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There is nothing like a Dodge 4 wheel drive hemi truck.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable, it is a limited edition big horn with heated seats and steering wheel. Auto start, it gets good gas mileage in town and on the highway just as long as the tires are properly inflated. It is a 4x4 with push button on the fly into 2 or 4 wheel. It has a regular plug outlet for me to plug in a computer, it has several lighter plugs in the front and back. In the center it has a CD player and 2 USB plugins, sim card insert. I haven't found anything that is uncomfortable about my truck. The back seating area has plenty of room to ride comfortable. It has a lot of power for towing and off-road driving. It rides smooth, you can't tell that your in a truck. The power it has I love. I pulled a few stumps out of the ground in my yard with it. The biggest one so far was about 3 feet round. I did have to cut a few roots but it had no problem or lack of power to do the job. I love my truck and every feature it has.

- Kenneth P

One of the best vehicles I've ever purchased.

Zero problems since I've owned it. Comfort is outstanding. Fuel Mileage is acceptable, considering it's a V8 truck. The RamBox feature is a must-have, and until you get it you don't realize how indispensable it really it. There's plenty of other storage throughout. The Laramie option with heated and cooled seats and a heated steering wheel is fantastic and provides a level of comfort rarely seen in a full size truck. The only downside is the UConnect NAV system. It would be so nice to be able to upgrade that to an Apple Carplay, but the system isn't capable of that.

- Christopher T

Ram 1500 crew cab. Back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities.

We pull a 26 ft camper with it and it does an excellent job! Has a lot of power. It has a good size back up camera screen with Bluetooth capabilities. It is very comfortable to ride and surprisingly has decent gas mileage. It has a lot of room inside for passengers. We haven't had any problems with it at this point. No complaints. It came with step sides, which makes it easy for me to get into it. I am short. It also came with a bedcover and the tailgate locks so you can haul items in the back and not worry about them being stolen.

- Melissa P

A case workers dream vehicle.

I have loved my vehicle from the time I purchased it to present day. The vehicle currently has 76, 000 miles on it and is doing very well. It is a reliable car that I use for my job. The safety features the truck has a great. I work as a case worker and frequently have to transport children to appointments. It is easy to install child seats into the truck without issue. My only complaint is that my usb/AUX port stopped working a year after I purchased the truck and continues to blow on occasion.

- Michelle S

My RAM is great for hauling, towing and snow.

I love the interior with the layout and entertainment system. The truck is much more responsive and has more power than the Ford f150 that I owned last. I have only had routine maintenance with the tune up being the most expensive due to the hemi have 16 spark plugs. The ride is great and I love the heated seats and steering wheel in the winter. I have never had any problems in the snow or with the roads in my area that flood during high tide.

- A.j W

Super Spacious Ram 1500 Laramie

So far the only problem we have had is the window switch broke but it was a simple $20 fix that my husband fixed himself. It has heated and cooled front seats, heated back seats, automatic windows including the rear window, automatic windshield wipers, automatic door locks. There is plenty of room for passengers and other stuff. Touch screen display with Bluetooth capabilities, GPS, and rear-view camera.

- Heather W

Dodge ram 1500 worth the gas, you tell me.

My Dodge ram 1500 looks absolutely stunning. Very spacious on the inside. You get that tall feeling when you are driving. I also have a very big bed on it that can hold almost anything. Four doors so passengers on the back can get in and out with no problem. The only negative thing is that since I choose a V8 engine for the power I do water lots of money on gas. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Jessica M

First Ram Purchase:wouldn't have pictured myself wanting a Ram let alone another

Very reliable, have had no major mechanical issues or repairs. Best driver info center of any truck in my opinion. Driver interface is unmatched in its class. Rear Coil Link suspension provides smoother ride than leaf spring type suspension, lack some stability when loaded super heavy for towing but overall not a deal breaker for me as I have other trucks for towing and heavy loading.

