great trunk space. The back seat is roomy and has leg room. Safe car and economic. Maintenance and repairs are not super expensive. I only fill up my gas tank a few times a month and get about 300 miles per fuel up trip. Nissan is a great name and holds up to reputation. I am very happy with this car, and I can see myself having this in the future. If not the same car, the same brand.

- Mary F

Great gas mileage, comfortable vehicle overall.

I really love my Nissan because it is great for long trips. Recently my husband and I went halfway across the country and back with no issues, plus we were able to use "eco mode" to get about 500 miles per tank of gas instead of the usual 350 ish. We love that it has an AUX cord plug-in unlike some other vehicles, comfy seats and gives us a smooth ride whether we're going to work or traveling long distance.

- Katarina R

Sentra 2017 sv review and details.

Has decent room and mechanics. The only issue I find it the transmission is different than I am use to and seems like it has a hard time picking up gears. It is a comfortable ride and has great features. It is great on gas, only takes $25 to fill the tank and I get roughly 30 miles to the gallon and about 324 miles on a full tank of gas. I have the extended warranty which covers anything that can go wrong.

- Tiffany H

A nice vehicle for the price.

The car runs beautifully, is very economical and is comfortable to drive in both short or long drives. It is a little more plain jane than what I initially wanted but the price was right. It lacks some of the options I would prefer. There is also a trunk open button on the key fob that pops the trunk open if your keys are in a pants pocket or is bumped so the trunk may be open and you are unaware of it.

- James H

Comfort and elegance, at affordable prices.

Gas mileage on this car is very good. It is very responsive to pedals and has an economy option which lets you know how much gas you are using when you push on the gas pedal. Seats are very comfortable, temperature management is simple and easy. The Audio options are easy to find, you have 3 options for FM/am as well as 3 more options for XM radio and each option has different preferences you can set.

- Chloe G

Pretty and comfortable. Updated nice car.

I love Sirius and the screen in the car. It has eco or sport drive for whatever one you want to use. The only thing is that the window is already creaking and the back window, the rubber is coming out which I will have to get fixed. The pick up is not great but I am not a speed racer. Overall I love this car minus the little repairs here and there that every car has to get from time to time.

- Sara M

An interesting detail is the Bluetooth feature can be hands free.

My 2017 Nissan Sentra v is a beautiful red color, all season tires, back-up camera, several great features that make driving it a great pleasure. It gets stares by people and is quite sporty looking and has a sport feature that I love. The interior is black in color and cloth which I like better than leather due to temperatures from cold or warm weather. No power seats and love the CD player.

- Sally R

Great vehicle, comfortable and sporty at the same time.

Performance is great. Power when you need it. Drives smoothly, better than I thought. I'm 6'2" and I am surprised how comfortable I am in it. Steering wheel has cruise control very easy to use as well as radio channel changing and volume, very easy to use. Push button start. Vehicle will not start without the "key" which is the push button for lock, unlock, trunk release.

- Donald K

The best decision I have made for my very first car.

My 2017 Nissan sentra sv is one, if not the best purchase I have made. This is my first car and, mind you I wasn't expecting a semi-new car to be my first car ever, but the deal was amazing. I was a bit scared of the car not being well taken cared of, but it is still looked like new and it feels like a brand new car. It saves gas, it runs smoothly, and it looks great.

- Silvia A

Runs great also with good mileage.

Runs great and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone whom is looking for a car to purchase. Also its good on gas and. Comfortable plus reliable its tires are great the color is gray and black and also easy to drive and handle. My daughters love it also they are also looking to purchase one. Sometime in the near future so I encourage them to get a Nissan as well.

- Teresa R

Love the contour of my Sentra. It drives smoothly through winds.

The seats are comfortable and have many settings. Easy access to all the controls for heat, radio, etc. Are set up in a safe and close way while driving. My car even came with super charge cords for usb. The contour of the Sentra drives smooth through winds and is stylish. I would like more cubbies for items would be my only wish. Backseat space is very roomy also.

- Tracey D

A great subcompact car with amazing pickup.

A problem and an obstacle is that when the tires get low in air pressure, you get a warning. It could be any of the four tires and I have problems getting the warning signal off once I inflate the tires. As a result, to correct the problem, I usually have to visit the dealer so that they can fix the problem. The good thing is that the car dealer is very gracious.

- Silvia N

Not the best but not the worst.

So far it is reliable. Sounds like the transmission might need a look at, but other than minor issues it is a great car. The seats are comfortable. You can adjust the lumbar support and lean back and take a nap for days. The trunk is nice a spacious. The back seats I have been told aren't cramped. Last but not least airflow is decent. Heating and a/c work great.

- James D

The car has great mileage.

I love the fact that I can fill up my gas tank with about $25 a week and it will last me the whole week even with the distance I travel to and from work. I do not like the size of the car it is too small for my liking. I also do not like the speed of the car it is too slow even when you floor the gas. All in all it is a good car for a student not a family.

- Ivonne C

I love the sleek design and the pearl blue color.

Although it does not ride like a luxury car, it gives terrific gas mileage and is extremely comfortable. The looks are very eye appealing with sleek lines. Surprisingly enough there is an overly amount of trunk space. The controls are all within reach and the dashboard is well illuminated at night time. It is also equipped with Bluetooth for cell phones.

- Michael S

It is a very nice and small car affordable to drive on trips.

Didn't have much warranty on it, and it is not made out of nothing stuff easily breaking but great on Gaston price I am paying seems like I should of gotten the next year model wanted my windows tinted but going to coat major the most it is a reliable car I have to pay for the radio station didn't get that much of time with it but going to get it back.

- Vanessa L

Bluetooth system is a bit of a miss.

Maintenance lights keep popping up. The car seats are comfortable. Very well designed for comfortable use. Car does not feel like it accelerates well. The design is very nice for families or stylish singles. Looks compact on the outside but is actually very spacious on the inside. Bluetooth system is not the best and sometimes disconnects on its own.

- Jessica E

It's a nice little blue car.

I like my car a lot. It has heated seats, rear view camera and also has really good gas mileage. It has a big trunk and has Bluetooth. I love that it will read my texts to me too. The size of the car is a car starter family car. It comes in all different colors. It has really nice interior and is pretty comfortable to seat in or take on a road trip.

- Jo W

That it is very reliable. We have not had any issues this far.

We love our Nissan Sentra. It drives so smoothly. The seats are really comfortable and the adjustments for the front seats are treat especially the driver's seat. The acceleration rate is smooth and not jerky. Long car rides with the family are such a pleasure. We also like the Bluetooth phone feature as well. Hands free calling is very convenient.

- Yvonne Z

Not too big and not too small.

Luckily the seat are not leather, but also not black. So, it is not too hot when entering on hot days. The air/heat works wonderfully. The dash starts blinking when low on gas. The ties are great. Easy to steer and park. The only issue I say that I have is, that the temperature indicator for the engine does not rise until you start to drive.

- Sarah C

It's a good car and runs smoothly but the seats can get uncomfortable

I like the size. Easy to maneuver. I don't like the seats - they're a little uncomfortable. The navigation isn't the greatest. The backup camera could have a wider scope. But I do like that it has the backup camera. I don't like that the Bluetooth with the phone doesn't work unless you're specifically on the Bluetooth option or someone calls.

- Taylor B

Good little car that looks nice too.

Missing some features that I really like. Does not have apple carplay, does not have heated seats. Love the back up camera and the included Sirius XM radio. Spacious trunk and my seats are really good about not staining. I love the eco feature and I love the fact that is tells me how many miles I have left to drive before my tank is empty.

- Dawn M

Great gas mileage! Attractive looking car, it did very well in the snow!

Easy to handle, great on gas.. I average 33 miles to the gallon, city driving and close to 40 miles to gallon on trips! Has a lot of zip for a small car. A very attractive looking vehicle and I feel very safe in it! Does not have a lot of perks like my Altima did but I like it a lot. It is very reasonably priced! I would buy another one!

- Beverly J

Nissan Sentra: a good, reliable, and sporty car.

I love my Nissan Sentra! I have not had any problems with it, and it performs well and is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage and has a powerful, but quiet engine. The trunk space is huge! The seats are a little hard in the back, but the front seats are nice and the car has all the technological bells and whistles I could ask for.

