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Nissan versa, 2015, base model.

I have put approximately 65, 000 miles on my car and it is extremely jumpy now compared to when I first purchased it. The motor mounts are slowly wearing out. The suspension seems like it is breaking down as it is slowly getting rougher and rougher to drive. The seats are generally comfortable but on long trips I get back cramps because the seats kind of curve forward at the top and sit you in an awkward position. Everything in my car rattles. I like the paint job and style of the car. I like that it is a base model and does not have power locks or windows, but it is inconvenient that there is not a button to pop the trunk while you are in the car. You have to use your key to unlock it. I would buy my car again for the value and Nissan dealers are nice and do not ask many questions when you have them service your vehicle.

- Monica W

Comfy, cozy car. Perfect for dog and nap lovers.

Car is two years old, bought used with less than 10k miles, this car has lasted through my travels to Florida, Norfolk and nags head back to Cincinnati. Great little car. 40 mpg, even with manual crank windows, the car is still pretty cute. Not many problems, just normal wear and tear on tires and maintenance. Performs the way I would have expected it to, very reliable car. I have taken naps in the front seat and the back in-between classes and driving turns- so it is very cozy. As stated before, I have the manual interior versa- and no, not a hatchback. Was 4k less than the automatic interior Nissan versa next to it with twice as many miles but same price, so now I have my practically brand new Nissan. I love it, not very loud when driving, and being in Ohio the little heaters works fabulously.

- Katie N

Pros and cons of Nissan versa.

I love my Nissan versa. There were a few reasons why I chose this car. First, I chose it because it has some speed to it which was very important to me. Also, it has a small exterior which allows me to maneuver easily, but a very spacious interior. It is a very comfortable car for both me and my passengers. However, my versa is a “model car” so there are still roll up windows and no automatic locks which is very inconvenient. Also, the speakers sound like there is a short somewhere and music is constantly going in and out. Another big problem is driving in the snow with this little thing! It got me through the winter, but barely. My friend has the same exact car as me and experiences the sameness issues with the speaker and the durability of the car in the snow. Overall, I love my versa!

- Crystal H

Great gas mileage. Good for road trips.

The versa note gets great gas mileage. . It is super reliable. It does great on long drives. It handles high speeds and curves great. We drove it 150 to go camping. We were able to pack all of our gear for 3 people for 3 days with no issues since the back seat is split and the hatch provides lots of head space. . I wish my model had cruise control and power locks. The bluetooth feature is my favorite. It connects my phone for super easy hands free phone calls. Sometimes if you speak too fast it does not catch the command, which can get frustrating in traffic when I am trying to let my family know I am running late. The adjustable seat beats are great since I am short and most shoulder belts cut into my neck.

- Sarah B

Small in size but big in character.

I love the fact that it is a small car but when you get inside it feels big. I also love that the seats lay down in the back which gives you plenty of room to pack decent sized furniture pieces and other big items. I like the fact that you can connect your phone through Bluetooth and you can play your favorite playlist from your phone in your car. I absolutely love that it does not take that much money to fill your gas tank up. This car is small but it packs a lot of space because it can easily seat 5 people comfortably. The only thing that I would love for this car to have is the camera on the back so that you can see behind you when you are backing the car out.

- Smith S

Nissan versa vs. note is the best first car I could've chosen!

One thing that surprised me about my Nissan versa vs. note, is how spacious it is inside. Even my 6 foot tall friend can comfortably fit inside, front or back, with no problem. This car has been very reliable from day one, handling both city driving, and cross-country road trips with ease. I had to get my front wheel bearings replaced after about a year and a half, which was expensive, but done quickly and there were no problems finding the parts for the shop. I get very good average mileage as well, around 32 mpg, city and highway usage. I love the simple layout of features in the cabin and how versatile this car is. I would definitely recommend it.

- Anne S

Decent vehicle, wise purchase though.

My Nissan runs well, has plenty of power and is easy on fuel. It also has decent cargo space in back as needed for trips around town, and can seat five people comfortably. The finish on the outside has been easy to maintain I have had no mechanical problems after 60 thousand plus miles. I would purchase another one after mine has past it is useful life. The only real complaint is when the dashboard clock has to be reset when daylight savings time changes occur. Small detail, but aggravating to do twice a year- this needs fixing. Using one of the radio knobs to adjust your dash clock doesn't work well. Needs rethinking and a change.

- John F

The basic model isn't souped up with tons of electrical features; so you will need to manually do some things, such as adjusting your seats with the levers. It is a small, lightweight vehicle...so while it is good on gas, you can definitely feel how lightweight the car is up against other vehicles (or strong winds) on the highway.

My 2015 Nissan Versa drives well and has all your basic functions/features. It does have the keyless entry option, which is pretty convenient if you're someone that frequently locks your keys in your car. The factory speakers work well and the vehicle is very economical. On average, it takes me $20-25 to fill up the tank and it gets about 35 on highway and 28 in city mpg. For it being a smaller car, it is still pretty spacious and the trunk size is big. Because it is not an American-bred vehicle, maintenance and fixes are not terribly expensive. All around, it's a great "first" vehicle or budget-friendly vehicle!

- Racquel W

12 grand for reliability Nissan versa.

If you want something super reliable and cheap get a Nissan versa 12k new recommend paying cash to avoid getting raped in finance charges I bought mine in 2015 now have 103k on clock black on black with spoiler and window tint makes it look like a more expensive car i've beat this car like a cheap go kart its whole life still runs and drives like new CVT is actually tougher than you would think delivered pizza in the backwoods of Adirondacks for about a year and a half awesome car for cheap the hell with spinning wrenches on used stuff 12k reliable I'll pay cash for my next one the end of this year.

- Teresa A

Great car for traveling and in town both.

I love my Nissan versa! It has been a really great first car buy for me as I am on the road a lot. It was a very affordable purchase that gets great gas mileage in town and on the interstate both. I would highly recommend this car to anyone, as this is my second Nissan to own and I am very pleased with their vehicles. It has Bluetooth capabilities for your phone to go hands free while driving which is a major safety feature. The steering wheel has volume, source and station controls to make the driver more aware of the road rather than looking down. Overall it has been a great car for me.

- Ashlee K

Fun, small, and light-weight make for a great drive.

I love driving a manual car, and this one is extremely light and gets excellent gas mileage. It is extremely durable and has lasted excellently through multiple 350+ mile trips. This is my favorite car that I have owned because it is so versatile and has great storage space despite being so small. The clutch and gear shift are smooth and easily. The acceleration is excellent, even up steep hills. I have been able to get so much good use out of this vehicle and I anticipate getting so much more. It is a durable vehicle and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun-to-drive vehicle.

- Emma W

Nissan versa is great! Awesome mpg!

I bought this vehicle in august of 2017. My previous car was having issues starting and I had no intent of buying a new car until I was forced to. Unsurprisingly, I was eventually forced to. The car has great gas mileage. I drive to school Monday through Friday and it's a 40 min trip one way. I generally have to fill my tank twice every three weeks depending on where else I drive during that time period. It does have a smaller tank than my previous car but the mpg makes up for that. It is small and compact and easy to park which is great for someone like my who struggles parking.

- Emmanuel C

Great value in a small package!

It is a great car for everything I need. There is room for everyone to sit in comfort, no problem with not enough leg room there is plenty. My granddaughter loves to go for rides, she can sit in her car seat and look out the windows. The rear cargo space has plenty of room for whatever I need, going to the supermarket is not a hassle there is plenty of room and room for luggage when vacation time comes. It also has plenty of power when you need it, great gas mileage, if you are looking for a dependable car the Nissan versa would be an excellent choice!

- Pamela W

Drives well, does good in the snow.

It is really annoying that there is no keyhole for the passenger side door. Used to be a gentleman and open for my wife. Two of the hub caps have cracked and one has fallen off somewhere? The car is a 2015. The gas miles per gallon is okay. I did not get automatic locks, I wish I had as it is hard to reach the back door locks when you are in the driver's seat or passenger's seat. Overall, it is a nice car and I think we got a good deal for what we paid. Have not needed any repairs, other than having to buy four new tires last week.

- Timothy D

Great starter car. Not many bells and whistles. Safe car

This is a very nice starter car. It has basic power windows and locks feature but that is it. It does not have power seats. There is a flaw in the windshield wipers fluid design and it does not spray enough of the windshield to be effective. It rides very well and gets good gas mileage. It seats 3 average size people in the back seat comfortably. The hatchback is a nice feature and allows for fitting oversized items if you put the back seat down. I really enjoy this car. No major defects or repairs needed since I got it.

- Shana W

The Versa is small but spacious.

The 2015 Nissan Versa is a pretty great car. It is small, but spacious. I am able to lug around a days worth of shopping, with a child in the vehicle. I can have all four dogs in the vehicle for visits to the dog park. The Versa is a great beach vehicle as well, as it fits all of our beach bags, cooler, chair and more. It runs great and is easy on gas. Nissan provides my oil changes for 5 dollars each time I need one, and they make sure that my car is maintained properly. I would recommend this vehicle to any family.

- Sara M

Biggest most comfortable little car I have ever owned!

Bought 5/30/2016, was a program car with about 27, 000 mi. Came equipped with GPS, I maintain Sirius radio, has Bluetooth capabilities. The white color shows dirt, but that was expected. The almost black patterned interior does not show dirt too bad and is easily cleaned. Very comfortable. It has more interior room than any small - large car I have ever owned, especially in back seat. Drives smooth, steady and has no problem with acceleration. Many long distance trips with 45, 000 miles logged and averages 37 mpg.

- Jill C

It has radio and phone stuff on the wheel pretty kool but for safety I don't use that stuff :)

Nice car has all the basics not a lot of problems except where stereo wires go in Nissan the young man has just been wonderful to us they better hope they don't lose him he's got nice person to himself and cares car fine my first new car so I feel really blessed will never buy off people again or used total rip off never been happy about car till now and I'm 50 soon it a bit high but that the finances issue if you poor they double it on you to hurt to twice as much but car is nice for basic down to earth car :)

- Lucy M

The remote access to cell phone and radio steering wheel features.