- John H

This is a good vehicle considering it is way cheaper than most other trucks on the market of that size.

I have the 2013 Ram 1500 Big horn. The only issues that I have had with my truck are listed below. The Uconnect radio stopped working on me which required me to purchase an aftermarket radio. I had an exhaust manifold leak around 70k miles. Other than those two issues I have not had any major repairs. It still handles well and gets decent gas mileage for being a truck.

- Brandon D

2 prong Electrical outlets in interior of car

This car has been very reliable. I love the features that are included with the Laramie. It performs as I need it to you with pulling a horse trailer. I love the heated seat feature and the AC for the seats feature as well. The hemi engine is powerful and very reliable. The only problem I had with this car was that I had to replace The spark plugs around 36,000 miles.

- Kim K

I really enjoyed the touch screen radio and the under seat storage in the back

I have had no problems from this truck, the performance is very reliable, comfortable while driving short and long distances. The underneath part of the back seat lifts up and has a good bit of storage. The two glove boxes really help out for up front storage as well as the center console cup holder which opens up and has a USB slot and another car charger built in.

- Grayson C

Dodge RAM 1500, for what I do, and use it for is the best truck for me.

Having 2 horses, I can haul 20 bales of hay, wood shavings, etc. I wouldn't live in n. Y. Without 4 wheel drive. The cab room is bigger than a Chevy. I have not had any problems with my truck, normal oil changes, etc. I love the pick up and go with the hemi. The ride is smooth and comfy on long trips. The gas mileage is good. I love everything about my truck.

- Sandra V

2013 RAM 1500 regular cab short bed 5. 7 hemi.

The truck has more than enough power for daily work duties, and comfortably hauls my tools and myself, it isn't the most fuel efficient option on the market especially if you have a heavy foot like I do. Other than that I think it is overall a very dependable, comfortable and fun truck. I only wish you could fully disable traction control for fun in the snow.

- Chris P

Dodge ram 1500 single cab trucks.

Ram 1500 slt is a great all around truck. The hemi has more than enough power to pull a trailer or a mid size RV. Great on fuel on the highway, the interior is just right for me and my wife to travel in and very comfortable. Have not really had any problems with it,I have replaced the water pump, but it lasted almost to 100,000 miles, so I can't complain.

- Isidro P

Best truck on the market today.

My RAM 1500 is amazing and I wouldn't have any other truck brand. It is dependable and has been nothing but good to me. If I was a future truck buyer I would most definitely go with ram. Not only are they the best looking but they are the most smoothest driving and most comfortable truck on the market today. If your going to buy and truck. Buy a ram.

- Jackson C

Basic thoughts on ram truck.

I really enjoy my truck it is very practical. Its roomy with the crew cab and runs well. I would like it to have better gas mileage and I would get rid of the bench seat. The acceleration lacks at times and I wish it had more comfort features. I enjoy the ram box and how it holds all my materials and supplies. I wish the back window opened.

- Tyler M

I give my Ram truck 5 gold stars.

My Dodge truck is a really nice truck. It has a lot of power as well. It does have a small lift on it which I love. I wish the wheels were better. I could use a bit more room in the back seat. But other than that I have no complaints. This is my first Dodge and I am liking it so far. We usually are Chevrolet people but I love this truck.

- Bridget M

2013 white Dodge RAM Dakota.

2013 white Dodge RAM Dakota. Runs great. Airbag replaced due to recall notice. Radiator replaced this year. A/c very cold. Small dent in the driver's rear panel. Was there when I got it. Four doors um... Six windows on the way to have brakes done now. Very reliable vehicle and, um grey interior. Needs to be washed and cleaned out.

- Shelly S

Trustworthy and dependable.

I have never had any problems with my truck, it has been very trustworthy and mechanically sound. It is very comfortable to drive and be a passenger. I always feel safe in it. The standard features are nice and simple but still look modern. Even though it is from 2013 I still feel like the stock features look up to date.