- Courtney L

A good reliable car, a bit expensive but comparable to cars like it.

It is small, but comfortable. Has great gas mileage both city and highway so travelling in this car in that aspect is good. I do think it is a bit disappointing that the car is so expensive and does not have basic features like automatic seats. I could certainly do without the AUX connection and USB connection for the automatic seats.

- Ashley S

Always like to get one that has a great service department/great warranty also.

Love it just had a Nissan product for past 9 years at least. Just a little small but great on gas and feel like price was to much last time also colors were not available that I wanted so settled for one too dark and not very happy; very hot for our heat! Will get so much cooler color next time I trade and hopefully a better deal too.

- Rhonda H

I didn't realize the purchasing would take a long time but it was all worth it.

It is great on gas, comfy, cute, great mileages, drives really smooth, and it is just overall amazing! I would definitely recommend Nissan to college student first car buyer. They work with you on trying to find the best car that fit you as you want to be comfortable much as possible as you will be driving the car for a long time.

- Sam B

Spacious though small, barely need to fill with gas.

The gas mileage is great, I was able to travel 500 miles and didn't need to fill up until the last few miles of my trip. Even though its a smaller car there is a lot of room in the back and in the trunk. I love the heated seats on the car and the windshield does not have a condensation issue where I cannot see due to foggy glass.

- Cat R

My vehicle is extremely reliable I have had no issues with it and the agency has been great at any questions I have. It has great mileage for gas, great energy and is so spacious and comfortable. I love that it is great for commuting and gad will last me almost a week and a half. It has certainly helped me have this car so much.

- Carolina E

The Nissan Sentra packs reliability and features in to a reasonably priced vehicle

I really like the Sentra because it is a practical car. It comfortably seats 5, has a surprisingly big trunk, and handles nicely on the road. You get a lot of value from the car, with all of the basic features you would need for a reasonable price. There may not be all of the bells and whistles, but it is a great reliable car.

- Tim S

Nissan Sentra - cheap, reliable, safe, and attractive. Fun to drive!!

It is good on gas. I also like the features such as the Bluetooth and the XM radio features. All of the features are easy to use while driving and are not a distraction. I also find the car extremely safe for my toddler. Attractive vehicle and a wonderful car to drive. I get compliments on how great the car looks constantly.

- Kristen F

Love the car easy to drive and has good gas mileage.

I love driving this car because it has good gas mileage and it is small and easy to park. I wish it had a back up camera and a GPS also. The price was right and the color is white. I ad a Nissan Rogue before and was afraid it would tip over when I went around a curb. I make the seat high because I like to look over the top.

- Sally S

Overall a good, and pretty car!

Although you can fill up your tank with 30$, it drains your gas very quickly. This car is very comfortable and spacious and has never given me any issues. A nice feature is that it has a microphone that can help you with request while you are driving. It is a safe car and I would highly recommend to young and new drivers.

- Mariana P

After putting 50k+ miles on my Sentra, I do not have a single complaint.

My 2017 Nissan Sentra is the best car I have ever owned. I have had no issues excluding basic service that is expected. It handle fantastically and gets decent gas mileage. Its overall looks, comfort, and functionality couldn't be better. Anyone looking for a reasonably priced sedan should absolutely look into a Sentra.

- Brian B

Replace the battery yearly. To avoid the car not starting and look up how to get it to go without a battery

I love the keyless start. It has enough trunk space to allow us to travel comfortably. And enough space in the back seat for my two kids, I wish the back seat was a little bigger to allow for another person in the back with them. Also the circulation in the back seat is horrible it takes forever to cool the babies down.

- Tahtianna H

Comfortable, seek and super functional.

This car has most up to date technology. It is missing GPS, but has everything else. This car is very comfortable and extremely fun to drive. I love this car, and cannot wait to purchase it when my lease is over. The cargo room allows for easy storage. Compartments make it easy to separate groceries from other luggage.

- Carrie P

Perfect, reliable size and transportation.

Its decent size for my family of 3. The trunk is spacious for being a compact car. Reliable transportation its a gas saver. Interior is nice. Audio display is great. Love the backup camera. Love the easy access controls on the steering wheel. It's one of my best purchases I made in a while. Love the car all together.

- Ham S

Economical car for all your family's needs.

This is my third Nissan Sentra and I love it. It is smooth driving and have never had a problem. I do wish I would have bought the bigger size Maxima because my husband is tall, but there is plenty of room for kids, carseats, and anything else needed. I love ECO Mode!!! I feel like it really helps save gas mileage.

- Kayla M

Our family loves our Nissan Sentra.

Love the smooth tide. Very reliable great on long car rides and traveling. Convenient phone Bluetooth connection. Fantastic hood protection but I do not like how you can see where the protective layer starts and stops. Multiple cup holders present messes. Seat adjustments are perfect for someone on the short side.

- Von Z

Charcoal grey Nissan that drives nice with little complaints.

The Nissan Sentra is a nice car. I wish mine had Bluetooth capabilities but it only has voice call capabilities. It drives smooth and feels luxurious inside with the lighting and the black stitching. Gas tank is smaller than my last car so I have to fill it up more but gets about the same mileage. Over 4/5 stars.

- Nathan F

Classy sassy, and bold in blue.

Being so light, it rattles in places. But the seats are comfortable. Gas mileage is not what the description says, but 36 mpg is still good. Pickup is not so fantastic, but it has plenty of other details, like all of the standard features, temp. Gauge, mileage chart, etc.. Really like how it handles as well.

- Patricia R

Good car for reliability and small families.

So far no real problems with our Nissan Sentra. It is good on gas it only takes about twenty five give or take to fill up. The seats are comfortable and the radio is nice. I just wish it had more space in the trunk and in the back if you have kids then there is not much room for much more than the car seats.

- Sam J

It's a nice looking car, I love the heated seats.

I have an Sentra that I lease, it is a nice looking car but for the amount of driving I do it's not a really comfortable ride. Also I feel like I am always at a gas station. And it also does not have a fast pick up when getting on the highway. I just got the car in December and have it for another 2 years.

- Natalie R

Nissan grey sentra with black interior.

I really like my car for several reason. I really like that I have a reverse camera. I wish the screen was touch screen and that it would beep when I was close to something. I also really like the amount of space inside and that I can unlock and lock my car with just pushing the button on the door handle.

- Alexandra B

Comfortable, spacious, and economic.

I love our car, it is a family car, wide, that works perfectly, is perfect for long drive. It has a good space in the trunk. It is a economic car that does not consume a lot of gas. My family and I, think that we did a very good deal. The car is not only spacious but also that is beautiful on the outside.

- Any S

This car is not a large family car. It would actually be perfect for a college student.

I wish it was better equipped for car seats. I have an infant and when I installed the infant car seat, it was not very secure except in the middle. It also can only be installed with the seat belt, unlike in some cars where you can use straps and buckles on the actual seat for a tighter, more secure fit.

- Amy H

Good buy with great gas mileage.

I haven't had any problems at all. I get about 32 mpg locally, in a rural area with mountains. Closer to 38 hwy mpg. Very comfortable driving and rides great for the price of the car. The features are nice, even on the base model. It is on the smaller side, but I only have one child so it's okay for us.

- Andrea C

Fast and spacious when you barely hit the gas it starts to go pretty fast.

It is a touchy car and can go fast. It has a eco button that saves gas. It is never more than 28 dollars to fill it up each time. It is very spacious and comfortable car the seats are wide and have nice cushions. The trunk is huge and can fit a lot more than you would think you could for a compact car.

- Marry K

Silver beauty, gas efficient, spacious trunk.

The 2017 Nissan Sentra is spectacular! It drives to work and brings me back home. And if I ever need a couple miles extra this car can do the job well and with no trouble! Smooth drive and super gas efficient. Picks up speed pretty well. Beautiful design. This car is like the batmobile. To me at least.

- Kiki K

Nissan Sentra 2017 is the best car ever

I have Nissan Sentra and it's 2017, I actually love my car a lot because it's so comfortable and has enough space. When driving I feel like the car fits me and it's not one of theses cars that short girls can't see anything when driving and I'm saying that because I'm short and I know the struggle.

