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2004 Nissan Xterra Review

My 2004 Nissan Xterra is more durable than one would expect at that year. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and it is a very high performance snow vehicle. This vehicle seats comfortably for passengers. It comes with a first aid kit and a tire jack kit in the rear end under the trunk carpet. Because this vehicle is a four-door SUV it is not as fuel efficient as many other smaller electric cars but is not at all a wallet drain. If regular maintenance of this vehicle is done when needed this vehicle can last a solid 15-20 years or more. The current mileage on my 2004 Nissan Xterra is a little over 180,000 miles yet it still works like new.

- Edwards E

Safe vehicle never worried if our family was going to be hurt if we had an accident.

When we first bought this vehicle we actually had bought another xterra a month before. My husband picked it up from the garage it still had the 10 day plates on it. When he was trying to pull out from the lot a vehicle came from behind another one and was going extremely fast. They hit the front of our xterra. The vehicle they were in was completely demolished and out truck was totaled. Looking at it you could not tell we had damage and my husband was not hurt at all. We bought a newer version as soon as we had the insurance money. It is definitely a safe vehicle

- Angela P

Built for rough roads, has weird quirks.

We purchased our '04 Nissan xterra used, with less than 60k miles on it. Couldn't pass up the great deal. Since it is built to withstand off-road driving, it handles bumps, potholes, etc. with no problem. It is a very smooth ride, and I am comfortable in it for hours on road trips. It does not have the best fuel efficiency. Our xterra seems to have defective lock mechanisms- they will immediately lock after we open a door, sometimes before we can even get the door open. Sometimes the car refuses to start unless it is gone through its weird cycle of locking and unlocking.

- Alyssa K

It runs with a v6 supercharged battery and can accelerate very quickly.

My car has run well for the last 6 years since I bought it with 80, 000 miles. It has required small amounts of work done to it but for the most part it has run well. My biggest complaint about the car is how it is on gas mileage. I believe I get about 16 miles to the gallon. Living in Florida where everything is a pretty far drive, it is difficult to pay so much for gas. The xterra has a great 4 wheel drive for off-roading and a v6 engine. For anyone looking for a car that they want to take off-roading, camping, or loading a lot of junk in, I recommend the xterra.

- Michael B

Not great for a road trip with kids, but great for a weekend camping trip.

There are a few positives and a few negative with the Nissan xterra. The acceleration is awful and the vehicle is not great on gas. These are issues that may have been addressed in later models however. I do enjoy how compact it is for an SUV, and the 4 wheel drive is a plus in bad weather. It nicely fits two car seats, but is too narrow to fit 3 car seats, even if two are boosters. This is certainly a great vehicle for camping and driving through rough terrain, but not great for long road trips.

- Ashley Y

Perfect car for an active family

my Nissan Xterra is the best car I've ever owned. It's super reliable, I drove it all the way from California to Tennessee hauling a huge trailer with no issues whatsoever. It's comfortable to drive with nice interior and great feel. It's got tons of space inside but it isn't bulky looking and I love that about it. The back seats fold down completely and there's a ton of trunk space, making family trips a breeze. It's a great family car without making me look like a soccer mom.

- Elizabeth N

Nissan really built xterra well in 2004 except for location of # 6 spark plug.

Paint has lasted quite well over the years. Drives pretty smooth with good power and noise is not loud at all. Comfortable seats, at least for me. Rack on top has worked well although limited in supporting weights. Silver colored with black trim. 6 cylinder engine with pretty good a/c and about 19 mi/gal. Good pickup speed. No major issues other than a small oil leak on manifold gasket which caused starter to short out. Replaced gasket and starter and all has been fine.

- Alan M

Smooth sailing, do not give me a lot of problems only small thing,

Only problems right now is getting a brake job done and my oil change, I love the size of my SUV, it spacious, lot of room in the back for my groceries and I love to go to thrift store, I can haul my items I purchase, just the back seat tilt I got extra space in the back cargo, my SUV is easy to drive and parking is not a problems, the reliability is great does not have to many major problems with it, CD player back window wipers, and defog heated back window.

