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Great car overall love playing my old high school CDs on it.

I love my car it drives so smooth and quiet. It also does really good on gas it gets full with 25 dollars very reliable. All the windows go all the way down I love that. In the motor area its really easy to find where the oil, water, steering wheel liquid, windshield cleaner and lots more. My car is not to low not to high just right. The area on the back is great lots of room for baby car seat or tall people lol. Also I love the trunk because I can fit my groceries and my double stroller. The spare tire is very easy to get to and easy to take out. I love that my gas pump is attached to my car because otherwise I would have lost it long ago. My Nissan also has a latch on the driver side to open the trunk which came in because my key got worn off and didn't want to unlock my trunk anymore. The radio is great really loud and the signal is also very good never had problems. Seats are super comfortable I've actually had to sleep in my car a couple if times slept like a baby. Over all I give the Nissan Versa a great review because it has not failed me or gave me any trouble in the past 3 years that I have owned it.

- Lorena A

I love the fact it gets great gas mileage, it is dependable and comfortable.

My Nissan has comfortable seats, it gets anywhere from 38 to 41 miles to gal. It seats 5 people comfortably. It has skid resistance that easy to change to in icy roads conditions button is so easy to get to with one push of a button on dash. Easy to get around in busy or large towns. Had only one recall which was changing out a belt. We haven't had any major problem with this vehicle change windshield wipers two times. Tires are reasonable low cost. Oil change every 1000 miles. It has cruise control, the button to cruise press on the steering wheel and touch cruise to set, easy. Small enough to get in and out of small areas. When driving I had no problem seeing in every direction including what's coming up behind me. One of the smoothest small car I have ever driven. The paint has not discolored and easy to clean, body and underneath. It is very reliable in rain, snow and hot weather, air conditioning is very cool very seldom do I turn it on high. Easy to clean inside and out. Has comfortable room inside for tall people like me. Very reliable I would buy another one if something happens to this one.

- Laura C

Small car but big space! Runs smooth and looks sporty.

I absolutely love this car, but had to get it because I totaled my SUV. The car is comfortable and drives great. Only thing that I wish was a little bigger was the center console. There is no really console to store anything and makes the car feel a little empty inside. The backseat is amazing and quite large despite the car being so small. Very spacious seats! Also, after having it for 5 years I had some wear and tear that is uncommon and cost me a little over $1k which was disappointing. Not sure if the west and tear was because of the quality of the car or my driving (which is actually pretty normal). I would recommend this car to anyone and it is a great price. Also, had great safety ratings.

- Elizabeth B

Love the gas mileage! A great little car.

We love our versa. The gas mileage is great, and the car really feels bigger on the island than expected. We've had some issues with the transmission and it was actually replaced in 2015 though that replacement was fully covered under warranty. A year later we came across other issues that our mechanic attributed to the transmission, though we later discovered that it was actually due to some water that got trapped in the tail lights -- the issue showed up as a transmission related when scanned but apparently that is common for this model. Otherwise the car has been very reliable and we love it!

- Stephanie C

Very spacious, good gas mileage.

Excellent value - economical affordable reliable and convenient drive — this is an unbeatable package, economical affordable reliable and convenient drive. Can't go wrong with it for a first car, comfort, convenience and affordability all rolled into one, incredible value for money. Great interior space and large boot. Perfect for a small family. Primary use: commuting to work. Pros: brilliant gas saver, 40 mpg, very low maintenance, automatic cvt, power everything, very convenient steering mounted Bluetooth and Audio controls. Cons: no sunroof.

- Wanda H

A 4 cylinder and doesn't have any power especially if you use the air conditioner.

It doesn't have enough engine power. It's only a 4 cylinder. The stereo systems Its very good and has no good base or surround sound to it. The lowest speed on the windshield wipers is to fast and to you have to manually turn them in and off if Its not raining very hard. I would like to see it have better power and a better stereo system. I also think it would look better if the body style was wider and not so boxy looking and if there was more space inside.

- Tom M

Great, reliable car for the price.

