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Used Nissan Versa 2012 Review

I bought my car used two years ago and it runs great. I have never had a problem with it breaking down or leaving me stranded anywhere due to any type of defect. It has over 90,000 miles on it and still runs great. It gets good gas mileage, at least 30 miles to the gallon. This makes it more economically friendly for you as the customer. I personally think that it has a good stereo system, with options for radio, cd, and aux already set into it, so I can play music from my phone. There are only two real downsides that I have noticed with this car. First, there isn't much sound proofing for the car, and therefore you can hear a lot of road noise. Second, the car is close to the ground, so in the winter with snow, there isn't much clearance, making it impossible to drive if the snow is too deep. Neither of these two problems have impacted me too much, I just wait for plowed roads and shovel snow in my own driveway, and turn my music up a little more than I normally would. Had I known about these when I bought the car, I definitely would have still bought the car, because it runs very well overall.

- Kayla M

Bad Transmission

We bought this car used in 2014. It was for our daughter who was very good to her car. She did all her oil changes every 5000 km (usually just before it was due). She did all preventive maintenance when it was due. She looked after it very well. For the most part it worked pretty good up until4 months ago. it was 7 years old, when her transmission started to give her problems. With 110000 km on it. Within a month it was un-drivable. We were told by the local dealer that a new transmission would cost $4500 to replace. Not worth fixing as the car isn't worth much more then $5500. We have owned 4 other Nissan's.one was a standard sentra and two Murano's.we currently still own a 2011 Murano which we will be selling asap. Basically we will never buy another nissan as long as the use the CVT as a transmission. It can't be rebuilt as I am told the nissan parts are too expensive to be worth it. A transmission specialist informed me they are a through away car when the transmission goes. I am very disappointed and not happy.

- Steve White

It has a ton of recalls. 2 on the airbags alone, one on a knob on the shift handle and one on the gas pedal . Plus I truly believe that this car is only made to last 5 years and after that you're on borrowed time.

Well for starters it's starting to fall apart. I love the gas mileage on it as I get 34.8 miles per gallon but in the past 2 weeks replaced a fan, thermostat, and battery. Now my car won't start and we don't know what's wrong. Very disconcerting that this car is only 5 yrs old and is starting to fall apart. Guess I'm going to have to get rid of it and go back to either a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. The biggest complaint I have since I've owned this car is 4 recalls in less then a year and now the car is falling apart. I took great care and do routine maintenance on my car and this shouldn't be happening. I think b/c this was a promo sale it was calculated to only last a few years compared to other models. Very sorry I every bought this car. My son in law who helps us maintain it keeps asking when I'm going to get rid of this piece of work. I know what I have but now seeing the need to get a new vehicle.

- Marlene C

Great first car purchase - reliable and efficient for a great price.

All in all, this car was a great option for my first vehicle! It has gotten me where I need to go, is comfortable enough to have passengers in, and is small without feeling too cramped. The gas mileage on the freeway is outstanding, which is definitely my favorite part of the car. I like the small SUV design. One drawback that I have noticed is that the manufacturer has had to do several recalls, and it can be inconvenient to find time in my weeks to go to the dealership which is about half an hour from my house. Aside from that, I regularly get it serviced and I haven't encountered other service issues. It does feel small when driving with a full car; it can be hard to take five people and their belongings somewhere, so I would recommend only having four people total in the car. Otherwise, it has been reliably taking me to college and work for five years now. Truly a great first car.

- Robyn M

Sturdy, but not the most comfortable.

The first thing I will say is positive, this car has lasted me for a while. It's been through a lot, and while I don't think I'll ever buy a Versa again it'll be a long while before I have to based on the history. Just be prepared for high maintenance costs, they are a little high maintenance. I've never had trouble with the heat or the ac but it's definitely not a smooth ride and it costs more to fix the problem than it would be to just buy a new car. The car is also pretty small, a bonus for me at 5'00 but not so great to anybody on the taller side. The seats tend to give me a back ache on long car rides as well. As for features, I bought mine second hand, and it seems to be the more basic of models. There's an aux input, but that's about it.

- Anna T

Powder blue Nissan versa hatchback

My versa is very good on gas. It has plenty of room for four people and a room in the hatchback to carry tools, luggage, groceries etc. The back seats fold down which makes it very handy to carry large loads. I also pull a trailer with a golf cart at times, or to make trips to the dump without stain in the engine. It has a good stereo system with an audio plus to play music from your phone. The air and heat works with well. I have had no engine problems at all in seven years. The price was very reasonable and Nissan is always prompt should it need to be serviced. Have had a recall on the air bags, but will be replaced for free.

- Melanie H

This is a really good little car, so glad I have one.

I have had my versa for 6 yrs. now and it has been a great car. It was actually my very first new car I ever had. I have not had any major problems with it. I just had to replace the back brakes, they lasted a whole 6 yrs. I thought that was amazing. I have moved with this car a couple times and you would be very surprised at how much stuff you can get packed into this little hatchback. The sound system was pretty good too at least that is what my son told me when I bought it he was 17 at the time. And I love the GPS system helped me many times when I needed to find where I needed to go or to get home.

- Tamara G

Great starter car. Watch out for transmission.

I got my Versa stock off the lot with 19 miles in 2012. It's was a great little car for a single mom of one child. However two years ago I had to replace the transmission around 50,000 miles. It was just shy of the 5 year warranty. So Nissan replaced it, but it still shutters as it did to before the replacement when starting from a stop position or entering the freeway. Now as a married mom of two children it's cramped with two car seats. I'm ready for an upgrade in space and reliability. I would not recommend this car due to its transmission issues.

- Jennifer P

Great starters car for first time car owners.

Compact car that is great for parking in most small spaces. Backseat is spacious and roomy. My car is loud during high accelerated speeds on highways that I often rather not have a conVersation because I cannot hear well. Its especially worst during windy or rainy days. I do not like it does not have a arm rest in between passenger and driver and width is a little too small. I like there are multiple cup holders, all windows go all the way down, all black interio, great leg room. Steering wheel is a hard to steer when operating compared to other car brands.

- Maria A

The Nissan Versa hatchback is a very spacious car.

I sadly had a recall on the airbag since I bought it last year, 2017. However, it was very easy to get replaced at my local Nissan dealership. My car also drives well in any kind of weather. I enjoy driving my car. Also since it is a four door it has lots of room to fit my friends. It has a hatchback so any amount of luggage I have to travel with fits in the spacious trunk. The great gas mileage is also a big plus for me. I travel a lot and great distances, 200+ miles each time and it gets me to my destinations each time. It is a reliable and safe car.

- Victoria C

Compact car with a lot of room!

My 2012 Nissan Versa has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. Thru the crazy weather we get here in the Midwest she has never failed me. General maintenance is realistically priced and she is holding her value well. The fact that me at 5"1' and my husband at 6"3' both fit comfortably inside is a huge perk! I also really like the roominess of the trunk, it helps with big shopping trips and road trips. Speaking of road trips she is really great on gas. My only qualm is that the gas tank is small. like 10 gallons I believe.

- kaitlyn g

Overall great commuter car! Very reliable and fuel efficient.

One of the things I like the most about my car is how fuel efficient it is. I always fill up with premium gas and it never cost me more than 35-38 dollars. I have one weird problem with my car. During last winter it snowed a lot and my car was covered in snow for a week in a half. After the snow melted and I was able to use my car again the door locking mechanism on the driver side door didn't work anymore. It doesn't respond to the key fob now I have to manually lock/unlock the door with the key. Overall I really like my car.

- Michael E

This car has had a recall on the airbags.

I love my vehicle. The seats are very comfortable. Even though the care does not have arm rests in them, I am still comfortable driving long distances. The car is also very light, so I don't recommend that it is driven on the freeway. This is my first car and I have been driving it for about 6 years now. I recommend this car for new drivers. It is a four cylinder car and does not accelerate fast. It accelerates a the perfect speed for people who are still trying to gauge how much pressure they should put in the petals.

- Lisa M

Great affordable car that is stylish and fun. Excellent gas mileage. Lots of safety features.

Great on gas. Minimal maintenance. Comfy seats. Handles well in snow. Love how exhaust system is protected from the elements by a lightweight aluminum cover. Car is stylish. Reasonably priced. Small size. Only drawback are blind spots. I am only 5 feet tall. Cars rear end is very high which makes backing up extremely difficult. Overall it is a fun little car with great pick up. Car can move! Much more space inside the vehicle than it appears to have. Very large deep trunk for transporting items.

- Lisa R

Nissan Versa problems in their cars.

It drives well. No problems mechanically only if it does not get an oil change for a long time does it have problems. Then it does have problems it shuts your car off and the engine light comes on and you have to restart the car. That is why I wish I bought a different car. It also has a small gas tank so I have to fill up more often and I work a lot of hours so it is not ideal. Has basic designs and no bells and whistles. Standard radio. Automatic transmission and power windows. Drives nice and sits 5.

- Alicia L

2012 Nissan Versa Review.

It's an older version of the car and so there are not very many cool gadgets. There have been many safety recalls recently for it, too. The most recent one has been for an air bag that is defective. It is small and easy to park but there are no cameras or sensors. It is also pretty lightweight so when you go on the highway and it's too windy, you look like a drunk driver because you weave all over the place. However, it is a pretty reliable car otherwise and the gas mileage is great.

- Maggie B

Reliable, efficient car that doesn't break the bank!

Really great value. Fairly basic, but for the price it is definitely the best buy out there. Great gas mileage! Has been really reliable over the years, and I have yet to run into issues (knock on wood!), despite having over 175,000 miles on it! Can't complain at all about this car. The worst thing I can say is that it's not super fancy, but for this price point it shouldn't be as nice as it is. I've recommended it to friends who have also been super happy with it after buying.

- Suzanne W

Nissan versa small vehicle with large benefits.

