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2003 Nissan Xterra. Reliable and dependable, not technologically advanced.

The 2003 Nissan Xterra is a safe and affordable vehicle. When taken care of regularly, this vehicle is extremely dependable lasting well past 250, 000 miles. It is very common to find a decent Nissan Xterra used. This vehicle seats five (5) passengers and contains trunk space via hatchback. The back seat cushions come out entirely and fold down creating more room to transport larger items for those big projects. The roof rack on top allows for a secured car top carrier. This feature is nice when traveling with the family because everyone in the car is able to bring what they want and still have room inside the car to be comfortable. When purchasing the 2003 Nissan Xterra, be sure to check what wheel drive it is. Not all of the 2003 Nissan Xterra's are 4 wheel drive and the 2 wheel drive causes occasional sliding in wet and/or icy conditions. During the winter season, the heating unit works wonderfully. However, it has been noticed that the air conditioning unit does not work as efficiently. The good news is that the air conditioning belt is separate from the rest of the belt systems under the hood, so if the air conditioning goes out, it does not affect the rest of the belt systems under the hood. The big windows minimize blind spots making it safer when traveling on the road. With this car, the owner has the option to buy off-roading tires, making this vehicle great to drive on loose gravel and dirt. Keeping in mind that the 2003 Nissan Xterra is not the most technological automobile, it is still very reliable and dependable and I would highly recommend owning one.

- Marsh M

Car maintenance and capability.

This has been a pretty decent car overall. The drive train is not bad, it gets power when it's needed, but because it's older it's getting wear and tare issues. There are definitely transmission problems after a few years. Add to that, the oxygen sensors and motor mounts wear out rather quickly. The seats are comfortable but could use more leg room. With car seats, there are some that don't fit properly so you want to check before you purchase. In general, it's a good car that goes quite a bit before regular tune up and such. The oil should always be changed regularly but the rest will hold out. Tires get worn easily if you don't stay on top of rotating them.

- Ashley M

My Nissan xterra can get through challenging weather.

My Nissan has been reliable for my commute to work as well as for road trips to nearby states. It is comfortable and my family and I feel safe in it. Additionally, it is heavy-duty in winter weather as it can travel without trouble through snow due to the 4-wheel drive. Last, it has comfortable seating for long drives and stays cool in summer and warm in winter. That said, a recurring problem I have had with this car is the knock sensor making the engine light come up and also an issue with the distributor which I had to replace twice - luckily after the first time, the part is under a lifetime warranty.

- Natalie H

The best vehicle I have ever owned is my Nissan xterra.

My xterra has been the best vehicle I have ever owned! Other than the normal wear and tear I have had no major issues and have over 200,000 miles on the vehicle. My only regret has been that my xterra is not four wheel drive- with that said only for weather related reasons. When on road trips with my son he has never had a problem getting comfortable enough to sleep. To be honest if I could buy another vehicle and the xterra was still available-not a doubt in my mind (depending on color) I would own it.

- Sue D

Nissan Xterra is the Best Vehicle Ever!

I love my Xterra! It has 190,000 miles so it should require quite a bit of maintenance but it still runs beautifully. It still blows my mind that a car that's 16 years old is just now requiring the small fixes that it needs. I tend to use it for longer distances as well, so putting miles on it should wear it out but it doesn't phase my car. It would take a while lot for me to buy any other Make and Model of a car because I love and trust my Xterra!!

- Lauren M

Perfect daily traveler car

I have owned my 2003 Xterra for about 3+ years and never had any big mechanical issues. Small routinely maintenance is all. I have just about 250000 miles in it and still runs strong. I wish they continued to make this model because the new Pathfinders are nothing like the old ones and Xterras alike. Of course with the age of the vehicle there has been some rust but it still holds up strong and remains my daily driver.

- Breanna W

My Nissan Xterra is perfect for me!

I really love my Nissan Xterra. It has 4 wheel drive which makes it super easy to drive around in the snow or mountains with. I love that it comes with a safety kit. I went camping, laid the seats down and slept in it super comfortably. I love the size of it and the sporty look. Best car I've had. Runs a little rough sometimes but I feel like it's built to last.

