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The most important thing is that it is very spacious.

The car drives great especially after having so many miles on it 150, 000+. The car is very reliable and spacious! I was able to move cross country in the car without any problems. The only small issue I have is the sensors in the car keep going out. The dashboard constantly says that the check engine light, tire pressure, and airbag are always on and although it turns off briefly after inspection it quickly returns. All inspections have led me to believe it is the sensor and not actual performance of the vehicle that causes the lights to turn on.

- Toni J

It gets my in and out of places I like to travel, etc.

Needed. Shocks, struts, front wheel bearing, rear axle shaft oil seal, coil pack, in the first 20,000 miles after a purchased it 108,000 miles on it. O2 sensor and rare leaf by 133,000m miles. But, all could be considered normal for the miles on it. Comfy yes, it has not left me on the side of the road yet. Performance good. Features good. Beware of transmission issue, if no warranty work has been done to replace a transmission fault. My trans was replaced before purchase under warranty, according to Nissan service records.

- Chris P

Off-road XTerra seats 5 with towing capabilities and plenty of space to store and go.

My vehicle has been such a good choice to buy. I love the roominess of the vehicle; it's just big enough to tote myself and some friends around. It has been very forgiving through the bumps that I have put it through. It even has off-road capabilities if I wanted that future to use. I will say that it is not the most fuel efficient; but I knew that when I bought it. I've had couple issues but they may be related to it being a used vehicle. Overall, I am very satisfied with my car choice.

- Rachael W

Great utility vehicle, get a newer model (2010-2015) to avoid problems.

Great truck, reliable, low maintenance. Mine is at more than 200 000 miles and still running strong! Recently towed 4000 lbs. , no sweat. Two-wheel drive version is surprisingly good on gas (for an SUV with the aerodynamics of a brick), I can get up to 25. 5 mpg on the highway. Terrible in snow though. Also many of them have these chain drives and transmission problems, they were fixed in the newer models (2010-2015), but the older ones are prone to them.

- George S

Good on highways, city streets and mountains.

My vehicle is very comfortable, it's high from the ground. I can carry a, lot, of things, including kids and grandchildren. It is great for winter because of the big tires, its very good in the snow. My vehicle can haul people, animals and supplies, yet double as a semi- luxury truck that can go where most of the others can. It is a nice color therefore it does not show dirt a lot. I absolutely love my SUV!

- Barbara H

It is a very durable, very practical, and very useful vehicle!

I love that it is rugged, has a lot of storage space, and that the trunk and backs of the seats that fold down is plastic, which makes it very easy to clean. It is great on and off the pavement and in all weather conditions. As with most vehicles like this, it doesn't get good gas mileage which is a downside. It's also 11 years old and is at the point where frequent maintenance is needed.

- Andrea C

Great SUV with great size, durability and function.

Excellent for use in size, function, and durability. Has poor gas mileage and usually loses air in the tires over a long period of time. Great for cross country trips, poor/difficult in city driving. The 4 wheel drive option is great for driving in poor weather, snow/ice and rough terrain situations. The seats ability to lay down is invaluable for laying down and increasing storage space.

- Brandon L

Safety! It has lots of airbags and safety features built in the standard package.

Love that this vehicle requires little to no maintenance. I have done regular oil changes and normal wear and tear maintenance however, no big expenses have been incurred. My only complaint is that they no longer make this vehicle. My daughter was hoping to get one when she turns 16, so looks like we will try to keep mine for her.

- Kelley H

It is a reliable vehicle with enough space to haul many things.

I haven't had any major issues with it except for the ac. It is fast enough and has enough space for to haul my work stuff. Gas mileage is terrible. There is not really anything special about it, but it is reliable. The fabric on the top has come off which is really annoying. Cheapens the look of the vehicle.

- Jim B

Xterra equals excellence and excellence is good enough for me.

My Nissan Xterra has been, and continues to be the best vehicle I have ever driven. Comfort, safety, and ride are excellent. The storage and carrying spaces are large and the five passenger seating is not cramped. The low tire pressure warning light is perhaps too sensitive but can be easily resolved.

- Wally A

Xterra- spacious and sturdy.

There are leaks often. Too much money spent in fixing the inside problems no matter how much up keep. I love the size and how it feels sturdy. Unlike most the smaller sized SUVs made these days, the blind spots are minimal. I enjoy my car the most because of the size and open feel inside.

- Jamie D

Xterra - you won't regret it.

Has been a great vehicle. It is easy to switch to the different drive trains. Handles well while off-roading. Does not get the best gas mileage. Has ample leg room. Ample cargo storage. Fun vehicle for outdoor activities. Able to haul kayaks and bike plus all camping gear.

- Misty B

An old car but a good car.

The car has lasted me a long time. It performs well although we've had problems with the transmitter. It is fairly comfortable but sometimes stiff. It is efficient in the snow, rain, or ice. It has nice features even though it is kind of older, so it is not very updated.

- Al H

The truck that is not a truck.

