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Great vehicle for a great price!

I have had this car for almost 2 years and it has been great!! I have not had any issues. When purchasing the vehicle I noticed that there was not an adjuster for the height of the seats. This would be my only issue with this vehicle. It comes with Bluetooth capabilities for phone calls and an auxiliary jax for music. The inside is very spacious, which was something I was looking for in my new vehicle. It also has a large trunk!! You can fit a lot in this car!! The model I chose is a manual transmission, and it catches every so often even though I do not feel like my timing is off. But maybe that is just me.

- Reina S

2017 Nissan versa sv engine coolant odor.

My 2017 Nissan versa sv is a good vehicle. It gets really good mileage and is easy to maintain. My complaints about the car are that if you idle it for to long or park too long at red lights, a strong odor of engine coolant appears. I have had the dealer check this problem out but was told that this is normal. My other complaint is that the vehicle is slow and sluggish when accelerating, but it only has a 1. 6 liter engine and this is normal. I have no other issues or pet peeves about the car.

- Richard Y

2017 Nissan versa note gets great gas mileage, but has transmission issues.

The car is comfortable to drive on long trips. . The car usually has good performance and gets the best gas mileage of any car that I have ever owned, at 38+ mpg. It has been reliable as that it has never left me stranded. However, the cvt transmission does not include a dipstick, and I cannot check the fluid level. I started having issues with the transmission not kicking in on startup from a slow-down. I recently started having issues with the transmission slipping from 1st to 2nd gear.

- Jeffrey J

It has bluetooth, aux cord, charging cord port, great gas mileage.

I never wanted a car with a trunk. However it is great gas mileage, spacey in the back seat, and it turns very well. I don't like that there is not a middle console, and it is hard for people that are taller than me to drive, since their knee hits the bottom of the AC button area. I love that the seats go down in the back, to make room for the trunk, and I love that you can plug in an aux cord and a phone charger. I love that it has a CD player, and controls on the wheel.

- Megan L

It handles great Its safe and reliable. Gets gas miles.

My vehicle so far is reliable anti theft. It handles very good it loves it corners and hugs curves. Its gas mileage is incredibly greater than expected. The seats are comfortable with lumbar backs my model was quite disappointing to me it was and is factory made and sent off Its bare no anything to actually get out and shout. Hand crank windows crappy stock stereo no gauges on dashboard no clearcoat paint one coat and finished no more to say good or bad.

- Marge E

Great first time car for teenager.

Starting with the exterior, there are many qualities to the 2017 Nissan Versa. Although I have the basic model it looks very stylish. The hub caps tend to get lose at times and need reattaching. This would be a great first time car for a teenager in high school. Everything from the radio to the cup holders are very accessible. With this being the basic model I was very surprised to learn that it came equipped with a bluetooth function for your phone.

- Ashford N

Overall a good car, when everything is working right.

Overall it is really great. However, there was a faulty transmission belt which required the transmission to be replaced less than two weeks after I bought the car (Nissan took care of it), and the car does run a little rough sometimes. The Nissan service place also did not replace the skid plate, and didn't insert the air filter correctly, neither of which I found out until I went for an oil change a couple of months later.

- Jessica A

2017 Nissan versa that has great mileage.

We purchased our car at the dealership and it has been very reliable. There have been no problems. The car itself has had no issues. We have only had to replace the tires. We have only done routine maintenance. The only issue we have had is that sometimes it does not change gears fast enough when on the freeway. The car is very good at gas mileage. We have made many long distance trips and the gas mileage has been great.

- Lyn L

The cost of ownership is very manageable.

My car is small and very easy to handle. It fits into small parking spaces and never gets stuck. The gas mileage I get is impressive for a gasoline engine. The cost of insurance is low because the sticker cost of the vehicle is low. It came with Bluetooth capability which is nice. The CD player works great. The radio has lots of functions on it to make listening easy. It handle well, almost giving it a sporty feel.

- Mark O

Nice city driving but interstate driving is no fun.

Seating is comfortable. It handles easily. As long as you are city driving, it is a nice car. If you go to interstate driving, the car sounds like you are pushing the engine too hard doing over 60. Interstate driving also does not get you good gas mileage, which should be the opposite. Sometimes, the car acts like it doesn't want to start..Even have had battery checked to be sure that wasn't the problem.

- Lisa B

The breaks can tend to be a bit weak so check regularly.

The car itself is not a bad car, but it does come with certain issues. Tires can tend to be really weak as I have had many low tire pressure issues. Also, the car dies a lot of it is left on for to long, and it is a brand new car so that shouldn't be happening. Would be very careful with the battery. Also, the battery tends to get weaker over time. Rpm does not level out correctly with speed.

- London C

The Nissan versa note is a great car!

This vehicle has great gas mileage. It does not feel like you are driving an economy car. The cost was extremely affordable. It is also cost effective to keep up. Very comfortable to drive. I just drove it 3000 miles with zero issues. The hatchback model has an incredible amount of storage space. The Bluetooth connection is very convenient. The back seat has great headroom for passengers.

- Julia O

It is white with hello kitty seats. It is very good in gas. $25 will fill it up.

I really love my car it rides so smooth and it has an auxiliary cord to listen through if you do not want to listen to the radio. It also has strong breaks and it is small the way I like it I also know that when u are driving in the road and u just want to ride it is very good on gas like 25 dollars will fill it up. The color of the car is white and the tires are brand new and all.

- April M

The car gets great gas mileage.

The car does not have enough power it has the small 4 cylinder it does not go up hills very good. Nissan should make with a bigger 4 cylinder engine like the one in the Altima model. Seats are not that comfortable on a long distance drive and the model I got does not have the electric door locks which is not convenient when trying to unlock to get children in the back seat.

