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There is no better combination of looks, capable performance, and reliability.

The RAM 1500 is a solid choice in the full size pickup market. Interior quality and space are excellent, especially in crew cab models. They offer space to actually fit 3 full size adults in the rear or easily fit three infant car seats across. Even with larger cab models the bed space is adequate for most family tasks - moderate hauling, luggage, home improvement, etc. Power is more than adequate in v6 trims and fantastic with the optional hemi v8. Gas mileage is as expected for this class generally in the mid teens. Towing and hauling capabilities more than make up for the fuel expenditures. Reliability is good, particularly drivetrain. Some rust issues have been identified in this generation, particularly in vehicles more than 5 years old. Rust will often invade the rear quarter panel area if not kept clean. All in all a great full size truck for generally less than comparable Chevrolet or Ford offerings.

- Brent K

Amazing truck wouldn't buy any other brand.

I have no issues at all drive it almost 120 miles daily and it is required minimal to no maintenance. It isn't the most fuel efficient truck but as far as power and towing it is amazing. It has hauled and towed anything I have thrown at it. This truck has done everything I have asked of it and has had plenty more to give. Love this truck and when it is tired and had no more left I will not hesitate to trade it in and get another one. I will never buy another truck except for a ram. It is my 7th now and I am a lifetime buyer.

- Justin K

Love my RAM Laramie edition.

I bought my 2011 RAM 1500 Laramie used with 86000 miles, and I couldn't be happier with it. I have had it for 8 months and I drive it daily. It is comfortable, and low maintenance. I go through a tank of gas about every 4-5 days and average about 14 miles per gallon. I had always driven sedans before this, so I really love sitting higher up and being able to see better, plus the hemi engine has as much power as you could ever need.

- Martin L

Ram, a well built pickup truck.

My ram is more comfortable than the old Chevy I had before, it drives better than the ford I had twenty years ago. It runs great and has never let me down. In the 8 years I have had it I replaced only the battery, windshield wipers and oil and air filters, oh, I also replaced the lights all around and I just bought new tires for it last fall. I love my ram.

- Norman R

The Ram has lots of gadgets and we like the backup camera and fuel monitoring.

It is a very reliable vehicle, comfortable ride and has a lot of features such as a backup camera gages to tell when you need an oil change, door is not shut properly, and dings if seat belts are not fastened. It tells us when we need gas and how many miles to empty, also tracks miles per gallon. The only downside is low gas mileage because it is a v8.

- Eva W

Big blue Ram is the best!

Our Ram 1500 is the best! We purchased it pre-owned with 32, 000 miles and she now has 160, 000 plus and still drives like new and turns heads wherever we go! For a truck, it is exceptionally roomie and comfortable. We have the eco-friendly v-8 which gets great highway mileage and decent around town. Wouldn't trade this truck for anything!

- Patricia P

Ram - easy in and out for older passengers.

I have a total knee replacement. The overhead handle that helps me get into the car is located so that it easy for me to get into the truck. There sufficient room for my legs on the passenger side. The engine is still strong after 150, 000 miles, there is enough room for my husband to work on the engine.

- Ellen F

Dodge RAM 1500 outdoorsman edition is the best truck you will ever buy.

Most reliable and smooth drive you will ever have. Great looks with lots of compliments. 4x4 easily engaged and will not let you down. Dodge RAM trucks are by far the best truck to get any job done. I love the fact that my outdoorsman edition came completely loaded just the way that I wanted it.

- Amanda S

Dodge Ram with v8 engine awesome.

No problems whatsoever very comfortable ride with many features such as the hemi which really does great on fuel rides like you are in a car this truck has excellent handling and is very reliable Sirius radio with am FM and CD player my next vehicle when I decide to upgrade will also be a Ram.

- Karla D

It performs amazingly every time I drive it and it is always reliable.

I have problems with my transmission which is typical of Rams. It runs great otherwise, very little problems and can do pretty much anything with it. Always reliable and very comfortable to drive and maneuver. Useful features although would like some ad ons such as backup camera.