- Dell W

My Nissan Xterra XE is a beauty! I had dipped the factory rims in black paint

I love my 04 Nissan Xterra XE. It is my every day drive vehicle; One of the best ones I've ever had! Def. reliable, good on gas and great style/look! I love the lift, spare tire compartment and how strong it is built. Only problems I had was a misfire because of 'all-season' spark plugs that were specified for my vehicle but wasn't not the top pick for my vehicle. Next time i'll get the top choice. Also, problems with idle-air-control-valve.

- Chelsea M

Xterra, i'd buy one again!

I have driven my XTerra all over the country, from Florida to Canada to Mexico! It handles very smoothly and is roomy, fitting 5 people comfortably. There is plenty of room in the back for luggage, etc. The gas mileage gets around 17 miles per gallon, so not amazing as far as that goes. I haven't had a whole lot of problems overall, but as the car is getting older, it is been in the shop more. I have had to replace the starter several times.

- Christie A

My vehicle is safe, dependable, and efficient.

I love the ease with which I can get into and out of my vehicle. I like very much that the body is steel. It seems safe and sturdy. I like the hatch back feature. It is easy for me to load and unload my groceries and other items I need to transport. I like that the front end of my vehicle is somewhat short..Making it easy to turn and maneuver. I have had few mechanical problems with my vehicle and maintenance is usually reasonably priced.

- Rhonda M

It's old, so all the issues i have with it are because of its age. As soon as I have enough saved I will be buying another Xterra truck.

I love the size of the Xterra, it is like a truck but it feels easier to drive. Living in Colorado I love the 4 wheel drive helps me get through the mountains. Seems to be easy maintenance when something goes wrong. It's been going strong for 14 years so I can't complain much. Only issue I've had is when I needed to change the rotors, because it's a 4 wheel drive, a relatively cheap repair costed about $600.

- Grace G

Very spacious. Large engine. All terrain. Good family vehicle.

Great all purpose vehicle! Decent on gas with just enough power to get from stop to go. Powerful engine to haul a trailer if necessary and has all terrain capabilities. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned and spacious enough to carry up to 4 passengers and comes equipped with a large trunk for all of you grocery shopping needs. Comes with a luggage rack as well for any travelling.

- Jessica M

Nissan xterra: compact, storage capacity, great gas mileage and easy to maintain!

I love my Nissan xterra! Its compact enough to drive while still having plenty of cargo space! The back seat fold down flat when you take out the back seats, which is great for hauling things! Its aerodynamic on the highway which is awesome for gas mileage! It's easy to maintain and access the engine myself. My car has over 200,000 miles on it and it's still running great!

- Brooke M

It is a reliable car that operates well in all different types of terrains.

I have enjoyed this vehicle since I turned 16 years old, over 13 years ago. It has always been reliable, works well in the city, mountains, beach, etc. I love that I am able to take advantage of the 4 wheel drive option, having went to college in the mountains and now that my family owns a mountain home. It has never given me any problems and stayed in good condition!

- Kaycie J

04 Xterra. Ac heat work. Good motor, minor work. Needs cleaning and washing.

04 Nissan Xterra. Motor is in good condition. May need bottom valve cover gasket. Ac and heat both work extremely well. 180000 miles on it but this thing is tough. Do not want to sell, ran into some hard times. I would definitely buy another one. Priced to sell as is. Needs a bath and a good cleaning but other than that it is a wonderful vehicle to invest in.

- Chandra W

My vehicle is great though. I love the interior. And my radio.

My vehicle would do amazing had it not been raced. But it won the race so I guess it is got great performance but it has given me a lot of problems because it was races before I bought it. I was unaware it had been raced. Until after I purchased it. I have replaced a lot of parts and am currently replacing the head gaskets on it which has taken over a year.

