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I love the look of the vehicle.

I enjoy my Nissan Xterra, SUV. It is roomy and easy to handle for my dog and myself. Going to the market or just running errands gives me the options to run economically as opposed to my Silverado. I can pull the seats down to transport large items, there’s room for people and their luggage when going to the airport. I do not hesitate to take road trips because of the comfort and the mileage I get driving. My dog enjoys the roominess of th3 vehicle as well. I highly recommend the Xterra.

- Gloria K

Nissan Xterra, a great and spacious vehicle.

My 2002 Nissan Xterra has been an extremely enjoyable vehicle. I use it as a daily driver and have no complaints at all. There's so many different things to love about this car, such as the interior space, dependability, durability, good looks, plenty of truck space, and reasonable gas mileage for a midsize SUV. I have owned many different vehicles and this is by far my favorite across the board. I highly recommend it if you are looking to buy a midsize SUV.

- Tyler L

2002 Nissan Xterra Ripped Off

I think I got ripped off with the one I bought, but I've had nothing but issues with it. There is some sort of electrical issue with it so my windows do not go down and the rear defroster doesn't work. There is also a large hole in the exhaust. It started out as a work vehicle for a few months and now I just drive it to work. Other than the issues I'm having it's great in the snow, is very comfortable to drive, and I love the vehicle.

- Katie L

Long term concerns with midsize SUVs.

My vehicle has been very reliable up until last year. Time has clearly taken its toll both on major components for its functionality but also in the aesthetic. Within the last year more parts have been replaced than in the entire life of the vehicle. The interior has worn pretty drastically within the past two years as well. Currently the dashboard is completely wearing away while simultaneously the ceiling is peeling off.

- Carol D

Good vehicle to drive, but not good mileage.

This vehicle only gets around 17 miles to the gallon, so not cheap. It handles well and can carry a lot of cargo. The anti-lock brakes work very well. Ii had a new starter installed last summer and no problems since. It carries 4 passengers well. It is not 4 wheel drive, so not as good in snow. My daughter and son-in-law gave this vehicle to me when they moved out of state and I do like to drive it.

- Carolyn G

Older but still holding up in good condition.

My car is comfortable and roomy. I am able to transport furniture and many other large products. It travels very well in the winter in and out of 4wd. It has had some minor problems such as the doors freezing in the winter and some air conditioning problems. Repairs have never been too expensive at my local car repair shop. It is old but it is still going strong.

- Tanya H

The only thing you should know is that you are going to love it.

I love my Nissan. Its 2002, 4-door , 4 wheel drive blue tera. This vehicle is very reliable, it is still running smoothly. Just got to make sure you stay up to date with maintenance of the car. The ac works wonderful and radio is loud. It is so good with gas. Doors and window are electric. Tires are great. Always a comfortable ride.

- Vincent A

It is 5 door and has plenty of legroom for the driver.

My Xterra is one that reminds me of driving an Ford ranger, but with more room for the family. The gas mileage is pretty good in town and better on the highway for having an 6 cylinder engine. Only problem I have had is the brake line leaked. Replaced it and no further issues. It is great to carry the grandkids on any outing.

- Jeffery T

Oldie but goodie - this car is lasting forever.

I have well over 200k miles on my vehicle. With regular maintenance, it has cost very little in major repairs. It still runs just as well as it did 100k miles ago. My mechanic states that it should last me 100k more miles if I continue the upkeep. These older engines and systems hold up better than new technology.

- Sara B

Xterra's are one of the most reliable cars if you take care of them.

I bought it from a friend on a whim Knowing it needed a little work. It has been one of the best purchases i have made and i Absolutely love it. I plan on keeping it till I need a new one as it has ran well since i got it. I dislike how high it is on the fact I am 6 foot and still have to hop up onto it.

- Steven B

2002 Nissan Xterra. The best thing I like about it is that it has a great amount of storage space for long trips. The back area is large and there is also a luggage rack on the roof.

I have had one major issue with it in which I had to replace the transmission. This was actually caused by the mechanic when he plugged the wrong hoses and cut off the coolant for the transmission, so I didn't have to pay for it. Comfort, performance and reliability have been excellent thus far.


Perfect vehicle for a college student.

I love my Nissan Xterra, it is perfect for me as a college student. It is a nice four door SUV and it has plenty of room for me when I need to move things around. The four wheel drive works great in the snowy weather in Iowa, although I do end up adding some sandbags for weight in the back.

- Katrina P

Drives and rides very comfortably.

This vehicle gets decent gas mileage. The seating equips 5 people perfectly. It runs well, but does sometimes gets stuck in grass easily. Drives and rides very good and comfortably. I recommend this vehicle to anyone, especially to a small family. Nissan xterra is a very good vehicle.

- Dustin F

There is not much space in the front of the vehicle.

I like the size of my vehicle and that it is smaller than most SUVs but larger than most cars. I like that my vehicle gets better gas mileage than most other SUVs. I dislike the fact that my vehicle has no air conditioning and the fact that it has begun to overheat once in a while.

