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I love the speaker sound system.

I got my car in November and I'm in love with it. The range in miles is great. The gas fill ups are super cheap. ($15-$29 full tank). This is a great first car or any car. Second, I love good speakers. I wanted to get subs but to be honest the bass is already great for the car. Also this car is great for road trips. It is super roomy. I'm the guy who always ends up driving my friends places because they love it so much. The steering is also smooth and precise. It also has a nice big touch screen that displays the rear camera of the car and many other features. There is so much more but one of my favorite features of the car is the beeping system. If you get too close to another car the car senses it in front of you and warns you with a perfect volume beeping sound to warn you. It has saved me from a couple of crashes! Overall, love it. But if you like fast cars, this is not for you.

- Robert G

This car is a smooth and amazing choice!

The performance of my car is beyond wonderful! I have had this car for about five months now, and I absolutely love it. The car is smooth when driving, and you can hardly feel the road. Transitioning speeds and acceleration is easy in this car, because the gas pedal is soft and smooth. The seats in the car are very comfortable for sitting for long periods of time and are easy to adjust to fit the needs of individuals who are driving and/or traveling in the car. Certain features such as the Bluetooth audio system and the call and text controls are great when you want hands free calling and programming. This car is a great choice when you want something that is small and compact, but also big enough for when you are transporting something.

- Mariah R

2019 Sentra upgraded their interior features.

I had the 2016 Sentra and recently got the 2019 Sentra SV. The outside looks the same, except the 2019 version has fog lights. The inside is built with so many new features. My backup camera has predictive lines. I have a sunroof. I have heated seats. The radio screen is all touch screen. I have CarPlay which I am absolutely obsessed with. The 2019 Sentra comes with these little lights on the drivers right & left side. They light up orange when someone is in your blind spot & if you put your blinker on, it beeps to let you know someone is still in your blind spot.

- Ashley B

Great comfort! Great Miles Per Gallon!

The Nissan Sentra is really good on gas. $25 fills up the tank. Based on Central NJ gas prices. Very comfortable to drive and has nice features like the touch screen radio and reverse camera. Lots of trunk space that can fit up to 4 carry on style luggage, which I have done on a recent road trip. Lots of legroom for both front and rear passengers. I also like the auto feature for the heating and AC. You set the temp you want and it maintains it, ramping up and down the blower based on the temperature the car is inside and where you have the thermostat set to.

- Eddie A

My favorite part is the keyless entry.

The car is probably my favorite car I have ever driven, it is very comfortable, lots of legroom it is quick, it is been very reliable, my kid likes it and get in and out easy, am it's just all around, been a great car, it has a backup camera comes with satellite radio, but you can also plug in via Bluetooth are with the little headphone jack thing and the stereo sounds ok for stock car stereo it looks really and drives even nicer, it is a great car and anybody looking for a smaller but not too small vehicle, I would recommend this vehicle Nissan sentra.

- Ryan W

Awesome drives and great memories!

None so far, I've driven it across the country from CA to VA, no issues, great gas mileage, AC cools off car quick in hot summer days, all systems work correctly, sound system is good, lots of space. Seats are comfortable, not too much from for drinks, rear view camera helps a lot when backing up, lights and fog lights are great, able to see far into the distance at night, great car overall!

- Alberto S

I like that I do not have to put my key in the ignition to crank it,

I love my sentra, it's got a backup camera, nice radicand speakers, it has an option for better gas mileage, it has real nice floor and trunk mats, it tells me if I need air in my tires. It tells me how many miles I have till I need gas, its got dual temperature controls, for driver and passenger side. I do miss heated seats. I really enjoy driving my sentra, real smooth of a ride.

- Linda F

Wonderful car with great gas mileage!

I love the Nissan Sentra, and all Nissans. This is the most reliable car I've ever owned and I plan on leasing it again. My only issue is acceleration speed, but that's just because my previous cars had a lot of pick up. There's nothing specifically special about it, but I know I'll never have any problems with it and it will always get me where I need to go with GREAT gas mileage.

- A H

SV Model and Navigation System are worth every penny!!