I have nothing but great things to say about my Nissan versa. I purchased in 2013 brand new in order to have a reliable card to get me to and from work and school. I have relocated to Florida and taken many road trips with my vehicle as well as driven to and from work 50 miles round trip for 2 years. I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle the performance has been great and gas mileage is great.

- Natalie T

Very economical and reliable. . When do you ever hear of problems with Nissan's?

My car is fun and has good gas mileage. Considering that it is a 4 cylinder, it is pretty "zippy". There's ample room for my kids and groceries and whatever else I have need and with the great gas mileage and I can drive around all day taking care of business and can still go for a ride for fun and relaxation when I want some "me" time and can easily see the setting on when I'll need to fill backup.

- Nadia C

Small car that goes the distance on a small gas tank

Small 4 door hatchback. Pros: Great gas mileage, average 34 MPG. Lots of storage room in the hatchback. Seats 4 comfortably. CD player with auxiliary input. Very large glove box. Easy to parallel park. Handles well, good turn radius. Ok head room. Cons: I have no options, which means no power locks or windows, no cruise control. Not very flashy, but that's personal preference.

- Ted B

The hands free options are great!

The air conditioning does work very good, the undercarriage has fallen off a couple times from the water, and the lights are weird sometimes they work right and sometimes the flash like there is a malfunction in the computer. It's great on gas and handles well though. I really like the hands free options and being able to lick and unlock the doors from the door handles.

- Brooke B

This is a great and reliable car.

I really like my car. The only issue I have had is a current transmission issue, according to my own guesses, however, I cannot check transmission fluid levels myself because there is no accessible dipstick. Other than this, I have had no problems! Only feature I wish it had is a built in Bluetooth system for my phone and automatic seat adjustment.

- Brittany S

Perfect car for a small family.

I adore our little Nissan. She's reliable, does not use a lot of gas, and even though she's small on the outside, she's huge on the inside. Her heater/ac is fast and dependable and I appreciate being able to plug in my phone to recharge as we drive. We bought her used but you would never know it. She's not fancy but she's perfect for our household.

- Rene K

Small but sturdy car, can take a lot but feels like you might break it.

It is a nice first time car. It drives like a golf cart. The car itself is small but inside and the trunk is very spacious. Sometimes it feels like you might break it because it fragile. It is very good on gas. Somehow it was able to go on a 12 hour drive in mountains and everything. Overall all it is a good car but one you do not keep for awhile.

- Clara H

Silver/grey Nissan versa. There are no problems with the car. The year is 2013.

There is nothing wrong with my car. It is a 2013 the air conditioning works well. I got a new battery and alternator placed in it. The windows are tinted and the color is a silver/grey. It is a reliable car and is comfortable the only thing is that it does not have mirrors on the sun visor things. But other than that it is a good car works well.

- May C

Miss reliable will never let you down!

My car is the least accessorized model as it was a rental in its previous life, but it is as reliable as you could hope for! She only sips gas and is so quiet running that I accidentally restarted her a couple of times. Fyi: if the radio is on, she is running. Defroster front and rear work quickly and she has required no major repairs.

- Peggy M

Great gas mileage! Poor wind resistance.

My car gets excellent gas mileage. I have not had many problems since I have got it, other than replacing the battery once. Main thing that I dislike about it is that it does not do well with wind residence, and the front end is very close to the ground; so even hitting a squirrel messes up the bumper (which I have had trouble with).

- Lacy W

Nissan Versa - compact car.

The Nissan Versa is small and easy to park. It only takes 28-40 to fill up the gas tank-depending on where you go to get gas. Maintenance is not that expensive either. The only issue I had was with the brake/pedal at which my foot would get caught when switching from gas to break. It turns out there was a recall and they "fixed" it.

- Abel E

The Nissan versa is the best car I've ever owned.

This is the best car I've ever owned. It is very reliable. I've had no repairs other than a headlight and basic upkeep. It has great gas mileage, it's fairly roomy and I like the trunk far better than the hatchback. I love that I got a model with window cranks, manual transmission, and locks that need to be locked by hand.

- Gail W

Nissan versa is overall a good starting car to have.