- Victoria B

It is a great vehicle. I love it

No issues With the current vehicle. I am very pleased with his performance, gas mileage, and comfort of Right. I would definitely buy this vehicle again. Seats are really comfortable for my back, hips, legs, and neck. I love the power windows. The radio stations are great. I like the tailgate locks with the vehicle to.

- Geoff E

Ram 1500 Crew Cab Pickup Truck

It is a good vehicle. It has 4 wheel drive and can seat four people. It gets good gas mileage for a truck. It has enough room for our family of four. The six foot bed is big enough to do some projects but doesn't cause problems backing up. Uconnect works pretty well but doesn't always connect to my phone right away.

- Nick W

Ram 1500, best truck I have ever owned!

This is the most comfortable and reliable vehicle I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of trucks! All around, best truck ever. Mine has the "sport" trim on it and I get comments from people quite often telling me that it is a great looking truck. That is not the most important thing to me but it is a bonus!

- Jason P

2013 Ram 1500 crew cab 2wd

I haven't had any problems with the truck since I bought it brand new. We have taken it on several vacations just due to the comfort, the gas mileage it gets and the ease of driving it. I have towed a 32' ft bumper pull camper with no issues it had plenty of power. I will definitely purchase another ram truck.

- Josh L

2013 ram 1500 the beast is alive

The truck is a beast! Gets good mpg, and the ride isn't like rough but not glass smooth but just right, the interior is wonderful, just wish it had a better stereo in it when I bought it is all. Add fuel and change the oil and it just seems to last forever...very happy just not a fan of 20" wheels is all..

- Jon K

I love dodge trucks and will buy another.

I have never had a problem with this vehicle other than normal maintenance. Good truck, easy to understand and find controls, and tows trailers well. We've aligned the wheels once, rotated the tires, and kept the oil changed. Love the radio, seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Electric windows.

- Donna J

Rams durability and liabilities.

I love the RAM 1500. It dose grate up in the mountains. The 4 wheel drive is a life saver. My only complaint is the lack of lumbar support. With 2 bench seats and six seat belts, it is a perfect fit for the family plus a few. The towing package is always nice and the trucks performance is amazing.

- Travis C

I named my Ram Victoria. I only name vehicles that I while always cherish and choose that name because my Ram is a vicious victorious bitch.

I love driving my dodge ram 1500 big horn 4x4 which was lowered on 20 inch rims. I hate how it is not as durable as i envisioned it to be and dislike how much gas it consumes. Recently I needed new keys programmed and I couldn't believe how expensive that was. Electronic fobik keys on a Ram suck.

- robert t

2013 Ram 1500 SLT Bighorn 6 Speed

Great truck so far, Rams are the best all around feeling truck I've driven. Only thing slacking is the 2013 models didn't get the stronger and faster 8 speed transmission. And there is multiple recalls on them but nothing too crazy. But with the 6 speed you keep the stick shift instead of a dial.

- Benton C

The lights and the sounds of the truck is wonderful in a lot of standards.

Well it has a few dents in it from a storm we had back in august but the trucks sounds amazing it is relatively new by good standards. The performance of the truck is very wonderful, you do not even have to have a metal key to start the engine it has no key plus the headlights are magnificent.

- Brad E

Engine is awesome . Easy oil change . Easy part look up.

Interior wears badly, things inside cab break easily. I have never had a problem with the engine or suspension. I live 45 miles down a gravel road and my ram has done an amazing job getting me in and out in any weather. The only complaint I have is the interior does not hold up with go kids.

- Heather K

Junk on wheels, pray it moves.

Recall after recall after recall, And electrical issues are never ending, Transmission problems as well, I have never owned a new vehicle, after this experience, I am confident, I never will again, especially a Dodge product, I rely on this truck for work, sad I have no confidence, in it.

- Chris M

The fact that it is a newer truck and not a car.

