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2017 Ram—an improvement from the Ram name.

I really do love my truck, but it is almost too basic. No key fob, no floor mats, vinyl interior. None of which are really much of a problem, but some things I dislike nonetheless. I will say there have been some improvements from the 2014 — the electronic shifting knob no longer locks up on me at random times, better headlights, and just an all round smoother running truck. However, I still get recalls quite a bit for its age ( two of which have been a cruise control problem where the vehicle will not stop accelerating and airbags not inflating ) but I have never experienced the issues the recalls are on. It hauls my small horse trailer wonderfully and gets decent gas mileage for daily driving.

- Bree S

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I have had a tire blowout and a dead battery since I made the purchase in January 2017. It has also had multiple recalls that I have taken it in for. I get my oil changed for $30 at the dealership. They also rotate my tires and wash the vehicle. I really like that service. They have let me know that the air filter is due for change but instead of buying the paper filter I opted to buy a better filter that will last the life of the vehicle. All I have to do is flow air on it to clean it out. They vehicle is extremely comfortable and has a lot of room. I have used it on multiple road trips and I love it.

- Matthew L

2017 Dodge RAM 1500. . . Best truck out there!

I love my Dodge RAM 1500. Drives smooth for a truck. The 4x4 is great for the winter time. I also ride dirt bikes so plenty of room in the bed and great towing capabilities are a must. Super comfortable. Can be a great work truck or family vehicle. Also great on gas for a v8 hemi engine. I have Bluetooth, navigation, CD player, Sirius radio. I went with the bench front seat for added seating and comfort. I have had my truck a little over a year and have had no problems minus the recall that was taken care of right away at my convenience.

- Roxanne P

Some of the perks of owning a truck.

I have purchased my Ram in the year 2016. I was looking for a truck but was open to all ideas. I really liked how the Ram looked on the outside along with a semi engine. Some of my other options were only a v6 and if I wanted a v8, it was going to be more money. I also liked the interior because it was a nice color that matched the color of the exterior well. I also like that it was an 8 geared engine and not a 6 geared engine. This increased my gas mileage which is important when the prices can rise and fall depending on the day.

- Curtis S

Head turner, economical and RAM ready!

This is my third new generation RAM and they keep getting better! I have the quad cab model and is more than roomy. The “Hemi” engine is equipped with an 8 speed that shuts down four cylinders and the gas savings is great for a full sized truck. I get around 25 mpg on highway. The truck is also sharp looking and a head turner. No real problems, although a couple recalls. Smooth ride adds to the enjoyment of having a ram!

- George G

Love the blackout package my vehicle has very sleek with the blacked out emblems.

Handles very well, enough where my wife is comfortable driving it. Love the reliability, and features that my Ram offers. I was able to get the blackout package for my vehicle so it is not only reliable but also stylish as well. It is not an overwhelming vehicle in size, and allows superior handling to other brands I test drove. Also very reasonable price tag for my Ram as compared to other brands of vehicle.

- Matthew P

The only thing I am disappointed in is that there is not back up camera.

At the time, no problems. Gas mileage is ok around town, highway is fantastic. Can't complain about comfort, love the interior space. As far as power, it has more than enough since it's an 8 cylinder. Does just fine pulling a trailer full of firewood. Love the 6.5 foot bed, can get plenty in there and the crew cab is definitely nice for my kids and getting them in and out of their car seats.

- Brandon B

Ram 1500, I will buy another one.

Very capable truck. It has tons of power, too much if you are not used to a big v8. Really roomy on the inside, and the interior is comfortable. You feel like you are driving a truck when you are behind the wheel, unlike the Chevy and GMC. I wish that Ram would get rid of the transmission hump in the back row like Ford did, that's really my only, complaint about the truck.

- Zachary B

2017 RAM 1500 pick up truck.

No problems with the truck at all. Could have a few more glitzy features such as a larger screen for the radio & a rear back up camera, maybe sensors too, but it is only one step above the base model, and for the price, i'd say it is good enough. Runs really well. Decent on gas mileage for a pick up truck. Strong engine. No trouble picking up speed. Looks beautiful.

- Kim S

Awesome Ram truck definitely will choose this truck again.

This truck is awesome it rides really well and it suits our towing needs perfectly. It is stylish and looks great. We have a spacious back seat and the seats are really comfortable. We service the vehicle regularly and as I said before it runs fantastically. Overall we would choose a Ram again only maybe bigger and diesel engine due to getting a bigger camper.

- Rosemary R

I love my RAM truck!! It looks tough but handles smooth and I love the ride!!

Should have heated back mirrors and truck bed should have protective coating, seats should come with leather automatically. Love the rise up and down feature with the running boards. Warning cameras work great. Love the heated steering wheel. The color is awesome. The towing package is nice and was great to have because we haul a 30 ft travel trailer.

- Jamie M

Love it but it is a gas guzzler.

I have had my ram 1500 rebel for close to 2 years now and for the most part have really enjoyed it. It is my first truck, and I am loving the convenience of having a truck and being able to tow things. The biggest downside is the gas. This truck is a gas guzzler. I also would like to have a bigger screen. Other than that I would definitely recommend.

