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It is spacious and comfortable inside the vehicle.

I love how comfortable and spacious my car feels. My car performs on the road just fine and has not given me much problem. The only thing that bothers me about my car is that, since it is a hatchback, the back has stopped functioning properly. My hatch will not open with the key remote (which is the only way to open it, since there’s no actual key hole). I think it is a defect that can probably happen to any Nissan hatchback and while it is fixable, I refuse to go into the dealership and pay upwards of $100 for them to “diagnose” my vehicle. Let’s be real Nissan, you guys know exactly what the problem is, because this is the way you designed it and it is supposed to be an issue, eventually, across versa customers. Am I right? I didn't do anything to my car and nothing had happened out of the ordinary, so it is pretty clear there’s a defect. Overall, I think my car is reliable, but not the best long-run investment since there is some loss in functionality.

- Joy A

This 4 door hatchback car is compact yet spacious with great gas mileage.

I have had my Nissan versa hatchback since 2011 and I love it. Its a smaller car, but the inside is spacious. It takes me about $23 every other week to fill up the tank. I have not had any major mechanical problems with my car. The only things I have had to replace since 2011 are the breaks and the tires. If you have children, it's a great car for you. As I said before, the inside is spacious. The hatchback truck is great has a lot of room too. The seat go down if you want to transport something too big for the trunk. There is a rear wiper on the back window that is great for keeping the window clear when it rain. The last feature that I love are the coin holders. In addition to the 4 cup holders, and two bottle holders there are also 2 coin holders so you can print your toll if you don't have smart tag like me.

- Brandy J

Versa: the first buyers car.

I really enjoy my Versa. No complications with motor due to proper maintenance. It is compact but roomy. I like that it does not have all the electronic screens and keyless entry like most cars. It is dependable, reliable, and cost efficient. It is easy to learn the engine. Great commuter car, gas efficient. I probably would buy this exact model in the future. I love my Versa. It is definitely a first car kinda deal. Small enough to fit in right parking spaces but still so spacious. I recommend this car to first time buyers. It is not a powerful engine but I do not mind that at all. Basic features include power windows, automatic door locks, satisfactory sound system.

- Elizabeth R

A great little vehicle with ample storage.

I love my little Nissan! I bought it after my old car broke down at a very inopportune time. I purchased it after much research and careful consideration, weighing its reviews against other cars I was considering at the time. The Nissan versa was the best deal for my money, hands down. In the year and a half since I have owned it I have had absolutely no problems. I have maintained regular checkups and oil changes, and have only once had an issue I had to take care of. However, this issue was caused by the previous owner, and I put no fault on Nissan for it. In the future when I wish to purchase a car, I will very likely purchase a Nissan again.

- Julia C

Nissan Versa: A Very Functional Vehicle

This car is comfortable, very spacious with a lot of headroom and leg space. The trunk is also sizable for a car of this size. The interior is a cloth material and is comfortable to sit in. Some of the things I dislike about the car are the lack of arm rests, technology, external temperature sensors. Besides those things, the car moves very well for an older base model car. It is reliable and I have only had to do regular wear-and-tear maintenance on the vehicle, nothing out of the ordinary. The car regularly gets around 30 MPG and has an 11 gallon tank. I appreciate the aux cord in the car but I do wish it had a better media/navigation system.

- Natalie T

Reliable car with cheap upholstery

I love my car, it is very reliable and great on gas especially because I just use it around town. I have never had any maintenance problems and I keep up with oil change and tune ups and etc. my complaint about this vehicle is the interior has completely fallen apart on me the door handles have completely fallen apart on me. The rim on the doors edge has come off on both driver and passenger sides. The upholstery just coming unstitched in weird places. That's why I wouldn't buy another one makes my car look trashy. I work hard to keep up Maintenance on my car.

- Christina C

Versa review - the tire light.

Very reliable and sturdy car. The only downsides are going to be the brakes. They are not the most sensitive, so you have to be mindful in the rain. It feels safe and roomy on the inside. My 6'2" husband had trouble fitting in the front though. I have had the car for 3 years and it has not had any problems. Only minor annoyance is that the tire light is on no matter what. I have taken it in multiple times before and they always say it is fine and reset it, and it'll be back on before I leave the lot. But a light is not super annoying when the car is fine.

- Daniel H

Sensor when keys get too far away to operate vehicle, so it cannot get stolen.

My favorite aspect about my car is the gas mileage. I live in Minnesota where gas is $2.59 per gallon currently and it costs me only $21 to fill up past full. I drive 20 miles to and from work and still, I fill up only once per week. My car is reliable, however the maintenance, check engine and tire lights are kinky and have had to replace them twice. Since it is an older car, there is no Bluetooth which is a bummer in this day and age when everything is Bluetooth compatible. There is also no camera or GPS, which makes my car seem outdated.

- Olivia C

It is small, easy to drive, and fuel-efficient.