- Rachel S

Great everyday SUV not too many worries.

Great car no problems as long as I have had it. Drives great and has great gas mileage. Drove nearly 300 miles one way and didn't need to stop for gas. Seats are comfortable and vehicle height perfect for average to taller people. Only minor problem I have had with it is I had to replace the radio because of the generic system it had in it.

- Alex C

Reliability is key to driving.

I really like my Nissan xterra. I have had it now for a couple years and it has over 220000 miles on it. As long as you keep up with the tune ups oil changes and the occasional engine flush this bad boy will run forever. I have had to change only the fuel pump and water pump once. The body has held up quite well. Not much rust at all.

- Marc D

Perfectly compact SUV! All around wonders.

This vehicle is a great for traveling in town and on trips. The gas mileage is good. The air conditioning and heat work well. Seating is comfortable, however, it wore quickly. The back windshield would be nice if it could roll up and down. The motor has had no issues. With proper and timely maintenance, this vehicle will last years.

- Emma S

My SUV is black and a four door. Black is beautiful.

I have a 2004 Nissan Xterra. Its black. Four door. People tell me as long as I keep up the maintenance on my vehicle, it will last forever. Right now there is a clicking noise somewhere around my tires. Its like something underneath is going to break. I think I may have an oil leak. I need a new car but I still love my SUV.

- Angela M

Central air back seats lay down easy to. And great sounding radio and CD player.

It's got very good gas mileage and drives nice. I like the room I have in it. It's comfortable to drive on long trips I've had mine for 4 years and no trouble with it but this is the second Nissan I've had I have nothing bad to say about it at all. My kids like it and so does the grandkids I would get another one.

- Rosa T

Best first car purchase ever for female!

It is held up really well, minor problems have popped up. Such as oil leak, original power belt snapped and needed replaced and original valve cover gaskets were replaced 14 years into its life. Gas mileage has gone down some but not in a major way. Keeping up with routine maintenance has kept things running well.

- Danielle G

I truly love my Nissan xterra.

I love how solidly built it is. I am a midsize SUV fan. It feels safe and I like being a bit above cars so I can see what is ahead of me. Interior is solid and doesn't fall apart. It looks good and I am told its cute all the time. Rugged and sporty. Nothing I would change about it other than getting a new one.

- Kate W

Why I love to drive my Xterra and the great mileage it gives me.

Love the way it handles on the road and is very fuel efficient gives me great mile per gallon and is very comfortable bought it new in 2004 and have not change any major parts in the car yet it has 192 thousand miles have change the brakes 4 times and the air ones when I first got it was still under warranty.

- Antonio R

Amazing for the winter. Snow is not a problem. Not to small and not to big.

I really like my vehicle because it's amazing car for the winter time. Snow is no problem. It comfortable and it not to big and not to small. When I bought it had a few problem but they weren't so bad so got them fix. This car use to be my stepdads so I feel safe driving it. My brother has also driven it.

- Tatiana S

Old Xterra still got it. Took a licking and keeps ticking.

It old. No one will be buying a used Xterra when the can get something newer. I enjoy driving Nissan. I always wanted an Xterra so when my Kia was repossessed I got this one with 141k miles on it. Still handles well I have had to replace a motor and I have more repairs to make but I plan to keep it.

- A L

Looks nice but needs more room

Always low on oil, only 2 wheel drive, and has a constant issue with spark plugs. It's nowhere near as roomy as it looks and is also top heavy. My gas mileage seems to decrease the more I drive it. I would have preferred a minivan. I am very dissatisfied with the amount of actual cargo space it has.

- Selena B

Reliable, comfortable, driving dependability, low maintenance, great looking.

Quick start, 25 gallon tank, low gas mileage using vehicle, air condition supreme, driving and turning very easy. Very reliable, low maintenance, chassis very strong, interior very nice, tires strong and reliable on gravel road, windshield strong and durable protection strong impact, safety glass

- Marlon P

Nissans is a good reliable choice.