- Lindsey G

Nissan Xterra is a great SUV.

Really like my vehicle has lots of room have drove it for about 2 years now and it has never failed me. Does not like to climb large hills so I would not suggest this vehicle for long drives. The suspension is the only issues we have had rollover ratings are horrible though.

- Karen P

Great reliable car that handles well in all terrains.

I really have love my Nissan XTerra. It has been a great car that has had very few problems over the year. Sadly, it's showing its age. The check engine light came on and the mechanic has no idea what the problem is, so it looks as if I will need a new car in the next year.

- JoAnna W

it is very reliable, good on gas, and very comfortable to drive on long trips

The suv is great in the snow, 4 wheel drive gets me through anything. The ride is smooth and comfortable, the gas mileage is good, and other than normal wear and tear, it has been very reliable. The body has held up very well, with only a little rust in a few spots

- Glen S

Agile and powerful off-road capabilities and fun to drive, but maybe not as a daily driver

I bought this vehicle to get me up rough roads in the mountains and it does an excellent job. It's 4 wheel drive capabilities are awesome and it's very fun to drive! The only drawback is that I have to use it for my long commute and it doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Robin L

Very reliable for and older vehicle.

It had been a great vehicle. It is 16 years old with 173k miles. It has been very reliable, and the 4-wheel drive has been a great asset. Only problem is it needs a new catalytic converter which is about $750. Has the original windshield, which is impressive.

- Lauren M

Maroon color Nissan xterra.

I just got this car as a gift from a family member. I think it is a great car. Still runs smooth, the only thing is the fuse to my radio went out and the heating coil needs to be replaced. Other than that I think my 2002 Nissan xterra is in great condition.

- Rivers C

Very reliable, well loved car.

We bought this car new in 2002 and have loved it ever since. The super charger really gets up and goes. It is great in the snow. It is roomy enough for our family. There is over 215000 miles and my xterra just keeps on ticking. No major repairs needed.

- Kirsten M

It runs well and gets me from point A to point B.

The only problems that I have with the tera are that it needs a new power steering pump (hard to steer, needs fluid all the time), and that it can take some time to get up to speed. Otherwise, it is comfortable, has a nice stereo, and is very reliable.

- Angela D

Old Xterra not worth the buy

The car is having braking issues, it used to be fine but all of a sudden one day they just stopped working. I mean it gets me from a to b but it does struggle when I press the gas. Every time I get a leak fixed in a month or two it just happens again.

- Diamond A

The best part of my car is that it has enough space for most types of jobs.

My car has been very reliable for many years, it is a great family car with plenty of space. It performs as expected and only recently has it had problems, but those issues were easily fixed and now performs just the same if not better than before.

- Savannah L

Its reliable for its age, though most vehicles have much better power steering.

I am used to it. Its tall and has good mileage. I dislike the weak power steering. The truck/SUV has been maintained to a point where it performs better than most modern vehicles. It has never had any issues other than the occasional battery issue.

- Ed P

My car is a great vehicle who sucks up all my money. His name is bill.

My vehicle has been in the shop multiple times for the same reason. It sometimes will just stop working in the middle of the road and I had to pull over on the side of the freeway. I have put several thousand dollars into it for repairs.

- Peyton L

it is a 2002 with only 104000 miles on it.

My Xterra is a great vehicle for my needs it suits all the purposes which I require. However, it is not really a comfortable ride for long journeys. The instrument panel can be hard to see when the sun shines just right into the vehicle.

- Jeff F

Not that good of gas mileage, it likes to go through gas at a good rate. Even with a V6 engine in it, it is a high output engine which causes it to drink up the gas.

I love the way it drives and handles on the road. I also love the way it handles going off-road with it. It is reasonable prices for parts to fix as well. My only complaint is that it does not get very good gas mileage.

- Ken K

Very good on gas and mileage.

My vehicle has not really gave me any problems. It has plenty room in it allowing people to sit comfortably in it. The smoothness makes you feel as if you are driving nothing. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Crystal B

Another thing about my car is that it handles great.

I love it because it has stadium seating in the back. It is great in the snow and it has 4-wheel drive. I purchased it brand new and it has been very reliable. If they still made them I would buy another one.

- Kay H

It is built like a Jeep or a truck and drives like one.

My CD player is broken. Car rides a little rough. The turning radius is tight. Limited legroom in the back. Great for lugging around a lot of gear. Handles a lot of different types of roads.

- Jackie J

It's very reliable and trustworthy. I've never had any major issues with it in over twelve years of driving it.

This is my second Nissan. I've been driving this one for 12 1/2 years. It's been a wonderful vehicle. I've not had any major issues with it so far. When it dies I'll get another Nissan.

- Peyton H

Awesome 4-wheel drive. Very dependable vehicle.

Love my Nissan Xterra! Mine is 4WD so I can go just about anywhere. It gets great gas mileage even with being a v6. It is very comfortable, roomy and can haul a filled trailer easily.

- Lisa R

Gas mileage is really bad.

