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Very good starter car for teens and young adults. Small and gas efficient.

There are no problems with my car. It is performance is outstanding!! It gets 30 mpg so you do not have to get gas every week or so. I get gas every 2-3 weeks. Very reliable, more of a starter car for teens and young adults. It is a compact that fits 5, adjustable steering wheel, adjustable seat moving forward and backward towards the steering wheel, and most of all my favorite is that the seat moves up and down. I am very short and cannot see over the steering wheel in most vehicles, this is prime. They have heated seats in the front. There are two USB ports in the back of the middle console for passengers to charge their electronic devices. 7 speakers all around the car. Cruise control is pretty cool. You get to a speed you want and set it at that speed, then it will slow down or speed up based off of the car in front of you, and has automatic stopping when to close to another car. This car does that even when no on cruise control, it has a beep that sounds when your going to fast and there is another car in front of you and your not slowing down enough. If you do not slow down it will emergency brake for you.

- Sienna H

Nissan Sentra tops Honda Civic.

I previously leased a Honda Civic 2015 and I prefer my Nissan Sentra 2018 so much more. The steering wheel on the Sentra is so light and steady compared to the Civic which makes turning so effortless. One of my favorite things about my new car is the quality of the Bose speakers installed, it sounds amazing! I love blasting my music and it makes the drive so much more enjoyable because the sound quality is excellent. A couple of things I do not particularly love about the Sentra is how loud the engine is when I press on the gas. Another aspect to be improved on is gas mileage. My 2015 Civic definitely had better gas mileage than the Sentra. I live in southern ca and with the gas prices here, I typically spend $35 to $40 for a full tank.

- Rosemary L

Nissan: is a good car to use!

Nissan is a good car. It has sports, eco, and normal mode. We love it. My wife loves it. The only thing with Nissan is that it is harder to fix than Toyota and Honda. It is harder to fix a Nissan because of your access to the parts, let's say the starter, I fix some parts of my car, when I changed my old Nissan/Infiniti's starter, I had to go under the car and try to access the starter whereas in Toyota/Honda, you can easily access it from the top. Overall, I would give a 4/5. Since it is brand new and no need to do any fixings right now. The performance is good. Maybe I would have to do some adjustments to my rpm and bring it to the dealership and do some maintenance on it.

- Cj R

The Nissan Sentra 2018 it is a great car for road trips because it saves on gas.

I love my car for many different reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is a family car and it also saves me a lot of money on gas I typically put about $30 of gas every 3 days to fill my tank and that gets me about 388 miles to the gallon. I love how comfortable it is it is not to small but it is not huge I also enjoy having the back of camera major help I like that with the push of a button I can open my trunk I also like bed my car lets me know if I leave my keys in the ignition it has automatic lights the turn on and off by themselves. I love my car and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

- Erika E

Nissan sentra, great ride experience for a good price.

I have had this car for almost 1 year. It's been extremely reliable, great on gas and easy to drive. It has a backup camera as well as an anti crash feature which is a front sensor detector which slows down your car if you do not while approaching another car if you are too close. It has 3 separate gas features eco, regular and sport allowing you to decide which type of driving experience and gas mileage you want. The stereo system is very quality sound which is great for Sirius XM. The car also has ample ports for cell phone use and hands free talking.

- Alicia N

My beautiful white Nissan Sentra banes Whitney.

I really like my Sentra! It is my first car so I do. It have much to compare it too. I love the seats and I love how spacious the back seat is! There’s 2 USB outlets in the back seat so my passengers can charge their phones. I have a very spacious trunk which is good for me when I go to music festivals and have to pack stuff to live off grid for like a week. I do wish the sound system was a tad bit better but I can not complain too much. It is very pretty and I love it. I enjoy that it is push to start, it makes me feel fancy!

- Kennedy C

It is a beautiful sport Nissan sentra. With all black interior and Bluetooth.

I have had no problems with my car. It is so reliable and it is get me from point a to point b in no time. The seat coverings and black interior and my favorite. It has Bluetooth so I can connect my phone to listen to music and the speaker quality is amazing. The gas mileage on it is so good also I fill my tank every week and a half or two. All the features are to do die for especially the sports mode it has for when you are on the freeway and need a little extra push to get going.

- Alicia T

Very reliable 2018 Nissan Sentra!

I live to drive it is very comfortable and reliable. The car runs great and Nissans last forever! My only problem with the car is that we have a little baby and his car seat barely fits in the back of the car when it is rear facing. Then the car seat is front facing it might fit better but for right now it sucks. I love that we do not have many blind spots and that is awesome! We get free oil changes for life at Nissan! And the trunk space is huge!

- Heather L

My nissan sentra. Great gas mileage and fun to drive. Great car for the price.

I like the gas mileage, the way it looks and how powerful the engine performs. I like gunpowder grey, looks sharp. I don't really care for the tire noise, maybe a better should reduce road noise. The interior is roomy and very comfortable to ride in. There is plenty of trunk space for luggage, tools, and etc. The seats fold down for added trunk space which is a big plus. Overall, I really like driving the car. Highly recommended for the price.

- Blaine Q

Nissan Sentra: a lot of car for a great price.