I love how it drives on and off the freeway. It is a gas saver. It does not require much maintenance. However, I notice my engine lights come on and off due to the computer system that is the only thing I find annoying about the car as it is an older version of it. Overall, good source of commuting car around town.

- Ana C

How my Versa suits me well.

It has excellent gas mileage, maneuverability and handles well. Yes, it is small, but it meets my needs and gets me where I need to go. My brother thinks it is underpowered, especially for highway driving. Maybe so, but it works for me. I am careful not to take unnecessary risks, especially during winter weather.

- Frances S

Perfect for a small family.

My car has nearly 120 thousand miles on it and is still running strong. There have been some rather expensive repairs along the way. Nearly 3 thousand dollars for a wiring harness (the entire car is run off of this harness) and close to 4 thousand dollars on a new transmission and a transmission wiring harness.

- Kathleen W

My Nissan versa is a delight to drive.

Maneuverability, gas mileage, ease of handling, especially parking, are all outstanding. Although at first I was concerned about the small size of this car, I noticed very quickly that, except for the SUVs and semis hauling cargo, most cars on the highways are reduced in size from only a few years ago.

- Frances D

An economic car with manual transmission.

My car is a manual transmission and is very economical on gas. It is a pure drive with no extras like electric windows or electric key entry. Can only unlock car on driver's seat side. It has a huge trunk and plenty of room in the back seat. It does have airbags on driver's side and passenger's side.

- Joy V

The car needs a good cleaning.

It gets us from point A to point B usually without any problems. It is pretty reliable. I do not like how big and heavy the doors are. When i have to get out i have to be very careful about opening it without damaging another car if there is one parked next to it or if there is a pole near the door.

- Michelle C

It was a good family car until it started having issues!

It has an issue that started this year. I loved the car until then. It has the emission control light on and I think it has a transmission issue but it is only 5 years old and that pisses me off!!! I am not sure if I will ever get another Nissan again because I cannot pay thousands to fix it.

- Tosha b

I get Terrific gas mileage!!!

I like the way it handles the road, bumps in the road, rain, etc. I love the gas mileage I get both on freeway and city roads. I think the seats are comfortable for my short frame and lots of backseat space and trunk space. Only complaint I have is It's a single entry door car with a key.

- Phyllis b

This car gets great gas mileage. I used to have a long commute to work and would still only have to fill up every so often.

I really like the Versa gas mileage. I can go far on a tank of gas. It's also comfortable and runs well. I do wish it were a more upgraded model - some of the features seem a bit basic compared to other newer vehicles. Other than that, it's a great car that gets me where I need to go.

- Mary H

Great affordable family car and good on gas.

The Nissan versa sv is a perfect family car. It is an affordable price. Great on gas. Comfortable and spacious the inside and the trunk. Great car for a long road trip and having a new baby. Great on gas drives far. I have had it for 3 years and I have not had a problem with my car.

- Ruby R

Great all around ride for the cost.

My Nissan versa is a great car. It is the 2nd versa I have owned and several other family members have bought one too. It was inexpensive new and comes with a lot of standard features. It is great on gas and is very roomy, especially in the back seat for such a small car.

- Nancy L

Versa runs well. Good for long trips, driving daily for work. May have repairs.

The car runs well. It has had a few problems. A couple years ago I had to replace the fuel pump and the transmission- both were costly and that has been the most frustrating issue with the versa. Currently the car runs well, I am starting to experience issues with the ac.

- Grace T

The gas mileage is great, and it's roomier than it looks.

I love the gas mileage I get, which is about 42 mpg. It's also a lot roomier than one might think, and the trunk is pretty big for the overall size of the car. It has decent power for how small the engine is. So far, I have only had to do routine maintenance on it.

- Randy B

Great little reliable car.

Great on gas, reliable, no major issues. I have not had any problems with it and love it. It's the best little car I have ever had. Standard transmission and 39 mpg highway and 29 mpg city. It is a basic model but I do have a CD player and air conditioning.

- Renee C

I have had my car now for about three years, I haven't had any issues with it.

I have had my Nissan Versa now for about three years, my car has been fairly reliable, the only problem that I have had with my car it is that the air pressure monitor always shows that my tire pressure is off, other than that my car has been a great car.

