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Nissan versa only two complaints.

I really do love the 2018 Nissan versa the only thing I do not like about it is that everything is manual. I have this weird thing with my blinkers that every once in awhile the randomly just come on for no reason without me even turning them on. It has great visibility it is very spacious for the size of the trunk is humongous. Every once awhile I do have a problem with the seats locking into place when I want them to. But really overall it is an excellent car it drives nice the brakes are great no weird noises and it notifies me when tire pressure is low or I need an oil change.

- Katherine S

I love my Nissan versa glad I made this purchase.

My Nissan versa is very good on gas. I change my oil every 3000 miles so I haven't had any problems out of it at all. It is a small car, only 5 passengers. 2 in front and 3 in back. It is a economy car my insurance is not very high on the car. It is black so it is kind of hard to keep clean. The only problem I have with the car is every time I get out of the car whether I want them to or not my doors lock. I do not like that I have nearly locked my keys in there several times. Overall it is one of the best cars I have ever owned. I definitely would recommend it.

- Sharon R

The fun and stylish Nissan versa.

Runs great! Whippy around corners. Small, but roomy. Excellent gas mileage. I do not like is the shoulder seat belt. I always feel as if it's on my neck. Also, if any tire differs more than 2 psi the check tire pressure light blinks. Then to turn it off you have to check all the tires and drive the car for a few miles. Overall, I am happy. I got the basic model, no power anything and a stick shift to boot! If it is a true Nissan, it'll last at least 300,000 miles, just like my last 2 did!

- Margaret K

Very comfortable and practical car.

My 2018 Nissan versa is very comfortable. The back seat is spacious, and the front seats are wide and well-cushioned. There is only one arm rest, and it is for the driver's seat, but it is a minor issue at best. The car is good on gas and gets nearly 40 highway miles per gallon. My only complaint is that it is a very light car, so at highway speeds and when passing semis it feels like you are blowing across the road. I have had no real problems with the car at all regardless.

- Autumn M

The one thing people should know about this vehicle is that it's luxury quality at an affordable price.

I bought this car because I was immediately attracted to the body style. I'll have to admit, I knew I wanted it before the test drive. It has an amazing high quality interior that I fell in love with, after just seeing it once. It drives so smoothly and it's so quiet. It has more than enough space for what I need and I wouldn't be this happy with any other vehicle. There's absolutely nothing I dislike about this vehicle and believe it or not, I have zero complaints.

- Jon C

Smooth ride and good on gas.

I really like this car it drives smoothly and is good on gas. I really haven't had any problems with this vehicle and I have been driving it for about two years. If I have one complaint it is that the radio does not continue playing when I turn off the car (not a big deal, but when you just want to listen to the end of that one song it is nice to not have to idle before getting out!). Overall it is a really good car.

- Emily O

Great features of the Nissan versa.

The Nissan versa is very comfortable. It is also spacious, lots of legroom. I love the backup camera feature, it is so helpful instead of trying to turn around. I get great gas mileage, and depending on gas prices I usage can fill up with a full tank anywhere from $20-$25. Drives very smooth however if wind blows hard and you go 60 or over car seems to sway. Tends to be a light topped car. But overall I love it!

- Bree C

My car is a compact size car with surprisingly spacious back seats

I currently use my Nissan Versa for my job as an Uber driver. This vehicle has excellent gas mileage, the back seats are very comfortable with leg room, and for how small the car is the trunk space is great! I pick up passengers all the time from the airport and my car has no problem with fitting several suitcases inside. I genuinely appreciate my car and I'd consider buying another one!

- Kim T

Nice car - lots of nice features.

Roomy. Gets good gas mileage. Just purchased it recently so, not sure about 'reliability'. For the size of the vehicle, lots of trunk space, plus rear seat folds down, in case you need the space. Lots of legroom (front and back) for the size of the vehicle, also. Cruise control. Nice sound system. Nice heat/air conditioning. Outlets for phone charger. Very satisfied with it so far.

- Pamela B

A great reliable car to buy/lease.

Nissan versa is a great car great on speed and gas also the seats are very comfortable nice enjoyable car for a small family very easy to adjust mirrors and maintain car maintenance. Car breaks very good I recommend buyers to buy car very safe reliable car didn't have any issues with this vehicle even the dealership worked great with me with maintaining maintenance for my vehicle.

