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Quality made SUV. Very dependable SUV to take you from one season to another.

My vehicle can get through anything. It has taken me from Alaska to the lower 48's without any major issues. Upkeep of working parts is key; i.e.. . Change the oil and new tires, flush systems out here and there. It handles well in all weather conditions as long you drive reasonably and responsibly. My biggest complaint about it is the rust that has accumulated by the hitch on the rear of vehicle and the tire gauge light loves to come on whenever the weather changes. Nothing too serious. Other than what I have mentioned above; it is a quality and very dependable vehicle.

- Wendy K

Dependable, spacious vehicle that cannot compare to other small SUVs.

I have loved this car since I first got it. Comfortable, spacious, plenty of room to store and spread out. My vehicle is used to haul lots of people around and no one ever complains about being too cramped. The ride is smooth, a little stiff on bumps, but it is a firm car. I have a basic model, so there is not much in terms of features, but the best thing I like is the back seat folds down, so you can pile all kinds of stuff in the back. Great for camping trips and home improvement trips.

- Mike D

The size and reliability of my car is the most important to me.

I have yet to find a problem with my car other than the low gas mileage. I never have doubt in my car and whether or not it is going to start. I found that for the quality of vehicle the price was also very reasonable. The seats and size of the car are very comfortable. I have moved several times since purchasing this car and have found it very helpful for moving, the space it's amazing and has been helpful for transporting people and furniture.

- Savannah S

Nissan xterra se black 2010 SUV.

I have had my Nissan xterra for over 6 years now. I like this vehicle very much because it can fit all of my family and also works as a utility vehicle. The seats fold down for great storage and are comfortable. The drive is very smooth and I have never had any serious problems with it. I do not like the fact that it is black but that has nothing to do with the make/model. I also am partial to sedans but have grown to like this SUV.

- Erin P

Very dependable vehicle and does very well in mountains or towing our boat.

We bought this used and the light on the dash for tire pressure readings stays on, even though a reputable dealer says the tire inflation’s are all fine. That is the only problem we have. We love the car, the air conditioning is strong. We pull a boat with us and visit the mountains frequently and it performs very well. We have plenty of room inside and are quite comfortable driving it long distances as well as short.

- Linda S

Sporty yet family friendly.

Appearance: the vehicle sits higher of the ground than a lot of vehicles but is still compact. It comes in a variety of colors and is rather sleek looking. Reliability: I originally bought the car from someone else and it was already high on mileage, but several years later it is over 200, 000 miles and still chugging along pretty well overall, minus a few trips to the shop for minor wear and tear.

- Marina V

Spacious SUV with good gas mileage!

100, 000 miles and I have yet to have an issue! The most reliable car I have ever owned. Extremely comfortable seating for long rides, smooth acceleration and breaking. No engine troubles! Spacious seating and strong ac. No expensive mechanic fees because there’s never a reason to take it in except for the classic reasons, I. E., oil / tires / air filter.

- Emily S

The most important thing is the versatility of the vehicle it can haul 4 people or help someone move a couch.

I like the comfort of the cab and how roomy it is for 2 or more people to sit for a long drive of over an hour. I like the rear trunk and backseat backs are all plastic coated so if I was to transport in the back it wouldn't rip the seats. I dislike the cloth seating and overall value of the vehicle is going down over the years.

- Patrick L

2010 Nissan XTerra reviews.

It is very reliable and I would recommend it to others. It is boxy so you need to turn slower than other vehicles. Currently the radiator went and I was far from home and got me back home. Parts for the car are not too expensive either. It does have 4 wheel drive but isn't great in the snow so you need to get new tires.

- Lindsey K

My vehicle has 12 electrical outlets. Making it a great camping partner.

My Nissan is really good looking. I get around easily in almost any traffic situation. It is high profile makes seeing the traffic in front of me easy in any traffic situation. The stadium setting gives my passages easy viewing. However, the back seats are hard to get in and out of for adults. Not much leg room at all.

- Deborah J

The 2010 Nissan Xterra is a great value. It won't impress very many people, but it gets the job done.

I like the styling of my car for the most part. It seems to be very reliable(knock on wood). I've owned it for 5 years and have spent less than $1000 in repairs which I think is great. The interior has a lot of hard plastics which I don't care for and there's some rattling in the cabin as a result.

- Russell A

The only car I ever want to own.

Literally never had any problems with this car. It is an excellent off-road vehicle-- handles rocks, snow, bumps like a champ! Also a great highway car. I was in an accident once and was uninjured. I wish they still made this car! Truck engine with SUV body. You cannot find that anymore.

- Alexandra R

My vehicle is very special to me.

My Nissan Xterra gives a nice ride, if I need 4 wheel drive I have it with a touch of a button. When I drive my Xterra I am sure I have a good machine that I can depend upon. My Xterra gives a great ride is good on or off the road I love my Xterra and won't trade for a while.

- Jim B

Mini tank in the snow. Four wheel drive beast.

I love everything about it. The only thing I am not a fan of is the leather seats. Gets cold in the winter as they are not heated. It's great in the snow. Four wheel drive works great. I have never been stuck. It is a bit if a gas hog though at 12 miles to the gallon.

- Faith Y

Nissan xterra is xtra amazing.

I have never had any problems with it other than it takes a very long time to warm up during cold months. It is a decent size. I do with there was more leg room for people in the back and the front passenger (I am short so I am fine, but anyone tall has no leg room).

- Shannon W

8 year old vehicle. No major issues.