- Sherry W

2017 Nissan versa nice little sedan.

It is a compact sedan that gets good mileage with a comfortable ride. The interior is good to fit four people comfortably. The steering handles well and its compact size makes it easy to park. If you have large family or you are a larger size person this is not the car for you, but for anyone looking for a good compact sedan I recommend the Nissan versa.

- Larry M

Great car with great reliability! I love it!

Have not had any problems with the performance yet. Great on gas, and I get good miles for it. A little of 300 miles for a full tank. The reliability on the car is great and very comfortable. The only problem I have had is with the Bluetooth . Cannot make phone calls because of placement of speaker, making it hard for other to hear on receiving end.

- Rachel M

Great small car. Nissan Versa note.

Had it for a car rental and then went to hertz and purchased the same car. It extremely comfortable since I had back surgery. Great gas mileage and drives well. Only problem is not great pickup getting on a highway. The front seats make you feel that you are in a larger car. You sit up so looking out the windshield in not a problem.

- Linda C

That it is great for a family car.

This vehicle is great and is gas efficient and very reliable, comfortable and also a nice family vehicle for a small family. I would highly recommended this car to anyone. Very affordable drives great. The only thing it lacks is probably total electric control on the passenger side of the car but other than that it is a great car.

- J L

Versa always gets you where you need to go.

The versa is super reliable. So far have had no issues with the car. I take it in for regular maintenance and regular oil changes. It drives really well, I am always driving long distances and the gas mileage is great. Downside is the space rear passenger seating, it is fairly cramped and hard to comfortably seat a full car.

- Katherine W

Roomy interior and trunk.

My Versa is very economical. It looks sporty and drive well. It has plenty room for 5 people. Great sound system and Bluetooth capability. The only drawback is the road noise. I recommend this vehicle to anyone that has a long commute to school or work. If you travel a lot, there is plenty room for luggage in the trunk.

- Sean C

The 2017 Nissan versa, pros and cons.

The original engine had to be replaced due to a factory problem that wasn't publicly released, and it lacks in comfort features. Its fairly reliable and the 5 speed version is enjoyable to shift in. Lots of space in the front and trunk but larger people will have a hard time in the back. Great gas mileage but small tank.

- Alex L

Nissan versa note sv is amazing on gas.

My car is very economical. Usually $20 to $30 dollars fills up tank. Very easy to clean. Very comfortable. Runs smoothly. Have had no issues with it. Someone once backed up into my car and no damages were made. Has Bluetooth, and usb, AUX cord. My car has a back camera which makes it much easier to back out of parking.

- Mariana E

My car runs hard on gas that is the most important thing others should know.

My car is reliable and gets me were I need to go. The only problem I have with the car is that the car is a little bit small. The car is hard on gas every time I turn around the car is on two notches of gas or the gas I put in the tank is now on low like real low. I don't understand why the gas runs out so quickly.

- Jessica M

Stylish and sporty family vehicle.

It is very stylish and nice for a vehicle of its size. I wish that it accelerated a little bit faster. My favorite feature is the word "versa", that lights up on the footboard of the two front doors. The fog lights and the wing on the trunk also make the car look stylish and sporty. The gas mileage is great, too!

- Sally G

A powerful four-cylinder engine very comfortable and smooth ride.

This car is amazing. It has Bluetooth phone capability auxiliary and USB port for music playing. The Nissan Versa also has fantastic your mileage averaging almost 40 miles in town and over 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. Powerful heater and air-conditioning. Power locks and windows and great engine power.

- Zach T

2017 Nissan versa: practical and roomy.

Do not let the small exterior fool you, this vehicle is very practical and has more room than meets the eye. It is great because the small size fits more parking, but the inside is very roomy. Gas mileage is not too bad and I commute quite a bit. I have had my versa for about a year and half with no problems.

- Niki D

Nissan Versa is good on gas mileage.

The car is ok, no power windows or backup cameras in the vehicle seats are made very poorly. Rear seats do not fold down to have access to truck if you lock your keys in it, no trunk button in car to release it either, engine loud at sometimes and when your driving on the road everything blows you everywhere.

- Melissa B

White Nissan verse - the beauty in the commute.

I love my car; it has great brakes and is very spacious! The only problem I encounter is that there is no center console, it is just a bunch of cup holders everywhere. Also, I wish there was Bluetooth connectability for music. It is sometimes annoying to have to plug in my phone every time I enter the car.

- Dee L

The car is very reliable and affordable.

The rides very smooth and is not too big and not too small, gas efficient only thing I do not like is no all power such as passenger seat. Is a must buy for anyone who wants a new car on a budget. Cost affordable very reliable for small family and has plenty of trunk space and parts are very affordable.

- J J

2017 Nissan Versa is a must have!

The Nissan Versa is a must have. It is fuel efficient and roomy. It is low in maintenance and again very fuel efficient! I have the basic so it does not have power locks not power windows, which is weird because I previously had the same car but it was 2012 model and it had power window and power locks.

- Sherry D

My Nissan versa note is compact yet spacious.

Unlike a used car, I bought this Nissan new. Since it is new, it runs great! I like the hatchback style allowing me to put a lot of things in the back when the car seats are folded downwards. The car is compact from the outside but spacious from the inside. It is a very practical car for everyday use.

- Sara T

No one hardly has it in my town.

Great reliable car. Have had no issues with it thus far. Great gas mileage and easy to use. Fits two car seats comfortably. The trunk has plenty of space, back seats are easy to place up and down no problem. Very easy for myself and children to get in and out of. Very easy to keep the maintenance up.

