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My vehicle is a 1/2 ton light truck.

I like my 2012 RAM 1500 quad cab for the most part however there are a couple things that I would change if I could. First and foremost I absolutely hate the delay between four and eight cylinders, if I'm on a hilly side road, by the time I reach the top of a hill I have the pedal about to the floor and then all 8 cylinders fire and it takes off like a bat out of hell. Secondly the suspension could be a little stiffer, its a truck, it shouldn't ride like a passenger vehicle. Thirdly the fabric on the seats could be a little more durable. Last, the radio, there is some know issue that the am/fm quits working.

- Aaron M

My trusted and wonderful vehicle.

My Dodge Ram 1500 starts very quickly since I bought it. I did not have any problems at all with my vehicle. With regards to maintenance, all I have done is change oil every 4000 miles. I use synthetic oil I believe it prolongs engine life. I have not changed the transmission oil since I purchased the truck in 2015, but I have not had any automatic transmission issues. All I had done so far is change the windshield wiper blades this year. The ride is smooth like a car. It has all the power I need for acceleration to pass other vehicles on the road. It drives like a charm.

- Virgil F

I have the single cab short bed. It has great turning and handling.

The only problem is the Hemi and my lead foot. The + side is I love the power and performance. Sitting up on 20s can be tricky in weather conditions, but the clearance is a good thing. I live in the city so having a truck that is not 4 wheel drive gives me take off power is appreciated and relied upon. Then when I decide to go off-road the limited slip is a good thing. The tow package with the drivetrain setting to match makes the truck a viable tool.

- Michael H

Strong and durable lasts when it gets around different types of weather.

I really like the ram 1500 because it get what I need to get done. For example: when we were moving between houses I was able to transport large items from one location to another. Also is really good engine that works well even with high mileage on it. My wife and kids love it because it is fun to use for going places to have fun. Only thing that I do not like is the gas mileage because it has an v8 engine.

- Carlton G

Fun to drive, dependable and looks good!

There's a leak on the back windshield, when it rains water gets in from the top, faulty seal. . Leaves the truck smelling musty. Also, the air vent in the back could be in a better spot, for better airflow, which ever person sits right in front of the air vents is usually freezing. Other than that it is very dependable and it is very easy to drive the gas mileage is decent.

- Nancy E

Travel or hunting necessity!!

Such a comfortable ride to vacation in. Feels like a luxury car. Tons of elbow and tons of leg room. We have had superior reliability. Not only do we use it as a family travel car, but we also take it in the backwoods of Montana during heavy snow and mud season for hunting. Our son who is 6'8 can rid comfy in the back seat.

- Michelle E

Great towing vehicle. Very comfortable seating.

I like the look of the Dodge ram. I use it to go back and forth to work plus we use it to tow a travel trailer. This vehicle has all the guts and glory to haul our trailer anywhere. Love the towing ability. The room in the back seats is outstanding. You can sit back there on a long trip and be very comfortable.

- Kevin M

Get the 5. 7l V8 instead of the 4. 7l V8. The 4. 7l is not built as solid.

My RAM 1500 has a lot of miles and still runs solid just as the day I purchased it. Aside from the exhaust manifold seal leak the truck sounds great, still the power it had when I got it. I should have optioned for the bigger back seat but the quad cab suits me for what I do anyways. Strong truck all around.

- Dee K

My truck the ultimate in premium performance.

I like my vehicle very much it helps me to stuff my seats are stylish and comfortable I put new tires on my truck twice a year it gets good gas mileage I like to wash and wax it once a week I even named her Betsy the performance is very good it has power steering power drive I just replace the brakes on it.

- Charlie J

My 2012 Ram 1500 in review.

It is fun to drive with a smooth ride. Easy to park with the back up camera and it gets great fuel mileage. The only issue I have had is a short somewhere on the right headlight some times it lights sometimes I would does not. The dealer look at it and can not explain what this issue is or how to fix it.

- Scott H

Can take this vehicle anywhere smoothest ride.

Always a reliable truck. Smooth ride on the bumpiest of roads. Luxurious inside leather seats Bluetooth speakers sound amazing. Would not trade this truck for the world! I know I will always stick with ram. Only thing I have had to replace with this vehicle is the tires and that is normal maintenance.