The Nissan versa is a gas efficient vehicle. Perfect for a student or parent with a small family. Although it has a compact interior there is a lot of leg space as well as a trunk storage area. Most are equipped with a GPS system in the vehicle which makes traveling easier. I have had a few issues in the past where the check engine light would indicate ventilation through the engine being disrupted however with regular maintenance that is an issue that has not occurred again.

- Tiffany W

2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback

I really like the size of my car and the fact that it is a hatchback. The hatchback provides plenty of room for cargo and great for bringing my dog with me. It has Bluetooth, cruise control, and a special port for your phone. However, it's had two airbag recalls. I also had an issue where the car would veer violently to the left at speeds above 50 mph, and it took them quite a while to resolve. For the size of the car, I don't get great gas mileage only about 20 mpg.

- Katie M

To work and back everyday 60 miles. I can't say enough about it.

I love my versa do to the low cost of the gas I need to go to work. On the comfort level is pretty good as well. It doesn't look big but it has enough room for me I'm 6 ft 280 lbs and I fit fine. The only issue I have is on the tire losing air. Other than that I can't think of another issue I have with my car. I been owing my car for 6 years and I use it to work and back everyday. On the features really it only has the basics so I happy with that A/C works haha.

- Jose J

Fairly good vehicle. Next time I would buy a larger car.

My car is good on gas, hardly needs repairs. Comfortable to ride in but a little small for longer trips especially when there are more passengers. I do not like the fact that I feel cramped when I drive on the interstate also the overview is not too good. It is a 4 door hatchback and there is not too much room for luggage or any other type of storage. Hard to transport anything larger than a box. There have been 3 recalls since I bought the car in 2013.

- Marga W

It is great on gas. It has a roomy trunk.

I love this car. It is stylish, sleek,and great on gas mileage. It runs smooth and the engine is quiet. I have not had to do any repairs and maintenance has been easy and affordable. This is a no hassle car.My car is silver and it had garnered many compliments. The trunk is just the right size, and it handles beautifully on the road. I have taken many vacation trips in this car and it has never let me down. This car makes driving truly enjoyable

- Marissa F

It's a trooper!! Love it!!

Honestly, I love my car its performance is great. I live in an area with very snowy winters. I never got stuck in fact I watch multiple trucks get snowed in yet my little versa plowed right through. So impressed as were the truck drivers. The gas mileage is fabulous, the size/comfort is great. I have been able to pak so much luggage in the hatch area. I don't have any genuine complaints other than superficial ones that I could pay for upgrades.

- Emily C

The Nissan Versa, definitely a car to consider buying.

The Versa is a very economical car. In my 2012 1.6 SV Model, I can get up to 40 miles per gallon in the winter and about 35 miles per gallon in the summer with the air conditioning on all the time. The controls are intuitive and easy-to-use and the air conditioning works great. The standard seats provide enough support for long drives. For this being a small car, it has a huge trunk. I would definitely buy a Versa again.

- Freddie R

My 2012 versa recall record.

My car was back to the dealership 3 different times for recalls of which I only received 1 notice in the mail. Because I bought extended warranty, I was treated like royalty. All parts were replaced no charge and the worst was the driver's door handle that I did four times before I was told it was a manufacture goof. I'll have to think twice about another versa or going back to a dealership. Pep boys does all repairs now.

- Judy K

Best car I've ever owned!

Extremely reliable. Fantastic on gas. Only problem is Drivers side visor won't stay up and ring holding floor mats in place broke off early on. Very comfortable and spacious. No other problems ever. Includes cruise control, iOS plug, storage dividers in back, auto windows and locks. Never have to use keys as long as they're in pocket. Alarm beeps to keep from locking keys in. Headlights run off & on automatically.

- Cindy R

It is a good time spacious four door compact car.

It was a lemon of a car the best part was the price for a new car it was reasonable priced but for a new car it wasn't dependable the tail lights where always blowing it burnt oil muffler didn't last long check engine light kept coming on all the time but it was good on gas and a good first time car we thought for a sixteen year old but after six years we still have it and it is still running so that is a goo.

- Charity R

An excellent service vehicle.

My Nissan versa was purchased before it was in the showroom. It was still on the truck. It is a stripped down model. I would prefer door locks on both front doors. And I would prefer a light in the trunk. It has served us well. I have kept the vehicle serviced regularly and have not had any mechanical or service problems with this vehicle. That speaks well for a vehicle with over 80,000 miles logged in.

- Bob A

My Nissan Versa is great! I love the gas mileage!

My car is reliable. I have owned it for six years and have not encountered any major problems. It gets great gas mileage. I typically get 35 to 40 miles per gallon. The car is comfortable. There is a large amount of legroom in the backseat for such a small car. The trunk can also hold a lot. The car has cruise control, a CD player, and it connects to mp3 players. There are adequate cup holders.

- Jessica H

Nissan Versa 2012 great car to have

Nissan Versa 2012 is a great reliable car. I love it because of its size it might look small from the outside but it is nice and roomy in the inside. It has an aux plug so you can plug in your phone and listen to your favorite tunes. Has 4 cup holders which is great if you have any kids 'if you know what I mean.' Also has very comfortable seats which is great if you drive for hours. I love it!

- Christina M

Wonderful Small Family Car

The versa is a reliable car. It gets good mileage. Rides smoothly, and has a good horsepower for such a small car. It also is a greatly priced car. The seats are very comfortable and have a fabric that doesn't stain easily. The trunk is very spacious, which was very surprising to me. Although, the car looks small, you really do get enough space to sit your family comfortably for long rides.

- Kelly R

This compact car has a lot of get up and go!

I went from a SUV to my compact Nissan versa and I love it! Lots of room inside the vehicle and my passengers never have an issue with space. I love the head and elbow room as I drive and the stereo system has a bit of bump. Caution when the windows are rolled down and you are driving, because this car does get some wind tunnel noise depending how far down the windows are when in use.

- Jaime C

My 2012 Nissan versa hatchback is an amazing and reliable car.

My vehicle has been so far awesome. To me!! It has never had a problem for me, it is very cheap on gas, saves a lot of gas. The car is great for someone with no kids. If I didn't have a kid I would stay with my car as long as I can but now that I do have a child I feel that I need a bigger car but the car is very reliable. Every part that you need is very easy to find and very cheap.

- Mercedes S

In summary, the total dependability and low-cost maintenance of my car.

I really like the good gas mileage and the reliable consistency of my car. It's very easy to handle and convenient in getting in and out of tight traffic. I also enjoy the features it has such as warning me when I need air in my tires or when a door is open or slightly open. How the doors automatically lock three minutes after I am out the vehicle and unlock when I put it in park.

- Darryl J

Pros & cons of my 2012 Nissan versa.

It needs constant maintenance, but it performs well and gets great gas mileage. I am a small person, so the car is a perfect size for me. Heating and cooling works wonderfully, I have an AUX cord input (music is very important to me, ) and overall it is a good starter car. I just wish it would have more high-tech features such as heated seats, Bluetooth, and a more sleek design.

- Faith F

It is great for puttering around town but not very comfortable on a trip.

Not the most comfortable car I have ever had but it gets good mileage. Haven't had any problems with it so far. The trunk is pretty roomy. I feel like the seat sits too far forward (too close to the steering wheel). I love that you can raise and lower the seat so you can really see well. I really wish it came in another color. There are thousands just like mine on the road.

- Denise B

Compact, easy to maneuver and reliable.

I like the size of this vehicle. I have never had anything breakdown on it. It is a very reliable car. I drive a manual. I’d prefer an automatic next time. The seats are comfortable. It is spacious for such a small vehicle. It is easy to maneuver and park since it is so compact. I like the way the seats fold down in the back. It creates a lot of trunk space, if needed.

- Jess P

Nissan versa: perfect starter.

The perfect size for what I need. The car seats recline enough to make a tall person comfortable. Plenty of room in the backseat to fit multiple people for a tiny car. Trunk size is huge. Nice simple car, especially for a starter driver. Mostly modern car with basic functions. Has roll down windows instead of power windows and no mirror on the driver side sun blocker.

- Hayley C

Great reliable and safe car.

My vehicle is reliable. Other than regular maintenance, I have not had any difficulties with it. The only thing I would change about mine is that it does not have a button to open and close the doors or windows. It also has a key option only on the drivers door. Many times that is inconvenient. Overall I would recommend the Nissan versa to anyone looking for a car.

- Diana M

The interior is very spacious for other cars of similar size. It sits up a bit higher than similar cars, which is really nice.

Generally very reliable. I've had some issues recently involving the oxygen sensors going and the mechanic not realizing there are two in this car and he only replaced one, so my check engine light was going off and on for several weeks. Granted, the car is 6 years old now and I've had no other major problems, other than the battery dying once earlier this year.

- Kerry V

This car has a terrible transmission! Buy a more reliable brand!

We are extremely mad because our cars transmission went out around 68,000 miles and our cousin had the same thing happen who owns the Nissan Sentra at about the same amount of miles. We have done research and found out that it is extremely common for this to happen and we feel that this should not happen at such a low millage. This cost us over $3000 to fix.

- Anna R

Nissan Versa - a decent automobile.

I really like my Nissan Versa. I have owned it for about three years and it has given me few problems. It gets great gas mileage so it is good for doing ubers and thing like that. I bought it used so I had a few problems with it. I had to buy new tires for it. The breaks also make a squeaking sound but they seem to work fine. All in all it is a nice vehicle.

- Mario C

Great small car for a commuter with great gas mileage.

The Nissan Versa, was a great car till the last couple months. It began to have an issue with the steering wheel shakes and makes a noise, it is not severe but it is annoying. Besides the steering shaking the car is great. I would not suggest it if you have a family of 5 or more the back seat, though has plenty of legroom there is very little shoulder space.

- Tyler D

Great gas mileage, comfortable needs tune up.

