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2018 ram 1500 4 x 4, 3.6l, 8 speed, crew cab, short bed truck.

I drive the 2018 ram 1500 for work and have put 36,000 miles in 10 months, it was brand new. It has been very reliable and have only the required routine maintenance. I drive in a lot of different road conditions from dirt/gravel back roads to highway. It has been comfortable in all driving conditions that I have experienced. The traction control and 4 wheel drive work great, making the truck feel very safe in winter and wet conditions. The extra USB and aux outlets are very convenient. There is a lot of storage space, I.E. Center console, glove box and in the door panels. The 3.6l motor and 8 spd transmission give plenty of power in the mountains with good gas mileage. I haven't towed with this truck, but it seems to have plenty of power to tow small trailers and towables with no problems. I have loaded the bed down with a cord of wood and tree cutting equipment, and couldn't even tell I had a full load. Overall a great truck!

- Joseph H

Ram trucks are very tough, but they are still nice vehicles.

My 2018 RAM 1500 big horn edition could not make me happier. I have a powerful 5. 7 hemi that works well with my four-wheel-drive. The ram boxes on the sides of the bed are very useful. I love my interior, and I love having apple CarPlay. This truck is the smoothest riding truck I have driven, and it does not matter what tires you have on. I have a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty, so I am willing to put my truck through whatever I need. The truck can handle just about anything. I never got stuck, even with dealership tires. My truck is very common in our agricultural community because most farmers in our area trust RAM to deliver, no matter what the task.

- Caleb P

1st vehicle choice, and already love the maker, will be a trusted brand for future purchases.

I love my truck, I live an hour and 30 minutes away from home and wake up early (4ish in the morning) to drive to work and back, I trust my RAM 1500 to get me to and back, and has not once let me down. I bought my truck 2 days after Christmas in 2017, and currently have about 20k miles on it despite only being a half year passing by. Only issues I've had was that my touchscreen glitches here and there but goes back to normal as well as a slight pull/tug feel when I accelerate leaving a red light, but said feeling happens rarely and has not caused any issues, both big or little, nothing at all, absolutely best purchase I've made concerning any automobiles.

- Bryant W

Great miles per gallon. 38 mpgs.

I got my 2018 RAM 1500 eco diesel and love it. It's a big horn package 4x4. I was a bit nervous at first but it has been getting 23.5 miles per gallon city and 30 to 38 highway. With this truck it's quiet and does not have the diesel smell. It does use blue def but it's inexpensive and makes your exhaust smell almost like soap. I will say this I almost went with the tradesman package but the seats where awful. I suggest the big horn all the way. Better seat seats and more technology. But most of all its mpgs are awesome. May buy another!

- Joshua S

Some issues that I have with my 2018 Ram 1500.

No manual on/off switch on the overhead dome light. I am 6'1" tall and weigh 240#. The front seats have no lower lumbar support which causes lower back pain on long drives. This puts you in a "hunch back" position. I had to purchase a lumbar support type pillow to alleviate this issue. I believe this is caused by the over extension of the head rest. The truck "slams" into park when you open the door while backing. Yeah, I do use the mirrors to back up but, I like to open the door to look back on occasion.

- Gl A

It's great for people who need to get places no matter what the weather and road conditions may be. Also perfect for those who make a living doing any sort of manual labor and need to carry their supplies.

Unfortunately my boyfriend was a bit too anxious and antsy to get a new truck so he was unable to get any special features. It is so so roomy and comfortable and it's travels beautifully in the snow, hard rain, and so far any weather conditions I've come across with this truck. I just wish that we waited a little longer ger to get the truck so that we could afford even simple features like a light switch somewhere on the inside, or mirrors with lights on the sun blocker fold-down.

- Jillian B

Ram 1500. . . A great ride no matter the purpose.

I love our new RAM pickup. It has great power and towing ability but also has a smooth ride. It is easy to drive and judge distances. The seats are comfortable and has a good size back seat. We like the extras in it too. It can carry a good size load in the back. Even if we do not tow, carry heavy loads and stay on highway roads, it has a great ride and style and built to last.