- Ja J

It goes up to 140 manually windows.

I love my car it is comfortable lots of room a lot of space I love the number of cup holders it has spacious goes fast everything is clean everything works I simply love it I am planning on traveling and the gas per mile is excellent only thing I do not like is the manual windows and other than that everything is good it is white they come in different colors I plan to fog lights.

- Chiller C

Great 2018 Nissan versa everything great about it.

It is an amazing car!! It has cold a/c, drives smoothly, it's great on gas $20 fills it right up! It is a small 4 door car and I am 5'0" ft. So its perfect to be honest my husband and I only have one child and it is just us majority of the time. The exterior is white and the interior is black, it has a touchscreen Bluetooth radio, you can also make calls from within the car.

- Daisy G

Very economical and beautiful.

Very beautiful interior and exterior. Very reliable and economical able to take you from point A to point B $20 of gas gives you plenty of mileage before you have to go back to the gas station to fuel up. Very comfortable to get around town in I love driving around in my Nissan versa and everyone else who drives around in the car with me is always so impressed by it.

- Shannon Z

Versa is for everyone! Try it you just might like it...

It is a really good running car. Simple and quaint. White 4 door vehicle that is great on gas. I would recommend anyone purchasing this vehicle. You will not be undersold and you will be a very happy customer. Anyone who rides in this car absolutely likes the way it drives and it is very comfortable to be in. I will always recommend this vehicle to anyone I know.

- Tamara T

This is a nice economy car.

The versa is very good for someone that does not do very much driving and/or only drives in town. However it still feels overpriced for what it is. There really needs to be a $10,000 car option. It does not require very much maintenance. Its recommended oil change frequency is 5 months, and sometimes not even that if you drive very little.

- William G

Nissan versa note legroom.

The 2018 Nissan versa note is extremely efficient. There is a great amount of legroom for the back and the front seats without compromise! This is due to having a reduced trunk (it is a hatchback), however, it is very narrow so even though there are five seats available in the back in reality only two people fit comfortably.

- Sandra R

Nissan Versa: cute, compact, gets you where you need to be in a timely and safe manner!

I love it because it's a new car and still new to me. It has a lot of things that my old car did not have like an aux port so I can play music, simple upgrades. My only complaint is that there are slight blind spots and I don't like how it doesn't light up if someone is in my blindspot

- colleen l

Easy to handle for younger drivers who are in need of a road test.

Very easy to maneuver, gets pretty good miles for every gallon. Adequate trunk space for everyday items to fit with a bit of space left over. Fits 5 adults (average sized) or 4 adults and 1 child with a car seat too. Not very fast on the highway at all and may sway at high speeds.

- Tara S

Windows are crank and doors lock manually, but the gas mileage is fantastic.

The car is highly dependable, conveniently compact, has excellent gas mileage, and looks lovely. It is design is simple and I find the manual doors and windows charming. If I had any complaints, it would just be that I wish there was another outlet or two for phone charging.

- Breanna T

It is like a bullet. It gets up and goes.

Non electric indoors. It is very reliable and gas saving. It is very comfortable and roomy. I love the drive it has in the city but it is all over and light weight on the interstate. It cost a pretty penny a month but it is worth it. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

- April A

Beautiful shiny black with amazing full tires.

My Nissan versa is completely reliable, awesome on gas and great room for passengers. I did have a little mishap with my AUX cord getting stuck. Also had a flat tire recently but the company fixed it asap and with no hesitation whatsoever. I really love my Nissan versa.

- Chris L

It is incredibly safe and has amazing space for such a small car.

I love the legroom in the front and back seats and the amount of space in the trunk. It drives really well and is incredibly safe. I do not like that it has manual locks and windows. There's Bluetooth calling, which is great, but I cannot play music over the Bluetooth.

- Hannah N

Nissan Versa sv, perfect family car!

No issues, runs smooth! Really great little family car! Strongly recommend buying this model! I have travelled thousands of miles, had this car for a year, no issues whatsoever!this car is super reliable and has about 36.6 mpg! Which is great if you travel a lot!

- Ashlee P

It runs great and it is good on gas.

It runs perfectly no complaints I do not know what else to say. My car is great and there is nothing else to say. I love my car it does not need anything. How do you expect me to say anything more than there is nothing to change it runs great it is good on gas.

