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I love this pick up it has majority of everything I need or want in a vehicle.

The Dodge RAM 1500 is one of he most pricey vehicles that I have yet to have but is very nice. This pickup has a touch screen, heated seats, heated steering wheel, 4WD, crew cab, fabric seats, emergency calling, and plenty of room with the crew cab. To start off I do like the vehicles with the touch screen and smart system but they do come with a lot of complications. Such as you may have to update them and they can become slower to work or just randomly not turn on at times like mine. I do love the heated seats because I am one that is cold majority of the time so having the heated seats and steering wheel can come in very handy. Next is has the 2wd, and 4WD which also comes in handy for me because I live out in the country so being able to use that 4WD when it's muddy or lots of snow is fantastic to have. I do with this pickup came with leather seats because I have a child but I can't get too picky. Over all I am pleased with this vehicle and will plan on keeping it for quite a while.

- Brook G

Ram hits a home run with me.

Ram has had some recalls performed. Performance is great with 3. 92 axle ratio mated to a six speed with a hemi rated 395 hp. More than enough power to pull my landscape trailer. Most of the time I do not even need to use the extra power available. Seats are cloth cushioned and comfortable for my back since I do not do well with bucket seats in cars. Truck is not terribly high up so it is easy for me to use the side hook to pull myself up into the driver's seat. I own the express quad cab so it is got plenty of leg room and head room via the ceiling. Truck bed is a good length to haul items. My RAM has basic features like am FM radio with USB ports to play my iPod. I also subscribe to Sirius radio. The color is metallic steel. It is not a very common color. I like the sparkle the paint gives off the way the sunlight hits the body and the fact that it is a rare color for lack of a better word.

- Timothy O

It's comfortable, and puts the fun into driving again.

I love my Dodge Ram truck. It is more spacious than many cars. All of my granddaughters fit in the back seat of the full cab. The only real challenge I've had, well I guess there are two. When I purchased the truck the salesman showed how you can flip the console up in the front,so someone can ride in the front. The man fudged when he was asked if an adult could fit there, I did not realize the space would only allow a small child to sit in front,which, I believe, is illegal in most states. The second problem I have is there were no running boards so I purchased the one step kind. My age has not been kind when it comes to my knees, so there are many days I have to get someone to get a step stool to help me get into the truck. The truck handles well both for commuting,and for extra jaunts to the beach or even the Columbia Gorge.

- Laurie Y

If you haven't driven a ram, it is time you did. Treat yourself.

The RAM 1500 big horn is the nicest truck I have owned. It is equipped with the 5. 7 hemi and 4 wheel drive. It floats down the road like a luxury vehicle and has plenty of torque and horsepower. The crew cab is especially nice for comfortable passenger capacity with plenty of legroom and storage under the rear seats. It handles well in all weather conditions and has a ride height that provides a great point of view in traffic. Very safe. And nothing beats a pick up truck when it comes to moving, anything from raw materials for construction or furniture for family and friends. And believe me, if you own a pick up, you'll be the first person people call to help them move. overall, it is a safe, dependable, comfortable, powerful vehicle and I couldn't be happier and I highly recommend it. Guts. Glory. Ram.

- Karl C

Charcoal grey dodge hemi 1500.

No problems with my truck in the last 2 years. Love the way the hemi sounds and the pick up speed makes me smile. Very roomy for all of us. Drives fantastic. Not so big and bulky that you can't park. Made a 2000 mile trip and everyone had enough space. Plus the bed is still big enough to haul what you want. Sound system was good quality. Easy to clean. Four wheel drive activates with the push of a button. Love the optional front seat bench. Seats 6. Does amazing in snow and mud. Proud of my truck, best purchase I made on a vehicle. Cons, gas is a bit pricey. Oil changes may cost more as it takes 7 quarts. Maintenance has been minimal. It didn't come with the remote start key fob but that can be added on.

- Frances M

Blue ram sport that everyone thinks it's black.

My ram has been a very good truck. I have had some issues with water getting into the cab. I had it taken to the dealership and it was taken care of so that was good for the brand. I enjoy the comfort and reliability and features of my truck. My last truck a 2000 dodge Dakota I had until it threw a rod, 12 years. This one I will have for the rest of my life. There have been several safety recalls but I am glad ram is willing to fix issues, please do not hide issues from your customers. If there is something wrong own up to it, we understand things happen. My only issue may be the quality of the paint finish. I feel like it scratches somewhat easily. I would like to see a paint finish more resistant.

- Kevin N

Good everyday driver, that is easy to load up for a weekend fishing trip.

Good reliable vehicle. Has four wheel drive makes it nice 4 refer to rain and getting around in the snow. Pulls a boat or a small camper very easily. Average gas mileage very low maintenance. Plenty of room for either 4 grown adults or two adults and two children. Also the back seat is great for our two dogs. I would prefer to have little more in cab storage and the electric seats but our vehicle did not come with these options. The CD player is located under the center seat in the front & only loads one CD at a time. Rear is would have been a great option we did not get.

- Shelley W

The 2014 Dodge Ram is an amazing vehicle with tons of options.

I love my truck. It has been reliable and overall a great vehicle. 4 wheel drive in the snow works perfect and no issues. It can tow and haul anything needed. Tons of room for car seats and lots of storage. The touch screen display is amazing. It has a backup camera with a great picture and can tell you exactly where you are backing up too. The sensors on the front and back of the truck make sure you can get close enough but ensures that you do not hit anything. It is also equipped with satellite radio which is a huge convenience to be able to have access to.

