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2007 Nissan versa: cute & comfortable w/ amazing speakers and heat circulation!

The car is fairly reliable! Recently my ac died so I do need to get that recharged. Rust has also been an issue, I have had to replace the parts to the trunk that help it glide open and a few things on my front end due to rust. That will not be a problem for people who do not live where it snows! The car is also a front wheel drive, which is not ideal for snow but that is my own fault for buying this car! Studded winter tires help it handle snow much better. . The car is very cute and comfortable. The seats are the perfect amount of firm. I have the basic model so my car does not have a lot of features but more advanced models of the car would! The speakers in the back are pretty nice, music sounds very clear even when it is up loud! . The heat/ac system circulates very well, and it does not take long for the car to heat up or cool down which is very helpful because I do not always have time to wait before I need to take off! . The car also tends not to hold smells in, if I accidentally forget food in the car the smell goes away shortly after I remove the food and it does not continue to stink for days/weeks like some of my friend's cars do!

- Hayley V

A great compact car at a great compact price tag.

Do not have any problems with this car. Exhaust system does rust out fairly quick though. It performs very well for the price. Steering is a little loose but fine. It is a 6 speed manual which makes it somewhat quick for engine size and gives it good gas mileage. It has been very reliable for me and I have owned it for 11 years now. Again for price, this car is very comfortable for short distances but also fine for long distance. It has adjustable seats and steering wheel. Side mirrors are easily adjusted by interior buttons. Only has one small interior overhead light which does not do much. Back seats fold down if needed to put large items into trunk. Ac and heat works fine. Stock radio is horrible but easily can be changed out with an aftermarket one. Speaker are fine. Engine can easily be worked on if you are handy. Not too many features for this price tag. It is bear bones. Overall this is a great car for cost for someone looking to get back and forth to work.

- Michael D

Nissan Versa pros and cons.

Love that it has six speeds and good highway mileage ratio especially when using the 6th speed. It is compact yet sporty, the hatchback provides the ability to take larger items on destinations when needed. The comfort of the vehicle is very appropriate for myself being smaller in stature. Performance wise it has been great, aside from the fact that it does have a defect known in the year and model of this specific car. The tire pressure gauge monitor seems to stay on regardless of the fact your tires have proper inflation ratios. Reliability it has not given me any problems. The only other thing I would complain about is that I keep getting a notification of an air bag recall, I have taken my car into the dealership and had them do the replacement but I keep getting the recall notice mailed to me regarding the same issue.

- Holly R

Highly recommend if looking for comfort.

I really love this car. It is small, yet durable. Living in the city, it is the perfect size for finding a parking spot anywhere! I have had this car for 11 years and it is still running great. I have had few maintenance problems over the years. I had to bring the car in twice for recall purposes. Once for the airbags and again for the brake pads. The only mechanical issue I have ever had with the car is that my tire pressure indicator has been lit for over a year, despite the mechanic finding nothing wrong with the car. Other than that, I have very little complaints about how the car runs. The only changes I would make are more cosmetic. For example, I would update the sound system to something more up to date. This car does not have an AUX cord adaptor to play music from your phone.

- Chelsea I

Great comfortable compact but roomy car!

I love my versa. I love the fact that it is a small compact car but it is higher off the ground. I am not very tall and sitting in this car makes it easy for me to see everything without having to put the seat too close up to the steering wheel where I am uncomfortable. It does get good gas mileage and it has been very dependable. I have not had any major issues, just the normal wear and tear from driving on road in the north, with the snow, ice and winter conditions. It has automatic windows and locks. It has your basic radio and CD player but nothing else as it was purchased in 2007. I find it very comfortable to drive and ride in as well. It has good control. It also has nice sizable space for a small car. I can fit a lot in the trunk!

- Cara M

For the age of the car and it is most use for work, it has been good to me.

The car which I am referring to and which is listed is my work vehicle, my personal car that I normally drive is not listed. The work car that I have is old it is been used the air-conditioning does not work the heat barely works, only on the third setting it will work and it is very low seems like it does not work at all, the windshield wipers are extremely loud and brand new, the car has a very loud knocking sounds like it is underneath the hood and when we are at a complete stop, it feels like it is going to stall out. Not the best car, but for being used for work, it is ok, gas is cheap and it has been good to me so far and getting me from where I need to come and go.