- Courtney Y

2017 Nissan versa comfort review.

The versa is a great car if you put a lot of miles on your vehicle like I do. The passenger seat is not comfortable at all & it needs more functions for adjusting. The blind spots are minimal, so that's a plus. The car drives great and gets pretty good gas mileage. Overall, I give this vehicle a 4.

- Debra B

My vehicle is great and reliable!

There are not any problems with my vehicle, it is very reliable and the best feature on my vehicle is the camera in the rear; allowing me to back up with ease and worry free. The only con on my vehicle is the inability to pick up speed fast enough. However, the vehicle does really well with gas.

- Chanel T

The Nissan Versa is affordable l, cute, and drives well.

I love my 2017 Nissan Versa. It is small but cute:) I wish it had a back up camera and navigation, it is a cheaper car so that is why it is not loaded with all the fun new things that most cars have today. It has very slow pick up but other than that it is a great car, no problems with it yet:).

- Nicole E

It gets great gas mileage and is bigger than it looks.

I drive the hatchback version of the Versa and I love it. It can fit more people than it looks from the outside. I love that the back seats can go down and the storage in the back can be used different ways. The heating and air takes a little while to get going, but once it does it works great.

- Kirsten F

Benefits of the 2017 Nissan Versa note.

The Nissan Versa note runs great on gas and is smooth to drive. It's the perfect compact car and perfect for road tripping. The Versa note is great for families or single riders. I got this car to use in collage and it was the best decision I have made because of how economical it runs on fuel.

- Sarah T

Comfortable and reliable.

It is very smooth ride. Gets me from point a to point b. No problem with engines nor technology. Small yet roomy. Perfect for a college student. Does not leave you behind. Sturdy and reliable. It is very comfortable and I got the basic model. I roll up my own windows and lock the car manually.

- Susy M

Small but mighty Nissan versa.

Surprisingly spacious for this little car. The ride is smooth and handles very well. You can fit 4 adults comfortably for small road trips. The gas mileage is wonderful. As this car is tiny it does get blown around on the interstate on windy days, but does do well in winter with ice and snow.

- Sarah W

It's an amazing car, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Nothing really wrong with it. It's a very good car, great gas mileage and haven't had a problem with it since I've bought it brand new off the lot. It's in great shape still after a year and a half I've bought it and it runs like brand new. So I recommend this car if you have small families.

- Elizabeth P

I love how small the car is.

Not the fastest car but perfect for my needs. This vehicle is excellent on gas mileage. Very comfortable. Small and perfect for fitting in parallel spots or tiny spaces. Rear view camera has great picture. Speakers could be a little louder but they're okay. All in all, I would buy it again.

- Ana M

2017 Nissan Versa sedan-wonderful.

My 2017 Nissan Versa sedan gets excellent gas mileage. It has a large spacious trunk and spacious back seat for leg room! I have a four door Versa that is comfortable for all passengers! It maneuvers well through traffic and is easy to park! The Versa is very reliable and uses regular gas!

- Karen T

I do not have one sorry not yet anyways.

I do not have anything yet I just got it like a week ago so there is nothing wrong with it that I know of yet I can let you know my care is not that old I just got it I am leasing my car I do not own it yet I have 9 years to pay it off then I will get a new one and tell you more about it.

- shelby G

Great for compact car: stylish, excellent gas mileage, convenient storage space.

It drives well in all weather conditions and has great gas mileage. The bucket seats are amazingly comfortable and the back seat is surprisingly roomy for a compact car. The gadget are good, some of the knobs are cheap looking. I feel it should have automatic start like most new vehicles.

- Kelli S

My 2017 Nissan Versa is great

This car has a lot of up to date features. It comes with Sirius XM radio built in. It also has a backup camera. The interior of the car is nice and very comfortable. I have not had any issues with my vehicle and the customer service at the Nissan dealerships I have been to is outstanding.

- Sylvia P

Rev. My review of my Nissan verse is that I enjoy the car.

I drive about a hundred miles a day up and down. Mountains the car handles them well speed and. Power are good transmission are smooth gas. Mileage is great 39 miles to the gallon road noise. Is a little loud interior is nice paint scratches easy. Trunk is good sized Bluetooth works well.

- Roy H

Needs improvement but for the price you cannot complain. . .

The car has no pick up. When you accelerate the car is kinda jerky. The car is also very light so when you drive on the freeway the car sways. The car does not have a backup camera. Or side view cameras. There is not much room in the car. Could also use a better stereo system. It sucks!

- Heather B

Fantastic, inexpensive car!

Honestly, this is the newest car I have ever had, and I love it. It is fantastic on fuel, quiet, excellent heater and ac. It is cute, functional, and kind of unique looking. I have only had it since may or June, so I haven't noticed any major issues. And it didn't cost an arm and a leg!

- Sarah H

2017 Nissan Versa is a great and reliable car!

I found that when buying my car the 2017 Nissan Versa was a great choice! It is a new car and has new features while still being simple and reliable! The Nissan Versa has great gas mileage on and off the highway while not taking too much to fill up! A great grocery getter type of car!

- Allie O

2017 Nissan Versa note review.

There are no problems with my car. It gets excellent gas mileage and has a ton of space within it to hold four to five passengers. It is easy to drive and great for beginner drivers. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new car. It is also red, so that is pretty neat.

- Amanda L

That it's not going to keep its value like other vehicles but it is a good cheap economical vehicle and maybe it's the best car for teenagers getting their first car because it is the slowest vehicle I've ever driven in my life

I like the fact that it has a backup camera. I like the fact that it gets great gas mileage. I wish to backup camera had navigation built-in. I wish the car was faster. My car goes from 0 to 60 in about 9 minutes. I wish I could have paid a little more to get a turbocharged version.