- Safiya D

The best in reliability on the road.

I love my car, it is very reliable, it is very pretty and economic, and has never had any mechanical problems, I love that it drives smoothly, my car is the best car I've had up to now, I would refer it to anyone it's awesome. I would buy another Nissan over and over again because I trust the make.

- Sylvia J

I love the way it is roomy inside and everyone has comfort.

I love my Nissan. The company is great. My car has given me no trouble and Nissan services guys are great. This is my second car with them and they are a great company to get a car from. They will help you in any way possible to get a car. They also will work hard with you to keep it maintained.

- Jane H

Car review - how do you like it?

Great car for traveling from home to work. Great on gas and great company (Nissan) taking it into the dealership for service is never a problem. The sv options are great: keyless entrance, Bluetooth, CD, and USB very cool. There is a lot of spaces to put things in the center spot and the doors.

- Ronald B

Vacation car views on the road.

Smooth on shifting good on gas good roding nice interfere plenty of legroom you can sleep in it bouncing all around in it for a good time great back support seats huge viewing windows for long drives big mirrors for great views they are great vacation cars the fabric is great if you have kids.

- Jamie L

It is comfortable and drives well but there are some drawback.

Comfortable to seat in and drives well and it does have a very spacious trunk. The gas mileage is okay though it is not compatible with android phones and the low beams are not very good. Also the mirrors are small so you have to lean in to make sure no one is in the other lane when you merge.

- Antoinette S

Nice style and look plus amenities for safety and comfort.

Sleek exterior design. Comfortable and adjustable seats. I enjoy the back up viewing system for safety. The vehicle. Has a good sound system and telephone communication system. I can change to eco drive for better fuel economy and saving the environment. Nice performance and key entry system.

- Cecilia D

Good value for a reliable sedan.

For the price, it is great. It is good on gas, has Bluetooth, it is reasonably comfortable (but not exactly a luxury car). It handles well, but it is not very peppy. The tire noise is a little on the noisy side; that is my only real complaint. I also love the body style and other aesthetics.

- Gen B

Freaking amazing car for beginners.

The heated seats are a life send when it's super cold. The ac blow super cold that it makes me super sleepy. I haven't had any engine issues at all. Just the normal upkeep and maintenance. There are no problems that have popped up. Everything is super smooth and the acceleration is amazing.

- kristina G

The car is totally great on gas.

It is very reliable and gets me from point a to point b as needed. It has a good amount of tech in it but not so much that it's overwhelming. The gas mileage is amazing. There's a few flaws with the computer, like my tire light comes on every time it gets cold and goes off when it warms up.

- Shannon C

The car that I am ready to trade and get another one bigger.

A lot of people are driving the same car as I do. It's easy on gas. A nice car to take on a road trip. It does not have enough space for me. That is why I want a SUV for more room and space so everyone can fit. It is a beautiful color. Some of the cars have keyless entry and back up camera.

- Debora B

Spacious trunk, very quiet no road noise.

Love the Nissan sentra. Has been very reliable. No issues just normal wear. My only issue I have had with this vehicle is the radio and dashboard clock. The radio volume button has gone out. Had to have it replaced twice. And the dashboard clock is unable to be changed to the correct time.

- Libby L

Lightweight sporty 4 cylinder with fuel efficiency.

Having problems with the weather stripping on my passenger windows. Also had to have my driver's steering wheel airbag replaced because mine was broken. Car is comfortable and easy to handle. I like that I have the stick shift and that is still an option. Gas efficiency is pretty good.

- Samantha O

If you want a practical car than Nissan sentra is it!

My car performs great,has great traction, is reliable,has good gas mileage, adequate sound system.. And I like having auto setting for the lights. It is noisy though and not comfortable enough for my back when driving. I am also afraid that the ac will not be strong enough in the summer.

- joan S

The Nissan Sentra is a smooth, sleek, and useful car! The perfect cross between practical and fun!

My Nissan Sentra is the best car I've had. It's comfortable, reliable and performance is great. It handles mountains, hills and many other difficult things with ease. And they're also designed to look sporty, which is a plus for me, a sports car lover with a need to commute to work too.

- Remi P

I love my Nissan. It performs so well.

It is all leather, easy to clean. Has GPS, rearview camera, heated seats, lumbar support. It gets great mileage I do not have to worry about traveling because I am very confident in it is performance. My Sentra also has side alarms to let you know when another car is in your blindside.

- Owen B

2017 Nissan Sentra review.

The radio and speaker quality is amazing. Especially for those long drives to work. The seats are comfy and roomy, even for me being above average height. I get incredible gas mileage, sometimes even fifty miles to the gallon. This car is great for anyone who commutes a long distance.

- Bailey B

It is a nice comfortable vehicle that gets good gas mileage.

The vehicle only has one drawback. It will not move at all in any amount of snow. Otherwise it is comfortable, has a nice ride and plenty of power. It has Bluetooth which is great. I would not however recommend this vehicle to anyone who lives in an area that gets any amount of snow.

- Brett M

Amazing gas mileage & good trunk space.

It has the most amazing gas mileage! Right now I am up to 30 mpg and it has saved me so much money! The car does feel tight and small because I am used to driving SUVs. The trunk actually feels huge so we have a good amount of storage. But for a small car, I think the value is great.

- Erin S

Get top of the line model if you expect to have any kind of a decent stereo.

The driver's seat is not very comfy. Seats are made cheap. Radio is supercheap and I had to replace front speakers, the sounded very bad. . It could be a bit more sturdy, party come off easy. Gas mileage is wonderful. Price is fair, air conditioner is great. Insurance is reasonable.

- Jennifer J

The Nissan Sentra was last fully the 2016.

May 24, 2018 · the Nissan Sentra was last fully redesigned for the 2013 model year. The 2016 model got an updated suspension and a power driver's seat. The 2017 model added a new trim, the sr turbo. It is just like the sr trim, only it features a 188-horsepower turbocharged engine.

- Angel G

The back-up camera comes in handy in tight spaces!!

Have not had any problems with my 2017 Nissan Sentra. I love the push button start and the back-up camera it really helps with the parking. We just had our first snow and I loved the way it drove in the snow. If I had to do it over I would buy the same exact vehicle! I love my car.

- Brenda L

Great for first time buyers.

My Sentra is roomy and drives very smooth. I like the look of the car, very modern and really fits in with the cars of today. Radio and a/c always work instantly no matter how long you have the car. I would recommend buying a sun shade so that the wheel and dash do not get too hot.

- Leonardo M

My cherry red Nissan Sentra.

I love my Nissan Sentra because it is cherry red! She drives smoothly, fast and obviously gets me where I need to go. Additionally, the guys at Torre Nissan are great at maintaining the quality service my car needs. I would definitely recommend a Nissan to anyone looking for a car.

- Lorena W

Not the best ride but better than most.

A good little car, great on gas, and easy to maneuver but a little too cramped feeling in front passenger seat. Cup holders for passenger front seat are to close. Also it is hard to see ground directly in front. Cars tend to seem closer than the really are in rear view mirror.

- Janice S

Boring but comfortable seats.

The seat is nice and flat and benchlike. I hated my last car's bucket seats that hurt my knees trying to climb in and out of the car. The interior is basic but gets the job done. Gas mileage is usually 39 mpg for me. The front window defogger doesn't work well in the humid south.

- Annie G

The color is great. The gas mileage is good. The inside material is good.

I think it is a great car. I wish it had more cup holders or arm rest in the back. The trunk is great size. It is a good car for trips. I like the color of it and the look and style. The engine size is good. Little slow at times. I like the options on it. The radio sounds great.

- Chris G

2017 Nissan sentra - review.

Have had no problems with the Nissan sentra as of now. Was purchased a little over a year ago, and besides the main upkeep (oil changes and what not), the sentra rides like gold. Rides nice, comfortable seating, and a great gas saver, as we have averaged 36 miles to the gallon.

- Rylee A

I am a very happy Nissan owner.

My Nissan sentra is very reliable and good features. I like that I can do Bluetooth calling. The interior is nice and very comfortable. I have not had any problems with the car since getting it 2 years ago, and the design is very stylish. I also get good mileage to the gallon.

