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Cute, small, and affordable.

The Nissan versa note has a hatchback trunk. Both back seats can be put down to allow for extra storage. Even though it is a smaller car the inside is very roomy. The car has easy controls for both radio and air/heat. There are no blind spots. It is a cute little car that is good on gas. The seats are comfortable. The driver side only has an arm rest. The car also has a lot of cup holders. There are two in the front console. There’s one cup holder on each of the front doors. And two in the middle console for the backseat drivers. The car is very reliable. I haven't had any car trouble and I have owned the Nissan for three years. It is a great small family car. It is a good car for road trips due to the comfortable seats and gas mileage. And since it is a small car parking is always easy.

- Ashley P

My cheap car gets me where I need to go, just like your expensive one.

Pro's on the car is the price. I brought it for 7, 000 plus dealer fees and such. It takes 22 to 26 dollars to fill up my gas tank, which is about 300 miles or so. Con on my vehicle is that I just had to replace my transmission after 70, 000 miles. Which I think is un hear of being a car that is four years old, and my last car lasted me 275, 000 miles and was about 17 years old before I hit an animal which totaled my car. My ac is not blowing completely out of my vents, because it is coming out from under the glove department. I have no idea why, I will find out sometime soon. I think the car rides smooth with the new transmission, and is okay for someone looking for a car to get them from A to Be. The features on my car is basic, an AUX jacket, automatic shifting, nothing much more.

- Elle P

My Nissan versa is white with black interior and is very roomy and comfortable.

My Nissan versa handles really well it is very easy to drive fits in most parking places very easily is great on gas and even though it is a small car it is a very roomy on the inside with a huge trunk overall it is a very dependable vehicle. The Nissan versa is very easy to keep up oil changes or simple does not require much work in mine has not had any problems so far as far as the engine. The engine is so quiet when you are driving you cannot even tell that the engine is running. It just purrs like a kitten as you cruise down the highway. The only downfall I see you to the Nissan versa is since it is such a compact car and very lightweight the ride is a little bit rougher than a heavier car but it still gets you where you want to go.

- Christy M

My car is small making it able to fit through tiny spaces.

I really love my Nissan versa! It is very small from the outside which I love because I am able to squeeze through small spaces that a bigger car would not be able to. Also I love how the inside is very sleek looking. I love how it drives because the engine is very quiet. One thing that I do not like is how it purrs when it accelerates and acceleration takes forever when trying to pick up speed. Also another thing that I do not like is how it does not have cosmetics mirrors on the visors which can be frustrating at times for sure. It does not really have any special features besides the AUX cord which is fine. It is pretty conformable and has a good size of room in the back seat. Not too small, but still not big.

- Jay H

The economic Nissan versa.

My Nissan versa is great, clean, economical and practical. It is an unusual color, somewhere between gray and brown. It has 4 doors which makes it easy for other people to get in and out. I use it for ride share opportunities. It has ample trunk space. I bought it from a relative. I replaced the tires and battery. The oil is changed by a professional mechanic every few months. I feel this car will last forever. It gets about 30 mpg and air conditioning works great. I plug a Bluetooth adapter into the cigarette lighter port and play music through my iPhone out my car speakers. It rides good on freeway at hi speed but I generally do not go faster than 80 mph.

- Greg W

The trunk is very deceptive, as it can fit a lot more than you realize. The back seats also have a lot more leg space than you may think.

It is very reliable and comfortable. It has a lot more space in the seating and in the trunk as well. Because it is somewhat narrow it makes it really nimble when driving in the city. It is also deceptive in that it seems shorter than it is, making parking somewhat difficult. I think it is somewhat tall, because when the weather is very windy I can feel the car shake, as if it is being pushed by the air. This is also noticeable on the highway, when I am pulled over on the shoulder, any larger vehicle passing by makes the car rock (as would any smaller vehicle). It is very fuel efficient, getting around 38-40 mpg in the city.

- Lex P

Small, cute, spacious, & practical car, just not the smoothest ride ever and doesn't have great acceleration

If you want a car that's decently priced, small yet very spacious, good gas mileage, and overall reliability, the Versa Note (hatchback) is for you! If you want a car that's super comfortable/luxurious and a very smooth ride, this car is not for you. Personally I don't care if I feel the bumps and such of the road (it's a very small car so you WILL feel the bumps and wind if it's strong and such), but some people might. It also has not that fast of acceleration....which makes sense considering its horsepower is fairly low. But overall it's been great for me!

- Jessie L

2014 Nissan versa is great for long distances.

The interior is not super fancy but it is easy to clean and durable. The seats are super comfy and the speakers work really well. There is plenty of room for a 6 foot 5 inch person to sit in the front seat comfortably. The exterior is normal and, if kept clean, really nice. The engine runs super well (my car's mileage is 70, 000) and the breaks may need to be changed out every once in a while. As long as you change the oil and the tires and keep up on maintenance, it is a wonderful car and gets 34-40 miles to the gallon. Amazing!

- Sarah H

Nissan versa great car to have good for small families.

Well it is small compacted, need more room, it is good on mileage, economical, it is also power windows, locks, it has front view and back camera, it also has features like when you need air in your tires or gas or the seat belt needs to be buckled when there's an issue with the motor, its 4 door and hatchback it also has seat warmers, fully loaded, power steering, Bluetooth, also has USB connection, it also has cruise control on the steering column and you could also you can connect your phone connect phone to Bluetooth.

- Lorena C

My Nissan versa is just the car for me.

This car rides surprisingly smooth. It is a good highway car. I get good gas mileage both in town and on the highway. Mileage has dropped about 2 miles since I first purchased it but it is still good. Maintenance on it has been very low. I am a senior citizen but it is comfortable to me and is not so low that it creates issues for me getting in and out. It has a lot of room for the size car it is. It is also comfortable for my two dog when we take an out-of-town trip. Passengers that ride with me are comfortable.

- Barbara W

I do not recommend this vehicle!

My personal experience with the Nissan Versa 2014 was not what I was expecting. That was my first car and I got really excited when I bought it on 2016 but after a couple of months I had to change all 4 tires. After traveling, first and only time, from Georgia to Florida I also had a problem with the airbags which cost me over $1200 to fix. It is not really a comfortable car and the features are the simplest. The only pro I like about this car is that it is very economic.

- Adam M

It's a good compromise between size comfort and mileage. It drives well.

I like the car because it has run well ad is in very good condition. The front seat is large enough for me and my spouse and it is comfortable. The car drives very well. I dislike that the back seat is a little too small to easily get our dogs in and out of it (we should have purchased the (Altima). The finish has scratched easily on the door from our keys just unlocking the door and the plastic door runner has popped off for the last year and does not stay put.

- tania w

The perfect starter car for a newly growing family.

I am a mom of a 6 and 3 year old. We bought this car when our oldest was 2. This car survived family life. It has the perfect gas mileage for our family to be able to pack up and go on adventures and not have to worry about the price of gas. Although it does not have third row seating, or captain seats, it is perfect for a family of 4. Two car seats fit comfortably in the backseat with just enough room for an older child to fit in between.

- Kathryn D

Nissan versa: the perfect fit for my family.

I have never had any problems with my Nissan versa. It is the perfect size for my family. It has 4 doors, with five seats. It is pretty basic does not have any fancy features but I like it that way. It is super comfortable and gets amazing gas mileage. Good size trunk. It drives well. The only thing I have ever had to get done to it was oil change and new tires. I have had it for 5 years and it still runs perfect.