I am very pleased with my Sentra. It gets fantastic gas mileage (37 mpg +). It is comfortable to drive and handles well. It has great tech features but is not overwhelming, the backup camera and keyless start are nice. There is a couple of blind spots around the side mirrors that are a problem for me because I am 5’ 2”, common in most sedans for me. I feel like I got a lot of car and nice features for a good price.

- Sarah P

For the price range, I believe this car has the most value.

I have the SV and it comes with some luxury features that really make the car feel upgraded. I never thought I would love a nissan sentra so much. It's very comfortable, SO spacious, and reliable. Some of the bluetooth automatic features are a little annoying to me, but overall minor. I test drove many other cars in the same price range, and for the money, I didn't find anything else that was as nice.

- Jamie S

It seems to get really good gas mileage, and it holds up well to my long commutes to work

I like that my car has a rear facing camera and an alert when I am too close to the car in front of me. I like that it has Bluetooth so I can sync it with my phone. I also like that it has a built in phone charger. The trunk has a lot of room also. The only very minor complaint is that I have to switch back and forth between FM 1 & FM 2 to get to all my assigned radio stations.

- Joannah G

This is a really amazing car!

The 2018 Nissan Sentra is an awesome car, we got it at the beginning of the year cause my husband needed a reliable car for work and we have had no problems at all with it, only reason we would trade it in is cause he goes through the mountains and in the winter it gets bad, it would be nice to have an all wheel drive vehicle. Other then that, this car is awesome!

- Angela M

If car feels like your coming too fast to a car it will beep until you slow down.

I love this car, it has great a/c, gas mileage, and I love how it looks! The seats are so comfortable, they hug your body. The black interior is more particle and easier to maintain. The eco feature helps save on gas and the collision feature is amazing! This is definitely a family car and I plan on making it a long term car. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

- Lindsey B

Lack of comfort bit good gas mileage.

The radio station button on steering wheel is raised so high you change stations when you turn. Seats are not comfortable and horrible material. If in sport mode it is great but has horrible gas mileage when in normal settings it does not have a lot of power so do not pass. So far no problems mechanically except wiper blade snapped in two in three weeks.

- Shawn M

Lots of room and very reliable.

No problems at all. I love how very reliable it is. I am able to get back and forth to work daily. It has a awesome Bluetooth connection. It is comfortable, there's plenty of room in it, and it's a safe car. I love that it has a middle seat with a seat belt. It also has a very large trunk which is helpful for my road trips I often take.

- Courtney W

Back-up camera and blind spot warning.

It is an overall nice sedan. It has eco and sport mode, but I always use eco. I have noticed that this does save you a little on gas. I also love the feature that help you conserve your fuel. I love the back-up camera. It makes backing out so much easier. The downside is that it is a very "mom" looking car. Sport mode has some pull.

- Jade K

Modern, sleek, cost efficient.

It is real nice and sleek. Very cost efficient. Very nice for the price and gas mileage has been really good. The inside is comfortable with nice seats and lots of room. The stereo is also really nice. The features are not as modern as some new cars but it is modern enough for the cost. It includes Bluetooth and a rear view monitor.

- Megan L

2018 Nissan Sentra - great car, just be careful of the key's trunk open button!

The car drives great. It has been great on fuel. The only hiccup is the key vob has a trunk button which can sometimes be accidentally pressed. I have come down to my car and found the trunk open. Not good. That is the only minor issue so far with the car. But I have only owned it for 3 months and it still has less than 2000 miles.

- Monty L

This car is amazing! Easy to handle and very spacey for a sedan.

The car is great! Not too big, easy to handle. The ride is smooth and the controls on the inside make it easy to control radio while driving. It has great gas mileage and an amazing sound system. I would rate this car a 4 1/2 only because I prefer to have an SUV but for a sedan I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to buy.

- Amy M

Not a car for big families and tall people.

It is small. Not too many features. Sound system is vague. Small space. It is decent on mileage. Not a car for big families, and or tall people. Do not get anything fixed at a car dealership. They will charge you double in price. The first few months you have XM radio. Ac does not get too cold which is a shame for Florida weather.

- Sharon S

Perfect car for small families trying to save a lot of money on a new car.

Its has very soft and nice inside fast save gas reliable has a very spacious trunk very big has good audio safer than most Nissans love the space for a small family has a lot of good qualities that are good for people looking to buy something new and affordable also very good on gas especially if you use your car a lot.

- Edgar O

It has the absolutely most amazing gas mileage and it is a top pick in safety.

I love the look of my car, the outside body shape is super sporty and it is bright red. It has a lot of interesting technological advances and safety features. However, the one thing I don't enjoy is the fact that it is a 2018 sports model and it doesn't have nearly as many extra things I thought it should have.

- Madeline Q

Family oriented, roomy and helps save gas.

I love my car so much! I do not have any problems with it at all. It is amazing on gas. It drives smooth. I love how safe I feel with my new born baby in the car. The trunk space is big enough for her stroller and all of our groceries. I love how my car even gives me the option for eco; it helps me save gas!

- Andrea M

Middle of the road - reliable but nothing interesting.

Fairly basic, loud when driving and every year I lease there are not a lot of new features that the model has. It does drive nice in the winter weather which is a must for someone like me that lives in Minnesota. If you like basic and predictable with not a lot of bells and whistles, this car is for you!