- Christina H

Rebel 1500 great vehicle hands down.

I have had no issues with my vehicle love it from the first day I bought it it's rated to pull 7000 lbs. so it is all I need to pull the handling with air ride is amazing love it if I had to have one thing different I would be able to pull down the rear seats for cleaning the windows it has plenty of room it's easy to access the rear seats and doors.

- Wendy S

It is a great ride and has the power to haul anything you need (Hemi V-8).

I have a 2017 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. It is the express model 4x4 and has 20 inch wheels. I have added a hitch, bed liner, back-up camera, tonneau cover, and tinted windows. I really like the roominess and comfort in the cabin and the over utility of the vehicle. However I do not like the overall length of the truck because it does not fit in my garage.

- Humberto A

Awesome truck for the money.

I love this truck. The radio is great the seats are very comfortable. The back seat however is cramped. The truck over all is a good running truck. Does not get very good gas mileage. Rides very smooth and suspension is great. Not to sold on the gear shift being a knob, confuses you it is by the heater knob so it is easy to turn the wrong knob.

- Michelle O

Amazing truck you must own.

Okay what to say. I love this truck. It is the second one I've owned and I would get another. Inside and outside they are beautiful. Plenty of cargo room. Plenty of legroom. The only and I mean only thing I don't like is the eco mode. This drops it down from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders. I don't like that but any and everything else is amazing.

- Aaron M

Ram 1500 Laramie - best truck of 2017 and the future.

The tailgate latch is the only issue I have had with this vehicle so far. It is also under the safety recall list. Other than that it is a great truck! Would by another one and plan on it in the future. I highly recommend this truck and the RAM brand to others as they ask. It is worth the money and competes well against all other trucks.

- Brett W

Rebel great truck with great features.

I have the rebel. My favorite feature is the air shocks that I can adjust which lower the truck making it easier to get out of, it also automatically goes to aerodynamic height at 60 miles per hour. The nav feature is great and seats are very comfortable. I haven't had any problems with the truck at all. I average 18 miles per gallon.

- Ronald K

Temperature sync. Family vehicle. Spacious.

This vehicle is great for the family and very spacious. Even though it is not an off roading vehicle it does perfectly on our dirt roads. The only thing I would advise is that it does take up gas and burn it fairly easily. To fill up the tank in our area its anywhere from 60 dollars to 75. So it definitely puts a dent into budgeting.

- julie D

Very roomy smooth ride and very safe.

The Dodge RAM is one of the most comfortable rides I have had. The interior is quite roomy with plenty of room for the rear passengers. It has ports to recharge phones iPad or computers. Also hands free talking on your phones. It holds plenty of cargo and is easy to load and unload. We enjoy the smooth ride and the feeling of safety.

- Jane M

2017 Big Horn Maroon Ram 1500

We have had our Ram for less than a year and we have gotten two recalls on it in the last three months. One recall for our tailgate latch breaking and one for our cruise control sticking and not wanting to shut off or turn on. Only real complaint is the air system holds water and then blows air that smells like a dirty locker room.

- Kendra W

Dodge ram 1500, precision, safety, reliability.

Dodge ram 1500 has been a reliable truck, not only a nice looking truck but easy to handle. I highly recommend this truck in all weather but especially in the winter. I simply switch the switch to 4wd and am able to swiftly make it up high heeled roads covered with ice. I feel safe driving this truck and am pleased that I own it.

- Renee O

Our trucks pet name is optimus prime. Dodge RAM really lives up to it!

From day one we have had the best luck with our beautiful new Dodge RAM 1500. This experience has shown me the comfort and strength this truck has, as well as all the new technology gets involved in our track. We've had a truck for just about one here and we have had zero problems. The Dodge RAM is clearly our truck of choice!

- Pamela R

Love the size and great in the winter time.

I never thought I would buy a truck or actually drive a truck. I am so glad we decided to purchase a truck. I love being up so high and how great it is driving in the snow and slippery conditions. I love being able to tow and haul big items. It is a great vehicle to have especially when you live in a state that has 4 seasons.

- Ana N

The ram has unmatched performance.

The 5.7l hemi has the power for most everybody. I have towed campers, boats, ATVs etc with ease. It holds a pretty high gas mileage on the highway even when towing. The truck is very reliable, great ride, comfortable, just overall a great truck. I would recommend it to anyone who has toys they need to haul around with them.

- Zak P

Favorite 'unique' features are remote start and heated steering wheel.

Very reliable... Consumes a lot of gas. I like that virtually everything on it is power. I also like the remote start and especially the heated steering wheel in the winter. . The navigation I never use. I couldn't get used to the way it works and I found it a little more remedial than what I was used to having.

- Jeff B

I like the RAM boxes best because I can get all my tools out of it.