- Madison H

Reliability and style in a perfectly sized package.

I honestly love this car! I was looking for a smaller hatchback and this fits the bill perfectly. It not only has ample room on the interior, along with great features like cool ac, power windows, AUX capabilities, CD player, radio, and cruise control. It has been very reliable and traveling both around town and further has been a breeze; no worries whatsoever! I honestly wish I would have found this car sooner!

- Jennifer E

Nissan could possibly be the greatest cars ever made!

My Nissan versa note is wonderful on gas and so much more spacious than it looks from the outside! It's great for trips because you can lay the back seats down and use the hatchback to load. My dog loves taking trips in it for that reason! It gets superb highway and city miles. I love Nissan because they run problem free for such a long life! I can see myself driving this for the rest of my life and happily n.

- Summer J

Sleek, smooth ride. Love to drive.

Comfortable car. Gets decent gas mileage. I use it mostly for getting around town. It seats 5 comfortably. I do not care for the transmission. It took a while to get used to the feel of it. Had to replace the control box for the drivers side rear light. It was a bit complicated and I wish it was not so hard to replace it, i.e. replacing the entire control box feather than a fuse or a light or something.

- Wendy K

No handholds, but great gas mileage.

This is a really stripped-down version of a car. There are no handholds or hangar holds. There is no Bluetooth capability. There is no lumbar support in the driver's-side seat (or anywhere else). Cabin noise is fairly loud. All that being said, I like the car. The trunk and glove-box are huge, and the gas mileage is super-great! I would not buy this model, again, but would definitely buy another Nissan.

- Tammy E

An interesting detail about my Nissan is it has a nice size trunk.

When I bought my Nissan it was for a reasonable price and the quality for it is great. The car lasts long and to fill up the tank with gas is a good price. The car has a nice, big trunk to put a lot of things in it. The seats in my Nissan are averagely comfortable. One problem I have had with my Nissan is that my seams on my car doors have fallen off and it causes a problem when closing the doors.

- Ariel G

Used it would be a great starter car. Reliable, good gas mileage, hard to speed too much.

My versa is a red hatchback. I bought it only because it was an excellent deal from someone I know personally. I call it my lawnmower car because the engine is so incredibly weak. When I get on the highway near my house, there is a hill immediately, and my car cannot speed up while going up the hill. I dread being stuck behind someone who doesn't understand the purpose of an acceleration lane.

- Amanda K

It very great on gas, it has a very great features, beautiful leather interior.

I love my 2014 Nissan versa. It is very great on gas, it has front wheel drive, power windows, CD player, leather seats, and it's a very great dependable car. I have never had any problems out of my vehicle since I purchased it. Nissan cars are very dependable, and they are very reasonably priced. My son, my siblings, my friends, and quite a few of my friends are owners of Nissan vehicle.

- Sonya C

The little blue beast: Nissan versa note.

For the money, I think my Nissan versa note is a sporty, serviceable car. It is cute, comfortable, has some style and yet is easy on the pocketbook — both to buy and to drive. While it is not a prestigious model to drive, it is a car I can count on to drive well, be economical on long-distance trips and have room enough to seat four people and still haul several bags of groceries.

- Cher M

Nissan versa: the good and the bad.

My Nissan versa is very cheap to drive. It gets 35-40 miles to the gallon. It is very easy to park and maneuver into small tight spaces. The downside of driving this car is that it has very little suspension. It is very rough riding. You feel every pothole and bump in the road. It also has a lot of road noise. But overall it is a very good work vehicle.

- Melissa C

I love the fact that it lets me know when the tires are low and need to be inflated. It also has traction control.

My Versa is a comfortable car. It has a 4 cylinder engine but is very reliable for getting out into traffic. It handles very well and performs well for turning corners. The only problem I have with it is that the brakes have been very noisy ever since I bought it. I did buy the vehicle used other than the brakes making a lot of noise I love my versa.

- Madonna C

That I have had a lot of mechanical problems with it, starting very early on.

I put a lot of miles on vehicles because of my commute (50 miles each way), so I need reliability. Before the car even hit 20,000 miles, I had to get the back brakes done, the clutch replaced, and 2 sensors replaced. I have had way too many issues with this vehicle and do not think I will purchase another Nissan. It has over 120,000 miles on it now.

- Lauren D

Comfortable car that gets great mileage!

The Nissan Versa is really a great vehicle overall. It is gets excellent mileage on the highway and in city driving, the seats are comfortable, and you can carry a lot of stuff in it. The only complaint I have is the noise - too much on the highway in my opinion. I would definitely buy a newer model if I was planning on replacing the one I have.

- Stacy H

Versa note is a dependable, reliable albeit cramped family vehicle.

It is dependable and comfortable, it gets great gas mileage. Only downside is it is slow to accelerate and the storage area in the hatchback barely fits a stroller and leaves no room for anything else. It was a great car for us before we had our child and it works well now with only one kid but if our family grows we will have to make a change.

- Angela G

My vehicle is a grey Nissan versa hatchback. The back row of seats lay down.

The vehicle does not have much room in the hatchback. It has a hard time catching up speed. The blind spots are terrible and makes it hard to see out the front window on the driver side when turning around corners. With the seats down, you are able to pack quite a bit in there, but with the seats up, there does not seem to be much room at all.

- Skyler S

Cheap for the quality you get.

The only problem I had since I bought it was the heat shield underneath my exhaust was falling apart. I think it performs well. But do not expect the acceleration to be a sports car kind of thing. The seat is comfy. And the car is not loud. So I do not get headaches as often driving. I had this car for less than a month but, I love it so far.

- anna B

It is a small car, but it has a nice back up camera and can seat at least 5, also good for getting those compact parking spots

I have a Nissan Versa Note 2014. It drives well and is really good on gas even though gas is high I spend under 25 bucks. It also survived houston flooding with little repair although it did stop working for some time due to water getting in the engine. It's easy to dent or scratch up and easy to bust a tire or two, but overall a good car.

- Kierra M

It is a cheaper car to pay for but it does do the job well.

It gets me from point a to point b with no problems. Everything works such as the radio, heat, a/c, etc. However it is a cheaper car to get and so mine didn't even come with an armrest which I had to buy separate. There's other things that are annoying about it but I can't really complain too much when it is still a good cheaper car.

- Madison Z

2014 Nissan Versa - a diamond in the rough.

I bought my Versa to replace a Mazda protege that was my favorite car but needed some repairs. So far, I have loved the dependability, it is been easy to adjust to, and my daughter likes the sound system. My only complaint would be that the back head rests sometimes block my view. The miles per gallon has really been an eye opener.

- Crystal G

Always keep up with routine maintenance. I thing that is so important.

I really have not had any problems with it do far but I do take to the dealer for regular oil changes every 3000 miles and tire rotation. They also put it on the computer to check for any recalls. I did have 1 part that was recalled right after my purchase which they replaced a no charge. They have great customer service.

- Teresa T

Nissan Versa 2014 sedan silver.

The Nissan Versa I have is not too comfortable and is actually quite small for five people. A car seat and 2 people are definitely not fitting in the back seat. The car at times feels like it is struggling or maybe not catching gears, I have already taken it in to get serviced but they say there is not a problem with it.

- Nadia C

Awesome car and great value.

I haven't had any maintenance problems with it as of date. It gets really good gas mileage on the highway and in town. It has enough space for store as it is a hatchback and more convenient than a conventional trunk. Overall I would say this is a really good car for the price. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Jacqueline K

I find myself telling others mostly about the great gas mileage I get!