- Tracey K

Little white perfect car with not a scratch on her.

Fast, comfortable, easy drive, reliable, great gas mileage never pay more than 25 dollar when I have to fill it up. The speakers have really good sound quality. The seats are very spacious I can fit a lot of stuff in there then I ever thought I could, the trunk is very large.

- Marry L

It has the best gas mileage ever.

My Nissan Sentra is roomy enough for me. I get good mileage on it. I usually spend $25 to fill up my gas tank. I also think it has a lot of power to be such a small car. My payments are also very reasonable. I love that I can hook my phone to a USB connector and stream music.

- Raven B

I like the standard hands free phone feature, your able to sync your smartphone.

Nissan Sentra is a standard vehicle which is not flashy or nor does it have a lot of torque, it's okay on gas it has the standard bells & whistle for a 2017, it handles pretty good for city driving & on the highway if your looking for a standard vehicle this is a good choice.

- Eileen M

Expensive looking - cheap price.

Great features such as Bluetooth phone and XM radio. It also looks very attractive. I get compliments all the time about how good and expensive it looks. However, it was a fairly cheap car. So it looks more expensive than it is. I also feel very safe driving in this vehicle.

- Kristen F

Nissan nightmare! It's the worst. I thought this car was great.

I thought this car was amazing until we started noticing little things. Like the windows being so rattly. The windshield fogs up when either the ac is on sometimes etc. So little things like that makes us glad we got a lease and we are almost finished with our 3 year lease.

- Emily M

It is very good on gas especially if you put it in the economy mode.

I love that it's the top safety pick and that it has an Economy mode to save gas. I also love that it estimates how many miles of gas you have left and it tells you if the tire pressure is low. I don't like that it doesn't have Bluetooth music and that there is no sunroof.

- Yasmine S

It is a smooth ride! Would definitely recommend.

I really enjoy my car! I do with that it was a six cylinder rather than a four but it still drives really fast. I love the handling of my car. However, I do wish that my car didn't ride as low to the ground as it does. But overall the car is great and gas mileage is great.

- Alexis C

The vehicle is overall a good daily, and decent on gas mileage.

Performance is very good in the car. The maintenance upkeep can be expensive if you drive a decent amount daily. It has a back up camera but no beeper if you are too close to an object. The car can be comfortable unless you are over 6ft tall. Then it can get a bit cramped.

- Emily P

Safe and good looking all in one.

This is my second Nissan. My last one was 9 yrs old. It ran beautifully and I had no problems with it. I love this car and will keep buying this brand always. I feel very safe in this car and it looks good too. It is the best car I have had in my many years of buying cars.

- Suzanne C

Get less for more but performance rocks.

I just wish it had came with more amenities. Friends I talked to with older Sentras seemed to have better options like the vehicle already coming with seat warmers or blind side sensors. I feel like I pay more for less but the car drives great and I haven't had any issues.

- Erin S

Easy handling with great features make the sentra a sensible choice.

This sentra will turn on a dime, making it super easy to park. The backup camera lets you back out of parking safely. The Bluetooth connection lets you answer your phone hands free. The free protective coating maintenance keeps the vehicle looking super. We love this car!

- Janet K

Overall a good car, though many difficulties occur.

The hub caps routinely fall off, the tire sensor is always on the fruits, it does not have a lot of power. But it does have comfortable seats, good gas mileage, and a surprisingly large trunk. For being a lower-end car, it does have the look of a more expensive car brand.

- Katie F

2017 Nissan Sentra is a terrific car.

It is easy to handle and has great trunk space. My husband’s golf bag fits without a problem. Also, the Sentra has good gas mileage. I also like the ease of connectivity to the Bluetooth. The screen for the backup camera is a helpful tool. The seats are comfortable too.

- Robin H

The most important thing people should know about my car is that I do not use the rear camera nor do I have the car setup to be bluetooth enabled. I find them to be a distraction and a lazy way to drive.

I do not like how there is no mirror on the visor of the drivers side. I also dislike how the dashboard is too much of a waste of space as it takes too long for the heat or AC to feel like It's working since it had too much wasted space. I like the amount of trunk space.

- Sarah J

I advice people to get Nissan Sentra, it is an outstanding car. . Good quality.

My vehicle had no issues since I brought it. I love it. Nissan is a good car. When I go out and drive I see everybody with this car all different colors. . I like the way it drives, I love the material and color of my car. . It runs great. This car will last a long time.

- Tiffany W

I love my Nissan Sentra with all the comfortable features.

My car has plenty of room in the trunk add well as leg and head room. It is very comfortable to ride in as well as drive. We just love the car more than we ever thought we would. The controls on the steering wheel is very easy to use without taking our eyes off the road.

- Donna B

Gas mileage is really the best thing about this car.

It has good gas mileage. It has good space. Very basic though for being a newer model car. Hate the gas tank being on the passenger side, quite annoying going to a gas pump. Easy to sync to phone, voice communication is good. Basic radio options. No satellite options.

- Jessica W

Horrible car don't ever get one of these.

I don't like our car at all and can't wait for our lease to be done. Its horrible and has so many issues. Always leaning to the left when driving, car overall does not perform very good. We've got this lease for 3 years total, one year left. I am so glad, thankfully.

- Emily M

Really recommended, good car.

The car size is really comfortable, the seat are very comfortable to sit, and won't get hot in the sun, the car saves a lot of money on gas, and overall really happy with this car. . All the electronics inside the car are really easy to operate. . Recommended a lot.

- Maya A

Looks good and also reliable.

Keyless entry and start, eco and sport drive modes, comfortable seating for 5'9". Roomy backseat, Bluetooth connect to devices, aux, and CD port, reverse camera, alert for a variety of warnings: tire pressure, parking brake, low outside temperatures, low fuel, etc.

- J B

This vehicle is just amazing.

Love that I don't have to use a key, it alerts me every time you need seat belt, It drive nicely, if my tires of flat it will let me know on my screen. The size is just perfect for my kids and I. I love the shape of the car and the color. My car can fit 5 people.

- Hg G

Very comfortable and somewhat affordable.

I like the comfort of the vehicle. The only problem is I feel like there are some engine problems. I drive it off the lot with 6 miles on it and it now has 15000 and give me some issues and noises first thing in the morning. Other then that the care has been great.

- Kristen c

Nissan Sentra: the little engine that could!

My Nissan Sentra turbo is great. It is super smooth to drive, seats are comfortable, and has great pick-up when activating the turbo. The signature Nissan feature where you cannot feel the gears shift is so nice. The trunk is very spacious. I love my Nissan Sentra!

- Kim S

Compact size is all I need and cruise control is great for distance driving.

Bought brand new and love the . Gas mileage, and the way it handles on the highway, cruise control option is a plus. The size is perfect for getting in and out of small spaces. Over all this car is great for a single person that has long distance driving for work.

- Valerie H

Great on gas! 2017 Nissan Sentra.

No performance problems, great on gas! I have had this car for two years, got it with 9 miles. Currently has over 40, 000 has never been in the shop other than regular maintenance! I use it for lyft and uber, I have also taken it out of town. This is a great car!

- Dimple P

It just a standard Sentra, but I always feel safe in it.

My Nissan Sentra has been maintenance free, except oil changes. My car is a standard vehicle, But it is sturdy and safe; I feel very secure driving it. Because of this, I would recommend a Nissan and it will be my next vehicle. I hope to orchard a Nissan maxima.

- Mindy K

Reliable Nissan Sentra 2017.

Performance and reliability are definitely a plus! It gets me to and from school, also to stores. The comfort of the car is okay, but the passenger seat does not move back far. This car does have Bluetooth which is awesome because I do not have to touch my phone.

- Megan A

Cheap car with good gas mileage

It is blue with slightly tinted windows. It gets good gas mileage and has basic features.It is a great daily driver car that I will be able to use for many years to come. I wish it had remote key start and a sunroof, but no complaints about to car in general.

- Brad M

Very convenient car to own.

Very good on gas in city and highway. Just big enough inside to be comfortable for 5 peoples if necessary. The truck is very large for a midsize car. It held about five suitcases with ease. Would definitely recommend this car. Very comfortable for long trips.