- Ryan O

Manual transmission is the best.

I requested a 5 speed manual transmission, just because the first car I drove was a 3 speed. Other cars were automatic. I just wanted a manual just like the Datsun b210, I bought in Germany, used while stationed there and back in the states. My car is reliable, and easy to control.

- Rochelle B

Nissan Versa 2017 (great car!)

I've had it for almost a year now and there has been no major issues with it. They had to reconnect some wires that went to the dash but that was a simple fix. It has been very reliable and is really comfortable. I got it with the back-up camera, which I love! Definitely recommend

- Tenisha W

It's got good air conditioning.

It's nice, it has air. It doesn't have much room. It is blue. It has music and a CD player. It has lots of new car smell. It can be a good little car to go on trips because it has lots of good gas mileage. It is not old so you do not have to worry a lot about things breaking down.

- Ashley T

Works for my needs. Wish I had opted for the upgrades.

So far so good. I've had my car for 2 years now. Haven't had any issues. I bought it brand new off the lot. It gets great gas mileage. I wish the a/c was a little more powerful. Also wish I could have afforded the upgrades to power windows and locks. Everything in mine is manual.

- Jerry R

Good car with minor issues.

This is a good beginner car. Not too fancy with a lot of upgrades but it means less things to fix. The biggest problem I have had is that the tire light keeps turning on. I have taken it in and nothing is wrong. It is very frustrating. If they can fix this issue. I would be fine.

- Mari Bel L

Very nice car for everyday running

I just got this car and so far it has been a really great car. I have had no problems with it. The comfort is just right. There are plenty of cup holders and storage. I do wish there was a space for my sunglasses. It's small but still has plenty of room and lots of trunk space.

- Shannon B

Great on gas. Good in rain.

The only problem I have with my versa is how light it is. The wind takes it everywhere. Sometimes very dangerous to be on interstate when it is windy. I love how great it is on gas. I do not like how mine is not electric windows and locks. But the ac works great in the summer.

- Caroline M

It's a good, dependable car that runs well and hasn't required any repairs yet.

It's a simple sedan. Has good mileage. I like that it has a USB port so I can listen to podcasts from my phone while driving. But it doesn't have a backup camera on it, which my other Nissan does, so I don't like that. And I would like it better if it supported Apple CarPlay.

- Michael L

I like the fact that I can adjust everything from the steering wheel.

I love the fact that I can fill up for 20 dollars. It is a small compact car. It has been a reliable car. Not had to do too much maintenance. Oil change. It is a good on the road car. Light weight. Seems like the trucks just fly by it. My friends and I enjoy going for rides.

- Sheila C

My car it is a good vehicle and the details are really good.

The performance is excellent the comfort is good and the reliability is good I have no problems with my vehicle the features are just average but is a good car in all I highly recommend the car for everyone who wants one and I really enjoy the vehicle and it is performance.

- Elizabeth H

The making of a dream car.

I like my car because it is smaller and easy to get around with. The car is adjustable and has a good amount of space which is very comfortable. In addition the quality in terms of air condition, Bluetooth and sound and is great. Personally this car is suitable for me.

- Courtney H

Much too small for my family and me.

I personally do not like the car because I have two children and it does not have enough space for all of us. It is great on gas, but is very easy to knock out of alignment. It also does not have automatic windows or locks so that is a problem for me and my family.

- Halley I

That there is no security key fob. You have to remember to lock all the doors every time you go to the store and make sure they are locked. That it is very rough riding. It holds the curves well but tends to follow the dips in the highway on the straightaway.

There are none of the safety features on it. The doors have to be locked and unlocked by hand. The car is rough riding for a brand new car. It is not what I wanted but my Suzuki's motor blew and I was Primary Caregiver for my mother who lived 45 miles from me.

- Carolyn M

The Nissan Versa is an ok car.

Interior is comfortable, gas mileage is bad. Speakers are cheap. The take off is bad and does not gain speed fast enough. The car is an ok car, just wish it had better mileage and acceleration to go with it. The ac in the car is amazing for the Florida heat too.

- Julianna D

Make sure you sit before you buy!

The only thing I have seen as a potential issue is the shape of the driver's seat. Its made a little narrow so broader built people may have issues. Besides that through the car runs well. Just remember to turn your lights on and off as they are not automatic.

- Hilary I

2017 Nissan Versa experience.

I love this car. I've had it since late 2016. It is small size is just perfect for me and my needs. A single driver with no kids. I drive a lot for work and this car is great on mpg. I haven't had any issues with the vehicle other then the normal maintenance.

- Sergio R

Great family car. And commuter car.

The car is great on gas mileage. No armrest for the passenger seat so not that comfortable. Nice compact car. The speakers are a good quality. Very good safety features. Safe for a family car. All the internal features are easy to operate. Great car over all.

- Ken M

Reliable. Great on gas. Great family car. Good commuter car.

The car is very reliable. It's a car great in gas on the highway. Handles great on the turns. The problem with the interior is the passenger seat doesn't have an armrest. Great family car. Great size trunk. It does a great job in reliability. Thanks Nissan.

- Jennifer D

It gets really good gas mileage on long trips.

It drives well. It gets great gas mileage. It is very low to the ground. The back seat is quite small if you have 2 car seats in it. I knew it would be small since it is a sedan, but not so small that there's literally like 6 inches between the 2 car seats.

- Margaret L

Can fill up for a lower price than many cars.

Great on fill up cost. When gas prices are low, I can fill up on $20. Very lightweight and does not handle well on the highway. No bells and whistles at all and very basic. Not very good radio reception in many areas. I would not purchase this car again.