- Sarah V

It is a bright yellow 2003 Nissan Xterra.

The right side of the front bumper is loose and squeaks when I drive and the drive is very bumpy. I also can't see my radio when its nighttime and sometimes the radio doesn't work at all. The gas is fairly good for a engine that has a v6, it costs about thirty-eight dollars to fill and lasts about a week and a half, to two weeks until I need to fill it up again.

- Alexander D

A Dependable Nissan Xterra

Overall, my Nissan Xterra has been a very reliable car. In the four years that I've had it (I bought it used), the only issue that I've ever had is a starter that needed replacing and a very small oil leak. My only complaint is the fuel mileage. As an older car before the focus was shifted to fuel economy, the 2003 Xterra only gets about 20 mpg.

- Jack W

Reasons we chose our Xterra.

We purchased the Xterra because we found the 2003 for a good price we were looking for a vehicle that was easy to get into with comfortable seats because we often take rides into the countryside on pleasant afternoons the four wheel drive capability gives us a sense of security on mountain roads which are sometimes dirt or gravel.

- Deborah M

03 Nissan Xterra, looks amazing, rides and goes anywhere.

I love my Nissan Xterra! It has had new shocks put on rides and drives amazingly. Had a problem with starter, however once replaced has been fine, till now, since now the battery needs replacing. All in all tho, it's my first SUV and I'm in love with it. Gas mileage is kind horrible, but could just need a tune up.

- Larry C

Nissan is a great company.

It has lasted through everything, from high school to college, ever since my sister used it, and it is running good. I got a chance to use it sharing with my mom so it's a wonderful vehicle to keep around. My Xterra has been around since 2003 and it's now 2018; that's 15 years and it's still running really good.

- Danielle Y

Great reliable xterra SUV.

Very Reliable transportation, comfortable seating, convenient remote start, towing package, good cargo area. Repairs are affordable, good gas mileage for an SUV. Great for animal lovers/ owners. Good car overall - very satisfied with my purchase of the Xterra. I wish they still made them.

- Karla L

Great truck, minimal problems. Long lasting, although not electric

I constantly need my oil changed/it's constantly leaking. But other than that it is a convenient truck, with long lasting battery. I occasionally need to get my tires changed but that's not too much of a hassle. My engine is great and so it the rest of the car, although it's not electric.

- Royal C

I really enjoy the sporty look very fashionable and luxurious.

It rides very smooth it's just a little difficult putting it in 4 wheel drive its sits high up like a big SUV and the seats are very comfortable and the ride really makes you want to go on a long road trip so far the vehicle is a family car and it has good mileage for its gas per gallon.

- Cassandra B

It is very dependable. It has never left me stranded.

I like the look of my vehicle. It is a beautiful green color. I like the way it handles. I like that in spite of it being fifteen years old, it always starts. I hate that the windshield washer only stays fixed for about five minutes every time I get it fixed. I LOVE that it is paid for.

- Rachel M

The Xterra is a very spacious vehicle.

Dependable. I have it for five years now and have only had one major issue other than normal maintenance. It is great on gas mileage and very spacious inside. The stock Rockford fosgate stereo in it is amazing. The hatchback door is a plus because it opens very easily and is not heavy.

- Sarah L

This thing is like the energizer bunny.

It is a great car with a long life and minimal issues. Very reliable car, very affordable car. It can transport large items and multiple people easily. Very versatile. It gets moderately good gas mileage and is easy to take care of. I am very happy with the performance of the vehicle.

- Laura D

Fun-to-drive, sporty SUV!

I really like our Nissan xterra. It has a lot of room and we are able to haul things when needed. It is comfortable to drive. As it is older, the air conditioning does not work well right now but that can be easily fixed. It is an SUV so the only negative for me is the gas mileage.

- Kris C

Xterra is the best SUV I have had and it's also a great family vehicle

The Nissan xterra is great in the snow rain any weather really the only problem I have is the oil leak that came a couple months after I bought... I would recommend this SUV to anyone more so people who live in a state with snow four wheel drive is awesome for mudding and snow

- Gypsy C

The vehicle is old and outdated.