This is my favorite car I have owned. With that said, I am not very big. I love it is comfort, seats are amazing! Again, I am little. If someone is over 6’ they will not be as comfortable! The gas mileage is great to! And other than regular tune ups, I haven't had to get anything fixed! That is a great feeling!

- Sarah S

It has great MPG, size, and good cost, but the transmission is unreliable.

I like the size of it and gas mileage. I generally get around 40 MPG and it has tons of room in the cab and trunk. I dislike the mechanical issues. The car is known for having transmission failures with the variable transmission it has. So far 2 transmissions have crapped out and i am not even at 100,000 miles.

- Lucas S

Great car for a great price.

I do not have any problems with my 2014 Nissan versa note. It is not the most comfortable car, but it has been really reliable and gets great gas mileage. I rarely have to fill up my gas tank access when I do it does not cost a lot of money. My car does not have many features, but it was very affordable.

- Jessica M

Versatile and economical vehicle.

This is the first Nissan that I have owned and I am very satisfied with this purchase. I constantly get 32-38 miles per gallon. I have the Versa note and I am amazed at some to the things that I have been able to haul in such a small vehicle. The ride is fairly good and the vehicle handling is decent.

- Richard I

Reliable around town and on long trips, even with boards strapped to the roof.

This vehicle is incredibly reliable. I have nearly 100,000 miles on it and other than a tune-up, it is never needed to go into the shop. It is not luxurious, but it gets me and my surfboards up and down the ca coast without issue. It handled intuitively and does not have a hypersensitive brake pedal.

- Emilie M

The best thing is that the fuel efficiency is great. I can get half a tank off of 10 dollars

Nissan has always been good when it comes to pricing as well as being able to find the right parts for the vehicles. Main problems are everything only lasts a couple years then they wear out so easily. My main problems involved the speakers making a whistle sound and the brakes not being top notch.

- Delmariay F

Problems with versa note SUV.

There transmission are no good had changed at 43000 miles put a new one in otherwise it is a good car. Like it because small SUV and does hold a lot of things. Good little car except for problem with transmission and Nissan would not listen to me when I brought car there was problems from start.

- Eileen J

2014 Nissan Versa sv- brick red with black interior.

Car is small, easy to operate. Spacious trunk and love dark interior. smooth ride but eats a lot of gas in summer if its real hot. It's a good little car for commute to and from work or school. Overall I like the car, but its not one I would have chosen. I had to go with what my budget allowed.

- Amanda H

Nissan never fails to perform.

Excellent fuel economy. Slightly bumpy ride. Low engine noise in cabin. Relatively low parts cost and easily available. Low cost of operation. Average 40 mpg best mpg achieved at 60-65 mph. A few minor body rattles at 65000 miles but tolerable. Its a Nissan so the powertrain is bulletproof.

- Brian G

Love the light up words on the inside when you open the door.

I love the Nissan versa. The only problem is the Bluetooth music does not connect but calls go through just fine. But besides that everything is good. The seats are comfy, very spacious, the trunk is big, drive excellent. Enough space for a toddler car seat and a baby car seat in the back.

- Melissa S

Very reliable, dependable vehicle.

Very easy on gas with great gas mileage, although this is a plus for anyone who does a lot of driving for work or taking children or grandchildren to activities, it is not a smooth riding car, even with the best of tires and maintaining the car annually it is by far not a comfortable ride.

- Kelly D

Worst car ever. Breaks down constantly.

Constantly has maintenance issues. After 50, 000 miles, the gas goes fast. Bought the car for travel and it was good at first, but now it cuts off randomly. Constant engine problems. And nothing is cheap with Nissan. If you have two or more kids this is not for you. Backseat is cramped.

- Brian A

Nissan versa, a car you should look at.

The car looks small from the outside but it drives high on the inside. There is a lot of back room it can fit up to three people in the back. The trunk is big enough to store and put in there or it is great for shopping trips too. We have had it for two years and it is still a good car.

- Tyler D

Compact, spacious interior, lightweight, fuel efficient.

I love my car. It is an automatic, small and lightweight, very fuel efficient and great for daily driving as well as road trips. So far, I have had no problems with it, mechanical or otherwise. I would recommend this type of vehicle to anyone looking for a smaller fuel efficient car.

- Amanda B

Great with gas. No issues so far within the 5 years I've been driving it

My car is very standard. No fancy features like SiriusXM or anything. But does the job, great with gas. I've been driving it for about 5 years for long trips between cities and it's held up great. I've even been in a small accident and it may have a few dents, but it's still great.

- Karissa C

Reliable and great on mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It is a smaller vehicle so it does not accelerate quickly. If you are behind larger vehicles, it tends to shake. High winds also make driving a little rough. I have never had any major mechanical issues. I have had if for 5 years and it is very reliable.

- Janice R

Great little car for commuting.

The Nissan versa note is great on gas, small but roomy, and very reliable. It is a great commuter car. Easy to drive and small enough to, park just about anywhere, great if you work in the city! The hatchback feature makes running errands, shopping, and packing for trips a breeze.

- Rhonda G

Transmission issues with 2014 Versa

The vehicle is compact pretty good on gas and pretty roomy especially for the size of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the AC makes a weird noise when the car starts. The transmissions is also garbage. 4 years after buying it brand new i'm already having issues with the transmission.

- Joshua S

The Nissan versa is a great little go getter!

My car gets great gas mileage & has low maintenance costs. It is not a high end car but has some nice features. It has great safety features like multiple airbags and abs braking system. I especially like that it has Bluetooth. The one thing I dislike is that it lacks arm rests.

- Dean T

Great car with great gas mileage.

Really super great gas mileage. Actually a lot more space than you would think because it looks like a small car. The dash is made a little high profile for my liking but overall this is a great car whether you've been driving a long while or it as first car you've ever driven.

- Felicia S

Nissan Versa is a wonderful car!

The car is very reliable and fast. It gets very good gas mileage. It does not take much to fill the tank, which is fantastic for anyone on a budget. The seats are comfortable and the engine runs quietly. The air conditioning blows very cold air, and the heat works very well!

- Nicole B

My Nissan versa sedan is an overall great investment.

My car is really good on gas. Only has front speakers. Was made without a in cabin air filter. The Nissan versa is an overall good car haven't had any major issues. Radio is decent other than the speakers only being in front. The trunk is pretty spacious. Pretty smooth ride.

- Monica M

The car is to small and started having issues after the warranty went out.

The wheel bearing went out 1000 miles after warranty went out. The car is to small and does not handle very well. I learned that you get what you paid for. No electric locks or windows it is not very convenient. The ac also started making a noise if you turn in it on high.

- Kevin D

It is gas friendly. I pay $30 for a full tank while others pay $60+ for theirs.

I do not spend much money on gas which is one of its greatest perks. It is my first car & so far it is been great. The few times I have taken it to the mechanic have been due to minor problems such as low tire pressure, oil change, brake check, & just your basic problems.

- Kenya B

It is an ideal commuter car. It is very compact, and it gets incredible gas mileage.

This car would be ideal for a young person, or a very small family. But, since my family consists of me, my husband, and 6 children, it was way to small. But it would be an awesome commuter car, it gets great gas mileage.So for the right person this would be a great car.

