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People should know that the Xterra is overall a good vehicle even though it has faults.

To begin with, I like the sporty look of the xterra. Also, it serves my needs well as it can pull my kayak trailer with no problems and I can haul the equipment in the back. When shopping there is plenty of room to load the groceries. However, the back seat is difficult to get into as the doorway is small but once you get in the stadium seating enables you to see out the windows better. Also, it is not a smooth riding vehicle.

- Tami W

My car needs work asap or I need a new car.

My xterra definitely needs some work. The inside of the roof is falling off and is holded by some wall pinchers. Also the interior of the care where the radio is the plastic part if broken and falling off. Also the seats are in bad condition and are starting to rip. The driver side seat is the worst. Also the alarm that it has is no longer working on one of the doors and it lock on its own sometimes.

- Jennifer C

2012 Nissan Xterra review.

The room in the back is amazing! I sleep in it all of the time. Can fit multiple pairs of skis in it as well. Roomy for 5 people as well. The off-road capability is great, and has a lot more clearance than I usually give it credit for! The cloth seats are nice. It is narrow enough to fit down some roads other wider cars cannot.

- Anna M

Nissan pro-4x Xterra love!

We love the off-road capability of our Xterra pro 4x. It is extremely reliable and low maintenance. The car is comfortable to drive especially on long trips and performs well in all types of weather. I have been impressed with the off-road ability. This car is capable tackling just about any demanding road. Super fun vehicle.

- Shannon C

It's great for going off road.

Love it for going off road. I also use it for hauling lumber back from the hardware store. Which i like. It is also comfortable on trips. I do not like that it does not hold the lengths or a full sheet of plywood that my suburban used to. I also do not like that it is high to step up into it.

- Patricia M

Lots of room and a very stylish vehicle

This vehicle is sporty and stylish, I get lots of likes from people on it. Lots of room In it, the seats lay down In back so you can carry a lot of stuff, even big stuff. We use it for camping, moving our daughter to college, everyday work, shopping, anything we need.

- Marty H

It is mine and no one else drives it.

It has a fast take off, the 4 wheel drive has never gotten stuck, instead has pulled vehicles other 4 wheel drives out. Has a attachable tent for camping. 6 years old and no problems. My only complaint is the windows and door locks have never really worked well.

- Michelle W

Why I enjoy driving a bigger vehicle.

I love the feeling of being up off the ground, that only a bigger vehicle can give me. The vehicle runs very smooth and is comfortable in both the driver and passenger position. One issue I have is that it leaks oil and it does not get the best gas mileage.

- Sabrina G

Tough SUV with reasonable gas mileage.

It is comfortable, has 4 wheel drive so it goes anywhere, and gets reasonable gas mileage. It has a large cargo space. I like the style, which is rugged looking and it is different than any other SUV on the road today. Nissan no longer makes this model.

- Betty C

Drives great in the winter

I bought the xterra because I need something with 4 wheel drive for winter driving. It's big enough to haul what I need yet smaller than a pickup truck. It's easy to maintain. My one complaint is the gas mileage, 15-16 mpg winter, 18-19 mpg summer.

- Debra c

I can fit my entire drum set in the xterra, It's a 7 piece with 12 cymbals!

I love my Xterra, it is the perfect size and doesn't break the bank on gas bills. Great and easy to maintain, with a ton of safety features. Drives well with some get up and go, very fun. Beautiful dark green color makes me smile everytime.

- Travis D

That I have never had any major repairs needed for the vehicle. Just routine maintenance.

I like that the Nissan Xterra is a mid size SUV that was affordable for me when I needed a new vehicle. The only dislike I have about it is the fact that I could not afford the top model at the time.

- Stacey K

Xterra is a great dog show vehicle.

I like the height. I like the 4 wheel drive and the gas mileage it is too high for some of my older friends to get into. It is easy to clean and can tow my small RV trailer. This is my third tera.

- Wendy H

It is small, and the backseat has no room.

The best part about having this car is that it has some neat storage spaces and has a quick acceleration point. The bad part is that the gas mileage is terrible for house small it is.

- Charles C

It has 4 wheel driving mode that I can switch to.

I like the size and the ground clearance. The utility of the trunk space is very convenient. I wish it had better gas mileage but I am very okay with making that sacrifice.

- dave t

Over the river and through the woods!

2012 Nissan Xterra is perfect for camping! Lots of storage space, ours has 4 wheel drive and is a manual. Replaced the clutch at 83k otherwise no issues at all.

- Alison R

It's has power & It's size helps make it a safe vehicle. & it looks really cool too!

I love that the seat fits me perfectly & my feet can reach the pedals easily. I like sitting up high & love the storage in the back. No complaints at all :)

- joyce P

It is a standard transmission so don't bother stealing it if you can't drive a stick shift.

I like it because it is 4 wheel drive. It carries all the things I need and is easy to drive. I wish that it burned less gas but that is to be expected.

- Maryj G

does it fit for your personality? it it doesn't then it probably isn't for you.

i like that the back interior is plastic. I like the shape. I dislike that the alternator is on the bottom of the engine. Poor design mechanically.

- jerry r

It is all around good car we take it everywhere.

Good on gas and has power. Like the look of it. It is a good color and is reliable. Good company and has never gave us problems.

- Travis T

Great 4x4 for snow or mud. Incredibly reliable for bad weather

Handles snow without any issues. Has plenty of room for groceries, pets, or sports equipment. Great quality and lasts long.

- Rachel W

It has 100, 000 miles, only maintenance is new tires and routine oil changes.

Xterra was my dream vehicle, it has proven itself. Sturdy driving, excellent sound and excellent service from Nissan.

- Marina S

great heavy duty car. will most likely defeat crashes

i like using it to off road but also looks lux in the road. seats are very comfy an much trunk space for road trips.

- ana g

That its roomy an it has great gas consumption an it has high wheel clearance.

It has good gas consumption, it has a high wheel clearance an it has room for enough passengers to sit comfortably.

- Osei A

Best REAL SUV! I love this SUV

Love it, great in snow, 4.0 engine is great, I would like better mileage, but the engine it great. Love the ride

- jason S

No longer made. Apparently even Nissan has decided this vehicle is trash.

Battery has died twice in 4 years. Gas mileage has dropped a lot in 5 years. Lots of rattles and other issues.

- Scott r

My Nissan Xterra can go anywhere I want to take it.

I like the look of it. It is comfortable. It is powerful. My only dislike is it rides rough.

- Julie H

It's a great and dependable model for people who love the outdoors.

That it is a real SUV that we can tow with. Styling, durability, reliability.

- Terri F

reliability is great. roomy. don't bump your head while getting into it.

Rides like a truck for long trips but very reliable. nice utility vehicle

- Dave B