- Cameron J

Personal opinion on a 2014 dodge ram 1500.

I drive a 2014 ram 1500 hemi. It's been a great truck to me for the past 3 years. I haven't had to take in it for any maintenance on it besides the regular oil changes and tune ups before going on a vacation. It's got plenty of power which is what I like because I come from a family of hot rodders! It's not the best on gas mileage but if you're worried about gas mileage you probably shouldn't be looking into a hemi. The interior is beautiful and I've got a nice gloss red color on mine. I drive mainly on the highway for work and the truck runs great everyday.

- Jordan R

Heads above the rest is my burgundy baby!!

There have been no problems that the recalls have not repaired. It is performance is high quality, picks up speed quickly, and drives smooth. All passengers have raved at the comfortability and smoothness of the ride. They say they are pleasantly surprised. I have four compartments to store small items and a large storage under the rear seat. There are cup holders for the back seats as well as front. It has safety locks for children, and plenty of room for 4 adults in the back, with space for 3 adults up front.

- Bonnie H

Great dependable truck for work and play.

Love the vehicle a lot. It is very reliable and handy. It is spacious, comfortable, and equipped so families are completely comfortable. As far as performance, it gets fairly good gas mileage, average about (18-23) mpg. I really like how smooth of a ride it is no matter the terrain. If I had to pick out an issue it would be that of course the gas, the tank it fairly large so be prepared to spend a lot in gas. Overall it is a great dependable truck and would recommend to anyone.

- Gary M

Has had no significant problems with either mechanical or electrical systems.

The Dodge RAM 1500 is an extremely reliable vehicle with a very smooth and quiet ride. The hemi engine has enough pickup to keep up in the fast lane and enough power to tow large things such as a boat or camper. The interior legroom is a nice feature especially for people who are tall like me. I have owned 5 trucks in my life and this by far is my favorite one. When it is time to purchase a new vehicle in the future, I will be going with same model.

- Bret Z

Very happy with ram trucks and think you will be also.

My 2014 ram 1500 Laramie is a luxury truck with the hemi engine so it is not only fast but gorgeous. The truck is loaded with every conceivable option and drives like a luxury car. The only problem I have is with the tpms which tells you the tire pressure in all 4 tires. Seems in the winter time the tire pressure fluctuates a lot and these are 20' tires but other than that I have had no problems at all and keep the oil changed every 3,000 miles.

- Howie M

Super safe, not very convenient.

I loved it when we first purchased it but now that we have a 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old, I am finding that it is not very convenient with all the accessories that children require and also anything that I need to have in the vehicle such as groceries, shopping bags, cooler, etc. I most enjoy feeling incredibly safe with my children in the vehicle. It accommodates 2 child car seats but that is about it.

- Samantha P

Powerful truck that looks as great as it performs.

My 2014 RAM 1500 is a truck that I have always been happy with since the original purchase. The power of the engine is strong and enough for my needs. I am a big guy and the inside of the cab is spacious and comfortable. All controls are easily within reach. I often tow trailers and the truck pulls more than a ton with ease. I have never had a problem with only oil changes and routine maintenance.

- Mark P

In need a of car but do not know what to choose. Here's the car for you.

I have driven my car for just over two months I haven't had any problems or concerns. It drives really smooth and easy. It maintains its speed very well and has good control of the road. The interior is extremely nice and very maintained. The speakers are nice. It has hands free so you can call and not have to be holding your phone. It is a very stable car and recommended it for anyone.

- Sydney R

Nos tires, seating, bed liner.

Our 2014 Dodge RAM 1500 has been a blessing, husband got a cut in the tire and thanks to the no's tires he got home safely and to the store the next day to replace. The interior is quite nice but i'd love to see another color other than grey, the bed of the truck has a sprayed liner and holds up really well. My husband uses it for work and has been very dependable.

- Veronica J

Happy with the way it handles there is plenty of room in backseat for our kids.

Love the power and the way it drives. There is always little cosmetic things that go wrong and need to be replaced as that is annoying. I feel like the manufacturer should have a better idea warranty for this time of defects. Gas mileage is not good but that is with any truck so its comparable. Over all it handles well and we are happy with our purchase.

- Heather M

Powerful considering the gas mileage.

It performs very well. It gets great gas mileage. I get about 21 miles to the gallon. For a truck it is also very quiet. The interior is what I always wanted, it is a quad cab so I can fit three people in the back seat. Ii is also very powerful. I pull a 10, 000 pound trailer up steep grades. I have 80000 miles on it and have had no problems so far.

- John D

I am bullish on my ram, with 340 horsepower!

Truck has a hemi, plenty of power, 4 door, reliability is 100%. Changed oil and new tires at 50 thousand miles. Only one problem I have had is the passenger window switch will not operate the window, sometime. The vehicle comfort is much better than the RAM it replaced which was a 2004. As the new RAM has coil springs as the older RAM had leaf spring.

- Glenn C

I love my Dodge and would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a truck.

I love my Dodge truck! There have been a few recalls, but nothing that wasn't able to be fixed. It is gets good gas mileage. It is extremely comfortable to drive. The back cab is perfect for my 3 big bullies! I love the censor and the back up camera. I have never driven something this big, but it is very easy with all the tech in this truck.