Love the extra features that come with the sv version, such as, the sun roof, improved rims, and navigation system. We often drive for long distances so the eco mode and smart cruise control are leg savers. We have already made several 12 hour long drives in the car and we were very comfortable the entire time. The back seat is very spacious so there is lots of room for everyone.

- Cassandra I

Love... Love...Love my Sentra!

I love this sporty little car! This is my second Sentra and it is comfortable, roomy and gets outstanding mileage! We use this car as a run around town car and also for extended trips. My teenage kids can ride comfortably in back. My Sentra is loaded with extras which I love for a lower price point car. And, the service I receive is always second to none. Very happy !

- Julie H

A great commuter car that is great on gas!

My Nissan Sentra get amazing gas mileage and is a great commuter car. I drive 25 to and from school and it gets about 35 miles to the gallon. It has great features (apple carplay and touch screen). It seats 5 and is very roomy in the back seat. Has a good amount of storage in the console and glove box. I have experienced no problems with my vehicle.

- Sarah J

Nissan Sentra: Features and issues

I have had no issues with my vehicle. The only thing would be I assumed the gas mileage would be better, but other than that it has been a wonderful vehicle, the features in the standard are above other brands of vehicles as well. There is an eco pedal feature that allows the driver to make sure that they are getting the best economical mileage.

- Ash N

The one and only, Nissan Sentra

I've only had the vehicle for a few months now, and it has not disappointed me! It's a great reliable, well built, well designed vehicle! I have no regrets choosing this vehicle as my first brand new vehicle!! The only thing I would change is that I would get the SR, for only a few more thousand you get a sunroof, custom wheels, and much more!

- Hayley P

My new affordable Nissan Sentra 2019

I love my new Nissan Sentra 2019 because it's very affordable in gas it's small and easy to park anywhere. I enjoy my drives nice and smooth love the fact I have a touchscreen and it's a pretty big screen so when using my GPS it's very helpful. I'm really enjoying my car and recommend it to anyone who likes simple small and affordable

- Jasmine C

2019 Nissan Sentra Review

My 2019 Nissan Sentra is great! My favorite component is the eco-friendly option to reduce the amount of gas you use while you drive. My car runs smoothly when driving residentially or on the freeway. The CarPlay feature is something I also enjoy and it allows hands free use of my iPhone with the iOS interface showing on the screen.

- Brandon M

Spacious car with comfort ride

I just bought my 2019 Nissan Sentra and it has a really great smooth ride! The seats are comfortable and the back seat is perfect size to fit my three kids in, two still being in car seats. There is a back up camera and touch screen controls for the car. My kids absolutely love it as well and I'm very pleased with the decision.

- Patricia J

The most part that I like about my vehicle is the sport button to go faster.

I love my car. It took me a while to get use to because it is so updated. It lets me know if I am not going to break in time, so that I can break a little harder so I will not hit a car in front of me. It also will break for you if you are unable to. I like the interior design of the inside and outside of my vehicle.

- Precious L

2019 Nissan Sentra Review

Has trouble with pick up, could possible have CVT transmission issues. But features are great. Love apple/android CarPlay, eco drive, and Nissan Connect. Has a fairly good drive, good on gas, nice looking body style, over all good car. Would recommend getting SR turbo if you want to get the most out of this vehicle.

- Mercedes C

2019 Nissan Sentra with gas saving technology and provides safe traveling

New vehicle which drives great. Has an eco mode setting so it saves you a lot of gas. Digital dashboard which tells you any problems with your car. Easy maintenance and very reliable. This car is able to go a long distance, I'd say 2 hours without filling up the tank. Rides smooth with big tires with great mileage

- Brittany I

My fourth Nissan Sentra is a 2019

Good everyday car. Back up camera is a nice feature and comes in handy. The Bluetooth connection capability works well with my iPhone. The hands free for calls and text is cool to have though I'm not entirely sure how to use it as best as I could. There is also a front collision feature but I don't think it works.