- Stephanie W

Great little car for a single person

The Nissan Versa is a nice little car. The mileage is great and so far I haven't had any issues with the vehicle. The cons of the car is the size. Not a lot of room for cargo space, also there are no vents in the back seat for air conditioning/heat to reach in the back.

- Taylor B

Versa note- great economy car!

For a super economical car, I love it. Yes, it is not fancy by any means. I have had mine 4 years now and I still love it. It is extremely reliable, fun to drive and gets the job done. Great cargo room. It is an awesome car for road trips- performs well on most terrain.

- Samantha K

The title is blank because 25 characters are dumb.

It is a very basic car. Gets me places but nothing fancy. If I were to buy a new car it would not be a Nissan or a versa. Need to upgrade to a more versatile and more functional car. This one is weak and slow. There should not be a 250 character minimum as that is dumb.

- Eric B

Great little car for the price.

Great little car for the price. I do notice an occasional clunk when braking or accelerating—never been told there are any issues mechanically though. Interior is plastic & looks a little cheap. Would suggest something other than black interior—gets extremely hot.

- Olivia Z

I am getting great gas mileage with this vehicle.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. I love the size of the vehicle and I especially love how much gas mileage I am getting. The seats are comfortable. My model does not have any bells and whistles but it is efficient and perfect for what my needs are.

- Jennifer R

Overall I think that this is one fine drive.

Runs like a deer great gas mileage very comfortable low miles four door am FM CD radio fog lights cruise control power windows airbags large tank fifty five thousand miles just had oil change very good tires new battery ice cold air-conditioning tilt steering.

- William E

The versa adventure: take care of it and it will drive your kids to college!

The Nissan versa gets good gas mileage and overall a reliable vehicle. I did have to replace a the fan and fan motor last year but haven't had any other issues. It is roomy enough for a family of 4 to fit comfortably, but it would not be comfortable with five.

- Anita S




I mean.. It is alright.. I guess.

It is comfortable and reliable. I got this car preowned. The car has been driven for nearly 100, 000 miles. This car is not exactly powerful. It is a has a 6 cylinder engine. It just gets me where I need to go from point A to point B. It just has a puny horn.

- Jacob R

2014 Nissan Versa has great gas mileage.

My car gets excellent gas mileage and has plenty of room inside with a spacious trunk. At 108,000 miles my a/c compressor had to be replaced but we haven't had any major problems with the car. It is great as a family vehicle or to drive back & forth to work.

- Carrie C

Overall is compact and that is a plus because I don't know how to park correctly.

I just don't like the style of the front of the car also its not as advanced as other 2014s are in different models of cars. My car also has Bluetooth but doesn't have it for my music and it makes it super difficult to charge my phone and listen to music.

- Anya A

It does not have a good get up and go mentality.

Haven't had much performance problems. Recently had an exhaust leak but I am not surprised with how bad the potholes are in this town. Gas mileage is great. Much more room than expected at first glance. Made many road trips in this car and I am satisfied.

- Stephanie G

Super dependable Nissan Versa!

My car is a four door sedan, with antilock brakes and cruise control. It has manual locks and manual window functions. The air conditioner works great. It has black paint and black interior, which can be tough in the summer because it can be really hot.

- Marissa M

I like it because I can turn to back seats down, and have plenty of room to move.

Once in a while the transmission gets stuck, but does not happen all the time. I have a versa note and it is a hatchback, which is convenient for moving things. It also gives good gas mileage and is easy to park. It is not a big car, but is still roomy.

- Joyce Y

It looks small on the outside but there's lots of room on the inside.

I like how small and easy to maneuver it is. It has a good amount of trunk space for a small car which is super nice when i am traveling or going to the beach. The gas mileage is fantastic and works well for me because i drive around so much.

- Carrie S

It is a great car for running around the city doing errands and such. It is very dependable.

I like the size of the car. The gas mileage is very good. The back seat has a lot of legroom. l do not like the backup screen. It is very hard to see what is on it. It is also very hard to see out the back windows when backing up.

- Sandy W

Best gas mileage and huge backseat! That's why I chose this car! I could tote my friends around without them being scrunched in a mini back seat!

I've gotten great gas mileage! 40 plus on the highway and I'm not sure in the city, it's a bit less, but still fabulous. I've had no issues or recalls. It's been great! The tires and brakes have lasted well into its 4th year.. heat car!

- Kathy E

The cabin is somewhat noisy.

I like that it is a sedan, and gets excellent gas mileage! I dislike that the car's pick-up is weak, there are no hand-holds or hanger-holds, and the automatic door lock-unlock system locks/unlocks ALL doors at the same time. Not cool.

- Tami J

My car is very good with gas mileage.

I like that I can enter in and out my vehicle safely. I like the back up camera and satellite radio already installed. What I dislike is the hesitating and not smooth acceleration and the constant alignment issues with the vehicle.

- Timothy I

It gets excellent gas mileage!

It has a nice interior with adequate room. It get excellent gas mileage! A tank usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks! It could use more power/pickup though. It is been a very reliable car for me thus far and has had very little maintenance!

- Merrill D

Great on mileage per gallon on gas

I like that i get a lot of mileage per gallon. I have the Versa Note Hatchback and it looks small but is actually very roomy inside. Would be better if i could connect audio by bluetooth from my phone to the radio

- Jennifer D

That it runs really well.

Love that our Nissan Versa Is so economical, we spend between $20- $25 dollars a week on gas. What I don't like about it is that the bucket seats are way to small. They should make them just a little more wider.

- Erica M

The gas mileage is fantastic.

I love the fact that I get almost forty miles per gallon. I can comfortably fit a person that is 6 foot 3 inches in the back seat. It's great for long trips and the fold down seats make moving incredibly easy.

- Tanya T

Roomy interior inside and gets awesome gas mileage.

I don't have any issues with this car. It's small to the look outside, but feels roomy on the inside. Gets great gas mileage as well. Has been reliable over the last few years with no problems or major fixes.

- Terri H

It is very lightweight on the road. Also, the tires sometimes have trouble keeping up with the gas pedal.

I like that it is very roomy but is still a small vehicle. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike the features, they are low quality, and that even though it is roomy for its size, it's very small.

- Becca W

It carries a lot for such a small car.

I love that's it's small, economical and easy to park, yet the backseat and cargo area are very roomy. I love the overall look. I like the features such as the stereo and the Bluetooth that were included.

- Andrea G

It is a reliable car but if you have more than one child this car is not for you.

This car is very basic but it has been very r reliable. It has almost 90, 000 miles and besides basic maintenance like brakes, oil changes and tire replacement it had not had any issues mechanically.

- Doug M

The ex version with a manual transmission has active safety features.

I love the space in it, there's much more room than you would think. I love how smooth it rides because I get motion sickness easy and it rides perfectly smooth. And I love the color (metallic blue).

- Sarah D

The Nissan Versa is a reliable ride for anyone. You'll love it

The car is very reliable. It drives well and handles perfectly. The gas mileage is also really great. My favorite feature is the aux port. I can use it to listen to music on my phone as I drive.

- Meagan P

It's great on gas mileage and is small to drive but it's roomy inside and has a big trunk.

I like the small size it's easy top drive and maneuver. I wish it had more bells and whistles inside like my mom's newer Versa does. I wish it had handles inside the door up top and visor mirrors.

- Ginger G

Trunk unlocks with ignition key and I didn't know that until after I bought it.

I like it because it is gas saving. I do not like it because it has no automatic power windows. It also does not have an alarm and have to open my trunk with key. But it is nice so I still like it.