It is very reliable and has had few problems since I bought it in 2014. I have had to replace some parts since then of course, such as the muffler and brakes, but really nothing sooner than the average life expectancy of the part from normal wear and tear. It also gets good gas mileage. The only 2 things I wish were different is 1) the windows are not automatic, 2) the body style is very low to the ground with very small tires, so it isn't very good for driving in snow at all. Other than that, it is great for daily commuting.

- Lilly B

Nissan versa is a great car we enjoy.

This is a great car to use to run errands and travel back and forth to see grandkids. It has plenty of room to haul groceries and other purchases. The fuel efficiency is the reason we purchased this as a "run around" car and it has not disappointed. It has plenty of room for 4 adults to sit comfortably. The air conditioning and heat work really well and do a good job for the size of the car. It has great pick up for around town. We bought it as a second car to run errands and use it continually for this task.

- Penny M

2010 Nissan Versa Hatchback

Since I've bought this car, I have had nothing but problems. Started out as small issues like brakes and rotors, and progressed into the transmission needing to be replaced and the muffler falling off. I did not know when I bought the car that they were known for transmission issues. Even though the problems were fixed, the car does not sound right and still doesn't drive properly. I honestly would not recommend for anybody to buy this car and I wish I could afford to get something else.

- Courtney A

Comfortable, affordable and very reliable.

This is an absolutely great car! It is a tremendous value for the money. It has been extremely reliable. It doesn't have a lot of luxury features but what it does have is a lot of room. Great leg room and an airy, open cabin with plenty of headroom and a great field of vision outside the vehicle. I have had no problems with it at all other than routine things like brakes and tires. It is comfortable, affordable and extremely reliable.

- Dee S

Comfort, reliability and lots of legroom.

My versa is extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver. It gets great gas mileage. I have had no mechanical problems with this car. It is attractive and a pleasure to drive. Fits right in with my lifestyle, the hatchback allows me to store my scuba gear easily. It is also great for shopping, easy in easy out packages. Oh, yes, it has lots of legroom which is great for tall people like me. Highly recommend this auto.

- Jeanne B

2010 Nissan versa features and issues.

It is hard to unlock especially if you accidentally leave your keys in there since it does not have the regular locks that the newer models have. Also I cannot open one of my doors from inside. I do not know what the problem is. It is very gas efficient. Whenever I get a full tank, it usually lasts me about two weeks. It is very easy to handle and maneuver. It does not have keyless entry or power windows.

- Chris E

It has a great sound system.

The only problems I have had is that the front under plastic has come undone and is dragging the ground. The back part of the wheel cover has also popped out. It drives smooth and has been very reliable. I would also like to say that the blower for the air and heat stops and starts when there is a bump in the road and it recently had a call back for a malfunctioning passenger side airbag.

- Kathy R

Nissan Versa: great, reliable vehicle.

It runs amazing, great on gas, resilient, reliable. I have had it for three years now and have never had a problem with it, even after hitting a raccoon and running over a dear. The only thing cosmetically wrong is that it has a small dent in the front. It has great gas mileage and it never has any problems. From empty to full, it's only 25ish dollars to fill up. Great first car.

- Donna W

It's not pretty but it's very reliable.

It's 8 years old and sits low. I have got the bumper pulled off a few times it's being held in by duct tape now as the clip broke and I'm not going to spend the money to fix a car with 118000 miles on it. The vinyls got pulled back in the arm rest and I stapled it in place for the same reason. It doesn't look great but runs well I just drove it up into the mountains.

- Lynn T

My Red Nissan Versa aka My Fireball

My Nissan versa is a compact hatchback car that is easy on gas and is very reliable. But does not have very much room. The ride is comfortable and all the controls are in a easy to reach places. For me to have enough room for all my work gear I had to remove the back seats which was not very easy, I am also able to have my dogs in the back to go for rides.

- Stacey W

Good car but fair amount of tire problems

My car works really well, and I rarely have problems with it. The main problem I run into with it is how loud it is when it runs. The oil also burns our kind of quickly. I've also had several problems in the past with the tires. One of the tires is leaky, another one has a broken pressure gage, and recently a tire fell off of my car while I was driving.

- Steph S

I wouldn't say it has anything amazing, but it gets really great highway mpg.

The alignment seems to become off kilter very easily. Bumps and turns are felt pretty intensely in the back seat. But this car has run for almost 10 years with no major malfunctions that weren't due to an operator error. Keep up on general maintenance, and this baby is good to go. I am not exactly a car person, but I haven't had to be with this vehicle.

- Camille C

Car runs good, but is a bit on the homely side looks wise.

Car is responsive and quick in the short run. A little bit loud as the transmission is a CVT. Adequate interior room and plenty of trunk space in the hatchback. So far I have not had any major problems, the car has 155000 miles on it at this time. One thing I like is that this vehicle has a timing chain and not a belt, which is cheaper in the long run.