- Carlie A

Drives great. Whips through town traffic with a breeze.

I really hate cars. Love trucks and SUVs. However, this sentra is a god send. It's great on mileage and has the right amount of room for me. I am short. It drives fantastic and I don't feel as if I am sitting on the road. Great driving in traffic. I would advise anyone to take a look at this little gem.

- Pamela K

The best part is the ac and that's no noise from the motor.

It consumes too much gas! When the car is cold sometimes it turn off by itself! Is black and the color is really delicate with every single thing that touches it! You can see right after something touches it, the scratch! About comfort is pretty bad! If you are a tall person this is not the car for you.

- Antonio C

It's a great gas saver and a great running car.

I love my car. It drives very well it actually my first car brand new off the lot. Air conditioning is awesome I just love its great on gas it tells you when your car needs oil. It is not much left to say about the car it a gas saver. If your looking for a great running car Nissan Sentra is a great car.

- Denise D

It has all features you can want.

It is good on gas I love the color new very roomy and I would recommend for other people to purchase a vehicle it has everything you could want and need so why not purchase a vehicle that you fall in love with, it has great features it is comfortable and I would purchase another one in the near future.

- Sarah M

Satisfying purchase, great vehicle to have for driving on the daily.

I looked up my vehicle for any mechanical problems nothing showed up since I have had my vehicle there is not really much to complain gas mileage is great, enough room for passengers, suspension is a little touchy at first but after driving for awhile it goes away, has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder.

- Nicole L

Nissan sentra sv is a great economy vehicle.

Smooth ride, comfortable, great mileage. I enjoy driving it and it's not too flashy but looks nice. It's a lovely blue with metallic flakes. My first blue car. Has nice features like collision avoidance and a back up camera. Nice 6 speaker stereo and I added a sub in the trunk from Rockford fosgate.

- Andy G

Stepping into the future driving a 2018 Nissan.

I love the safety features, rear camera, lane warning and braking warning. It is so easy to park. Handling is great, when I need pep, I get it immediately. The headlights come on when it gets dark or if I go into a dark area. If needed I can pick up information on my cell phone app for a tutorial.

- Barbara J

Safe, reliable, updated car.

Good car. Updated helpful alerts and warnings on dashboard. Decent sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. Haven't had any major issues with it. The breaks work pretty well even in bad weather. It feels safe and comfortable for my 7 year old daughter riding in the back and it is decent on gas.

- Jennifer T

Nissan the simple choice today.

It is roomy comfortable and fuel efficient. It offers 2 addition modes of driving which helps increased the preformation of the auto. The interior of the Sentra is leg friendly which is greatly important for a person of large status. I recommend this auto for anyone in the market for a new car.

- Victor C

It is great in gas and has a nice pick up in speed.

It does not have power seating however for the cost it is well worth it. Excellent in gas and has good pick up for a small car. If you are tall this may not be the car for you due to the fact that there is not enough leg room. I recommend this car to a female who does not have a large family.

- Michele U

Smooth drive and comfortable inside.

Comfortable inside material has a great sounds system, saves on gas, goes from eco and fast. Easy to handle and smooth on the road. Has multiple charge ports which come in handy and good Bluetooth and CD system. Air conditioning is nice. Button to turn on car with key in reach is adaptable.

- Kylie V

Not much bad to say. Overall a great buy.

It is the best car I have ever owned. No problems and very reliable. Great gas mileage also. The seats are not very comfortable but they are a nice color. The pickup is pretty good also. The only real problem is it takes the expensive oil when you get an oil change. Overall a great buy.

- Brian R

Nissan Sentra: it is really nice.

The Bluetooth radio is really nice. The seats are really comfortable. There's a sunroof which is nice. The speakers and bass are cool as well. The only thing I do not like is that there is not a key to start the car. The back seat cannot be adjusted either which is an inconvenience.

- Maxine H

Little bits is her name so cute.

The car drive good it is great n gas I have no complaints on the Nissan, the back up cameras work well with clear view agh seats are kind of of small but comfortable I love my sentra. The price is reasonable very easy to control easy to park if equips with seri is a great function.

- Mary H

Nissan Sentra is a good, reliable car.

My new Nissan Sentra is comfortable to drive and is also fairly good with gas. The sound system and other dashboard features are very modern and trendy. It is a good car, but if I could change anything, I would make a better arm rest for the center console that is raised higher up.

- Sarah A

It's a safe car, takes you where you want to go and back safely.

It's a great car, t runs really smooth and is reliable, all the necessary safety features are there to help you out. It got backup camera, emergency braking and a lot more amazing feature, eco and sport mode. It's also a 4 wheel drive great for winter, It's just really amazing.

- Rhea F

It is a nice little sporty car that gets me to work and back.

I purchased the vehicle because of the gas mileage and its affordability. The vehicle that I was driving was a 2003 and wear and tear was starting to really show through. I like several of the safety features but I wish it had more features like some of the more upscale models.

- Justin L

Smooth ride, sleek style, love new features.