- Christine H

The hemi engine is best in class v8.

I love the power of the hemi engine and the rear leaf suspension provides a great ride. The size and space are phenomenal. It gets good gas mileage for a truck. Hemi is the best engine I have had. The color is great. The rims on it are very nice. I have the 4 by 4 truck which is amazing offroad. And it pulls a lot of weight effortlessly.

- Blake V

Ram promaster city van is the perfect camper van for one.

Super reliable and good gas mileage. I only gave it a 4 because it is not the prettiest or coolest looking car, but it works like a charm. I haven't had any problems with it. Bought it with an empty back and built in a bed and it makes for the perfect camper van for one. The radio system is amazing and the backup camera is a life saver.

- Margaret H

Ram bighorn does not disappoint!

The 2014 Dodge RAM bighorn is top of its class. It rides like a luxury sedan and steering is a smooth as it gets in a full size truck. I have taken it off-road multiple times and it has never let me down. I have not had any mechanical issue with the truck. Seats are comfortable and the back seat can fit three full size adults.

- Michael J

Very sturdy very dependable and luxury.

Rides great, I am very impressed with the fuel mileage -it gets highway miles are 22 to 23 which is incredible for a pickup, pulling my boat my camper I can get 18, in intown usually 16, I am also very impressed with the electronic transmission, I was kind a little scared of it at first but I have had zero problems was it.

- Tyler K

It is very safe on the road and would protect me really well if I was in a wreck.

My truck is really reliable and comfortable. It is a blue, 4 door crew cab. I bought it because out of all of the trucks that I test drove, I felt the safest to carry my daughter in that truck. The only problem I have with the truck is that it is hard to park, but it has front and back sensors that help me park the truck.

- Blake P

A dependable, great looking truck - good resale value.

Have owned for 3 years - no problems - it is a 2 door and the doors could be installed with more support as the doors tend to close too quickly. Truck has a lot of horsepower - looks nice and we get a lot of compliments on it. There have been a couple of recalls which the dealership took care of in a timely manner.

- Sarah B

My truck is the very best investment in vehicles for our retirement years for travelling long distances to see the USA .

I like our Ram truck very much because it is a very comfortable ride and gets excellent mpg in the city and highway also. The only thing that I somewhat dislike is the cost of routine maintenance. It takes special oil and filters and can only be serviced for this at our dealership location where we purchased it.

- Marilyn K

Ram 1200 review. The way it drives is wonderful.

Our truck is great the seats are leather. Easy clean up. Storage is not a problem there are two cobbles in the back floorboard. Six people can ride comfortably But it takes a lot of gas. The truck runs great. We get free oil changes at the place where we bought it from. So far we are happy with the truck.

- Cb B

Ram 1500 review tradesman charcoal great quality.

This vehicle is very reliable and gets great gas mileage for being a truck. It has the eco setting that changes cylinder usage in certain areas of driving that helps a lot. Also we have had zero mechanical issues since buying it a year and a half ago. It is safe and drives good in all weather conditions.

- Cassandra M

Tough looking well built truck.

So far it has been a great truck. I don't like eco boost wish it had auto start tag says it has 25 gal fuel tank it doesn't very comfortable very roomy rides like a truck should don't like the traction control don't like ecoboost on by default stereo is nice I like the touch screen tire size is perfect.

- Rusty H

The one thing to remember about this vehicle is that it is a truck, so it will not ride as smooth as a luxury car, nor will it deliver outstanding gas mileage.

My Ram 1500 is a crew cab, which I like because I can carry extra passengers. The truck bed has come in handy too many times to count for hauling things.The Hemi engine delivers plenty of power while still getting fair gas mileage. I also like the styling of the truck exterior, it looks pretty sharp.

- James M

Great truck- awesome perks.

I absolutely love this vehicle. The room in the cab is great for me and my dog. I still have a bed in the truck to use for hauling. I love the two front seats have heat and the heating steering wheel. The censors in the front and back are great for when you get too close to objects around the vehicle.

- Chelsea B

Nice ride and fun features.

Very nice truck. It does show errors about lights not working but I can clearly see that they are working. Love the heated and cooling seat options. The one add on I had to have was the side rails. Very helpful while getting in. Even with the hydraulic lowering it is faster to be able to just hop in

- Betty D

My truck is a 2014 ram 1500 4 door truck the only thing I might change is get a 4 wheel drive

The only problem I've had is my speed sensor on the trans went out and had to have it replaced other than that have just changed the oil and put gas in it. I wished I would have bought a 4 door truck along time ago I love having enough room the truth drives great and has been very dependable

- Jeff W

Hemi, affordable reliable and ram tough.

This truck has a lot room in the front seat and back seats along with being reliable and comfortable to drive and handle in rain or snow with 4wd, the miles per gallon could be better, but for a truck I feel it is decent and rides very smoothly, would recommend highly to family and friends.

- Christine E

This is my dodge ram 1500 review.

A lot of factory issues. A lot of recalls, it is very hard and inconvenient to get the work done because I live a hour away from any dodge dealerships. Plus other issues that they will not recall that are major problems in the vehicles. With all of the issues it still runs halfway decent.

- Virgil W

It is an all black truck. It look really nice and stylish after a car wash.

I have had the RAM 1500 for a year and a half. I haven't had any issues with the pick up in regards to mechanical issues. It is been my primary vehicle because it is reliable. I drive the 1500 in the countryside a lot and the suspension on it is awesome. I do not have any issues with it.