- Louis P

2010 Nissan Versa pros and cons.

It is reliable and relatively inexpensive to keep on the road. Good in Syracuse, NY winters and the heater m/defroster work quickly. Starting to have some structural issues. Part of the driver side car door handle broke off and the driver side door inside the car arm rest is starting to have the leather pull away to show the foam underneath.

- Michele M

As soon as night falls the lights in the care go up,

The car is very comfortable, runs in good conditions. It alerts you when ever it needs something change and has sensors when someone is on and if they don't have a seat belt the car will alert you. Its small so it fits anywhere and for being a small car it runs pretty fast. The car is silver, with four doors and a trunk that opens up words.

- Lupe G

A great reliable car that feels like a small SUV with the amount of space inside

The seats are comfortable; they don't look or feel cheap. The driver side door handle broke, but we found one at a salvage yard. No mechanical problems and it has been very reliable. Stereo system sounds pretty good. Has decent power taking off but gets weaker around 30-40 mph and then picks up power again when accelerating. LOTS of space

- Natasha L

Reliable car with pickup and light issues.

It is a fairly reliable vehicle with a few problems. The biggest one is that this car has absolutely zero pickup. To accelerate, I have to practically floor the gas. Kind of embarrassing, because to get anywhere, I have to sound like speed racer. The other issue is that the lights are almost always going off, even when nothing's wrong.

- Megan H

The Mighty Versa. A great drifting car in the wine Country or on the raceway.

It's a little light on the road which is great in the summer but terrible in winter. It has a lot of room, great gas mileage, and comfy seats. The tire pressure signal comes on quite a bit even when there is no issue with the tire(s). No power windows, have to hand crank them. Other than that, it's a really reliable little car.

- Melissa M

Short and sweet, but gets the job done.

Received this car 2nd hand, but it sure is reliable for long distance drives. Only thing I dislike is that it doesn't have a center console/arm rest. Other than that, features I do love is your typical engine lights and safety features, plus a low tire gauge indicator. The engine is also really silent when the car is idle.

- Crystal W

I love how small but spacious my car really is!

It is given me some problems as I have had it. however, nothing too big or crazy. Thankfully it is run pretty well for almost two years! I have had to change the battery recently and the breaks. It is due for another change of breaks soon. Overall my car has been pretty good to me, has not given me too much of an issue.

- Crystal S

Silver Nissan Versa has been dependable where is counts

The performance of my 2010 Nissan Versa is very dependable and has come with very few mechanical issues throughout my time owning it. The only major issues I have had is mainly cosmetic. So far the door handle has came off, the driver side interior has come loose and the passenger side is not completely attached either.

- Jess M

Why I like my little blue car.

Every repair made including the front brakes have all been successful and affordable. I feel safe in my car and happy with how it is built. It has been reliable at this point in time and responded well to repairs made. It doesn't have many features like BlueTooth tooth or a camera but I don't feel like I need all that.

- Nicole M

Nice little get around car that gets great mileage and is fun to give

It is very reliable. Very easy to drive. Very comfortably. Very roomy inside for being a small car. It gets very good gas mileage. Other than routine maintenance, we have not had any problems with anything mechanical. It is very trustworthy for long trips. We have taken it a couple of times on extensive travel.

- Beverly P

My likes and dislikes for my Nissan.

It gets great gas mileage. And drives great. It was a rental car so it has not bells and whistles. Armrest would be nice. It is comfortable for city driving and a great commuter car. Not a good long trip car. The only problems we have had are the dash sensors going out and it costing $65 apiece to fix. Kinda spendy.

- Tammy P

M car is fine no problems.

My car is good on gas, very comfortable. Easy to manage, easy to maintain, great security system, heat is very good. This car is very in inexpensive, drives smooth, air condition works perfect. I have no problems with my car. My car is ok there are no problem with it so far. Why do you think that there is a problem?

- Barbara B

Great economy vehicle and comfortable to drive,

Always starts, great gas mileage, comfortable for 6' people. Mine is a hatchback and that Versatility allows for carrying a lot of stuff. Back folds down. Easy on tires. Upholstery holds up well cleans like new. Paint also looks like new. Maintenance is not expensive, mostly limited to oil, lube and filters.

- Judith W

2010 pre owned Nissan versa.

My car is a 2010 Nissan compact car. It is reliable and the performance is above average. Car locks do not work for the key. Gas open lever broke off. Chain near the wheel needs replaced. I had to replace the blower motor. The heater didn't work. The muffler needed replaced. Many issues. No special features.

- Wendy R

Safety and affordability: the brand that gets you going.

I love the affordability, and the spacious room that a versa offers. Furthermore, I like the style and fuel efficiency it offers. I drive a manual. One problem that I don't like on my versa is that the passenger side doesn't have a key. I like the safety features such as the auto passenger side turning off.

- Terry V

Pretty good vehicle. Works well and has great mileage.

I have not had that many issues with the vehicle. The only major incident is the front shocks went. I had to replace both of the front struts and tires. Other than reasonable wear and tear, the vehicle has held up pretty well. My windshield wipers have stopped working. That was an easy and inexpensive fix.