- Jessica T

sleek design and great handling

I like it for its fuel efficiently and the touch screen on the dash is really nice and it handles like a dream it's very reliable and the seats are very comfortable after a long day at work. The look of the car is very sleek I like the look of the vehicle itself looks aggressive and the color is great looking to.

- Mike M

Great driving vehicle. A few part hiccups but easily replaced

Features are up to date. Touch screen Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Trunk latch malfunctioned within the first 2 months only problem so far. Great on gas and highway driving. Has eco mode to save on cost of fuel and mileage. Does not have navigation that would be a nice upgrade. Seats are a little stiff and hard to move

- Eleni G

Sentra is family friendly and does not break the bank.

My vehicle is very fuel efficient. It has a lot of space for my two toddlers and their booster seats. It also has a large trunk space that always me to travel comfortably. The back up camera and phone connect feature really assist me in driving since the new law states you cannot be on your phone and drive.

- Kelly S

My Nissan Sentra never disappoints

Overall, I like that it is a small car, easy to maneuver in traffic, and park in small spaces. The gas mileage is 40 mpg on the highway, and 34 in the city. The ride is not as smooth as large sedans, but it is a comfortable ride. I've had a few Sentra's over the years and have always had good luck.

- Kelly D

it is a Great car all around

It runs well and is great with gas mileage. Has apple and android CarPlay as well as multiple USB ports. Great speakers and very comfortable interior. No problems with anything under the hood. Would recommend for first time car buyers or anyone looking for a simple and affordable car to maintain.

- Emily C

Amazing Nissan Sentra SV has now the compact New features such as back camera.

Nissan Sentra SV Has been the most amazing car I've ever owned! It has so much room and super comfortable. With its built in chair comfortability and it's high-quality screen used for your Music GPS and so much more I definitely would recommend this car to anyone that is a first time buyer.

- Eric V

When it comes to speed and traveling this car is very good.

This car is very reliable. It is very good in the snow. Very good with gas miles. My only problem is it's not very big inside. The back seat is very cramped, and the passenger side in the front is squished and makes it feel cramped. Not much arm room in the front for the driver and passenger.

- Miranda R

Nissan Sentra What I think of it

It has backup camera. Sensor for stop if you get to close. Great for city life. Not so good out door when you get stuck in the mud. Air condition different than the one I had in car. Power windows is plus. I have had any problem with it yet. The only thing it missing is blind side detection.

- Jared W

My vehicle is nice, I love the color of it, it's a dark grey with nice rims.

My car is in good terms just have to check up on it every day make sure it runs well. Oil check every 3 months and rotation of tires as well. The gas is good, it saves a lot not like most cars. Overall it's a good car to use to get you around places. Just have to take care of it very well.

- denise L

Slow and steady wins the race!

Especially with the newer models, I haven't fallen into any issues. Potential issues have been stated about future issues with transmission, however in my short time driving I think this is a great first car for anyone. Not the fastest, but definitely a nice car on gas and to travel in!

- Cheyenne W

The vehicle is easy to use and helpful.

What I do not like is the fuel efficiency and how much gas the tank can carry. I am comparing this car to my previous Jetta that was getting 420 miles on the tank and this one only gets 330. This means I have to fill it up way more often and am spending more on gas than I would like to.

- Miranda S

Good on gas when driving a distance.

My car is very reliable and comfortable for me and for the passengers. I like how it has an eco button for when you drive far you can save gas. It has a button you push when you lock and unlock the door. It also has push button to start the car. I would prefer this vehicle to everyone.

- Donna V

Amazing reliable daily car

This car Has a backup, camera and sunroof drives smooth spacious can switch from regular to eco mode. I have not had any problems with the car. This is my daily car and very reliable. Love the dual ac mode. I can have the ac on driver side on 60 while my passenger can have it on 73.

- Cc J

I like that it has a rear view camera and blind spot sensors.

The car runs great, it is 4 cylinders. It gets me where I need to be and the seats are really comfortable. It's got Bluetooth so I can connect my cell phone to the car and make and receive calls without having to hold my cellphone. It also has a touchscreen and a rear view camera.