- Rebecca B

Truck review for 2011 ram 1500.

No problems love the truck rides smooth and sounds great. I love the room. I also love the sound gets decent fuel mileage for a truck. Can take it odd road and do not even realize it is off the highways. I would buy this truck all over again. Love the heated and cooled seats.

- John J

Standard car with reliable transportation and not a gas hog.

I keep my maintenance updated to make sure they last a long time. Every quarter oil changes, checking my tires fluids have my tires aligned along with the tire rods etc. Kept clean inside, detailed every quarter. God provides the washes in between the detailing.

- Maria G

Plenty of power, great options, and good gas mileage.

I like the vehicle because it is very versatile. I need to haul/tow often, and I usually need to have the family with me. The truck gets very good gas mileage, while having plenty of power on tap. I like the way it looks, and the options available in it.

- Thaddeus G

how well it handles, especially on the highway

my vehicle is 7 years old, and runs as good as it did the day it was bought. i love this vehicle and hope to one day soon get another. it is roomy and comfy and rides quite smoothly. i cannot think of anything i dislike and certainly have no complaints

- juanita M

Perfect for someone who wants a truck but doesn't want to spend a fortune on gas money.

I wish that the gas mileage was a little better but it is pretty good for what the vehicle is. I love the space for storage since it's a 2 door and I didn't expect as much storage. Looks beautiful. Great for moving large furniture and the like.

- Baylie N

The ride on the car is very comfortable. It's good for just a daily driver.

The Ram 1500 that I own is very great on the road. The ride in it is very comfortable and in my opinion one of the best in its class. The MPG is ok and it gets the job done. I got it with 30000 miles and have taken it on several longs trips

- Antonio S

It outperforms any vehicle in its class. And it is one of the greatest looking vehicles in its class.

I like the body style of my vehicle. I like the power of the engine in my vehicle. And I like how my vehicle performs on the road. I don't like the fact that I seem to have to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets every 75000 miles.

- Sam D

Overall it is a good driving truck.

It drives pretty good, handles the road good. I have had trouble with the air conditioner and one window is hard to get up. I had to bring it to dealership for recalls. Matter of fact I have to bring it in for another one.

- Darlene B

Number One in dependability.

The truck is very dependable. We have a cap on the back to we can move a good amount of things for traveling and camping. Lately trouble getting out of park into drive. Hope It's just a sensor and not something major.

- Gale A

2011 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman

Truck runs great and have had no major problems. The front bumper has rust spot where rocks have hit it and rust starting on the panels below the doors. Otherwise it's a great truck and rides better than some cars.

- John S

We love this truck, its strong and spacious.

We love this truck. Its spacious, and strong. We love to haul our quads in the back and we do a lot of traveling. Our kids are comfortable in the back with plenty of legroom. It gets good miles per gallon.

- Amanda W

That it is sturdy for its size and dependable!.

Our ram is not a unibody. The frame is separate from the body and thus more likely to survive a wreck without being totaled. The truck is strong and heavy which makes it a safer than small tin-can cars,.

- Ellen F

Properly equipped 1500's can tow over 10,000 pounds.

I love the power of the 5.7 liter V8 Hemi. I like the towing capability and the standard features compared to other trucks. My only issue is that the back up camera is known for not working all the time.

- Joseph D

It has a great ride, handles well and very comfortable.

My Dodge Ram 1500 is a truck that drives like a car. It has lots of room and comfortable for the driver and passenger. The truck does not get good gas mileage and the paint is not holding up well.

- Kathy K

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in, almost like a Suv.

My Ram us very comfortable to drive; almost like a big suv. I get the benefits of a pickup, such as 4wd for the snow and ability to tow. It is older, and not completely aesthetically pleasing.

- Elizabeth S

2011 Dodge Ram review - seven years later

I love that my truck drives like a car. Smooth ride. Comfortable seats. It's downfall is that I have issues with the electric which I shouldn't have for a car that's 5 years old.

- Juwan J

Engines are junk. Even babying it and 99% highway commuting. The 5.7 hemi runs great but doesn't hold up.