- Shannon K

For a really small car it has a lot of room surprisingly.

I have a 2007 Nissan Versa SL. She's a good girl but she does have some problems. She has a CVT transmission and that is completely different than a automatic and it can be a bit weird when driving a CVT for the first time. I have had to fix a major problem on my car. The problem was A bad catalytic converter. Catalytic converter is part of exhaust system and when that doesn't work it can mess up the power in the car and making it so it feel a little slower and unable to move sometimes.

- Ashley H

My car is all white Nissan versa with a hatchback trunk.

This Nissan was my first car! It runs very smooth but recently I had to get my oil and tires changed. I have owned this car for over a year without any problems until recently. I am thinking about selling or trading. I am thinking about this because I would like a upgrade even though the vehicle is in good condition. I have only have to replace the tires and oil I am no car expert but I think that's good for a 12 year old car.

- Christopher S

I don't have tint, so it is like being in a fishbowl.

The Nissan versa has been quite reliable as well as fuel efficient. I got my vehicle barebones so there are no power windows or doors. I have had minimal problems like breaks going out and the ac is out currently, but nothing that regularly scheduled maintenance cannot fix. I am not a big fan of the hatchback design or the fact that the seats are not leather. Overall it has grown me from point A to point B without fail.

- James P

It�s a super comfortable fun little car

My car has been super reliable I love it. I've had a couple little fix it things I've had to work on but they mostly haven't been bad. I love how big the inside is. It doesn't look it from the outside but it's got a ton of leg room and is just a large area it's got to nice hatchback trunk which is convenient for fitting lots of things in it and easy inside access. It's a super fun car to just hop in and drive

- Mike L

A reliable car, meets my needs.

This car has been very reliable and sturdy for me. I like that the size is large enough to carry most everything I usually need, but small enough to be easy to park and navigate and keep gas mileage reasonable. It is got a short front profile and back profile, so it is easy to fit in parking spaces. The cup holders are in kind of a weird spot, although that is a small detail. The mirrors are great.

- Mia M

Affordable and reliable Nissan Versa

Have had since 2007. Very reliable, no major issues. Enough space for 4 people, 5 is a bit uncomfortable. I hardly ever have passengers so plenty of room for me. No bells and whistles like Bluetooth but it gets me where I need to go. Very affordable, and have currently paid off the vehicle and own it outright. Plan on driving it for several more years as long as it continues to hold up!

- Allison D

Amazing car runs great. And enough room for everyone, perfect for a teenager.

My vehicle is amazing it performs amazing. My car just hit 100k miles and still runs perfect. It's the perfect size. It is small, but has enough space overall. My favorite part are the back seats there are bigger than they look. The color is also nice, I like the blue exterior, it is different and unique. Since I like in a place where is snows, this car works good in those conditions.

- Gladys B

Compact but fits small family

Bought it with low miles, runs well and have no problems other than exhaust since purchase. It is not as big as I would like but two car seats for two toddlers fit adequately in the back set with room for them and not getting squished. Truck has adequate space but it's small size makes parking and general space it takes up very small which makes it easy to park and get around

- Mary F

Awesome little hatchback!

Love this little car has gotten us through three winter's just have to fix the airbags so that the light will go off and fix the muffler and of course new tires but not much gone wrong to really say anything bad about it. The car is very good in the winter and I love that the back seat folds down to make room if need to haul something like a bed. We love our little hatchback.

- Courtney B

Much prefer hatchback to sedan style.

This model is included in the Nissan airbag recall. My airbag is bad but when I call the dealership they do not have any in stock. There is only one charging port. Which means only one device at a time. The engine is like a little go-cart trying to make it up a hill. The transmission is a closed transmission which means you cannot just add fluid, you have to replace it.

- Carol W

Highly fuel efficient! 33 mpg.

My Nissan has been the most reliable car I have owned. I only have some filter issues along with a slight ac freeze up. I love my ability to play the music and YouTube on my phone through the car speakers. The ride is always very smooth and I never have much stiffness after being in the car for a while. My brakes are a little worn, but only from normal wear and tear.

- Jessica G

Comfortable and size is good for 1-2 people.

I have been very happy with this vehicle's performance and overall durability. I have not had any major issues with any systems other than rear defroster and oxygen sensor going out in first few years of ownership. The fabric interior has held up really well after 11 years. The only interior aging is a crack in front armrest (no kids. . . , but do have small dogs).