- Valerie T

Great gas mileage and great family car.

It's not made for tall people, great gas mileage, whistles a lot, hard on tires, overall. Great car though. Plenty of backseat room. Trunk space good and smooth riding. Just a basic car but no bells and whistles to make it fancy. Great for a family car.

- Audrey J

Best feature is the great gas mileage.

Very good gas mileage. Spacious interior. Spacious trunk. Easy to drive. Child back door locks. Like the color. Low maintenance. Great 75000 miles maintenance warranty. Engine quiet. Like having bluetooth. Drives smoothly. Brakes are smooth & stop well.

- Ginger G

Get you a Nissan versa I love my versa.

Gives me good gas mileage. Love that I able connect my phone. It very roomy. My dislikes about the car door locks first car I had that when I turned. Off car door does not unlock only it you take key out of the ignition. Otherwise I love my car.

- Amanda F

I love the Ford company they are reliable.

Great gas mileage comfortable, ice cold air smooth running engine.. Knob for adjusting steering wheel sticks out to far bump my knee a loathe upholstery stains very easily on seats and has to be cleaned professionally to remove simple stains.

- Caroline I

The Nissan Versa is easy going on gas.

The 2017 Nissan Versa is a fantastic car that meets all my personal needs. It is great on gas mileage, easy to handle, looks nice, and is a nice car for someone like myself who primarily uses it for transportation to and from work.

- Chad G

It is a very dependable/reliable car.

I do not like the shape of it. It does not have many technological advantages. I like the color of the car. It is a good gas saver, great for commutes. Very good choice for someone's first car, but more for the younger population.

- Erica M

The gas mileage is around 38-40 mpg.

Very reliable, has great gas mileage. It does have limited space but that is okay because I commute. It is used so there is a little shaking when doing 70 mph. The sound system is great and it comes with a Bluetooth for my phone.

- Stephen H

Great gas mileage. Lots of storage space in the back

I love that its small car but has alot of space inside. Back up camera. tire pressure alert; oil low light alert. Great on gas. I wish the air came on on low settings. The seat needs to adjust higher and small consult space

- Robin F

Gas mileage is great, and it's a comfortable ride!

I live my Versa, it's great on gas mileage. It's a comfortable ride, I like the backup Camera, and the ability to make hands free calls. I don't care too much for the color.l, it's brown and shows every speck of dirt

- Barb B

My car is a compact car and you use less money on gas

Haven't had any problems so far .. it's really good on gas 30 city /31 hwy. Every other weekend I go out of town and only use $60 for gas the whole weekend and $15 for the 4 hr trip and it's a really spacious car

- Lauren S

All in all it's a great buy for someone on a budget

I love this car because it's not too big or too small and it's gas efficient reliable and rides very nice, the only thing I don't like about it is the passenger seat adjust u can't adjust like drivers side

- Jercole J

Space is perfect for a small family. One children.

Is a very good vehicle for a small family. It seems small but it have a lot of space in the trunk. It is very smooth to drive, the back camera helps a lot when you have to back down or park your car.

- Juan B

It is very cool and very stable for a midsize car.

It is very comfortable and a gas saver it easy to drive and very good looking. People should buy this car because it is very reasonable plus it is very roomy it have a lot of space even in the trunk.

- Walter H

Great car for our little one!

This car is great! It is reliable and a perfect fit for our small family. It is runs great and has not let us down! I would highly recommend this car to young families in need of a simple great car.

- Steve A

Nissan Versa Note SV Review

I love my car. I have everything but GPS. I love my rear backup camera, and my XM radio. So far i have not had any issues. I also own a 2014 Nissan Versa Note. They are very durable little cars.

- Taryn M

The Nissan versa sedan has great mileage!

The Nissan versa is a simple well running car! It gets great gas mileage and handles well in traffic! The versa is easy to park! Nissan versa has a large backseat and a beautiful large trunk!

- Karen T

My Nissan versa note Is a great vehicle

Very comfortable, great gas mileage, just a big enough trunk for my needs I have the hatchback with a trunk protector and I love it also have autostart which is great for all kinds of weather

- Heather F

Versa: Good price and smooth ride.

have had only one problem with this vehicle,it would stall occasionally but the Dealer took care of the problem. Otherwise gas mileage is good and the interior is roomy and comfortable..

- Rod W

2017 Nissan Versa has comfort, style and great gas mileage

I love my car because it drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage. I have not had any engine issues at all. I have snow tires for the winter but it does decent without them as well.

- Ally C

Want to vs. The versa?? Because she's got some get up and go!

It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable. Never once had a problem with the Nissan. Its stock and does not have electric windows or locks but other than that, it's a great car!

- Taylor E

It's great on gas. Comfy seats.

I would like if it had memory for multiple driver for wheel and mirror adjustment. I would have liked a sunroof. And more trunk space without the bars being in the way on the sides.

- Michelle R

The amount of gas mileage per gallon you can't beat the savings.

My car runs great, it has plenty of space for 4 people, the best thing is it gets 44 miles per gallon of gas as long as you follow speed limits and its nice shaped like a mini SUV.

- William S

Small. It's really good on saving gas.

It's an ok car. doesn't have much power when you first take off. But it's an ok car to start off with and it's good on gas and I've never spent more than 21 to fill the tank up.

- Jennifer N

Reasonable price and very fuel efficient.

I love the size of the car. It's not too big nor too small. It fits 5 people comfortably and is very fuel efficient. The interior is comfortable and it is an inexpensive car.

- Elena P

Comfortable and good looking!

I love my car! It is good looking and reliable! It drives well and is very comfortable. The back seats may look small, but looks can be deceiving! Those back seats are roomy!