- Toni N

Dodge RAM bighorn 1500 with hemi. . . Love the space!

Love it! Repairs are costly though. Getting full set of tires roughly 1000. But if can afford and keep up to date with payments, highly recommend. Great for small children, car seat is easily removed and replaced in cab. Lots of room to transport in bed of truck and also tow pkg is recommended.

- Erin D

My Dodge RAM 1500 has leather seats rubber floor mats and is a big horn edition.

My Dodge RAM 1500 is a big horn edition. I have put leather seats in it. My Dodge also has rubber mats so they are easier to clean and pull out. I haven't had any problems with it. I had the oil changed when needed. Everything on my Dodge is working fine haven't had a problem with it yet.

- Makayla S

A good ride in just 160 characters, but I had to use at least 250.

No real problems other than when it is cold, the front left blinker does not want to work. Other than that no issues. Comfortable ride, decent highway mileage. I am now just adding some stuff because they think that it takes 250 characters to describe it when it really only takes 160.

- Bo L

It's a solid truck, but it's gonna cost you. It looks great and drives well and parts are easy to find.

I love that it has a lot of space and plenty of storage compartments. It's a solid, dependable vehicle. Financially, not so great. It does need minor repairs that add up and gas is expensive these days. The navigation is also too expensive to update and it takes me on outdated routes.

- Maranda S

Great family or work vehicle. Great fuel consumption. Add floor mats.

Very open on the inside, great for a family vehicle or someone who needs a work truck. Very Versatile. The gas consumption isn't bad either for its size 410 miles to a tank is great for a truck with 5. 7 hemi. Easy to clean, I would also recommend the all weather floor mats.

- Alex S

Ram 1500 sport is one of the best trucks out there! Very smooth ride.

The 2012 Ram 1500 sport is a very comfortable truck to drive long distance! It is a very smooth ride, when you hit bumps you do not really feel them like you would in a car, it is by far one of the best trucks out there to me! I would buy another Ram 1500 sport anytime!

- Dominic P

Dodge ram has great power and great comfort.

Great power and smooth drive. Comfortable for long trips. Dependable. Only downside is poor fuel economy, but good for a truck. Pulls my camper without any problems. Great space in the rear seat for my family. Four wheel drive is easy to use. Great tire and brake wear.

- Russ B

Tequila sunrise is the color which only came out in 2012.

It has a very smooth ride, satellite radio seating for 5 comfortably and has a hemi 5.7 v8 engine 4 wheel drive CD player Bluetooth uconnect technology for your phone to be hands free. A pickup bed to haul things in compartments under the floor to carry things in.

- Steven Z

Great truck, amazing, it looks great in black.

I needed to replace the starter after only 2 years. But it is a great vehicle. I love it and drive it everywhere. It's great, I love it. I have had it for 6 years now but I would never sell it or give it to someone else, it's a great car. Just an amazing vehicle.

- Bill T

That ram trucks are reliable, tough and great for all your towing needs.

I really like that it's a truck and that I can haul/tow with it. I like that it handles very well during our tough winter months. I don't like that Dodge always seems to have issues with power window motors going bad and the expense involved fixing the problem.

- Char W

Very comfortable ride, safe and great in all weather!

I like my Ram because it's very roomy inside. It is a great vehicle to have in the winter time because it is 4 wheel drive. It drives very nicely, like a car. Has great power. I don't like that it cost a lot to fill it with gas and parking it in tight places.

- Ally Y

A great truck for not as much as other trucks.

It has been a great vehicle without any problems and has great performance. Really like the club cab too. I really like the information center too. It makes it easy when a problem should arise. This truck handles like a sports car and has a comfortable ride.

- Ron M

It a truck and I love it!

Bought to haul a boat, pwc. Tows great! When not towing it runs great. Comfortable ride for a truck. Not bad gas mileage. You are up higher than a car. Easy to get into. Only problem was a rusted out part that held the gas tank up (recalled, fixed quickly).

- Mary L

Great truck - very comfortable ride and luxurious space and comfort.

The RAM Laramie 1500 truck is very dependable and luxurious. It is without a doubt the best truck I test drove before purchasing. I am without a doubt very pleased and happy with this truck. I highly recommend RAM products to all future prospective buyers.

