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Very low maintenance. Lots of storage area! Very safe for grandchildren!

Hello I have loved the performance of my car for a very long time but recently I became a grandma and began loving my car even more. I feel extremely safe and driving him around in my car. I've had no problems at all with my car. I keep up with all my oil changes and check my tires on a regular basis. I'm a CNA so I have a lot of storage in the backseat and in the rear section of my car for what I need to carry for my career. I also travel a lot so I also have a lot of room for baggage. There's also a rack above for when I use it for moving furniture or whatever. The value of my car has remained good. So if I would decide to ever sell it I could still sell it for a good price which is great!

- Rebecca V

Nissan xterra’s are awesome.

I love my Nissan xterra pro4x. It has been 100% reliable and no mechanical issues thus far which is great considering I have driven across country 4 times. It is a smooth, comfortable ride with plenty of interior room. The only downside to this vehicle for me is that the gas mileage is not great, about 15-17 miles per gallon. Other than that, the vehicle has decent get up and go, a nice stereo and I love the gsp system. A true SUV when all the others have been turned into crossovers.

- Rebecca D

Safest car I have ever had.

This car has been remarkable. I have had no issues with it in 4 years. It has been hit 3 times from the back and has held up to keep my family safe. The only replacements have been for new back bumpers and a new tires. Otherwise, it is easy to clean, maintenance and travel with. We often take it to the mountains and it feels really safe driving in snow, ice, hail and rain. I haven't felt safer in any other car I have had.

- Alyssa F

great vehicle for hauling loads both inside vehicle and towing.

Sporty vehicle, handles somewhere between a truck and a car. A lot of legroom in both front and back. Seats are comfortable but not for long rides. Back seats can be folded down for more loading area or just taken out. Not fuel efficient. Have to drive slower around curves and wind because of its height. Good in snow. doesn't have defroster for side mirrors, so that isn't good.

- Lori K

With regular maintenance, this car will run for many years!

I have never had a problem with its reliability. After this many years, my radio, ac and every other feature still works just as well as the day I drove it off the lot. This car is great for kids, dogs, camping and day to day commute or errands. I bought this knowing this car would be the one I would keep as long as it would run.

- Toby S

Tons of extra accessories that make traveling easier.

The vehicle is very comfy! The issue I have with it, they do not make the style anymore so parts are more expensive. Plenty of storage space in the vehicle. Easy to haul things around town. Very outdoorsy/ easy to go on adventures with. The gas is not great, as well as the speaker system does not work very well.

- Rebecca E

Great car cannot understand why Nissan discontinued it.

I love all the features on this car, the seat heaters, the navigation, also has a lot of power really can get on it if you have to, good gas mileage, great in the snow, very responsive, also good visibility. Both seating and cargo space are generous, plenty of cup holders good climate control great car over all.

- Lauren F

Great all around car for everyday people.

Love this car. Haven't had any problems at all. Just regular upkeep on the car. Oil changes etc. This is the second Xterra I have had. And I loved the other one I had. They are great in all weather and handles amazing. The car also has a lot of room and can tow. It basically the best car to have in Colorado.

- Ryan K

Nissan Xterra functional and reliable SUV

I love this SUV because while it's a V8 and has exceptional pulling power and reliability in the winter months in Ohio...it's also a manual transmission. I so love driving a manual transmission and they are hard to find in an SUV. The Xterra is very comfy and reliable. I'm sad they stopped making it.

- Jamie B

Xterra reliability and exceptional handling.

My Xterra is reliable and durable for all types of road conditions. It handles well whether I am just driving it around town or pulling a camper. Its solid and provides me with a sense of safety. My Xterra handles exceptionally well in all kinds of weather conditions from sunshine to rain or snow.

- Dee H

Xterra - safe and secure ride.

I have not incurred any problems with my Xterra. It has a solid build leaving me feeling safe during daily commutes or long trips. It is reliable and handles well in all types of weather. The only complaint comes from passengers in the rear seat who complain seats and ride is uncomfortable.

- Dee H

Rugged sports vehicle. Will drive through anything.

I have no problems with this vehicle. I only have positive to say. It's reliable great in the snow and ice. It's a rugged vehicle with beautiful interior. Leather seats. Does not have all the bells and whistles of a luxury car.. this car is great but may not be for everyone.

- Laurie B

I love the metallic gray color. I just love it period.

This small SUV has good get up speed. I have power lock and windows. There is no sunroof or electric seats. Good stereo system with XM radio. I wish it got better gas mileage in the city considering it only seats five people. Lots of trunk space but not much back seat leg room.

- Theresa J

Great vehicle for outdoors people!

Reliable, rides like a luxury vehicle. It has high clearance and good visibility, and 4 wheel drive which is a necessity to get in and out of our cabin. It has rails in the back which fit Yakima racks.

- Tina G

It's a shame but Nison has stopped making the Xterra, they are great cars

I love it It's comfortable, has good pick up, has a smooth ride. I like how it looks both inside and out , the only thing I don't like is it has a big blind spot , the back up camera does help though

- lauren C

Nissan Xterra isn't for sissies. It's rugged and will make a statement.

The Nissan Xterra has been the best SUV I've owned. I've had several other males and models SUVs and none compare in reliability, performance, durability, and dependability. I love my Xterra!

- Matthew P

Great to drive in all weather conditions.

Great car! Can go anywhere and can do anything. Great in all weather conditions and makes you feel safe. Good size inside even when fully loaded. Great for outdoors.

- Al L

T the xterras unique tire size tends to be a little more expensive

I owned a previous year of Xterra, which I felt had better features than the current year. still a great vehicle. it is a shame they no longer make it after 2015

- Larry S

It goes anywhere you want to go. Neither wind, nor sleet, nor snow, nor mud, nor road conditions will stop you from getting there in an Xterra.

It is 100% reliable and it will go anywhere, through or over anything. It is a utilitarian vehicle designed to allow me freedom in the mountains where I live.

- Beth R

2013 Nissan xterra off-road SUV.

Great vehicle for the outdoorsman and off-road camper it's been a great SUV no problems so far only bad thing is not great gas mileage.

- Kevin C

It has plenty of cargo space.

It is the second vehicle i purchased totally on my own. It has enough cargo space for my family. It drives well. It fits my needs.

- heather c

The Nissan tera gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

I do not care for the dimness in the headlights. It is starting to cost me money for repairs. I wish it were four wheel drive.

- Kelli M

its very reliable vehicle with almost no problems and a very reputable manufacturer

it's a great vehicle to take on back road adventures because of its capability to navigate difficult terrain and clearance

- ron j

My car is one of the best investments that I have ever made. It is super reliable and fun to drive.

My vehicle is great for off-roading purposes. It handles well in snow. It has power and does great driving on interstates.

- Macey H

Love the height of the auto and the pick up of the engine -basic bells and whistles so not major repairs down the road

Only issue so far -back passenger doors hard to get in and out of it you are older than 14 yrs old -tight opening

- Stephanie J

Sadly, Nissan no longer makes the XTerra we would love to buy a new one.

The vehicle sits high enough to see. It is comfortable. What we don't like is the gas mileage.

- Candy C

it is the perfect car for me. it is perfect for what i need it for. it is part of my routine

dependable and well rounded perfect for anyone. i love it

- jennifer s