Battery issues are common. The a/c has been broken. Other than that the car gets me from a to b. I don't really like the style of it. The sound system and radio is awful. Overall the car is very outdated. Sometimes on the highway the engine even starts to make clicking noises.

- Joe K

Dependable, comfortable vehicle.

My Xterra has been a great vehicle. I have never had any problems with it. I service it, drive it and enjoy it. I recommend the Xterra to any looking for a long term, dependable vehicle. It is a comfortable ride, has plenty of power. O have really enjoyed having this vehicle.

- Kay T

The side sliding doors make for easy access to enter the vehicle.

I love everything about my xterra. It is 4 wheel drive, manual transmission, sporty looking and driving, runs like a champ, everything is accessible to the driver, does not have all the nonsense technology in it. It is just all around the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Karen H

Sits up high, and has lots of storage.

I love my vehicle because it sits up high, has comfortable seats, is pretty good on gas, and rides smooth. Shifts really well, bright lights, it has a big trunks, and lots of storage inside. Big glove box, big back seat. I love my car. I would recommend one to anyone.

- Chelsea M

2003 Nissan xterra review.

Positives- the car has 4wd does well off roading and has lot of space. It also does well in the snow. It is comfortable to ride in. . Negatives-it is getting to be an older car and regularly requires repairs. The car has poor gas mileage and requires supreme gas.

- Cory M

Not good on gas mileage. Slow pick up in the engine.

Bought it used so there were a lot of things that needed fixing, mostly maintenance... changing spark plugs, wires, and oil. The gas mileage is less than satisfying at 15 miles per gallon. The knock sensor just needed to be replaced. No other known problems.

- Susan S

Great for storage. Fuel economy is decent, but could be better.

I love the car for storage. Runs fairly smoothly and great 4x4. Still runs great at 115k miles. Didn't expect the steering wheel to get so damaged with the heat when I first moved to AZ. MPG could be better compared to similar cars. Gets about 17 mpg average.

- Jackie M

The Nissan tera. Reliable, durable, and comfortable.

I use my Nissan tera for work. It is reliable and roomy enough for my purpose. The gas mileage is ok, but since I work a good distance from my home the gas mileage could be better. Overall I like it and also it has a sporty look that I like in vehicles.

- Terri J

Stay on top of maintenance! Just like any other vehicle, it can get pretty pricey when you need to work on them, and most of the the time mechanics will recommend you take them to a Nissan dealer.

I couldn't be happier with my Xterra. I love that I can take it off road and not have to worry about getting stuck in the desert. It's great on gas, which helps because I live far from town. I really don't have a single complaint about it.

- GinaMarie S

Really reliable car as long as they are maintained and well taken care of

I have a lifted xterra with many add on features. It is slowly starting to fall apart and now has a blown rear main seal. The exhaust has rotted off. Many new issues are happening but I guess that's what happens with a 15 year old car

- Allyson K

The gas mileage is terrible. You will be filling up once a week.

I enjoy the size of the car because I feel safe in it when driving. The car has had a lot of transmissions issues and continues to have then even after getting a new transmission. The gas mileage is terrible as well.

- J G

My car is awesome in handling and it is a great car for the winter it will not get stuck and it's heavy enough that you don't slide everywhere

2003 Nissan Xterra is a remarkable vehicle. As of right this minute it is off the road right now and due to a vacuum leak but other than that the frame and body are in excellent condition

- Chris P

It has over 250000 miles and is still in good shape.

I love the fact it is an SUV and does not sit low to the ground. It is a reliable vehicle. It has over 250000 miles and is still going strong. I like the roomy inside.

- Shannon L

It is sensitive to drive, has to be driven a bit carefully!

Likes: it is sturdy, it runs good, sound system is beautiful, it is comfy, accident proof! Dislikes: you cannot make it far with road trips out of town.

- Mira O

Great size good gas mileage.

It is small enough to drive sound town yet it is big enough for comfort when traveling. It gets good gas mileage, I have no complaints I love it.