- Theresa W

Ram Dodger 2018 nice lots of room space.

It is great plenty roomy enough for you to get you out there grinding your head up and meet your friends in the truck with a few more people to come see you again and again for the first time ever since the start of this year and have been on the line since you I love my truck couldn't made a better choice the color is flaming hot red its a v8 drives really smooth.

- Cassandra H

Great family truck with plenty of room!

This is our first time buying a pickup truck and I was very pleased. The ride itself is very comfortable. The interior is very roomy as we have 4 children and can all fit very easily. The small storage area under rear seats is a plus! We also love the small areas under floor mats in rear. We use those to hold a few small drinks. Overall this truck is amazing!

- Amanda R

2018 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 crew cab. The Rambox option is awesome.

Typical problems as with any new vehicle. The dealer is very slow in setting up repairs. Otherwise a good experience so far. It would be nice if the different options were more Versatile in combining with other options. It would also be nice if existing technology, I. E. Atomic clocks that auto set themselves, were to be incorporated into the newer vehicles.

- John B

My ram 1500 is versatile and safe and fun to drive.

This is the first truck I have ever owned and it is surprisingly comfortable and easy to drive. I have taken it on several long road trips and it got great gas mileage for its size. I love how roomy it is and it feels safe. If I could change anything about my truck I would have paid extra for a remote start but otherwise I am very happy with my choice.

- Barbara G

The ram 1500 is a great vehicle!

My 2018 ram 1500 is honestly a great truck, comfort wise it's awesome the seats are actually rated the best out of all the truck seats between ford Chevy Toyota and dodge! I like the new headlights there great, the 5.7 liter hemi is awesome it really moves with no issues at all! I can honestly say I am happy with the performance of this truck!

- Kate L

Ram dependability is great.

The 5.7 liter hemi is a great engine and reliable. The back up camera is awesome. It is powerful and smooth. Have had no major issues so far with my vehicle and the warranty of 100,000 miles adds a sense of dependability. I love that it includes satellite radio is included and will definitely renew the service. I highly recommend ram trucks.

- Michael N

Dodge RAM truck meets comfort and luxury, with amazing horsepower!

My 2018 Dodge RAM hemi 4x4 rides like a luxury vehicle. You do not realize that you are riding in a truck, other than you are sitting so high up. The seats are comfortable, the ride is quiet and smooth. Dodge has improved their gas mileage (we currently get around 23-25mpg). Overall.. RAM is like comfort and luxury with amazing horsepower!

- Elisabeth L

A great buy! For such a roomy vehicle.

I have no bad things to say about my Jeep grand Cherokee, I have had my eye on one for years, and I was finally able to get one, it runs great, plenary of room for myself and my family with extra room, even as my kids grow older and going to be doing those extra sports and activities I'll always have the extra room for all the gear.

- Veronica A

2018 RAM is the last year without automatic engine shut off.

Very comfortable and dependable. Has lots of power and cargo space. 4x4 is great for the winter, great interior with good infotainment system. Somewhat bad on gas, but as expected for a hemi w a 3. 92 rear end. Not as fast as the f150 Ecoboost but a lot peppier than the Chevy 5. 3. Took some time to get use to the rotary shift knob.

- Igor S

Overall positive truck review.

It has a very smooth ride and a very comfortable interior. The amenities that I value come standard such as a backup camera, automatic transmission, heated mirrors and cruise control. I did have to install a step to be able to get into the truck and I wish that the handles were placed higher up in the vehicle for easier access.

- James B

The 2018 Ram 1500 has 2 coolers built into the floor in the rear.

My 2018 Ram 1500 drives tight with little road noise. A U-turn can be made in 2 lanes. With its standard 20 inches tires the ride is very smooth. The interior is roomy with plenty of legroom. We are looking forward to taking our first road trip with it. We purchased the tradesman trim level and are very happy with it.

- Diana Y

The best feature is the screen with carplay.