- Jennifer S

Nissan Versa: comfy interior, ample space, not enough torque.

This car is only 4 cylinder, with FWD, and does not fair well in the mountains or anywhere with high elevation. However, this cat gets great gas mileage and has very comfy interior. The back seats fold down, offering a nice amount of space for cargo and luggage, and even medium sized piece of furniture.

- Nicole P

It is pretty and practical.

My car is great. Fits almost anything and anyone, 4 people though. Comfy, rides good, but has issues with turning and the fan has been messed up forever. It turns well. I love the hatchback. It is very practical but not very well maintained. Seats, dash, and fabric on the doors are trying to come apart.

- Hannah M

It is really good on gas. A full tank can typically last about a full week.

2010 Nissan versa is a great car. It is fantastic on gas and requires low maintenance. It has airbag issues which can be fixed for free through Nissan themselves but other than that it is a great car. Very spacious alternative if you are trying to get away from trucks but still require a bit of space.

- Devotion B

Things I love about my car, minus the indicator light.

I just answered I love my car, so it will be difficult to use so many characters about what I do not like. I have had an indicator light problem. For no reason on, I go to dealership they test it and turn it off. It happens summer and winter, on long trips and short excursions. Just says check engine.

- Catherine H

Hatchback! Gives you easy access to the entirety of the car.

Very reliable, looks small but has a lot of indoor space. Has never given me an issues, other than the upkeep maintenance. Able to travel long distances. My favorite thing about my versa is that it is the hatchback edition. I work with dogs, so having that act as my cargo space for them is excellent.

- Cynthia L

Good buy!! No big problems.

The car has great gas mileage. Air conditioning is great as well. The only problems that I have encountered are two of the door handles have stopped working, and the gas panel latch has fallen off. Otherwise, it has given me no problems. I might also add that the headlights are difficult to change.

- Nathan P

Nissan Versa is a wonderful car!

The Nissan Versa is a wonderful car. It is fuel efficient, low in maintenance, classy and very roomy! I would suggest to anyone that want's a vehicle that is reliable does not cost a lot to maintain to look into using this vehicle you will not be disappointed by the performance of the Nissan Versa.

- Sherry D

Gas miles, cool air, warm heat, great ride.

My car gets awesome gas mileage, very minimal repairs, tires are inexpensive, fuses that go out on braking system is expensive. Only have in 8 years I am almost at 100, 000 and I get often asked to resale just because it is a great car. Only have had 2 recalls that was on the airbag system only.

- Sharon M

Fairly economical but not too safe and very little power.

It is quite reliable, which is extremely important to me. The car has been rear-ended though and it is very costly to repair, primarily the cost of paint. When packed for a trip or with a lot of groceries, etc. It does not have much power at all. When going up any hill it has very little power.

- Molly J

It's a good car for the money

The Versa has been a dependable vehicle. Good gas mileage. The only problem I've had with the car is the easy open trunk button stopped working. I have noticed that this is a common problem and wish Nissan would do something to fix it. At over 100K miles, the car still purrs like a kitten.

- Tracy K

I believe I paid to much for my car when it had 18,000+ miles on it already but I call my car reliable.

I'm 5'0 and weigh less than 115 lb. so I love the size of my vehicle, feel it's perfect. Gas mileage is great as well and easy to drive. The first 2 year I had my car it had motor issues but the dealer paid for all expenses. The driver air bags got recall so the dealer had to replace those.

- Abbyh C

No panic button to help me when I lose my car.

I really love this car. My only complaint is that the locks are not automatic, and therefore does not come with a panic button. This is concerning, as if I were ever in a dangerous situation, I would not have that available. It also is not helpful for when I lose my car, which is often.

- Allison L

Good car that runs well and takes me from point A to point B.

My car runs pretty well. It usually does not give me too many troubles or problems. Sometimes I do have to do some work on it. I had to recently change the battery and the breaks. Although I may have some issues with the car usually it drives well and does not give me too many issues.

- Crystal S

Small enough to maneuver around and spacious enough for passengers.

Love everything about it except it does not have power lock or windows. Other than that it is perfect! There's a lot more space than you'd think it has, its reliable, great on gas, and has not had any mechanical issues since I bought it 9 years ago. Best first car I could ask for.

- Tess S

10 years old and holding strong!

I have really enjoyed my Versa. It's dependable and I've only had to do routine maintenance most of the time. The only big expenses have been a new clutch and breaks. My mechanic says those are routine as well due to the age of my vehicle. All in all I really have enjoyed my car.

- Angela H

It is great on gas mileage and very reliable. Hasn't had anything go wrong on it yet even at 125,000 miles.

I love the fact that for a hatchback, it has the most room of any in its class. Awesome on gas mileage and I haven't had any problems with it even though I just hit 125,000 miles. My only complaint is that I wish I would've gotten a nicer package with more bells and whistles.

- Mike L

Reliable go kart! Dependable little thing!