- Heather W

It gets me where I need to go, Nissan versa.

The Nissan versa is a nice car. There is a lot of room, even in the backseat. It has not stopped for me yet. It gets me where I need to go and it is great on gas. Fairly cheap to fill up as well. I definitely would recommend. I think the windshield space is amazing. It really gives a great view. It overall is a really amazing vehicle.

- Hunter F

Nissan Versa 2007 still works.

I currently like and dislike my car because it is old and most of everything is tearing down. It has no Bluetooth or AUX where I cannot listen to my own music and it bothers me so much. It does have good advantages though and is doing well and it has a CD player where I can buy CD's and at least put some of my own music on it.

- Faith F

Safe and reliable.

It is my first car I've purchased, I like the cotton seating and the size is comfortable, and perfect for a short girl like me, also that I can play my CDs and audiobooks, and that it has a charger unit for my phone, I like that it has four doors, and that it has several safe features that are good for me and my family.

- Lori M

Don't judge it on looks. Looks small and perhaps cramped. My boyfriend is 6'4 and sits comfortably. Ceiling is high and truck spacious. Great, affordable little car.

For a small car, it is very spacious inside. Great gas mileage. It has over 140,000 miles, I purchased it used, so I can't say how the previous owner care for it, but I've done my best. For a car with that much mileage, it runs great! I've had minor repairs since I purchased it just over a year ago with 116,000 miles.

- Monica m

The Nissan Versa Hatchback is a fine low-cost car that is economical and no-frills.

My Nissan is economical and gives me decent gas mileage. I like the design of the car in that it feels spacious and provides good visibility for the driver even though it is a small vehicle. However, I don't like how the wheels are a small size and how there have been quite a few recalls associated with this model.

- Thalia R

It could be better but overall okay.

The tire pressure light never goes away even though tire pressure is fine. The check engine light comes on for some computer error if the car is to cold. The CD player has stopped working. It drives fine, it is fairly comfortable and overall not a bad car. I love that it has cruise control for my longer drives.

- Ashley L

My car is quiet, easy to park anywhere, and gets good gas mileage, as well as having space.

My vehicle has decent gas mileage, is quiet, and has decent space for transporting whatever I need. My only complaint about it is that the TPS system no longer works, despite taking it in to be fixed multiple times, leaving me to always guess at whether or not I need to check the air pressure in my tires.

- Eryn B

Silver and good gas mileage/good city drive.

Good gas mileage but car has too much road noise and not the most comfortable for long rides. Very reliable car but annoyed by the airbag recall. Also does drive the best feel every bump in the road. Would want a bigger car when I start a family. Worried about cars becoming more expensive due to tariffs.

- Nicole I

Best sporty car on the road!!

Aside from the sporty look and the brilliant red color, my 6 speed manual transmission gives me a pleasant and smooth ride. The economic aspect of gasoline consumption adds to its value in my opinion. The sporty details and outline of the driver seat makes long and or short trips a pleasant Journey.

- Anthony F

This car is a reliable and dependable choice.

It is a reliable car, I am close to 90,000 miles and have needed minimal repairs and work done. It is pretty good on gas as well. For a smaller car it has a lot of trunk space. Especially when the backseat is down. It does not have an AUX cord port which is one of the downsides of this car.

- Kim L

Very comfortable on road trips.

It is a reliable and comfortable car. I have taken it on many road trips. It's been performing well for quite a while, the one problem I have is with the heating and cooling. I keep getting it looked at but its still an issue. But other than that one problem it's been a great car.

- Cheyenne G

Compact but just enough room to transport my 3 grandchildren in the back seat.

It drives fine, good on gas. Compact and good on the road. It is reliable and features such as radio and function of features such as wipers. I like the big front window. Love the color and the comfort of the interior size, it can accommodate my 3 grandchildren in the back seat.

- Denise D

It whistles/rattles when you accelerate and has since we bought it new

I just don't really like this car. It doesn't accelerate well. On the bright side at least I have a radio. It needs an auxiliary cord. I also just don't like this car because it's embarrassing when it doesn't start or when it sounds like it's going to explode when I accelerate.