I love the comfort and durability. My back up camera is very helpful with the size to make sure I do not hit things in my blind spot. I like my apple carplay. There is plenty of room for all of my car seats in the back seat with plenty of legroom extra. My leather seats hold up to all the messes thrown their way.

- Kaitlyn S

Maroon mean sounding truck.

Radio stops working every once and a while but otherwise it is very comfortable and spacious and it is also good for pulling trailers/campers. The touchscreen display is really nice it can show you gas prices it has a GPS and Wi-Fi is also installed so it is great for long car rides when your kids get bored.

- Nik W

Beautiful. Powerful. Fast. Smooth.

Love the ride, the way it handles, the power. Love how it makes me feel driving it. So comfortable and all the media, music Bluetooth at your fingertips.. Plus navigation. Love making phone calls can hear the other person clearly and never have to take your eyes off the road... Love my Dodge ram.

- Connie S

Dealer was very helpful getting the truck. A little less legroom in back.

I have a quad cab. The dealer was super. They went out of their to help us get the truck. The only problem I have is there is not enough leg room in the back seat for my teenagers. I love how it drives and it is very quiet. I have only had to do get 1 oil change so far. The dealer was very quick.

- Kathy K

Corporation knows about issues, as has a to bad for you attitude.

Radio with backup camera died at 36, 280 miles, Chrysler corporation knows their is a issue with the system, and act's as to bad for you pal. I will purchase a Chevy Silverado or Tahoe next. Ram has good pick up, hemi 5.7, has a good ride, handles good, but their to bad concept is a bit much.

- Scott D

Jim's 2018 Ram 1500 Lonestar edition.

It is a great vehicle but could be better if option of fuel such as e85, could have more accessories for what I paid for, could do better in mpg. I think the back seats could be a little better design where it would be more comfortable. Overall however I like it better than its competitors.

- James P

Great truck, never lets me down!

Awesome truck! Love the look and feel of it, very roomy inside! Get pretty good gas mileage for a full sized truck. I have had a few of the same body style and haven't had any major problems with them. Also if you are into it, a 3” leveling kit with fit 35” tires. You are welcome.

- Connor P

My 2018 RAM 1500 why it should be better.

It didn't come with a navigation system on radio, it didn't offer flex fuel option, and price of vehicle to costly compared to other similar competitors. It performs well, roomy and the power is great, headlights could be brighter and should have blind spot sensors as part of costs.

- James P

Awesome truck can't beat the price.

Its awesome, I like the way it drives and I like the painted bumpers to match the paint job. 4 wheel drive is a plus and it's good to go out on the beach with. Awesome truck, I would definitely recommend it. Having the tow package is also a big plus, and you can't beat the hemi!

- Brandon L

Easy comfortable rises d beautiful to look at.

There is no problems. It is big and sometimes hard for me to park. The vehicle rides the dreamiest plenty of legroom there is plenty of storage. Love the radio sound speakers the truck has plenty of room. It is also easy to get I to the truck. For passengers in the back seat.

- Cheryl L

Great power, dependable, and great technology options.

The RAM 1500 I own has performed very well. Plenty of power, rides well, hauls what I need to haul and pulls my travel trailer well. It has plenty of great technology and great looks. The electronic shifter is not the most desirable, but is ok. I would prefer a console shifter.

- Stan B

Economical and versatile. . With 4 doors you can take the whole family!

I have a 4 door Dodge RAM 1500. . It is beautiful pearled black with blue flakes! It is sporty and practical! It has a leather like interior and has a vinyl flooring so it is easy to clean if you have muddy feet! It is very economical to! I am getting 23. 3 miles to the gallon!

- Stacey S

This momma is forever ram!

I personally could own no other truck. The drive is 100 times better than my husband's GMC and the quality for the price is unbelievable. I love the RAM is very advanced in the interior technology but not complicated. So many features available even on your lower trim levels.

- Elvira S

Rear camera is my favorite feature.