The brakes squeak and the exhaust pipe needs replaced because its rusted through. It has 128, 000 miles on it. Besides that its extremely reliable, no major problems. We depend on it as a commuter car for my hubby because it gets great gas mileage. It really is very reliable.

- Kelsey S

Very sparkly and reliable.

It is a very strong vehicle. Has gotten hit twice and nothing has happened to the bumper. This vehicle is very reliable and easy to drive. It fits easily in parking spaces. Its a fast car and it doesn't use to much gasoline. It is very economic. It's the best car ever.

- Arlene T

My car... A Nissan versa!

This car has been a great car! Gets great gas mileage and I've had no real problems with it at all. It is easy to drive and is very low maintenance. I bought it for a second card and I have ended up using it as my primary vehicle. I would recommend a Nissan versa ti anyone.

- Kelly D

Perfect car for a small family.

My vehicle windows roll down manually and locks manually, if the drivers door is locked the trunk will be too, has a small trunk but back seats come down to enlarge the trunk, our vehicle is getting old but still drives us around, it is been a good car for our small family.

- Sandra F

Silver beautiful Nissan Versa!! Great reliable car

I love my car! It's about 10 years old now but it has definitely been reliable over the years, I've had a few issues here and there but nothing out of the ordinary! She's getting a little old now and starting to fall apart but she's holding out. I would recommend a Nissan!

- Victoria B

It saves gas for because I drive a lot in it

It saves gas for one. Its small and it fits in small places. The seats don't go down in the back just in case in need to put something in back. Always getting oil changed and brakes done.I am always changing my tires every 3 months. I wish it had more technology inside it


Small, but fierce Nissan Versa is a win.

I love my Nissan. It is reliable and safe, which are the two major qualities that I look for in a car. It does not take much to fill the gas tank and I go through about a tank every two weeks. I also enjoy being able to make short turns and get into parking spaces easily.

- Jamie Z

A small car that has value in its ride quality, fuel efficiency and passenger size.

It is reliable, it gets good fuel mileage. It has had very little maintenance. The work that has been done has been cheap. For a small car it has enough room to fit four adults comfortable. It has four doors. It Rhodes good for a small car. It has had no problems at all.

- Jared S

Spacious on the inside. Small enough to make U-turns/3 point turns w/ no issues.

Super reliable. Only at about 120,000 miles and still going strong. No major issues after owning for 3 years. Takes a minute for the engine to warm up in cold weather but most cars do. All in all great first car and I know I've got a couple more years with it for sure.

- Kayla M

The car is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

The car has been a very nice car. It has over 200K miles on it now and is still going. It gets good gas mileage and has never had any major problems. We will likely be getting a new Nissan later on this year although it may be a Pathfinder or something like that.

- Chris B

Nissan versa is reliable! Cheap maintenance and parts.

I had to replace the airbags because of a recall that would blow metal shards out when they were activated. I had to replace the front passenger axle twice. It is a reliable car that I have had for years as a daily driver. Great on gas and very low maintenance.

- Hannah M

Versa review: love it, with some quirks.

I love that my car is very reliable but the gas mileage is not great and also the repairs are very costly. Overall, this car drives very well throughout the seasons but it definitely requires a lot of work in terms of maintenance and up keeping. I am a big fan!

- Julia J

Small, black sedan perfect for young adults and small families. 4 door, FWD

Average performance for vehicle. Reliable vehicle, no persistent problems. Seats are very comfortable and adjustable. Large back seat and trunk area. Front and rear cupholders. Front air vents only. 4-door, FWD. No center console or mirror on driver-side visor.

- Taylor B

Super cute, fun car, super safe

My Nissan versa has been incredibly reliable and safe. Not to mention it's super cute. I've got 150000 miles and counting on it. It's been a great car to me. The gas mileage is amazing and affordable. I would recommend the Nissan versa to any potential buyer.

- Sarah S

The perfect mom car but trendy with nice interior.

Long lasting and the most reliable car I have ever owned. Driven from NY to FL countless times and has helped me on many other road trips with lots of trunk space. Fits two baby car seats in the back with still enough room for a 9 year old kid in the middle.

- Ivy W

This car is reliable. It is a great choice for those who want to stay safe.

Very reliable, safe, smooth and easy to drive. Maintenance of the car is inexpensive and easy to upkeep. The car is spacious and roomy. It runs well and is comfortable. Passengers are comfortable riding in the car. The car is reliable on long distance trips.

- Elizabeth J

Great overall economy car

I have 106,000 miles and have only ever had to replace tires, battery, and oil. Great car with plenty of legroom. The hatchback offers plenty of space for storage. I do have a cracked engine mount and will repair that soon. You can't go wrong with this car.

- Linda H

Very reliable vehicle and cute

Very reliable. Over 100,000 miles & hardly any maintenance or repair costs. Basic model has no auto door locks or trunk release which is somewhat annoying & inconvenient. Otherwise handles well in most weather, sime road noise. Reliability is best feature.