Gets good gas mileage, replaced battery and tires after 2 years. Is comfortable to drive in have taken many long distance trips. Have had this car for three and one half years. Is now having some transmission sensor issues the check engine light has been on for 3 months now. Hopefully can get this fixed. Have 20 more months of payments to be paid fully off.

- Rachel E

2012 Nissan Versa, 4-door hatchback.

Very reliable car. I have never had problems with it breaking down but it does have a couple of problems. It'll tell me that the tire pressure is low when it is not and sometimes when I break, there's a judder. Other than that, the performance and comfort is amazing. I have the hatchback which really comes in handy when I am taking bulky things with me.

- April W

2012 Nissan versa 4 cylinder hatchback.

I love it other than having to get the air bags redone since there was a recall. It's very convenient as I can load large things in the hatchback. Its gets good gas mileage. And does good in the snow and ice. It would be nice if the 4 cylinder was quieter. It can be a little loud with the ac on when you are idling or stopped for a period of time.

- Kimberly S

Perfect sized-car for the city

I love this car, it performs really well, it's environment-friendly, doesn't require much gas and it's perfect for a city as it is small and I can parallel park anywhere. It comes with several features although I don't currently have all of them. It's quite comfortable for such a small car and it has the capacity to carry a lot of stuff in the trunk.

- Sofia G

2012 Nissan Versa: small car with great gas mileage.

It gets excellent gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. It has been a great starter car for me. It is not nearly as high tech as I wish it was, I hoped for heated seats and Bluetooth connection from a 2012 car, but I can live without it. The size of the car is small but still offers a surprising amount of legroom. I enjoy the car quite a bit.

- Faith F

Great gas mileage and spacious leg room.

This car is great for teens or small families. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. The trunk is surprisingly spacious!! My favorite thing about this car is the gas mileage. I fill up every 1. 5-2 Weeks and its relatively cheap. However, my car does not seem to accelerate as quickly as i’d like. Overall, I recommend this car.

- Andrea T

My little car with plenty of room and great gas mileage.

I like my little car. It gets great gas mileage. It is a hatchback. With being a hatchback it has a lot of room for such a small car. I have 2 preteens and there is plenty of room for them and a full load of groceries. The only problems I've had is the back window washer fluid does not work. Also I had to have the airbag replaced due to a recall.

- Beth L

2012 versa' s recalls from the dealership.

My versa was a pre-owned one that has had three recalls for various parts of the car; they were all covered by the extended warranty that the dealership kind of included in the price explaining why it would be good to have. They think they knew they were selling a possible lemon! I do not like that the "service engine " light comes on constantly.

- Judy A

Great car for average person, durable, great for students, but the gas mileage is only meh-28 mpg.

It's a perfect car for day to day use and it's fantastic on long road trips. I drove it when I moved from the East Coast to West Coast over a week and I had no problem. The only issues I've had with it has been the Takata airbags recall. Other than that, I've only had to fix the usual wear and tear. The mileage though is not great- about 28 mpg.

- Liana G

Nissan is a top brand to own.

The Nissan Versa is a reliable automobile. I have had no trouble with it over these few years. It gets decent gas mileage and is a pleasure to drive. This is my third Nissan and I return because of the experience I have had driving them. One model, a Sentra, was involved in an accident. I am convinced that the structure of the car saved my life.

- Larry O

Great starter car; basic but fun to drive and lots of space in such a small car.

It's a comfortable, basic vehicle and has all you really need. It is my first car and I love it because of that and also it is just pretty easy to take care of, low maintenance, which is nice. It does okay on gas, but could be better. My only big issue is it is got a lot of blind spots in the back and it makes it hard to parallel park sometimes.

- Madeline H

Comfortable and reliable.

I keep my car up to date on the maintenance so that the performance is good. The only problem was that soon after I bought the car the rear light went out and the doors no longer unlocked with the automatic door opener. Other than that it is a reliable car and I will be giving it to my teenage daughter as her first car. I trust it that much.

- Kathryn S

Reliable small car that gets good gas mileage.

Reliable small car but because it's small and light it doesn't drive well in snowy or icy weather. Doesn't get much traction. Gets good gas mileage. Haven't had any major problems with it or had to make any large repairs. Its a basic car without many bells and whistles. Does have radio controls in the steering wheel which is very convenient.

- Catherine T

The Gas Mileage is what makes this car totally worth buying!

I really love my car. I have had the car for 5 years and the 40 miles per gallon has been a life saver. I have put nearly 200,000 miles on that car. In the last two months however, it has started acting up. It doesn't accelerate properly on the highway. I have taken it to the shop and even to the dealer but no one can tell me what is wrong.

- Eddie S

This car can fit any lifestyle!

I absolutely love this car. The Nissan versa is perfect for me and my husband's lifestyle. It is deceptively roomy on the inside; the back seat can fold down for more room in the hatch. The interior seems a little cheap, like plastic, and it is a little top heavy, but the fuel efficiency and how reliable this car is quickly makes up for it.

- Jessica B

Versa is a good, little car

My Versa is a great, little car. I have never had any serious problems with it and I enjoy driving it. I find it to be extremely reliable. It was able to move me across several states and has managed several long road trips. It is much more spacious on the inside than it seems and all of its features are fairly decent. I'm happy with it.

- Kate T

I have never owned one for this long without requiring some kind of major repair

I've had this car for a few years and it hasn't given me many problems at all. It's reliable. The main issue is it's too low to the ground so the front bumper catches on curbs easily, especially the driveway. My check engine light comes on periodically and then shuts off on its own. I use engine cleaner regularly to maintain it.

- Jill E

The bumper is made of plastic and breaks easily. Trunk space is nice.

CT transmission sucks, had to replace the transmission with 40, 000 miles on it. Would not buy a versa again. I have had some major problems with it, that being said it does get good gas mileage. Nissan did work with me and provided a spare vehicle while it was getting fixed, but would not recommend anything with a cut transmission.

- Jo K

Compact and good gas mileage, but maybe not durable.

Cons: the car slides easily in wet conditions; there are some areas of trim, weather stripping, and carpet are coming off, and the steering wheel is very worn- I am not happy with how it is holding up. Less than 100,000 miles. CD player broke. Pros: great gas mileage; good hauling ability for this size car; compact, fun to drive.

- Vanessa L

It is a good buy for the money.

So far it is been a good car with normal maintenance. Would like more room for putting things such as cell phone etc. Also a place to open and store things between seats. Is not the smoothest ride. Has a large trunk. Also could use more room in the back seat as it is hard to sit back there without knees in the seat in front.

- Adrian B

Gas mileage is very good and very easy to drive.

Best on gas mileage and very safe to drive and handles very nicely. Versa are a very good car and spacey. It takes anywhere from $15-25 to fill up depending on gas prices and how empty you let the tank get. Nissan are easy to get parts for and there is dealerships everywhere if you need parts and most mechanics can fix it.

- Jean W

Airbag recall was the only issue.

My Nissan versa is great. It is super reliable and has not had any problems. I am it is second owner and it runs perfectly. The only issue was when the airbags were recalled and it took Nissan 6 months to replace them. We got a rental car but since I was under 21 I couldn't drive the rental. Other than that I love my car!!

- Sam T

Nissan Versa. 2012. Wonderful car with gas mileage.

Has air conditioner, very good on gas, plenty of room. The only problem I have with the whole car is no bells and whistles. Just basic amenities. Hand roll up windows etc. but all in all a very good dependable car. Very good condition. I love the four doors and the wonderful gas mileage. Very pretty car. I really like it!

- Linda G

Don't buy a Nissan Versa-- Bad Engine and airbags

Had to replace the engine twice in the first few years. We will not buy another Nissan. Thankfully it was under warranty both times. It was brand new when we bought it, so it should not have happened. Also, there was a recall on the airbags and it took almost a year for them to fix it. I had to sit in the back of the car.

- Krystal B

The efficient vehicle that gets around town and around the countryside.

Great little car that is roomy for my tall frame. It gets decent gas mileage. My kids like it better than the old car I used to drive. Hatchback makes the backseat roomier. It would be better with power doors with a remote key combined. Nissan split that up in the 2012 and later models, so I was not happy about that.

- Jack A

The Nissan versa, very reliable

I have driven my car from one side of North America to the other side! It's very comfortable and very reliable! It hasn't broken down or given me any problems yet! It's very good on gas and drives pretty smooth! The only problem I've faced is the tire pressure light comes on a lot even when I just put air in the tires

- A S

Built to last and will drive forever.

My car has had minimal issues. The only thing I have had to replace was the fuel pump. But after 6 years and 150k miles added, it still runs very well. My only complaint is something personal-I just wish it was a little bigger. The gas mileage has also stayed very consistent. Definitely keep up with your oil changes!

- Courtney A

Plastic part under engine falls off

There is a small plastic flap underneath the engine that has come loose and I had to fix it by using zip ties. Aside from that it has been quite reliable. I bought it used and the previous owner had treated it well, I would like for the upholstery to be more long lasting as certain parts are pulling at the seams.

- Caleb S

Best Little Bubble Car Ever

I love my car, and I have basically no complaints. It's five years in and I've just started having issues with interior trim loosening. Fantastic car! It has moved me across the country and been absolutely reliable the entire time. My 6'+ fiance fits very comfortably, which we can't say about many vehicles nowadays.

- Amanda S

Want to save on gas expenses. . . Get yourself a Nissan versa! Dream car.

My Nissan versa is the idea car for all. It get excellent gas mileage which is a big plus if you have a driving job that requires travel! It's perfect for a individual or small family. Plenty of legroom and comfortable sitting! I bought my car in 2015 from a independent seller and have had no issues with it at all.

- Elizabeth C

Good car, very simple in features. Very reliable.

The Nissan versa had many recalls over the years. The interior is beige not a very good color when kids are involved. It save me on gas, to work and home. 20 dollar gas for almost three weeks. It's very reliable car. Service for this car is very expensive when going to Nissan dealership. Simple car to save on gas.