I like my Nissan because it looks small from the outside but it is roomy on the inside. It is very good on gas, it handles nicely and I can park just about anywhere. I also like the features on the steering wheel I can answer calls or makes call on the steering wheel. I can also flip through the radio stations on the steering wheel, cool! And lower or high up the volume on the steering wheel, woohoo! The Nissan has a nice roomy hatchback. The performance is nice and smooth, goes fast too!

- Nancy R

Nissan Versa note: the stumpy little car with a lot of personality.

I enjoy driving my Nissan Versa. I haven't experienced any major problems with it so far, so I am very happy with its performance. I find it reliable. It is very good on gas mileage. As I commute every day to school, I fill my gas tank once a week, which ends up being around $25-$29. It is very comfortable. Actually, surprisingly roomy in the back seats. The hatchback is a good feature and both back seats fold down to create more space. This is especially helpful for large and flat items.

- Erin D

A very spacious and adorable sedan.

It is a pretty comfortable car, roomy on the inside, decent trunk space. Of course it is a small, not very powerful, sedan so it does speed up a little slow. But overall it is a good car. The only upgrade I have made so far has been tinting the windows. I have the sv, so I have automatic locks and windows as well as Bluetooth for talking on my phone, but I do with I had all of the connectivity and features of the more expensive model. I also prefer SUVs, but for a car it is really great.

- Casey M

Outstanding gas mileage and reliable Nissan Versa.

I have had my Nissan Versa for 3 years now. My commute to work is 40 minutes and my gas mileage is amazing!! 39 Mpg, only takes as much as $25. 00 To fill up and it lasts me a week. We use my car often because of the gas mileage compared to my husbands truck. The only dislike I have for my car is the fact that it is all manual which is because I am use to my other vehicles before being automatic. Nothing wrong with manual, honestly it is cheaper just different than what I was use to.

- Allison B

To small and does not do good in bad weather. Great on gas but still very slow.

It is very slow and it is hard to find parts that would be able to help it speed up. The seats are way too easy to stain. So small barely able to have 4 people in the car and be comfortable. It sucks in any sort of bad weather like snow or rain. Even heavy wind causes the car to try and be pushed the wrong way. I truly do love this car I just wish it was a little faster and safer in bad weather. My favorite thing about this car is that it only takes $15 to fill up the tank.

- Shirley H

Economically great on gas mileage.

My car is great on gas mileage! It gets 42 mpg on highway! It is a very comfortable driving this car. I can fit 5 adults comfortably in the car. It is easy to park. The sight of vision is great- no obstacles like badly placed mirrors. The air conditioner and heat work wonderfully. It has plenty of room because the back seat goes down completely enabling me to pack it with lots of items such as shopping or moving. I would advise anyone to get this car! Very pleased with it.

- Karen M

Great car I would definitely buy another Nissan versa note.

I have not had any problems. It runs smoothly. It gets great gas mileage. For being so small it has a ton of leg room. For having a small engine it gets up to speed relatively fast. Even my thirteen years old is planning on driving it when he gets old enough. I just saw the car and fell in love with it. The only problem is it only has one arm rest in the front. Also my husband is a big guy and he does not like to drive it but he's used to driving a huge SUV.

- Kris C

Small, cute, and powerful.

I love my car it is the perfect size fits 4 adults perfectly with lots of legroom in the back seat has a lot of storage space and if you need more the back seats fold forward I was amazed how much stuff fit in it when I was moving it was a life saver. It has great gas mileage, Bluetooth, aux, and USB connections. It drives very well has good traction and just the right amount of power. I am so glad I got it plus its small and cute fits anywhere.

- Carmen R

Nissan is an excellent choice for a reliable car.

My Nissan versa is a reliable and excellent performing car. I have had it for over 3 years and have not had one problem with the car. It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable and has all the features I need in a car. It still looks like a new car and drives like one. I would recommend a Nissan to anyone who asked me advice about what type of car to buy. It performs well on any type of roads and handles very well in all weather conditions.

- Mary J

Good on gas, poor on durability.

My Nissan versa is really good on gas and is very light. However, I feel like the more it ages, the more it has issues. I have had a system issue that wouldn't even allow me to start my car, my rubber sealing my doors is falling off, and it just feels like the engine is working too hard for no reason. If you want something simple, and saves on gas, I would say it is a decent car. Just be aware that you might have some issues along the way.

- Matthew H

Engine is mechanically sound and reliable!

I like my car and haven't had any mechanical issues with my versa. I get great gas mileage especially on the highway. Problems with the car is, it does not have a lot of get up and go. Versa loses speed going up hills. Interior, the plastic molding around visor mirrors are cracking in corners. Windshield got a stress crack after sitting in the sun for the afternoon and started driving on highway. There was no air conditioning turned on.

- Eddie E

Great performance, mileage and legroom.

The gas mileage is fantastic about 40 miles per gallon; went on several trips over 300 miles from home and spent less than $120 on fuel. The back seat leg and comfort is better than most compact cars and the trunk space is big enough for 4+ large suitcases and duffle bags. The interior is generic but it makes up for the bland interior with the space and mileage. The basic model, with no power windows or locks cost me under $9000. :).

- Benjamin L

Nissan versa note fun to drive.

Being a 4 cylinder it has a slow take off but once picked up runs smoothly. It is a little rough riding, probably from the small tires. Has a blind spot on each side of the windshield where a small inset window is. drives great and a fun little car to get around in. It has plenty of head room and leg room and also plenty of storage in the back. This is my second Nissan, my second versa.. My first hatchback. I love the body style.

- Karen W

All white with light gray interior.

As a car buyer, I knew I wanted a car I could rely on. The car I ended up going with is amazing. I feel in love the very first time I got to drive the car and I just knew I had to have it. I haven't had any problems with my car at all, we've taken it on pretty long road trips and it performed very well and was also comfortable to be in for 5+ hours at a time. I get amazing gas mileage and it just all around a great car.

- Alexandria S

It is great on gas does not cost a lot to fill and will get you far.

The cab is very noisy it sounds like a window is left open. The gas mileage is amazing however and I love how you can choose what you want the dash to tell you for example you can pick if you want it to tell you how many miles until your out of gas or you can have it tell you your mpg. It drives very smooth. Big backseat for how small the car appears. The passenger does not have a armrest which can be annoying.

- Amanda G

Great economy vehicle, smallish for a family!

Great basic car, we use it as a family vehicle, and it has served us well across country 2 times, countless road trips up and down the west coast, and we have not had any problems with it yet! We tinted the windows when we purchased it for our young kids to be able to sleep more comfortably, and got a roof rack to help with camping trips, but the trunk space it really surprisingly large!

- Danielle H

The car is very reliable and easy to maintain.

I have had no major issues with this vehicle. Normal maintenance has come up since buying car including cv joint replacement, battery replacement, serpentine belt replacement. Very roomy for such a small car. Reasonable trunk space. I love the keyless feature. I also love that the sensors on car are sensitive. For example when tire is full after putting air the car lets you know.

- Annette G

The very reliable Nissan versa, perfect size and great on gas.

Larger on the inside than it looks, it has a lot of room. Great on gas, fill up once every 7 days. Highways is almost 6 hours on a full tank. My tire sensors have a defect but all is well with good upkeep, make sure you get the oil changes and the tires rotated as they should be. I really have no major complaints about the vehicle. I did a lot of research before I purchased it.

- Ashanti L

Fun to drive little car. It looks small but is roomy inside.

My car gets good gas mileage. It has been very reliable. It has am/FM radio with CD player. It is a four-door hatchback. It has automatic locks and power window, anti-lock brakes, power locks. It has Bluetooth capability. Radio controls on the steering wheel. It also has cruise control and it does not have a navigation unit or back-up camera which would have been nice to have.

- Terri H

Great vehicle to consider buying!

Definitely recommended for long commutes and travel! Great on gas! And has very comfortable seating. The space in the car is very good as well. It is able to seat more than 4 passengers, with great leg room. The exterior of the car is well crafted too. The material is weather resistant. And the trunk space is benefitting as well for customers who love to shop and/or travel.

- Ant B

That it is really roomy for being a smaller Sedan and has great legroom and trunk space.

I like it because it's small and easy to navigate around in, but it's the Note version so it has pretty significant trunk space and the seats fold down. My husband and I like going camping, and I have to transport items for work, so it's nice to have space to fit everything we need in our trunk. We also get great gas mileage and it's not very expensive to fill up the tank.

- Alyssa S

Great gas mileage, basic features, and very spacious.

The Nissan versa note sv has great gas mileage and a spacious backseat. Its problems lie in its cheap features and lack of amenities. However, I bought the car when I could afford nothing else and love that it is been able to get me from point a to point b. Besides standard maintenance such as oil changes and replacing the battery, it is been a decent first car.

- Cristina B

I has a touchscreen display has 16 controls with catchments play and the seats.

I like the vehicle is just the size is not what I want he could be a little bit bigger for passenger-side in cargo size but for overall the gas is really good on gas and it is really good on performance could need a little bit more in technology wise but other than that is really good because of the GPS and the touchscreen display in the no hands featuring.

- Dustin D

Best car ever. I wouldn't trade it for nothing.

My car is very reliable, low maintenance, I can gas up for $20. -$25. 00. Nice driving quiet engine. , note not to high. My car is very roomy can fit up to 5 adults comfortable. I think when you can drive with piece of mind that's great. When the gas is low the indicator starts blinking at 42 miles so you don't have to guess how much longer you can drive.

- Deborah B

I love my Versa note because it fits my life!

I have had my car for three and a half years, and the only real problem I have ever had was having to get my transmission worked on. Also, sometimes when I hit the gas, I hear a hissing noise, but I have never broken down or had any serious issues. I love the space inside, it is perfect for me and my toddler, and I love that it is not a huge, bulky car.

- Rachel N

Great little daily driver.