- Sarah Z

A decent car with a few annoyances

Tire pressure sensor is extremely sensitive and is always on. The car is semi compact but also has a lot of room. I love the hatchback. It gets okay gas mileage. There is no aux input, CD player and radio only. Overall it is a reliable car and will get you where you need to go.

- Anna P

It�s a reliable car for driving long-distances back-and-forth without overheating

The driver door handle broke down right away, the shift changer jams a lot, the trunk sometimes jams too, feels very spacious for all the passengers, has good trunk space, enough room for a spare tire, AC is OK but is also starting to break down, the motor overall works well.

- Cristina S

2007 Nissan versa - good size, decent leg room.

It is a good size for a small car. It is still going relatively wells for a car more than 10 years old. Sometimes the engine and accelerator can be loud but not the worst I have seen. There is good legroom for a small car. Gets decent gas mileage for a car over 10 years old.

- Susan C

Great little car with great mileage and few breakdowns

This car is comfortable, it turns into tight spaces. It rarely breaks down. On the small side but gets great mileage. I had one recall a few years back but it was no big deal. Drives well, lasts a long time. Comfortable seating. My daughter loves sitting in the front now

- Heather J

The design, interior and exterior, are very nice and the car is comfortable.

I cannot think of a problem that my car has. It has a sleek design and makes me feel good when driving it. Seats are comfortable and roomy, and the interior is slick. It drives very smooth, and I take care to avoid holes in the road. All and all, it is a quality vehicle.

- Joel M

Low mileage and it's paid for. And I think it needs a muffler.

I like the comfortable seats and the height of the vehicle. It's easy to get in and out. I like the hatchback for ease of loading groceries, etc. What I like least is the seat belt, as with most cars, it is not made for full-bodied women and will probably decapitate me.

- Kathy S

Review of my Nissan reliable easy to maintain easy to drive great first car.

Extremely reliable and easy to maintain never too expensive to maintain. Great as an everyday car. Gets me to point A to point B. Gets me to Vegas and back just fine. The inside is very comfortable easy to adjust large front which makes it comfortable for road trips.

- Gia M

2007 Nissan versa. Great efficient car.

For a 2007, it runs great & $30 fills up my gas tank. It is ac & radio work well. No Bluetooth or navigation though. For a small car, it is pretty spacious for me. I work and go to school so it is the perfect kind of car to get me around and save me money.

- Valerie D

Smooth reliable, dependable ride.

Great car. Had problem with spark plugs but problems were easily resolved. Also been receiving mail about malfunctioning airbags that need to be replaced. But all and all my vehicle is fun and great to drive. Very dependable. Smooth ride with quiet engine.

- Lee H

It is a manual (stick shift).

I bought my car used in 2014. I have only had one major issue were I had to change the exhaust system which cost me a significant amount of money. Besides that I am satisfied with the car. It is a manual. Looking to shift to an automatic for my next car.

- Simon B

Nissan versa - reliable, enjoyable, wonderful.

Compact car, with great trunk space. Keyless entry and drive capability. Bluetooth connectivity and Audio control from steering wheel. Great for short and long distance travel, plenty of legroom. Reliable car despite having put so many miles on it.

- Ash M

Look it is a silver Versa!

My Versa is easy to maintain very good on gas mileage and it is just a fun car to drive. It is very easy to find parking places because of its small size. Unfortunately it is a very popular car and there are about 6 silver Versas in my general location.

- Mary S

Nissan versa is a great versatile car.

I love the size, space, and performance of my car. I can drive my versa anywhere in California. I can buy large furniture from idea and put them in the back of the car after I placed down the back sits. The car is very easy to clean, wash, and vacuum.

- Sally L

Larger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

I bought the vehicle as I liked that it has great storage capacity despite it being a small car overall. I dislike however how the bumper is very low and has been scraped badly when driving over obstacles that wouldn't touch other car bumpers.

- Aki Y

The best sedan vehicle for carrying large furniture when you need to move.

My vehicle has lots of space inside the car and in the trunk. My vehicle also is very comfortable and very easy to drive and park. I have this car for more than 10 years already and I am still using it to go to work and buy groceries.

- Teresa W

Good car, easy to maintain, known shifting problems but not severe.

Overall I have enjoyed my Nissan Versa a lot. I purchased it 4 years ago used and I haven't had any problems with mechanical issues. The one thing that has happened the 4 years I have driven it is shifting hard when going to reverse.