- Massi J

It�s a great car for a first time buyer who doesn't want to much on maintenance.

It's a reliable car, great on gas and driving very long distances. I did have a problem with the alternator, transmission ignition switch and now a belt that makes noise with when I accelerate. Other than that and my insurance all was fixable. I like my car and really haven't had much problems other than listed.

- Erica Y

Used certified Nissan Versa.

I think the transmission is starting to go out in it. I love the compact ability. It is great on gas. My car color is red with tinted windows. Everyone thinks my car is a racing style car. So far the car has been really reliable. It takes a little long for it to reach high speed when I am getting into a highway.

- Andrea H

First Car Red Car Named Lola

Was salvaged. Good on gas. Red. Steering wheel high. Sits low. Spacious. Reliable, Judy received it. Seats should be leather. No mirrors on visor. Used car. Perfect little car. Aux but I bought Bluetooth. Air blows great. Can adjust. Dash vents. Back windshield wipers. Can't lift seats up to sit higher or lower.

- Nae P

A good running car for any traveling purpose

Our versa is good on gas mileage and you save money because you don't have to fill up all the time. The doors open real wide also so if you have a disability with your legs you can get in and out of the care easy. It also runs well on the interstates. It's a very good car for traveling back in forth to work.

- Melinda M

The vehicle that has saved me a lot of money

My vehicles performance I would rate is very good. It gets really great gas mileage and drives very smoothly. My only issue is the acceleration on the vehicle is not great. Overall this vehicle I would recommend to anyone looking for a new vehicle, it is very reliable, and I would definitely buy one again.

- Tyson J

Good value. Dependable. Versa.

The Versa hatchback offers great gas mileage, plenty of storage space and seats four comfortably. It is reasonably priced and so far has been pretty maintenance free. It is dependable and overall a good car to own. The only issue I have had so far is getting use to a few blind spots, but you adapt to that.

- Me M

Very spacious vehicle with great features.

Great mileage but response to speed acceleration is not the best. Very comfortable car to travel with. It has great space for luggage in the back and leg room for passengers. Cup holders are reachable from every seat in the vehicle. Radio has CD and AUX connection making it easy to listen to music easily.

- Alex P

Why I like my Versa, 2012.

I love my Versa. I've moved twice since I've purchased it and it has really been helpful. And, it's small enough to parallel park where I work. Which is very helpful. It has a big leg room in the back my ex boss was 6 feet 2 and he rode in the back several times. It's what he said about the back

- Kimberly G

Great starter car or perfect for a tight budget

Very reliable and low maintenance. Was a great value considering the price. I would have upgraded a few things if I had it to do over again. It would be a great starter car for a new driver or a buyer with a tight budget. It has gone on long road trips with no problems and excellent gas mileage.

- Patty H

A very dependable car until it starts breaking down.

Nissan are very dependable vehicles but when they start to mess up it's horrible. The engine is the first to go. Oxygen sensors need to be replace regularly and it just becomes a hassle. I don't have a button on my remote for the trunk so I have to manually unlock it. And the lights are very dim.

- Sally C

The Nissan versa is the most reliable car I've had

The Nissan versa is a very reliable car with a nice exterior look as well as a comfortable, roomy interior. This car is reliable on long road trips and through uncomfortable weather. I have had little to no problems so far. The trunk is surprisingly roomy, which is a feature that comes in handy.

- Jasmine H

Why I love my Nissan versa.

It's a good car for commuting to work. The gas mileage is great. The ac taps into the arctic which is a good thing in Arizona. The seats are very comfortable for those long rides or being stuck in traffic. You would find it difficult to fill up the trunk with all of the storage space available.

- Connie B

Big on Box Space, Missing Some Leg Room

The interior is more spacious than it looks from the outside. I was able to do a major of moving boxes with my car so I didn't have to wait for a moving truck. That being said, there is limited legroom for passengers. The rear seat fold down, so you can make plenty of room for bigger things.

- Kayla R

Manual Nissan versa - low maintenance!

The 2012 Nissan versa (manual) has been reliable and has needed little maintenance. It is roomier than most everyone who enters expects. The one thing that has been annoying is that we can only unlock the car from the driver's side, so I would definitely recommend getting that added feature.

- Kristin D

Reliable Car! I recommend getting yourself one!

I have never had any issues with my car. I love the reliability. The only time I have had an issue was because I ran over a nail so I had to get new tires. It's comfortable to drive but because I am a bigger person sometimes if I do a two hour drive in it the seat does get too uncomfortable.

- Mario C

Low power and noisy small car

The car doesn't have much acceleration power. The car can be quite noisy at higher speeds. The seats wear quickly, and can be uncomfortable after a while. Despite the good gas mileage, I find myself refilling quickly due to the small gas tank. Going uphill causing the car to labor a little

- EJ M

I love how safe and reliable it is. I have never second guessed my purchase.

This is a very reliable car that is great for small families. My son and I have loved this car since I bought it. The drive is smooth. It is a safe vehicle. It is comfortable and it is also great on gas. I am able to average 30 city miles which is a lot for a big city resident like myself.

- Megan B

I bought my car used. The good thing about is that it gets great gas mileage!

I have had quite a few issues. The shifter broke, the air conditioner broke, the heater broke, and I had to have the exhaust system replaced. I like the car but seems to have many issues. I can't really afford to keep dumping money into it, but I cannot afford to get another car right now.

- Sharon L

It has a lot of space, it's very easy to drive and saves you a lot of gas money.

The only problem with my car would be that they need tire rotations a little often than normal. I like however the ample space they have in the back and the trunk, and how comfortable it is to drive. Very sleek and modern. It looks small from the outside but very spacious from the inside.

- Lourdes S

Nissan Versa - 5 door- a good reliable car.

I have a 5 door Nissan Versa with over 100,000 miles on it. I have taken it to New Orleans and Taos and have taken several smaller vacations in it quite comfortably. Nowadays, it's showing some signs of wear and tear, but it starts reliably in all kinds of weather and the mileage is good.

- Melissa F

Overall being somewhere between 5'5 and 6 foot is a perfect height for this car.

I am 5'3, so while the car is very spacious for me, it has blind-spots to which I have a hard time seeing around. Which leads me to the next opposing issue of being too tall. The hatchback is very sizable, though it takes away backseat legroom. The front seats go back very far but not up.

- Toni T

I get good gas mileage for as much as I drive now a days.

I drove my car to kentucky and back with no mechanical problems. It is comfortable for me not to big or too small. Maintenance is fairly easy to handle. Parking is easy as it fits in smaller places. But it still carries as much as I have needs in cargo. People space is four comfortably.

- Bonnie E

My vehicle is small and comfortable but performance needs some work.

My car is not reliable. It shakes when on the highway. My windshield wipers do not work. My radio turned itself off several times. The car does great around town but not on highways. The comfort is amazing on the side. The heat and air work great. I just have a problem with performance.

- Sasha B

Do not buy Nissan versa hatchback.

Very outdated. No arm rest in the front for passenger. Black lining in between the doors always comes loose. Not much space. Needs mirror on driver sun blocker. The transmission is very noisy ( makes a clunking sound), but I have grown accustomed to it. Mileage counter resets itself.

- Alexandria B

Very reliable and good on gas.

I like my car it is perfect for a college student. Very good on gas. I do find that I have replaced my battery twice in the past two years but it may have nothing to do with the car itself. The car is really reliable I have had no problems and I commute hours and hours every week.

- Hannah M

A radio controller on the steering wheel is very safe.

I bought my car with 22 thousand miles. I love my car. It's very specious and it work great. It's good on gas and good for trip roads. I love the fact that I have a controller for the radio on the steering wheel and the seats are so comfortable. Its small car but very convenient.

- Beatrice F

It's great! If you're looking for a car that can transport large items (e.g., furniture, moving boxes, etc.) and is reliable, a Versa hatchback is a great option!

My car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I feel like I can see my blind spots fine. The aux cord is great, and temperature controls work well. It is pretty bare bones, so I wouldn't mind have some fancier features like heated seats or temperature controls in the back seat.

- Natalie J

Nissan versa great compact car and great gas saver.

I love my Nissan versa it is a great car, from size of the car its tiny for like great compact spaces but super roomy inside you would imagine you have no room inside but you really do it's great, it runs like if its a fast car and its super reliable no problems what's so ever.


This particular make and model has CVT. I do not recommend this type of transmission. After doing some research, I have discovered that the issues we are having.are quite common with CVT.

I loved this car when I first bought it. The Versa is nice and roomy. It's also quite a comfortable car to drive. The car started having issues at about 30000 miles, which was quite surprising. I was just one month past my warranty, so any repairs have had to be out of pocket.

- Jessica a

Great, reliable, gas efficient car!!

I have my car over 5 years and other than oil changes, replacing a few tires due to 'nails'. I have not have any challenges with my car... It is a small car, fully suited for young and old who are looking for a reliable car... Gas mileage is great! I would recommend this car!!

- Rose W

Great value & quality for your money.

Really like my car. Great mileage. So far, affordable maintenance costs. Holds more than you think it would. Did at year 4 have the fuel pump and fuses go out. About 3, 000$ worth of work. Run well still. Dependable. Affordable to insure. Great value and quality for the price.

- Sandy B

The Nissan versa is that it's an affordable car with good gas mileage.

The gas mileage is great! Good commuter car and for running errands in all day. I have the basic model so there's not many extra features. Small backseat however. So I feel as my kids are getting older the car is getting smaller and smaller. Overall I would recommend this car.

- Taylor H

Very weird its small but still spacious if that makes sense.

Everything has been great I believe any car can be when taken care of. I have normal problems tire went out got a new one. Gas mileage is pretty great not expensive to fill up. No problems with engine or battery and have had for a few years. Rides very smooth for a small car.

- Rindy R

Versa interior and some key features.