There are no functional issues with this car. It is a small car, great for getting around and amazing gas mileage. It is important to keep in mind that you are buying a small car. It holds everything I need and the gas mileage is perfect for a daily driver. However, we also have a truck for when we need to move anything larger than the weekly shopping.

- Mackenzie S

This is a very cheaply made car--you get what you pay for.

This vehicle is made very cheaply. The door and window control on the passenger completely broke. The engine noise in this car is very loud--to the point where I had it checked because I thought something was wrong. I have had to make repairs to the exhaust system. I guess the only positive thing I have to say is that it gets decent gas mileage.

- Barbara B

It has more room than it looks like. Very good on gas.

I bought my 2015 Nissan versa note brand new. It is a very nice little car and has more room than it looks like. It is wonderful on gas. It is only a 4 cylinder so it does not get up and go fast but once it is going it is all good. Perfect kind of car to do a little uber or lift to make a little extra cash if you would like. I love my little car.

- Sarah H

2015 Nissan Versa, comfort and fuel economy

The car is incredibly fuel efficient, I average approximately 40 miles to the gallon. the car does not accelerate quickly and the car is small and may be uncomfortable for people with long legs. I did have problems with both of the rear wheel bearings just short of 35000 miles, however, the powertrain warranty covered the full cost of the issue

- cody S

Nissan versa note: the reliable little car.

I love its reliability. 100, 000 miles later, my car has given me few problems. It is a small car but the hatchback can carry a lot actually. The exterior has a fun modern design, especially the tail lights, to the interior is fairly straightforward and not very exciting. The had 3 mileage is good too. Overall, I have little to complain about.

- Miguel P

Great economy car, but the quality is not as good as other cars.

All materials are made cheaply, constant need to fix, but has great gas mileage, and easy to park anywhere. Trunk space and back seat have actually quite a bit of space. Can fit 3 smaller people in back seat or two larger sized people. car seat fits nicely in the back as well. Not a lot of cupholders and no mirror on sun visor kind of sucks.

- Beth S

Versa note - reliable and economical.

Very reliable, I like the low tire pressure light. Great mileage, considering it only has a 10 gallon gas tank. No problems with reliability. Lots of room behind the back seat. The hatchback is really useful as well. It has good acceleration and handling. I bought it as a used vehicle and the battery died, but I do not blame Nissan for it.

- Tony S

Overall great value for the price.

I love the gas mileage and the room for a small car. Has somewhat of a power hesitation uphill and I don't like the dash light colors and the fact that the temp control knob does not light up making the setting hard to see. I also wish cars would go back to old time vent windows in the front. Overall the car is a great value for the money.

- Terry A

The little sedan that could.

It is definitely a solid little thing, we've put far more miles on it than are recommended and it keeps soldiering on. We've taken it through hell and high water (literally, for the latter) and it works perfectly well. We've had a few maintenance issues but those were almost entirely due to operator error - people fail, the versa does not.

- David M

For this 100 miles 5 days a week commuter my versa sl rocks!

Great on gas! Comfortable ride. I have Bluetooth and XM satellite radio making for a great musical adventure on my 2 hour commute. I spend a lot of time in my car and I really have no complaints at all except for maybe more places to like put those there is no center console or an arm rest for your passengers otherwise I adore more car!

- Devin L

The user friendly and very reliable 2015 Nissan Versa should be your next car.

With regular free maintenance at my local Nissan dealership, my 2015 Versa has been very reliable and efficient. Over 3 years I have driven 57, 000 and during that time it is performance is still top shape. Although it is a small car, it is size does provide good fuel-economy and makes it easy to park for those not very parking savvy.

- John V

The car was extremely affordable for a new purchase. It's perfect for someone who wants a basic, but brand new car.

My vehicle is compact and comfortable to drive which I love. It has all the basic features I need such as usb plug ins, radio with song id, wireless speakers to call people, etc. it's also great on gas. The only complaint would be that it's too small for my husband to drive and he's usually uncomfortable sitting in the backseat.

- Renee M

It is cheap and gets me from point A to point B.

I like that it's cheap and affordable. Gets good gas mileage. Small and light and gets going quickly. I dislike that I didn't get it with power windows and locks but that was my choice. I also dislike that it comes with Bluetooth but only works for making calls. Would connecting it to play music have really been that hard?.

- Kelly W

A great car. My Nissan versa is the best reliable car for you.

I love my Nissan versa. It is a very reliable car and extremely comfortable. It has great gas mileage. I love the look of it and it has great features. It has child safety lock which are important to keep children safe in the back seat. I have not had any major problems with the car since I have had it. Wonderful vehicle.

- Tammy M

Nissan Versa note: small but economical.

It is nothing special but it handles just fine. When going on the highway it does take a few seconds to get going but once it does it is fine. I use winter tires in the snow, but I am not sure if all season tire would work on it. Also the gas mileage is great. It has a smaller tank than my old car but gets better mileage.

- Eric S

I love the metallic peacock color.

The car performs pretty reliably. I love how fast the ac cools down the whole car, which is important in fl. The size is nice and compact and it is a fairly comfortable day to day drive. It is not comfortable for long trips though. I have been impressed with the brake system and the car's quick response to my movements.

- Robyn F

Do you want an economical vehicle with a comfortable ride? Buy the versa.

Decent comfort for a small car. In my situation finding a 4 door vehicle in this range was good. Gas mileage is excellent. So far repairs have been minor. Standard transmission gives me good acceleration when needed. Features are enough for me. I do wish it had a trunk latch inside you could open trunk without your key.

- Joseph K

Stylish car with affordable price.

The car is stylish and came with a great price. The car has a smooth ride, comfortable seating and plenty of room on the inside without being a big car overall. There were a lot of additional features you can add to customize your car. I haven't experienced any problems with the car and currently have no complaints.

- Michelle B

Small gas saver good for work.

The fuel pump and clutch went out within the first two or three years. It's a great gas saver though and somewhat roomy for a small car and you cannot plug to many things up I blew a fuse, or maybe nothing to powerful for this is not a very powerful car travels well not uncomfortable but not super comfy either.

- Lisa M

Go versa great mileage and comfort.

I am pleased with my car. Gas mileage good performs very well, a much better ride than I expected, roomer than I expected and maintenance is going to be much better for me. I like the style and the way it handles. I will be able to make many trips in this car do to the mileage I get and the comfort of the ride.

- Judith T

Nissan versa note: a cute little gas-saving car.

I have had no problems with my car. It runs well and gets great gas mileage, and it seats four comfortably, even if some passengers are tall. The dashboard is easy to read and accessible, and the controls for the radio, Bluetooth for hands-free phone, and cruise control are easy to access on the steering wheel.

- Lisa B

Tons of space. Not as much gas mileage as you'd think

Hedwig is a great car. She hasn't been super expensive to fix so far and we haven't had any issues. We take her in for regular maintenance at the dealer, though I don't love the dealership. She's a bit spartan but my 6'5" husband can still fit and be comfortable. She has a lot of storage space, which is nice.

- Mnope F

Good car for me. Service people at Nissan dealership are very helpful.

My Nissan versa note is just the right size for me. I have a problem with the wipers that were on the vehicle when I bought it new. So of course when I took it in for service they talked me into new wiper blades. The tire pressure light comes on when it is cold outside. Si I have learned to not rely on that.

- Di B

The transmission crashes often.

The transmission crashes often (had to replace twice and am about to have to replace again) and the brakes have had to be replaced twice in the last three years I've had it - it's a comfortable car that holds five people nicely. It's great on gas and does not have a huge tank so its cheap to fill up as well.

- Jodi R

Great gas mileage on this car.

My car is wonderful on gas mileage. I can fill up and use the same gas all week and I drive 45 minutes one way to work. I like that the horn blows when you are putting air in your tires to let you know that your tires are filled. I wish the front seat had a little more space. Other than that I love the car.

- Tee S

Versatile and smooth ride.

The versa is a versatile vehicles. Very economical in regards to gas mileage. My vehicle has not given me any specific issues. The ride is smooth, performance is good. However, would prefer a little more horsepower. The get up and go could be a little better. The vehicle is easy to drive, easy to maneuver.

- Robin K

Great for a small family.

It is reliable but the a/c is constantly going out and the problem lights do not function properly. The car is also a little small for my family but is great for a family of four or three. It has horrible acoustic and you can hear the wind outside as you drive it can be a bit annoying but I love this car.

- Raven P

Dangerous blind spots because the car is so small.

It is a nice looking car but the seating is cramped and the worst thing which I consider very dangerous is the limited visibility, the blind spots are huge and I think it is because the car is so small with the window posts being in the wrong spots if you know what I mean. The blind spots are very scary.

- Judy Y

Manual locks, rolling window levers, gas mileage.

Some problems I have noticed is that the shifter sticks when accelerating. But overall the performance is good, except in the snow. It is very sensitive in icy condition. The comfort is good though. Can fit a lot into the vehicle. Moved cross country to Montana with it, and it made it with flying colors.

- Amanda P

Very comfortable and stylish.

Very comfortable seats, although the seat belt does not always pull out enough right away (it may lock if on a hill).The acceleration could be a bit faster, although I am sure it helps the gas mileage. It would be nice if the back seats would fold down to give more room. The outside is easy to look upon.

- Greg N

Attn: college students here's the car for you!

Slips gears! Not the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. Good car possibly for college student. No power windows or door locks makes it very inconvenient for me. Should have realized before I purchased. Was not expressed by salesman that this was option on this model. No I would not purchase again.

- Ann M

2015 Nissan versa reviews.

I drive a 2015 Nissan versa, I love driving this vehicle. It is perfect for families who enjoy long road trips for it has great gas mileage. The vehicle is on the smaller end compared to other vehicles but it is comfortable and there have been no major issues in the past three years I have had my car.

- Petra O

It is small on the outside yet spacious and very good on gas!

It is very good on gas, spacious and fits my everyday needs. I love the way it looks and how small but spacious it is. The backup camera is a bonus! The seats come down at the back so when you need more trunk space, there’s a option. I feel very safe in this car as the blind spots are very visible.