It rides good. It has RAM box. I like that because I can reach all my tools in it and it has lights in it too to help you see better at night. I think it gets good MPG for a truck. I like the bed liner because it keeps stuff from moving around so easy, it is just hard to move yourself in the bed of the truck.

- David S

Console is great for maps.

I have had my truck for a little over 2 years. I find it very reliable and comfortable, prior to retiring 2 weeks ago I was a commuter and felt very safe in my vehicle. I have had zero maintenance. Issues with my truck other than normal maintenance, it runs great. I also like that it is a v6 and saves on gas.

- Kim M

Ram 1500 big horn crew cab.

Our RAM 1500 has been a wonderful vehicle. We have had no problems except for the tailgate latch. The key fob allows you to cold crank the truck and it locks it and makes it warm in the winter. I love the performance and drive of the truck. The mileage is very great. Just over all love the vehicle.

- Dorothy G

Best looking truck on the road!

Beautiful loaded truck, smooth ride, great on gas when on long distance. Good looking truck. Has a lot of room and full back seats with a lot of legroom too. A lot of storage under the back seats and back seat floors. Also, a lot of bottle holders. It is a truck Cadillac as far as I am concerned.

- Nora C

I think the knob shifter and sliding rear window are my two favorite features.

Exhaust manifolds need replaced after 35, 000 miles other than that the vehicle is reliable and comfortable for both driver and passenger. I am currently getting 18-20 miles to the gallon driving to and from work. The interior is very spacious and I like the touch screen radio and knob shifter.

- Harry S

Attractive, Reliable, Comfortable, Versatile, and Fun!

Our truck is fantastic. We have had it for a year. It has been great for family road trips-even with three children sitting in the back. Our trunk bed fits everything we need. It is a great-looking truck. We have enjoyed how it handles all kinds of weather, its reliability and performance.

- Crystal L

Ram 5. 7 liter hemi v8 1500 review.

I like the ram. Ride is very smooth. Downfall is it eats gas. Hemi has lots of power. Priced much better than the competition. I will get another RAM when I decide to get a new truck. The RAM is a good truck especially for the money. If your interested in a truck definitely check on the ram.

- Ian K

Love the towing package and towing power.

It has been really reliable very comfortable little to no road noise. It has great towing power easy to use when it is put into four wheel drive. Great radio and sound system. Great interior love the paint job and color. Dealer had been excellent to work with for any maintenance or updates.

- Diana H

An excellent vehicle with plenty of power. Auto 4 wheel drive on demand.

Superior ride, very quiet, handles well. GPS is easy to set up, and works well. The phone system is a very convenient system, hands free and has volume control. Driver's seat is 6 way electric with lumbar positioning. Remote start and automatic lock/unlock. Two recalls for computer updates.

- William F

Park assist is a unique feature that I never imagined I'd need.

This truck far exceeds my expectations. Has many great features and very comfortable to take on long cross country trips. Lots of spacious room within the cab with manageable leg room in the back seat. For a v8 fuel mileage is much better than anticipated so it's definitely a 5 star vehicle.

- Shane T

I love it there is nothing I would change about my truck at all.

There is nothing really wrong with my truck just wanting to get into something different. We are looking at a bigger truck or a bigger SUV. But as of right now I drive my truck everyday it gets on fuel mileage but not grate. It takes a lot to fill it up so I try not to let it get very low.

- Brecken H

My 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 with hemi engine and crew cab is awesome.

I love this truck as it is a great size, has 4 doors and full back seat. The hemi engine is phenomenal. It has a wonderful sound system and I subscribe to Sirius XM radio. The backup camera is so helpful and I really depend on it. The mirrors pull in so that helps in tight parking spaces.

- Debra M

Good truck. And dependable.

Standard seats not very comfortable. Would advise to get upgraded electric seats. The hemi is awesome, lots of power, sounds good, and fast. Plus the eco mode gets me 25 mpg avg on the Hwy. Can't really beat that for a 5.7l hemi. Would like the seats to be better thought most importantly.

- Sebastian A

Great all around family and work vehicle.

Gas mileage is not bad for a truck. Averaging 18 mpg. Lots of storage. Has a pretty smooth ride. Lots of nice features like heated seats and heated steering wheel. Plenty of room for 3 in back. Decent leg room. Heats and cools quickly. Overall a great vehicle! Though a bit pricey.

- Tara B

Large cargo area drives ok when loaded.

Need vehicle for hauling large items, not too comfortable, no performance problems, has only two seats, small engine, good radio, backup camera, cost to much for what it is, great for cargo hauling, moving good for taking trash tree limbs to the dump save money on delivery.

- John H

It is worth the extra money.

I love the comfort of the interior. I drive a Ram rebel so it is fully loaded with leather seats and automatic everything. I also enjoy the air suspension. Being short, I love the fact that it lowers. Great stereo system that comes with nicer speakers than the typical ram.

- Lauren R

It is dependable, and capable of what I bought it for.

I love the interior, it looks very nice. Everything is easy to use and reach. I dislike the headrest, It's so far forward that I get a sore neck when driving far. I also dislike the short bed, that's barely bigger than a trunk. I almost didn't buy the truck because of it.