- Jesse A

Most reliable vehicle I have ever own.

I love everything about the vehicle I own minus the lack of power seating controls. Neither seat as power controls, therefore changing the seat becomes a hassle to find the most comfortable slot to sit in. Everything else in the vehicle works great. Power windows. Rear sliding window.

- Jarrett P

Good overall truck. Functional and capable performer.

Ram 1500 is a nice riding truck. Comfortable suspension. Good pickup with the hemi 5.7l engine. Has good amenities. Good towing and hauling capacity. Make sure you choose the correct gear ratio for better towing or hauling. With seating for 5 it can be used as a family vehicle.

- CR B

Beautiful inside and outside.

Is a strong vehicle that me and my family feel save everytime we go in a family trip does not matter now it is the weather. Also it is a commercial truck that I can work with it and has plenty of space for me and my family. I am falling in love with my truck. I recommend to anyone.

- Javier S

Buy a Dodge Ram, you will not regret it.

I have not had any problems since purchasing this vehicle. It is safe and drives smoothly. The towing capability is superb. My only complaint is the low miles per gallon for city driving. Other than that, I love it. I have driven other trucks and this, by far, outranks them all.

- Rob G

Fantastic truck for family and work.

This vehicle has great comfort features such as large seating much needed legroom and a great climate system. We really enjoy the heated seat and wheel. The only problems I have had were covered under warranty. It is very reliable and is one of the better vehicles I have owned.

- Chris K

A truck for work that fits a medium sized family comfortably.

My Ram 1500 has a lot more room than expected for a truck. I am able to fit both of my kids comfortably in the back seat, in car seats, without having to move either front seat into an uncomfortable position. It gets good gas mileage and maintenance has been a breeze so far.

- Susan L

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

I like that I have air suspension and automatic ride height, helps with getting people in the truck who have trouble with stepping up high to get in. I love having hot and cold options in my seats. I like that the inside is roomy and luxurious. I do not have any dislikes.

- Sean T

It has a lot of space in the back seat.

I like that it has a lot of room in the back seats, . Comfortable and the style, horse power is good. You throttle response is bad, I hate the fabric seats and we has to upgrade the radio section to an iPad. It's easy to upgrade the vehicle so our truck looks really nice.

- Kamala G

Beautiful with lots of power.

I love my 2014 Dodge RAM 1500. The hemi is incredible. I enjoy the remote start on hot days and cold mornings. The backseat has plenty of legroom. The backseat converts to create covered cargo space which is helpful for luggage on road trips. The silver color is gorgeous.

- Misty P

Strongly recommend RAM truck.

Has plenty of room in front seat area for driver and passenger. Good for long drives. Also good room in back seat area. The bed has large cargo space area. Good power for pulling and hauling trailers (does use extra gas). Burns regular unleaded gas. Very low maintenance.

- Mitchell R

Overall, the 2014 dodge ram is a good truck for the value.

Plenty of room, great gas mileage, very dependable, great power and a really good sound system are a few good points. The original tires had very bad traction and were not very durable. The seal on the back sliding glass was not good. Otherwise, it has been a good truck.

- Michael F

Tough ram! Off-road king!

Very reliable. I use the 4x4 constantly off-road. Very durable and the gas mileage is great. Overall very happy. The touch screen display is very easy to read and navigate. There are many options to overall improve the desired performance and comfort levels you choose.

- Nathan G

I love the get up plenty horsepower.

It is great, just wish I had power kicks and windows. It is a 2014?!? Other than that I love the truck. It is perfect drives great, pulls boats, trailers, and other large items no problem. The leather seam did bust a little too easy (from tightening a car seat down).

- Daniel B

I had a 4 inch lift on my truck.

My vehicle has been good except for the a. C. The a. C will not blow hard sometimes or will not work. It is random. During the summers it will decide on its own if it will blow or not. The temperature stays cold so that is no issue, and the heater works just fine.

- Shawn I

Great truck with all the conveniences and the comfort and power of a great ride.

Good performance and power, great gas mileage, very comfortable ride, great features in the longhorn, the features on the inside are awesome, I love the touchscreen controls and all the controls in the power seats, you can set the seats to anybody comfort level.

- Carla V

Safe, reliable, and productive.

I absolutely love my vehicle. During the test drive, I felt safe and really got to experience the capability of the vehicle. Now as a owner of it for several years, the test drive turned into reality. It's very reliable and safe. Also, everyone needs a truck!

- Shae G

I love driving my truck around town.

My truck is very durable and dependable and I love driving it around town. It is a very beautiful shade of blue. I get compliments about my truck all the time. I love driving my truck and I would not drive anything else. I also love how easy it is to drive.

- Blake P

Awesome, powerful half ton pickup

I bought my truck new in 2014. I have had very few issues with it, and I frequently use it to tow my boat and camper. It has great power and reliability, plus it is very comfortable and easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage for a half ton pickup.

- Andrew S

It can accelerate very quickly. It can also carry a good load but do not think that I will haul a load of gravel for you.

A reliable, powerful vehicle with plenty of room. I do wish it had a bit more Cargo capacity, bed is short. I also wish that it did not have the the dents scrapes and dings I have put in it. It get reasonable gas mileage and rides very smoothly.

- Thomas P

It is my my work vehicle and pride and joy to drive. It is comfortable, reliable, safe, practical useful and enjoyable.