- Jenny F

Perfect car for camping and moving.

The vehicle is quick to fog up, and it takes a while to de fog. It has great gas mileage. It is the perfect car to take camping and to help move. While it is small, the hatchback makes it so there is more room than you would think. It is also a great road tripping car as there is a tong of leg room.

- Megan B

Comfortable to drive and a pleasure to own.

This car has good acceleration for a four cylinder. It gets great gas mileage and its reliability is terrific. There have been no problems with it and it was purchased as a certified used vehicle. This car is very affordable to drive and as a first time Nissan owner, this has been a great purchase.

- Chris S

Awesome economical and reliable!

My 2015 Nissan Versa gives the appearance of being small and compact. Inside is very roomy in height and width. It's very comfortable and has a very roomy trunk. Very economical gasoline mileage with 38 mpg. It is blue with grey interior and soft and comfortable for this Nana that is on the go.

- Vickey P

Nissan versa sv and it is amazing assets.

The Nissan versa sv is know for it is gas mileage. It drives smooth and the pedals are suitably balanced. I have not had any issues with the car. It is very easy to connect your phone with Bluetooth. Additionally, there is a variety of ways to play music. The trunk has a decent amount of space.

- Dana C

Easy parker! Great gas mileage!

The Versa note is a fun, sporty car that gets fantastic gas mileage. There is more room than you would expect in the trunk and you can park in the tiniest spaces. A perfect car for the city. Nissan is a well respected automaker and I haven't had any mechanical issues with my car at this point.

- Sophia P

My vehicle is very reliable.

My car drives very smooth, the seat adjust to my size very well. It gets amazing gas mileage. Has great power steering. Has Bluetooth, CD player, AUX cord port, and a USB port. Has cruise control. Easy to adjust mirrors. Ac and heater works amazingly. Seats driver and 4 passengers comfortably.

- Faith S

Awesome starter car! Great value!

I really love my car. It has manual locks and windows which means repairs on these things are much cheaper. Gas mileage is also great! It was my first car to purchase on my own and I feel that it was the best car I could purchase for what I could afford on a smaller income. Great starter car!

- Mary D

The most cheap, reliable car on planet earth.

Comfortable, easy to drive, low maintenance, amazing gas mileage, economic, longevity, and the price. The main selling point for this vehicle was the price point and they last forever. This is a car to go for if you are tight on money and want something that will be there for the long haul.

- Hayden O

It is works amazingly all the time.

The car works very well, it drives very smoothly, it is also very family friendly. The seats are really comfortable but the window roll up by hand ( they are not automatic) and it does not have power locks. The ac and heater work very well. And there have been no absolute problems with it.

- Jasmine G

Love our Versa Note (second Versa we've owned)

Purchased our Versa Note used from Hertz rental (about 15K miles) after first-gen Versa hatchback was totaled in an accident from which we walked away with minor scratches. Love the fuel economy, cargo space, generous rear seat room. Enough power to negotiate Southern California freeways.

- Sydnie W

Compact car but feels much bigger inside. Good things do come in small packages!

Great little vehicle for short commutes, small families and city driving. Fantastic mpg on highways and local roads, much better than expected. Wide selection of colors which was appealing, easy to use entertainment system inside with Bluetooth connectivity for iPhone a huge plus as well.

- Gary W

Although the car is small, it is incredibly spacious on the inside.

Acceleration is poor. When pressing down on the pedal, it takes the car a brief moment to speed up. And once the car does speed up, it is only a steady incline of speed. The tank of gasoline is small so although it does not cost much to fill a full tank of gas, you have to fill it often.

- Marcos F

My car is very roomy and can fit my whole family.

I actually love my car. I get amazing gas mileage (37. 7 Mpg). It is very reliable and roomy. My car can fit my family of five comfortably. Three teenagers and both of our parents have taken the car on trips and we all fit and had plenty of legroom. I wouldn't trade my car for the world.

- Emily D

The Nissan Versa Note is a great little starter family car, as well as a great commuter car. It's safe and comfortable, and surprisingly spacious.

I like my vehicle for the most part. It has great gas mileage, bluetooth, and comfortable seating. The one thing that I dislike is sometimes when trying to change a song while using a mobile device, the sound stops and I have to unplug my device and plug it back it for the sound to work.

- Erica B

It is a good car but if you are handicapped it is difficult to maneuver.

Like the design and gas mileage. Hate that you have to unlock from the drivers side only. The tire pressure gauge goes on all the time. The back doors need to be unlocked manually and are hard to reach from the front seats. Very light car on the road. Wind really pushes the car around.

- Laura D

Spacey versa note s plus.

Love it, good in gas mileage, has lots of room inside. Never any recalls or issues. Comes with Bluetooth, you can fold down the back seats for extra space. There are some cabin noise but that is what you get for buying a smaller car. The interior is nice, extra cup holders and storage.

- Lauren R

Economical car. Nissan Versa.

It is a good traveler car. And comfortable. Drives smooth. Especially on freeways. I would recommend other people to buy Nissan Versa. I like the color of my cat and it is roomy inside if my car. Very clean car. There is no noise on my car. That what makes my car drive smooth and fast.

- Theresa H

Very reliable car. . Good on gas. . . Great mileage on hwy.

My car is a gas saver. . Really convenience when take short trips, also easy to park at malls or hospital. . . Drives really smooth. . Great mileages for long distance trips. . . Very reliable. . . Seat are comfortable. . All in all very nice vehicle. . . No problems with the vehicle.

- Loretta G

Nissan Versa, not worth the purchase.

Built poorly, rubber molding around door keeps coming off since day one, not very roomy. Not a quiet car. Seat is alright as far as comfort. No special features, no power windows or locks. No rear speakers so music has to be louder if I have passengers. Roomy trunk. Good on gas.

- Ann G

great for small parking spots and when you need to park in a parking garage.., and that the trunk is so large and you can fit plants, bags of yard dirt and so much more in the back. It can be fun to drive....

I love the small wheel base so I can fit into small parking spaces, and that the trunk is huge.For a small car you really can fit a lot in the back. But the one thing is that the seats are a little small and feel not so comfortable. They are very hard and do not flex with you in them.

- s k

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

It is a great car that runs super well. The only issue is that it does not have cruise control. This makes it very hard to drive over long distances and on the highway in general. But overall the performance is super consistent, I haven't had any problems with it since its purchase.

- Lara J

Great car for commuting! Would recommend!

It gets great gas mileage. Great compact car for parking. Love the features on the dashboard. Hatchback trunk has tons of room, and although the car is small the back has a surprisingly great amount of room. The only downside is the tank isn't huge so I have to fill up more often

- Nicole J

All of my grandkids tell me the car looks like the emoji car.

I have owned the car for 4 months and have had no trouble. I love the gas mileage 28 mpg around town. The hatchback space fits my mothers walker to a tee. I have driven on the freeways also and am able to keep up with traffic. That is all I need. I like that it is American made.

- Christine A

A comfortable car, but fragile.

It is comfortable and drives well. It is not really good in an accident. I was going a little under 20 mph when I rear-ended someone and it cost 3, 000 dollars to fix the damage to my car. It is a bit of a fragile car. Great on gas though and it does not take much to fill it up.

- Mahogany A

Great speed and very comfortable.

I have had no problems. The performance is awesome and I hardly ever have to get maintenance on it. It is extremely comfortable and I love all the features like the great stereo system and nice steering wheel. I like the color as well. It is really nice, so cool and really fast.

- Devon M

2015 Versa Note. Very basic vehicle——I have got used to having crank windows once again.

When the car about 2 1/2 years old the entire automatic transmission had to be replaced. Fortunately that was covered under warranty but can you replace an entire automatic transmission when I barely had driven 30,000 miles was harry Disappointing. It does get good gas mileage

- Richard D

A car to buy for someone who wants an economical vehicle.

Very reliable car. Gets good gas mileage, has a very good engine. Quite a lot of peon for a 4 cylinder car. Back seats fold down with plenty of space in the back. Just needs normal maintenance. It also includes backup camera which is very helpful. Overall a good, reliable car.

- Claudia R

Nissan Versa is a great value for Its price.

my versa is a 4 door sedan with great gas mileage. the factory sound system is above average and i havent had any issues with functioning of the vehicle. the only thing that i dislike about it is the radio display screen fades completely when the vehicle is hot from the sun.

- steven s

It is not only economical but extremely fun to drive!

The car has excellent gas mileage. It also is small enough to drive comfortably but large enough to fit several people in the event I need to travel with others. I also like how convertible it is as far as storage so that I can use it for almost anything I need to transport.

- Mac G

Versa note: a sizable advantage with trunk space yet a compact feel.

I love the versa note. It is everything I need in a car. It is compact yet deceptively spacious trunk space that I store lots of sporting equipment. Runs smoothly and has decent gas mileage for its size. I haven't had problems with it in the short time that I have owned it.

- Remy F

Great gas mileage, roomy, large trunk.

It gets great gas mileage. I bought a very plain model. No automatic anything. But the price was right. Handles great. The seats could be a little more comfortable for longer drives. Lots of trunk space and roomy front and back seats. I only wished it had a full size spare.

- Paula A

Nissan versa is a great car!

It has never given me any engine trouble. It is reliable and runs well. I have made several trips up and down the mountain between my university and my hometown. It rides smooth. The interior is nice. It is very roomy and has ample trunk space. It makes a good family car.

- Rachael S

Room enough for all your people and cargo.

I really like the roominess. As a parent I am carting children and cargo around at all times. It's also very comfortable for long journeys. The one complaint I have is it has a wicked blind spot. Even with turning my head entirely around I still can't see cars sometimes.

- jennifer N

Decent, but would not purchase again.

It drives very well, like a sports car. I really enjoy that part of the car. It is too small for me though. The only problem are the seats, they are uncomfortable and do not support the lower back well. The computer system is excellent and lets you know of any problems.

- Sharon C

It is a fun commuter car that gets great mpg.