Engines only last 100k miles even with synthetic oil. I don't tow anything or abuse it. On 3rd engine at 245k miles. Rides good and everything else seems to last.

- William V

It takes up a lot of space, so it takes some getting use to.

I love its roomy interior; there's room for me, my wife, and daughter and our dog. I love its big engine. The 5.7liter V8 is a gas hog, but it has awesome power.

- Robert G

Depends on what people are looking for. Only has the 3.7L V6 in it which is fine for loads in the bed or lighter trailers. Anyone towing more than that would need one of the V8s.

It's a 2010 technically, wasn't in the dropdown menu. No complaints, haven't had to do anything other than the normal maintenance considering it's at 125k miles.

- Brian V

It is super dependable and easy on gas

My truck is dependable, it starts every time. It is comfortable to ride in, and take trips in. The color is Kentucky blue. It pulls our camper with no problems

- Sharon G

My ram 1500 4x4 is dependable in all seasons where I live.

I love my truck. It is a quad cab. I have the benefit of nice space like a 4 door SUV and the back of my truck for hauling what I need when I need too.

- Teresa K

Great all around vehicle, but don't keep it long term.

Drives like a car. Smooth ride. Only issues I have had are electrical, which is not good. Car is only 7 years old and I had to replace modules twice.

- Juan J

it is very dependable and it looks as if it will be long lasting

good service had no problem rides nice fair mileage i am very satisfied with great on trips i would say it is one of the best trucks i have ha so far

- Donald B

RAM TOUGH Truck Hemi Power

I have the ram 1500 single cab 5.7 hemi engine. This is a awesome truck with plenty of power and since owning this truck there is no problems.

- Fred D

The RAM truck is a reliable vehicle and mostly maintenance free other than oil changes and tire rotations.

It has been very reliable. Other than a tire sensor giving trouble periodically the truck has not had any problems. It is a comfortable ride.

- Ed P

It is a very comfortable vehicle.

Love the ride and handling. It is a beautiful truck with all the whistles and bells. Ventilation valve broke right after warranty ran out.

- Henry M

Very solid, good working vehicle that I would recommend.

I really enjoy the space and hauling ability. It looks good and works well. I have had some electronically issues as it's gotten older.

- Jake B

It is has very comfortable seats.

The gas mileage is not the greatest but it has lots of room. It allows me to haul everything that I need and it can pull my big camper.

- Ron V

That repairs are expensive because of how the truck is made.

I like the nice ride and the roomy interior. Ii do not like the gas mileage of this truck. I also do not like the high cost of repairs.

- Eva W

Dodge Ram The Best in the market.

dependable and reliable. High performance and seat adjustments. Rugged and high performance. Automatic and ease and comfort of driving.

- Susan C

It is fast and it handles well in all types of weather.

I love my truck. It is extremely comfortable and it drives great. The downfall is it is a gas gas hog. It gets really bad gas mileage.

- Jessica C

2011 Ram 1500 Hemi 5.8 liter

My ram 1500 runs very smooth for its age, being a 2011. I have not had any issues with it, AC blows extremely cold and great power

- Luis C

The ruggedness of the vehicle.

I love the simplicity of the design. There is room in the engine compartment for me to make repairs myself. I love the long bed

- Larry S

It's tired, rickety, got more than a few bumps and scratches, but it'll never give up on you.

It has trouble as the steering wheel will sometimes lock up. The locks also don't work as well as they should since they jam.

- Ulysses O

That it has cooling and heated seats.

It has saddle seat leather. It has built in toolboxes. It has a touch screen radio. It does not have a good transmission.

- Lance F

That it is old. But she is mine and all paid for.

My Laramie is absolutely beautiful in gold & white & it is a luxury edition. Heated seats & steering wheel are the best!.

- Lori C

Looking for a truck go to Dodge.

This truck has one of the best acceleration then the other companies although suspensions needs a little work.

- Richard D

It is dependably is awesome. .