My Xterra has been totally reliable. I love the ruggedness, not afraid to take it somewhat off-road (it is not 4WD) and it has relatively high clearance. Easy to keep clean on the interior. I am short so I love the way you seem to sit high like riding in a truck.

- Ginny H

Gas mileage is not very good.

I like most things about the car. It is a really reliable car that I feel safe in. Unfortunately, it is starting to shake when I come to a complete stop, and I fear it is the transmission. Other then that, this car has been very reliable and fun to drive.

- Hannah B

Functional and amazing car to get.

Lovely, comfortable car. Plenty of boot space. Drove it for 24 hours straight across us without any issue. Got a few features but not the most recent ones as this car has been made in 2007 (am/FM audio, CD player, cruise control, ac/heat).

- Brenda S

Not Really for Me, But Taken Over From My Wife Fully Paid Off, Can't Complain

the drivers seat seems to be very high, and cannot be lowered. this is a problem for tall people. the suspension seems to be tight. it was my wifes car and i took it over from her. i would have never gotten it for myself.

- kevin g

Love that it is v6 and has much power, as well as 4x4

Very reliable and I have yet to have any problems even though it is over 10 years old. But as with anything, it is getting old considering all the new technologies & features coming out now.

- Sam G

Reliable car that gets bad gas mileage.

I haven't had any issues with it and it has 135, 000 miles on it except the ac went out. Gas mileage is not good. Decent room in the back but I am not crazy about how the seats go down.

- James L

Very few repairs for the amount of miles it has on it.

For the amount of mileage I have put on it it has required very little repairs. Gets good gas mileage for the size of engine it is. Drives well in summer and winter. It looks good.

- Dennis k

I would recommend it to others because I have enjoyed owning it.

I bought it brand new and have loved it ever since. Have almost 100,000 miles now and have had no major problems. I like the size, looks, and feel of it . I would recommend it.

- Tom B

My car has four wheel drive, and it easy to switch between the two.

I really like how well it handles, getting around in it is pretty easy. The only complaint I have is that my a/c is out right now, but I should be able to fix that myself.

- Kevin B

It's safe, affordable and handles great. Very little maintenance too

My vehicle is very sporty looking SUV, just the right size, not to big or small, and handles awesome with 4x4 in the winters. very comfortable to drive and handles well

- Richard H

That Nissan Altima's if taken care of regularly will run forever.

Nissan's are reliable. Last with over 300,000 miles with low maintenance. They are built to last. I have had an Altima before this for 15 yrs. and a Sentra for 12 yrs.

- Judy J

Great car , but beware of radiator problem.

No problems until this year. Radiator went which forced coolant into transmission and it blew. Other than that I never had a problem with this car and love it.

- David S

Good on gas, not high maintenance, Just the right size for me

I bought it new (2007) It's been very reliable no excess maintenance issues performs great although I don't drive it much after 11 yrs I only have 76000 miles

- Linda B

It's super fun to drive! And you can fit a lot of things in the back.

I like my vehicle because it's easy to drive. I like being up high and being able to see everything on the road. I have no complaints about my car.


The one thing others should know about my car is that it has plenty of room.

I like that my vehicle is roomy. And that the seats in the back fold down. But I do not like that is it is not the greatest on mileage.

- Tracy S

It is a great car. It is very roomy.

I love my Xterra. The only problem I have had with it is that it has some major blind spots. Other than that it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Charlotte P

It is great and guzzles gas.

I love it great car all around just a great car most dependable car anyone could have good for off-road and carrying a lot of stuff.

- Devin J

my car was great before kids but now that we have kids I've noticed it's not very kid friendly but we will probably keep it for now

My car drives a bit rough and is loud. i know some people like this for an outdoorsy car but its not so great in a city

- jeremy w

Make sure you have it thoroughly checked out before buying a used one.

We bought a lemon. We have only had it about three months and have had to have the transmission rebuilt three times.

- Christina P

07 Nissan xterra 4 door and spacious

It is roomy decent on gas never have had any problems with it other than the driver side window motor went out

- Joanna C

A great car no matter what the plan is

It is very reliable and has gotten us through some tough times. The inside is well organized and comfy

- John A

xterra plane jane ,basic transportation ,but keeps on going. very good on ice or snow

very basic,you hear road noise. nothing nice .however has never broken down .is real good in the snow

- robert L

Has plenty of room for traveling and for off roading

performs well but not great on gas mileage. Comfy seating and handles well. power windows and locks.

- Amy R

I love that it is mine. It is reliable. And I love that it is a sport utility vehicle

It is getting old. A lot of things are starting to break and rust out on it, but I still love it.

- Cara T

It is very reliable and low maintenance. I live it better than other options in its category

It is an SUV. It has 4WD. I dislike that the back window in the tailgate does not open

- Sara n

minimal issues over time. great car

comfort, great gas mileage and car has lasted over 10 years

- Amy O

Sporty, versatile, unique style, reliable and fun to drive

Only wish it got better gas mileage and it started to rust

- Tonya T

After a couple of years the clutch constantly break as well as the airbag if you adjust the seat incorrectly.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. Everything is okay.

- Steve R