Even though it looks small from the outside, there is a lot of room in the inside. It is very practical and easy to use. The dimensions is an advantage, when it comes to finding parking spots, and getting through the stuck traffic. Great stereo features; the bass is amazing.

- Gul C

I have had my vehicle for three years. I guess all in all it's a pretty good car.

I bought my car used. At first it was great, but now has many issues. I am constantly putting money into it. I guess that is what happens when you buy a used car. You are buying someone's headache that they got rid of. I like Nissan, next time I am going to try to buy a car.

- Sharon L

I have nothing good to say about this car

Brakes need done, it is a very slow car, the transmission needs replaced often, the steering wheel belt scrapes and sounds terrible, the lights come lose a lot, the carpet tears easy, if I would have known all the problems I would have had I would have never bought this car

- Samantha C

My very first brand new car.

It gets good mileage. It is easy to drive. I have little problems with the car. My engine light stays on most of time. I have just about paid the car off. I have put a lot of mills on the car. I do a lot of traveling with the car. It was the first new car I have ever owned.

- Trish S

My very first new car ever.

My Nissan versa is my first brand new car that I have ever owned. The car gets really good mileage with the gas. The performance of the car is good. I have already put thousands of miles on the car and will be putting a lot more on it. I truly am glad I purchased this car.

- Patricia S

Nissan Versa hatchback. Love my car.

No problems so far. drives well, and good gas mileage. I would buy another one if I could. No complaints from me. drives well and handles well. Good speed. Paint color is nice, and tires are good. Very reliable. What can I say, I love my Nissan Versa hatchback silver car.

- West H

Jesse My Navy Blue Nissan Versa

I like how it looks and it's roomy. It's also good on gas mileage. I do not like having a CVT transmission because it makes it jerky. It doesn't have much power. Some things inside were not designed will, including the glove compartment, small visors, and no grip handle.

- Tricia R

Smooth driving in my versa.

The only problem is that the tire pressure light randomly comes on when all tires are perfectly fine. Other than that everything else works fine. It would've been nicer if there was a sunroof because there is space. But it is a smooth drive and very stylish for the year.

- Kelsey M

The fact that it is a stick shift.

It is a small, gray car with a stick shift. It was pre-owned. I bought it back in either December or January of last year, and so far the only issue I have had with it was having to replace a wheel bearing. It runs very smoothly, is comfortable, and has good gas mileage.

- Rebecca B

Triple check your mirrors and make sure your phone is charged.

The coverage of the vehicle creates blind spots in the front and in the back that make it hard for someone who is short to see. On the other hand anybody over the height of 6 ft will have an uncomfortable time sitting in the car. Tire alignment is a continuous problem.

- Toni C

This car is perfect for me and my family.

It is fuel efficient and it has a lot of room. It is a little top heavy, so you have to be careful in the rain. The stock stereo is also really good; it comes with an auxiliary port, and it sounds amazing. The hatchback is also safer to drive than normal sedan designs.

- Sarah B

Nissan Versa: Everything good about a car

It's a great gas saver. It's been really good driving to where I need to go. There's hardly any dents in it and it's been really great. I have absolutely no problem with my car. One of the complaints I have is that there is no middle console though, but that is minor.

- Alicia H

Great reliable ride, great on gas, small car but roomy inside and comfortable.

It is very reliable, great on gas, comfortable seats and ride. Has all the modern gadgets. Hatchback is great for hauling large items. Only problem was the airbag recall. Had to take it in to be replaced and still have not received my takata recall settlement money.

- Lori P

Smooth ride, easy for commuting.

Gas acceleration is good, mileage is good, not a lot of room for storage in the trunk. Works well in large city traffic. Air and stereo also work well. Not a lot of legroom and the car can be challenging to get in and out of if you are tall. Overall I like the car.

- Erin L

Small compact car for small families

Excellent condition, but it has a large rock chip on the windshield. It is a small compact car that is really suitable for small families. Because it is a small car for little families, it is not meant for fast travel. It will be better to have short distance trip.

- Rachel K

Very reliable commuter vehicle

The vehicle is very reliable. I have used it as a commuter car for over 7 years. It has approximately 150K miles on it and still runs well. Very little maintenance or concerns. It has been great on gas needing to be filled up about every 150 - 200 miles depending.

- Mike C

The amazing gas mileage! I can get around on about 15-20 dollars a week in gas

My vehicle gets very good gas mileage and is a simple car to drive however it does not have any modern features and the air conditioning could be improved. There need to be more setting options as it is always too hot or too cold with the current setting options

- Elle M

Poor gas mileage. Plenty of space for a compact car.

I really like the layout of the car but it has very poor gas mileage. I get the best gas mileage with chevron gas. Another nice feature is that has a chain timing belt so the timing belt does not need to be changed at 100,000 miles. It seats 4 people comfortably.

- Carol M

Reliability, easy to maintain.

I have own my Nissan versa for 6 yrs. I have had no major problems with maintenance except for the typical tires and break situations. I recommend this make and model to those looking for a reliable car. It is very comfortable and lots of legroom. Easy to drive.

- Elizabeth R

Very easy to handle with 36. 6 Miles per gallon and never get lost.

My Nissan Versa is dark blue and has 36. 6 Mileage of gas. It takes anywhere from $15-22 to full it up and is easy to handle especially when other drivers make it hard. My car also has GPS that talks and shows me where I go and fast and safest routes to take.

- Sophia W

Nice little car special edition hatchback

Nice little car. Needs a few maintenance repairs. Good on gas and lots of space. Very comfortable. Drives smooth. Interior kept up with. Easy to drive. Has iPod hook up. Automatic windows. Some tint for hot days. Quiet while driving. Special edition hatchback

- Nicole B

Would not do another Nissan.

Things keep falling apart on it so fast. The glove box broke within a couple of years. The parts to replace are expensive. It is not a good value and I will not be buying another Nissan as they also do not drive as well over time as my Hyundai’s even have.

- Marilyn A

Reliable but not very safe or fast.

I like my vehicle because it has been very reliable for me and is good on gas. I do not like that I have had several recalls and it does not have a lot of pickup. It is also not ranked high in safety so I worry it would not hold up very well in an accident.

- Coral J

The one most important thing about this vehicle is it is very low maintenance, and handles the road well.

I like this vehicle because it is very good on gas and very low maintenance. Other than regular oil changes and checkups, this vehicle has needed no major repairs. I drive this vehicle once or twice a week to get back and forth for shopping. Love it !!

- mary c

Nissan Versa: Small but Full of Surprises

There was a defective airbag that needed to be fixed for all Verses but all Versa owners were made aware of this issue via mail! Otherwise I love my car. It's comfortable & has good gas mileage, I ultimately feel safe, and it's definitely a cute car.

- Jordan H

Good gas mileage, falling apart after 7 years

It has gotten me a lot of places since 2012 but to be honest it cost way too much for what I got. It was been a reliable car but it not good in the snow and now the keyless entry no longer works. Still drives though, and that's what it is most important

- Kate M

The bad and good of a Nissan versa hatchback

The handle on the door comes out, the windows motor is slow to roll up. The cover on the door is coming out. Love the trunk space. Very spacious in the back seat. It had 2 recalls for driver and passenger airbags. Took it to the dealer and they fixed it

- Melissa A

It's cheaply made. A nut fell out of the console the first day I had it. Then they actually cut the console when there was a recall. Didn't really fix the problem, just cut it out, literally!

I love the fact that I get 40 mpg. It saves me a lot on gas. I don't like the fact that it is a very cheaply made. Things started falling off in the first week. It is also really loud as far as when you're going down the road you can hear the wind.

- Theresa W

It's a great, reliable, compact car.

My car is very reliable. I drive it nearly everyday to and from work on a curvy two lane road nestled in the mountains. I have had no problems. My biggest complaint is that the driver side seat is far too close to the door-it can feel kind of cramped.

- Michele K

High mileage back Nissan versa hatchback.

Few recalls but has lasted greater than 160,000 miles and still rolling with little work. Recall for the airbags issues in the news. Trunk could be bigger, but no big deal. We also have a rogue we like too. Dealer has been super easy to work with too.

- Bob R

The Nissan versa is small but reliable.

It is reliable specially driving around the city. It is easier to look for a space to park even on street parking since the size is not too big it is easy to fit anywhere. It does not give me any troubles except for the battery after 6 years of use.

- Ricardo A

My Nissan versa experience.

My 2012 Nissan versa is a very reliable car. It has very good gas mileage and it is really cheap to fill it up. When I bought it last year, it only had 30, 000 miles on it. It is breaks weren't in too good of condition, but it also wasn't a new car.

- Kara C

It is very economical as far as gas consumption goes.

The Nissan Versa is a great value for the price. It is very economic for fuel consumption. For a base model vehicle it is comfortable driving and it has ample passenger space. I find that the Nissan brand is very reliable and holds its value.

- Donna V

That although it looks small, there is plenty of room for 4 people.

I like the gas mileage, which is almost 40 highway and around 35 city. I also have plenty of legroom and the seat is very comfortable. The one downside is my car is so light when I'm on the interstate big trucks almost blow me off the road.

- Billy C

The most important thing others should know is that Nissans are very reliable.

I like that it is compact and does not use a lot of gas. I dislike that it is hatchback, because there isn't much space for buying stuff. I purchased the car RIGHT before I found out I was pregnant and it isn't very big for a family.

- Brittany U

it has a very weak drive power. It is slow to accelerate, it has had quite a few break and rust problems.

I will say that my vehicle works fairly well. I have only had a few minor problems with it over the past few years. I think it is a great starter car. Most of my problems with the car are that it no longer fits my lifestyle.

- Amanda F

The Nissan Versa is very fuel efficient and is great for families. Lots of room to store your stuff and possibly your children, but mature enough to be a car for young couples.