Poor interior quality. Accessories deem kind of cheap that is really about it. I am very happy with my vehicle. This is my third Nissan mary has he and drives well it is good gas mileage it has been pretty good reliable from day one. I would recommend Nissan to anyone is looking for a new car.

- Jen V

is a good car to use for daily errors

it's seats are comfortable and the trunk is very huge and big for groceries has 5 seats and tires are really good with the vehicle / car but do not include aux which sucks big time ! but that's probably the only issue and the air conditioners are good and are the best with this time of heat

- Adrian V

Very durable Nissan Xterra

I like the feel of my vehicle. It sits higher up in the air. You can see what's around a lot better than most vehicles. It comes with a first aid kit. And it is a very versatile SUV. My Nissan in green. The interior is a bit dull. And it only has technically 4 seats. It has lots of room.

- Sean F

That I can drive thru snow.

Nothing wrong with it I love it. Just make sure you get oil changed and tires and a turn up make sure you have oil and gas at all times. Make sure you get your tires rotated and your brakes and rotors ever 6 months or they will go out last but not least make sure you keep it clean.

- Andrea G

I love how spacious everything is. Room for my kids all the room in the back.

The air conditioner will not stay charged and it's blow a few hoses and a radiator. It does act like it doesn't want to pull hills sometimes. Also I think my starter is tearing up. I've not had a ton of problems out of it I bought it used 3 years ago and it's been an amazing car.

- Stephanie C

4x4 Xterra. Perfect size.

For being an SUV, it is not too big. Just the right size for my wife. It is pretty reliable. I haven't had big issues with it since buying it. Right now, only issue I have is that the fan is not working for the AC. Only turns on at the highest level. No low level options.

- Rio S

The perfect starter vehicle

This car is great for areas with bad weather such as snow or rain because the four wheel drive works wonders. My car has 190000 miles and is running ok. On occasion I may have minor electrical problems but it is no big deal.I love my xterra and would recommend for a starter car

- Daniel C

Nissan Xterra 2004 4WD is a wonderful car for around town travel and off-roading.

Front axle has snapped twice on my current model. Acceleration speeds are slow, but overall it performs well for day to day travel around town. Gas mileage is average, but impossible on the highway. It is relatively comfortable, and performs well off-road using the 4WD feature!

- Kristina J

Keep up with fluids. That's key to longevity with the SUV

The SUV is pretty durable with 4 wheel drive. The exhaust system always has leaks but otherwise is a reliable vehicle. As long as you maintain it on a fairly consistent basis you will get a lot of life. Mine currently has 220k on it and I don't see it dying anytime soon

- lily r

It is a good car that has lasted for quite some time.

The 2004 Nissan Xterra is reliable. Definitely not my dream car, but it does get me from point A to point B. I prefer a newer, safer model of this same car company or another. Right now, I am looking for what is best for my child and their saf 6 for many years to come.

- Irene C

Front wheel wells are not very spacious causing some rubbing issues.

It is an older model so there are some minor repairs that add up quickly monetarily. There were recalls on this model year that were not tended to, so, sometimes, it takes a hard turn. It is relatively roomy. Decent gas mileage and overall a comfortable ride.

- Debra D

Nissan xterra is very reliable and dependable. If needed, it is easy to work on and great on gas.

I like the room it has for friends and family and diversity to lay down the seats for extra storage when hauling other things. This car is excellent on gas and is all wheel drive. This car has power and wheelbase to do anything and go anywhere.

- William L

The knock sensor is a spendy and small thing that is likely to go out in this car

I like how sporty and versatile my car is, especially living in Minnesota it is great to have a larger vehicle that gets me around. It drives smooth and nicely. Only complaint is it is spendy to work on because of the way the motor is built

- Sarah S

It's great for long rides and is comfortable, you can also carry a lot in the cargo hold

It's a great vehicle for longer road trips however nissan has some work they need to do on the way things are connected. The batter often gets corrosion and the connectors to the battery disconnect often.