- Kim H

Fast and looks very classy and smooth and hip.

It is wicked comforting and drives very nice and does not hit bumps and goes fast and looks as we some and smells awesome and all the ladies in the world love to see my huge truck that drives very fast and does not hit bumps. But it never goes to fast to break the law.

- Greg W

Beautiful RAM rebel very spacious interior.

I haven't had any problems with my truck the year that I have owned it. I get seventeen miles per gallon and it has a smooth ride. The only thing is I wish I would have gotten it with four wheel drive. It has a very roomy back which you can fit four adults comfortably.

- Ron K

Heated steering wheel and seats. Touchscreen with many features.

Problem is that if you don't have anything in the bed of the truck when the roads are wet it will fish tail. Four wheel drive is great for the winter. Also the touch screen and all its features are great. Lastly the heated seats and heated steering wheel are amazing.

- Zach D

Built tough is the perfect highlight.

Everything is great except for the problem with my trunk. I don't have any dislikes about the truck even though its my first truck. It drives smooth and its great for towing or hauling. I would like to drive a tundra as I heard good things about it. The Ram is tough.

- Louis P

Ram 1500 and engine strength.

So far it is been very reliable. RAM asks too much money for their vehicles based on the reputation of their vehicles. Big engine but too costly to add upgrades. Will go for a gm or Ford product next time. Truck is quiet and has a good payload. Like the larger rims.

- Jerry S

I average 21 miles per gallon and that is almost unheard of for truck owners.

I have not had any problems at all with my RAM 1500. I love the power of having a hemi under the hood, as well as the overall look of it. I get 22 miles to the gallon with it is gas saving technology and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't trade my truck for anything.

- Mark D

Fantastic van that turns on a dime.

What I love about my ram, is that though it is a relatively big vehicle it does not drive like one. It feels light and turns on a dime. Which is my favorite feature, it is ability to turn so sharply. One negative would be it is inability to play CD's or Bluetooth.

- Kane F

Ram truck with smooth ride.

The truck is a very comfortable ride. The performance is acceptable. I am towing a 6500 pound trailer. The gas mileage is the greatest either towing or not towing. The 4 wheel drive does affect the gas mileage and I knew it would. I have no major complaints yet.

- Dennis A

Ram 1500 4x4. Spacious and comfortable.

I love the versatility of the truck. There is so much hidden room and the back seat is surprisingly spacious. Love being able to transport large ideas with ease. The truck can handle the toughest roads. I also love the tired package in case I need a repair.

- Laura P

The transmission knob is difficult to get used to at first.

I don't really like the transmission knob. It is convenient for not taking up space. The cost being much lower than Ford and Chevrolet is what first attracted me. The truck drives really smoothly. I should have gotten the 4 door with the large backseat.

- Michael L

2017 RAM 1500 crew cab 4x4.

2017 RAM 1500 crew cab. Laramie package. Had it for 2 years. Haven't had any problems with it. Get 25 mpg on the highway. Averaging about 18 overall. Pulls a car trailer easily. Heated leather seats are very comfortable. Also has heated steering wheel.

- Jay H

Excellent ride! Super smooth.

The drivability is great! No blind sports for the size of the truck. Is a very smooth ride and fits my entire family of 5 very comfortably. Love all of the features it offers including satellite radio and navigation. Best vehicle I have purchase yet!

- Amber S

It is a large vehicle, but handles and maneuvers like a large sedan.

My 2017 Ram 1500 is a well equipped, very comfortable riding vehicle. For its size, the fuel mileage is decent, and the power is great. Hands free Bluetooth is a great feature to have, so you do not get in trouble for using your phone while driving.

- Stash P

It is built to last for a long time.

I love my RAM 1500. It has plenty of power for all my needs, but gets really good mileage. The only thing I am not fond of is the shifting system, which is a knob on the dash, but the pickup is pretty, and there are plenty of drink holders.

- Leslie M

The power room and functionality of the ram is outstanding

Dislikes are simply the unworked bugs such as my tailgate falling and the gas mileage. My likes are the room inside the power the functions of the panel and dashboard the power and towing capacity. The overall look of the vehicle

- Corey P

The back up camera and sensors to let you know how close you are to anything.

I love my Ram truck. It's very comfortable and roomy for up to 6 people. It has power windows. I love the backup camera. It makes it very easy to back up to the hitch on the trailer. It's a powerful truck with no problems towing.

- Lorine F

Ram tough but extremely comfortable

This is the best truck I have owned. The interior is designed for ease of use and is very comfortable with vented and heated seats, leather interior and leg room for five. The vinyl bed cover could be better designed.

- Paula Z

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I enjoy the comfort of my Ram 1500. It rides smooth and hauls a horse trailer with ease. I have never had any mechanical issue with the vehicle. This the second Ram 1500 I've had and I'd definitely buy another.

- Jade I

It is very durable and seems to stand out from the later models.

I like the backseat space and the height of the truck. I also like how the tailgate locks. I do wish that the dashboard looked newer than all of the order models and seemed more technological advanced.