Some of the things I like are the size of the interior, the size of the car itself, and the fuel efficiency. Honestly the only thing I do not like is that it is a little top-heavy, which makes it harder to drive in the rain.

- Jess B

This vehicle gets over 40 miles per gallon of gasoline!

This vehicle has been reliable and has never needed any major repairs. It gets excellent gas mileage, however it has a slow "take off" as a trade for that. It is quite comfortable for 4, but a little crowded for 5 people.

- Nathanael L

This car has a CVT and I do not recommend that type of transmission.

We loved our car when we first bought it. It was comfortable and roomy, however we have had some issues with the vehicle. Doing some research, I have found that the issues we are experiencing are quite common with this car.

- Jessica S

It's a very reliable car to drive and the gas mileage is wonderful. Very compact and great ladies vehicle

Love the compactness and moveability of the vehicle. Suits my needs for in town driving. Love the fact it has such a large trunk when the back seat is down. Comfortable and lots of legroom. Gas mileage is awesome

- Susan S

It is great on gas, the car is very reliable when it comes to getting around.

I like my car because it is good on gas and very compact which makes it easier to get around. On the other hand I do not like it because it is a pure drive. Therefore, it is a little put car and I do not like that.

- Rachel G

It is reliable and comfortable and roomy.

Like its styling, interior is roomy and comfortable. Dislike its power and pickup especially on the highway. Dislike its defrost/fog options. The windows fog in all weather and do not clear unless a window is open.

- Nicole R

It runs on gas forever and is awesome on the highway.

My vehicle is the perfect size for me. Although it's small, there is ample leg room. It gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. My only complaint would be that it takes it a little while to get up to speed.

- Shannan W

The Reliable Versa: A short introspective

The Versa is a reliable and useful vehicle. It has enough storage space to move from one house to another with, while remaining compact enough to fit into tight parking spaces. It also gets decent gas mileage!

- Lewis L

I think people should know that Nissan versa are very depended cars.

I love my car because it's easy to handle and drive. I love my car because it has a working AC and radio. I dislike my car because I have to buy new tires, new oil change and my old car I had already done it.

- Dee W

It's bigger on the inside than it appears to be from outside.

I've been lucky. Other than a clutch I have only had to have maintenance like tires, brakes and oil changes. I often get comments about how much room I have in the backseat even though my car is a hatchback

- Kathleen L

It is a reliable car that is useful for a lot of different lifestyles

My vehicle is a good size for me and fits a lot of stuff. The back seats fold down which gives me more space. The radio is outdated and needs replacing. It has needed minimal servicing in the past 6 years.

- Carrie M

The Nissan versa is a low maintenance vehicle.

The car is smooth to drive, easy to handle and fuel efficient. The driver side door will not open from inside. Cost to fix is too much at this time. Airbags on driver and passenger side has been recalled.

- Sherry H

It is a good car for a student or elder person. This car is not built for the city because of slow take offs. Of I could do it over again I would not buy car

I like that my car is cheap on gas. I hate that's it's so small. I dislike when the wind blows too hard it hard to keep car on road. I dislike that I cannot open trunk from key have to be done from inside

- Pansey G

The nissan versa is great on gas, great for hot places. the air condition is great. Just be sure to stay frequent on the oil change

The nissan versa is a small, but very comfortable. A dependable vehicle. Very little maintenance is required, and the maintenance that is required is basic. I purchased the car brand new. So far, so good.

- salarius p

Great on gas and much more comfortable than it looks. Has very good leg room for a compact.

I like how good my car is as pertains to gas mileage. I get almost 40 mpg on the highway and about 35 mpg in town. The worst thing about my car is it's so light I'm afraid I wouldn't survive a bad wreck.

- William C

It's great on gas! It has saved me money on gas already compared to my old car.

I've only had it for several months but I like it so far. It's a small car, yet it still has what feels like a lot of room inside. It's also great on gas. There's not really anything I don't like so far.

- Hannah A

That my car is a very reliable vehicle. I gets the job down.

I love that my car has an Aux input cord. I also like that all of the windows in my car can roller down manually. I also enjoy the A/C my car has. I l9ve that my car gets me from one place to another.

- Miguel O

It is not rated very high in safety standards.

I like that it is a very dependable vehicle. I have has to do very little maintenance to maintain it while I've had it. I don't like that it doesn't have a lot of pickup or speed and is not very safe.

- Coral d

It gets good gas mileage. I travel to work 5 days a week. The commute takes me approximately 35 minutes, and I only have to fill up my gas tank every 10 days.

I like the size, it is not too large, but it is not too small. If I had to choose one thing I dislike, it is the way the back window and the side window come together- it creates a large blind spot.

- Shannon B

It's a great car and I've not had any problems with it

It's great on gas. I've had it for 7 years and I've never had any problems with it. It has over 186000 miles on it and my mechanic told me that I would probably get 500,000 miles or more out of it.

- Donna T

It's reliable and I can depend on it to get me to and from work

Never had any problems with the vehicle except that my A/C goes out from time to time. It's very reliable and good on gas. There aren't any features such as the ones the newer vehicles have today.

- Jordan S

The gas mileage is fantastic.

I have a base model that is a manual transmission. The gas mileage is phenomenal. I get 40 mpg highway. It drives very well in the snow. The backseat has a lot of room so the kids are not cramped.

- Cheryl H

It is not very safe but is reliable.

I like that it is a very reliable car and gets good gas mileage. I do not like that it is not rated very high safety wise. I also do not like getting recalls on it and having to get things fixed.

- Coral J

It's dependable. It's reliable. It doesn't / hasn't given me any mechanical trouble. It's roomy and comfy.

It is economical. It's versatile. I can fit a lot of people in it. I can put the seats down and haul stuff. The seats are high enough that no one has to duck to get in it. Love love love it

- cindy l

Others should know that my car gets an average of 36 MPG on the highway.

I love the avg. 36 MPG and the size of the car. I like being able to get into and out of tight spaces and the way the vehicle maneuvers. I dislike the lack of power and wish it had more umph.

- Mallory L

It was a good beginning car for a sixteen years old just not a lasting one.

Bad construction of the vehicle didn't hold up very well before falling apart easily burns oil bad muffler fell apart tail lights constantly went out and the tail lights were always cracking.

- Charity R

The battery of my USED car needs to be replaced, otherwise it's a great car.

My car is a grey Nisan, it was a used car so I expected some problems to come with it. The car battery is pretty weak and can die every now and then. but I think that it's just from the use.

- Adam B

Nissan makes a good product.

I like the cargo room, the interior design as well as the good gas mileage. I do not like that it does have a few blind spots. No real complaints, I have had no issues since I bought it new.

- Marie M

It's been very reliable, and it's been very low maintenance.

My car is inexpensive to maintain and gets very good mileage. The only thing I dislike is that it's a noisy ride, maybe due to my tires, I'm not sure. Overall it has performed very well.

- Phyllis M

It is very Modern and it is Economical when it comes to Gas Mileage,

It is a 5 door hatchback. I like because it has a navigation system. It also has the gadgets. I don't like the trunk is open and you shop you can see whatever you have in the trunk.

- Doris W

Love my Nissan Versa Hatchback

I love my Nissan Versa Hatchback. Super roomy inside with the convenience of a hatchback and a large trunk. Mostly love the manual transmission, which is great in all kinds of weather.

- Shelby O

I can still get a good return if I sell it because it has such low miles.

My car is very reliable, I like that its compact. I have no complaints so far. I have had it for 6 years now and only have 45,000 miles on it. I know this car will last me a long time.

- Milly V

My car is very good at handling, braking, stopping and going fast. The car gets good gas Milages and you can mess with the radio on the steering wheel without taking your eyes off the road

I love my car cause it allows me the freedoms to come and go. It has a lot of bells and whistles and I'll never get lost. I dislike the gps cause it does not always take me safest way

- Dena W

It is very reliable and we can all fit comfortably.

I have had no major problems with my car, it is been very reliable. It is the perfect size for me. Tons of room in the backseat and plenty of trunk room for a relatively small car.

- Olivia S

That my car is very small.

I like that my vehicle is small and comfy. I also love the silver color. I do wish my vehicle was faster. I also tend to get bullied on the road because of the size of my vehicle.

- Deja M

Reliable and dependable and still runs like a top with 150,000 miles on it.

I like that my vehicle is so great on gas, and that its very compact and easy to drive. I love the color of my vehicle. And I love the way it drives it's very smooth on the road.

- Amanda T

Very comfortable to drive and it is the perfect size for me.

My car is very comfortable to drive. But sometimes I worry because my warranty has expired but I only use my car for work and run errands which is less than 75 miles per week

- Abby B

That it may not be fancy but it meets my family's needs.

My vehicle is a great value for the money. It's fuel efficient, comfortable, and doesn't have bells and whistles but gets me from point a to point b and keeps my family safe.

- Caitlin R

This is not a performance vehicle. Don't expect a lot of pickup at acceleration. Be careful though, once she gets going it is easy to find yourself exceeding the speed limit.

My Versa is a dependable vehicle. It fits my current needs. The only issue I've had is the charger keeps shorting out. I would not say it's the best car ever, just average.

- Lynn M

Very good on gas and very reliable to travels.

My vehicle is very reliable had it for a while now since college days to be exact and haven't had a major problem with it yet. Very few minor problems and very good on gas.

- Kay D

Small, pre-owned, stick shift, and good on gas.

It is small, good on gas, and so far the only problem I have had with it was a bad wheel bearing, which I replaced. It is a stick shift and was pre-owned when I bought it.

- Rebecca B

You won't have to buy gas every couple of days driving this car.

It's a good car in terms of gas mileage, I get about 33-36 depending on how much I use the highway. I wouldn't mind having a little more storage space in it but I manage.

- Christian P

great gas mileage does not cost a lot to fill up tank

I get good gas miles it is easy to park it is easy to drive my only complaint is carpet and ceiling are very poorly made does not have a lot of the extras my altima had

- mary F

It has good gas mileage and very dependable.