- Charlie H

Good car to get around the city or a drive in the country.

My car is reliable and I have not had any major issues. My car has good head space which is good for those that are tall. The only issue that I have had is that the heating plate under the car came loose. I would buy another Nissan based on my experience.

- Dave A

It drives very well and has a lot of room.

It is not as comfortable on the inside as I would like. The cloth seats get stains on them easily. The engine makes weird noises sometimes. The music stereo system makes a loud buzzing noise. It gets really cold in the winter and stays hot in the summer.

- Rebecca M

Pretty style. Perfect size. Comfortable.

I wish it had 4 wheel drive because in the winter time it can be a bit scary driving. I think the Bluetooth is probably my favorite feature. I also love the stereo however I upgraded to a nicer set of speakers then the factory style. Overall I like it.

- Sidney B

Comfortable and reliable.

Is not too strong when I start to run. It is comfortable, doesn't have mechanical problems. I want to change it because of the year of manufacture but not because has any problem. Nissan is a reliable make for me is the second Nissan car that I have.

- Albert M

This vehicle is very compact and it runs well.

This car drives well and I have had no issues with the performance. It is compact so I can park easily in busy locations or busy parking garages. I feel as though the vehicle has a lot of room especially for the individuals sitting in the back seats.

- Melissa K

It's much more spacious than it leads in to believe. There is a ton of head room and leg room.

It makes a lot of noises and seems to always have something small wrong with it. The mai mechanical systems seem to be lasting but small items constantly are wrong with it. The power is little to none but what do you expect with a small car.

- Melissa N

Nissan Versa - The Simple Yet Efficient Commuter Car

I love my Nissan Versa. It is a simple car but it gets me to and from where I need to go which is mainly to and from school. The only downside is the crank down windows, which are inconvenient sometimes. The car gets decent gas mileage.

- Kelsey H

They should know that it has great mileage,

I like that the Nissan versa has really great mileage and is pretty specious for myself. However the car has terrible acceleration. It takes forever for the car to pick up speed. The vehicle also is quite terrible at going up hills.

- Steven O

They are made up of plastic.

The 2013 versa I was driving is nothing but plastic. My back bumper came off but was held on by 2 clamps on the driver side on interstate 95. I got my car march 2015 and the transmission went out exactly 3 years later march 2018.

- Shayla P

Great fuel efficient vehicle

I am overall happy with my car. I love the size and fuel efficiency. The only thing that I an unhappy with is that it has had some transmission and electric issues, which should not be happening after only 5 years of ownership.

- Hayli D

Nissan Versa hatchback Gas that lasts and a back for an extra pack!

The drive of this car feels as though you may fly into the air and never come back, ha, but, on the very bright side it costs 25-30 dollars for fuel and is very safe, good for a small family as well if it's a hatchback

- Domenique W

It has great gas mileage. Even with over 100,000 miles on my car, it still gets 36 mpg highway

This vehicle is an overall great vehicle. The 2013 verse I got was used, but still works great. I have had transmission troubles, though I've done the regular maintenance (oil changes, new tires, air filters etc).

- Allyson M

The fuel economy for price cannot be beat with this good steering.

The versa is pretty great. She's comfortable, she's economical. She can do au turn without hitting the sides of the road. The waterproof rubber around the trunk went sharpish, though. Very annoying.

- Lorraine S

Good car for the price of it

Good reliable car no issues so far. Only thing that bugs me after 3 years the fan belt whistle s when you accelerate, I have bought liquid to spray on it a belt conditioner but only last a while

- Omar E

Acceleration/shifting problems.

It's an okay car. Sometimes I stalls and doesn't want to accelerate, so I am stuck in the middle of the road and have to turn my car off. It acts like it doesn't want to shift when accelerating.

- Halie W

Awesome Nissan Versa that performs great, but with affordability

Had problem with alternator at 100k miles,but I drive this vehicle everywhere and have otherwise had no problems. Ac works great. Gas mileage is 37 mpg. Fits my family but economic. Love my car

- Darren S

The car is a very smooth ride and the controls are easy to use.