- Shaun M

It's a stylish, reliable truck.

I have a regular cab RAM 1500 with Lonestar trim. It is a 4x4 and is a dark red colour. The truck is pretty reliable, but not that fuel efficient. I think it was a good decision for my first truck.

- Brinay C

It is really good on gas mileage for a truck.

I love everything from the exterior to the interior of my vehicle. It is an amazing vehicle and super comfortable. I enjoy it so much, if there's one thing I dislike though is the rims on the trucks.

- Allen C

It is a rams nicest looking trucks on the road today. I get around 21 mph.

I like the hemi motor, it has power to spare. Towing a camper it has enough horsepower to pass a vehicle. I like the looks and the stance of the vehicle. The price of the vehicle was in my ballpark.

- Jim H

The truck is the V6 model, but still has a ton of towing power.

Love the truck. Only downfall is they had a few recalls and the delay on getting parts in to fix the recalls. Also with the price increasing drastically it makes it hard to want to buy a new truck.

- Edward Z

Beautiful truck, and is very functional.

My Truck is a Ram 1500 night edition and is fully loaded. It has four full doors and has plenty of room for the entire family. The truck gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable on trips.

- douglas S

It's a Dodge Ram, and its the best truck bar none.

I love the interior. Leather heated and cooled seats are pretty sweet. Heated steering wheel is great. probably the most comfortable riding vehicle i've ever owned. Best part is it's a Dodge

- Rosemary F

It is very big, and it drives like a SUV. The ride is smooth and comfortable.

My RAM really has no problems other than it may burn too much gas at times. It performs almost like a SUV, and it has always been reliable to me. I really have no complaints at this time.

- Philip D

My car do not need a lot of gas because it is 4 cylinders.

I like the room and the comfortable ride. I think the looks of the ram are the best on the road......I would like a little bit better gas mileage. Extra cargo room would be good as well..

- Gary N

The truck is the most comfortable riding truck on the market.

I love the ride, the comfort and interior amenities of this truck. I also love the high ride with the 4x4 model. It's an easy truck to drive. The back up cameras is especially useful.

- Dom D

I do not regret buying w Dodge ram.

I love my Dodge. It is comfortable. The insides are sleek and unique. I can use this truck to haul most things I need too. I have never once had a mechanical problem with this vehicle.

- Cher G

The ram if take care of will latest and give you the money wroth.

The truck is a solid build drive very good and good power for a v8. I have the crew cab and our family fit perfectly in it. The only thing I wish would be having a better interior.

- Ramon L

It is the best truck ever made.

It can off-road but drives like a luxury vehicle. It has the best sound system. Spacious interior with cubbies for storage. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage.

- Amy B

That for a large truck it gets very good gas mileage.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive so that if I get in a sticky situation I can get out. I also like that it sits up high off the ground so that I can see more of the road.

- Ellen c

It is built to last. Very safe vehicle for the entire family.

I have a white 2017 Ram 1500. I like most things with the truck. The only thing I don't like is if you want the full workings of the truck you have to pay for UConnect.

- Dan A

Most adventurous truck on the market

The Dodge Ram 1500 sport truck is a very reliable heavy duty 4x4 truck. This truck will take you on many adventures and has no trouble getting around any terrain.

- Andrew D

Capable in every way. If you want a vehicle that will do anything, and do it in comfort, this is where you should look

No negative issues. Large, reliable, high tech, comfortable, and capable. This will take you to church or take you off road. Nothing this truck isn't good for

- Greg F

So far, it is the most dependable, functionable and enjoyable mode of transportation I have owned.

I like the current body style. I like the everyday problem-free performance. I like the dependable power and FWD performance for off road (ice & mud) travel.

- neil R

Things I like and dislike about my Ram

3.6L is a bit sluggish to me. Fit and finish is not the best. Stereo is a big plus I have the Alpine system. Heated steering wheel is great in the winter.

- Alex K

The dial shifter takes time to get used to.

I like the size, versatility, and comfort of my vehicle. I dislike the dial shifter. I prefer a column shifter. Gas mileage is not bad for large vehicle.

- Dan D

The gas mileage is bad! Everything else is great!

None! This truck is amazing. It is my everyday driver, I just wish it was a little better on gas, but I guess that is what you get when you have a truck!

- Kelly P

The ride for a short box is amazing.

V6 has lots of power and gets great mileage for being a truck. Plain jane no extra computers to go bad backed up with a 60000 5 year drivetrain warranty.

- David D

That a truck is very useful and helpful to many people

I like everything about my truck. Expect for the amount of money it takes to fill up the tank but other then that I think everyone should have a truck

- Kyle S

This ia a great family Truck

It has a lot of bells and whistles, I love the heated seats and steering wheel. Very spacious for my tall family. It has a surprising amount of power.

- Amber T

It drives good and it has a lot of room.

I like to drive the ram because it rides smooth. I like the XM radio. I like it cause it has a hemi. don't like paying for gas cause it holds a lot.