Love the interior, wish it had heated seats though. Also missing is power seats which is a bit inconvenient. The car rides very smooth, love how it tells you how many miles left until you will run out of gas. The back up camera is helpful. Overall satisfied with this vehicle.

- Mar C

The back up camera and beeping if you are too close to something.

My vehicle is brand new. Mileage could be better and panels are easily broken. The performance features are amazing. I love the dealership I got the vehicle from. They took care of me. It did not come tinted through which I added with the sunroof. I recommend this vehicle.

- Brittany G

My car feels very safe to drive at all times.

My car is very reliable. It is also very comfortable. It has no problems whatsoever. It has a back camera. It has cruise control. It has sensors to let you know when there is a car in your blind spots. It has back sensors as well. It has eco mode. Along with auto lights.

- Lourdes R

Great car but needs better sensors.

It is an amazing car in all weather. The only issue is the front sensor. It does not do well in areas with a lot of quick changes in the road. If another vehicle has a sensor that sensor in the car will have a error code that can last up to 20+ mins before disappearing.

- Amy G

It automatically connects to my phone.

The safety feature on the front of the car is excellent and lets me know when I am too close to other vehicles. It is a reliable car and way more comfortable than my last Nissan. The pick up is much better also, which makes highway travel much easier and more efficient.

- Sari B

It is VERY fuel efficient. You do really save a lot of money using this car. It handles nice as well.

Hi! Things that I like about my vehicle is that it is very fuel economy, the speakers are really nice as well. The only thing I dislike about my car is that sometimes it's uncomfortable for me to sit in but that's just my opinion. Not really any complaints to be honest.

- Ivan S

Car is basically a good investment for the price and good performance.

Since it was just purchased there have been no problems as to performance. For an affordable price, it is basically satisfactory as to comfort features. There have been no mechanical problems yet to contend with to running swiftly as long as it is serviced when needs.

- Alice E

Great car to have and to drive for a very long time.

I really love my new car. The sunroof is amazing. I highly recommend the Nissan Sentra. It drives very nicely. It is a good looking car. It is extremely inexpensive to buy gas. This car is just perfect for mine and my fiancé's needs. We are both completely in love.

- Jennifer S

Great family and commuter car.

It is a very reliable family car with a huge trunk. It is also gets great gas mileage. We did replace the car mats with weathertech mats. It easily fits two car seats in the back and has a great air conditioner and heater. It drives nice and is a great commuter car.

- Augusta S

Has a lot of space, , super easy to use and super economic,

Everything works perfect, economic, a lot of space, I love my car. . The only problem that I have is some sensor. But rather than that it works perfect. I highly recommend this car. . You guys should buy it if you want a economic car for work or just for have one.

- Shirley G

White star of mine that I love very much indeed with all of my heart and soul.

It handles well but is too small inside. It does not give a smooth ride nor does it perform well in snow. It seems to start with a hesitancy. It always seems to need gas. All in all I like the car and it does have power but I will go back to the Altima next time.

- Jennifer O

It is bright red and runs great.

My car is new so I do not have any problems with it. I love my car and it is very smooth. It also gets really great gas mileage and has features that I love like seat warmers and USB connector. I haven't had a Nissen before but I am really pleased with it so far.

- Megan J

Love my 2018 Nissan Sentra!!

I love my Sentra. It's great on gas mileage. It is front wheel drive which I need. It also has good pick up when I am pulling onto a highway. It has a navigation system and Sirius radio. There is plenty of legroom in the front and back seats. The trunk is huge.

- Betsy C

I love my Nissan - it is a great and reliable car!

I have never had any problems with this vehicle. It is a very good quality car with luxurious leather seats. It has a great navigation system and a user friendly control panel. It is very comfortable to drive. The back-up camera is one of my favorite features.

- Kate D

The Nissan Sentra is an excellent buy.

It drives well. I love the rear view and front camera. The automatic warning if your to close I great. It has excellent gas mileage. The Bluetooth reads text messages and you are able to make and receive calls. You can to with to fuel economic or sport mode,

- Michelle P

Great car and very reliable.

Very reliable vehicle. It has navigation and Sirius radio. Very smooth ride and the car tells me if there be is an issue. The car comes with auto brake so if I has to stop last minute it will help me stop. The car is very safe and I love everything about it.

- Nicole I

The Nissan Sentra is very good on gas meaning that I'm able to drive long periods of time without having to stop and get gas very often.

The car I currently own is an Nissan Sentra overall the car is an great car that gets me from point A to point B with no problems.The seats are soft and comfortable making passengers including me enjoy the car ride.The car performs smoothly with no problems.

- Roger B

I love the color nice Silva.

So far it's all good. I haven't had any problems. I love to push button start. I wish I went with the heated steering wheel and the heated seats like I had in my Altima. I might add them along the way. Was a great ride from Boston to Florida and back again.

- Mary M

My four wheeled feet transportation.

I like my vehicle because it's very comfortable and I feel safe in it. Also the space inside is good enough and it's easy to park. It is very reliable and does not consume too much gas. Also it is not expensive to repair it. I would recommend it to anybody.

- Maria F

2018 Nissan Sentra, keyless entry, mechanical start.

Mechanical start, Bluetooth, backup camera, emergency brake stopping, fuel efficient, no problems, good on gas, basic model, keyless entry, brand new, cloth interior, spacious truck and back seating, no daytime running lights, auto lights, dependable car.