I love how well my car goes on gas. I do not like how low to the ground it is. And I wish there was an actual key slot for my push button start for those rare moments when the remote dies.

- At T

It is affordable and dependable.

I love that it is comfortable and drives smoothly. I love that it gets awesome gas mileage. I like that it has a pretty roomy trunk. Now that I have a baby, it is starting to feel cramped.

- Melissa B

Review for 2013 Nissan versa.

I have had the car for over a year now. So far the car hasn't given me any problems so far. It is great on gas and mileage. It might be little but it has a lot of space on the inside.

- Sabrina G

The Nissan versa is small but mighty. The size is perfect and it runs so well!

I love the size of my car ( it is compact but doesn't feel too small). I love how nicely muly car drives. The one downside is that it can take a bit to get up to speed on the highway.

- Tara G

Great starter car, but average at best.

It is a very spacious car, but definitely on the lower end. I have had a few recalls on my car, but it performs well. It's a great car for starters, but overall is average at best.

- Eddie V

Good economy car and money saver!

It is really good on gas and smooth on driving! Definite money saver and a good economy car to have. Overall if I had the chance I would purchase a brand new one all over again.

- Jay D

It gets great gas Mileage. It's compact so it's great for a single woman!

It is reliable but I had several problems with the muffler. It kept falling off and I had to get it fixed twice. Other than that it's a neat little car. Gets me from A to B

- Marie M

Very reliable and comfortable.

I like that it runs so nice, has good power and easy to park in tight spots thanks to its size. It looks really nice. I don't like that the heat guards rusted out so fast.

- Cheryl S

Bad in the snow, good on gas

This car does not have a lot of power. It is also awful in the snow. It does have some good points, like it is great on gas and has all the other features that I need.

- Jen s

It is very easy to maintain and keep running.

My car is a very reliable car. When properly maintained, the car should last a long time. I do not like that the car doesn't have a touch screen or a backup camera.

- Blair H

Other should know that My car is simple like me, not high maintenance.

I like my car because it is efficient. It is easy to care for and doesn't require much maintenance. I wish it had a few more technological features, but it's ok.

- Mem N

People should know that this car was getting 40 MPG when I first got it!

I like that this car is very good on gas mileage. It also has a lot of miles on it and has been very good to me while going to grad school. It is dependable.

- Jennifer S

They should know it is gets real fuel mileage.

I like that it gets good fuel mileage. I do not like how small it is with not much extra room for passengers. I also do not like his cheap everything is made.

- Jacob R

The base model does not cost a lot of money and it gets good gas mileage.

I like my Nissan Versa because it was the cheapest car at the time. Things I don't like about it are there is only a driver side door lock to get in the car.

- Jean M

The Nissan versa gets me from point A to point B. I can go almost two weeks on gas before refilling.

I have not had any major issues with the Nissan versa. The value of the car is low, it was the cheapest on the market. It is good on gas, 28 mpg in the city.

- Precious M

It shakes when you reach 60 MPH but stops shaking when you reach 65 MPH

I love almost everything about my Versa. I love that is a small car. It uses very little gasoline. I hate that it has front end damage at time of purchase.

- Nora C

economical. With high gas prices my Nissan's high gas mileage helps my budget

I love my Nissan because the of the small size. It has a comfortable and roomy interior and a large windshield for better viewing. The gas mileage is great

- linda k

It's a great little family car. If you aren't looking for all the bells and whistles, it will work for you.

I love the gas mileage. But we got the lowest package without knowing it and the back seats don't go down. We overpaid and won't go back to that dealer.

- Kellyn S

Be mindful of how often you may or may not need to have repairs done to it.

I like the amazing a/c unit. I do not like how fast it runs through gas and how basic the model is. Also, it has recurring problems with the alignment.

- Kirsten S

Reliable vehicle and good gas mileage.

It works, gets me to and from where I need to go. Gas mileage is good. Wish it had the "push button open and shut" feature on the key fob for trunk.

- Frances D

The car that thinks its a sports car

Tires are low all the time. Performance is awesome. Gas mileage is awesome. I only need to fill up once a month, sometimes twice a month depending.

- Josephine R

Road noise is a bit much if there are a lot of highway drives.

