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Great for a growing family.

We love our Xterra. It is great for our small family. It has been super reliable and comfortable on long road trips. Plenty of room for large grocery trips, car seats fit well, and we always feel safe while driving it. Our Xterra handles really well on ice and snow. This is the second Nissan vehicle we have purchased used (the first a Sentra). Our Nissan vehicles have by far been the most reliable, lasting vehicles that we've owned. Our only reason for selling the Sentra was that we needed something larger to have enough room for two carseats, our 80-lb black lab, and still have room for clothing, etc. When we go on road trips out of state to visit family.

- Meghan W

The Nissan Xterra adapts well to varied terrain and weather conditions.

I love this vehicle, it is economical, pretty much maintenance free and a joy to drive. With today's gas prices the cost for fuel has really not been a factor. This vehicle is roomy and quite comfortable. I chose this vehicle because I like the brand, Nissan is a great brand and not too costly when making repairs. The weather in my area is very unpredictable and the Xterra adapts well to all. Nissan is at the top of my list when looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Sonia H

Solid vehicle, great interior space, love the style and functionality.

I love the size and style of my SUV. It hauls well and performs well in all 4 seasons. What I do not love is the gas mileage. I have also read online that a lot of the sensors are faulty, which has proven true for me. Even though my tire pressure is accurate, the sensor light is always on. Also, my gas sensor malfunctions stating I am low on gas even when my tank is full. Other than those issues, for a 12 year old vehicle, it is solid.

- Amanda H

My Nissan xterra has a roof rack that has a maximum total load of 150 pounds.

My Nissan xterra does very well in all weather conditions and has a good gas mileage when driving on the interstate or in town. It has a lot of space for carrying stuff in the car and my car has a rack for carrying stuff on top of my car which is super helpful. The front seats are comfortable and spacious but the back seat does not allow for a lot of legroom and the back doors can be hard to get out of because of the wheel well.

- Sarah D

My vehicle is a 2006 Nissan xterra and it is black.

This car is a great car to drive. The only negative about owning this car it does not have the best gas efficiency. Other than that, it can withstand a long car drive. I am the second owner of the xterra and the only mechanical problems was something in the engine went bad and was replaced easily. It is comfortable inside, it seats up to 6 people. The trunk has a lot of space and also a compartment where you can put stuff.

- McKenzie L

Rugged, dependable and reliable.

One of the best vehicles made! Rugged, dependable and built for safety, the 2006 Xterra exceeds my expectations. Comfortable bucket seats in the front with a roomy back row. Plenty of storage in the back with fold down seats to extend the bed of the truck. Loaded with features including a Rockford fosgate stereo system with 6 CD changer, 4 x 4 off-road package and roof rack. Fits 6 people easily.

- Barbara S

Xterra: fun and reliable.

The xterra is a great vehicle. Dependable and is fantastic in the snow. While comfortable to drive, being a passenger in the back seats can be a bit bumpy and hard to get in and out of the SUV. It is unfortunate that nissan discontinued the xterra. Mine currently had over 200k miles and still runs strong. But I would highly consider buying another one.

- Dave C

It has been a joy to own and drive. Upkeep and repairs have been minimal.

My xterra has been a great vehicle. It is reliable and has had few major problems except normal wear & tare items like brakes, clutch, tires. It has 223, 000 miles and has never got me stuck in snow, mud on or off the road. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a SUV that will hold up for a long time.

- Bob B

I love my Nissan so much!

I love this car. It has not given me much trouble and I have put a lot of miles on it. The only thing I do not like is that it is not 4 wheel drive. Most people think it is but it does not handle well in the snow. The gas mileage could be better but I do not think it's terrible. I intend to keep this car as long as I can.

- Cat B

2006 Nissan Xterra awesome reviews.

Great vehicle, strong motor, great suspension. Only troubles I am having is the quality of the paint. Have several spots on my hood losing clear coat. The interior is very durable. There are a few squeaks from the body locs coming loose. Besides that only thing serious that I have replaced is the drive shaft.