- Angela M

Cooled seats in front. Heated seats in front and rear.

No problems, easy smooth ride, lots of luxuries. Cooled seats are a must in Texas heat. Plenty of legroom in front & back. Car seats for perfect.

- Carrie S

It gets good gas mileage and it is comfortable.

I do not like how there's no leg room. Do not like how a car seat cannot go in the middle. Do not like how there isn't any AC vents in the back.

- Megan B

You can have a truck that get 20+ mpg. On highway I get 24 mpg and city 21

Truck is awesome for towing and hauling. Has great space for my three kids without being crammed. Gets great gas mileage with 6 cylinder engine

- Richard E

Ram trucks aren't really that bad honestly

Truck drives nicely. Has every creature comfort you would want. Ample bed space. Does get a kind of feeling that they skimped somewhere though

- Nick I

It's a truck and it's ram tough.

Well, it's a truck. I steers smoothly, handles like a dream. It's white like a cloud. And I like it. I can't think of any complaints really.

- Jimmy B

It is overall, a great vehicle!

The Ram gets great mileage, has excellent performance, is very comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and, has all the latest tech gadgets.

- Mike C

Very dependable so far, have had no issues with the vehicle and if I were to purchase a new one I would again consider Ram

Overall the vehicle has been great and appears to be dependable. The only issue is that the cost seems to be overpriced for what you get.

- Dave M

Great for daily driving or even long drives

This is the nicest thing I've ever had. I use it everyday for work and you regularly travel 200 miles or more. It gets great gas mileage.

- Jesse P

Great vehicle. And great ride and very dependable.

Comfortable to ride in. And cheap on gas. It is a nice Ram truck. And it has a lot of room in it. Air conditioner keeps it good and cool.

- Diana W

Comfortable ride for a truck with the extended crew cab

Good gas mile for a 5.7 liter engine Comfortable ride for a truck More space for truck along with the capacity of a truck to haul things

- Earnest S

It's a great ride, it's priced very well, and comfortable as a passenger.

It's a very comfortable ride, the controls are easy to navigate. I miss having a trunk, and the quad cab is very small in the backseat.

- jessica r

It has great gas mileage in the city along with highway.

Rides more like a car than a truck. Comfortable reach for dashboard controls. The color scheme matches very well while hiding the dirt.

- Thomas D

Work Truck reliable, great gas mileage, comfortable,

3.6L V6 pentastar engine gets 20+ miles per gallon city and 26 mile highway. 8.4" nav system is extraordinary 20" wheels, outdoorsman.

- Bill V

It has a third row even though it is not the size of a tahoe.

There is nothing to dislike about it, there is everything to like about it. The style,power,great seating and no complaints about it.

- Barry E

Its safe and reliable for family and friends.

It's a 2017 Ram 1500 crew cab with a 5. 7l hemi v8. It has great power and tow abilities. It drives smooth and seats 5 persons well.

- Casey G

Get out of its way. Small cars are always cutting me off.

Good quality vehicle... Wish the gas mileage was better.. The uconnect is fussy.. Great in the snow... Easy for a women to drive..

- Danielle M

Size of interior cab is GREAT

Just purchased a 2018 Ram 1500 4X4 - We love this truck - we purchased it so we could pull our boat and have plenty of cab space.

- Andrea S

It is very powerful and can tow a great weight. It is also very tall and tough to get into.

It is a large vehicle which can make it difficult to park. It drives well and is very comfortable inside. It has a lot of power.

- Deb L

Very reliable, sturdy and comfortable.

Vehicle is very nice looking, comfortable & quiet inside. . Very reliable. . Nice interior with coordinating colors & materials.

- Holly C

It is got 20x12 inch rims on 33 inch m/ts with a 2. 5 inch rough country.

It is a great truck and does what I need it to do. You can haul things or romp in the mud it is up to you what you'd want to do.

- Ted D

The electrical is not as good as the more expensive ram trucks.

I like the roominess, and the hemi plus the ability to carry cargo. I hate the electrical system. The 2016 was more dependable.

- Freddie G

An ok truck but could be better

No locking differentials and factory air ride. Wish I had these options for my lifestyle. Also the fuel efficiency is terrible.

- Jason T

It is an overall great vehicle, but it is overpriced.

I dislike the fuel economy. I like that it is great in the snow. I like that it is a fast car. I like the remote start feature.

- Ken F

Good on gas and comfortable drive.

Good shocks, smooth ride and very quiet. It has a hemi so good get up and go when I need. Also capable of towing when needed.

- Benjamin P

Turn knob transmission. Front and rear camera.

I have no problems to report on this vehicle. It is awesome. Drives great and is pretty, it is a Ram 1500 Lonestar crew cab.

- Steph F

Solidly built truck great for towing

Lots of recalls, tailgate falls open, but it is a strong, fast, solid vehicle. I use it to tow a thirty foot travel trailer

- Brian L

It is pretty good on gas mileage. Great for hauling too.

I like the power of my truck and performance. It is a dependable vehicle without problems. In winter, it is great in snow.

