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Perfect for adventures, road trips, moving, driving in the snow, and much more!

I love my Nissan Xterra! I have had it for almost 5 years and have never had any engine, transmission, etc. issues with it. I am able to drive it to work in the winter with no problem, even if we get a foot or more of snow! The back seats are nice and roomy. The trunk space is nice with back seats that fold down for more room. I have moved a full size bed and dresser drawers in my car! This is my favorite car I have ever owned and I Hope Nissan will begin making them again someday.

- Kristen S

The ease of driving it. Smooth ride, quick reaction of the steering.

I get good gas mileage. I bought the Nissan in 2014. I replaced the tires on it last fall. I get regular oil changes and every 3-4 oil changes, I get the tires rotated. It rides smoothly. It has a lot of room in it. If you put the back seats down, you have room to haul extra stuff. I get around 22+ miles a gallon. It is big enough to do extra hauling, but small enough when you need to park. My granddaughter has been chauffeuring me around. She really likes the SUV.

- Linda M

The Nissan Xterra is made to the best quality standards.

The interior is more comfortable than you would expect. The truck can handle any terrain, it is extremely Versatile. It is spacious and safe. It has good modern features like seat warmers and a built in navigation system. There are no significant problems with this truck. It is built so the driver has full control over the car which is difficult in a car of its size. Great purchase, you will not regret it.

- Katie L

We love the vehicle so much we bought a frontier as well.

No fancy gadgets inside, it is made primarily for outdoor use, and does well with 4x4 capabilities. I love the racks on top, but they are not quit wide enough for a canoe on top of the vehicle. The round racks make it hard to brace items well. The back end is plastic and easily cleaned, I would love that feature throughout the whole vehicle.

- Stephanie L

It is perfect for people who live in the countryside.

Great for hauling groceries, my bike, two kayaks, my dogs, and my friends. Handles snow and mud well so it is a great car for those who live in the country or in areas with frequent bad weather. Comes in all kinds of colors and different packages. Affordable for the most part if you buy used. Steering can take a little while to get use to.

- Rachel W

My Nissan Xterra will pull anything and is also a great recreational vehicle

I have a 2014 Nissan Xterra 4 wheel drive Pro 4X! I LOVE it! I have not had any problems so far and I have over 60000 miles. I have heated seats and all the bells and whistles that I could ask for! It is truly a dream vehicle for me! Not to mention the tow package... we are able to pull out trailer and boat with no problems at all!

- Terry J

A compact SUV, great turn radius, is great for transporting multiple pets!

I love my Xterra, I just wish it got better gas mileage. It seems like the minute you hit a quarter tank, gas is sucked out at twice the speed, even if you do nothing different. I also wish the trunk window could crack a bit, cause I have dogs that I do not want trying to stick their heads out the back seat windows from the trunk area.

- Rebecca A

I would definitely recommend this vehicle to family and friends.

I love my SUV but the tires went quick! But I love how safe I feel so high up and I feel that my family is comfortable and safe as well. Ok on gas and decent trunk space. There also is extra storage on top of vehicle so it's convenient! I would definitely recommend this vehicle and I love it in black!! Great in the snow too!

- Lisa C

Great interior design for the car.

Super comfortable & reliable! Love how spacious it is. The air conditioning is amazing, very powerful, perfect for living in a hot city year around. Gas mileage is pretty good. Great turning radius. Love the interior, back seats fold down super easily to allow for more room if needed to pack the car up.

- Camila S

It is a standard transmission with a 6 speed overdrive for highway.

This 4 wheel drive off-road SUV has a smooth street ride. Comfortable seats and plenty of legroom. It is a standard transmission so I was able to purchase for a very reasonable price. It had one previous owner in the military and had been well taken care of. Excellent turn radius and visual parameters.

- Linda H

With the Nissan Xterra you will definitely be up for an adventure!

I love my vehicle! I live in the country next to a river so in the events of floods I know I can trust my xterra to keep me safe. It is 4 wheel drive which is great during the winter. You can add almost anything you want to it. I have not faced any problems yet. I've had it for almost 5 years.