- Carla I

A one of a kind vehicle for the masses.

It is astonishing. It is astounding. It is aspiring. It is amusing. It is amazing. It is awesome. It is appealing. It is addictive. It is beautiful. It is basic. It is bold. It is beneficial. It is benevolent. It is cool. It is collective. It is creative.

- Pedro V

It is incredibly good on gas.

The car is great on gas, and pretty small so it is easy to park. It is comfortable and easy to drive. My only complaint is that my model is all manual so it is manual locks, windows, and everything. But it has a backup camera too! I really love the car.

- Ashleigh B

My car is okay. I wish I didn't pay like 20 grand for it.

This car is nice. It has a lot of room. It drives well. It could have been done better as far as the modeling goes. I have to manually roll my windows up and down. I have to manually lock and unlock my doors. It is just a basic model version. It works.

- Vanessa F

If you were to buy a car, I would prefer it due to Its low cost.

Honestly, it is about the cheapest car on the market. I really like that it actually works and I can get around town. The downside is that for a $13k car, I can't really expect much in terms of perks. I wish it got better mileage, but that's the facts.

- Michael P

It is not a tech savvy car. If you like to connect your phone to your car or use GPS from your car, then do not buy this car.

My car was the cheapest of the year. What makes it cheap is the fact that it is not tech savvy. I do not have buttons on the side door that would allow me to lock doors or roll down my window. It's a very simple car but it works nicely.

- Marissa G

It is very good on gas mileage and it is also very sporty looking.

I love the fact that it is good on gas mileage and my payment on the car isn't very high. I also love the red color. I wish it was a little bit bigger on the inside and had more of a middle console area.

- Lisa B

That this car is very reliable and doesn't drink very much gas and it's affordable

This car is a nice family car decent space for a compact car it has hands free Bluetooth device you can also control a bunch of things from the steering wheel. It's affordable and reliable and a must buy

- Jercole J

It is a nice compact car that drives smooth and is great on gas.

I love the small size and how it is easy to maneuver in parking lots or tight spaces. It is conservative with gas. The space is a little tight and not roomy which is the only dislike for the vehicle.

- Brittany K

It is fuel efficient and is very room for a small sedan.

I really like the fuel efficiency and the look of my car. I wish it were a V6 engine and I wish it were a little bigger inside, but other than that it gets great gas mileage and looks great.

- Lisa P

I think the most important thing would be the gas mileage be so good.

Love my car. I bought it mainly because it had a CD player and fog lights. It's great on gas mileage and fun to drive. It has all the bells and whistles anyone could ever want in a car.

- Alice P

My car gets great gas mileage. I get approx. 30 mpg.

It has great gas mileage. It's small & I can fit into tight spaces. It has good pickup. I am sorry that I didn't get automatic locks & windows & an automatic starter.

- Jacki C

It does great on gas mileage. Has a small gas tank so it doesn't take a lot of money to fill up.

It's a very basic car but has the necessities. There is no power locks, power windows, or electric moving seats. For a 2018 I wish it had these simple features.

- Anthony M

My car is comfortable and good on gas. It rides good and looks good.

I bought this car a month ago and I drive it allot. It is very easy to drive good on gas and I enjoy driving it. I can't think of anything I dislike about it.

- Elaine N

I would say go for the next up from the basic if you have the money.

I like the gas mileage. And I like that it does not beep when the seatbelt is undone.. I do not like that it has phone Bluetooth but not music Bluetooth. I.

- Ryan M

The car has great gas mileage.

It is a nice subcompact car with great gas efficiency and a smooth riding car. The car is very affordable decent space and a nice buy for a small family.

- J J

My experience with my nissan

I have only had my car for about 2 months but so far I absolutely love it. It gets great gas mileage and I havent had any problems with it what do ever.

- Nikita B

It's extremely difficult to drive when there is a huge gust of wind.

Shift patterns are weird and it is like a leaf in the wind so light. Oil changes are expensive. But overall I like the car. Great on gas mileage.

- Michael T

Good on gas, good overall seating.

Cheap on gas, plenty of legroom, easy access to controls, has cruise control has roll up windows, has air conditioned, abs brakes power steering.

- Larry L

That its small, but great on gas.

The car is too small and the horn is not loud enough. I would say the dealership price is not good at all. 18000 for the smallest vehicle ever.