The 4-cylinder engine is actually powerful enough to safely merge onto the freeways. The interior materials and upholstery are durable and comfortable, and I haven't had any mechanical issues. The air conditioning is actually cooling to all passengers in from and back.

- Brandon E

Fast. Kid friendly. Safe!

I love my car because it is great on gas mileage, and it comfortably fits myself and my two kids. It also has great trunk space for a small car, so grocery shopping is easier too. Overall the ride in my car is smooth, and I have not had any major issues with it at all.

- Allie K

They should know that it is just a normal car - nothing fancy, but a great value for the price.

I really love my car for the price. It is an absolutely excellent value. There are only two small issues. First, there is no trunk release. Second, it feels a little light on the highway sometimes. I love my car so much that my co-worker even was convinced to get one!

- Nathan D

Stylish car at a great price.

I have no complaints or problems. I like the fact the car has a stylish look, especially on the inside without costing a fortune. The car has a smooth performance and a comfortable ride. The car has a lot of space on the inside even though on the outside looks small.

- Michelle L

Basically reliable. No frills means no fuss.

The car itself is reliable. It is a standard and every way the windows or manual the locks are manual nothing is electric. But it was affordable and my car payments are manageable. My car is comfortable for long rides. And the clutch is easy to use for a stick shift.

- Kate W

My Nissan bodywork and paint problems.

Nissans are too tinny. Not a good quality of metal. The paint jobs on all Nissans I have got, get scratched easily. The gas mileage is good, though. Every Nissan I have had has had get scratched easily. No problems with mechanics. Had problems with tire wearing bad.

- Christy M

No Car is Perfect. You can't believe how roomy the back seat is...and the handling is great.

I love the room inside the car, especially the back set! I wish the trunk was larger, but, it does help to stop over-shopping! The visor does not stop the sun from shining in my eyes when it starts to get low in the sky. I am not always comfortable in the seats.

- Sue S

Nice sleek reliable all around great car!

The Nissan versa is a very reliable vehicle. Very good on gas. Also has very low maintenance. Its perfect size to get you to work run errands or even take a trip to Vegas. It does have a slight speed delay so it's not for weaving in and out of traffic but its great.

- Ariana T

Color titanium grey. Bluetooth phone spoiler with light. Glide the transmission.

No mechanical problems. Economical on gas. Good pickup. Dupont coating makes it look new. Good ride plenty of room for 5. Back seats pull down to enlarge trunk. Headlight covers do not fade. Well made good dealer service 64 pt inspection free I do maintain it well.

- Richard D

Its very fuel efficient and does not have a very large tank so it doesn't take much to fill it up.

I like that the inside feels spacious and roomy. The thing i like the least, is that I can hear the road when I am driving. I feel like I am in a tin can, and the slightest thing could cause the car to fall apart. I know this isn't true, but it SOUNDS that way.

- Kris C

My versa note is a keeper!

My vehicle is the best investment I could have made. It is fun, economical and roomy. I was skeptical at first because it seemed so small, but in reality, the inside has so much space! It is fun to drive and has better gas mileage than I ever could have asked for!

- Jennifer L

The car is one of the least expensive cars in the the US to purchase but does not feel like a completely low end vehicle. It has the basics, power windows, and bluetooth and gets you from point A to point B.

For the price the Nissan Versa is an excellent purchase. It is not a flashy car but gets good gas mileage and is reliable and dependable. I have had not issues with the vehicle in the 3 years I have owned it and often recommend it as a good first purchase option.

- Anthony W

Good trunk space! Fuel efficient stripped down 5 speed with manual everything.

Great gas mileage, a/c & heater work well. Too much road noise, speakers vibrate too much, seats are not comfortable for long drives. It is a stripped down manual 5 speed with crank windows and no electric door locks [all manual] and key only unlocks driver door.

- Cheryl K

It looks deceptively small.

I really like our Versa Note, because it's the perfect size for my husband & me. We're both tall, & the room inside is quite comfortable. Yet outside, the car is compact. It has enough space in the hatch for storage, is easy to drive & it handles really well.

- Barbara B

The bare minimum, no frills, no promises car

It has no up-to-date technology. The speakers are poor. My battery just died. The seatbelt gets stuck every single time anyone gets in the car preventing anyone from immediately fastening their seat belts. It is really unattractive. I do not feel safe in my car.

- Yasmine K

Gas Efficiency for Nissan Versa

I love my car because it is small, gas efficient, and comfortable. The small size lets you park practically anywhere in a busy city. The gas efficiency is great. It is only $25 to fill up my tank. I can drive almost 150 miles and have about 50 miles left of gas.

- Clarissa A

It is just ok, no bells and whistles.

I like it because for being a small car it is very spacious inside. The exterior is nice, nothing fancy. Our model does not have any special features, it is just ok, we bought it for a second card but our other car was in an accident so now it is all we have.

- Angela B

It is comfortable and feels safe and it drives smooth.

It is easy to drive, no fancy components, the price was right, it is got a nice big trunk, and it fits 5 people comfortably. The only thing I do not like about it is the color, it is that silver generic color, I wish I would have purchased a black or red car.

- Nancy E

Gas mileage is terrific and is worth it

Likes: great gas mileage, good room for a small car, hatchback, low maintenance. Dislike: low power engine at times, mine is a base model, so I have no power accessories. Complaint: the window cranks in the back are easy for kids to kick and open the window

- Anthony F

Excellent basic car for young owner.

My vehicle has been very reliable since purchasing three years ago. I have had no issues at all. I have a basic model and I do wish there were more features like a touch screen radio and backup camera, but this has been a nice car for my first car purchase.

- Kaitlyn Y

It gets great gas mileage.

The size is just right. I like the gas mileage. The back seat has a lot of room for passengers. The front seats are bucket and have plenty of legroom. The only thing I would change in the front seat would be more space ( a bigger console) between the seats.

- Frankie C

The Versa is the great option if you have a low money.

The Versa is very comfortable car, with great interior spaces, easy driving, very well detailed interiors. The Versa has one of the shortest standard features in its class, and there are few available travel assistance options. The Versa has a good price.

- Fernando V

It is a reliable and well made Nissan product!

It's reliable and has not had any issues. I have a basic model, without automatic locks or windows so that's a negative. But the car is small but roomy, and I do love it. Very comfortable, safe, and meets my needs as I don't travel far or often from home.

- Katrena G

Reasons why I love my Nissan versa.

I love this car because it is very good on gas. It takes approximately $40 to fill it up. I had this car for a couple of years and it has less than 50,000 miles. It is a four door, compact car so I don't really have any problems as far as finding parking.

- Angela W

Good on gas, more room than it looks like, not too expensive.

Have not had any problems. It is a very reliable car and bigger than it looks. The gas mileage is amazing. Does not take much to fill it up. It has 5 seats that are all very comfortable. It is not expensive on upkeep. It is easy to fit into any hard spot.

- Sarah H

Very reliable and gas efficient vehicle.

No problems except that it does not have much power. But otherwise it is great! It has amazing gas mileage. It is very reliable. The speakers could be better, but that is not a big deal. It is very reliable, I haven't had any mechanical problems with it.

- Ellen J

Cute roomy car for someone who wants a quality car at an affordable price.

The Nissan versa is a cute little car. It would be perfect for someone looking for a nice car on a budget. It is great on gas and has saved me so much money as I drive quite a bit to get to work each day. It runs smooth and is roomy for a car that size.

- Toni K

The performance of my Nissan versa.

I have no major vehicle problems. Occasional oil change. My car drives excellent. There are not features. No power windows or locks. Too small inside. My vehicle is not a good car to drive in the winter months. The rubber in the doors will not stay on.

- Penelope D

Don't judge a book by its cover. It looks small but is very roomy on the inside

I bought my Nissan Versa brand new in 2015 and I have yet to have any issues with it. It's amazing on gas I can fill up on about 20-25 dollars. It's very comfortable and fits my family just right in the back. It looks small but is actually very roomy!

- Alicia V

An all-around great family car. Seating for 5, great mileage, adequate trunk space.

My Nissan Versa Note is comfortable and handles well. It is amazingly good on gas, averaging 30-32 mpg in town. I've yet to get it out for a road trip to see the highway mileage, but I'm excited at the possibility of not having to pay $500+/mo for gas

- Carrie B

Great sporty little car that is great on gas. Rides very smooth.

No problems with my car. I love it! Never had a 4 cylinder before and it will go! Only problem I have had is the tail pipe came loose and it was a clamp that came off. Very comfortable small car and great on gas. I bought it for my work car to travel.

- Martha C

My vehicle is the second-most basic version of the car. It does have a lot of legroom, good gas mileage and hands-free calling.

This vehicle is very dependable and gets really good gas mileage. I have yet to have any problems with it running in the 3 years that I've had it. The only complaint would be that it is basic and has manual options such as windows and locks.

- Taylor F

Commuters will love this car

I love my little car because I can rely on it. It's the perfect commuter car especially in terms of gas mileage. I didn't get a whole lot of features to it mainly if I have to park on the street at night I didn't want my car to be a target.

- Winter H

it is a great value for the price

i like the interior room of my car. I love the hatchback and folding down seats, I love the gas mileage I get. I love the compact size for driving and parking purposes. This is my second versa and I have had no mechanical issues at all.

- Victor D

It has good quality, reliability and is economical.

I feel it was a bit overpriced for what it offers. It does handle well, and the legroom and storage is pretty amazing for such a small vehicle. However many others in its class offer more features for the money. Overall basic and reliable.

- Zenaida C

Small car but spacious interior

It's a nice vehicle, especially for a family. It looks small but it is very spacious. The only big problem I have is that anyone that is in the vehicle can feel every bump in the road because it is very close to the ground and lightweight.

- Ashley P

It gets great gas mileage.

My car is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It is very comfortable. It looks small from the outside but it has lots of room. My husband is 6 feet 4 inches tall and sits in it very comfortably. It is only a 4 cylinder but it is fast.

- Terri H

Loving my little red car, great gas mileage and very reliable.

I love my little Nissan versa note. I love how it connects to your Bluetooth and how you can make phone calls without holding the phone to your ear. I love that it does not waste a lot of gas and that it goes a longs way. Great little car.