- Sylvia B

Reliable and dependable car.

Good on gas and very reliable and I love the Bluetooth feature also. Enough space in the back and front of the car. Large trunk with plenty of space. Also the car drives very smooth and dependable also love fact that it comes in different colors. Awesome car.

- Tamara I

Overall a great basic car.

The Sentra drives smooth and has amazing gas mileage. It is only a basic car but it is great for new beginner drivers. It has plenty of space for trips and the back seats go down to add more trunk space. Easy to clean and to keep up maintenance with as well.

- Alyssa B

Nissan Sentra is a great car very affordable and great on gas!

Pretty basic car, cute and gets me where I need to go! Great on gas and super comfy I would recommend for people to purchase the Nissan Sentra if they are looking to by a new vehicle! I am leasing mine now but will probably be buying it once my lease is up!

- Amber I

2017 Nissan Sentra! Great commuter car!

I love my Nissan Sentra! It drives super smooth and I haven't had any crazy issues, just me personally having to adjust to all the new tech they have in cars these days! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good commuter /every day car!

- Lauren D

Nissan auto satisfaction review.

The only problem I have had is the rubber coming out the doors, but the performance is outstanding. I definitely love how it floats on the roadway. I would definitely recommend the Nissan to anybody who is looking for reliability!! Much better than a Honda.

- Sierra S

Small, compact, efficient, and cost effective.

It came with squeaky brakes I like bigger cars, wish it was a little roomier Wish it had Apple carplay Love heated seats I like the sports mode I like that it is cheap to fill my tank Steering wheel is a bit tight Large trunk space Like the sunroof.

- Madeline F

Great first time car for a young person.

This car drives really well. So far I have not had any major problems in it. The speakers in it are great. And its surprising roomy. It's good on gas. The ac and heater works great. The seats are comfortable. Smooth riding if you are traveling a long way.

- Susan M

Sleek and refined and well equipped.

It is a comfortable ride, has nice features, comfortable seating, performs well, have had no problems, it has been reliable, drives well and smoothly, is a very nice looking car, has lots of room in the back and the trunk, lots of upgrades like a camera.

- Mary M

Very reliable small car. .

Very comfortable, good on gas, roomier inside than expected. Only 2 complaints so far: the Bluetooth is a little delayed in response sometimes (sometimes buttons on steering wheel will do nothing) & have to turn on eco mode every time I turn on the car.

- Amanda F

Nice, but could be better.

My vehicle rides a bit rough to be slightly used. I bought the car at 5500 miles and it felt like it had previously been a rental car. The car does not have GPS capabilities, although the 2018 and up does. There are issues with the motor in the windows.

- Quin C

Good experience with the vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle yet, everything seems to be working great and so helpful. It is very comfortable and performs very well too. I think that this vehicle it also has really good features that are useful for myself for everyday,

- Ana L

The gas mileage is wonderful!

I absolutely love this car. It drives very smoothly and I haven't encountered any serious maintenance issues. Although, I had to take it in due to a manufacturing error with the fuel cap. Other than that, I am more than happy to call this car my own!

- Marissa S

My ride is what I wanted and bought.

I love my car it is comfortable, has the features I wanted. I enjoy listening to Sirius with my tinted windows up enjoying the air conditioning. I can all hands free. Also, I am feel better about gas mileage and pollution because I have eco option.

- A D

Satellite radio and navigation system.

Love it! Great performance. Love the satellite radio and Bluetooth connection for hands-free calls. Great gas mileage especially if you use premium unleaded gas. The air conditioning and heat work awesome. The navigation system is a great bonus.

- Catherine D

Very reliable car! I love the new Nissan Sentra.

I love the size of the new Sentra, and the gas mileage. It is a great car to have, especially living in NYC where you have to look for parking. The Sentra is also very reliable. This is my second Sentra. I love it, never had any major problems.

- Chanel B

It has nice features without being overwhelming with technology.

I like all of the features it has including a back up camera, big trunk, and keyless entry. The car also has great gas mileage and the ac works great. I dislike that the paint on the car is already chipping though and it is a year old.

- Holly S

It's a great size car for the price with very good mileage..

It's actually quite comfortable for the size of the car. It's a little slow on the acceleration getting on the freeway but once it gets up to 60 It's you go girl. The gas mileage is great in town 30 on a trip 45-50 miles per gallon...

- Sharon F

This car is a rockstar of fuel efficiency without sacrificing acceleration.

My car is my baby. It's practical and fuel efficient, has plenty of space, and it's very sleek and appealing. It's just the right size for my family and needs, and has all the modern conveniences that make driving a more pleasant task.

- Elizabeth R

I get about 28 to 32 miles per gallon, which is important because I travel to Missouri multiple times a year, at 800 miles round trip each time.

I love my car! It is reasonably roomy for the size of car it is and gets excellent gas mileage. This is very important to me as I take a lot of road trips. My only complaint about my car is that it could really use more trunk space.

- Sarah W

I am very pleased with this car. The overall performance is excellent.

I love the quality for the price. We also own two 2016 Sentra's and when comparing the three Sentra's I like the transmissions in the 2016 model over the 2017. The transmission in the 2017 seems sluggish when first starting the car.

- Karen M

That it's a safe and reliable family car. It's excellent on gas and has great space in the trunk for groceries.

My family loves our car, it is very reliable. We lease so it is comforting that so much is covered if something were to go wrong. We downsized from the Nissan Rogue and we do miss the extra space that particular vehicle provided.

- Brooke C

The Nissan sentra is fun to drive and not expensive.

I love the sportiness, the heated seats are comfortable, and it gets pretty good gas mileage. There is a lot of room in the trunk and on the inside. I like that there is also an eco option for trips to get even better gas mileage.

- Stacey R

The paint is very sensitive, so be careful because any little scrape will appear.

I like the sunroof in my car, the design in the inside of the car. I personally do not like how if you have a flat tire it doesn't tell you which one or how much tire pressure it has. I love almost everything else about my car.

- Alexandria G

My car is classy, pretty, and well-made. I do not allow food or drink in my car. I love keeping it in the quality condition in which I purchased it.

I love the black exterior and interior. The seats are comfortable and well-made. I feel safe in my car. I waited a long time to purchase the right first car for me and I love the decision I made in purchasing my Nissan Sentra!

- Sandra S

Best purchase I've ever made

It has a lot of amazing features like the camera when reversing and it doesn't let you lock your door if keys are inside it will let you know and let's you know when the tires don't need anymore air when putting air

- Evelyn H

Dependability at its finest.

I love this car. It's reliable, gets great gas mileage, and is an affordable option. I rated it only 4 stars because I wish it had more features that came standard but for the price it fulfills its purpose.

- Sarah T

Great value great miles per gallon

I get great mileage almost 40 mpg highway, I've had no issues with this car, I do wish it better made as far as body materials, as far as the plastic grill and such. But for the price it is a great value

- Dennise R

This car is dependable and has little mechanical issues to deal with on a daily basis.

I like the gas mileage of this vehicle. It gets on an average of 33 miles per gallon in the city. I do not like that the factory brake pads squeal when you stop the car. I have had no mechanical issues.

- Lamar C

The best model to get compared to the Nissan Versa.

What I like about my vehicle is that it's reliable, comfortable, sturdy, and inexpensive in monthly payments; my dislikes is the low mileage per gallon and that the gas burns faster than my last car.

- Courtney B

It is a safe car that while looks small, has a lot of room & it gets great gas mileage

My car is a great car to get me to go where I need to go. I wish the technology/audio package was better. There are very few controls to control my phone/music and the Nissan app is not good at all.

- Rob K

Phenomenal gas mileage to help save on gas.

Gas mileage is phenomenal. I like that the seats sit higher because I am short. I like that there are controls on the steering wheel for your media, Bluetooth making it easy without being distracted.

- Mar K

It's a simple safe car that works.

It's a nice simple car that works. Our AC broke just a few months after having it but it was still under warranty so easy to fix. Maybe it's a little small for a "family" car but I think it works.