We got the big horn package. We love it! Seats and steering wheel are heated it is very comfortable. It is a reliable vehicle and I have had no issues with it. I really like the rear camera. It is very spacious and fits my husband and I with three kids and car seats.

- Melinda H

Pros and cons for a 18 Dodge ram.

My truck is reliable I haven't had any issues with it. I can go take my dogs where ever I need to when I need to. Its features are alright although the button to shift is a little weird as is that there is no mirror on the drivers side visor. The stereo is great.

- Mona F

Ram tradesman 1500 hemi, all the truck you need and more.

I have the tradesmen model, and for a base model truck I have never seen so many features. Carpet, bed liner, towing package, Bluetooth, hemi v8. Absolutely love this truck! Fuel mileage has also been great with the eco mode that cuts down to four cylinders.

- Josh M

The sound system and the tire quality is in point.

This truck is amazing. It's a show stopper. I get attention from ladies that's a plus. The performance of this truck is on point. I haven't had any problems from this beasty truck yet. I recommend people to purchase this vehicle over the other truck brands.

- Mo' R

Lovely your ram. Is all I can say.

I love my vehicle. There is no with performance, its very reliable, its good on gas, it's very comfortable. It is high speed and it's just a great vehicle. I have researched all my vehicle and this is my second ram. Buy a RAM you will never be disappointed.

- Melissa B

There are a lot of issues with this brand of vehicle. I should have purchased something different, but we liked the room that was in the cab.

Truck runs very well, but gets horrible gas mileage. I was able to get much better mileage out of my older truck (same exact truck, just an older model). Also has a lot of issues with the lifters in it, causing a lot of ticking to come from the engine.

- Jer L

I want 4 wheel drive in the winter, but also need a family vehicle.

No issues. Have always driven RAM trucks and life them. Have driven other brands and the comfort, space and reliability is second to none. I always buy the 4x4 rams and use the 4x4 a lot in the snowy winters. Love the heated seats and steering wheel.

- Danielle F

The back up sensors as well as the parking sensors are pretty helpful.

I mostly love everything about the vehicle. The only dislike I have would be controlling the climate. To switch from the a/c to the heat takes a little bit of time. If driving it is taking more time with my eyes off the road than it should be.

- Rachel R

Reliability is the most important thing about my car.

The exterior is slick and classy. The interior is spacious and well equipped. The price of the truck was well below competitors. It has excellent powerhouse with 5.7 liter hemi and dual exhaust. It has many upgraded features at a great price.

- Chris M

It's a big truck, so don't pull out in front of it and expect it to stop.

I love the size of the vehicle. There is plenty of room for my family. The bed is also nice to store tools in when I'm working. I don't like the satellite radio, it hasn't worked properly since I got the truck from my dealer.

- Chris T

Engine power, and performance.

I enjoy having a truck, but I prefer the look of my ram. It rides very well, and the interior is very comfortable. I think the ram brand, along with the muscle of Dodge is the only reason fiat-Chrysler is still around.

- Hayden W

Straight pipe dodge ram 1500

I have not had any problems with it it's very useful to me in my everyday life I just recently had my friend take the exhaust off to make it louder and I'm just loving it it's very roomy and I just enjoy driving it.

- Ramona F

They should look up the safety ratings and watch the videos of it.

I like the dark gray interior and that is really spacious. I dislike the fact the navigation has to be hooked up through my phone to get to the screen. I also dislike that there's no dvd player or Wi-Fi option.

- Lindsey B

Fuel mileage and towing are great.

For a full size truck it gets get fuel mileage. And the V8 Hemi is also great for towing. The interior is very spacious. I have had all six of us in the truck for short trips and everyone was comfortable.

- Rex J

Interesting details include the touch screen.

Comfortable ride leather seats with cool air and great sound. System. Hauling materials with no problem. I never feel like I am going to have a problem or a break down I have plenty of confidence in it is

- Roger D

Good ride, handles well, comfortable ride, decent mileage.

Truck has run well with no problems, one recall which was done in less than an hour.Averages around 17 miles per gallon combined city, highway driving. Comfortable on trips. This is 4th Ram I have owned.