I love having a truck because I enjoy working with wood and making useful items people can buy for their enjoyment and leisure. A car cannot carry the raw materials I need and work with so a truck is my only go-to vehicle I can use.

- Charlie P

Be sure to keep up with maintenance on the car to keep it running smooth.

I love the size, a lot of room in the cab and the bed is a good size. The touch screen is a great size, easy to read and use, and the navigation on it is all voice activated. I like all the hidden storage under the floorboards.

- Andrew T

Has all the power you will need, to pull what you need. All the space you need to haul all your stuff as well as room for 5 people. Smooth ride.

Great pick up. Comfortable. Nice looking body style. Reliable, never a mechanical issue. Love this vehicle and would buy another. I have the two door version and love the extra seating room. Hauls the utility trailer with ease.

- Martha M

That it is the best vehicle that I have ever owned and that I intend to keep it for many years to come. I cannot imagine any other vehicle being as pleasing to me as this one. I has better styling than newer vehicles in its class. It performs beautifully as a comfortable car and as a workhorse truck.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. The fit and finish are first rate. It has all the luxury features. It rides smoothly and quietly like a fine European or Japanese luxury car. It is powerful and fabulous looking. No complaints.

- Paul R

If you're looking at the front of the truck with the chrome plating it looks enormous

Powerful and reliable good gas mileage,great work vehicle,can fit six people,has volume driving control, automatic Windows, color is black, has side steps, information seek console,tow hitch and light hook up, cruise control

- Derek D

it has a lot of power to tow heavy loads. I tow a large trailer and at times it is full. truck pulls it with no problem

it is a v8 because I needed the towing and power capacity. the pickup is a good looking truck, it runs very good. maintenance is easy, Only complaint it does not get good mileage but for a v8 it is not that bad either

- peter v

It runs really well for its age.

I would have to personally say this has been my favorite vehicle I have every owned. Perfect size to help load up mulch or help move furniture. Great with gas perfect for long road trips with a comfortable drive.

- Jess H

Unlike most 1500 out on the road mine has a 6 cylinder 3.0 diesel engine, making it much more fuel efficient

I love it. Full size pickup with plenty of room for the family and plenty of cargo room in the truck bed. It is fully loaded with back up camera, nav, Bluetooth ect. 4x4 great for winter as well


The 5. 7 hemi motor is really powerful and reliable and also has top rating.

So far the over all comfort and reliability of this truck is great. The fuel is not to good but for a truck it is well worth it. Not a lot of space in the back seat though. Overall 9 out of 10.

- Craig W

It is a very dependable truck.

Solid feel, great power and torque, comfortable, roomy cabin space. Needs auto dimming mirror and lane change/traffic sensors. Could also use cameras on the front corners in tight spaces.

- Dave M

My RAM truck is very dependable. Other than oil changes and new tires, I haven't put any money into repairs and I've owned it for almost 4 years.

I've had this truck for almost 4 years and still love it as much today as I did the first day I got it. It is very comfortable to drive and all the technology inside makes it even better.

- Kelly E

It has plenty of room in it.

really like my Ram 1500, it's great when it snows outside. I don't have to rent a truck every time I buy a large item now. The worst thing is parking lot spaces are hard to park in.

- George T

The child safety is what I really like most has great airbags all over.

Love my vehicle gas can sometimes get expensive depending on how much you drive(long distance/ stop and go). But overall it rides smooth and is enough room to use for loading stuff.

- Kaitlyn T

With the amount of power put out of the Hemi V8 during rainy season it is easy to peel out of control because of no weight in the back end.

I in general love my truck. The only downside is all the recalls that have been placed on that model. I have no real complaints. The truck starts every time and runs very smoothly.

- Bryan M

This truck can do just about anything it is amazing and the is a lot of room.

I love how much power my ram has. I also love how much room it has being that I have three kids. The only thing I don't really like is how much gas I use but it's to be expected.

- Nicole N

That it takes gas and not diesel.

I like the power of the v6 and the fuel economy. I enjoy the crew cab because I believe it had plenty of room in the backseat. I do not like that it has no back up sensors.

- Matthew D

This is a reliable and powerful vehicle that also happens to be comfortable and convenient.

It is a 4 door, 4 wheel drive pickup with a V8 engine. It drives like a car but has all the utility and power that comes with a truck. It has proven to be very reliable.

- Randal G

Midnight edition all blacked out with 5.7 hemi engine v8.

My Ram is very good in highway fuel economy. Currently putting out 21 mpg. In city limit though I could go down to 10 mpg but overall I am satisfied with my vehicle.

- Juan B

Good truck and always dependable.

Good truck not any problems. I don't think that there has been anything really big just needing to change tires and other things like lights and general maintenance.

- Santiago V

It is a great work truck that doubles as a great family vehicle.

I love the 4 doors and cab room. It is dependable and I haven't found any job it can't do. I also love the charging ports so the kids are entertained on road trips.

- Amanda M

5. 7 hemi engine is the best dang engine in my opinion.

I recently purchased my RAM 1500 and I love it. I have use to get nothing but gm brand vehicles but, I will be getting another RAM next time I go to get a truck.

- Tyler C

I have worked hard for my truck and it is very important to me.

I like that it is a crew cab full size 4x4 truck. I love the color and the fact that I can accessorise it any way that I want it. I have always wanted a truck.