- Angela H

The versa note is small and mighty!

My versa note is so roomy inside and tiny outside. It smoothly accelerates when getting on the highway. I love that I can fold the seats down and haul small furniture items.

- Courtney M

My 2017 Nissan Versa Note

It's great. Drives well and is super reliable. It has lots of space to be a small car. The only thing i dislike about it is that it doesn't have automatic locks and windows

- Elizabeth G

This is my 4th Nissan . I keep going back because they are so reliable .

This is my fourth Nissan . I keep coming back because the vehicles are reliable and well made . Also , they are fairly cost effective . They are also pretty cheap to run .

- Edward M

That it gets good gas mileage.

I like everything about my car. I have no complaints at all. The car gets very good gas mileage, and I feel very safe in driving my car. I am very pleased with my car.

- Curtis S

It get great gas mileage.

My car was a great value, price-wise. It gets great mileage. It is fun and easy to drive. I am not worried about getting into a wreck as it didn't cast too much money.

- Mark O

That it has cool lights in the door floor that says versa.

I like that the Nissan versa is good on gas. Sometimes I dislike that it doesn't have a backup camera. They definitely could have added more cool features to the car.

- John S

Much bigger than you think, and works really well as a daily commute car.

The gas mileage is great, and the car is surprisingly roomy on the inside, for being so small overall. The truck space does leave something to be desired, though.

- Brad L

It may not fit the needs of a large family, but was fine for my wife, even with her needing to have a wheel chair along (which fit nicely in the large trunk)

Not fancy but comfortable, reliable, and gets very good mileage. It is a manual shift so may not be a good choice for all drivers, but suits my needs very well.

- Donald S

Great gas mileage on highway and average CITY

I like the gas mileage, the surprising room for a small car. Handles well. I don't like the pick up speed, takes just a bit too long to get up to highway speed

- Missy E

The car is a low vehicle, I would not recommend this for a tall person.

It is a very nice for a first car for a new driver. The only thing that has been a problem is that the car is low so I would not recommend it for tall people.

- Krystal B

Nice, spacious and easy to clean.

Tiny tires, instability on the highway in wind. It gets great fuel economy, maneuverable and easy to park. Noisy though, road noise and body creaks and pops.

- John L

It has great gas mileage. I never have to worry about filling up my tank too often.

At first I really loved my car. It was reliable. Had enough room for my son and I. Gas efficient. But less than a year later it had so many mechanical issues

- Ashley A

This car is good on the pockets.

Transmission is cheap. Not much get up and go. Tends to lunge when trying to accelerate. Very few features in standard model even for a 2017. Greats on gas.

- Melissa T

It gets great gas mileage.

It is a reliable car with great gas mileage. I do not like the way the gas warning works. I do not like the location of the switch to open the gas tank lid.

- Becky L

It gets really good gas. Mileage.

I like that I get almost 40 mpg. I like the handling of the car. I like that there are no electronics to die out, as in no electric door locks windows, etc.

- Lori M

I absolutely love my car.

My vehicle handles well. It is really agile. It picks up speed from 0 to 70 in a matter of seconds. It is subcompact but still seats up to five people.

- anonymous S

I love Nissan! It's the best!

I have no problems with my vehicle. I like it's reliability. I like how fast it goes. It is very comfortable to be in. I like every feature about my car.

- lara s

It is one beautiful small package!.

I love the small size (I have a versa note) but roomy interior, its maneuverability and fuel efficiency.... I dislike somewhat the very small fuel tank..

- Matti H

Vented front disc/rear drum brakes. 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (abs).

It's very good vented front disc/rear drum brakes. 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (abs). Electronic brake force distribution (ebd). Brake assist. [*].

- A D

I love the radio system and the built-in navigation system. It is easy to use and very helpful.

It has great features including a sunroof, heated seats, and plenty of trunk space. It is easy to drive and comfortable for families who like to travel.

- Caroline B

The 2017 versa sedan is great on gas mileage.

The 2017 versa gives great gas mileage. It picks up speed quickly and the cost of maintenance is very low. Overall it is a reliable and affordable car.

- Carmen J

It's a blue/greenish Nissan versa 2017 smooth riding and good on gas.

The only problem with my car I can say is that it does not have automatic lock or windows. It drives petty smooth and it only takes $20 to fill it up.

- Ashley F

Basic, yet perfect for around town.

It is a basic model so it can not compare to a high-end vehicle, but I love it. It is spacious, quiet, performs well and of course great gas mileage.

- Alicia M

That is very unique and durable

I like the way it drives. I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the way it sits and rides. I like not having to spend money on repairs for a while.

- David T

That it is reliable, comfortable, and performs well.

My vehicle is very nice. 1 thing that I really don't like about it is that it has manual door locks and windows. It is very comfortable and roomy.

- Roshell R

2017 Nissan versa two year experience.

The car has been great to me. I haven't had any issues other than the normal wear and tear. I love it is a great size for me and the mpg is great.

- Sergio R

Small and very maneuverable. Great for parking in busy cities. Good gas mileage

Really small and maneuverable easy to get into small spots. Good gas mileage. Enough space for me, my family and some groceries with extra space

- Maxime L

Best compact sedan ever made.

My car is very reliable and gets forty miles per gallon it is tremendously comfortable. And handles extremely well, quite stylish. Love the car.

- Joseph J

My car gets great gas mileage. 1 fill up lasts me about 2 weeks!

I love the gas mileage. I love small cars because I can fit into small spaces. I wish I got automatic locks & windows & an automatic starter.

- Jacki C

It is very reliable we've had absolutely no problems.