- Jessica H

The Nissan Versa is very reliable but very slow.

I love the design of the Nissan Versa, but i hate the acceleration. It's slow, very slow to accelerate and can be dangerous during heavy traffic. It is spacious, but suffers from loud road noise.


Can hold a lot of luggage or merchandise.

The vehicle is very reliable and the mpg is great. Small and compact but plenty of room. Overall great for a run around town vehicle. The con is it is very uncomfortable for long distance drives.

- Mark L

It's much bigger on the inside than you would assume it is.

I like that it's a basic vehicle and gets me from A to B. I dislike how it feels light and as if it's going to break apart if going too fast. I like how spacious it is in the backseat and trunk.

- Beth T

The most important thing to know is that it runs and gives me little trouble. Plus Nissan is known for manufacturing cars that last up to 200,000 miles, which I like.

I like the look and design of my car. It is the most basic model though so it's lacks the technological advancements of today's cars. My car is no frills, but it gets me from A to B so I'm glad.

- Jaz R

Reliable Little Car With Great Gas Mileage

I have a 2014 Nissan Versa. It has 75,000 miles on it and the transmission has had to be replaced. That is the only issue I've encountered with it. Other than that, it's been a reliable vehicle.

- Monte M

The color is really bold and stands out

I love how good on gas it is. Once you fold down the back seat you have so much room to transport stuff. The compact car really lets me fit into tight parking spots or reverse and turn quickly.

- Vic V

Absolutely outstanding fuel mileage and little commuter car.

I would say that my favorite part about the vehicle is by far the fuel mileage. I'm getting around 39 mpg in the city. I'd say my only complaint so far is not having automatic door locks.

- Zachariah T

Best college car, great gas mileage, and affordable!

Gas mileage is great. Comfortable room and space even in backseat for a smaller car. Love the hands free talking system. No problems at all mechanically yet and almost to 80, 000 miles.

- Sarah M

It's a pretty decent car and we've never had any serious trouble with it.

There's not many problems, the only two are that the brakes make a weird noise when stopping after going down a long hill, and also the rubber around the driver's window in coming off.

- Richard W

The car is not much to look at in terms of bells and whistles, but don't judge a book by its cover

Very comfortable car - great gas mileage. Roomier than you would think - comfortably transported 2 adults, 6 cats in carriers and luggage/road trip supplies over an 18 hour drive

- juli d

I've had multiple people say how cute it looks, and then they're surprised how spacious it is on the inside.

It's a hatchback that fits things comfortably. I've never had a problem with it. Even though it's a small car, it has no problem with speed. It's also easy to park, which is nice.

- Kimberly P

Really good mileage for Its size.

The versa is a great car, with good mileage and a decent size vehicle. I am not a fan of the transmission it is taking to long to shift sometimes, causing issues with my mileage.

- Stephanie F

Versa is a very versatile little car.

It's good on gas but hard to keep the interior material clean. The seats are not very comfortable. Otherwise it's a good car for a daily commute to work. Or running errands.

- Tracey J

Great gas mileage - 39 mpg.

Gas mileage is great - 39 mpg. It is a very basic, no frills car. The only ‘luxury’ is Bluetooth and the stereo is not that great. But it was affordable and it is reliable.

- Vanessa B

It has very good gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because the gas mileage is very good. I dislike the vehicle because it is not very pleasing to look at. I also do not like not having manual locks or windows.

- Courtney W

It's very cost efficient. Great for a teen's first car.

It's a great vehicle. It's great on gas. The only bad thing I would about it is it's a little snug in the front seat. I don't have a lot of room in driver's seat for my legs.

- Tanya M

Dependable and Gas Saver. A tank of gas cost 20.00 and last all month

My main reason I love my car is that it saves me gas. I fill up once a month. I think it is very dependable. I have also been on some out of state trips. Great buy for me

- Rasheeda O

It's a dependable car and had good milage.

I like that for a small car it has plenty of leg space and room. No electric lock or window which I prefer. I don't like that it requires synthetic oil, it's expensive.

- Janice M

It has Great Gas Mileage and Very Comfortable The overall cost was great

Likes Great Gas Mileage I Love the Color Not Compact Just Perfect for small family Dislikes 4 Cylinder does not give good acceleration when entering freeway and such..

- Brigitte M

It's great on gas mileages.

I wish the vehicle had more space for the back passengers. Also,, I wish certain features of the car would be standard such as power doors, windows, cruise control etc.

- Ruth R

The cost and the mileage are great pluses for the Versa Note.

It gets great gas mileage. I love the hatchback. I would prefer a different color, but I put red pinstripes on it and had the windows tinted, so it is not so "plain"

- Vicki S

Nissan Versa note, a fun reliable ride.

Small, easy on gas, reliable. Drives good, looks nice. Small but still has roomy, comfortable interior. Smooth enjoyable ride. Handy hatchback for transporting things.

- Teresa P

I would say that it is a gas saver!

I love how I spend less money on gas for this car compared to the Ford explorer. I like how the inside of my car looks as well as how smooth it runs. Perfect tiny car.

- Maria D

It's very simplistic. The features are minimal but the car is easy enough to operate

I liked the price and the services that came along with it when purchasing the car. It is very gas efficient. I wish that there were more features in my car, however.

- Shana R

Perfect as long as I am not sitting in traffic, and it is perfect on gas mileages.

My car has previously owned car, and it overheat when it set for too long, have to turn on the heater on to keep it from overheating. . But other then that I love it.

- Mary H

Economical on gas. Maintenance is good. Reliable.

Decent. Gets me where I need to go. Not flashy. Economical. Reliable and doesn't give me any problems small and compact easy to drive. Low on power and acceleration.

- Len K

My vehicle is very fuel efficient, total cost of the car is budget friendly.

I like how fuel efficient my vehicle is. I like that it is small and easy to park, but still big enough to fit my family of 4. I also like the color of my vehicle.

- Jen C

The console does not hold anything and it has trouble with hills on occasion

It's small and cute and sporty. Easy to drive. The biggest issue is the set up with the cupholders and the console. They are in strange, hard to get to locations.

- Vicki J

The vehicle type that I have has a choice between an automatic and standard car.

A beautiful little sedan with great storage space in the trunk and a comfortable black interior, completely standard vehicle with air conditioning and CD player.

- Isabella T

It gets excellent gas mileage

I purchased my vehicle because I needed something inexpensive at the time. I do not drive much and it meets my needs but it is definitely a "no thrills" vehicle.

- Cathy C

great on gas, roomy and no maintenance issues

very good on gas, and roomy inside. only drawback is a little slow when you step on gas to move quick. other than that, we really like it and would get another

- mary w

It is functional for my needs.

Like multiple radio station saver, has an aux option, I can charge my phone and gets me from point a to b. Dislikes the overall interior and exterior aesthetic.

- Maria F

Built to last, efficient for long trips no defaults.

I have had the car for 4 years and have not had any issues. I just know this year had to replace spark plugs and tires. Amazing gas mileage and runs excellent.

- Mandy J

If you want a small but comfortable sized car this will work for you. Provides enough room for all the passengers.

Good spacing for a small sized car. I would have liked for there to be color options for the inside of the car. Maybe a tan color instead of a black interior.

- Abraham L

It has very good gas mileage, and pretty spacious for carrying groceries.

It's a standard model with manual transmission, locks, and windows. I would like it if the basic, standard model included automatic locks for safety purposes.