- Dustyn B

It will get the job done, whether it's work or any leisure activity

My ram is a mean looking truck. It is perfect for the work that I do. It is also good for off road activities. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about it.

- Barry T

That it's performance and features are on par, or better than all other truck brands.

I like the roominess, and its power. I wasn't sure that it would be the kind of truck I would like, but it has done very well. I have zero complaints with it.

- Don J

It is a great pickup to drive. You set up tall enough to see better.

I like the way it looks and drive. I do not like the recalls that I get when they do not have the parts to replace the bad parts with when I go to the dealer.

- Daryl P

It is really big and has a lot of momentum.

I love the size of the truck but the space in the back is limited. It does not have much leg room and does not provide enough to keep passengers comfortable.

- Anna E

it's a tow package with the big hemi in it so it will pull about anything and pass any one except the gas station

great truck no issues better fuel mileage would be way cool but otherwise no complaints. rides good go as fast as you want it to and plenty of back seat room

- Michael L

It has great performance.

It has the engine power I like, a V8. It gets good gas mileage for a truck. It tows my trailer without any issues. The interior is very nice and comfortable.

- Bruce G

I love the color and look of my truck. It has a backup camera with sensors, tow package, bed liner, automatic back window, bluetooth, remote start and a lot of other features I could not afford in another truck model. It drives very well. It is comfortable and roomy. I also love that you can lift up the back seats to fold down a carpeted platform for storage or my dog to lay on.

It has high safety ratings, turns easier than most trucks with a great turning radius, gets better gas mileage than most trucks and is easy to maintain.

- Laura C

For a big v8 motor it gets great gas mileage

I like the the room in that.also like the power it posses. Those ride is great.one complaint is the tires that came on the vehicle who bought were junk

- Ron S

The quick truck that gets me to work on time

Quick and reliable. It has many storage compartments and the lining on the bed is excellent. The crew cab is slightly cramped for extra passengers.

- mia s

Dodge offers an awesome warranty, I only pay $100 to have anything fixed on it.

I mostly love my truck, I wouldn't mind a few upgraded features the newer models have, and I'd like to get the bed line x'd to keep it lasting longer.

- Dom A

I bought my vehicle used for a reasonable price with about 50,000 miles on it

My vehicle has a lift 5in lift kit and drives real smooth. The stock stereo system sounds great. There was one recall recently on the cruise control

- Alex B

Ram 1500 ecodiesel best truck sold in the USA

I have 70k miles and not a bit of trouble. Best riding truck hands down. It has the eco diesel and averages 24 mpg and get 30 mpg on the highway.

- David B

It has a great ride for a truck, and gets fairly good gas mileage.

I like my pickup for I farm and use it all the time. I also live in the country and it is four wheel drive and it gets me to where I want to go.

- pete y

That it is pretty badass. It's looks good and makes me look good. What more do you need?

I love it! I haven't had any problems and I love how it drives, the look, it get decent gas mileage. It everything I was looking for in a truck.

- Lacey M

Expressway Ram with Rambox.

The truck has Ram boxes that I can put so much in, its very reliable. The comfort and smooth ride is better than any other truck we have owned.

- Monica F

Excellent mileage. The ride for the 1500 eco diesel is very smooth.

I have the Ecodiesel ram 1500. I love it. Excellent gas mileage for a truck. Getting around 22-24 miles per gallon around town. No complaints.

- Gary M

It's great in these cold snowy NE SD winters

I love the power, nothing like the hemi engine. I love driving a truck. I am not crazy about the gas mileage but it's not that big of a deal.

- jeff J

It doesn't come with the bed liner so I would recommend either upgrading or purchasing

I like the towing ability and how it feels while hauling. It's very comfortable and roomy. The sound system is great. Plenty of storage areas

- Emily H

I love the backup camera.

Great handling, smooth ride, easy to get into, nice features, great pick up speed, my only complaint is the seat does not go back far enough.

- Stephanie B

Very functional for work, play, travel.

Very reliable. Drives great although I did recently have rear differential issues that was covered under my warranty. Otherwise no problems.

- Michael M

That it is beneficial for all of your driving and cargo needs.

I like the power that is has. It also carries a lot of things in the back end. The interior is nice and the navigation system is great.

- Mark B

It has a great engine and I enjoy towing with such power.

I love my RAM 1500, the seats are exquisitely comfortable. I am flabbergasted by the particular features and the Sirius satellite radio.

- Darlene D

My Ram 1500 is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

Transmission does not perform well 35-40 mph. The location of the CD player sucks. Other than that I am totally happy with the truck.

- Mark K

the gas mileage is not the best so if you plan on going somewhere be prepared to empty your wallet.

I love that it sits high and is easy to get in and out of. I like being able to tow and haul things. The gas mileage could be better.

- Austin C

Beautiful Dodge Ram 1500, silver loaded with amazing features

We love our ram 1500. The interior is beautifully made and all the features are awesome! We have had a few issues but nothing major.

- Jeralynn S

You feel very safe driving in it. It is big and heavy and you feel if you were in an accident you would be safe in it.

I like how safe I feel when driving it. I also like how roomy the interior is. I do not like that it does not have a backup camera.

- Madison S

I can haul a lot of stuff and still have plenty of room for passengers

I really like the power and gas mileage. The truck has plenty of room and a comfortable ride. I don't like the knob gear shifter.

- Mike S

It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

I like the beefiness of it because it makes me feel safe. I hate how inconvenient it is having a one year old and a two year old.