Like the gas mileage, like the color.. Problem is I had an Altima prior to the versa and the Altima was a much nicer, more comfortable car..

- Dorothy U

Great gas mileage on the highways and in the city.

I really like the gas mileage, the car has enough room for 4 people. Rides okay a little noisy from the road. Sound system could be better.

- ron e

It has a lot of legroom in the back and is great with gas.

Windows are manual as well as locks, seems outdated. Bluetooth is only for calls and not for music, annoying to have to carry my aux cord.

- Kelly R

There small car that is big in a lot of ways.

The versa is a great car, though i miss the keypad to unlock my door. Gas mileage is great. It's a smaller car, but doesn't seem like it.

- Pamela S

I did have a mechanical failure within one year of buying my car. Luckily, Nissan offers a great warranty.

I get great gas mileage (40 mpg). Although the gas mileage is great, I have a small tank of only ten gallons. It drives very smoothly.

- Amber F

This car is a very dependable family car. I'll buy Nissan again.

I love that it is great on gas because we take a lot of trips. The only thing I don't like is the backseat is kind of a tight squeeze.

- Samantha B

Horrible versa never again

Engine had to be replaced at 25000 miles l Other then that great car but slot of engine problems since I drove of lot with 4 mss on it

- Brtan M

Great fuel efficient Nissan Versa

Very fuel efficient. Drives smooth. Spacious back seat. Back up camera. Bluetooth phone. Steering wheel controls for radio and phone.

- Mindy M

Great fuel efficient simple car for price

Great fuel efficient car, simple design not too many features but not lacking in any either. Has lots of space even for small design.

- Marcos F

It's great on gas, which makes it perfect for a daily commuter vehicle.

Very basic, no power windows, power locks, no tinted windows. It is a small vehicle, small wheels, small engine. It is great on gas.

- Kevin E

It has large trunk space, great gas mileage and comfortable seating.

Do not like the defrost device. Love the way it drives and handles on the road. It is very comfortable and has great gas mileage.

- Donna B

It is reasonably priced and worth the investment.

Great on gas. Drives smooth and is just what my family needs. The maintenance is easy and the make of through vehicle is sturdy.

- Tracy T

The room my car has in it.

I like the price of my car and I like how much room is in my car. I dislike 5 speed manual transmission it should be a 6 speed.

- Claudia G

Great handling great look lil small.

Great car wife lives in it almost. Our only problem is it doesn't fit our 3 car seats in the back. Great handling lo and feel.

- Tyler C

Change the oil on a regular basis. And it a great car

I.like that its midsize good on gas rides good and dependable. I like the color, blue I like my emission is not due for 5 yrs.

- Manuel L

My vehicle goes everywhere!

My vehicle has been very reliable, no maintenance issues,good gas mileage.Performance,comfort and features more than adequate.

- Emmelyne H

Versa is thrifty but not cheaply made

The versa was an affordable vehicle and gets excellent gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive. There's plenty of trunk space.

- Kristin S

Good mileage, comfortable ride, plenty of room easy to navigate.

Good gas mileage. Plenty of room. Easy to navigate. Pretty color. Just the right size not to small and not to big just right.

- Cindy P

This car is a great car! It's easy to use and take care of.

i dislike that it has manual locks and windows. I like that it is dependable and newer than any other car that I have owned.

- Carrie R

It is not a flashy race car, it definitely does not have a lot of power but it makes up for it in gas savings.

My car is very reliable and comfortable to drive. The gas mileage is incredible and perfect for those looking to economical.

- Tabatha G

It is a very small car, there's not much elbow room.

Not much elbow room. I feel like I am riding in a sardine can. It does have a lot of leg room though. And it is comfortable.

- Norma E

It gets very good gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage. It's compact and easy to drive. It handles well on the highway. It's easy to keep clean.

- Mark P

It gets good gas mileage it is also pretty fast for a 4 cylinder.

Its small, like the size.. Does not have electric door locks wish it did also wish it had bluetooth and electric windows.

- Sherry W

Your standard no frills but pretty dependable car.

This vehicle is reliable for the most part. It gets great gas mileage. It is a good size. I often have to replace tires.

- Rudy R

smooth ride on short or long trips

it is sporty looking but is a great family car. gets great mpg . rides smooth on long trips. very comfortable seats

- harding h

That it is a stick shift great on gas and very spacious has a little if everything except power accommodations

Got it brand new it's a stick shift 4 cylinder I got it for ridesharing car has no problems runs great very reliable

- Rasheem T

That is a very safe car. Also that it has good gas mileage.

It is good on gas and very safe. The thing I dislike is no power locks and Windows. It also has lost its value fast.

- Ben M

great for a college student

Recently bought a nissan versa note sv, no problems but the build of the car makes it so that it accelerates slowly.

- maria s

Low maintenance and I get great gas mileage..

I like it a very good car. Its gets me were I am going. It keep you cool. Good on gas. I just love my car it pretty.

- Danielle G

Great car!! Do yourself a favor!!

This is great car for small families. I would highly recommend it. Me and my wife really loved driving it. 5 stars!

- Stevan A

I get great gas mileage, better than other small cars I've driven.

My car is fun to drive. It's cute and gets around well. I get great gas mileage and the payments are affordable.

- Mark C

Reliable and good gas mileage. It never messes up and I have owned one just like it for 6 years with no problems. It only requires maintenance

I love my car. It gets great mileage, is very roomy, and has no issues so far. It also has Bluetooth and usb ports

- Lizzy M

That it is a reliable car.

Love the comfort for my back. The size is just right. Easy to drive and maneuver. Do not like lack of pick up.

- Linda M

That you have to lock it and unlock it yourself.