The truck is comfortable and reliable. I do not have a CD player which I would like to have and I really didn't want a black truck. But it is very spacious. I would like it raised up a bit, but I also need a step side it is difficult to get in and out. Also the front windows are not tinted.

- Dorothy J

It is a reliable truck. There is room so you do not feel cramped.

The only problem with this truck is gas mileage on the highway. If you exceed about 50 miles per hour the gas mileage drops. On the streets there is about 26 miles per gallon. It runs smooth and everything works. There is enough room in the back seat area that provides plenty of legroom.

- Miranda F

The lines and details of the look.

My 2013 Ram 1500 is one of the best performing trucks out there. All the features and options are incredible. I would definitely recommend looking into a ram, you certainly wouldn't be disappointed. My four wheel drive is fun when I want to go camping or just cruise some trails off-road.

- Robert M

Good vehicle for power and towing.

The RAM 1500 has good power for pulling boats or campers. It has pretty bad gas mileage but that's expected with a hemi engine. There have been many recalls and/or malfunctions but RAM dealership has fixed most issues with little cost to us. It's a good vehicle that holds value well.

- Lisa K

Overall it is a great vehicle.

I love everything about it. It is big, roomy, comfortable, drives nice, plenty of charging ports for phones/devices. Now I can haul, tow and carry a lot without having to worry about space. Was good even on a long road trip with 5 people. Love that it tells me when I need an oil change.


My Ram's overall performance and everyday use.

It is an amazing truck. It has some rust issues developing on some outer panels, but most trucks have the same problems. I love the power engine and the four wheel drive. I often take the truck off-road. During the winter months, it is nice knowing that I have the four wheel option.

- Jonathan D

I luv my ram. Handles well, gas mileage ok for class, comfort level high.

I like it. Gas mileage varies to much. Road noise is tolerable, sound system good. Access. . You'll need running boards or steps. Tail gate also. 4 wheel drive is great in snow. I trail hike and it helps get me back to the good trails. I would buy it again, higher trim model.

- Ed M

Great ride wonderful to drive.

Being a long time mopar fan I can't say anything bad about my truck, rides great has all the bells, and whistles, low maintenance good gas mileage always getting compliments on color (rugged brown metal flake)nice sounding exhaust and its fast a great truck to take on long trips.

- Marc B

The best pickup made the ram.

I like the interior features. The heated and cooled seats are the best feature. The ride is exceptional and the engine power is unbelievable but it still has the hemi tick. I also like all the chrome that is on the truck. I am having problems with the interior lights flicker.

- Bill F

Ram 1500 - a small flaw within a great truck

Great truck however the uconnect system has a lot of systematic issues. This is not the first Ram I have owned they had issues with the system. The hemi engine is hands down a true performer and the new transmission upgrade is a great improvement. I would def buy another.

- Shawn K

It is excellent on gas for a very large truck. I find that it is economical for our family to keep it gassed up.

This is the third Ram we have owned, and this one has a Hemi and is much better on gas than the previous two. I love that we can haul things, like furniture purchases, and not have to pay additional charges for shipping. It is roomy and our family fits very comfortably.

- Kelly G

Ram 1500 truck improvements.

Have had multiple manifold exhaust leaks in the past 3 years. Love the backup camera and the dash and controls are easy to use and look good too. The backup camera is nice but wish it came stock with a front camera to see in front and have sensors on the front bumper.

- Nate W

The fuel mileage isn't real good.

Ought used but it was like new. I, like the shifter in the console. It has the hemi. It has the pulling power but the fuel mileage isn't that great. Only got about 9 miles to the gallon pulling my camper. Over all I love it. I, would buy another Ram for my next truck.

- Raymond S

Very nice work and family truck

I absolutely love my truck I have never had issues with it. It's very comfortable and reliable. It has a lot of nice features and extras. It's a very nice truck for looks as well as moving and hauling. The inside is very pretty as well has a lot of pretty features.