- Kee D

Liking a Nissan sentra 2018 used vehicle.

Gas mileage is not as good as advertised. Handles well, plenty of trunk space and was surprised that the rear seat folds down to make the space bigger. Seats are ok in comfort, only had it for two months but reliable so far. Plenty of legroom. Thank you.

- Thomas B

It has a rear view camera.

What I like most about my vehicle are all the safety features and the smoothly all wheel driving. Also, I am a huge fan of the beautiful grey paint job and the comfortable all black interior. The rear view camera is excellent for parking and backing up.

- Joshua L

An interesting detail of my vehicle includes the multitude of comfort features

The tire pressure is unreliable in my vehicle. I feel as though the gas mileage is amazing I commute around 15 miles everyday for an entire week and I only need half of a tank of gas. The features include an aux cord, hdmi, and Bluetooth compatibility

- Lakiya P

Nissan Sentra is sport mode, gasoline saving, safety, car.

Vehicle is reliable for many years, smooth driving, affordable on gasoline, safe for driving with children, cloth seats with cool ac, nice radio system, cruise control, large trunk, lots of space on inside of car, has eco gasoline saving, sport running.

- Chelsea S

It's a great car for the price.

Its really fast which I love! It has good control on the road. Tight turning. Comfortable and easy to drive. Cheap on gas. Reliable, I haven't broken down! It's easy to reach the air conditioner and radio when driving. It performs great. Easy to clean.

- Lisa S

Blue baby speed control backup sensor Bluetooth radio.

Love it has a sensor and stop camera sensor and stop your car Bluetooth firestone tires and blue color that shine and lot of room trunk key open your car trunk control cruise and control your temperature. Smooth ride and speed control, Goodyear tires.

- Rosie M

It drives great. The features are modern day.

I have a Nissan Sentra. This is the first in time in over a decade since I last purchased a car. Prior to my Sentra I had several SUV's. I am still adjusting to the car and sitting low. You can feel every bump in the road. I dislike sitting down low.

- Ann W

My car is beautiful and perfect in every way and Nissan's have my heart.

Performance, good gas mileage, comfort, backup camera, Bluetooth are all great assets in my vehicle. I purchased a more stripped down version so a lot of automations that I didn't think I'd miss (like automatic seat adjustments) are really missing.

- Desire N

2018 Nissan Sentra SR Safety

The performance and reliability of this vehicle is great. It has safety features such as driving aids that automatically slow down or completely stop the car if you are approaching a vehicle too fast and I think that is really useful.

- Valerie D

2018 Nissan Sentra first 6 months off the lot.

Brand new leased off the lot. . It is my mother in law's car but we all drive it. Only problem within the 6 first months of ownership so far is tire air pressure, most likely due to changing weather. . Besides that I love this car.

- Matthew H

It gets great gas economy - close to 40mp/g on the highway and over 30mpg in the city.

The vehicle handles well and is dependable. It has great gas economy. I like the style of the interior. One dislike would be that the A/C doesn't work as effectively as it could. It takes too long to purchase sufficient cool air.

- Trevor B

This car has everything the modern person needs in a car. Safety features are second to none.

The interior of the car is spacious without it being to big overall. There is ample trunk space for large shopping trips. I do wish the MPG was better or that they had an hybrid version. Keyless system is very convenient.

- Christopher H

It has wonderful gas mileage and does well for both in town driving and interstate driving. I feel very safe in this vehicle

I love our Sentra! It is very reliable and roomier than it appears. The trunk has plenty of space and my favorite feature is a netting that holds any lose items. It is completely removable for those who do not prefer it.

- Rebecca A

Gas mileage is fantastic for city and highway.

Wish it had blind side sensors like all the other new cars do. I wish the car phone would improve on accent differences as I can never get the car to call the name I say. I love the gas mileage and the roominess.

- Erin S

You get what you pay for. The Nissan Sentra is a modern car but does not feel as updated and fancy as other cars at this price point.

I like the fact my vehicle is new and modern. I do not like how the interior feels subpar compared to other vehicles that were made the same year. I wish the dashboard was digital instead of old-school analog.

- Heather B

Bluetooth to phone buttons for answering on steering wheel.

Love everything about it. Bluetooth electric locks and windows performs great. It's very reliable comfortable cloth seats has backup picture so you don't run into anything backing up. Looks stylish and classy.

- Grace O

Great driving car. There's more than enough space inside and in the trunk. It's not a gas guzzler and doesn't cost too much to fill up your tank. It drives very smooth.

I like the technology available. I like how smooth the car drives. I don't like how easy the car triggers the sensor. Any little bump I hit on the road, it triggers the front sensor with a loud beeping sound.

- Portia H

For the price of the car, it's a great vehicle. It has all the basic essentials.

Some things I like about our Sentra is it's comfortable, gets good gas mileage, has good legroom in the back seat and I like the looks of it. There isn't anything I don't like about it. No complaints.

- Sandy M

My car has the greatest safety features. Push to start is awesome. Keyless entry is the best.

I love the push to start option, backup camera, heated seats for cold Illinois winters. My vehicle is equipped with many safety features to make me feel safe while traveling from home to school.