- Pedro G

Nissan Xterra is awesome.

Bad on gas everything else is perfect. The car has four wheel drive. It is very roomy. The back seats lay down plenty of room to store stuff. The steering is kinda stuff but that was never a real problem. The only problem is gas it only gets like 15 miles to a gallon and that sucks considering I drive a lot.

- James E

It does not have towing package.

This is an all around reliable vehicle. Good gas mileage for this size SUV and the four wheel drive capability helps for those off-road adventures. Would recommend buyers to check for a towing package due to this vehicle not automatically having one. Would make for better SUV if towing package was included.

- Lindsey J

Comfortable and roomy automobile.

I like my Nissan is very roomy. I tie things down in the back to tie down rings supplied. The back seats come out or lie down for a flat surface for the back. The seats are comfortable and the driver seat has adjustable lumbar support. Getting in and out of the vehicle is very easy, no bending down.

- Crystal H

Best for all off-road lovers.

I love my Nissan Xterra because it is very spacious. It is an off-road vehicle and can endure long trips. The only issue is have with it is gas. It is big so it wastes gas fairly quickly. The Nissan has gone through hell and back and it is still going strong. Fits 5 people comfortably.

- Nancy G

2006 Nissan xterra. It's a decent vehicle but not for someone with a family.

It is a nice looking vehicle, it is very reliable but not the most comfortable and does not have a lot of bells and whistles. In my opinion it would be more suitable for off-road use and not for someone who does not have children as there is not a lot of legroom in the back seat.

- Charles R

The storage space on top.

Xterra is heavy duty, reliable family vehicle. I will be buying a new one when I upgrade. I would recommend this to anyone. The only problem I see with mine is the space on the inside. I have a toddler and an infant. This makes it very cramped. More space would be nice.

- Helen N

Storage space you could camp in.

I enjoy my car due to it is very safe for my family. The seats are very comfortable. I often use the function where the back seat easily fold down to give a lot of storage and hauling. I have transported many different items of furniture due to this wonderful feature.

- Candace C

I would recommend this vehicle.

My Xterra is very reliable. I have owned it for 12 years and it has 255, 000 miles on it yet it still drives really well. It is also very comfortable and we take it on long trips. It is also really rugged and with the 4 wheel drive I can have a lot of fun with it.

- Jim C

I love my truck, the best I have ever own!

I haven't had any issues except for. Normal wear and tear that you need to replace, has loud road noise but it is a off-road edition and that is expected. Comfortable driving with a decent amount of room in the front and backseat for long legs. I love my truck.

- Savannah P

Bad gas sensor causes empty light to go on prematurely - usually still have 8-10 gallons in the tank.

Wonderful midsize SUV. Decent gas mileage, solid engine and good amount of room. Back seats fold down for to increase area in back for more storage or even car camping. Only fault in this model is a bad gas sensor which lights up prematurely.

- Carey R

Overheating issues seem to be common among this model and multiple years too.

Overheating issues with it. Sweet ride just had to put a decent amount of money into it. Lots of room for friends to sit and also carry a lot of luggage. Decent for camping for the weekend. Able to handle itself off-road.

- Josh R

It is tough as well as reliable. I have driven in many conditions including the heaviest rain, snow etc. and I have always felt safe. Also, it is extremely spacious.

I bought this Nissan Xterra used, but I have loved it. Currently I have a crack in my windshield I intend to fix, and the check engine light will not go off. This car is wonderful, and I am glad I chose it.

- brendan a

Standard Xterra could be used for towing a trailer or RV.

Love my xterra lots of room. It's sits up high for great view of the road and riding comfort. It's a standard transmission which gives me better gas mileage and acceleration and stopping power.

- Pamela M

The radiator will have to be replaced every 100K miles.

Very durable and easy to drive. I dislike that Nissan made the car with a known radiator flaw and has refused to fix it. As a result I will not purchase a Nissan vehicle in the future.

- Emily C

Handles well and is eco-friendly.

I like the fact that is a tall vehicle. It also has a great radio. For the size it has it does not use that much gas. Which it is great since I drive a lot. Sometimes really far also.