- Melanie F

Little Red Four Door Hatchback

This car has very few problems. Normal maintenance. It is small enough to get good gas mileage but not so small as to be cramped and uncomfortable. Easy to drive and maneuver. Plenty of room for shopping and taking other people along. Okay for tall people.

- Lauren M

The vehicle is very easy to maneuver.

The size of the car is great. Very easy to get in and out of the car. There is a lot of space in the backseat and in the trunk of the car. The radio could be more modern but it works great. The color scheme of the car is great. The car is easy to maintain.

- Angelica C

Will not start if you have your foot on the brake.

This is the second Nissan I have owned. I had constant problems with both. I bought the versa new and have had electrical and transmission problems and even had one problem with the car not starting that the manufacturing representative could not explain.

- Patty S

Great car for the price of the car.

The Nissan Versa is compact but roomy with good gas mileage and a quiet ride, roomy cab space with basic options no problems with my Nissan Versa. I love this little car I would buy another one in a heart beat great car, great gas great car Nissan Versa.

- Jeanne H

Easy driving economical auto.

This is an economical little car. Gets good gas mileage. Have had some problems with the muffler and exhaust system since I purchased the vehicle. Good everyday car to go to work, run errands, etc. Hatch back is convenient with a fair amount of space.

- Joyce V

Gas mileage, small, large truck

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It is quite small. But a large truck space. It is comfortable. There is no truck unlock bottom inside the vehicle, you have to use your key, which is a pain but is minor. Gas mileage is good. I love my car

- Allison W

My windows are not tinted.

Though I bought it used, this vehicle has served me well. I commute about 25 miles to work and I don't use up too much gas and I have never broken down. I do wish the paint had lasted a bit longer, it has started to chip on the door frames and roof.

- Andy B

The acceleration has weakened, but still handles hills and mountains fine.

I absolutely love my car and have had it for 6 years at this point. It gets good mpg and the hatchback is useful when traveling or moving bigger items. It is a good car for a small 4-door that does not sacrifice comfort--even for taller passengers.

- Annie B

Hills or No Hills? That's the question to be asked.

The Nissan Versa Hatchback that I own runs pretty good, there's really only one thing that bothers me and that's when I drive up a hill it is the worst with my car, I'm so slow and it really just takes forever. Other then that it's a great car.

- Cory B

Pretty good gas mileage, timing belt, comfortable, little storage.

I like it overall. Small cons-speakers are not great, lack of storage space and armrests is a bit annoying. Glovebox is not super well designed. It drives well and has not had many issues as of yet. Currently at around 130k. I bought it at 96k.

- Adam M

Great economical spacious fast car.

It's a compact car that fits anywhere. There is plenty of trunk space. You can fit 5 people comfortably. My only complaint that it loses tire pressure regularly have to fill with air even after replacing all tires.

- Tanya E

It is a joy to drive anywhere and creates an intimate atmosphere with family.

What I love is that it is the most fun car to drive I have owned in three years. What I dislike is that while it gets very good and at times great mileage on the highway, it gets poor mileage in the city.

- Ma S

That the inside mirror is to low and the shades are to low.

It runs smooth it is just the right size for what we need but what we do not like about it is the shades and mirror due to the fact they are to low and cant use the shade provided cause you cant see.

- Julie C

Like how is drives smooth and is very good on gas mileage.

Great vehicle very good on gas mileage. Drives very smooth good quality for the price. Good car to drive around the city. Would consider this vehicle a very good vehicle for a first time car buyer.

- Wendy K

My Nissan Versa makes my life so much easier knowing that I can depend on it.

I love the reliability of my Nissan. I like how I fit into the seat and feel high enough to see over many vehicles. I have no complaints about this car, there is nothing to dislike in my opinion!

- Robin T

The car is still in working condition, however, sometimes the a/c sometimes go out and the heater does not work

I like that the car is still functioning and is able to take where I need to go. However, it would be nice if I could have had some extra features but it is an older model so I can't be too annoyed

- Brittany L

The versa is va-va-vroom!

There have been a number of recalls regarding my airbags, which is unsettling. However, with a 6 speed transmission and a compact car low to the ground, this fun car takes corners like a champ!

- Elise H

My car is reliable and it's compact size is easy to park

I like that my car is small and easy to park. It also is reliable most of the time and has not had many major issues. I wish it would get better mileage and did not have as many rust issues.

- Mallory B

It is great on gas. The paint seems to scratch very easily.

The versa is small and zippy! It is so much more roomy than it appears. With great gas mileage and very low maintenance, it makes a perfect care for anyone. Student, commuter, family, etc..

- Ashley W

It is very reliable vehicle. I have had mine for 6 years.

I like the gas mileage that I get on this car. I like that it has been reliable and given little to no mechanical problems. I do not like that it struggles to drive up hills and mountains.

- Amanda T

The car definitely get very good mileage

I like my car because it has enough doom for my family. Also gas mileage is very good. The trunk is huge. The only thing I dislike is it goes through air in the tires quickly

- Holly P

It is a compact car so space is tight.