- Samantha P

The vehicle is good in the snow and winter weather of northern NY.

I love my truck. I love the blue color. I dislike the gas mileage it gets. I am very happy with it or I wouldn't have bought it.

- Stephanie L

Ram 1500 crew cab-smooth ride and spacious inside.

It has been very reliable vehicle. It is comfortable with enough room to spread out and relax. The crew cab is especially nice.

- Jim C

Best truck I've driven compared to Chevy, ford, Nissan, Toyota.

Drives well, big vehicle that doesn't feel like one on the road, current technology, spacious interior (front and back seats)

- Ryan H

Ram 1500...great vehicle for my needs

Great vehicle for what I need. Simple trips with occasional needs for towing capacity. Also room for the kids in the crew cab

- Aaron W

Ram 1500 express quad cab

It runs smooth, but only gets about 19 mpg on the freeway. It handles well on the dirt but have not taken it on the snow yet.

- James B

It is a dependable truck for work or for family life.

My truck is the best of all worlds. The motor is strong, the truck is reliable, and it's big enough to carry my whole family.

- Jay M

That its old and dependable.

I like the hemi engine in it. Lots of power to pull. I don't really like the overdrive transmission. It seems to shift weird.

- Rex A

For being a very big truck, it gets excellent gas mileage

I love how much room it has it, very comfortable and easy to drive, I don't like all the technology but I'm easily adjusting

- Shelby W

There will be multiple mechanical issues.

Multiple warranty. Issues with the vehicle. Multiple mechanical issues. Has good power. Gets good gas mileage for a truck.

- Ryan C

It's a good quality vehicle, good fuel economy and an 8 foot bed to carry what I need.

Fuel economy is good for a truck. Haven't had any major problems with it. Has plenty of power and can hold a lot of cargo.

- dennis l

The ram 1500 is hardworking, superior performance and has great gas mileage.

I love my ram truck because it has great gas mileage. Love the color and trim package. Love my custom leather seat covers.

- Leigh B

2014 Ram 1500 slt quad cab v6.

Love my Ram 1500. Wish the v6 had more power but I get great fuel mileage out of a full size truck and a comfortable ride.

- Robert C

The gas mileage is outstanding.

We love Dodge rams. They are reliable and last forever. We have owned 5 over the years and we wouldn't buy anything else.

- Patricia S

Boy, your gonna want a big ole Hemi too!

Great power. Decent gas mileage. Ample room. Tows well. Transmission is a concern. Rides well. Stereo software not good.

- Matthew P

This vehicle tows tons and still gets you great fuel mileage

Excellent fuel mileage and towing for a 1500. Interior design took some thought. Too many sensor problems in the engine

- Tony R

Great interior and reliability. Easy to use radio and touch screen functions

Great truck, alot of space and power. Only compliant is the drivers side seat is to high even at the lowest setting.

- John M

Large enough to fit a family of five.

Drives smooth, has a lot of power and quick pick up. Comfortable and spacious seating. Love the Bluetooth technology.

- Michelle K

Great running vehicle that you can trust to get you to your intended destination

The basic model rides like a luxury vehicle. The hemi motor is awesome; it gets up and goes , never fails love it

- Nesha V

It is a very good truck. It is reliable. It has a good ride.

I like the quality of the truck. It has vinyl seats. I wish we had gotten cloth seats. It is a reliable vehicle.

- Dana S

Safety with the back up camera and front and rear proximity sensors.

Love the power, gas mileage and creature comforts. Lot of cargo space. Great towing capacity. Handles like a charm.

- Tom L

It drives smooth and the gas mileage is not that bad compared to other trucks.

I love how smooth it drives compared to the Ford f-150. I dislike how other truck models look newer compared to it.

- Marissa L

It is a safe car and easy to drive.

Comfortable, roomy, has plenty of power to pull my trailer. I do not like some of the problems I have had with it.

- Keith S

It is not flashy, but it gets the job done.

It has lots of room. It gets great gas mileage for a truck. I do not like the steering wheel electronic controls.

- Brian L

Vehicle is over priced and made of poor quality materials.

My truck is a higher prices truck but does not have the bells and whistles like other models at same price point.

- Diane S

Nice truck and has plenty of get up and go. Gas mileage is terrible.

Horsepower, seating capacity, ability to tow my 5th wheel camper, 4 wheel drive. Dislike the overall gas mileage.

- William T

Strong engine very little problems

I live the power of the engine.I love all the features and technology. I also love the ride and how smooth it is

- Tony K

Well built and durable! Compare to other trucks that I have driven and rented. This is far the best!

I love the brutality of this vehicle. Beautiful, strong and makes for a nice ride! No complaints once so ever!

- Jon B

I use the truck as a truck.

I like the power the 5.7 gives. I also like the smoothness of the ride. The truck has been reliable and sturdy.

- Tim c

It's a bad truck and i keep great care of it

I love having a truck with great interior and extras along with sitting higher and feeling safer with my family

- rick K

2014 Dodge Ram 1500 in my own words

Great performance, easy to drive. No major mechanical issues. Very comfortable. Could have better gas mileage.

- Nina D

Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 Bighorn

Excellent for towing my heavy travel trailer. Comfortable for passengers while traveling with good technology

- Patrick K

The Dodge Ram Truck. Strong.

The ram is great. The luxury truck on the market. I will buy a another in the near future. Good solid truck.