I love my Nissan versa because it is a good faithful car that gets me to where I need to be without problems. The gas mileage is very good and can find parts anywhere.

- Jen W

It is very cheap on gas, and you use very little gas when traveling on the highway

I like how good it is on gas, I like the way that it looks, the only thing I do not like is it does not have power windows or power locks. The car was also affordable.

- Leila L

The airbag panel is not seated.

I do not like that it was recalled for airbags and the replacement keeps popping out. I do not like that its a smaller car in the cargo area. I like the wide seats.

- Jennifer J

Quality and function in a small size hatchback along with great mileage,

I like the physical size, hatchback convenience, interior space. I also like the manufacturer and the service I receive. I like the functionality and easy drive.

- Hal P

Pretty good car overall; just one con!

The car is comfortable, gets good gas mileage. Tank fills up with around $30. The only true con I have with the car is that I can hear everything from the outside.

- Vivecca R

Its economical with a lot of uses.

My Nissan versa is perfect for me. I do a lot of shopping. My car is a hatchback so I can anything in it such as lumber. It turns on a dime and its just my style!

- Carla B

It is easy to drive and there is plenty of space in the hatchback.

It is easy to drive and fairly spacious. The backseat is somewhat small for what we need. It drives really nicely and I like that it is a compact larger vehicle.

- Lexie M

Good gas mileage and runs great.

I like that it is got a lot of room in the cabin and trunk. Drives nicely. I dislike the windshield that keeps cracking and the heat shield that keeps breaking.

- Ashley S

It is very safe, efficient, and practical.

I like that my car is simple, reliable. A hatchback, big enough that I can move apartments or go camping. It is not super powerful, but it gets the job done.

- Katie R

It is no frills it does not have power windows or doors and is very basic overall.

The car overall is attractive. I wish that it had more areas where I could put the key to open it, as of now I have the option of the drivers side door only.

- Angela D

More room inside than you would think.

I like the compact size, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability. I dislike the cheap feel of the interior and lack of durability of some of the finishes.

- Benjamin S

I truly do not care for this car.

Transmission broke, serpentine belt broke, there are two other things that broke that cost me thousands of dollars to fix, car definitely not every buying,

- Rose R

Reliable functional vehicle

My Versa is pretty basic, but it's been a very reliable car. It is easy to maintain and gets great gas mileage. It fits my lifestyle and needs really well!

- Leann P

It shows dirt easy, but it handle like a dream and everyone loves it.

The mileage is wonderful, it cruise control is great, and it is very nice to drive. The only thing I dislike is the air condition does not get cold enough.

- Jeanette A

Replacement car parts are relatively cheap and the service is low maintenance.

It is compact, cute, and low maintenance. It is relatively inexpensive. It is non descriptive and easy to drive. It is Japanese and I think japan is cool.

- Liz T



- William R

It's really, really small. Big people shouldn't buy it, but it's perfect for city life.

I like its efficiency. It's easy to maneuver and parallel park as well. The problem is that you can feel every bump in the road, and it has no features.

- Christina D

The engine does not run as smoothly and quietly as a Honda.

I like the roomy hatchback and compact size. I dislike the below average gas mileage, as well as the various sensors that light up and require fixing.

- chun V

Good on gas and maintenance

It is very good car that has good gas mileage and low maintenance it's has a lot of room for a small car I would recommend it to my friend and family.

- Cleveland b

The car that i own is very reliable, you cannot go wrong with a nissan.

Overall, i believe it is a very smooth drive. The car doesn't require too much maintenance. It does not consume too much gas. Very reliable in the end.

- vicente c

That the car is good on gas.

I love this car. There is a lot of legroom in this vehicle. The car is very comfortable. The vehicle is very good on gas and very good for long trips.

- Megan V

Great gas saver for the roomy inside.

It is a manual transmission, therefore fun to drive. It gets super great gas mileage, around 43 mpg. The seats are comfortable and roomy for riding.

- Sandy Y

The Nissan Versa is a very economical and reliable vehicle

no problems except a few recalls. it is a very reliable car. has a/c, auto windows and locks. The only drawback is that it is a manual transmission.

- Tracy W

It's pretty easy to drive and is the perfect size in my opinion.

I like the size of it. It's small enough to not feel huge but it's large enough to have enough room. I don't like that it takes a while to speed up.

- Hannah G

It's awesome and can go underwater like a submarine.

Love the vehicle, it is economical and versatile. Only downside is it's not the best in the snow. I would live it more with a not better traction.

- Cindy J

It's a economically and gas-friendly automobile and it's fun to drive!

I love the hatchback because it's good for storage and moving things about. I love that it has good gas mileage. And it's just a fun car to drive!

- Corey H

No one can steal your car without the engine key for that car.

Like. Comfy seats. Decent trunk. Dislike. Cup holders are hard to fit bigger cups in. Truck did not come with a cover to block view from outside.

- Amanda H

It is really good on gas mileage.

Never had a single problem. Even hit a deer and it didn't leave a dent! Has gotten me from point A to point B and wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Liz K

That although it's nothing fancy, it is practical and meets my family's needs.

It is not a fancy car by any means - it has no bells and whistles. However, it is comfortable and fuel efficient, and safe for me and my family.

- Caitlin R

You get what you paid for.

Love the gas mileage, hate the cvt transmission. Good car for the price, no issues yet. Tires that came with the car only lasted 29, 000 miles.

- Mark M

It might not be the best car on the market but it gets you from point a to point b.

I like that it gets me from point a to point b. It is a little bit noisy on the inside when I am driving or riding, but besides that I like it.

- Zachary W

Good on gas. I only have to fill up about once a month.

I like it because it is very good on gas. Like it because it is not too big, easy to park. My only complaint is which side the gas tank is on.

- Barbara A

Its inexpensive as far as car payments.

Its as 4 cylinder and doesn't drive well on wet roads or ice. Not very heavy and not good traction with the tires. Not as very powerful engine.

- Michael S

It Is a Good Car on Gas!! I would Purchase another Nissan Versa!!!

I lOVE MY NISSAN VERSA AS IT IS GOOD ON GAS......The Nissan is easy to Drive........I Love It....I Have had no Problems with My Nissan Versa!!!


The most important thing about the car is the reliability and excellent gas mileage

The gas mileage is what I like the most about my car. I don't have any complaints as it is very reliable and very little mechanical problems.

- v l

Just the fact that it gets really good gas mileage

I like the fuel economy, great gas mileage. I'm big in it though, would definitely prefer a larger vehicle. A crossover would be my 1st choice

- Scott F

The car will save money on gas.

I like that the vehicle is a gas saver. It is small size makes it easy to maintain. The only complaint is the it takes a bit to pick up speed.

- Dana R

Comfortable, compact, perfect for small families

I like everything except the radio, I would really liked it if it had bluetooth or something like that. Everything else on the car is perfect.

- Ana L

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

The Nissan Versa has been a very reliable car. It runs smooth and it gains speed fast. I have not had any major repairs since I bought it.

- Manuela M

Just a basic car. Nothing fancy.

There's nothing really to say. My car is basic. It gets me to work and back. It runs. I give it regular maintenance and it works just fine.

- Melissa B

The airbag is under recall. The car is basic. Although, it is reliable. The tires suck. I had to have 3 replaced within the first 6 months of owning the car.

It is a steady, reliable vehicle which I like. I don't like that it is so basic. I would like more features. I do like the amount of space.

- Rachel K

It gets great gas mileage of up to thirty eight miles a gallon

It has great mileage. It is small enough to easily get in and out of anywhere I want to go. It is large enough to hold everything I need.

- Chris W

Excellent gas mileage! Even in the summer with the air conditioning on!

I love this car because it is so reliable, great gas mileage. It is not fancy and has manual windows but it is very roomy and comfortable.

- rhonda k

My Nissan versa is great on gas.

Very good on gas. Comfortable ride and for small car lots of leg space truck space. Only thing I don't care for is the windshield wipers!

- Sandra B

It is really excellent on gas.

The only problem I have had so far is a short in my rear turning signal and one of the pieces that hold my glove box in place broke off.

- J S

That is gets very good gas mileage.

I like that it have very good gas mileage, and is easy to drive but I dislike that is is very small and has no real power at taking off.

- Spencer q

I love how much space the backseat passengers have.

The Nissan versa hatchback is extremely spacious on the inside but tiny on the outside and easy to park! It also gets great gas mileage!

- Grace L

I travel a lot. So my car gets some good mileage put on it. Runs great when going on longer trips.

Great gas mileage, no issues mechanically. Keep regular service. Hit a deer a few months ago. Had some damage bit withstood pretty well

- Jonathan S

Good value for price. Good mileage.

Fuel pump and fuses went out in 2018. Cost $3, 000. Great gas mileage. Runs well. Not had to do any brake work yet. Keep it maintained.

- Sandy P

I love my car and am now a Nissan family.

This is a great car, low gas mileage and very comfortable for long trips. Nissan is a good car it holds up even with high end mileage.

- Kay H

It has XM radio cruise control power windows power brakes. Great car

My Nissan versa is a great car gets great gas mileage has XM radio it has a roomie backseat very comfortable riding car and I love it

- Darlene L

The car is very spacious inside and has a very large trunk capacity.

I love my Nissan Versa. It's been very reliable. It's very compact yet surprisingly roomy inside. Very easy and comfortable to drive.

- Tracy P

My car is a good, reliable, vehicle and I really like it.

I absolutely love the color (blue) and fuel mileage (38 mpg). I wish it were a tad wider as it doesn't fit 3 adults in the back seat.

- Linda S

It takes forever to get to 65 mph.

I hate the shape. It does not have any power. The back windshield is useless. It also has poor gas mileage and burns oil like crazy.

- Jennifer R

Good gas mileage and holds it is resale value well.