It is a good reliable car. Love the hatchback and space of the storage space. I dislike the manual locks and windows and that the backseat only fits two people comfortably.

- Natalya E

The car is very dependable and was a great buy as it was the base model with no bells and whistles.

The car gets decent gas mileage. It's Base so not much to go wrong and is very dependable and cheap parta. There are not many feature, even has manual window controls.

- Matthew G

The most important things are your vehicle's maintenance schedule and mileage.

Love the look and comfort of the vehicle. The position of the seat adjustment handles on the passenger side is awkward and the cup holders in the door are too small.

- Rebecca L

The trunk does not open from the outside.

I like that it is mechanically sound and gets good gas mileage. I don't like how the brakes need changed and that it is getting old. It has served me well, though.

- Abby S

It is efficient and reliable. The nissan is a great make and model, I believe this car is great for first time buyers.

I like that it is efficient and reliable. I however which it had more features because it is a baseline model. I would buy the brand and model again in the future.

- molly m

It is dependable and practical. It fits me for what I need in a car.

It is reliable and cheap to fix. It gets me where I need to go and has pretty decent gas mileage. I work in the city and the size makes it easy to parallel park.

- Zoe M

Economically friendly, great on gas and has enough room.

I like that it's very economically friendly. Good little car that gets me from point a to b. I dislike that its had numerous recalls in a short span of time.

- Michelle W

It is big enough for the whole family.

1)runs good.. 2) easy on gas.. 3)good engineering went into the mechanics of the car.. 4) poor craftsmanship on the body.. 5) paint chips on the hood, hatch.

- Darrell P

Versa for reliability, low gas mileage, and built well!

Very dependable, easy maintenance. Great gas mileage. There are small problems such as the fabric on the door panel coming off. It had two airbag recalls.

- Ashley W

my 2010 nissan versa is in better shape then it was when we first bought it the only thing that doesn't work is the car charger.

nothing wrong with my vehicle my 2010 nissan versa drives good when I bought it it was used the car wasn't cleaned out all the way but it's good now

- sasha F

It handles really well. It is easy to drive and manage.

I like it's fuel efficiency. I like the way it handles. I would like some more modern features. I dislike that it has some minor cosmetic issues

- Lauren R

Great value for the price, especially if you get an older model.

I love the radio, the speed control, and the space it has. I don't care for the number of bumps I can feel'I'm disabled, so I feel more than some.

- Elizabeth M

Great value for the money.

Like it gets great gas mileage, hate it write now because I need new brakes, tires. Seems to start needing a lot of work done at 75,000 miles.

- Barbara L

Nissan Versa no problems, but runs slower

I enjoy my car, but over time the engine is starting to run down. It doesn't have many problems, but it is not running as strong as it used to

- Kristina M

My car its a nisan, the model is 2010 versa

It's very good, its my 1st 2nd hand car but its going well. I have this car from last 3 months and I did not find any kind of problem in that

- Ayesha A

I like how compact it is making parking easy.

The sensors always come on even when there is no issues with the car. I want an armrest in the middle of the seat. Wish it had Bluetooth.

- Ashley M

My driver door handle will come off if you are not careful.

I do not like the size of it or the exterior of my car, I like that it gets me where I need to go and I like the stock stereo system.

- Beau K

The inside is a lot bigger than you think!

I like it is just big enough for me and my friends. It has a decent size gas tank. But it struggles accelerating and going up hills

- Mia T

It is reliable, we have not had any major issues with it.

The gas mileage is pretty good. We like how smooth and quiet he ride is and the temperature controls are excellent. It is reliable.

- Tyson B

It has great gas mileage both in town and on the hwy.

It has good gas mileage in town and on the hwy... It is a great commuter car... It needs arm rests. My car doesn't have them.

- Tamara P

good car..little to no problems

this vehicle is good. have owned it for 7 years and only had a couple minor problems. thinking about even looking for another

- mcd d

It has a couple recalls. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like that it doesn't sit too low to the ground. I like that it gets pretty good gas mileage. I don't like the way it looks.

- Rachel B

Great on gas and dependable.

My car is very dependable and good on gas. Everything works on it too. I do not like the size or the cloth interior though.

- Kelsey P

The crv is comfortable and roomy.

About to get new car probably a Subaru, nephew sells at buyers. No complaints on Nissan. Had Honda in past accord and can.

- Cathy F

It is a reliable and a pretty good gas saver. the best option

gas saver convenient reliable good equipment luxurious practical up to date familiar trusted brand other no more opinion

- ana a

very dependable with good gas mileage

my car is very reliable. it has almost 100,000 miles on it and i've had to spend very little on maintenance or repairs

- linda l

I like the hatchback feature. I just had my second child so I no longer love the size. I need something bigger. But it was a great size for no kids and 1 kid.

The dealer told me that we need to get our transmission fluid changed because these cars have had transmissions issues.