- Mike D

Ram 1500 is my dream truck!

So far the only problems I'd really mention is that the antenna has shorted out so we had to replace the whole stereo system. Also, when it is cold, the truck thinks all the tires have low pressure regardless of how often you check and update the pressure.

- Angela B

Cool in the summertime hot in the summertime.

Reliable, comfortable to drive in. I like the dependability of it in the wintertime. I like the 4 wheel drive in snow. It keeps us warm and cool in the summertime.We have had it for many years without problems. Easy to maintain. Like the color. No leaks.

- Mari G

That the HEMI engine is easy to fall in love with and will appreciate when feeling the power it provides.

I like the convenient size that it provides for taking certain amount of people and items out for country rides. The engine power that it provides in order to navigate off road and snowy conditions. No dislikes at this time.

- Brenton K

Great farm and everyday driver.

I love my rig. It makes things so much easier with being able to haul feed for the animals. It handles so smoothly. There's plenty of space in the cab and it does not feel cramped like other trucks out there.

- Angelica P

2012 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab is a comfortable and dependable ride.

It is been very dependable, fuel economy is not so great, it is roomy and rides great. Interior is comfortable and the model I have seats 6 grown people. I would definitely recommend this truck to anyone.

- Jason M

Ram 1500 Hemi. Tough yet a classy truck

I love my Ram 1500. The Hemi has awesome power. It looks great, runs great and I haven't had a bit of problems with it. From city driving to working at the farm, it's the best truck I've ever owned.

- Stephanie K

This is more than a truck. You have all the abilities of the truck with the ride and comfort of a luxury vehicle.

I love the turn radius and the comfort that it provides, especially during long distance drives. I love the power that comes with the 5.7L HEMI engine. It has more than enough power to tow or haul.

- Ray T

It's tough and durable. It can handle any job and Its dependable.

My Dodge RAM is the best truck that I have ever owned. Its dependable and running strong. It has never failed me. It gets good gas mileage and looks great. It's up for any job. I love my truck.

- Randy D

Got it loaded with everything. Moon roof is nice. The air condition is great. Also have four wheel drive

It's a great truck. A lot of power and has all the equipment. Back up camera is great. The navigation system is a lifesaver. The blue tooth phone is great You don't have to touch your phone.

- Robert H

Very comfortable when driving long distances.

Great truck for working and general traveling. Have the tradesman model, so not a lot of frills, but super strong truck, with no mechanical issues and very comfortable when driving all day.

- Brandon S

The power is great and will have no problem towing .

I like thats its a truck. I like that my truck is a four door, lots of room.I like that is has plenty of power. I dislike that the interior is not made with better quality material.

- Hugo D

my truck is large and it does not stop on a dime.

I like that my truck is a standard transmission. I dislike that my truck does not have a higher towing and hauling capacity. I also dislike having to deal with the recalls on it.

- tim H

It is a truck so it is automatically better than 90% of the vehicles on the road.

It is a truck with a lift kit. 4x4. It gets me where I need but does not have great gas Mileage. I live the leather seats on a hot day. It has a sweet two tone pink paint job.

- Jimmy R

It comes with a remote start and a very helpful heads up display that gives you mpg, tire pressure and temperature info

I have 2012 ram 1500 outdoorsman quad cab I love it it's got a 5.7l hen and gets about 16.5 mpg and fits both my children that need to be in car seats in the back comfortably

- Brian F

It is very good on gas differ a truck.

I like restaurant a short bed. I like that it is decent on gas and has not gave me too many problems. I do not like its speakers or the lack of storage behind the seats.

- Callie D

Very dependable and doesn't leave you stranded and is overall very powerful and will handle any job.

I've had no issues with my Ram 1500. The 4wd is solid and the vehicle handles well in any situation. If I could change anything it would be to increase the gas mileage.

- Troy K

Love the backup camera!!

We just bought this truck last month. So far we absolutely love everything about our new truck!! Wonderful performance, beautiful interior, and just a great truck!!