- Andrea G

Really good, reliable automobile.

This amazing vehicle is small, but accommodates swiftly five passengers. It is a very reliable car, that has not given me any problems yet. The vehicle is not only reliable but it is great for anyone who wants to spend the minimum on gas.

- Ashley G

It is a steady, reliable vehicle. I've had no problems with performance or breakdowns.

I have has my Versa for 3 years now and have had no problems whatsoever. Other members of my family have Versas as well. I love that I can play my ITUNES playlists in it and I love the hands free phone option. Gets great gas mileage too!

- Beverly I

Great first starter car!!!

Very reliable, great gas mileage. Wish it had power doors and windows. Hate the fact that there is only a door lock on the front driver's side door and not the front passenger side door as well. Overall, it has been a great first car.

- Kaitlyn S

It is a very reliable vehicle and gets good gas mileage.

It is very good on gas. It idles very low at very random times when stopped in traffic. I really like the body style and overall is a good vehicle. I just wish that it did not idle so low because it sometimes affects the acceleration.

- Kristen G

It loses value quickly! It does get great gas mileage.

It is adequate in size and gets great gas mileage. However I find that I regret the decision of buying it because the vehicle has lost so much value I can't trade it in or resell it for another vehicle not even to the Nissan company!

- Marsha C

Get this car if you're short on cash and need something to get you from A to B, and can trade up when it's paid off.

I bought it new, off the lot with dents, and already making a noise. I found out later that the noise was a broken wheel bearing and needed warranty work. It runs ok except in cases of high wind, so I can't drive behind large trucks.

- Heather B

Silver Nissan hatchback with manual locks.

My car is perfect for my lifestyle as I commute to work and it gets good gas mileage. I travel for work and the hatchback gives me plenty of space. While the vehicle feels safe, it has a low horsepower and is slow to speed up hills.

- Alyssa K

It can really move when I need it to.

It's a nice 4 door sedan. I tad on the small side, but I wasn't worried about that at the time. I'll go for something bigger soon enough. Hasn't given me any major problems and has continued to work flawlessly since purchase.

- Takumi D

Nissan Versa 2015! A wonderfully reliable car.

It's a little small but other than that it is a phenomenal and reliable car. As long as it is maintained like a car should be I am hoping it will last a long long time. It had a rear facing back up camera that is wonderful.

- Amy P

The bad setup of the mirrors is the most important thing to know about the car.

I hate the setup of the mirrors of the car. Everything looks extremely too far away, and makes parking almost impossible in right spaces because you think you are on top of the other car, meanwhile you have a good 3 feet.

- Maria L

Great warranty and service.

What I like about the car is the way it drives and has such a beautiful make to it. It also has a security system on it which is perfect for when you need extra protection. I do not really dislike anything about the car.

- Lena F

If it performs like most Nissans, it should last well.

It's small, compact, easily to park in limited spaces, moderately good gas mileage. Little too small, with limited cargo space, not able to load much into it. I got a dishonest dealership and paid too much for it,

- Vonna F

The factory installed radio can connect to a phone allowing for hands-free usage as well as having a Sirius function to connect to my account. The car has excellent gas mileage.

The overall design of the car is perfect for the needs of my family. The front interior is a little small for my build, leaving not enough leg room. The vehicle runs very smoothly and gets excellent gas mileage.

- Scott A

Very spacious and reliable

My car is reliable, very good on gas. It's not too fast of car and it's perfect for my kids. It is small very spacious and the trunk is really big enough to fit a lot of groceries, a duffle bag of football gear

- Ilene C

It is nice and roomy for a small size model.

My versa note is a great little transportation. It is roomy and comfortable for a smaller vehicle and runs nice. Handles well and has good get-up-and-go in busy traffic. I would recommend this model to anyone.

- Frances D

It is a very economical car! It would be a great car for work commutes or anyone that travels a lot.

I like the fact that my car is great on gas and it is very roomy. Even the trunk is huge. If I could change anything about it, it would be the color of the seats because they are black and everything shows up.

- Carla S

In its class it is among the most affordable

Its comfortable for the size, gets great mileage and has good performance. It's only a 4 cl but, it has enough power to do what you need if you want a solid family car or something to get you to and from work

- Jarrod M

Practical and Comfortable

I have the Versa Note model, which is useful for carrying large objects, dump runs, etc. It is comfortable for short and long trips, but the limited horsepower means I feel a bit of a struggle on the highway.

- Kathleen K

Nissan versa: runs great, but manual.

It runs great, no issues and I have had it for over a year. The seats are soft and comfy, but make sure you do not get the basic model because it is got manual roll down windows and manual locks on the doors.

- Rachel M

It is so much easier to get into and out of.

I don't have anything to complain about. I love my car. It is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. The gas mileage is great. There’s plenty of room for my grown sons who are much larger than me.

- Johnye W

It's very dependable and gets you where you need to go

I don't like the fact that it is just standard. No automatic windows or locks. But I love that it does what it is suppose to and that is start up each time and get me where I need to go. Great gas mileage

- Richard h

It is a car with good gas mileage.

I’d say my Nissan versa is a good “first car”. It is very basic and has good gas mileage. It's nothing special and you can get a new one for very cheap. It’ll get you places without any issues and.

- Avery S

cute inexpensive car, little power behind the engine

We like it pretty well overall. It looks appealing, but it lacks the room needed to expand our family. It also does not accelerate well when entering the highway. This leads to dangerous situations

- Audrey W

nissan versa note good car

No problems so far. Only complaint is that it seems to tell me that I have more miles left in my gas tank than I actually do. If it says I can go 350 miles I only end up getting 200 or so out of it

- Monika m

The most important thing is the gas mileage is great.

I like that it gets excellent gas mileage and for a small car it has pretty good space in the trunk area. There isn't anything that I dislike, I just wish there was a little more room in the front.

- Joseph B

Great mileage for a car in this size class

Love the mileage of the Nissan Versa Note. No US made vehicle in Its class come close to It's mileage. I don't like the size of the rear blind spots, and the side mirrors could be a little larger.

- John M

I consider it a great value for the price and would recommend it to friends looking for this type of vehicle.

I Like the interior room and seat comfort. It gets great gas mileage. It has excellent lines of visibility. My only complaint is the smaller trunk area than was expected - but it's manageable.

- John F

MPG's. It gets about 37 city miles per gallon. It also looks good too.

I love love love the mpg's. It gets about 37 mpgs which is amazing! I do not like how small the trunk is in it at times. But other than that I think it is an amazing car for the city of Bozeman.

- andrew B

The most important thing others should know is that my car gets 37 mpgs and has the largest back seat in its class.

I love that it is a very economical vehicle. It was inexpensive and has a large backseat. I dislike that it doesn't have electric door locks and windows, but I can't complain for the price.

- Thomas J

The color is "titanium" so no one really knows what color it is. Good gas mileage. drives okay, just has some annoying lack of basic features.

Can't open the passenger side door without crawling over. Leaves collect in the channel around the trunk and in the area below the windshield wipers. It drives okay and gets good gas mileage.

- Jacquelyn J

Don't hit it! I've already had the bumper replaced twice.

I like that I sit up above a lot of traffic and can see farther. It's comfortable to drive, but I wish it had more storage/cup holders. It drives smoothly and gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Gay W

Overall a great value and good purchase.

Excellent gas mileage, perfect size for a commuter car. Brakes or brake pads seem to be of low quality. I have only put 20,000 miles on it and it makes me nervous on hills or up the canyon.

- Sally H

Small reliable compact car that gets good gas mileage.

The Nissan Versa Note is a reliable small car. Good gas mileage. I wish the interior of the car had a little more storage space in the middle console and the doors. Overall a good car.

- Kim M

It's a comfortable car to travel in for people both in the front and back seats.

I like how it's a small car but still.feels roomy. It gets good gas mileage. I got a white car so the only problem I have with it is the paint chips easily. Other than that I love my car.

- Steph S

It is compact, but great!

I love that my vehicle has a/c as I did not have it before. I love that it is compact, but still gets the job done. It is wonderful little car and I cannot say that I have any complaints.

- Summer H

It is economical and is a pleasure to drive.

I like that it gets great gas mileage and has a roomy interior for a small car. I like that it alerts me when my tires need air. I would only change one thing and that is a backup camera.

- Lisa Y

No the best for handicapped drivers.

If you are disabled it is very awkward to open doors, etc. No key fob so you cannot lock or unlock automatically which is inconvenient. Back seats do not flatten making storage a problem.

- Laura D

It's really deceiving and has a lot more space inside.

I love the size but I hate the transmission. I can't stand the lag when I need to hurry. It's almost like it has no get up and go. But it's a cute car and good for what I need right now.

- Kristy L

It has decent gas mileage. This is such a blessing not having to stop at the gas station frequently.

I love that it is a compact car, yet feels spacious inside. It is nice for the city because it is easy to parallel park. It also has enough room for our 3 dogs and has great gas mileage.

- Elizabeth M

My car was purchased brand new and, thankfully, has functioned well since 2015.

The vehicle is functional and dependable. I, unfortunately, did not include auto locks when I purchased it. The vehicle, was however, in my budget as a brand new car. I trust the brand.

- Giovanni M

The safety and airbags are great.

I love how smooth it drives at high rate speeds, he engine is quite. It is eco friendly and overall aesthetics are very nice, inside and out. I really do not dislike anything so far.

- Elizabeth J

I love the gas mileage I get with it.

I love my car. It has excellent gas mileage. It runs perfect. The rubber parts on the side of the doors in the backseat have fallen out but that is the only problem i've had with it.

- ashley p

People should know it is a very light weight car and not good in bad weather.

I like that it gets good mileage. I hate that it is very bad in windy, rainy, or snowy weather. I find it is smaller than I thought it would be. Also, it doesn't have power windows.

- Edward S

The Nissan versa is relatively affordable on gas which is important with constantly changing gas prices.