- Milton M

The one most important thing about my car is the electronics

I love having a truck. Being up high and being able to haul things. I also love all of the extras that come on my vehicle. Heated seats and steering wheel, touch screen, backup camera and park assist.

- Katelyn T

Smooth, quiet ride that I haven't experienced in other trucks.

Love the smooth ride, and the look. Minor issue with the backup camera, it intermittently does not work. Camera has been replace and still has same issue. Decent fuel mileage, overall pleased with it.

- Brandon C

2018 Ram 1500 truck review

I wish it had come with a manual on off switch on the dome light. Also had to purchase a lower lumbar support for the front seat because the headrest is not adjustable for someone over 6 feet tall.

- Glen A

I love how it drives and handles on the road compared to my mustang.

I just recently bought a brand new RAM 1500. I love having the ability to haul stuff, something my Mustang did not. I love how it travels and the bigger gas tanks. I love the roar of the motor.

- jordan w

Affordable, easy to drive.

Great truck I would have another one especially for the price. Far cheaper than Chevy/ford. Also a very simple to operate vehicle. I do wish the knob shifter wasn't so close to the ac knob.

- Joe G

I like the step attached to the frame that allows easier access when I need to enter the bed of the truck

Vehicle is very capable of comfortable travel and hauling payload. Nice ride and comfort creatures on the interior. Plenty of power from the hemi engine. Decent gas mileage for a truck.

- Jeff M

Having a smaller motor does not mean it does not have same power as larger motor vehicles

Love the power and performance. The Eco mode on the engine makes for better fuel mileage for a truck. Only downfall is I should have gotten running boards and bedliner upon purchase.

- Rachel H

It's a bit of a change if you go from a regular car.

This truck is a tech nerd's dream. It tells you the speed limit, changes lights for you and gives you an extreme amount of settings to customize the car to personal needs.

- Charlie B

Moderately pleased with a Ram 1500.

It is a nice truck, but it is not terribly comfortable. I drove an f150 that I much preferred. I like the engine of the ram. The cabin is significantly smaller however.

- Joel C

Dependability and performance.

Fantastic vehicle, though I do not always feel confident with how wide the vehicle is. It is rather dependable though, and has not shown any issues over long distances.

- Nathan W

Super roomie and cozy. Lots of room for groceries â

You forget your driving a truck. I absolutely love how much room our truck has. Drives super smooth and makes you forget your driving a truck. Highly recommend our Ran

- Sammi H

My Dodge Ram is undeniably the best vehicle I have ever owned.

This vehicle is great on gas, takes me where I need to go and beyond. When I first saw it I told my husband absolutely not! Now he drives my car and I drive his truck!

- Marie M

This truck simply looks amazing. I constantly get compliments. People roll down their windows at stop lights to tell me how much they like it.

I have 2018 RAM Rebel 1500. I love the Rebel styling, the wheels and grill especially. I also like the adjustable ride height/suspension. I have no complaints so far!

- Kevin B

Big, comfortable, and fairly decent mileage.

The seats a super comfortable, and the suspension is surprisingly soft for a truck. The cab is nice and big, and will feat 3 car seats comfortably on the back bench.

- Sylvia D

It is very reliable and comfortable and has great safety features.

My vehicle has styling and looks beefy and has a tremendous amount of engine power and can haul over 10,000 pounds. It is comfortable and a multipurpose vehicle.

- Vernon M

Energy of the ease into speed.

Has very good pickup entering the freeway, leather seats very comfortable, backup camera, good tailgate, headlights are not dim, seats in back very comfortable.

- Donald C

This truck is good on gas and easy to drive and maintain.

Drives so comfortably with no issues since purchased. My truck came with running boards, bed liner and front bug guard. The inside is spacious and comfortable.

- Nicole C

It is quite possibly my favorite thing in the entire world.

I absolutely adore my 2018 Ram. It's a beautiful looking vehicle, allows for all my friends and family to travel in it and allows me to move larger purchases.