- Lillie H

The Nissan versa is compact so it is easier to get in and out of tight spaces.

I love the seat warmers, Bluetooth, and the back up camera. I do not like how it does not have a ton of power, especially when I am trying to go up a hill.

- Beth E

It is gas efficient, it will take you far on a tank of gas.

I like that it is pretty gas efficient. It gets me where I need to go. I have had a few issues with it. For example, the heat shield came loose recently.

- Jennifer D

It gets 44 miles to the gallon and has more room than the normal small car.

I love the gas mileage and how it drives. I dislike that I got a standard car and nothing is automatic, and sometimes I wished it had a little more room.

- Angela B

It is roomy and has comfortable seating. It runs well.

I Like it. It is comfortable seating and comfortable to drive. It is small. I do not have to pay a lot for gas. It runs smooth. I like the gray color.

- susan c

Economic and friendly car

Mi car, rides just perfect and very smooth. Economic gas use. Only had thing is the radio it's not a smart radio and de hand rest is only on one side

- Gabriela M

It is not the biggest car but it can still hold up to about 4 to 5 people.

This is a great vehicle and it helps me get around. The vehicle has a good amount of miles on it. My car note is not too expensive so that is good.

- Malik B

Good commute car, good for cities, better for the highway.

Decent gas mileage, small interior, great for city parking. Great turning radius, hills are fine with momentum, but pretty rough from a stand still.

- Kristina s

This car is a gas saver and compact. Even though it has a small motor the accelerating part of it rocks!

I like that it's compact and it's a gas saver. I like the fact that it's very easy to drive. I dislike that it doesn't come with certain features.

- Erika S

The car is dependable and spacious.

I love the it is reliable. It has over 100,000 thousand miles and no major problems. There is a lot of space for a sedan especially in the trunk.

- Indy T

It is a great car to get you from A to B since I've had very few problems with in the last 5 years I have had it.

I like that is a small car and easy to park. I like that it is pretty low maintenance also. I dislike that it takes a while to get up to speed.

- Kaitlyn W

Long lasting car that is sturdy.

The only thing I do not really like is no automatic locks or windows or anything. It is a good car it gets good gas mileage and is pretty fast.

- Stacy J

Nissan Versa 2014 model has a sensitive accelerator and break.

I love how roomy it is and that I can get a basic model without all of the technology and cameras in it. I don't like how small the gas tank is

- Adele T

Amazing affordable compact car!

This car is very comfortable and spacious on the inside despite being a compact, it gets great gas mileage. The sound system is great as well.

- Kelly S

It is very good on gas and only takes about $25 at the most to fill up when it is empty.

My vehicle is economical on gas. It is very roomy inside. I like that it is solid black with tinted windows. Interior is easy to keep clean.


The cup holders are not positioned very well. If you like to get the big 44 oz drinks you will have trouble.

It is a good car. It was not very expensive and has been very reliable. It is more on the small side, but it averages about 40 mpg for me.

- James N

Nissan Versa; good deal for the money

It's a four door sedan, automatic, AC, radio/CD player. Good gas mileage. Not comfortable for long distance travel. Great for around town .

- Casey G

it runs good and gets me to where I need to be.

I like that it runs. I like that it gets me where I need to go. I like that it handles good. I dislike that the back seats don't fold down.

- Mitchell P

It is got great gas mileage. Its reliable.

It is a versa s. I love the stick shift. It is not a sports model, so it goes very slow:( I would like it more to have faster capabilities.

- Aurora A

it gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage I get. I like my vehicle a lot better than the one I traded. I do not like that the check engine has come on twice.

- geoff S

It is a great car to drive and very economical. It is small looking but there is a lot of space.

The car is small, can park it anywhere. It gets great gas mileage, tabs are cheap and the car was cheaper to begin with. Great investment.

- J a

The Versa Note gets really good gas mileage. I haven't had any problems since I bought it 4 years ago.

I love that I chose a hatchback. I move around a lot of music gear, and the car fits a lot of stuff! It also gets really great mileage.

- Maudie R

Gas mileage and the price is worth it. The car will go above 30 mpg in the city and 40 highway.

My vehicle is cheap. But I need it for work and it has everything I require for my job. A/C, windows work, and it has great gas mileage.

- Mason L

It has very good gas mileage. I can drive two weeks on one tank of gas.

I like that it is small and gets great gas mileage. Puts a small eco footprint on the environment. It does not have the options I want.

- alice b

the trunk - it is a hatchback and I can fit so much in my trunk!

My vehicle is reliable and it gets me where i need to go. It also is good on gas mileage. I feel that I have a lot of trunk room too.

- Elizabeth H

The car that saved my life

The Nissan versa is extremely reliable and well built. It has protected me in an accident where I should have been injured. I love it.

- Sara W

Saves us on gas and easy to find a parking spot.. Less maintenance.

I like that it had the majority of my features I wanted. It is great on gas! It does not have the eco button not bigger than I wanted.

- Nicole P

It was cheap, but a great value.

It was the least expensive new car I could buy at the time. It gets good gas mileage and have not had any mechanical problems with it.

- Scott V

Verse note: Great small vehicle

it's a great car! Small but very functional. The air conditioning in it is a bit basic it only has a few settings but it's manageable.

- Lizbeth E

One important thing is that it is gas efficiency.

I like how small and compacted it is. The gas mileage is also good. Since it is a small car I do not like how it is not strong enough.

- Ana C

Transmission sucks, the car however is very cute and otherwise dependable.

I dislike that my transmission went out after 90k miles!! However the car is comfortable, affordable and pretty cute. Also very roomy.

- Sanja P

2014 Nissan versa-great car for the money.

It has been incredibly reliable. I've had regular maintenance and have over 100, 000 miles on it and have had no real issues with it.

- Laura C

Good car for new drivers.

Good size car, great on gas, wish it had a mirror on the driver side visor, transmission seems faulty, wish the radio went up louder.

- Allison F

It is just used for short distances.

The versa note is sluggish and hard to get up to fast speeds quickly. When accelerating quickly the rpms go up close to the red zone.

- Amanda F

The gas mileage, I typically get 33 mpg and drive in the city a lot.

Needs a better sound system, and not it is not that great in snow, but I get amazing gas mileage, and that is what I bought it for.

- Kelly S

It has to many maintenance problems.

Our fuel pump and transmission had to be replaced in the first three years. The features inside are not that nice and pretty cheap.

- Natalie D

The car gets Great gas mileage and it works great for our small family.

This car gets very good gas mileage. We drive it 3-5 days a week. The only composer how the glass fogs on the front window so bad.

- Dory E

I would recommend my vehicle for anyone.

No problems good gas mileage comfort no cruise control. Good car for price roomy and reliable. Great horse power for vehicle size.

- Dan K

It has a few bad blind spots, unfortunately, which can make merging a bit difficult if you don't use your mirrors.

My vehicle is very nicely compact, but since it's a hatchback, it has a lot of back seating room, and a pretty decent sized trunk.

- Aimee S

Gas mileage is great for city and highway.

I like the gas mileage, size, and space when seats are down. I have no complaints about car, and only wish it had a trailer hitch.

- Jackie K

It has great gas mileage and offers a nice and smooth ride.

I really like the size and color of my car. This inside is very nice and comfy. It drives really well and I get good gas mileage.

- Ashley S

It gets great highway gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage and has the room of a full size car plus I can load it like a truck. It fits in any parking space.