- Crystal V

It's very good with gas consumption.

The only thing I dislike about the Sentra, happens to be its acceleration. I love its interior and upholstery. I also have the midnight edition so it's very pretty. And the mileage is amazing!

- Enrique G

It is a great size for driving in a big city where parking is always a challenge.

I really like the size of my vehicle and the way that it drives. I like the look of the dashboard and the radio controls, too. I have problems with my windshield not defogging fully sometimes.

- Samantha K

Efficient on gas and small enough to fit anywhere.

The Nissan Sentra is a definitely a vehicle I would recommend for a small family, or someone who just wants to save on gas. The Nissan Sentra is very reliable, and will not let you down.

- Omar H

Not a smooth ride and has no pick up.

I previously had a versa note and loved it. My Sentra is loud and seems to drag when I put the gas pedal down and I thought it would have a smoother ride then the versa but it does not.

- Mary Jane M

When it is in sports mode it has a really nice get up and go.

I like the layout of the interior. Has a sunroof and backup camera which were a must on my featured list. I am a little disappointed with how little the steering wheel telescopes out.

- Kelly B

The leasing opportunities provided by the sellers are fantastic for that kind of car.

It is a very comfortable car for the little price you pay. The mileage and the gas usage is very nice too. Do not expect it to break anytime soon if you are not driving in war zones.

- Albert A

I love that it has a backup camera it is really helpful in tight areas.

Super cool car with great gas mileage! It is the turbo edition so the speed range is excellent! It has all the features I love; Bluetooth, review camera, eco, and USB and AUX ports.

- Ashley C

Our 2018 Nissan Sentra has been extremely reliable and safe, we haven't had any problems since getting it nearly a year ago!

We love our 2018 Nissan Sentra! Our vehicle is equipped with a backup camera which has proven invaluable in keeping us safe when navigating in parking lots to avoid fender-benders!

- Chris W

For the price I wish it included satellite radio as a service not an option.

The car is an excellent vehicle but lacks in dash GPS, rear view camera and Sirius/XM capability. It provides a choice for choosing your gas mileage with sport or economy choices.

- James H

2018 Nissan Sentra turbo midnight edition.

My Nissan Sentra is very dependable and has given me absolutely no problems. The styling and look of it suit me just fine. And the turbo really makes it a fun car to drive.

- John W

It's not expensive on gas.

The chairs are easily adjustable and comfy. It smooth driving and is not a expensive when it comes to gas. It also has a eco feature on there that allows you to save gas.

- Sarah I

Nissan Sentra is a good value especially with the tech and safety features.

Car is a good value. Car is reliable. Car gets good gas mileage. Good tech with backup camera. Forward collision detection. Problems- not a lot of power. No apple play.

- Daniel T

It is very economical on gas.

My car is very comfortable, the legroom is awesome. It drives fantastically well and maneuvers with ease. Having the temperature reader is one of my favorite gadgets.

- Diana C

Fantastic gas mileage with all the latest technology.

Awesome sedan with great gas mileage & I feel it is very fun to drive, with a sleek look. Fantastic a/c that will keep you posted cool in the Texas heat of a 105+.

- Sandra Callahan S

The gas is economic and runs good.

Economic. Best. Faster. The AC is good. Comfortable I think the best car in the world. I like it. Easy to clean. Easy to put gas in. Oh, my god, I love this car.

- Nelson N

The seat belts are not adjustable. They are not designed to fit short people.

It gets good gas mileage. It is not as comfortable as I would like. The seat belts are not adjustable and hurt my neck. It is great for around town. Easy to park.

- Jane D

It's a budget friendly economic car. Nothing special but it can take you from point A to point B

The car is too small and drives a little stiff. The fuel tank is small so fill-ups are needed every 4 days or so. However, the car does get decent gas mileage.

- Laura B

It is not very expensive but it looks and feels great and is extremely safe.

It is new, fast and a head turner. I love the new car smell and the sound of a new engine. I do wish it were just a little bigger and I'd like to tint my window.

- Jason J

It's a cheap, but reliable car. Affordable, good on gas, and worth it's price tag.

I like that it's a very fast car. It has a sunroof and it's a manual. It reminds me of when I first learned to drive. It's cheap and gets me where i need to go.

- Briana L

It has a backup camera that makes it feel like a luxury car.

Bluetooth features..Very comfortable seats..Sirius radio...dislike the material at top of car its light and you can see spots..saves gas and amazing on highway

- Shatedra L

It's a relatively cheap car with good gas mileage. Also it's been really reliable so far.

I like the gas mileage of my vehicle. I also like keyless start. I don't like that it doesn't have heated mirrors or fog lights. Overall it's a good vehicle.

- Joseph B

Car has a great ride, handles roads with ease, lots of trunk space and great for road trips.

I love the way it handles, the gas mileage and interior space. the GPS unit took some trial and error before getting familiar with it. love my car.

- Julie H

Nissan Sentra Review 2018

My Sentra is comfortable, zippy and reliable. Great gas mileage and fun to drive. I have owned 2 other Nissans in the past and would recommend them.

- Kim P

It was built on the Mercedes Benz ml350 chassis.