- Gwendolyn C

It's a great vehicle, but gas mileage is not very good, just like other trucks in its class.

I like that I can haul things around and get things from the hardware store without needing to ask others for help. I can also seat everyone in my family comfortably on a trip. I am none too fond of the horrible gas mileage. I also don't like the turning radius.

- Andrew D

Best truck I have ever owned. Automatic sliding back window.

My vehicle is very comfortable and is very smooth on the road. It has not had any mechanical issues. Ram is a name I trust. It starts with ease every time. It has lots of space and two glove compartments for storage plus the center console has lots of storage.

- Dorothy J

The best part is the sweet sound of the hemi v8 and it is all stock.

It has a great engine sound and is very quick. Very nice v8 and is touchy sometimes for a new driver. The brakes work great. Got it for a great price for its value and am super happy I bought it. I would definitely buy another ram/Dodge truck in the future.

- Seth E

Comfort, roomy, safe, very sturdy ride, very nice truck.

Dodge RAM pickup is very sturdy. It is a hemi. The fact it is a 4 wheel drive helps, we recently moved to Nevada and need to be prepared for snow. It is a comfortable ride. We love the backup camera, the cup holders and very roomy back seat for our guests.

- Diana M

Great reliable car to buy and have.

Love the truck in full, the comfort, power, and layout. The innovative 8 inch display is nice but it resets twice randomly. I have done all the software updates and it still has not helped and the dealership has basically said its nothing that they can do.

- Aaron A

Love the durability and ruggedness! Fun to drive and awesome at towing

I like that I can tow and I have room to get big items. I like that it is fairly low maintenance and I only have to change my oil every 10,000 miles. I like the rubber mats that came with my truck because I am constantly dragging mud and junk into my truck

- Jaclyn B

2013 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, white

There have been a few recall notices, the seats are very comfortable, the dashboard layout is really good. Handles very well. Very roomy extended cab. Plenty of in cab storage. Adjusts well to highway/freeway inclines and declines.great turning abilities.

- Denise M

The large seating in the back seats our 3 kids comfortably

We love our Ram it's always been reliable. I love the large TV screen in the console, I think the seating is very roomy and very comfortable. The truck works as a work car or a family car in our case and is very easy to operate and utilize all features

- Michele M

My horses and my Ram pickup.

I love my Ram pickup. I own horses and have property and use it for many different reasons including hauling horses and ranch supplies. It has been an amazingly reliable vehicle and I look forward to buying another one in the next couple of years.

- Amy B

Best value truck - best bang for your buck if you are on a tight budget. I bought used and it was significantly cheaper than a similar F150 or Silverado, but has been super reliable and I have loved it.

This truck has been extremely reliable and feels near indestructible. It has taken me on road trips all throughout the Southeast and has allowed me to commute to work. Additionally, it is a good looking truck that has been popular among peers.

- Timothy H

horrible gas mileage. but, really fast would not tow a lot of heavy things with my truck

I love my Dodge Ram 1500 I love my 5.7 semi engine performance level is high. the only problem I have had. a really bad experience with towing. Dodge Ram trucks don't have leaf springs chevy Silverado GMC Sierra do have leaf springs

- Jesus d

Please look into the improvements they may have made to address the issue with their computer system in their truck. Also, consider how much you'd like to spend or can afford on gas on a weekly bases. Upgrade the tank to 30 gallons. You'll thank me for it

I love that it's a truck and is able to keep up with me. I hate that it eats gas. I also hate that the computer in the truck has problems and it is a model deficiency. Only way to fix it is to completely replace the unit.

- Cathy C

Gets the job done reliably - just light on bells and whistles outside of the top trims.

Overall reliable, frustrating there is no gas tank lock. Ride is a bit rough and the technology package does leave a lot to be desired. Diesel version runs great no mechanical recurring problems unlike past chevys.

- Robert M

Ram 1500 tradesman edition with Ram boxes.