- Tracy B

It is a gas saver, it is cute, it is affordable, it gets the job done,

I love my car. It is good on gas. It is also very easy for parking. It is easy to fit in small spots and it is a huge gas saver.

- Gregory M

It is one of the least expensive cars.

This is a basic model four door sedan. It is a manual shift and is blue. I like that color. I wish the car had more features.

- Cary L

The gas mileage is good. It is a compact car so it is easier to drive.

I have gps. It's great on gas built in car charger. It's small but very nice. No problems yet. Heated seats the air works great.

- Jena C

Short turning radius. So many of the cars don't have a good turning radius.

Comfortable to drive. Good turning radius. Gets 30 mpg around town. No major problems. Only issue I have is a small hatch area.

- Sharon D

While not super fancy, the car is extremely reliable.

The 2014 Nissan versa is a reliable form of transportation. I have never had any performance issues and I love the gas mileage.

- Cory C

when it needs gas and a tune up it lets you know when you need air in your tires

it has back up camera and heated seats in the front its cheap on gas.its needs heated seats in the back it has a lot of space.

- jessica f

Very good gas mileage, I can fill up for about $20

I like the gas mileage I get on my car, but now I have kids so I don't have enough room, I will be looking for a new car soon.

- Crystal P

People should know that the car is not good for groups of people.

This is a very small vehicle and it is a four door. This car was new in 2014 and I own it. It includes a car note every month.

- Malik C

You get what you pay for!

I really enjoy how much room the back seat has. There isn't really blind spots so I like that a lot. Overall well driving car.

- Stephanie C

great commuter, and a lot more space than you would imagine

I dislike that is mainly made of plastic, it is easily damaged. I do like that it gets good gas mileage, It's cute, and safe.

- Jessie M

It's a great family van I would recommend.

Great gas mileage, cute, and I like the color.... Engine has no get-up-and-go.. Little bit too small of a car for my liking.

- Allison W

It has a good mileage and it is sturdy. It looks small but it is very comfy!

Decent on gas, roomy, reliable, and eco friendly. I drive a lot and haven't had a lot of problems. Good radio, no bluetooth

- Daniela M

it is a small comfortable vehicle.

The fuel consumption is high for this size vehicle. no temperature gauge is provided to check if the vehicle is heating up.

- Nasim Z

the versa is small but has the largest backseat ever

the metal is of the same quality as a tin can, any little ding sticks forever, but the car is of cool quality for the price

- ryan b

Great gas mileage. And is dependable.

It is compact and has great gas mileage. It can go fast when I need it too. Love my stereo. I love the automatic windows.

- Trisha P

It is a smooth riding very quiet vehicle.

I enjoy that it comfortably fits many people. I enjoy that it has great gas mileage. There is little that I do not enjoy.

- Ashley E

Perfect for Tight Spots. 360 degree camera view makes parallel parking a breeze

I love it because of the 360 degree camera. It's small, and perfect for parking in the city. The gas mileage is good too.

- Linzy B

Silver 2014 Nissan Versa. Excellent fuel economy.

Great gas mileage. No major mechanical problems. Large back seat with plenty of legroom. Automatic transmission, cold AC,

- Sharonda H

is good for city drive fuel economy and is hatchback ideal for saving space on parking

like is a gasoline saver and you drive comfortable in the city dislike is for long trip since is compact not recommended

- Julio V

Said it once, I'll say it again: Reliable.

Very basic, but very reliable. Manual everything (power locks and cruise control would be nice.) Did I mention reliable?

- Nick D

Inside flexibility depending on number of passengers and plans for the day.

I have done more to this car than any other car I have owned. The value dropped so fast it wasn't feasible to trade in.

- Irene W

I am really just filling this out for money.

I have only 1 complaint. The transmission is not very reliable. Other than that, car is great. I drive it all the time.

- Ryan A

Reliable and the tank doesn't cost much to fill up.

I love the bright blue color of my car. Over the years the color remains just as bright and has not diminished one bit.

- Gaby M

What others should know about my car is that it has great mileage.

It has good gas mileage and is easy to drive. I like that it looks nice but is not too complicated. It is a nice color.

- Ellen G

Good on gas and a nice little car.

Just not in love with color. It is silver and I like darker colors. It is good on gas. It is a good little gas saver.

- Patricia E

It is very small and get great gas mileage.

Runs good up to 90, 000 miles so far but had to replace the wheel bearing and the electric fan but no major problems.

- Nicole J

It is a great car in a small package!

I love the small, compact size without having to compromise interior space. I dislike how slow it is to accelerate.

- Kari F

Nissan versa note. Affordable and steady.

Very reliable car with good gas mileage. Very few upgrades or accessories. Bare bones vehicle. Note a lot of power.

- Brannan H

This is a good quality car for the money it is a good value, not just cheap.

fun easy to drive, good gas mileage 37 mpg, noise level is higher than better quality cars but overall a good value

- Liese C

I like the car because of gas mileage. $20 last me all week. Great for me an my kids.

Great car the only problem I seem to run into is that it is extremely slow. Take off is slow. But great gas mileage

- Stephanie D

It's great on gas and looks nice. It is roomy for a small car.

I like my vehicle because it is great on gas and very compact yet roomy. I dislike the way the transmission shifts.

- Sharon M

it handles all different weather conditions with ease.

I like the size of my compact car , I get really good gas mileage, it's easy to drive and its style is really cute.

- Carol S

It is very easy to maintain everything about the car.

It doesn't use much gas and I like that. It is very reliable and gets me where I need to go. It is a very nice car.

- Justin p

The nissan versa gets great miles per gallon.

No complaints about my vehicle. I love how it is compact and it drives very nice. As well, I like the mpg it gets.

- Gary T

My stupid airbag is recalled and not technically safe to drive the car.

I like that it is fuel efficient. The sound system is decent. Not a fan of the size or where everything is located

- Pam S

It is still in good shape, runs good, and looks good.

I love the gas mileage and the amount of space it has. I dislike the slightly longer time it takes to accelerate.

- Jackie H

The back door handle is broken and the right bumper side is poking out.

Great ride. Gas mileage wonderful right size for me no major problems in 4 years. Has enough power not too much.

- Roberta B

It is a hatchback and it is 4 wheel drive.

It is spacious. I drive a lot of miles so it is not that good on gas. I like the variety of colors they come in.

- Louise B

It mostly reliable, simple, affordable, stable. It's a no frills basic car that gets the job dione

I love how comfy the passenger seat is for a small car. I dislike the amount of maintenance it seems to require.

- Veronica R

was told muffler is a problem with these cars they rust out quite often

muffler rusted out after four years had to have replaced. bummer like it gets good gas mileage and easy to park

- jean h

That it is sturdy it is solid you feel very safe in it.

It's a reliable car. It has good gas mileage! It isn't as luxurious as I'd like. I don't really like the shape.

- Marissa K

Great gas mileage and really doesn't look too bad. Love the grey color.

It gets great gas mileage. It looks pretty nice but is definitely a bare bones model. It rides like what it is.

- Br R

great gas mileage and versability

I like the versatility and the gas mileage. It goes anywhere that I want to go. and it also goes good in snow

- daniel V

Good gas miles in the city and on the highway. It is easy to drive as a beginning diver.

It has good gas miles in the city. It is small. It has not needed many repairs during the time I have had it.

- brian h

Low maintenance gas efficient car.

It is gas efficient, low maintenance, easy to drive, wide interior, very good air con, cheaper than Corollas.

- Gerry G

Clean and well maintained.