My Nissan tera has really bad gas mileage. The air conditioning is broken and it will not pass smog. It is almost twenty years old, so I'll give it that. For an old car it is not bad.

- Kayla S

My Nissan has driven over 150,000 miles!

Nissan makes great cars. My car has over 159K miles. I've also replaced the battery, power steering, air conditioning, and brakes. However these all need to be replaced eventually.

- Lacey L

They should know it is a nice sporty looking vehicle.

I like that it is compact, as well as it looks nice. I dislike the gas mileage it gets. I also dislike the radio that it comes with or at least the one mine has in it.

- Brendan H

It is been very reliable. Never had a breakdown. Bought it used 7 years ago.

I like 4x4. The height of the vehicle makes it easy to enter and exit the vehicle. It is sporty looking. I do not like the interior shoulder room. It is too narrow.

- Michelle E

Quality, no repairs or extra cost.

Since I have own this vehicle I have only had to spend $800. 00 in repairs(not in including preventive maintenance )$400. 00 was because I let a problem go.

- Terre M

Nissan's are very solid, sturdy, well built pieces of automotive technology.

I don't have any complaints about my car. It has always taken me to and from my location safe and sound. Every component is functioning at or near capacity

- Jay W

It's good for camping, long trips and moving and towing random things to heavy to take in little sedan or two door cars

My car has no problems, it performs great when properly maintained and very reliable to get you where u wanna go other the it's a v6 car which sucks up gas

- Edgar G

No matter how broken it is, it still gets you from point a to point b

A Lot of problems but it handles nice but very top heavy. Very spacious inside the vehicle. Once one thing breaks, everything breaks. The seats are comfy

- Cheyenne s

You'll get addicted to it

It feels nice to drive. It's comfortable. It's lifted, don't have to worry about bottoming out on anything. The 4WD makes the steering harder though.

- sharon M

It is my car paid free and clear.

No complaints on this vehicle. It is very dependable and a comfortable ride. Gas mileage has always been great for a bigger vehicle. Very spacious.

- RHonda C

The fact that it is low maintenance.

I like that my vehicle is roomy and comfortable. It is very low maintenance in spite of the miles.I would like a newer model from the same make.

- Su L

Stability and dependability of it is great.

I love my vehicle because it is extremely reliable, great on gas, great off-roading, and it is extremely comfortable to be in. I love my car!

- Alani P

Very dependable. Very fun to drive. I live the sporty look of the vehicle.

Rugged dependable and fun to drive. If I keep it serviced it runs great. I've had it a year and its one if my favorite vehicles I have owned.

- Vera J

it's a decent size and good for winter season with the 4 wheel drive

i love my vehicle i have it for 16 years and still good, i hope they continue to make this kind of vehicle and i am ready to get newer one.

- jason b

How smooth it drives even in the city.

I like how high up my car is. I have a grill on the front so I feel extra safe in the vehicle. Leather seats is always a plus for me.

- Katie J

it handles changing road conditions fairly well and it is not bad on gas

I like that it is a mid-size SUV. It has ample cargo space, as well as roof racks. The Nissan is durable enough for all of my needs

- keenon m

Good for off-roading or going camping

Never had a problem with the Xterra. Always ran well. Easy first car. Very easy to drive and has given me absolutely no issues.

- Kelly K

If you live in a hot state, the air conditioner can be a problem.

Regular maintenance, changed some parts, has over 450. 000 miles. What more can someone say? Someday I'll get a new car.

- Douglas M

It's easy to drive and it's a stick.

It seems to have issues, it runs hot. From what i've heard this is common in this model. Other than that, l like it.

- Susan S

My 2002 grey Nissan Xterra.

My car drives good with no problems. Is good on gas. Sometimes it jerks but nothing bad. I love my car very much.

- Tye B

Its roomy. Has plenty of space and no puddle will stop it. A/C has been an issue

It's been ok. Its lasted for 17 years. A/C has been the biggest issue. Other than that a pretty reliable vehicle

- Julio G

It is durable and very reliable.

It is an older model that uses a lot of gas. I like it because I can haul quite a bit of stuff in it if needed.

- Frances S

It drives very well and still gong

It has 197,000 miles on it And still going but the ball bearings are going out, steering fluid leaks

- Christina D

It's dependable. Low maintenance and easy to do yourself.

I love the color. Low maintenance and easy to maintain. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Debra T

Change the oil. Routine maintenance is important. Drive responsibly.

Great vehicle for reliability. Easy to drive and maintenance is affordable.

- Thomas H

Sporty, comfortable, roomy. Perfect for a small family.

Decent gas mileage, roomy storage space, smaller than a full size SUV.

- Tara N

The engines run forever, and maintenance on other issues is almost nil.

I have always bought Nissan. They run forever and are very well built.

- Nancy A

very well made lots of head room lots of storage space

very reliable great storage space lots of head room four wheel drive.

- matthew s

It is slowly going down. It is time to get a new one

Like that it is high off the air. That it is spacious and strong

- Julio G