- Lex S

Its a manual transmission. Has a car charger outlet.

The car is pretty good, although I dislike the child safety locks. Other than that it's a well-rounded vehicle and not a bad made either.

- Robert R

Make sure you keep up on maintenance.

I dislike the manual locks and windows. I like everything else on the car. I love the Bluetooth and color. Seats are very comfortable.

- Josephine N

Safe and Reliable and that it's a brand you can trusted

I love the brand Nissan. Had cars from them before and they are reliable and have great safety features and its really comfortable

- Brenda T

Turns on a dime. Great on gas.

No complaints! Love my car! Smooth driving. Great breaks. Love that it does not take a lot of gas. Anybody would want to drive it.

- Sylvia W

That it's really good on gas and mileage.

I like its compact and drives smooth. I love the colors. Plus I love it is good on gas. Definitely better than I had expected.

- Rebecca B

It really is a dependable car, easy to drive, cleans up very easy

Really it's to small, doesn't pick up fast enough, but it's a beautiful car and runs very good, but I only had it for 3 weeks

- Chris A

It is dependable and costs about 20 bucks to fill the tank.

This car is the best priced car out right now. It's good on gas and very sleek and stylish. You will absolutely love it.

- Robin E

It is wonderful on gas. . .

I love that my car gets great gas mileage. It has a lot of room for me and my two children. The trunk space is awesome.

- Courtney E

Rear view camera makes backing up easier and more safe.

The car is great, but sometimes has issues with starting after adding a full tank of gas. I like the rear view camera.

- Regina F

Has great gas mileage and legroom.

I love the space, gas mileage and comfortable. I dislike at times its a manual and needs arm rest in center console.

- April B

It has many blind spots. When you are backing up you MUST use all 3 mirrors and the camera. And still be very careful.

I didn't realize how small it was when I purchased it. It has many blind spots. Otherwise it is a good vehicle.

- Franklin G

it gets me back and forth and where I need to go. Dependable

Wouldn't know, its my daughter's car, because you didn't have any options to actually choose what I do drive

- Jenny Y

2018 Nissan Versa is a great car

So far it has been a great car. I love love that it gets great gas mileage. I recommend this car to anyone

- patti h

Good brand and made with top or one of the best technology

It's comfortable and reliable. I have use Nissan cars for almost since i had my first car and i love them

- Brend S

It has great gas mileage.

I have not experienced any problems with my vehicle, it performs beautifully very updated and comfy.

- Rachel G

The price of the car is good.

I like the quiet transmission. I do not hear it changing gears. I do not like the roll-down windows.

- Megan M

It's worth the price if you're looking for a good gas mileage car.

It's cheap and nimble. Gets great gas mileage but it's no speedster and lacks the power.

- Shane S

No power windows and original tires only lasted 20000

Gets great mileage but no power windows and i think it was aaaz lemon i got stuck with

- Allen J

It was reasonably priced and good quality car.

It sits up high, so easy to get in and out. Good on gas. Handles and drives smoothly.

- Diane d

That the gas mileage is really very good, but it does not have the greatest power.

It gets great gas mileage, but does not come with power door locks or power windows.

- Evan H

They should know how cheap it is on gas

I like the gas mileage. I like the comfort. I like the space in the back seat.

- Justin G

Que es muy económico con la gasolina. Es de los autos más económicos.

Es bonito. Es economico. Es el color que me gusta. Pero es un poco lento

- Antonio G

I like that it is a gas saver. I like the size of it. I dislike that it is not my idea car.

It gives good gas mileage and it is for any one who is in a fixed budget

- Yushanda W

It doesn't have automatic locks. Gas is ok. Not much room

Only have had it for a few months and already having problems with it

- Leah R

It is a cheap price for an updated car in this time of age

I love it so much. I have no complaints about it. The ac is so cold

- Nikki S

It rides really smooth and is modern. It has bluetooth.

It looks fresh and new. Beautiful design. It rides really smooth.

- Angie Z

I love that its quiet and you hardly hear it running. He milage is great. The room inside the car is more than expected.

It is great on gas. You can get about 30+ miles per gallon.

- Bianca W

great gas mileage, 1 tank of gas lasts me all week

small yet roomy, easy to maneuver and great gas mileage

- patricia t

MPG is Great for the price

Very price worth and MPG has nice accessories

- Stexe M