- Reina D

2007 Nissan versa> it has a good sized trunk.

My 2007 Nissan versa is the most dependable auto I have ever owned. It does not have many options but that is why I bought it. For a small car it has plenty of space inside. Very good gas mileage is great.

- James W

It has lasted over 10 years and it is still going strong.

It has been a stable, low maintenance vehicle for us for 10 years and still has a little life left in it. It doesn't have much power, but it has a good amount of room and plenty of leg and head room.

- Jeremy D

Nissan Versa, inexpensive, decent MPG, if you're not looking for a sports car its A ok

It gets me from A to B. It was a relatively inexpensive car with Low miles on it. It gets good MPG. I would say I love it, but if it lasts 5 years without any major repairs I'll say I love it then.

- Joshua R

Great mileage and a great price!

It is a great little car that gets great gas mileage. I love the interior space and handling. The car has held up very well. The only downside is that it has very little cargo space.

- Edward D

Comfortable and great gas mileage. Bought used with 27,000 miles. No major problem and paid $14,000.00.

Wonderful car. Great gas mileage. Never had a tune up and only 130,333 miles. Ensure tires rotated regularly and oil changed every 3,000 miles. "OLE BLUE" has been good to me.

- Linda S

I like that it has a sporty look as I do not like sedans

The TPM is on although there is nothing wrong with tire pressure. Also there are times when the car doesn't start but can't have problem serviced unless car doesn't start at all.

- Paula K

It is "jumpy". So it responds quickly and not very smoothly.

I like the size and general shape of my vehicle. I do not like that the tire pressure alert system is busted, or that one of the insulating strips of rubber is loose on a door.

- Mackenzie M

If low cost and mileage is what you want, go for it

Mileage and pickup is pretty good. Seating isn't as comfortable as one would desire but is manageable. Have used it for over 10 years now and it does the job pretty well.

- Sai P

It is a comfortable, reliable drive and the car gets good gas mileage.

I mainly bought it because it is a hatchback and I can fit my musical instrument in it easily. And it gets good gas mileage. However, it does not have good acceleration.

- Colin W

It is reliable and always has been.

I have had my vehicle since 2010. It is an old car that has been in accidents and still treats me good. I am blessed to have no issues. Nissan has been treating me well.

- Amanda M

If you take care of it then it will last a long time.

It handles very nicely and and was taken care of by the previous owners. I do wish it had more get up and go. I think it will last a long time and be a very good car.

- april h

It is my first car. I love it

It is a small blue sedan. It is my first car. Low milage 144,000 miles good condition. I bought it for $2000. Great price for the year and the way it looks and runs

- Eva L

It is the best car to buy for a family.

It is working and I like it but its old and some features do not work. The air conditioner works only when the car is moving sometimes it stops out of nowhere.

- Nicole E

Like: cute design, lasting me more than 10 years Dislike: special parts only dealership can provide

Reliable compact vehicle, will take you anywhere just as long as you're able to pay for the special parts only the dealership can provide. Can be pricey.

- Leslie A

Amazing vehicle for a great price. I would definitely recommend

I love my car. It gets amazing gas mileage (around 50/gal) and is a nice quiet vehicle. The only negative is that it has less pickup than larger engines.

- Josh B

It has good mileage and handles well.

It handles well, and it gets good mileage. I don't like that the trunk only opens when the front door is unlocked. It also has required many repairs.

- Thomas L

It is well made, an easy to maintain.

It is good on fuel. It is roomy, it has power windows, doors and locks. It looks nice as well. It's a great vehicle for shopping and washing trips. .

- Matt W

My car can go a long way with 20 dollars and it's kind of fast.

I love how much gas it saves. I can use 20 dollars and it last me the whole week. The only thing I don't like is it don't have aux but that's fine.

- Roberto C

That's is very reliable car, hasn't never broken down on me.

Runs pretty good, it's small so I can fit in any small space. The only issue is that the driver door handle just feel off. I love my Nissan Versa

- Blanca C

It is very cheap to fill up with gas and great on mileage!

Very roomie for small car. Great trunk space. Great on gas! Cheap to maintain as well. Great radio and auxiliary hook up for phone, iPod, extra.

- Tara S

great car for people on a budget

i love my nissan versa because it comes fully equipped with keyless entry/start up bluetooth sunroof lots of legroom and its great on gas

- Jordan R

The hubcaps easily fall off of this car.