Good size SUV without feeling like I'm driving a bus. After driving and being in wrecks in sedans, this SUV makes me feel safe and like I can be seen on the road. Not terrible on gas, but not great either. Not a lot of legroom for kids or passengers in back seat.

- Jennifer W

This car is fun to drive!

I love the style and appearance of the car. It has a rugged, solid, outdoorsy look. It is roomy inside and I can carry a lot on back and it has enough power to tow my horse trailer. I wish they didn't stop making them, I would have bought another in the future.

- v Y

Xterra is a great reliable vehicle!

I have had absolutely no issues with my Xterra. Very comfortable. Always been a reliable vehicle. Handles great in the snow! Love the extra hidden glove compartment, didn't even know it was there for years! Seats fold down for hauling. Love that it does that.

- Candy S

2010 Nissan Xterra SUV not fully loaded.

I never had any maintenance problems with my car. Only problems I do not like about it is not enough space in the back seat for kids, car seats and legroom for adults. I do not like driving it in the snow because it does not drive that great in the snow.

- Lisa D

Sits high and easy to handle.

Nissan Xterra drives well. Steering is tight and easy to handle. I love how high I sit in it. It is easy to see other cars. I do not like small cars that sit low to the ground. I would prefer the 4 wheel drive but financially we didn't go there.

- Debbie N

It's a safe, comfortable mom mobile. It keeps me and my boys safe during all our errand running adventures

I love the way it looks on the outside, but the inside is a little small. There isn't much leg room in the back seat and the car isn't wide enough to fit 3 car seats. I love the rugged type feel and storage room in the back

- Natasha M

It is safe, affordable and easy to drive.

Runs great, good gas mileage. Has eco available which helps with gas and very smooth ride. I feel very safe driving it and having my child in it. Siblings own one as well and that is why I got one for myself.

- Jessica B

I think my car is a beast. It is safe, it can go through just about anything, and I feel comfortable taking my family places in it.

My car is comfortable to me. I know in bad weather that I can take on anything. There have been times in the snow that I got out and no one else could. I have had no major issues, it is very reliable.

- Mere R

I purchased the vehicle with roughly 80,000 miles on it. It now has over 130,000 and still running like it's brand new.

I love the design of my vehicle. I don't care for hybrid cars and wanted an SUV that wasn't huge. The Xterra does just that for me. I've had it for two years and have never had any issues with it.

- Danielle W

Xterra great for families.

The Nissan xterra is a great car. It is roomy without being too big. It is easy to crawl up in and get my daughter buckled in. I like sitting up high and being able to see above the other cars.

- Kali S

Sporty but luxurious Nissan Xterra.

I love my Nissan Xterra but the only 'but' I have for this car is that the back passenger seats are not at all spacious. There is not much space for the back seat passengers to exit the car.

- Mica O

Very dependable and comfortable to ride in.

It has cruise control, cold ac, good radio, easy to drive and maintain. It is hard to hand wash and the tire sensors go off a lot. It is a v6 so it does get up and go when I need it too.

- Pam T

Dependable, well-rounded SUV. Comfortable, driver friendly.

It is a very dependable vehicle. It does everything I need a vehicle to. Only complaint is where the back seat sits over the rear tire makes it awkward to get out.

- Leanne S

It gets pretty good mileage.

I like that it is midsize and comfortable to drive. I also like that its spacious yet compact. If I could though i'd probably upgrade to a style more fit for me.

- Noel M

it gives you more flexibility than a regular car. i felt this was a a big upgrade over my last vehicle. i can carry more people and have more space for moving objects i need to move.

i like the size of my vehicle. i have enough interior room to make myself and other passengers comfortable. i also have plenty of room if i need to move things.

- frank d

Rugged and reliable 4 wheel drive

Then Xterra is great in the snow. It also can transport 4 adults comfortably. However gas mileage is iffy and there isn't really a whole lot of cargo room.

- Lonnie I

Great reliable vehicle with okay stock speakers.

Comfort in the seats is not the best but the ride is smooth and comfortable the seats are not powered witch is great because then they don't break.

- Madison C

It is comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes

The car is a very comfortable car even for someone who is tall and has very long legs. The model I have is the basic model with only basic features

- Jack S

It is very versatile. I can fit up to 5 passengers or lay the seats down and carry cargo if needed

I like the size, the interior and the flexibility of room that it offers. I wish it had a little smoother and quieter ride and better radio system

- Mary G

Middle seats pull out and flip out

It's a comfy car, easy to carry stuff, aircon is cold and has a comfy ride. The gas mileage is unfavorable and tires are over $200 per tire.

- Cindy A

Xterra: My Big Red, Reliable Truck

I have a burgundy 2010 Nissan Xterra. It is great on gas, does not need much service done, and has a lot of space for traveling.

- Jonathan E

Silver Nissan Xterra that has a few love taps.

I really enjoy having Nissans. I love the extra room in the back but I wish it had more leg room in the middle seat.

- Ashley M

You get great mileage, and it's fun to drive.

Dislike gas mileage, 6 years old and feels brand new. Never had to have any repairs. Love body style and power.

- Laurie P

That it's easy to drive and park. Just a good all around car.

I love the ruggedness of the xterra and the available storage space. I dislike the lack of interior design.

- Cole S




Claim it can get several hundred thousand miles with no problem s.

I like the look, don't like gas mileage or how it handles in snow.

- Laurie P

that it is four wheel drive and is a monster. the bigger the truck the better

love having a truck. hate the cost of parts. no complaints

- arlene j

Best suv out there, roof rack, 4 wheel drive, and looks great

It's big and fits lots of stuff plus it is 4 wheel drive

- Amy H