- Brittany G

The Xterra is a safe, reliable vehicle with awesome cargo space.

I love the cargo space. I do with there were more cup holders since there are none in the back. The front is spacious but the backseat is a bit cramped. Also, the headliner has fallen.

- Grace M

My car has never failed on me, as long as you replace parts and routinely maintain the vehicle it will perform efficiently for many years to come!

It's very reliable and dependable. Love the 4WD and its ability to drive well in poor weather like rain,ice or snow. Has about 250,000 miles on it and hoping to get lots more!!

- Chris U

My car does not have all the bells and whistles of the newer cars but I have not had a single issue with it, as it approaches 200,000 miles on its engine.

The vehicle I drive has been very reliable for many years. I really appreciate its compact suv size. It handles excellent in the snow as well as along winding roads.

- Doneisa E

It gets decent gas mileage and handles well on trips. Highway mileage is pretty good.

I think it's a good vehicle. Have had to replace a few things, but that's normal for cars. It's comfortable and fits my family of 5. It's decent on gas for a SUV.

- Dawn G

Reliable, trusty vehicle.

i love my truck and it's been a wonderful vehicle. it runs like a charm and we haven't had too many problems with it even though it's got pretty high mileage

- Trisha A

Sporty SUV that looks stylish and trendy.

The Nissan Xterra is a great sporty SUV that has a stylish look and great ride that you will feel comfortable. You sit high so you can see everything well.

- Fred R

It has had relatively few maintenance issues for a 14yr old car.

I like the space, and flexibility of space, option to use 4-wheel drive. I dislike the MPG it gets, and that it drives a bit more like a truck than a car.

- Sara C

It carries a lot of cargo, like trips to home depot.

Has been a reliable, well-made vehicle. It is a true SUV and has been useful to me in a variety of ways. About all I do not like is the poor gas mileage.

- Tony E

It performs as well as when it was new.

I love the speed. Love the roominess. Handles easily. Four wheel is excellent. Plenty of trunk space. Also the ability to fold down the back seats.

- Lois G

Its amazing and I am so happy.

I like the 4 doors to help me put my kids in the car. I like the color. And I like my car. This car is a very good travel car it has 4 wheel drive.

- Rosemary C

My Xterra is reliable and reasonably inexpensive to keep running.

My Xterra is built like a tank. My Xterra gets fair gas mileage. My Xterra gets around great in inclement weather. The heat shield rattles a lot.

- Theodore B

It is very versatile. Nice for a night out and then can take to the dump.

I love the way it drives and the way it looks it is a great car to drive in the summer and is good for trips on the freeway good gas mileage.

- Sharon P

The vehicle has 4 wheel drive for you new Englanders.

I dislike how much gas it goes through for a V6. For being a taller suv it seems like my head hits the roof and you can't adjust the seat.

- Marc R

I am comfortable driving it and it fits my personality.

I like the size of my vehicle. It has hauling capabilities and a roomy interior. I like that the trucks sits up higher than an actual car.

- anya r

It performs better than a Jeep! And although it is old, it still drives great.

It is an awesome car that has incredible performance off-road (just factory!). Unfortunately the motor on this vehicle is notoriously bad

- Ann M

It has high safety ratings. It is quite versatile, and I never have to worry about things.

I love the style of it. I love that it has a lot of storage room. I can take it anywhere I want. I love that it has high safety ratings.

- Brady F

I feel safe in it because it's a heavy car.

I like that it is tall. What I dislike is how uncomfortable it is in the inside. It also has given a lot of mechanical problems.

- Reyes R

Love that I can tow things around.

The only thing I don't like about the SUV is that my headliner is coming loose, wish they would have better material for that.

- Analissa F

Its drives really great. .

I like the way it drives. I like that it is good for off-road. I do not like how small it is. I do not like the shape of it.