I like that my vehicle is not too big and not to small. It's the perfect size for my height. And it is very reasonable on gas mileage and repairs are not too much beyond my budget.

- Brittany F

It's a very reliable car and is worth the price that was payed.

I like the AUX option that allows me to play my own music. I also like that it has a charging port so that I can charge my phone when I need to. The sound system is also very good.

- Keana F

Basic Nissan Versa Review

You can only drive a certain speed before the vehicle can't push gas anymore. My vehicle was the basic no power lock or window. The rugs are not good the trunk size is very small.

- Nichelle P

My car is NOT automatic but gets awesome gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage 36-40 MPG. Gets very hot inside with all the window glass. Have had windows tinted to reduce sun heat and damage and has helped a lot. Love the stick shift.

- sherry s

Lightweight. . . Hydroplanes and shakes behind big trucks.

My car has rain great for 3 years with regular oil changes and checkups. However I am having problems with the Nissan company I bought it through. . Hope to get those worked out.

- Deborah C

My car has great gas mileage for highway travel.

I like my car and am grateful that it gets me where I need to go. I really wish that I could've gotten something bigger. That may happen when I pass down this car to my daughter.

- Rebecca B

Runs like a dream, brakes are amazing and the audio system is the best.

I've had very few problems with my versa, most of them being maintenance issues like oil and brakes. Other than that it runs like a dream and it's the best car I've ever owned.

- Katlyn P

Nissan versa, and excellent, long standing vehicle.

I love my Nissan versa. It is reliable, dependable. It's a great running car! Nissans run for a very long time, provided you keep the oil changed and maintain the maintenance.

- Jackie H

I drive it daily and do all the mechanic work on the vehicle.

I like that it's stick shift because I learned how to drive it. The car is fairly new and has low mileage. I dislike that the locks and windows are not electrically actuated.

- Aaron G

It's very roomy and easy to drive. It has a great A/C and it's very quiet when your driving it.

It is very comfortable and rides very good. The features are perfect for driving anywhere and we've had no problems with it. We are very please with our purchase of this car.

- Machelle B

That the car is very reliable and more fun to drive then you would think

The vehicle is compact, reliable and easy to drive. It is very efficient on gas and cheap to operate. I have not required any repairs to date. Overall it's been a great car.

- Jacob G

It gets very good gas mileage and is very easy to drive in the city.

I like how compact and fuel efficient it is. It is also great for city driving and is very easy to park. I do worry about the safety because of the size and feel of the car.

- Julia A

It feels bigger on the inside than you can guess from the outside

It's a small vehicle but that feels bigger inside. It is enough for a single person or a couple. No complaint, when you buy it you know it's a small car but it's efficient

- Celine X

Easy to work on / reach parts.

I like that it is small, the color, it comfortable to drive, and it gets me where I need to go. I do not like that it does not have keyless entry and a built in gps system.

- Amanda Q

Even if you're going through tough financial times, you can find a better car for about the same price.

It doesn't travel well in high wind. There are no power locks or windows, which I'm comfortable with. It doesn't have any real power to it but it gets me to and from work.

- Heather B

Would definitely buy again!

Very roomy for a car off this size and handles fantastically. Great gas mileage too. The only real trouble it has is suspension. Bad roads are murder for cars like this.

- Aaron M

Very economical and affordable.

It runs smooth. It is economical. Issues: since my car is manual, the dealership didn't have one with power locks. Its is a hassle when you try to open doors for others.

- Sandra B

It looks small, but feels very big on the inside.

The main thing I dislike about my car is that it is unable to connect to android devices. Other than that it's a nice small car that does what I need and want it to do.

- Jake B

Nissans have great gas mileage and ESPECIALLY the manual shift version.

I do not prefer manual shift vehicles, but the gas mileage is great! There are not a lot of spaces to keep my personal belongings. The car handles wonderfully though.

- Brandi D

If it's like the last Nissan I had, it will remain dependable for many years to come.

I like that I get great mileage. I don't love the color- seems Nissan has only one shade of blue- bright! I like the size of my car. I wish it had a leather interior.

- Laurie W

I love the style of the versa small from the outside but is large on the inside.

I have had my versa note for 3 years now and I enjoy it everyday. I haven't had any problems. It is good in the snow. We only need to change the oil every 4000 miles.

- Jackie B

Very economical -gas mileage is around 37 or 38 miles per gallon.

Comfortable ride for small car, 4 doors make easy access for children, excellent gas mileage and so far very reliable. I think it is a very good value for the money.

- Joe K

Its dependable. It starts right up and gets you where you want.

I like my car because it is reliable and has been since day one. I do not like the fact it does not have any of the bells and whistles like auto locks and windows.

- Richard D

I would say that during the summer months when it is very hot, the air condition unit works really good it feels like I am in a refrigerator, very cold, which is good when it is 90+ degrees outside.

It is small but yet large from the inside, with having a hatchback it really great when shopping. It is great on gas and lots of room in it. No complaints so far.

- Luis G

Best small car, perfect on gas.

Is comfortable, reliable, great on gas, small (which allow me to park it everywhere).. The only complain is the AC bc it takes a lot of time to cool down the car.

- Cecilia P

Very good on gas and very cheap.

Small and convenient. Easy on gas and very cheap to own and maintain. I will be able to pay this car off quick and keep for my boys to drive when they get older.

- Don T

That it is very cool looking and cheap on gas,if everyone drove a versa our fuel problem would go away.

I love my car. it's a hatchback , cheap on gas and fun to drive. i love that is gets over 40 mpg. I love it is also a 4 door so my friends all can come along.

- steven C

It has great gas mileage and is very reliable.

I love that it is easy to park. I also love the gas mileage. I do not like how small it is. I also do not like how not compatible it is with my Samsung phone.

- Molly L

It drives excellent and looks nice! Nissan is a great brand of car.

It fits in my garage better than my old car. It has a huge back seat for my daughter. The air conditioner is hard to work with because it only has 3 settings.

- Stephanie H

It is a reliable economical vehicle. Whether in town or highway trips you would be happy and comfortable with this car.

My Versa Note is economical in every way. Love the manual transmission. The seats are zero gravity and long trips are no problem. Internal space is generous.

- Julie S

It is a reliable car with good gas mileage. But with that comes a small car

Overall I enjoy my car. However, I am a tall person and it is a little small for me. I've also had some problems with it but warranty covered replacements.

- Max B

Probably that it gets nearly 40 mpg and has never broken down.

I like that its reliable and really good on gas. I dislike that it's so stripped down. There are manual windows and locks with frw aftermarket options.

- Tiffany W

Spacious but cheap car with low tech features.

It is low base price, ample cargo room and spacious seating, have a large trunk. Low-rent cabin, few tech features. I will not recommend to buy this car.

- Isaac C

50000 miles and I haven't had to take it into get fixed yet. Great gas mileage.

I haven't had any problems with my versa note. The only thing I don't like about it is that the seats are very uncomfortable and make you slouch forward.

- Trinity M

It has amazing gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and how small it is. I am not a big fan of the manual mirrors, locks, and windows. I also am not a huge fan of the stereo system.

- Samantha M

Decent price and good gas. Mileage.

It is good on gas. But the inside is a little small. The trunk is a nice size though and flip down back seat is a good extra. Only able to fit 4 in car.

- Pat M

It gets great gas mileage and is roomy enough for me.

I like the fact that it averages 40 miles per gallon. I'm happy that it has all the room i need. I wish it was more durable on different road surfaces.

- mike f

Great gas mileage awesome car

I love my car it is very good on gas very easy to maintain and it now has close to 70,000 miles on it and I have never had a single problem out of it

- Kristi H

Basic Review Nissan Versa

The car gets excellent gas mileage and has a spacious trunk for such a small vehicle. Sometimes though the engine is really loud since its compact.

- Michelle S

Inexpensive but functional car

It's economic, it has a low base price. Tt has a large trunk. But, few tech features, uninspiring engine. In short, Nissan versa is not a good car

- Isaac C

The car has excellent gas mileage. It also has plenty of headroom for tall people.

I like the fuel economy. I easily get 40 MPG. The car is fairly comfortable. My only complaint would probably be the engine. I wish it was larger.

- Mujibur K

It's a slow start up car, but can save you gas money

It's a great car overall, but now that I've had it for over 2 years I have to keep putting money into the car to maintain it. Plus it is very slow

- Karah G

Accident & repair history.

I like its size & gas efficiency. I don't like that its front wheel drive. It's a good car for the price. Its efficient on gas and cheap to fill.

- Laurie P

The fuel saver also means it takes a while to speed up.

I like the gas mileage and hatchback style. I do not like the small size of the vehicle. The windows are not tinted which makes the car very hot.

- Julian M

It is very safe and reliable.

I hate how small it is. It's expensive to insure and I do not like that. I do not like that my windows are manual. I do not like how slow it is.

- Lenna F

It is economical do not use much of gas while driving.

I like the size of the car and that is economic. I do not like that do not have automatic door and windows and is to simple. I like low mileage.

- Sylvia P

It comes loaded with valuable options without a high sticker price.

I love the size of the cargo area. The gas mileage is amazing. But if I had a complaint, it would the underpowered engine when going up hills.

- Larry W

Gas gauge is electronic-it doesn't register that you added fad until you are a ways from the gas station.

Small car, yet it holds a lot. Handles well. Looks nice. Bad-had to replace both front tires soon after I got it. Was told I need an alignment

- Lin M

Small car but has lot of space inside.

I love that is a small car but it has so much space. Also I love that saves me in gas because it does not spend so much. No complaints at all.

- Nancy p

It is a fast black car. It truly responds to the pedal being pushed down by going incredibly fast. Then can stop when the break it pressed.

I love my car because of so many reasons. Number one is the stock factory black paint job. It is flawless. I Love how fast it accelerates.

- Giovanni M

It is affordable and reliable.

Only complaint-- no temperature gauge. I love everything else! I have the hatch back. It is pretty spacious. Nice and small, fuel efficient.