- Jacob m

Worked really hard to get my first new Nissan Sentra. Best car buying experience at Nissan dealership

I like that my Sentra is reliable. I love that I get great gas mileage on the Sentra up to 45 mpg. I like the color and the smooth ride. There is nothing that I do not like about my Nissan Sentra.

- Kristen M

Nissan Sentra year 2017 5 miles

We have a Nissan Sentra 2017 that we purchased and drove off the lot with only 5 miles driven on it so far. It runs great and we have taken it out of the state for raid trips many times already.

- Keri D

This car gets good gas mileage. I save a ton on gas

It's great on gas mileage. It seems very cheaply made. There's road noise and the interior seems second rate. It is comfortable riding and easy to drive. I'm concern about winter driving though

- Pam C

Great for new drivers, fits in any to most parking space, and has great brakes.

My car certified pre-owned vehicle I bought from a car dealership. I look is very nice inside and out. My only issue is, it is kind of small. It is not great for tall men. It is perfect for me.

- Samantha B

Basic, but gets you where you need to go. Roomy enough to fit passengers comfortably

It's fine just as a regular car. The interior is nice and updated. My only complaint is that certain buttons (trunk, gas cap, hood, etc.) are in weird spots, and I would move them if I could.

- Alycia M

It's a great dependable vehicle. Has great mileage, runs smooth, safe, & feels smooth when driving.

It's a safe & very reliable car. It's been in 2 accidents & still running very well. I haven't had many issues at all, tires are great, brakes really well, does amazing on gas & runs smoothly.

- Monica N

This model gets good gas mileage.

I like the value of the vehicle. It is not too small for a compact vehicle, but it gets fairly good gas mileage. This is important to me because I drive 40 miles a day for my commute to work.

- Terry B

Great gas mileage and the color is awesome.

It does not take much to fill up the tank, I can use cheap gas and if runs great. Hardly any mileage on it. The one thing I do not like are the seats are kind of uncomfortable after awhile.

- Hannah G

It is a really popular car.

I love everything about it. I wouldn't change anything about it. I will only add to make it better. It is really reliable and never have any issues with it because I always take care of it.

- Reginal H

My vehicle is the Nissan Sentra Turbo. This was the first year Nissan came out with a turbo on the sentras. I love the performance of this car. Also, the service is excellent

My parents have leased from Nissan for 6 years and are very satisfied. This was my first car. We have been good customers so we never have a down payment on a new lease. Payments are low

- Dalton D

Nissan Sentra 2017 review

I haven't had any issues with my 2017 Nissan Sentra. It's been reliable, comfortable in long trips and I feel safe driving it in all weather conditions. It also gets great gas mileage!

- Nicole A

My Nissan was very poorly priced and somehow had made me regret having it

I've had the vehicle for a year and it's not going well. My Nissan had been making noises ever since the first oil change and somehow had a slow take off, with very poor gas mileage.

- Kiara A

The car is roomy, comfortable and chic.

My car performs excellent, with never any issues. It is comfortable, good on gas and very reliable. It features a rear view backup camera which is extremely helpful for city travel.

- Mackenzie C

Great performance and great comfort.

It is fuel efficient, great performance very comfortable. It has a very spacious back seat. The seats are comfortable. Great Bluetooth connection. Great performance in all weathers.

- Mara C

It is a smooth drive and the back up camera is very helpful.

I love the color and the features that are included. However, I do wish that it had the sensors on the sides, fog lights, and that the squeaking in the middle console was not there.

- Robbi C

It is very spacious for a small car.

I wish I understood my backup camera more and what the lines mean, but that could be user error. I love the camera though. The Bluetooth is great. The trunk is incredibly spacious.

- Helena C

One important thing that others should know about my car is that it has a back camera. Which helps in making it easier for me to park in between two cars.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has Bluetooth, it's keyless, and that it has a back camera. There's nothing much that I dislike about my car besides not having a moonroof.

- Karina S

Affordable, Stylish and Reliable.

This is my second purchase of a Nissan Sentra and like it very much. It runs well and is very comfortable. I like the 5 year 100,000 mile warranty and it get good gas mileage.

- Roxanne M

Great gas mileage! Looks tough, I get compliments everywhere I go!

I love everything about my car! I get great gas mileage, and have had zero problems so far! There could be a little more room but 5 adults fit comfortably for normal day trips!

- Tabitha R

That it is affordable both when purchasing and for general maintenance.

2017 Nissan Sentra. As far as exterior goes, it's a nice car. Drives well, a little loud when accelerating for my liking. Handles pretty well and has mileage is good as well.

- Leeann M

It is surprisingly good on holding gas. Sometimes it lasts for about 2 weeks.

Dislike the scratches on the side but love the size! Love the space inside. Love the size of the trunk! Love the way it drives! Love the bass in the speakers. Love the color.

- Tai A

Features of my 2017 Nissan Sentra.

My car is easy to drive, comfortable and has many safety features. It is well worth the money. It is a midsized vehicle with ample leg room in both the front and back seats.

- Linda G

Financing with Nissan is easy. For the amount of car, the price is also reasonable.

I like the design of my car as it has very clean lines. I also like the amount of space I have for my backseat passengers. I wish that it had better tires and turn radius.

- Deirdre B

My Silver Bullet! The most sleek stable car on the road!

My Nissan Sentra 2017 is absolutely the most stable car on the road it doesn't miss a beat, the reliability, performance is absolutely unbeatable. Like driving on rails!!

- Amanda W

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I like the good gas mileage. I do not like how little up to date the technology is, I wish there was Bluetooth for music. I could use a little more room on the inside.

- Kelsey L

It is a decently-sized sedan that is good on gas mileage and excellent for travel.

I love that the car feels bigger than it is. Acceleration and gear shift are smooth and maintenance is easy and affordable. I dislike that my car rattles as I drive.

- Shannon S

It is fuel efficient and safe.

I like having a fuel efficient vehicle. I like the safety features and the rearview camera. I wish the dashboard was more modern and that it had some more features.

- Mark T

Reliable and gets me where I need to go. Very basic

Very good and reliable vehicle. Nothing fancy, just the basic model. No bells and whistles. Would've liked back up camera and ability to play music from my phone.

- Ash B

Nissan's cars you can get for a very decent price and very stylish looking cars with lots of awesome features.

I like the style shape of the car. I also enjoy a lot of features the car has. I am having some trouble with the AC but it's covered under warranty. No dislikes

- Bernadette G

It was a great value for the price and features. This is the second Nissan I have owned.

Nice car, no problems so far. Great gas mileage, comfortable. I like the GPS, USB ports (for apple play) and XM radio. I only wish the trial service was longer.

- Gary B

Great Value in a pretty Awesome car

My vehicle has amazing fuel value. I rarely have to pump gas and it's economic. It's a very good looking car and it's comfortable. It had a camera to reverse.

- Melissa G

Sentras have a touchy gas pedal.

The Sentra is a sleek and efficient car. Great gas mileage and features, including heated seats and Bluetooth radio. Great car and would recommend to anyone!

- Josh N

It gets amazing gas mileage and has a 10 gallon tank - makes filling up cheap!

I like how easy it drives, it's very smooth and gets great gas mileage (35-40 mpg). I dislike how small the steering wheel is, it took awhile to get used to.

- Natalie H

It handles all types of weather very well! I live in WI and the winters are brutal so I'm glad to have a car that can drive well in the snow or rain.

I really like the car it looks good, is easy to navigate, and is dependable. I like that I have features that are modern and am not paying too much for it.

- Tammy F

My car is used for family purposes but it can get up and go. It's small but has turbo.

Absolutely love my car for my fuel efficiency. The size can be small at times but it's still comfortable and has a lot of nice features like heated seats.

- Monica H

It runs smooth engine smooth as well saves a whole chunk of gas.

Nissan is one of the best cars I would drive its smooth and never really had any problems about it amazing car and will work fine if you take care of it!

- Janet A

This vehicle is spacious and reliable. Bluetooth is a must for me.

I have had no performance or reliability problems. Comfort is fine, would like a few more features but basically satisfied with the value for the price.

- Diane B

Over all value ratings gas mileage.

It drives smoothly and has great pickup or a car its size. It is front-wheel drive. I prefer four wheel drive because it helps with snow in the ground.