- Jeff f

It is very dependable and it is very strong. It has multiple uses.

It is powerful. It is comfortable. It is functional. It is a nice truck. It has many uses. I like the size of the truck.

- Lewis G

Horsepower and gas mpg. The engine delivers maximum performance and the fuel mileage is outstanding to say the least.

The horsepower is outstanding from the Hemi V8 engine. Also, the gas mpg is very good for a 4wd full size pickup truck.

- Eric Y

The ride is the best I have ever had with a car or truck. The ride is solid.

I love how it rides. I hate the dial used to shift. I love the room in the cab and the drive is smooth and comfortable.

- Jennifer T

It is a great truck with a lot of space.

It is a great truck bought it brand new amazing miles to the gallon really reliable and it is made by a great company.

- Emily A

Dependable and very well built. Would purchase again.

Love my truck only wish it came with backup camera. Great gas mileage and plenty of power. Roomy and very comfortable.

- Anthony L

2017 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 2x4

It is so comfortable. It rides extremely smooth. Has a great sound system. Has everything I need in a truck and more.

- Shawn L

It is great on gas and very reliable.

It is a great truck, no issues. We've had it for over a year and haven't had any recalls or any other issues with it.

- Kayla S

The navigation system is great for long trips and the remote start is a must have

I love my truck. I love the leather seats and the heated steering wheel. I like that it gets very good gas mileage.

- Sarah C

I love my Ram 1500 Truck!

I wish the paint job was a little tougher. I would like to see the paint job not be so easily scratched or stained.

- Norman M

Love the color of my truck. I was able to get the blacked out color scheme and could not be happier.

Love the reliability and size of my truck. It is easy to handle for both my wife and I and don't have any issues.

- Matt P

It has the longer bed which is good for hauling

Excellent truck. No problems quiet good handling excellent radio decent gas mileage excellent pick up for passing

- Brian T

Best vehicle I've ever purchased

Lots of room in both front and back seat, great air flow, automatic start, great gas mileage for a pick up truck,

- Heidi L

It is a nice riding truck but does not get good gas mileage

It is a good truck with a nice suspension and power. It has less features than my ford and does not pull as well

- Tim Z

Best truck on the market today

My Ram is a 6 cylinder but still has plenty of power. It has the smoothest ride of any truck I have ever owned.

- Robert R

What everyone should know it is a good car.

I like everything about it. It is a fun vehicle to drive. It helps me get things done. It is always dependable.

- Brian M

Ram 1500 4 x 4 pick up truck.

Very comfortable. Good gas mileage at 17 up to 22 mph. Great power with the 5. 7 hemi. I feel like a kid again.

- Mitch S

Our a/c is not working on these hot days.

Its built tough. I use it to transport wood, it makes shopping easy. It's good in the snow. It's great on gas.

- Louie P

that it rides beautifully and it handles very well

I love this truck because it has beautiful lines and rides very smoothly. extremely happy that I purchased it

- nancy c

That it is very comfortable and doesn't feel like a truck

I like the back up camera and the parking sensors. I also like that I sit up high and the smooth quiet ride.

- Ellen H

Its reliable, beat my friends Chevy In reliability and keeps on running

Reliable, strong, fast, good gas mileage, only issue is cruise control but there's a recall on it. Love it

- Brandon K

It is dependable and starts every time. It runs well.

No real complaints. Would like a few more options on the dash screen. It rides smooth and is quiet inside.

- Adam M

Entertainment features and Uconnect features are very convenient.

Truck has ran perfectly for about a year. I have traveled on several cross country trips with no issues.

- Manuel L

It's extremely dependable and will get you wherever you need to go

I like the airbag suspension. Xm radio. And tinted windows. Don't like the shifter or the dark interior

- Marshall J

It Makes me feel safe when I drive it. Especially in the winter and it helps my family out when I need to get wood and things

I like everything except the media button doesn't work and there is no CD player and no new technology

- Lauren L


I love the leg room in front and for the passengers. The ride is smooth. It is easy to drive and park.

- Lisa B

The back up camera, the hand free phone connection

None I do not have any bad things to say. Really roomy, drive well and gets somewhat good gas mileage

- Deb H

Great pick up truck for a reasonable price.

Reliable, dependable and power packed vehicle. All wheel drive is game changer for the winter months.

- Kevin C

Very reliable and very comfortable. Has a very quiet ride.

A very reliable vehicle. The truck is very convenient for a homeowner. The trim level is comfortable.

- Michael G

I bought it to have enough room for dogs and infant son. Also to pull a boat.

Truck has a lot of power. I like that it has a lot of luxury options. Also like the air suspension.

- Sean R

It is dependable. For a truck, it's good on gas. It's comfortable to drive.

I like the Hemi engine. Half the cylinders shut down when cruising. I do not like the dial shifter.

- kharen h

It's a full size pickup. it has great pick up and runs very smooth. it drives like my last pickup a ford f150.

It's a full-size pickup truck and has a lot of room. It drives very smooth a has great pickup.