- Christy B

It's seem to be a pretty good running truck the the price

4 door dodge ram 1500 silver truck. A little small inside the back seat area. It does shake a little but seems to be a good truck. I can fit a total of six people

- Jayson S

The Ram is a great truck for the money. Fast and fairly reliable.

Good truck for the price. Roomy, comfortable, and quick. Gas mileage with the Hemi so so. Front brakes have been a problem. Cheap calipers and flimsy rotors

- John G

It is great in the snow and has a lot of space.

Able to get out in all terrain it is able to pull it has a lot of power I am able to tow and haul stuff with this vehicle it is my primary means of income.

- Charlie J

Great family vehicle for all seasons.

I love every bit of this truck except the gas mileage. No complaints. It has sports car handling, great horsepower, rides smooth, and hauls/tows a lot.

- Daniel S

it is a good solid truck and dodge is a company that will work with you on financing.

i like the power of the hemi engine. i dislike the key fob they use. it is unreliable. I"ve had to replace both ones twice since i have had the truck.

- roger w

Very reliable. Easy to maintain.

I like the look and features of the vehicle. I have over 70k miles and never had any issues. Very reliable, decent fuel economy for full size truck.

- Andrew W

It's always full of stuff.

Love driving a truck and the hemi power.. But do not like having a 1/2 ton or the short bed. I prefer the 2500 with 5.9 diesel engine and 8ft bed,.

- Melanie L

Very reliable. Keep maintained and will be a good vehicle with few problems.

Reliable, good runner. Sharp looking. Decent mileage and tows my camper. Sit higher up than a car. Excellent in snow and starts easy in the cold.

- Brad A

They should know about the comfort of the seating. And also the cargo it can haul.

I love the power of my dodge ram truck with the hemi engine. I also love the reliability of the truck as it still performs after a lot of miles.

- Gerald M

that it is a very safe vehicle to drive

it is a good running truck that is safe and reliable i do not have to worry about getting stuck in high water and maintenance is a breeze

- tim W

It's easy to drive and malleable.

I like the way it drives and handles. It's roomy enough for 4 but easy to get out of tight parking spots. Have not had a problem with it

- Bella F

It's a safe car for us to ride in and it makes me feel confident

I like that we feel safe in it. It's a good size and it has a lot of good features. It's newer than our other car and more reliable.

- becky f

It is very reliable, and gets me where I am going.

I like the size of a truck. I like the look and price of the Dodge ram brand. The only thing is I would like to have a newer vehicle.

- Ryan A

It tells one which tire has low air pressure and need to be inflated

I really like this truck have not had any problems with it, I only wish it got better gas mileage. It handles like car not a truck.

- Ronald M

Dodge Ram 1500 with hemi engine

Great vehicle with no performance issues. Total comfort and minimal service issues. Towing and hauling meet or exceed expectations.

- Rocco B

It drives really well (all wheel drive).

It is too hard to reach the drive through atm or drive through windows.. However, it is easy to see traffic while on the highway..

- Holly L

The gas mileage is not as bad as you would think it is.

Large vehicle to make you feel safe. It drives with a lot of support. It sits you up higher to be able to be a defensive driver.

- Linda H

I like be8ng it in. I feel secure being high up off the ground.

I like that it is high up off the ground. I love that it is tough. I hate that they are so expensive and Don't keep their value.

- Sean D

It is practical. It gets decent gas mileage. It is easy to clean the inside.

Dependable and strong looking. Decent gas mileage. Solid reputation. I am adding some stuff now because it requires 100 letters.

- Odis L

it gets great gas mileage for a truck

dodge truck with only 30,000 miles, gets great gas mileage, does not have power windows or locks which i wish i would of gotten

- brian A

It has Bluetooth. . The color is gray it is durable and safe to drive.

It is durable for one, it is big I love the color has everything you need. . . I feel safe while driving my kids and myself. .

- Emily V

Wouldn't choose another truck

Performance is great I love the acceleration. I think it needs a better stock suspension for a better comfortable smooth ride.

- Richard D

It's a tank! It just keeps going and going and going. This is my 3rd Dodge and they've all been like that.

Since the day I bought one of the tires has not been able to hold pressure and I've already received several recall notices.

- Andrew B

My great Dodge Ram Truck all that I need

My truck has been everything to me. I use it for all that I do. It performs way past standard and has all the things I need.