This is our first brand new vehicle, ever. We get amazing gas mileage, both city and highway. This car has so many fancy upgrades, we feel spoiled.

- Timothy R

Great value and upgraded features

I love this car for the value. Has some upgraded features so it seems upgraded. I love the technology. I do wish the seat settings were automated.

- Jamie T

Usb outlets in the middle console for the back seat passengers.

I have had no malfunctions. It rides very smooth and quiet. The reliability is of the books especially when I have a cat pull out in front of me.

- Trinity A

The gas mileage is amazing.

I have experienced no problems with my car. It's very roomy and comfortable I has everything I was looking for and the gas mileage us fantastic.

- Tabatha C

Small sedan, roomy, good first car.

Does not accelerate fast enough, but otherwise great car and I am very pleased with it and would recommend to people looking to buy a small car.

- Abbey A

I have the blue Sentra with a cold weather upgrade. So it has heated seats and side mirror defrosted which is great.

It's the only car I would buy. Looks clean and modern on the inside and out. It's a reliable vehicle. I have not had any issues with it yet.

- Michael Z

It is good on gas and it gets you were you need to go.

It drives smooth and it is good on gas. I feel comfortable in my Sentra. I love the style and body of my Sentra. It has been dependable so far.

- Rhonda M

Great little car would buy again.

It is great on gas with like 32 mpg! Has a sports feature and huge trunk space. I love the Bluetooth features and steering wheel hot buttons.

- Aries M

Good value for the price. Nice looking car. The car drives and looks nice, I would recommend it to other buyers.

I bought my car in April 2018, so far I really like it. I have had no problems with the car. It has really good pick up and it drives nice.

- Jennifer D

That it's a fun and unique automobile. That it can stand up and represent itself well when being compared to other cars.

I like the easy drivability. I like how the car feels when I have it on the road. I wish the car had more tech related in car features.

- Kendall S

Great vehicle with great gas mileage

This is a great little car. It gets great gas mileage and for it to look like such a small car it really does have a lot of space inside.

- Spencer M

good on gas not so on satellite radio the seat belt won't buckle and it's tight. good on telling you when to get the oil change or put air in the tires.

it has Bluetooth backup camera deep trunk space. good windshield wipers, good on gas, tells you how far you can go before refueling.

- gloria p

A great car for a great price. I would buy it again.

I wish my car had a rear window wiper. I don't like that my car is very low to the ground. I love the gas mileage, handling and look.

- Cecelia M

It does not accelerate quick enough for most drivers tastes, but plenty for me.

I love the gas mileage, the smoothness of the right, the shininess of the exterior and the overall styling. No major complaints yet.

- Dave L

It has a very large trunk space.

I love it because of the items that comes with it. Backup camera, let me know when I am too close to a car. I can change my speed.

- Laurel S

It has the extra features you wouldn't expect with such an inexpensive car.

It is a good, sturdy car. It is dependable in the weather in CT and has great gas mileage. My payments are higher than I want.

- Matthew M

Great gas mileage, with tons of safety features, Nissan is the best.

Love the color, the ac is super cold and great gas mileage. Financing process was a pain in the butt and there is no nav system.

- Erika W

Is literally economic, nice car, beautiful, comfortable for the family. I just love it

I really like my car, it is soft suspension, like how it drives, is actually an economic car so i can get anywhere i need to go


That it is a good value and reliable.

I like the gas mileage. I like the way it drives, very smooth. There is not anything I dislike about it. I have no complaints.

- Rebecca M

Great on gas n mileage and roads.

It's cute and comfortable gas saver nice size I love it handles on the road smooth ride it has a lot of up to date technology.

- Christian S

Very good mileage, comfortable, , dependable.

No problems great car this is my 5th Nissan. Not to big but still plenty of room. Great features, highly recommend this car.

- Magda U

The Nissan Sentra is a good car.

Don't have any bad to say about my car. Love the air conditioning in the climate of Florida. All the features all awesome!

- Wanda I

auto braking system is a great feature

Great car have only had it for less than 2 weeks love it. still learning all of the features. don't like all black interior

- marcia o

The drive is smooth and quiet. The interior is very comfortable.

The engine is quiet and the ride is nice and smooth. The interior is comfortable and the trunk is very large and spacious.

- Elizabeth C

Gets good gas mileage, overall acceptable.

I like the gas mileage, but the car itself seems a little cheap. When you close the trunk it is a tin sound, not solid.

- Patricia E

Good gas mileage for this car

My vehicle was bought brand new and has good gas mileage on it. It was bought because of a good deal on the brand cars.

- Andrew N

That it is very safe and I recommend to anyone who is looking for a sedan

This is my first car and I love it. It is simple, yet sleek. It is good on gas, and has an eco mode so you can save gas

- Jordan S

Seat equipped with lower back support (lumbar) that moves up and down, as well as in and out

Has adjustment controls to help contour the seat to best fit me (i.e., make the seat cushion feel roomier or more snug)

- Robert r

It is a smooth ride with great gas mileage. The price is great too.

The price was good. The stereo sounds good. Great gas mileage. I like the Bluetooth. I love the color and the interior.

- Tommi C

Fuel efficiency enables me to drive to work all week on 1 tank of gas.