- Marina C

My car can handle the most toughest and roughest of terrains.

I love the way I customized it, and I love the way it handles. She looks like a beast. The only complaint I have is that as she gets older, she needs more maintenance.

- Chima N

Very comfortable. The seating is perfect for 4 adults. There is plenty of room in the back for cargo.

I wish that we could afford another one exactly like this one. They are too expensive for our income level now. Very good car. Reliable and comfortable.

- Sherry H

It's very versatile being 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive. It's equipped for any driving conditions.

I love the body shape and style. It is built for an active outdoor lifestyle. The trunk being hard plastic is ideal for children and a wet climate.

- Jessica B

The car is a 4 by 4 and a 5 seater.

I love the trunk. It is very spacious. However, the doorway of the backseat is a bit narrow. I like the fact that it is a 4x4 but not too wide.

- Ria M

Do not eat in my car. Also if you drive it you put in gas.

I love my SUV. Nothing to dislike about it. Takes my wherever I want to go. & its paid for. It is a great SUV to drive. Drives great love it.

- Ruth H

It is just a great SUV and it is still in style.

1 very dependable 2 no major problems 3 still like the style. it's a great SUV bought it brand new love that you can haul anything in it.

- Debbie B

The vehicle is easy to drive at long distances.

Like the engine. It runs smooth. Like the body. Like the red color of it. Like the run of the vehicle. Dislike the tire indicator light.

- Jose Alvin P

It is made by a very reliable and reputable company.

I love that my truck is very reliable and I have had it for over 10 years. It is decent on gas mileage and very comfortable to drive.

- Robert P

Reliable vehicle,but difficult when old

Good size vehicle for a small family of four. Changing parts comes hard to do due to the fact some auto stores hardly carry any.

- Danny D

It's a powerful vehicle with a good stance.

The vehicle is spacious and very comfortable. It is big enough for me to go shopping, although finding parking is an annoyance.

- Wendy L

Just be prepared for a lot of upkeep if you plan to use the car for many years.

As it gets older, more problems arise. Had to replace the drive shaft, catalytic converter, and the timing belt is going out.

- Heather S

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the look and size of the vehicle and how it drives. I do not really dislike anything or have any complaints about it.

- Tori D

My car is tough and fuel efficient.

I wish it was a 4 wheel drive. It is getting older and needing repairs. I do like the way it drives and the a cargo space.

- Anthony H

It has 4 wheel drive and can carry lots of cargo and handles great in the snow.

It has not required many repairs. Gas mileage is not great. Paint isn't the best and some panels are getting rust spots.

- Tim B

That It only gets around 17 miles per gallon of gas but it is a very nice ride.

It's been a very good vehicle. Reliable, comfortable, runs well. Uses more gas than I would like. Overall nice vehicle.

- Karen K

As described before. I love it.

Good performance. Very reliability. Back seat is not comfortable. General maintenance. Good on gas. Has pick up speed.

- Nc N

I have a car for many years and I have had to do no repairs.

I like that my vehicle is big. I like the power and engine. I like the quality. I would like better gas mileage.

- Tyler M

It's got great torque, plenty of room.

Great power. It sits up high. Suits my needs. Goes anywhere I want it to. I wrecked one before and walked away.

- Rod H

No recalls. Burns oil. A highway car.

Great high-speed and highway car. Very roomy can fit the family especially on long road trips. I love my car.

- Rachel C

Very spacious back seats and trunk space also. The top racks are useful.

I have not had any major issues and have had my car for six years. Very reliable and a great family car.

- Brandon B

Great paint job. Love the yellow color

Love my xterra. It's easy to drive and I have lots of room and still have a smaller vehicle

- Nikki R

it is red. It is old. And it takes me anywhere. I love it because it is my car.

it can take you anywhere. Gosh, it even took me and my family to florida...

- elle l

It's reliable and spacious.

I like the amount of space. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Amanda D

Transmission problems and other issues are not being reported to owners

Too many repairs and company did not notify of recall

- Charles I