- Taveres J

Love my vehicle would choose any other.

Suspension problems by other then that it rides nice. I love the acceleration of my vehicle other vehicles lag on response.

- Richard R

It is a fantastic truck that they should purchase.

Runs great, we have no issues with it at all, has plenty of room for us and dogs. Very good for long road trips back home.

- Kyle D

It's extremely comfortable, and isn't bad on gas mileage. It also shows how your driving affects the MPG

I really like the camera assist for backup. I also like the LED display for radio and Sirius. I wish it wasn't so bulky.

- Ashley A

It is a realizable vehicle and runs pretty good for being used.

It is a truck. It is in good shape. I do not like that it was used. The inside such as the backseat needs to be bigger.

- Jason S

It drives like a car although it is a big truck.

It is powerful. Has great pick up ability. Good steering. Blind spot in the front when turning. Very steady drive.

- Jacqueline W

It's roomy and has decent gas mileage for a truck.

It is big enough for the work I have to do. It has plenty of room to carry my family and has bonus features I like

- Brian B

I love my Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab

I really love my dodge ram 1500. It's been good to me over the years, reliable. It likes gas, but it's worth it.

- gary p

Solid Purchase for a Reliable Pickup

2nd pickup I've purchased (1st was a Chevy). Drives well. No problems with it (have had it for over 70k miles).

- Josh C

Very reliable, dependable

It is very reliable, have not had any problems with vehicle. Just had to have the usual maintenance performed

- jill b

Dodge #1 in comfort and quality.

My pickup is very comfortable. Gets great gas mileage very dependable lots of room to haul my family around.

- Chad B

The information center is very helpful.

Handles great more like a car than a truck. Has plenty of power. The crew cab comes in handy with kids.

- Ron M

That it's stylish and it has a lot of power and torque to it

Yes I like it especially for towing because I can hook up a trailer to it and haul just about anything

- Charles J

It is comfortable for long distance travel and is roomy up front and in back

My vehicle is a big horn edition, has bluetooth connection and is perfect size for family and travel.

- maggie s

2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Review

Powerful, great handling on road, and in snow conditions. Powerful tow package, comfortable driving.

- Sean F

I paid a good price for it.

I love the way it looks and drives. i like the sound of the hemi motor. it handles well on the road.

- kerrie O

It gets the job done and it has a smooth high quality ride.

I like the power. I like the comfort. I like the ride quality. I dislike the fuel economy.

- Zachary C

i love the hemi. i love the 4 wheel drive. i hate the gas mileage.

hemi engine has amazing power. it gets up and goes whenever you need the power to go fast.

- andy p

The most important thing others should know about my car is that is can handle a load and does really well towing.

I love my vehicle because it's a smooth riding truck, but also has a good towing package.

- Eric A

My vehicle is one of the safest around.

I love my truck. It is so versatile in hauling things as well as a very safe vehicle!

- Daniel C

very dependable sofa. Has a lot of power. Is very fun to drive.

it does what a truck is meant to do. and it is a very comfortable drive.

- Derick j

might be a pick up but great looking and enough room for the whole family

love it lots of room for bigger people and very powerful and great style

- edward w

That it is well maintained and very much taken care of

I like that has a lot of power and I can haul a lot of equipment with it

- Charles J

It is great and a great driver

It is the best truck I have ever owned and am completely happy with it

- erik p

it is dependable. it is built to last. i would no be worried to go anywhere in it.

it is good looking and dependable. i would like better gas mileage.

- john b

There are no fuses, only a TPM. When one 'fuse' goes out, the whole system must be replaced

I like the color. Wish it had better hauling capacity and no chrome.

- emily r

dodge rams are the best trucks

I hate the gas mileage I love the bodystyle I like the performance

- brad H

It's very comfortable driving on long trips

I love my truck. Plenty of room in the interior and bed of truck

- Tracy C

I really like my ram 1500. it has been a gread vehicle. I have no complaints.

That it is reliable and seems to not have any issues as it ages

- tommy m

The power of the engine is amazing. Pulls like there's nothing there.

Biggest issue is the fuel mileage. Otherwise I love my truck.

- Sharla U