- Nicole M

I bought the car before I had my son. I love the sporty look!

If you have kids I do not suggest it. The ride is not smooth and you must maintain the shocks. The vehicle is built strong, but is more of an off-road than a family vehicle. I do like the fact that the back seat sits higher up, but the Xterra does not provide much more room than a compact car.

- Brittany B

Bring back the xterra - great SUV.

I love it - there has not problems except things I have done. This is my second xterra and I wish they still made the vehicle. I love that is has a truck frame with the SUV body. It has been very reliable. I wish it was more fuel efficient but comparable to other SUVs for the year.

- Melissa K

Great outdoor vehicle, simple and dependable.

Does not have very many tech features, but it is excellent for outdoors use. I has lots of storage, and durability. We loved it so much, we also bought the frontier version as well. I do think the frontier is not as top heavy as the Xterra, but they both still drive well.

- Stephanie C

My car is the best, here's why.

I love my vehicle! It is reliable and very trustworthy. I know my family will never be left on the curbside. It also has great gas mileage and the performance of the car is excellent as well. Great acceleration, braking, and overall low maintenance costs. Its awesome!

- Rachel S

Great in winter weather, great off road.

It runs amazing, runs great in the snow, very reliable, can haul good sized items. Has reliable 4 wheel drive. Has great highway and in town gas mileage. Modern looking and durable, easy to clean. Great if you are a traveler/camper. Relatively cheap to fill the tank.

- Mia M

It is a nice looking SUV and looks cool! Super easy to park.

For a newer car is doesn't have very many extras that would come on other stock cars. Ex. the visor does not have mirror, no electric mirrors, cheap fabric seats. I do like the looks of the car and it drives nice in town. It's super easy to park and see out of.

- Susan M

The now defunct Nissan Xterra

The Nissan Xterra is a bold rugged strong reliable SUV. Handles well in the snow with 4 wheel drive. Great safety rating. Not a small crossover, more of a box shape with semi adequate space. Could be extended to give more space in back, Needs a backup camera

- Jeff G

It is safe and dependable.

Love the smooth ride of my vehicle.. Love the dependability of my vehicle.... The only thing I would change is the width of the rear doors, they could be a bit wider in my opinion.

- Stephanie U

It is dependable and can be used for a number of activities

It's just the right size. It's great for doing off road activities. It would be nice if it drove a little smoother on the road, but it really is meant for off road activities.

- Christopher L

Great leg room in back seat.

Economy model. I miss electric locks, I love dependability. I like large trunk. I would like better upholstery the only door lock is on driver's door and is very inconvenient.

- Frances C

It's easy to drive and gets 18 mpg.

I love the look, the comfort, and the feel while driving. There is nothing that I do not like. I wish this vehicle was still being made.

- RHonda P

It's a truck but it runs very smooth

Big truck so it's hard to park. However it's an off road vehicle so it's great in snow. It has fog lights. Has great trunk space.

- Karise B

Spacious, comfortable, and all terrain.

My Nissan Xterra is black, spacious for a small family, and works well on many sorts of terrain. It's comfortable and safe.

- Terry W

Very comfortable and it is able to be driven in any climate or on any terrain.

I love the style of the tera, but it is not great on gas. I am very upset that they have stopped making them.

- Emily H

For a considered "small" SUV, it is very roomy, much larger than other "small" SUVs

Best small SUV out there. It looks like an SUV, has 4 wheel drive, all leather, heated seats, drives great!

- kim j

Very off road capable. Can go places where Jeep go.

Like off road capability. Wish it had more conveniences such as outside temperature and auto headlights.

- Joe S

It is 4 wheel drive and that's a good thing to have.

It's a good vehicle that is reliable. It was a salvaged vehicle because it was once a stolen vehicle.

- Kim E

It is very reliable. I have not had any trouble out of it.

I love most things about my car. But I did like it's poor gas mileage.

- Holly r