It is a bench seat. Runs and drives great!! Hate the blind spots on either side of the windshield. Needs GPS.

- Patricia B

Extremely reliable and inexpensive to operate and maintain.

Smooth ride, and very dependable. It only has 53,000 miles. So far it has been virtually maintenance free.

- Larry N

Ram 1500 2011 Review Positives & Negatives

Still runs ok. Burns gas on an average. Power windows issue. Turn signal light replaced. engine failure

- Kata B

It's got o2 sensor issues. Needs work.

Got problems, wiring issues, engine issues, needs a lot of work. Other than that it is a nice truck haha.

- Nicholas D

Just looking at it you would never know it was a 4x4

The engine has more power than I will ever need and it very reliable and comfortable and trust worthy

- Rob M

It Runs great and it's paid for

2008 Dodge Ram 1500. Blue exterior with a blue interior 4 doors.5.7L Hemi . Love my truck no dislikes.

- Steve K

Great work truck bed is a good length and roomy.

We have the basic trim model. It's perfect for work but would like to have more features for comfort.

- Tanya W

It's very roomy. Great for hauling things though the gas usage could be better.

I have has this truck for 8 years. It runs good. There is plenty of room in the cab and in the back.

- Van R

My truck is amazing and I think people should really look into buying a Ram.

I love the add-ons that my truck has. I like that my truck can go off-roading. It can go anywhere!

- J M

It is very dependable vehicle and can get you from point a to point b

I dislike the tire pressure sensors they never work. It gets good gas mileage and is very reliable

- Chris H

It runs great after 90,000 miles. Never had any problems with it.

No complaints. It is an older model. Would like the new features that comes with a new vehicle.

- Curt B

That it is a crew cab and has plenty of room for my family of 4

Like the design and look of the 2011 ram truck. Like that it is 4x4. No complaints

- Adam R

this is the best truck every that I have owned this truck has so much room

I love the power of the motor I love the room it has there is nothing I don't like

- John k

I like that my truck has a backup camera it makes it easier to back it up. I also like the seat coolers and the steering wheel heater.

They should know that it gets ok gas mileage and that it hauls stuff pretty well.

- Mandi E

Very reliable and not too bad with gas mileage.

Love my truck. It goes everywhere I need to go. Should have gotten it sooner.

- Renee b

Mile's it has and everything should work and tire's should look new.

I love my truck very much, there will not be a day I will let it go anywhere.

- vette G

I would like to tell others that the Dodge Ram is a very reliable truck and would encourage others to look in purchasing one.

I like my Dodge Ram because it is very reliable and I get great gas mileage.

- Fernando G

a good truck for the price,and a good smooth ride.elect seats

my radio,my body style, my fuel usage love everything about my dodge ram

- James K

It saves gasoline , it has a digital dashboard , it has some plugs for energy .

I like that is a between a truck and a suv, I feel safe when driving.

- Edgar M

I like my truck more than I like most people.

Love the size, power and, look of the truck. It is not good on gas.

- Jon B

Its a Hemi! Which means pure power and a true workhorse of an engine.

I love the off road capabilities. It is the easiest truck to drive.

- Bryan S

It's a great reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage for a truck and it's very comfortable and spacious inside. I love how much storage space it provides. My only complaint would be he rougher bouncier ride due to it being a diesel truck.

It's comfortable and spacious inside and gets great gas mileage.

- Tricia B

It's built ram tough. It has never had a problem. I like it.

It is black. I use it for off-roading and it is very durable.

- Zack D

RAM 1500 - A good work truck

I had transmission problems before a proper rebuild fixed it.

- Paul G

Dodge rams are a tough but good looking work truck

Love the towing ability it is a good work truck. Looks good

- Charles h

It may look pretty but it's a hard worker. It has the most room it any any other

The only complaint is the gas mileage. I only get 10 mpg.

- debra r

that it is awesome. you can't get a better vehicle.

it is the best vehicle to drive. i love the feel of it.

- joel p

has a lift on it for my scooter

gets up and goes.nice and clean.looks new and shiny.

- chuck R