It is been a great car with no maintenance. It still drives well and with normal care it should run for a long time. It is been car.

- Dawn D

It lasts for a long time and has decent mile per gallon ratio.

Wish it was safer and felt more durable and heavy duty. Love the size and space in the back. Love the hatchback. Great sound system.

- Haley P

The most important thing someone who is considering purchasing a car should know is that it works really well, is low maintenance, and reliable

My 2012 Nissan versa has been very reliable. It is fuel efficient and I have never had any problems with performance or how it runs.

- Trevor H

If you want a versatile hatchback, get a Nissan Versa!

It's a manual transmission hatchback, with lots of interior room in the front and back areas. Everything that I wanted and needed.

- Shelby O

It is attractive and compact.

It is very reliable and has not ever broke down. I have had to replace the brakes and battery but other than that, nothing else.

- Nadia D

Versa sl subcompact size is great for those small spots.

Versa sl, is great on gas. Car is actually bit more spacious inside then it looks. However there has been a recall for airbags.

- Lauren W

It's a reliable car that requires little maintenance.

good handling and response. fair gas mileage with decent power. good headroom and storage space. small but not that small.

- Ron K

My Nissan Versa is a great value

I recently had to get a repair because my car was overheating. My car is simple, it is reliable but lacks any extra features.

- Dallas M

Well it's reliable, have not had many issues over the last 7 years owned.

I am 6 feet 2 and the vehicle is a little small for me. I would prefer a slightly larger model like an Altima or a crossover.

- Scott F

It's great on gas! I love how well it does on gas.

It's small. Good on gas. I need a bit more room though, I have two kids with car seats and there is no room left in the back.

- Amber K

Nissan versa: easy and comfortable.

Does not go super fast, but it is very comfortable for a city. Size is perfect, spacious seats. Automatic, so easy to manage.

- Michelle M

reliability, great gas mileage, comfortable and easy to drive

Dislike the color and I don't feel like it holds up well in high winds, but It has been a very reliable car that works well.

- Martha J

It's very good on gas mileage gets you where you need to be

Love my versa not that fast but good car excellent condition but i will say when it hits 80 thousand transmission messes up

- Stephanie B

reliable, i know i can count on my car to fit what i need inside of it and to get me where i need to go

it is the hatchback version of the versa. It is extremely fuel efficient. It is comfortable and has a lot of storage space

- melissa R

Efficient vehicle to get around town.

It is efficient. Has good miles. Better than my old Sentra. Has a few dings and dents though and interior cosmetic issues.

- Jack G

Nissan makes a great automobile. You can't go wrong with their line of vehicles.

The Versa is dependable and affordable. I love the hatch and the space in the back seat. It's great for everyday hauling.

- Mar S

Gas mileage, very economical plus a cheap car. You must get it

Gas efficient, small, compact. Best deal ever. I love this car even after 6 years of having it. I would buy another one

- Werner F

My car is my car I love my car it is perfect for me.

I got the best car ever my car is small and is good on gas I haven't give me any problems takes me where I want to go.

- Marisa E

It gets good gas mileage. It is affordable. It is attractive.

I love everything about my car. It is good on gas. I like the keyless entry. It is compact but roomy and comfortable.

- Frances B

My car has been a joy to own. Never lets me down. Dependable. Lots of cargo space and durability

Great dependable car. Never has given me trouble. Have traveled cross country several times and never have to worry.

- Rikki R

It was cheap for a brand new car. I believe it was the cheapest car on the market when I got it.

I don't like it's stability and the A/C is not blowing hard enough anymore. I like the gas mileage and reliability.

- Francisco R

Take care if it if your inside it.

I like the smooth ride and the car is very comfortable. The interior is very nice and has a nice sound system in it.

- Carolyn A

It runs great and has great gas mileage

It's silver and has 4 doors. Dependable with engine. Great gas mileage. To plain looking. Doesn't have many extras.

- Mark C

I like how it is gas efficient. I don't like how it has not lasted long. I like the size.

The one thing others should know is that even though it is gas efficient, the longevity of the car is not reliable.

- MelissaAnne G

Catchy, spunky little ride.

Great vehicle, owned six years, no problems. Very fuel efficient, comfortable, quiet for a small sedan. Runs great.

- Joe P

Manual locks and windows. Transmission seems different than most cars.

I like that it has been reliable. But I dislike that the windows and door locks are not automatic. They are manual.

- Monica F

I like the size of the car, which I am surprised by because I originally wanted something a bit larger. Being small makes it easier to park and navigate, and fill up with gas. I dislike that it lacks cruise control and a decent sized trunk. I can't even fit my golf clubs back there, much less anything but a tiny umbrella stroller.

This car is easy to maneuver and park, while also still having enough acceleration power to do well on the highway.

- Jason S

This is a very affordable and reliable car if you are on a budget

Very reliable and affordable car. Could be more comfortable and ride could be smoother. Not good for acceleration.

- Jane D

My car has a Disney passholder sign on the back of it.

It does it's job of getting me to go where I need to go. I also like the independence. It just isn't my dream car.

- Jailen F

It is very special and needs love.

I love that my car is reliable. The gas allows me over a week of travel. It's my favorite mode of transportation.

- Amina A

A very nice and economic car

Big enough and very economic.I like that I can actually put a lot of my stuff in the trunk....Very easy to drive.

- Charmaine U

It gets great gas mileage. Has a nice color. and room for the grandkids

It gets great gas mileage. I dislike that there is reports of transmission issues. I enjoy driving my little car.

- carole r

It's a good on gas and cheap as well

It's a good car and good on gas. Highly recommend for first time drivers. It's good for trips and good for family

- Memo M

Nissan Make Car (Not a high end but for daily use)

Nissan make is good. I like my vehicle. It's not an high end brand or car but fulfills the purpose of travelling.

- Namrata S

Love my Nissan versa always

It saves gas and I drive fast no lag on the engine. I only had to replace the fuel tank and normal oil and breaks

- Rene D

I would want people to know that it gets good gas mileage.

I like that it gets really good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have some of the more modern features.

- Kevin K

It's perfect for a single person or a couple. For a family with a larger dog or kids it wouldn't be as functional because it's so small.

I like it's size and that it's a hatchback. It does lack the newest bells and whistles of newer models, though.

- morgan w

Comfortable and reliable, never had problems and good on gas.

I like that it is compact and easy to maneuver but the roof space is small and dashboard features are outdated.

- Grace C

It's a great family car, perfect for groceries and trips.

I love the room this vehicle has. It's also fuel efficient. My only complaint is that it's a little top heavy.

- MIke B

Some pieces of the car are made of not durable plastic. Mine broke the thermostat control but still works.

I like that the car does not broke as long it has the continue maintenance and it use cheap parts to repair.

- Oscar p

No issues. We have had it several years with no issues.

I like that it is good gas mileage and there is nice leg room. I wish there was better hip room in the back.

- Michelle Y

it drive really good even in snow and ice. Looks good and has a hatchback

It drives great even in snow. It is small and you can park it easily. It is grey and does not show the dirt

- sheila h

It's small and it fits everywhere

It's really slow and it always has problems with the engine the motor had to be replaced once and it's bad

- Ruth T

Like any other vehicle it takes me to work and back home.

My vehicle runs proficiently with no issues. Gas last a long time and maintenance cost is very economical.

- Roger N

very reliable and great on gas low cost maintenance

very roomy great on gas. i have a manual and i just love it. maintenance is low cost and very easy up keep

- christy m

Nice compact car for everyday travel.

great gas mileage. economical smart. Drives nice. nice compact car. recommended for everyday vehicle..

- Lisa F

It Gets 38 miles to a gallon

I really like my car. It is no longer new but it still looks good and is very comfortable for me to drive

- Abby v

2012 is a bad year for this Versa, the CVT TRansmission will go bad on you after like 78000 miles.

I like it because it has great gas mileage. I dislike it because they put in a horrible CVT Transmission.

- Tanya J

IT's a small hatchback Nissan 2012 versa and it's a pretty neat car it's a decent car it's better than a bike

its cool, small, decent interior, it's not the coolest looking car to be completely and truthfully honest

- Jake S

It drives well and saves you money on gas

I like that it is good on gas mileage and is mostly free of any mechanical issues. The interior is small.

- Dustin S

Gas mileage is wonderful. It helps to stretch my budget here in California.

It has great gas mileage. It turns really well. It has no pick up. On hills it sounds like a lawnmower.

- H F

If you are a tall man you will not enjoy the front seat.

I had a problem with the fuel pump. The heat shield makes a weird noise sometimes but it is wonderful.

- Philip M

It was a great price for a brand new car. Bare bones model, all manual no frills. Went through an accident in this car, and it absorbed all the damage, while keeping us safe. It seems to have a lot of minor recalls and parts for it are not readily available.

Fair price for a brand new vehicle! But it's light and control in winds on a freeway can be difficult.

- Melinda B

It really has a lot of space.

My Nissan versa is a good commuter and it has not give me any problems in the 3 years that I owned it.

- Jose C

The rogue has good gas mileage.

The vehicle is too small. Although it is gas friendly, it is physical structure has been problematic.

- Jennifer T

Best car for young drivers

Perfect car for new drivers or people with no children. Dependable, easy to drive, good gas mileage.

- kaitlin j

That it is affordable and still a very good car for any age or gender. Also i think it is safe and will last a long time without expensive repairs.

I like that it is transportation and that it is comfortable for me to drive and good on gas mileage.

- Kathy G

Great car, great dependability

I like the gas mileage and the hatchback. I also like that it has been relatively maintenance free.

- Marie J

Economic price, have quality , the interiors are good.

Compact. Save gasoline and secure to my family. The air conditioner fail ,is the mayor complain .

- Karen M

It gets good gas mileage but has slow start up

It doesn't have automatic locks or any upgrades. I like the good gas mileage. The design is ugly

- Rachel D