- Jason S

That it's dependable and can drive in almost any weather conditions.

I love that is 4 wheel drive, that it's dependable, has great gas mileage. I can heal everything I need to.

- Audrey H

Pretty good gas mileage and easy to drive.

Best truck I have driven in years, hands down! Will definitely purchase another when the time comes around.

- Cynthia M

It safely gets me from point A to B

It doesn't have the most updated features, and heated/cooling seats would be nice. But it's a nice truck!

- Dom s

Great truck and mpg. You will love it.

None. It is a great vehicle with minimum problems at 120000 miles. I would recommend this truck to anyone.

- Cor H

My truck is an extension of me! It's big and bad like me

It is a midnight blue Dodge Ram. I use it to pull my RV and haul my canoe. I also use it for road trips

- Mary L

That it a real Ram r/t people always ask me if it is fake.

No real problems with it except my navigation stopped working and I tried to fix it but didn't know how.

- Michael S

Tow capacity. It was something that I wasn't educated about when I purchased it. I've had to do additional work on my truck to be able to tow what I needed to tow safely.

I love my truck. I get pretty decent gas mileage, can still tow my trailer, and can fit five passengers.

- Laura H

It's dependable and if there's an issue, Dodge will cover it.

Truck runs great. We've had no issues except warranty work. Warranty was covered so no issues on our end.

- Crystal S

It is a great vehicle. The truck is very reliable.

It is a durable vehicle. It's is a reliable vehicle and paid off. Dislike would be the low gas mileage.

- Roderick F

It drives like a car and is very comfortable.

Its big and has a lot of power. The interior is roomy. There is not anything that I dislike about it.

- Jill H

It is safe and you feel safe in it since it's a large truck

runs great. works well, is beautiful and modern. gets through tough terrain. Can travel far with it.

- Kristina S

It has amazing pick up & gets great gas mileage

I just bought it 2 weeks ago & I love that it has lots of room. I wish it had rhino lining in the bed

- Carol M

That it's fast and I don't have an issue using the speed.

I like that it has a hemi. I dislike the gas mileage. I like that I have the blacked out edition.

- Robert B

That it gets 23 miles to a gallon with a 5.7 hemi On the highway and 21 miles to a gallon in the city

I like the nitro because it rides very nice it has good performance and seems to be very reliable

- William F

Reliable. Roomy crew cab. Fits kid seats easily. Nice large display

Like the size of the bed and V8 speed. Missing auto folding mirrors for when truck is parked.

- TJ D

The RAM is a great truck that allows for both recreational use and professional use.

My vehicle is visually appealing. It is roomy and comfortable. It assists in many projects.

- greg r

Easy handling for the size of the vehicle

I like the way it handles in snow. I don't like the blind spots. I like the back up camera

- Katie R

One of the best investments I've made. I had been trading in my cars/trucks every 2 years. I bought this truck new in 2014 and intend on keeping it for life.

Black out edition. Everyone loves it. Handles great, plenty of cab room. No Complaints

- Michael H

Ram trucks are the most comfortable and smoothest riding trucks. Hemis can get great highway gas mileage (24 mpg at 70 mph).

Like everything about it. Don't dislike anything, but wish it had a front facing camera.

- Dannie c

Great for do work related things

Love the look of it. Has truck bed which i like. It's white the color i was looking for.

- Tom K

It's powerful. It doesn't drive well in snow though.

I love how much power it has. I love the bed of the truck. I love the navigation system.


That it is easy to maintain. Not a gas guzzler Save money on gasoline.

So far I have had no problems with it. Easy to handle and drive. Enjoy the comfort.

- Ruben G

Runs great. Has great pulling power. Overall good vehicle

Runs and drives great. pulls and hauls great. does not have enough room in back seat.

- Juldeania C

It's the best truck available on the market. It's sturdy reliable and attractive.

I love the style, the comfort, the drive, the aesthetics, honestly everything.

- Heather S

Nothing in particular just a premium vehicle

It is a great truck. I like everything about it. There is nothing I dislike.

- Joe R

It has had a few recalls but most have been simple quick fixes.

I like the size of it as well as the navigation and satellite radio options.

- Jennifer T

It rides like a truck and not like a car. Not very smooth ride. Bad gas mileage but that's not why I bought it

Able to haul anything I need. Like the leather interior and techy inside

- Jacob S

The Ram is a fast truck and gets better gas mileage than most.

I like that it is a light truck and travels fast. It's cheap to fix

- Emily C

gets good gas mileage and rides good

Best truck I have ever owned, rides good and gets good gas mileage

- Delmar Z

I enjoy owning a truck. Like the ability to haul things.

I like the size. Ride is good. Good features on the be huh idle.

- Jason G

Great for hauling things. Very roomy. Smooth ride.

Great for hauling things. Pretty good gas mileage, for a truck

- James L

That's is a bad ass truck and dependable and take you where u need to go

I love the color and the style and love the way it rides

- Jose R

its dependable and no problems at all

go gas mileage. it rides nice. had no problems with it.

- howard m

I don't care what someone think about my car and their nothing to about it

runs great what more would you want payed for ,allmine

- bernie m

Stylish truck that will get the job done.

Good all around truck. Excellent ride. Great power.

- Darrel R

best vehicle on the market

well designed, comfortable, dependable, rugged

- david s

Awesome power for the price.

- Kerri L