- Maria I

Very good vehicle. Great features. Family car.

Feature problems. But it is a really good car. Great on gas. I like it because it's hands free. I also like it because it has a backup camera. All the features are very useful. Also good on gas when traveling out of town. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy one.

- Mary B

Sleek, smooth, and comfortable vehicle.

I do love my sentra its very. Comfortable and easy to navigate. It runs very smooth and I haven't had any problems yet. The only real problem I've really had with it odd it seems to drive poorly in the snow. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone especially for a summer car.

- Raymond G

the new Nissan sentra my personal option

I don't have problems with car. I had problems with dealer. It is a great car for the price. The inter is conforming and sleek. There is great safety details. The access to the hands free devices are really easy to use. The only issue is the rugs are dark and show dirt fast

- dee W

Great mileage on gas awesome body type.

I like the excellent performance, stylish design makes it look expensive but is not. Great on gas! That is why I continue to choose Nissan. The comfort is extremely good a lot of legroom. You cannot beat the price with its overall awesome body type, mileage and performance.

- Sandra O

Great driving car with Bluetooth and backup camera with eco settings.

No problems, excellent performance, reliable and very comfortable. I love the backup camera and Bluetooth so I can listen to the music on my phone and Spotify. Gets up to speed fast and brakes nicely. It has a brake sensor in case I get too close to the car in front of me.

- Matthew G

It is an overall great car and a smart purchase.

I have had my vehicle for about a month now, I absolutely love it. Drives smooths, very spacious inside, has an intelligent key which makes getting into my car easy. I love the push to start capability. I can also love that I can start my car before I get to it.

- Vanessa A

That have front sensors which I love

Not fast enough. Don't like the navigation. Like that it does have navigation. Don't like that it doesn't have backup sensors. Wish the speed was better. Would love different colors, only had a choice of black or grey. It's very roomy and the trunk space is nice

- Aisha G

2019 Nissan sentra-superb convenience features for the price

It's not the most comfortable car but reliability and performance are spot on for the price range. It has all the features I was looking for: Bluetooth, rearview camera, cruise control, and steering wheel controls. I wish it had Sirius XM however and power seats

- Melissa H

The Bluetooth features and the reliability.

I love the smoothness and efficiency of this car. The interior is very comfortable. Love the bluetooth features. Reliable and safety features are excellent. Love the style of this car. Best car I have owned. I can say quality and all the features of this car.

- Sandy C

This vehicle is simply amazing!

The Nissan Sentra is very comfortable and affordable. I have driven it across country twice with no problems. The gas mileage on this car is amazing! So far it is extremely reliable, and I can foresee myself having this car for the next ten years. Great buy!

- Angela B

Perfect for first time mom

I really love my Nissan Sentra. It has the perfect backseat for a car seat which is what we needed. The drive is very smooth and easy. It can be hard to remember that the gas tank is on the right side of the vehicle but other than that I absolutely love it.

- Kayla R

love my new sentra Nissan

vehicles drives very smooth on highway and back roads, vehicle has very good gas mileage on highway and back roads, love the push to start and backup camera makes driving a lot easier. Radio and speakers are extremely nice. Heated seats in vehicle is a plus


Great sedan choice for family on budget.

Relatively new to me so I love everything so far. Control feels great, interiors is clean and looks good, easy to navigate controls, great features. Car looks great on the outside and is very spacious on the inside. Plenty of room for storage and whatnot.

- Eric G

It is a cheap car in price, but s\only somewhat cheap in quality.

As a new car is operates smoothly, so long-term quality is unknown. Obviously it is a small-compact car so it get's cramped. Me, as a tall man would next time get a bigger car.

- Jacob F

Value & features for the money.

It is inexpensive & has lots of features for the price. It is very reliable. It is a smart looking car. It is very good on gas.

- Darlene S

Turbo Sentra adding fuel to your fire

Like it... Moves fast. It's turbo, has all the goodies. I wish it was bigger. I also wish the seats were leather

- Lisa A

Back camera, sensors that make it stop if too close, lights indicating if on sides.

- Stephanie A