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I love(d) both of my Nissan Xterras

This is currently my second Xterra, and I have loved both of them. They both have been very reliable and where affordable compared to other similar vehicles. I was extremely sad to find out they discontinued the Xterra model. It is one of only a few midsize SUVs with 4-wheel drive (not AWD). I also enjoy the fact that it sits up high above other cars. The only real problem I have had is that the heat shield around the exhaust has come off on both models (after making a loud rattling noise for a while). Other than that issue, I have loved my Xterras and would buy a third one if they were still available.

- Doug H

Xterra: The best SUV no longer on the market.

I LOVE my Xterra. I sit high enough to fully see the road, the design of the SUV makes me feel safe, the vehicle is very reliable, etc. I purchased the SUV used and haven't had any issues with it in a year. The mpg isn't the best (< 20), but I don't drive far, so it is doable. I really like how much space is available so I can fit everything needed for camping, scuba, or any other adventure.

- Felicia m

This vehicle is part of the family!

I love the Nissan Xterra so much, as a vehicle. I much prefer it over a car because of how spacious it is, as well as how rugged. This suv can take a lot! This is a vehicle that you don't have to worry and stress over breaking down, because it'll be with you for the long haul! It becomes a part of your life and personality.

- Thomas B

It can handle any terrain but will burn up gas going it.

the Xterra is everything I want an SUV to look like and I have to admit that's the main reason I bought it. I got the last year's model before it was discontinued, which made me feel like a fool. The gas mileage is terrible, especially in the city, but I have yet to take it over terrain it can't handle.

- Jack D

It has great acceleration and is the smoothest off roading vehicle ever.

My Xterra can handle any roads. It is a smoother off-roading experience than any Jeep I have been in. I like the theatre seats in the back, and can throw a mattress in with the back seats down for camping. It also is powerful and accelerates quickly. I do not like the rough texture of the seats.

- Kaila H

Pro4x great for trips to the mountains!

This car has been great for taking on adventures. We have the pro4x, so we are able to go off road. The back is pretty spacious, but the second row seating is a little crammed. I wish there was a little more leg room. Drives nice, a little rough, but to be expected for an off road vehicle.

- Katie J

It sits higher than most current SUVs.

I bought my vehicle a little over a year ago, love it, and have had absolutely no issues! It is everything I expected and more! It actually has more room inside than expected (almost went with a larger SUV) - I have yet to encounter a situation where it didn't fit my needs perfectly.

- Duane C

Nissan xterra. Fly high in it.

Nissan xterra is one of the best vehicles I have driven so far. I love this car. This car is very spacious and good for long and short drives. Love the steering of this vehicle. This car is very comfort for tall people too.. I like the smoothness and everything about this car.

- Mans C

Great SUV but expensive on the wallet. It can go through anything.

My xterra is generally a reliable vehicle. The tires are larger and handles snow and rain very well. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas mileage. I only get about 11 miles a gallon and I work about 40 miles from home so it costs a lot to get to work and back.

- Amy F

Lots of room plus a luggage rack. Can also pull.

I bought this car used for my teenage daughter. We've never had any problems. The car has been driven across the country with enough room for luggage and two dogs. The only downside is blind spots on the driver's side, and I wish the windows had a light tint.

- Tracy B

Roomy, comfortable, and reliable

My vehicle is roomy and has a lot of space to haul things. It has been very reliable so far and requires basic maintenance. The vehicle is perfect for driving my family around, it can fit car seats for my grandchildren.

- Paula N

It will win. All metal, heavy, and unflinching... kind of like me. This is my 4th Xterra because vehicles are increasingly 'soft' and built for comfort and easiness. If I wanted to sleep in my seat I'd be in someone else's vehicle.

Truck based SUV in an ocean of cars built to look like SUVs. Xterra is not a crossover it will actually do what I need on or off road. I don't care about gas mileage and I know it will go through a wall if I want to.

- Dan H

Plenty room inside for people and/or stuff...

I like the style, plus room to carry stuff in the back, high off the ground for good visibility,, large opening door in back makes for easy loading..

- tyrone B

The Nissan Xterra looks great!

It is a cool looking car. It is fun to drive and has been very dependable so far (65,000 miles). We get comments about it everywhere we go. I wish it got better gas mileage and the paint was tougher.

- Curtis R

It is big and hard to get into.

I like the acceleration, how much it can pull, and how it looks. I am always able to pull my camper for long drives and it has no issue. There's really nothing I dislike about this car.

- Emily C

That it is the most dynamic looking vehicle created in my eyes as far as SUV's go.

I love my Nissan Xterra. So sad they discontinued making it. I own the last model year of 2015. This was my 5th Xterra since 2001. I wish I could find a bull bar for it.

- Tom S

it is a great vehicle to drive with lots of comfort

I love the style of my xterra. it drives so smooth and I feel safer being higher up than in a car. it has plenty of room to take a trip and take everything I need with me

- Rhonda V

Reliable fun transportation!

The xterra is a reliable little SUV, fun to drive, a little rough like a truck. I would recommend it for anyone who likes of fun cute reliable ride!

- Lou L

It is amazing. Nissan is a great company!

I love my truck. I have always wanted something more rugged than what I'm used to driving. My only complaint is it uses a lot of gas.

- Sonya S

Don't buy of you have more than 2 passengers on a regular basis.

Like that it rides high, lots of room. Hate the gas mileage and despise how difficult entrance and exit is for the back seat.

- Nancy W

Rides extremely well on road as well as on gravel and other not so smooth surfaces.

I really like how high it sits up. Size and body style. Cargo room and the ability to use the roof rack and hitch and light kit.

- Pamela M

It's reliable and very capable in getting you where you need to go on different types of terrain.

It's a used, black, Nissan Xterra. It's very comfortable to drive and ride in, and works well getting me where I need to go.

- Deena E

It gets you from point A to point B.

It is a great car the back seat is a little squished and everything in the trunk slides around unless you get a cargo net.

- Nathan M

I feel safe driving this vehicle and it handles very well on a dime.

I love how economic it is and the style of the vehicle. I do wish the back seats were a little more roomier for everyone.

- Reva M

They should remake Xterra. No other model or make is comparable.

Truck like. Sits up high. No bulk. Dislike shape of back door and difficult to enter with narrow leg space.

- Nancy O

Spacious, dependable and my dog and her furry friends loves it.

Besides gas mileage, I love my Nissan Xterra. Extremely dependable and spacious.

- Valerie D

It has an SUV body on a truck frame. I feel safe in it during the winter months when it's cold, snowy, or icy. It is no nonsense but looks great.

Reliable vehicle, that also looks great and keeps you safe!

- Kelly P