- Sheila B

It's bought as used car and not a brand new one although they can tell it by its appearance but it's still in a really good conditions

I bought it as used car already. Good is that I got it in cheaper price. Bad is that there are some problems showing up now.

- Khristia F

It has almost 180,000 miles on it and it rides well. It's a dependable ride.

Has been dependable and low maintenance. Dislike the cost of tires and when one thing goes wrong it cascades to more things.

- Susan C

Nice over head rack and of road lights.

It's a great off-road vehicle that can go anywhere. Mudding, hiking, can haul a nice sailboat or even tie down your kayaks.

- Robert S

Dependable reliability. Great fuel mileage comfortable

Very reliable very good on gas for a SUV dependable comfortable ride for long trips parts are not very expensive to replace

- Karen W

It is very safe and gets me where i need to go no matter where that is.

It is safe and reliable. It is the perfect size. It is also exactly what i need as far as towing capacity and gas mileage.

- Kristina K

90.000 miles use and running good as ever. Has large tires!

No problems but air conditioner does not work. Very reliable, plenty of room for people and cargo, big tires, strong body!

- Nicky K

My car has a problem with steering control that it has a recall. Other than that, it is a solid car.

The gas mileage is really poor. Moreover, there is not enough of room for my kids. The steering ability is slightly poor.

- huy t

It's honestly kind of hard to see out of sometimes while backing up.

The car is great. Reliable and very spacious. The gas mileage isn't great but it's a nice car in the snow or any weather.

- Sarah A

It is great for a small family.

Its old and falling apart. Currently in the shop for the last 2 months. I believe with timing issues. Still owe money.

- Angelina L

It is the best vehicle to meet my needs in every aspect of my life.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. It is roomy enough for a lot of cargo. The amount of charging ports is a plus

- Pam R

It runs great. There really isn't any bad experiences with my truck.

I am pretty content with my vehicle. I honestly have no complaints. It runs great and it is very comfortable.

- Guadalupe C

Durability. It is a 2004 and still going strong to this day!

Great vehicle. Only problem has been needing 2 ac compressors and head gasket leaking on passengers side.

- Michael E

Get this vehicle if you have a huge family to travel with. This car is spacious.

I love the size of the vehicle. I don't like the gas price to fill up the tank. The truck is good though.

- Destiny J

Great in the winter on snow and ice. The supercharger gives it a lot of towing power

The paint is starting to fade. The interior on the dash is cracking. And the roof cover is falling off

- Coltt C

It is very reliable. It will last you forever basically

I like that it is reliable. I do not like the look of it. I do not like the gas pedal, it isn't smooth

- Gina C

It's inexpensive to operate End it is run like a top with very little cost

It's really reliable and it doesn't real good job all wheel drive it goes anywhere in snow

- Bill W

It runs great and is 4wd. It is a smooth runner in the winter

I really like the size and 4wd! Easy to get into. I don't like that it is getting older.

- Diane U

The Nissan Xterra is built to withstand rugged terrain but has very poor gas mileage. There are a lot of mechanical problems with the older Xterras.

It's built tough and built for off roading. It isn't great with the gas mileage.

- Brenda J

It is not very good on gas.

I like the size. I don't like the gas mileage. Maintenance has been expensive.

- Anita W

The ride comfort isn't the greatest

It's good in the snow, and had a lot of cargo space but it's terrible on gas.

- Dez H

Excellent all around vehicle

I love this vehicle. Most dependable car I've owned. Very satisfied with it.

- Michael K

amazing mpg and great driving aspects. One of the best cars i've had

I love the mpg this car gets. I also love the way this vehicle drives

- Victoria E

Great gas mileage and value. Nissan is a great brand and this is a great SUV

I love Nissan vehicles. It is dependable and has great gas mileage.

- Vashawn M

It's great for Winter driving, and makes you feel safe.

Sits up high Feel safe in it Good for Winter I have no complaints

- Renee S

It lasts forever and is wonderful!

I love this car! Its 14 years old and amazing

- Brittney c