- Silvia N

The sound system is poppin', we can hurt our ears to some solid jams easily.

I love the sound system. I hate the cheap stock tires that came on it, I destroyed two very easily, and the accuracy of the gas tank MPG can be wonky.

- Will G

It has bluetooth feature allow me to connect with my phone, nice tires, comfortable seat.

Nissan sentra 2017 is a good vehicle with affordable low price, they include all built in features with only 16000$ Which is a good price for a sedan

- Nguyen T

Awesome gas mileage and very comfortable.

My Nissan Sentra has great gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive. It is roomie enough for 4 adults to sit comfortably. I love Nissan products.

- Kathleen B

The gas mileage is awesome! You can literally go hundreds of miles for $30.

I like the gas efficiency, trunk size, and handling. I dislike the interior space. Headspace is too short for taller people and leg room is not good.


Great car, Great mileage, spacious, and family friendly

It is a great car and extremely reliable. I took 2 of my grandchildren and one child on a road trip, approx 1500 miles each way, everyone had space

- Denise L

It has very low mileage and all of the features work as supposed to.

I love that my car has working air conditioning. I also enjoy the gas mileage. The car also has cruise control. I am happy that I bought it myself.

- Roxy P

This vehicle is not great in the snow so beware when driving in the winter

I love the look of my vehicle. It's very roomy on the inside and has a sleek design. Although this car is nice looking it's not great in the snow.

- Gabriella A

Oil change time and air filter.

I don't have any problem with my car is really good vehicle I love it and I don't thing change it for another car it is a good money saver in gas.

- Maria C

The most important thing in a car is safety.

This car is good and never has problems it gets me to places quick. , I like all the features in this car and it makes everything so much easier.

- Stephanie L

Professionally slick. Parent safe.

I chose my car when shopping for something that felt safe and reliable for my child. It is slick, drives smoothly and has always been a pleasure.

- Kim V

It is a really nice car. It rides nice, it is easy to drive.

I love my vehicle. It is the perfect size for my family and i. I love all of the features that came with it and I have absolutely no complaints.

- Sojourner F

The car is eco-friendly in putting about $22 to fill up the gas tank.

I like that the car is eco-friendly and very spacious for passengers. I dislike that the car is very light when driving in severe windy weather.

- Jamie J

This feels like the perfect car for a lady.

The driver side feels disproportionate. Should be a little bigger inside the cab. Starts up every time. Lots of driving aids to help the driver.

- Jonathan H

Economical and Comfortable

The car is really spacious and comfortable. It is a very economical car and I love that it also has sports mode and eco mode to save even more.

- Alondra T

Pleased with the Nissan sentra

Features on it are great, like bluetooth, and steering wheel controls. Only dislike is that gas mileage isn't great unless you select eco mode.

- Adam P

Its lightweight and the engine is not all that good

It's a light car. Engine needed work. Tires are not great. Mileage is good. Gas is a good price. The car rides smooth and features are awesome

- Vanessa M

It's surprisingly spacious and comfortable despite Its size

I like that it has many features such as, gps and hands free calling. The vehicle is very good on gas. Lastly it is very safe for my daughter

- Jose A

Perfect for small families

I love it. It has great gas mileage and os affordable. I love all the power options and bluetooth connectivity. I wish it were a bit bigger.

- Crystal A

Standard, but always reliable.

It runs great and it's very reliable. I have the basic model, so it's very lacking in amenities. I've never had any trouble with it though.

- Chandra J

It us a very dependable car and gets great gas mileage.

I love my nissan Sentra! I have the nizmo model and the performance is amazing. The car has all the features I need and great gas mileage.

- Kristy C

You get what you pay for. You Actually get a lot for what you pay for.

I like the amazing steering and handling. There is also bluetooth and an aux cord that i like. I don't like the price the car was though.

- Steven Uruchima R

It is very reliable and dependable.

Very stable to drive. Average gas mileage. Suspension making mild noises after 30, 000 miles. Will be shopping around for next vehicles.

- David D

It will drive to Vegas and back like a boss.

The things I like about my car is that it saves gas whenever I go on long trips, it never fails on me in the 6months that I have got it.

- Samantha S

It's great on gas. I spend so much less than my previous car.

I love the button start that it reminds me if I leave the keys in the car. It's missing a rear window wiper. Then it would be perfect.

- Christine G

Great Fuel economy and good room for passengers and for storing.

The cvt transmission acts very strange from time to time, great fuel economy, and lots of space inside and it is comfortable in there.

- Geoffrey S

So far it's a great car no issues

Bought my car used and haven't had any issues with it. It's been a great car. Havent really had it long enough to rate it 100 percent

- Charissa B

I love that the car is a push start, instead of having to use the keys to turn it on

I haven't had any problems with my car so far. It's been good and its comfortable. I love how cozy it is and it fits me right perfect

- Laura T

The eco and sport options on the vehicle are not in a very convenient location to switch between the 2, however it is like driving 2 different vehicles when you do change it.

My vehicle has not had any problems, it is a very comfortable ride. Where it lacks on acceleration it makes up for in fuel economy.

- Michael E

It is very easy and smooth to drive. It also gets great gas mileage.

I love the size of my Sentra. It's perfect for our little family. The only thing I do not like is that the engine is kind of noisy.

- ginny p

It has three modes, eco, sport and regular.

I do not dislike anything about my vehicle. I do like it is small size. I like that it is quiet. I also like how it is good on gas.

- Jon-Luc A

It have eco and sport button.

I like everything about the car they should have fin to little bit not close to the truck lid I think fin should be up little bit.

- Kristina M

It's safe and reliable and great for a small family. Gets good gas mileage too.

This is a comfortable vehicle that's compact. Drives well and great gas mileage. Doesn't do well in the snow In the winter though.

- Kayla D

It was a good value for the price.

I really like the price of the car. I do wish i picked a different color though. I would get this car again in a different color.

- Jeff M

It had not much seating and a small trunk.

I like the color. I like the smaller tired and like that it does not take much gas to fill up and I wish it had a better pick up.

- Angela S

Absolutely consider getting one. This is my third Sentra! You can't go wrong with Nissan. They're excellent cars.

I like the size. I love the fuel economy. I like the look overall of the car. I like the safety features and I like the low cost.

- chris f

It is great on gas so if you drive a lot that is a huge plus.

I love that it is compact but spacious inside. I love the big trunk. I love that it is good on gas and it is a nice looking car.

- Nicole L

It looks like a sports car with the cherry red color.

Nice ride, heated seats, good gas mileage, very comfortable and reliable. Wish it was just a little roomier. Sharp looking car.

- Joe C

Nice looking, sporty, safe

Love the sporty look but doesn't have features. I would have like it to have remote start. doesn't have dual control heat a/c.

- Dolly D

It's a very safe and reliable family car. Love that I know we'll be protected in an accident.

I love how roomy it is for being a small car. The eco friendly setting also saves me a ton of money on gas. Very reliable car.

- Paula C

It gets good gas mileage.

I do not like that it does not have a physical key, I like that is has satellite radio. I do not like the color all that much.

- David B

Great for a small family.

Slow take off time. A little on the smaller side. The AUX department has a few flaws a times. Other than that I love the car.

- Annie S

the car can drive economically for out of town trips. it can cover good gas mileage too.

i love my nissan sentra. it is roomy, edgy, cute, and beautiful. it has excellent gas mileage and has a great new body style.

- april C

It's really awesome on gas, great gas mileage. Great

I like that it has bluetooth. I also like the sport button to make it go faster. I dislike the size and the volume in the car

- Troshee G

It's really awesome on gas, great gas mileage. Great

I like that it has bluetooth. I also like the sport button to make it go faster. I dislike the size and the volume in the car

- Trochee G

Amazing car, perfect for anyone!

Performs amazingly. Gets great gas mileage even with such a small tank. Ecoboost really helps save gas. Lots of trunk space.

- Kourtney B

Smooth, great quality, good gas mileage, and wonderful exterior

It's a great vehicle, smooth, easy to drive, not much noise at high speeds, comfortable car, wonderful exterior and interior

- Aman S

Very affordable and take the low grade gas.

Great on gas nice speed very reliable compact like I like it never have had any problems would recommend this car to others.