Very economical, nice layout, good air conditioning, gas saving, spacious, comfortable seating.. No dislikes.

- Audra M

The gas mileage is great on the car.

I do not like the inside design. I do not like that it does not have power seats. I do like the gas mileage.

- Deborah D

For a small can u can get a lot in it if necessary it has good pick up.

It has good pick up, it has 4 doors it's a hatchback I can put long thing in it, I don't like how low it is.

- Anthony J

This vehicle gets excellent gas mileage.

I like the superb gas mileage and smooth ride. I dislike the excessive cabin noise & lack of lumbar support.

- Tammy E

This car has great gas mileage. Between 30-35 miles per gallon.

It drives well and gets GREAT gas mileage. It has great leg room in all seats. Wish it had more trunk space.

- Malloree C

It has only 50,000 mileage we only use it on short travel

We have our car for 4yrs now so far it's running good. We are small family so compact sedan is good for us

- Jam L

The most important thing is that you can go really far on one tank of gas.

It is very good on gas, all of the system engineering is top quality and the sound system is really good.

- Jeremy P

do not buy used because the person before probably was selling for a reason

It was really not my choice vehicle. It's okay but already has major problems and has had recall issues

- Christine G

Slow regular drive not too fast easy broke or can be problems.

No problem never bad. Good long no problem. Keep good care not too fast drive. 5 years now never broke..

- Donna M

Looks very different compared to the more modern cars.

I would like a newer model. If I had a newer model with more advanced tech in the car then I'd love it.

- Anya A

the Nissan versa is a cheaper transportation that has been very dependable

a 2014 Nissan versa which is good on gas but a very light vehicle which is not good in windy conditions

- steve n

no storage makes it hard to hide items like cords.

no storage space for items. hard to remove the board that covers the back seat i like the gas mileage

- Cindy k

Great fit but small inside.

Nissan Versa gets great gas mileage and get up and go. Fits anywhere. Cons: no storage. Comfortable.

- Veronica P

Really good on gas along with it is a good car to travel with.

The gas is really good on this car. I wish the car had more body room. Also love the cruise control.

- Alexander C

It's a good car, practical for going to work and doing what you need to do.

Great gas mileage and easy to drive. Kind of loud with road noise and has blind spots in rear area.

- Stacy H

This vehicle is great on gas when driving around town or on the highway.

It's a great compact car. Gets good gas mileage. Just wish it had a little more get up and go.

- Andrea C

It is a nice car overall. Very practical and comfortable.

I with it had more gadgets. I find it spends to much gasoline. I've problems with the belt sign.

- Alejandra F

It's fuel efficient. It doesn't take much to fill up my vehicle.

I love it. I don't have any complaints besides wishing for a bigger storage area in the middle.

- Alyssa B

Nissan's Versa has great mileage

I like the color which is red. I like that it's a compact car. I wish it had better interior

- Breanne C

It's an OK car. It might be too small. Good with gas. Would like to have a sensor/camera for parking.

If you want to save money and don't have much stuff to put in car, this is perfect for you.

- Marianne S

Small, zoomy, and roomy. I love my Versa note and it's bigger than it seems. Perfect family car.

I wish it was a little bit more fancy. I bought it two years ago and love it mostly though.

- Kat D

it does not waste a lot of and it is a comfortable car. maintenance is not expensive.

its is a small comfortable car that does not waste a lot of gas and is nice roomy car.

- jose s

good gas mileage so it saves money in long term...

it has a radio stuck on a channel. the front is damaged. size is good and gas mileage

- Denise G

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage.

It's small. It gets good gas mileage. It's perfect for my job and everyday errands.

- Ruel H

How good the gas mileage is.

I love the gas efficiency and style of the car. The size is small and could be bigger

- Caitlin r

It drives great on both side roads and highways and it gets great gas mileage

I get great gas mileage. It drives great. It holds a lot when I need to move things.

- cheryl m

Major capacity, great mileage, smooth ride every time

I love the color of my car. It's good on gas mileage. It has a bunch of space in it.

- Chelsea A

I would never recommend a Nissan Versa Note to anyone. The only good thing is the gas mileage

I've has nothing but issues since I bought it. I have had it st the shop too much

- Cheryle S

It is Fuel friendly and a very low maintenance car

The nissan versa is very fuel friendly It perfect for traveling and going to work

- Marie C

it is not very wise to go with the cheapest car you can get

it is build cheap. it is too small. doesn't drive like it should. it's a lemon

- Michael E

its features and how they work, and how the car appeals to me

I like the style. the car is just the right size. it has a fairly easy ride.

- geoff g

Others should know that Versas are very nice hatchback vehicles.

She rides very smooth. She gets solid mileage. I really like my vehicle.

- Connor B

comfortable and good sized and value for small family.

good size and efficient, sometimes makes strange noises. odd blind spot.

- ed g

That i get about 30 miles to the gallon and it is comfortable to drive.

I like the gas mileage that i get, it gets about 30 miles to the gallon.

- Michael Z

It is reliable and an easy keeper. It gets you places,

My car is fine. No frills. It gets me to and from and was inexpensive.

- megan s

It has too many mechanical problems. There is not enough space for arm room in the front.

It is too small. There are too many mechanical problems with the car.

- Natalie D

It handles well in storms. It feels roomier than it looks. Didn't like the fact that the airbags were recalled and i was unable to use it for 4 months while we waited for replacement parts. The seats aren't supportive enough so long car rides become uncomfortable. I do like the gas mileage I get.

Great run about especially around town but overall it needs tweaking.

- Heidi H

My car runs smoothly although it's a compact sedan still it goods for my family

It's fuel efficient and it runs smoothly. I used it for work everyday

- Jaime L

I like the fuel efficiency. I'm not a big fan of the orange gages and back light on the buttons. Also, the transmission went out long before it should have.

It's fun to drive in good weather, but it doesn't like snowy roads.

- Rachel K

The gas mileage is wonderful and for such a compact car it has tons of space

No complaints about the car. It was exactly what I was looking for

- Caitlin B

It get really good gas mileage but it is not fast at all

It gets good mileage. It is small and blue. It's not very fast

- Brian C

Nice size , low maintenance, fuel efficient & I love it.

Economy , fuel efficient. Great gas mileage. Sedan handles well.

- Phyllis A

I enjoy driving my car because it's comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I wish it would have a bit more pickup, but I appreciate the features that my car has such as push button start.

Versatile car which gets great gas mileage in a sporty package.

- Angel V

The car is fuel efficient. I've kept up with the maintenance and it does not give me any issues.

It is fuel efficient. It is reliable. It is low maintenance.

- Israel C

I love that my car has fantastic fuel economy. It's cute, small, and a cool color. I also like that it's so spacious on the inside.

It's bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

- Jenny G

It's awesome and rocking always

Nice fuel efficiency and nothing that I dislike about it

- Esther R

Overpriced for what you get Doesn't have Bluetooth Looks sporty

Very sluggish Look sporty Good gas mileage Overpriced

- Lisa Q

It works and has good mileage, and it easily recognizable

I like the style but is does have transmission issues

- John M

It is a 5 speed so that way I can control the transmission.

I like the size. it's a 5 speed. It is just my size.

- Misti C

Great gas mileage! Great size.

Good gas mileage. Great heat and a/c. Compact size.

- Kelsey S

it is reliable and you feel safe

it is very easy to drive and not too big or small

- Russell H

No major issues, reliable car.

- Amy W