- jeff W

Has more power with plenty to spare. Tow and haul.

The ram is the best truck I have owned to date. I like the power of the hemi on the highway

- Dan S

It's a sweet ride that's comfy and will get up and go

Like the comfortable ride. The power is awesome. love the moon roof. the stereo is banging

- Edward S

Safe and easy to drive, stylish, well equipped, easy to maintain.

Well equipped, excellent features, spacious, great power. Would like better gas mileage.

- Judy B

This truck rides and handles like a car. and gets good gas mileage

The truck handles and rides like a car. the cabin is very quiet. It gets good gas mileage

- Betty t

It is a great truck and has never gave me any problems.

I love my truck. The only thing I do not like about it is that it don't have a CD player

- William M

It is very reliable. I can count on it for just about anything.

It is very roomy. It is very comfortable and drives smoothly.do not like the turn ratio.

- Claire S

Great engine. It is very fast for a truck.

I love my truck. It is fun to drive and very comfortable. Sometimes it is hard to park.

- Joe L

powerful. Reliable. Good safety features

It is strong and reliable. It keeps me safe, it can tow a lot and the air con is great

- simone l

It is great truck! Allot of room. Drives very good!

I love my Vehicle, It is everything I wanted. Drives great and the style is awesome!

- Eric D

It's a truck, so I like the fact that we can haul things without having to rent a truck or borrow one. I like the room that we have inside the truck. I like the way it drives, it's smooth and has good pick up if I need it.

That I didn't pay a fortune for it. You don't have to pay a lot for a decent truck

- Cindy C

It's z great looking vehicle

There is nothing about it that I dislike. I feel it fits my personality perfectly.

- Lynell M

Truck is very spacious and quiet,very fast and has some great options

I love the looks of truck. The features are great. The power it has is fantastic

- Robert W

It is such a big and powerful truck but is very smooth and out of 3 vehicles we own, we always take this truck for road trips.

Very spacious and comfortable. Powerful yet smooth. It's a little hard to park.

- Iori M

excellent for the area I live, safety is important and road worthy. a great choice for montana , leather seats , beautiful interior, armrest low for me , use a small pillow.

a very dependable rig, not terrific on fuel mileage, but pretty to look at

- emily m

It is roomy and can hold 6 adults and gets good gas mileage

I love that it is big. It fits my family and I. It also can pull our boat.

- Sarah W

only thing i would change about it is a bigger cab. quad cab is still too small for having such big seats in the back

sits up high- safe vehicle! love that i can see out of all windows easily

- roxy p

I love the durability my truck has. I also have the lifetime warranty so I know this truck will be our forever truck that my kids can learn how to drive on. The hemi motor gives great performance

Hemi with a lifetime warranty means a truck that should last a lifetime

- Katie H

I like that it is a durable truck. It is simple. I like that it has 4 wheel drive and that I can customize it on my own. I don't have any complaints about the truck itself.

This truck is very reliable and sturdy. It will not leave you stranded.

- Christine O

Never had serious issue with Ram pickups

No complaints. Runs well, good mileage for a truck. Features are great.

- Jeff B

The truck is a great truck. Great for everyday uses. Great for a family get away. Get for towing and hauling.

The truck can be used for everything running errands to pulling a boat

- mea k

It's got a hemi and is considerably less than other trucks

Love the power and performance of the truck. Great ride and well built

- Jon C

It is a RAM pick up that looks great and drives even better than it looks.

No complaints at all. Diesel engine is great. Love the 4x4 drive line.

- Chad D

I have had to replace the fuel sensor within a month after i purchased it. The tailgate drops without warning.The USB outlets will not work sometimes.Had to take it in for a recall on cruise control

The tailgate issue is a major problem with automatic lock operational

- Jerry S

It's a Hemi and variable cylinder vehicle good for a truck.

Like the color. Also the excellent gas mileage and the smooth ride.

- James T

It's a Ram. Nice power, Great color.

I like everything on my Ram. Runs great, awesome power. Nice color.

- Mark K

How much fuel does it use and how long between oil changes

nothing at this time it does what I need it to do and that's it.

- Me Y

That it is very reliable vehicle and it can be counted on.

I like that it is reliable, have owned Rams for over 18 years.

- Abel G

It drives very smooth. The touch screen system is easy to use. The seats are comfy.

We like smooth ride it offers, lots of space. And drives good.

- Jasmine J

It's fun to drive and can haul large loads.

Has excellent power, is roomy, and rides well. No complaints.

- Michael S

It's a truck what else do u want t is tough looking and rugged

T is a truck. I am able to haul stuff. It just looks tough.

- John C

It is the best handling truck I have ever owned

I have no complaints. this is the best truck I have owned.

- steve S

This truck runs smooth and I like how high up it sits. The alpine speakers are great. Has a lot of room for the back passengers.

Love the alpine speakers and radio in this truck! 4x4

- Christina J

Towing capacity is really good four door plenty of space

Good towing capacity does everything I need it to do

- Bob D