None truck no mechanical problems would recommend buying a Dodge Ram 1500 pick up to everyone. Dealer has always been great. All around very happy with the truck. Great warranty. Great vehicle all the way around.

- Kimberly A

Handles and rides very nice for a truck, almost as if driving a car.

It is nice to have a truck to haul things when I have to. It is a Crew cab so there is a lot of room for my family. Drives and handles very nice. Decent gas mileage for a truck. No real complaints at this time.

- Greg B

The RAM truck does everything you expect a truck to do and then some!

I have 0 complaints about my truck. The Hemi engine is amazing and powerful. The crew cab has plenty of space for driver and other passengers. I still have plenty of bed space for hauling whatever i need.

- Charles w

It is built to be tough and durable; tows well and has a great design/body look.

I like the power that my vehicle has; it accelerates quickly and has enough power that I can tow a boat, trailer, or any other item that I need to. I like the outside design and interior space as well.

- Ty H

For a truck, we get decent gas mileage. It is a comfortable ride.

This is the most comfortable truck we have owned to date. It is 4 wheel drive which is what my husband wanted. Only complaint is a lot of parking spaces are barely wide enough for it.

- Geri R

Very reliable and comfortable.

This pickup drives like a car but rides like a truck. The V-6 engine gets 16 mpg city and 24 highway. Has plenty of power to pull my boat. Great sound system. Very nice overall.

- Ed C

Reliable, curable, looks good and smooth driving. Lots of get up and go.

Love this vehicle. Have never had any major issues with this or previous vehicle which was also a ram 1500. Just couple of minor recalls. Very comfortable, lots of horsepower.

- Rhonda A

It has ecoboost so gas lasts a while.

I like that even though it is a truck, it does get good gas mileage. I do not like that there’s dents in the door and bumper. I like that how safe it feels to drive.

- Sam F

That it fits 6 people easily with plenty of room.

I love to jail things in on trips or work around house. It sits up high so easy to see. It gets dissent has mileage. I love driving my truck it fits 6 people easily.

- Jeffery T

It is terrible in snow and it gets stuck easy.

I like the size of the cab. I do not like that it's not a 4 wheel drive. The way it drives and being able to pull the camper is nice. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Shirley C

The most important thing that I want people to know about the truck is that you can do heavy duty jobs. You can't do this with a car.

What I love about the truck is that it lets me haul around heavy things. I cannot do this with my car, also, every man needs a big truck just for things like this.

- Jordan R

My Hummer: the gas mileage isn't as bad as you think.

I drive a 2007 Hummer H3 that I love, but that wasn't a choice so our other vehicle is the Ram that with only 52,000 miles we are having mechanical troubles with.

- Lisa F

2013 Ram 1500 is the best vehicle I've owned.

Handles great and is the most reliable truck I've ever owned. I love the comfort of the seats and it has an appearance that grabs people's attention.

- Jason P

Idk what to write but I like my car.

No complaints other than the gas mileage is crappy. Love the tires and the lift kit that came on the truck. I only wish that I got to drive it more.

- Randy E

Do a lot of background searching on the vehicle.

I love the fuel economy and the get up and go. The looks of the truck is what made us want to buy. I hate that everything on the truck is breaking.

- Catherine J

Great truck with great gas mileage for the size.

Love the gas mileage, great on gas and also plenty of room. Large space for traveling and spacious seating. Large truck bed and great suspension.

- Sanjay P

very roomy very good looking

sensors have had multiple issues. love all the features and how it drives but hate not being able to depend on sensors for reliable info.

- brittany d

It's my baby & probably cooler & more powerful than your car.

I like it a lot. It is powerful & great for the snow. I like the fact that it's a Hemi & 4x4. I just don't like the MPG but that's ok.

- Christina C

It's great go almost anywhere vehicle with excellent power and great performance.