- Destiny M

Good on gas The color hides dirt well A Lot of space in trunk

Like: good on gas, color, some features Dislike: too small, not enough room, doesn't handle well in some weather conditions

- Tika C

It drives like a dream. Very user friendly and affordable

I like that my car is very user friendly. It's not complicated to drive or operate. I also like that it handles very smooth

- Liz M

Easy to maintain and drive. Lots of space despite how it looks.

It's reliable. It has plenty of trunk space and leg room in the back seat. It's not the fanciest but it gets the job done.

- Shawnda U

comfy, cute and great gas mileage

i don't like the trunk button that pops trunk on keychain so easily. the rpms sometimes jump right up. I like the comfort

- kelaine a

My car is very good on gas.

The vehicle sometimes gets hot very fast and the check engine light comes on then the coolant starts to spray all over it.

- Mike L

My Nissan Sentra. I smile everytime I see it sitting in my driveway.

I love my Sentra and have owned one for the last 6 years and will continue to buy the Nissan Sentra. Awesome gas mileage.

- Ginger Y

Very smooth and gas's saver

My vehicle is amazing great on gas and very smooth to drive. It has heat warmers and a lot of room in the back and trunk.

- Iris G

Had it for some time now and it gets me from point a to point b.

My car is good on mileage and it drives smoothly. It's easy to keep clean and it is a newer model. Sentras are good cars.

- Nicole H

Key fob can cause an issue

I had a key fob issue that I had to take the care to the dealer to get fixed and when I got there it was working again.

- Jake B

The tank holds a lot of gas.

I get very good gas mileage. It's a comfortable ride. I have no complaints, but wish I could afford a different Nissan.

- Timothy K

Gas mileage is fantastic. It's 37 mpg. It's a very reliable car

I absolutely love Nissan vehicles but there is a lot of work that the 2017 Sentra needs for it to be an outstanding car

- Heather R

The most important thing is that it is a reliable car.

I like the looks, and I like the gas mileage. I wish it was roomier in the front. I also think it needs more head room.

- Karen O

You are able to drive this car the three different modes.

I don't have any complaints as of yet. Considering that I had only just gotten the car six weeks prior to this survey.

- Adrien S

That it was made cheaply and that you should not expect the craftsmanship of the past

it runs well and is gas efficient, but it also seems to be made cheaply, but it will get me from one place to another

- Elissa K

Bluetooth stereo is great for hands free calls while driving

Vehicle runs and drives great. Very reliable, super comfortable. Daily driver and I have never had a problem with it.

- Breanne R

It is really easy to drive and a great first car for people.

It has a lot of space inside. My car is super easy to drive and handle. This car is also really good on gas mileage.

- Natalie F

It is very reliable and good on gas the eco system will help save on the highway

I like that it's push to start. The color and sleek look of the car is great. And i love that it has a backup camera

- Rebecca D

The car will not lock if the key fob is inside the car, make sure you are always aware where it's at.

My Nissan Sentra is the beautiful silver model. It runs really well, very good on gas mileage. Travel with it often.

- Luis S

Great starter car, just not good on gas! I don't think I would purchase another one.

This car is a gas guzzler! It is real spacious and good on the highway, but the gas mileage could be a lot better!

- Denise G

The car is sensible and gets great gas mileage.

If my gas is below half tank my car will run loud. When I am driving on the highway it takes a while to accelerate.

- Jaime M

It's new and expensive and paid off, and gets good mileage

It's a new sedan, my first car, has several features such as backup camera, eco mode and sunroof. Good mileage too.

- Ryan m

Drives great in snowy conditions.

Really like how smooth the car feels when driving, the speakers on the car sound great. Only dislike are the seats.

- Ale P

That's a very nice car and not that expensive

It's very easy to use and doesn't consume too much gas. I don't like though that takes forever to get warm or cold

- Nadine M

it gets good gas mileage.

my vehicle is a Nissan Sentra turbo. it is stylish and a good car. i just need something higher off the ground.

- cindy P

I love the sports look to my Nissan Sentra.

I love how my Nissan Sentra feels like I'm driving a full size sedan. Instead of a compact gas savings automobile.

- Tamra T

Great on trips out of state great on gas.

Windows rubber comes unglued. Every oil change I have to get it re-glued. Love the comfort of the gas good on gas.

- William J

Great car at a great price.

Handles well, decent pick me up and excellent mpg. It is reliable for longer trips and has plenty of trunk space.

- Vee Q

the car gets great gas mileage of thirty miles per gallon

like: mileage, climate controls and side warning system dislike: room size, trunk size and instrumentation panel

- david M

It is a simple car for the money.

It is a simple car. It gets me to where I have to go. It has a good radio and Bluetooth system. It is go on gas.

- Christina M

It is very reliable and it has a smooth ride.

I like the size, color, and gas mileage. I do not like the maintenance issues I continue to have with the car.

- Kate F

My car comes with an eco-drive button. When you push to turn it on, it will help you save money on gas.

My car is excellent on gas. My car is big enough for a small family. My car doesn't have a lot of miles on it.

- Ramona W

Drive experience in the car and the audio system

Excellent drive experience. Love the audio system on the car. The dashboard is so attractive. Love the comfort

- Sankar m

Great car with good gas mileage

Super nice car with great interior. Lots of useful features and great on gas mileage. Very responsive control.

- Jonathan L

Sentra Wins every time love this car

I have bought 10 Nissan's and this one is just as good as all the others. Amazing road handling. Good handling

- Connie O

It has power seats on both sides.

Handling is bad narrow wheel base width and can feel everything in road not enough power plugs for passengers.

- Thomas W

Easy maintenance makes this car very easy to own.

To compact to me I am wanting a truck but overall good gas mileage and very fuel efficient and very reliable.

- Chris E

LOVE that Turbo..gets up and goes while still getting excellent MPG!

This is the forth Nissan I have owned and have never had any problems. Love the turbo on this 2017 Sentra!!!


It's got really great brakes and drives very smooth.

Drives great, good gas mileage, feels sporty. I wish the tinting could be darker and i wish it was a hybrid.

- Beth M

My sentra is black with black leather interior, has a sunroof, navigation and bluetooth

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I haven't experienced any issues with it and it is incredibly good on gas.

- Alex H

Does not have rear view camera.

Like that it's easy to drive. Saves gas. Helps me control speed. Dislike that its small, will prefer an SUV.

- Ana M

high level of safety standards

It's a turbo and it runs like a scalded dog and gets over 30MPG. a tad low to the ground for a tall person.

- w B

That it is a good car that is great on gas mileage and is comfortable to travel in.

It is the first new/used car that we purchased. Love the color it is. It is a very nice and comfortable car.

- April H

Great on gas mileage! Its compact.

It's the base model. The ride is not smooth at all. I had an Altima before this car. It's just not the same!

- Denay J

I feel safe when I drive in it. I'm glad I have enough room for my friends.

It is a blue 4 door car. I love the way it drives. The front windshield smears easy. I like the trunk size.

- Leeane H

Good, well rounded mid size sedan

It looks aesthetically pleasing, it's very reliable and comfortable to drive, and it has great gas mileage.

- Michael D

Drive in eco mode to save gas.

The car has great mileage. The performance is excellent. I would recommend this car to others to purchase.

- Amrit B

turbo is quick and fast. Drive carefully. Great gas

Awesome car. Highly recommend to others. Best nissan ever. Great on gas and mileage. Cool design and look.

- Amritpal B

Design and economy are very good.

What I like from my car is the design. What I dislike is the trunk and radio. In overall it is a good car.

- Raymond E

The tires need to be filled often.

Good starter car. Very basic. No problems so far except tires need to be filled a lot. Decent gas mileage.

- Dio P

Dependability and ease to drive.

It's great on gas. Extremely . easy to handle, fits in any parking space. Comfortable. Has a Large trunk.

- Michelle A

A great first car to have.

Very comfortable car to drive in. You can easily adjust it to fit your needs. Smooth driving on the road.

- Alissa S

the most important thing about my car is that the motor is 300,000 miles. It is a lifetime car

I do not have any complaints about my car. I really enjoyed the ride of my car. It is a great investment

- Charlotte B