- Darlene B

My Black Nissan Xterra, very reliable

My vehicle is very reliable, with very few issues outside of my fault. It has some issues that I had to personally fix but I did buy it preowned

- Ethan P

how maintenance free it is which cuts down on vehicle expense

it is relatively maintenance free and it is also easy to get in and out off because it sits high which I like and it is also pretty good on gas

- rodney p

It is reliable and dependable.

My vehicle is solid and dependable. I sit up high and have 4 wheel drive, which is great in the winter. I don't really have any complaints.

- Scott B

It's comfortable and fun to drive. It fits my lifestyle and has plenty of room for road tripping.

I so thoroughly love my xTerra. I dred thinking about replacing it. It's 4 wheel drive and I live in the Northeast!! That says it all.

- Angela T

It is not a speed demon or super luxurious but it gets the job done just fine.

I like how reliable and utilitarian it is. Thing is just about bullet proof. I do wish that it had power windows and locks though.

- Michael K

High safety rating for families. Dependable and fun car to drive.

The xterra is a great car. You feel safe and higher up with better visibility than other suvs. The gas mileage however is poor.

- Vanessa M

It has a Supercharger and a smooth ride.

I like my XTerra but the gas mileage is not very good. The Supercharger is a plus. Besides that, everything still works great.

- Titus T

It looks really cool and reminds me of a Jeep.

Emissions is bad and needs to be replaced and the tag light is out. I like the car however the ac needs to be updated as well.

- Brooke H

How durable it is and great gas mileage.

There has been a lot of problems since I have bought it. It gets 13mph. It can go threw anything. It drives nice in the rain.

- Christy S

Nissan Xterra is a great truck

Very reliable truck, I have over 200k miles and still runs great. It has enough room for a family of 4 and rides very smooth.

- John P

Reliability is great. A great long term investment for those looking for an SUV.

Great reliable vehicle and roomy. A little underpowered engine and gas mileage isn't great. But I knew these things buying.

- Jason K

Nissan Xterra review on comfort

Alignments are often off. The air conditioning sometimes messes up, and I feel as if the seats could be more comfortable.

- Ethan F

That it is very safe due to it having a truck frame.

It has a lot of power for a six cylinder. It has 4 wheel drive. It handles well. The front seats area is a little small.

- Wayne L

Reliable and safe Nissan Xterra

This car has been extremely reliable. It has only broken down once after a regularly scheduled maintenance item failed.

- Kaitlyn S

Dependable and well built, it gets decent gas mileage and just keeps on going.

Very dependable. Has over 325,000 miles and never given me a problem. Will keep it as long as there are no problems.

- Guy B

It is a fun and practical SUV that can take you, and everything you need, anywhere you want to go.

Very reliable. Sporty, tough, and fun. Great in the snow and off roading. Hasn't rattled loose in 208k. Compact.

- Tara S

It is reliable and gets me to where I need to be.

The Nissan external has been really reliable but the ac went out a couple years ago so all it does is blow hot air.

- Makayla M

A waste of money. Have spent too much money.

Major engine repairs. Water pump radiator, thermostat ignition security system, door locks, oil leak,

- Carol S

Great for traveling and taking road trips.

It has a lot of miles on it but it has done me good. Minor problems here and there but nothing major

- Ashley F

Nissan is a very reliable car and does not need a lot of repairs

It is very reliable and is made well. I feel safe when I drive or ride in it.

- Teresa D

That it is really safe due to it having a truck frame.

I like that it has a lot of power. I also like that it is 4 wheel drive.

- Wayne L

Old but works, good for hardworking people. Be aware of very very costly repairs

Doesn't pass emissions Costly repairs Good in snow Good with ice

- Audra R

I like that it is an SUV that is actually rugged and not just luxury. I love the size and it's a supercharged, so I like that although it is an SUV, it will move. It's my favorite color, yellow. my complaint is they stopped making SUV's and only make luxury type utility vehicles.

The Nissan Xterra is reliable and a REAL sport utility vehicle.

- Mandy K

There has been virtually no expenses other than regular maintenance.

Very dependable vehicle. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Kay T

I don't know. It's an old car, but it gets me from point a to point b

It is reliable. It's paid for. It's old and falling apart

- Emem A

I am not sure, maybe other people would like it

I have had my SUV for several years and really like it

- Marjorie C