It's a great vehicle. It's 4 wheel drive and has a powerful Hemi engine. Drives and rides great and can tow and/or haul very well.

- Kevin S

No problems within the 5 years except for the phone system.

Dealership can't repair the phone system in the truck. Reliable truck. Enjoy the comfort of the truck along with the sound system.

- James W

It is very durable. It is tough and strong.

I love it. It is very durable. It has lots of room. I can carry anything in the back and I can tow things with my hitch on it.

- Rachel L

The interior is great and there is plenty of room for many different uses.

I love the size of the truck. I also love the towing ability it has. I do not like the lack of technology in the truck though.

- Matt M

Its an rt edition and people constantly ask is it a real rt.

I love my truck I just wish I had a back seat I have a regular cab truck that only seats 2 and I have 3 member in my family.

- Michael S

It is a cheap truck that does It's job. reliable and never lets me down

It is very simple cheap package truck. the only thing i don't like about it is that there have been multiple recalls on it

- Austin L

My truck has been wonderful to me and I really enjoy it

It is a very tough truck it's hard to scratch or beat up... it will take dents like a champ, it will really ram anything..

- Holly L

it is reliable and has a lot of power

I like the Hemi engine. I like the decent gas mileage. I do not like how much they charge for the navigation system

- Donald H

I love driving it but not on long trips.

I like the room. . I do not like the gas mileage. I like the backup camera. I like the features. I like the space.

- Cecilia O

It is nearly paid for. It also has ample room for our family.

No complaints. It has served me well. It handles well on the highway and off road. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Patrick K

Its a truck and I use it as a truck. I can haul or tow anything I want with it

I love my truck, I have always wanted to own a Ram. The only thing I wish is it would be a crew cab 4 wheel drive

- Mike J

It allows me the freedom to go where I want.

Like the engine capabilities and comfort of interior. Dislike the comfort of the ride and the electronic system.

- Stephanie D

Has a v8 and can pull anything and almost go anywhere

It's a short bed single cab truck I enjoy driving it. Also has a 5.7 v8 motor so it's got some getty up and go.

- Jeffrey S

It's everything a truck should be!

Love the ram style. It has a very comfortable cabin. All controls are easy to operate and conveniently located.

- Ken G

It has speed to burn and is fun to drive.

4 wheel drive quad cab with a hemi motor that has pulling power and great pick up with room for passengers.

- Randall G

Ram 1500 2013 - stereo/navigation needs to be updated more often.

Works great. I have nothing to complain except that I wish the stereo would update for new phones better.

- David E

Things I love about my vehicle

My vehicle is very reliable. Smooth ride. Handles well in all types of weather. Love the backup camera.

- Janet P

Only gets 14 to 15 MPG. Bluetooth connectivity is better than other vehicles I have driven.

Rides nice. Low maintenance, Bluetooth connectivity for phone and audio. Tie downs are too low in bed.

- Roger S

I have no idea how to answer this question. It's red?

I haven't had it very long, but I love the way it looks. I love it's off-road and towing capabilities.

- Julie S

Quality and durability of the truck

I love my truck. It's Big and the ride is amazing. Stylish durable and great look looking

- James L

It's a perfect truck. It is everything that one could ask for in a truck.

I love the ride, the horsepower, the towing and hauling capacity, the look and style.

- Dan S

That it's reliable and trustworthy. And is very sleek looking

I like that it's reliable. I like that it has four wheel drive.

- David R

This is a truck that's dependable. Good for hard jobs and for family trips.

Like the reliability. The electronics are beginning to fail.

- Patrick T

My vehicle,is great.My truck does its job,reliable and tough.Nothing I dislike about my truck.

Its reliable,never fails me.Well taken care of,and useful.

- shaun g

Body stylish and engine reliable, great performance

Love the style, love the color and love the hemi engine.

- jerry F

Lot of horsepower and extra features. Have had zero issues with it.

No complaints...live everything about it. Very happy.

- Eric A