- Kelsey G

Could be better, but decent quality overall

Bought pre-owned and within one year had to put in over 3,000 dollars worth of repairs. Not the most reliable vehicle.

- Tatiana G

Its lightweight so can be shaky in the wind.

I like the size of the car. I love the gas mileage I get. I love the comfort in the car and how spacious it is inside.

- Kari S

It is good for a large family.

Like I can see clearly out of the windows on all sides.. Dislike nothing - it's a bit tatty now.. Like plenty of room.

- Kirsty L

The most important thing to know about the 2010 Nissan Versa is that is has a weak engine.

The style of the car is favorable . The hatchback is very useful. It is very spacious. I don't like the weak engine.

- Mahaley C

It's a very efficient car on gas. It also is very spacious !

I like that it saves me gas money. It is also very cute and very spacious. Sometimes it doesn't turn on immediately.

- Cristal S

Features not very updated; 100k miles; never missed an oil change

It was cheap to buy and not very attractive. But it has had relatively few problems and has been cheap to maintain.

- Allison C

People should know that the Nissan versa is a good and reliable car

I like my 2010 Nissan versa because it gets me from point A to point B. The color is great. It's also good on gas

- lexi p

It is small but also very spacious and easy to drive. A very good first car.

Some of my complaints for this car include not having a temperature gauge, poor Bluetooth, and no maps feature.

- Gabrielle E

It is great for families and single couples. Perfect to fit things to move or travel on vacation.

Love the amount it can hold. i got this car to move in and out while in college and it fits everything I need.

- jessica G

Pretty good gas mileage per gallon

Wish it came with a mesh cover to hide items in the cargo area. Also the Cargo light needs to be brighter.

- Richard R

Good car that's small and nice

Easy to drive and. Very reliable. Small but fits full size adults easily in rear seats. Great car to drive

- Frank R

The 3.6l can move -great performance.

That it doesn't have any problems so I do not need to go to any mechanic. I dislike that its too small.

- Raquel G

The car is worth the money that I paid for it. Very comfortable on long trips.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like the cheapness of the materials used to make the body of the car.

- Amber H

Great Little Vehicle which is great on gas plus easy to maintain

The car is very economical. It is easy to maintain. It gives great gas mileage. No complaints!

- Bill A

how long andwell they run and is it a great car to purchase and later pass on to someone else to drive

it gets me to around . I like it because it run well and complaints I wish it was a lot bigger

- michelle w

There is nothing others should know about my vehicle.

Nothing really matters about the car. It runs very good. Other than that nothing else to say

- Mindy R

It drives great and rides nice. There's plenty of room.

I haven't had this long. It drives great and rides nice. It's one of look into buying again.

- Cathy T

I can't think of anything that people need to know

it's fine, i'm not crazy about cars, it's just something to get from point a to point b.

- christina j

it fit way more in than people think it can

Great value for money low maintenance good mileage not very comfortable for a long trip

- ian H

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is mine and do not touch, dent, hit or scratch her.

I like that it is small. I like that it has good gas mileage. I like that if fits me.

- Barbara F

It is small and easy to park. The ride is not as smooth as higher cards. It is red.

It is surprisingly roomy in the back seat it can fit an entire Christmas Tree.

- Hee R

the car is very good on gas and have a great design that gives it appealing look.

i like that the car is very compact with great trunk space and good design.

- raphael s

It's roomy and save gas. But, the front end sits too low. Tires for this model are very difficult to find.

The front end sits too low. The engine is quite. Overall it's a good buy.

- Diane W

Affordable. Good on gas. The back can convert to hatchback to v Carry large items

I like the compact size. And that it is a hatchback. Very good on gas.

- Ileana p

It's a very dependable car.

It's a great size. It gets great gas mileage. And it's a smooth ride

- Stormy H

It's dependable and has plenty of space. The gas mileage is not to great.

Most of them come with a cvt transmission. Fortunately mine did not.

- Corey R

It is gas saver, it is a trust brand and very convenient

economic, comfortable, modern, luxurious, safety. Dislike the color

- flor s

I like that I do not have a car note. What I do not like about the car is the driver's door does not open. The driver seat looks worn. The heating and cooling takes too long.

I feel that this car is not as reputable as I was led to believe.

- Patricia B

Great gas mileage. I'm very very impressed. I love my tiny car.

Great gas mileage. It handles easy. It has lasted a long time.

- Penny L

It has kept me safe on the road

I love it. it's been so good to me since the day I got it.

- Karla g

I would not recommend this car even though It has great ratings. There are too many recalls and need to be repaired often. It is roomy for a small car.

My car is always needing repairs. It has too many recalls.

- Ann M

It's very reliable and it's roomy

Compact reliable comfortable good on gas and it's roomy

- Anita L

indicators need more usage to indicate to driver what is going on

leaks trunk leaks back seat need stronger horsepower

- chad v

Some larger strollers wont fit in the trunk

Great car. Sometimes wish had more take off speed

- Melanie M