I do not like that it is the base model. I do not like the manual windows. You have to manually lock the car.

- Marisa A

I feel very safe when I'm driving this car.

I love that it's great on gas! 34 miles to the gallon. I don't like the size. I wish it were a little bigger.

- Rain E

It does not take much to clean it but excessive elbow grease does not hurt.

The vehicle has great gas mileage and is very reliable due Its cruise mode and it is great air conditioning.

- L R

Its reliable and good on gas.

What I like is its compact. It's good on gas. What I dislike is the passenger seat does not have an armrest.

- Latvia M

Good efficient car that's fun to drive

Very comfortable car that has a surprising amount of space inside. Good gas mileage and a comfortable ride.

- Allene H

Good starter car bad transmission acceleration

I love my vehicle it's a little small and it will not Excel very fast all in all it's a good starter car

- Mandy S

Good working mechanics and very reliable.

I like that it is dependable. It has a good safety rating. Gets good gas mileage. No complaints at all.

- Patricia H

You're going to love the 40MPG. Comfortable, spacious leg and trunk room.

We haven't had a bit of trouble. Love the 41 mpg! Excellent leg and trunk space. Great for traveling.

- Joe K

It get 30 miles plus per gallon

I can fit up to 4 people comfortable it gets good gas mileage i love the blue color. No complaints

- Ron Y

That it is cheaper on gas than most cars and has enough power for a 4 cylinder.

I like because is cheap on gas and is small. It is low maintenance, I like the design and the price.

- Sandra C

Everything is right there on sterling will

I like my car it's small good on gas love the blue tooth very handy matinees in minimal smooth rides

- Wanda B

Great gas mileage. The shocks squeak after about 30000 miles when you first start up.

Not a lot of acceleration but the drive is fun. The exterior is cute and the inside is comfortable.

- Amber L

The Nissan Versa is super roomy, it's perfect for a small family.

My vehicle is surprisingly spacious. I love the Bluetooth connectivity. I enjoy driving my vehicle.

- Amanda S

The savings in gas is about what the car cost to lease.

No complaints. Love it. Great commuter car! Has backup camera, satellite radio, great gas mileage.

- Tanya K

The Nissan Versa has great gas mileage

I love my Nissan Versa. It's good on gas miles and very roomy. Also the maintenance upkeep is low!

- Sharee D

easy to fold down rear sets for storage. A lot of room for a small car

4 way cameras are great. Easy to park. Noise in front wheel when turning corner (axle mud shield)

- Larry J

Its very very spacious even if it looks tiny !

I love how economical it is with gas. I also love how spacious it is. I love the big windows!

- Andrea V

gas saver efficient car that will save you money on gas

I like it's a gas save I hate you don't have enough room in the front and the front seats

- Urethra M

best car on the market for the price,the car has lots of power, great gas mileage more than forty miles to the gallon, lots of room for a small car

lots of room for a small car . gets 40 miles to the gallon . looks good. and good price

- doug b

It's a cheap car that drives like an expensive car.

I love that it was basically new when we got it. Bad thing is having to make payments.

- Deanna S

economy in fuel consuming

i like the fuel saving, the only thing i dislike is the lack of tech gadgets included

- mig g

The Versa handles well in all weather. It has good pickup and gets good mileage. The only negative thing is sometimes it doesn't defrost as well as other vehicles I have owned.

It is truly reliable. It started in below zero weather on every occasion last Winter.

- Larry B

Gas mileage, can travel long distances on a single tank

Great gas mileage. Easy to transport and pick up items. Don't like manual windows

- Stephen J

The care is fun to drive. Made for everyone. Amazing

I love everything about my car. It gets great gas Mileage and was very affordable

- Kate R

I love the car it has everything I want on it. It is blue and it get good gas mileage. But could use a little bigger tank.

It blue and it get great gas mileage and it is a newer model than I had before

- Cheryl B

Excellent value for what it is. No issues with car since bought. Great gas mileage

Cheap and dependable car. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable and fun to drive

- Es K

It's got satellite radio. It's a great little car.

It's small cute and easy to handle. Fun to drive. Easy to maintain. Love it.

- Jennifer B

Gas mileage save lots of money handles great lots of power for small car

Great gas mileage lots of room stereo with bose speakers it's the best

- James C

small gas tank and good gas mileage. Good sized trunk.

good gas mileage.Do not like that it does not have power door locks.

- alan d

faster than it looks not as cheaply made as price suggests

like the color and the way it handles i love the standard shift

- james w

Price is the one thing the price was good and it is affordable

No room between seats. Only has a 10 gallon tank. Like the color

- Lynda K

Safety isn't a concerns and it has a good warranty

It's a reliable car that gets good mileage and is safe for my kids

- Brian R

Love it, great gas mileage. wish it would accelerate faster, but other than that is great.

good gas/ mile ratio. comfortable, love the color(charcoal grey)

- Shirley R

The car will not start without everyone being buckled in

Lots of headroom. It's a very smooth ride. The price was perfect

- Jessica Y

Good on gas has plenty of run has a large trunk price of the car is great

Car is a great car. Great gas mileage. Has good room and truck

- Tim F

My favorite thing about my car is the great Gas mileage

No complaints. Love the compact size, color and gas mileage

- Salena M

It is an affordable car. If it is your first car, it is okay

Affordable car. I like the color. Engine is not that good.

- Abigail N

Other people should know that even though it is small,it has a lot of pep

It is really good on gas. It is sporty. I love the color

- Becky B

It is a cool car with many features

It's a sleek car. It drives fast. It is comfortable.

- Michael H

The car has very good gas mileage, it is a sturdy car, and it is a safe car.

My car is a good practical car that meets my needs.

- James S