It is great on gas. The safety features are ground breaking saving me from accidents, that otherwise I would have had.

- Melissa J

It is very easy to drive. The inside is very spacy and drives beautifully.

It is very comfortable, has good mileage and is safe on the road. It maneuvers great in different weather conditions.

- Dianna C

It is a nice reliable cars.

No problems. The car performance is fantastic. Drive smooth and good on gas. I am considering keeping it for a while.

- Shaquille J

The good gas mileage and all in one is a smooth and comfortable ride.

It does not come with Bluetooth as a standard vehicle. Good on gas mileage. Needs more bang for your buck in extras.

- Robert W

It is dependable and runs great on gas.

I just love my car. Its red with personality I have a camera in the back of my car when I back up I see behind me.

- Courtney J

Great quality and I got it for a great price.

Likes: ways if drives, look, prestige, safety, color, and aggressiveness. Do not like: shakes, maybe air pressure.

- Crystal D

Long wheel base makes hard to park in small spaces.

No complaints. But I like the color of the car. The inside looks really nice as well. It really just is who I am.

- Imran A

Safety features forward collision, front and side airbags, back up camera.

Very good value, back up camera, forward collision. Large trunk for car size. A little below average horsepower

- Dan T

It's got great gas mileage and it's easy to get repaired. .

I love Nissan, they are fun to drive and last a lifetime. . They have great gas mileage and great trunks space.

- Lisa F

It's a great vehicle for families.

The backup camera. Wished it would pick up faster. Bluetooth doesn't connect at times. More space in the back.

- Elizabeth V

This is a great commuting car

Car is 4 months old and I've had no issues so far. I commute so it's a great car with the MPG. Quiet ride..

- Michael K

Bluetooth is the best I didn't have it in my old car but I love it

I love it I just wish it had heated seats. It's a pretty color It has black wheels I love the backup camera

- Alexis C

It is brand new. Owned not leased. Rides very good. Very spacey.

Seats are comfortable - love the backup cam & the radio. Rides smoothly. Very spacey. Moves good on the road.

- Destiny A

Very dependable - good mileage and no issues.

I have no dislikes. I love the way the car rides and it is a roomy comfortable car. The trunk is pretty big.

- Karen E

vehicle has very good interior room and fuel economy

like style and economy dislike - been in shop twice already complaint - electronic gadgets - easily braking


Very good on gas. Very smooth ride as well. Black gets very dirty too lol

One thing I like is the puck to start. Second thing i like is the unlock and lock button on the side doors.

- Monique D

the interesting details for my Nissan Sentra is that when you hesitate to stop it will help you to stop the car itself.

I really like my Nissan Sentra, as of now I never see any problem with my car. I really enjoy driving it.

- Chece W

My car is reliable and nice to look at.

I love that my car is brand new. I love everything about my car. I just wish the inside was more luxury.

- Sabrina P

It is a good car with affordable price and good space inside.

2018 Nissan Sentra is a mid size sedan with affordable and useful features. It is a value for money car.

- Md Tawhid Bin T

This car is reliable and lasts a long time.

Love how dependable this car is. Gets me where I need to go. Haven't had any problems with it thus far.

- Gigi F

Great bang for the buck. Feels like a more expensive car.

The car is awesome, however, the front radar (used for adaptive cruise control) has an ongoing issue.

- Xavier P

The comfort and intelligence of the car. A great improvement from my previous car (1997)

I love the car. Love the computer updates, the ability to use the phone handless, the backup camera

- Barbara d

Its an american made car and drives well and more economical than most cars.

I like the modernists of the vehicle I have now. I like how it up to date with essential technology.

- Danielle B

That it has safety features that make my family feel safe.

I like my car because it is comfortable. It accelerates at a good pace. It also makes me feel safe.

- Marcus O

The accessories that came with it.

Like the dependability, comfort, looks, and ride. Dislike the dealership we bought it from.

- Doug C

Gets great gas mileage and love the navigation system.

Easy handling and easy to get around town. Also gets great mileage . Love y little Sentra~!

- Stephanie S

Drives great and saves gas using the Eco option.

Love the color, it's new and drives great. Needs a back window wiper is the only dislike.

- Shawn W

You save lots of money on gas, very economical

It is very comfortable. It drives smoothly. It looks great. I like everything so far.

- liz F

security sensors just in case that you don't push the brake at the right moment.

I like the fuel economy and spacious in the trunk, but I dislike the tire covers.

- Cristian C

The gas mileage is great. It gets about 37 miles per gallon on the highway. I drive on the highway and i save a lot on gas.

It gets great gas mileage. It is a modern car. The car has a rear view camera.

- Samuel G

this car is very good on gas mileage I would recommend this to anyone

Sporty. stylish good on gas mileage No complaints about this vehicle

- Nick V

It comes with a front collision monitor that will alert you if you are approaching a vehicle too fast.

It is roomy for a car. It rides smooth. It gives good gas mileage.

- Emeal H

The car gets good gas mileage and feels smooth and looks beautiful.

I like the interior. I like the way it drives. It is small.

- Gail C

I love it. The air and heater both work and that's something I haven't had n a while

It's faster than u would think and push button start

- Roslynn R