The 2013 Nissan versa is a small compact vehicle that is much larger on the inside than one would expect. Lots of legroom, headroom, elbow room.

- Rachel N

The gas mileage is incredible.

I like that it's a reliable car. It doesn't really have any features. It's small but it's enough space for 4 people. It gets great gas mileage.

- Kevin R

It is a great economy car. It doesn't use too much gas.

My car is very practical. It gets me from A to B. I don't spend too much on gas, and have had very few problems with the car since I bought it.

- David K

Great Gas Mileage means you can go farther with less money.

I like the room inside. The seats are nice and it drives well. It gets great gas mileage too. I don't like how little value it is worth now.

- Joseph F

The most important thing others should know is that it gets pretty good gas mileage.

I bought it used. It runs great. My only complaint is that the air vents for the air conditioning have a limited ability to be positioned.

- Kei N

that It's economical. it may not have all the high tech stuff that some other cars might have, but It's extremely reliable and the features it does have are great.

It's comfortable, simple and fits my needs. i love the gas mileage and the features it has and It's extremely spacious for an economy car.

- kelly i

Economic and safety reliable also good for a family

Love it is small and economical easy to drive economical in gas fits anywhere and easy to drive. Good for little little kids and big kids

- Berenice M

It is manual windows and locks.

It does not have electronic locks or windows.. It makes random rattling noises.. Its cheaply made.. I like that it has been dependable.

- Christina K

There's no mirror on the passenger sun shield.

I like that it has good gas mileage, comfortable seating and trunk space. I wish it has more accessible features on the steering wheel.

- Ashton G

very skinny, can fit in narrow parking spots. has a backup camera

Good on gas, skinny and easy to park, color, has built in navigation, reliable.. Complaints- not great at accelerating, small gas tank

- Caroline D

The most important thing about my car that others should know is that it has good mile/gallon

What like about my car id that is is very clean and it's a simple car. Even though it is a small car, the inside is very spacious.

- Janice M

Recalls. Too many recalls on the vehicle.

Too many recalls, it is loud when you accelerate. The good thing, it drives good in the snow. Haven't had any major problems yet.

- Joel C

. It is a small and beautiful car. The car does not need much maintenance.

Body not strong. Looks good. Fuel tank is little small in size. Even small hail can damage car does not need much maintenance.

- Shelly S

My car is very efficient, not oversized and wasteful.

I like the fuel economy it offers. I enjoy the feel the car has and how it handles. I dislike that parts are breaking already.

- Jon S

Anything about the engine, people should at least know how to do an oil change.

Nissan versa run fairly well and have good reviews. My car is an economy car which I like. It is fairly good on gas as well.

- Tiffany W

Very good vehicle and currently interested to buy a new model.

It's been a great vehicle, although it has his own issues, I wouldn't blame it on the manufacturing. I would recommend it.

- Edna T

Affordable car , more for less

Nissan versa is a great car, performance is great , comfortable and the features are amazing. Full tank with just 20 bucks

- anushka c

its funny shape.I get my oil change when it time. it has never failed me

I LIKE THAT MY CAR IS MEDIUM SIZE .It IS VERY ROOMIE ON THE INSIDE.I don't dislike anything about the car..I love my car

- Magnolia C

That it gets really good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage that my car gets. It is also very roomy inside. But, I wish my car had a little more power to it.

- Ann W

It's has great gas mileage. Also it has an awesome engine.

It's a basic car but with a great engine. It has enough space. This car is great on gas and I don't have any complaints.

- Kristine D

The gas mileage is seriously great. It has a small tank, but that doesn't matter.

I love the gas mileage, and that it's small, but has a lot of trunk space. I dislike how uncomfortable the seats are.

- Mieke H

Reliability and affordable to maintain.

Super reliable, great gas mileage, still looks great. Very pleased. I will keep this car at least another five years.

- Amy L

It gets very good gas mileage. I have owned mine for 2 years and have not had any problems with it yet.

I like that it gets 30 miles to the gallon. I dislike that it is a smaller size car. I would prefer a midsize car.