I like the handle of the car and the space inside the car. I do not like the gas mileage nor do I like the lack of durability.

- S G

The gas mileage on a Nissan Versa is great and maintenance is minimal.

My vehicle is great on gas, which I love. It's small and drives smooth. Nissan has always been a good brand of car for me.

- Brianna R

The ignition coils fail too much.

I like it is easy on gas, nice looks, but needed to many repairs, has to little power, it is old, has no backup camera.

- Antonio F

The versa has amazing gas mileage. I can go two weeks without filling up.

Not great in the mountains. It is a more challenging stick to drive and gets weighed down easily when car is full.

- Laurel T

Do not judge because it is a Ford but at least test drive it before you judge it.

I like it because it saves a lot of gas. It is not giving me any problems. But it is small and it is all beat up.

- Ana R

It's a decent choice for the price. It works hard and is reliable.

The Versa has been a decent car, but it isn't as good as my old Sentra. I keep having trouble with my clutch.

- marie B

Good size for a small car, it is still roomy for a small car.

It is not my favorite exterior design. Sometimes is too noisy when accelerating, and my exhaust pipe rattles.

- Kayla H

Reliable. No major issues.

Had for 11 years. No issues to date. Regular oil changes, filters and tires. Purchased new battery recently.

- Barry F

How easy it is to drive and handle and the gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It has a smooth ride. It is compact. I do not like how low to the ground it 'sits.

- Julie W

Great gas mileage. I love taking my car on long drives.

I've had some problems with my engine and had a recall on the airbags but everything else I love about it.

- Talia M

it is easy to maintain and have had no major problems with it even though it is 10 years old. recommended

like the way it looks and it has really held up. i feel like it has good quality that means little repair.

- emily m

the transmission is VERY problematic and nissan knows this

i like the overall style and features however at only 100,000 miles it started falling apart mechanically

- Emily l

I like the handling and the tight turning radius.

It drives smoothly, but it is way too light. It blows around on the highway and hydroplanes very easily.

- Frank R

Great looking, great gas mileage.

I love the car- it gets great gas mileage, low maintenance. Roomy inside. Paid for. I have no dislikes.

- Sharon R

The car has lots of space and it's comfortable for tall people also

I like that is saves on gas, fits everywhere and easy to drive. There isn't anything I dislike about it

- Edgar P

Good sound system but poor miles per gallon performance.

Never got the advertised mileage performance o 30 miles per gallon, it was more in the low twenties.

- William D

Great mileage and plenty of room at a great price.

This is a great car for everyday life. It has plenty of passenger room and gets great gas mileage.

- Edward H

my nissan versa gets really good gas mileage 20 dollars will fill it up

the air works but only on 2 i need to fix it.It gets good gas mileage.it has plenty of room

- lisa l

It's pretty reliable and is spacious. Great fuel economy

I like the appearance and fuel economy. I dislike that the hubcaps fall off so easily.

- Marisa H

very roomy and easy to drive

I like my car good mileage per gallon and it held up very well and low maintenance

- david A

it is nice for driving. Does not need a lot of maintenance

I like the fit. It is small when I have friends in it. But good for my commute.

- Sh P

nice. wish had a bigger trunk like a subaru or a honda

like the size but do wish more storage room in trunk and sits up a bit higher

- Kara L

My car is a 6 speed. It's really good on gas .It could be a bit larger.

It's paid for and scoots around.Great on gas. Plus the seats let back.

- Frances K

It is too small sometimes. This vehicle is not what I would call "my style". It has dents in it from the previous owner.

It's small but hold more than you would guess. It gets the job done.

- Linda H

It has a small gas tank but gets a ton of miles per gallon. KBB says 31 per gallon but I get close to43.

It is a very efficient hatchback car. Handling on curves is smooth.

- nick p

Good gas mileage. It is also the right size for a single (not married with children) person.

Perfect for just me. Easy to handle. Cash mileage is good.

- Jay Q

Like size. Dislike how low it sits when following taller vehicles.

It's Roomier than it looks. Also handles well for size.

- Brenda D

I love how roomy inside the vehicle is. I love how small the car is. I love how easy it is to drive.

It is small on the outside but roomy on the inside.

- Rosemary W