- Elizabeth K

It is the newest car I own and it is updated with an alarm

I love it because it has a remote to lock and unlock doors. The radio and cruise control buttons are on steering wheel. The trunk is deep.

- Kimberly S

It gets 35 miles per gallon, not the 40 or more which was advertised.

It is too cramped and small. It does get about 35 miles per gallon of gasoline. It is reliable. It is the most smart car I have ever owned.

- Michael C

It runs well, smooth, and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is the right size, good gas mileage. It is a little smallish. There is not much I do not like about it. I like small things.

- Jan F

It starts on the coldest of days. It's very reliable.

I love the gas mileage it gets and for a compact it has a lot of room. But I prefer a full size sedan and the seats are very uncomfortable.

- Chrystal T

That it is dependable and sturdy.

I like the hatchback feature. I also like how spacious it is for a small compact car. It is great on gas. I do wish it had a touchscreen.

- Alex S

It gets GREAT gas mileage. Like 32 gallons to the mile.

I like that it has a built in phone system where my phone & car connect. I dislike how the gas & trunk work. I really like the blue color

- Morgan N

My favorite detail about the car is the sporty look it has on the exterior. I have the silver version of the car and it looks very slick with a fabric interior which is easy to clean.

My car is a great economy vehicle and came at a decent price after being used for once year. It has basic functions and is very reliable.

- Jenn s

looks good but needs work

mileage is good but for a new car we have had to many problems, nice color and comfortable, roomy and stylish but Nissan dealership sucks

- Angela S

I feels bigger when you are driving it than it looks.

I love my vehicle because it gets good gas mileage. It drives well and rides smoothly. It is easy to drive. I don't have any complaints.

- april S

Amazing gas mileage and very roomy.

Great gas mileage, drives smoothly. Has a backup camera. Very spacious. Only complaint is that it's very hard to cool the back seat area

- Jojo Y

Excellent gas mileage and reliability

Midnight blue color is beautiful. Excellent gas mileage its a 5 speed manual transmission. Very reliable and EASY to use and maintain.

- Robin R

the versa is dependable and safe

the car is very good on gas and dependable. the brakes are built and designed well and give me peace of mind knowing i can brake safely

- michael s

It's really good on gas and cheaper than most motels

I like that it's good on gas. I like that it's cheap. I like the way it looks. I dislike how cheap the parts are so it messes up easy

- Ashley C

My wonderful experience with my Versa is fantastic.

My Versa was the first new car I have ever bought. The maintenance is low. The gas mileage is great. I haven't had any issues so far

- Demetrius P

It is a reliable car with good gas mileage.

I do not like where the cup holders are located. I do not like the high cost of maintenance for this vehicle. I do not like the seats.

- Teresa S

Small SUV with plenty of room and good mpg.

I have a Versa Note Hatchback. It is very good on gas mileage getting around 35 mpg. It is a small suv and has plenty of storage room.

- Marie M

It's really good for long drives. It's good for gas ,and mileage too.

I love that I can go anywhere,it's comfortable,and practical, but the only thing is I would like it to be more functional for guests.

- Angela A

very good on fuel consumption but no power windows or door locks

vehicle is very good on fuel. the drawbacks are no power door locks,windows and seats.being a smaller car the ride is not a smooth.

- charles j

The car has a roomy interior both in the front and rear. The hatchback provides ease of access for storing equipment, groceries and packages. The seats fold down so I can easily transport surfboards.

I have two children and commute regularly to work and sports for the kids. The Versa is roomy, great gas mileage, reasonably priced!

- Brian R

It's small and not very comfortable. It's not as nice as the 2014 I owned before this one

This one just hasn't held up like my last one did. Gas mileage is not as good and no matter what I have to change tires twice a year

- Kaye B

It is a classic american rugged truck.. That can handle any terrain.

I love the fuel economy of my car. I also love the reliability of it. I would like a little more get up and go in the acceleration.

- Candice K

Great on gas and comfort.

Having to go to dealer for repairs. Otherwise great on gas and comfort. Everyone that rides in it loves it. This is our third one.

- Donna M

My Nissan Versa Note is small but fits four people comfortably.

I love my Nissan Versa Note. It has great gas mileage. It drives smooth. It seats 4 people comfortably. I have no complaints.

- Anne F

I like my car and most likely will get another from Nissan when I need a new one.

I've had no problems with my car to date. I keep it maintenanced. I wish it had a better radio. I wish it had a rear view camera.


It is great for commute driving and for saving fuel

It is a great vehicle overall, for non-SUV lovers. It is not big, but not so small either. And it has an awesome fuel efficiency.

- Jorge T

It is good on gas and easy to drive. The back seat is roomy.

I like the gas savings.. I do not like the front seats, they're uncomfortable.. It does not have features inside like my Kia had.

- Sherry M

It is very easy to hydroplane.

It has been very reliable. The problem I feel it has is it is very easy to hydroplane. It is kind of small but it is good on gas.

- Jolena C

It is hybrid and rides very well costing much less.

The car handles nice. It is also great on gas. I do not like that there is no gauge indicators other than gas. No warning lights.

- Jeanne B

It is a reliable car and doesn't cost a fortune. People don't need an expensive car to get the style / functionality that they need.

It's a good reliable car. We haven't had anything major break on it since we got it. The color and style go with my personality.

- Brittany G

It's good on gas and very reliable. There's enough room for the family.

Very reliable, and fuel efficient. Only bad thing it's hard to get down the dirt road when it rains. Very roomy for what I need.

- Lisa F

Good mileage and safe to drive. No frills (roll down windows) but I'm ok with it.

No issues at all. Great mileage and dependability. Just went over 60k miles. Base model currently getting 42.3 miles per gallon.

- Jeffrey P

Comfortable, reliable and good on gas.

I like that the car is inexpensive and easy to pay off. I do not like that it is so small and does not have the modern features.

- First C

The size is compact and can fit four people comfortably

I like the size and speed. The car is fun to drive and I enjoy taking long road trips in it. It is the perfect size for myself.

- Sheri S

Low maintenance and low fuel consumption.

The driver seat is not very comfortable. It is too light on highway on high speed so it is hard to keep the balance of the car.

- Fatima E

It is very gas efficient, does not take a lot of money to fill up.

I like that it is gas efficient and pretty cheap to fill up. It is also pretty reliable. It runs smoothly and is fun to drive.

- Juan H

It runs ok just not very comfortable for long trips and there's no getty up.

It has no features. No automatic anything and just a standard stereo I wanted power everything and a apple compatible stereo.

- Jennie L

It only has one arm rest.

Radio stopped working right after warranty ended. One of the charge ports also stopped working right after warranty was over.

- Jessica P

it is very fast and very reliable has not had any problems at all.

The Nissan has been amazing no problems at all so far. It is extremely good on gas and it's a stick shift so that helps also.

- Daniel C

Although it seats 5, I would only put 4 in otherwise everyone is very cramped.

I like the gas mileage and mostly everything about it, I just do not like how small it is. But it is perfect for commuting.

- William M

Great space for small package.

Great car for short trips, no bells or whistles. Decent engine power, great space and ability to have the open trunk space.

- Abraham P

What I like about the car is that it's great on gas.

The car I bought is a used car. Nothing really wrong with it other than a broken glove compartment and a some mild scrapes.

- Jeffrey F

Cheap to maintain. Cheap to put gas in.

It gets good gas mileage. It is not the coolest car in the world though. I like that it is shiny. It does not go very fast.

- Brad G

It handles very well in the snow and has very comfortable seats.

I like that it is good on gas. I do not like that the AC is always on unless you push a button. It is cheaper to maintain.

- Andrea D

Very good gas mileage and rides really well. Very efficient.

No problems a all. We have had the car for 3 years and have had no issues a all. Would recommend the vehicle to everyone.

- Jay B

It is very spacious and gives great miles per gallon

I like that it gives a lot of miles per gallon. It is small but spacious too. I don't like that it doesn't fit big items.

- Karla D

more space than it looks

the car glides and rides very smoothly. no problems with it and it has been 3 years. very gas efficient would recommend.

- sol a

It is great on gas mileage!

It is a great car. Wish it had more electronic features. Upgraded stereo, power locks and windows otherwise it is great.

- Noel b

It is dependable and reliable.

Extremely functional, great hatchback, holds lots of equipment, beautiful design in and out, easy to drive, compliments.

- Mary N

Gas mileage is great and is a nice looking car. It is also not very expensive

I like the color of my car. It is great on gas as I travel 1hr to and from work daily. It is small and easy to drive.

- Christopher M

This car gets great gas mileage and has a good pick up when you hit the gas. I wish it was a bit larger and not so low to the ground as it is hard to get in and out of the car for taller long-legged people!

It has no navigation system or built in backup camera. There are no heated seats or fancy luxury extras on this model.

- Lynn G

My car is a smooth running sturdy car.

My car is a basic model, but man is it reliable. It runs smooth like buttered silk and it's sturdy like a frozen rock!

- Kareem C

My used enjoyable, nicely controlled versa.

Love the cruise control. Hate the one arm rest in the front seat. Pretty cramped. Enjoy the GPS (never had it before).

- Elizabeth P

It's great if you only want a basic car with no frills

Interior is cheaply furnished. Lots of plastic. Like the legroom in the rear compartment. Car has great acceleration

- Wilson L

Comfortable, affordable, and just the right number of teeth on the asphalt.

I once had an off drop out with the radio, but all it took to fix was to disconnect it from the battery to reboot it.

- Jared S

Best car ever. I would always buy them

It's great, very low maintenance and good on fuel economy. Best car I have ever bought. Low in cost and fun to drive.

- Brian M

The seats are not very comfortable for long trips.

It is a four door sedan. The thing I like most is the gas mileage. The seats are not very comfortable for long trips.

- Roger L

The most important thing is it's great on gas

One reason I like my car is because it is not bulky. It is also roomy for a small car. Most of all it's great on gas.

- Marisel F

That the car is not a good car as far as taking a trip or on a long ride.

Dislike the fact that the car is very small. Like the gas mileage. Dislike the fact the car does not ride very good.

- Delores B