- Michelle T

It is Small on Space, in the trunk and in the glovebox.

It goes. Very few repairs. It is small, not a lot of storage space. Very reliable. Good in all kinds of climates.

- cathy g

That you don't feel low to the ground sitting in car and overall a great car.

I like the color, how it turns better than my previous car, I feel higher up in my seat than my previous cars.

- Rebecca J

Extremely reliable vehicle. Best car I have ever owned!

I love this car! It is cute and stylish and very practical. It gets great gas mileage and it is very reliable.

- Blair H

Great value in mileage, space.

Great compact car. Gets good gas mileage. Is still spacious enough to seat 5, including a decent sized trunk.

- Jen L

A great car to drive for sure.

Really a smooth drive. I only have to put gas in it once a week. I haven't found any problems with it so far.

- Paul H

Great on gas especially on long trips.

Air conditioner problems - twice great on gas great for trips roomy trunk very comfortable no back speakers.

- Katie G

Great little work car or for a student easy gas mileage

This vehicle has great gas mileage and is very dependable. I have driven it in the snow and does well also.

- Kim L

Nissan vehicles have a proven track record of both being reliable and getting outstanding gas mileage, especially on the highway.

Great gas mileage & reliable. It is comfortable to drive on a long trip. Both heater and cooler work well.

- Jan S

Nissan is a excellent brand. I trust a lot.

I like the color, the brand, the reliable it is, the shape.... I do not like the seats, the steering wheel.

- Alberto M

The gas mileage is really good for a mid sized vehicle.

Dislike the car payment. Like the gas mileage. Like the efficiency. It drives very well and handles nicely.

- Steph D

For a full size 4 door sedan it gets surprisingly great gas mileage.

The best thing is the great gas mileage. It has ok power.it looks good.I really don't have any complaints.

- Alan S

Nissan is a great car maker. I have never had any mechanical issues with my car.

I love the gas mileage, it helps cut down gas costs. It's starting to get older so I am ready to upgrade.

- Amber K

Very roomy small car, good gas mileage

No problems so far. it's small but roomy and has a huge trunk, very economical on gas, very comfortable

- fay w

It heats up easily in the summer.

The car overheats. It always has a flat tire light on. The brakes wear out too fast and squeak a lot.

- Sarah J

Know how to adjust the seat. You also have to know how to drive carefully.

Doesn't give me too much trouble. It gets me where I need to go. Most of the repairs I can do myself.

- Ernest A

The vehicle gets great gas mileage and today's world that is what is most important to people.

It is a strong vehicle with good gas mileage. I really have no complaints at all about it.

- crystal p

It offers good mileage, performance, and safety. For a smaller car, it is relatively spacious.

I like the way it has performed. I don't like that it doesn't offer new technologies.

- Marian E

The transmission went bad after only 3 years

Car is good on gas but it very uncomfortable and has had too many mechanical issues

- Jim F

Even though it has great gas mileage, and looks good on the road, and a great family car, it doesn't have all wheel drive. It's a pain tho drive in the winter.

They car looks great. It's easy on the gas. It does not have all wheel drive.

- Dayna B

There is nothing anyone needs to know about my personal automobile. None of their business.

It gets me to work and back. It is just a means of transport. Nothing more.

- Amy M

Almost maintenance free and good on gas.

It gets good gas mileage, easy to drive, smooth ride. No fancy gadgets.

- Edna P

easy to handle easy on gas fun to drive easy to maintain

classy stylish easy on gas gets me where I need to go made for me

- terry h

It doesn't really have any get up and go. It takes a while to get up to speed

I like the transmission because you can't feel it shifting gears.

- Stacy H

It gives me no trouble. Regular maintenance is all I have done.

I like that it has been reliable. I dislike that it is so small.

- Royal E

i like it because it is reliable. it's made by a good brand. i did have some hole that formed in the bottom but that was my main problem with it. it gets me to and from work just fine.

it has good mileage and it very reliable in all kinds of weather

- Toni M

stylish easy to operate great gas mileage comfy attractive

it easy to operate low maintenance roomy stylish it's me

- terrylee h

My vehicle is very reliable when taken care of.

- Nicholas P