- Nicole M

All in all it's a great truck. Very happy with it

I love my truck. It's very roomy and rides great for a pick up. The only issue I've had was a cruise control recall and the dealer fixed it no problem.

- Myles B

Great ride and good handling.

This truck is a comfortable ride and has plenty of room. My fuel economy is quite good, better than my previous truck. Loaded with plenty of options.

- Richard W

Good for a family, it has a lot of room in it.

Like the gas mileage, the way the truck looks, the space in it. Very convenient for towing and doing things around town. Do not have any complaints.

- Bill C

2018 Ram 1500 Great Truck Option

Currently has a recall on it. Other than that, sound system is great. Vehicle rides very smooth. Has great gas mileage. Accelerates exceptionally.

- Andrew K

Ram 1500 Rebel The Best Of Two Worlds

My Ram 1500 Rebel is a great mixture of everyday drivability and off road capability. I love the aggressive styling and refined interior.

- Randy C

It is very dependable, gets decent fuel mileage, and is very comfortable.

Love it! No complaints at all. Is very comfortable and has all the accessories we needed. Plus it gets an average of 20 mpg fuel mileage.

- Leslie S

Great gas mileage and towing ability.

Ram trucks are awesome! They have a great ride, good gas mileage and is easy to handle. They are very comfortable, even the backseating.

- Theresa W

Powerful, strong, lots of get up and go.

I love pickups, it rides great, it has lots of bells and whistles and is safe, drives great, comfortable, great sound system, comfy.

- Alexander C

It guzzles gas really bad.

Its slow. Chugs gasoline. But I like the comfort of the seats, and the screen is nice. The Uconnect system could use an upgrade.

- Mike S

It's dependable, good on gas. It fits our whole family, with a total of six seatbelts.

I like like overall style. The price seemed a little high. But I like the 4 wheel drive. And the fact that it's a 4 door truck.

- Tina C

Good utility truck, not bad gas mileage. Great value in the truck

It is a good truck. It runs quietly there. It has plenty of room in the bed. Heat and a/c work well. Not many issues with it.

- Tim H

Comfort of this vehicle is absolutely incredible.

It runs to perfection, great gas mileage, color is great, interior is impeccable, engine is like the best I have ever driven.

- Al C

It rides very comfortable and does not cost as much as other makes

My truck is comfortable even on long drives. It does not have a lot of road noise. It has nice features including navigation

- B9b K

It is got real smooth get up n go for an 8 cyl hemi.

It provides a smooth ride for a pick-up. Decent fuel mileage. Spacious and nice looking. Great incentives when we bought.

- Jean C

My car is very fuel efficient and has great safety ratings.

It drives great. It has tons of power and handles great. It has great features and good gas mileage for a big truck.

- Karrie S

good, reliable truck, just some differences to get used to.

good truck, runs well. the shiftier is a bit to get used to, as its looks more like a radio dial than a shiftier.

- Garen C

How much the truck can tow and how it doesn't always feel like you are towing that much.

I love all of the bells and whistles in my car including a big touch screen radio screen and dual climate vents.

- Matt A

Solid vehicle! reliable and visually appealing all good things.

the interior scratches very easily, the rubber from the cup holder is already seperating from the plastic mold.

- John H

Well it's a solid pick up one of the best darn trucks I've ever owned

It performs really well doesn't matter what terrain you drive on it can handle anything. It's also super comfy

- Lindsey L

Love the features and the visibility.

It is roomy, great visibility, love the features that it has. I wish it got better mileage, but it is a truck.

- Sandy H

It is safe and reliable, and it is priced well compared to other vehicles.

For the price it is very well equipped, drives nice and is comfortable for my long commute to work and back.

- Eric C

Gets the job done safely and efficiently. Solid truck.

Plenty of room in the cab. Lots of general uses for a truck. Lots of towing power. Fuel economy is not good.

- Thomas T

Gas mileage. It is stated that the city mileage is 15, but it is about 20.

It is strong. I love the color of the body. Most of all, it does not consume much gas compared to the size.

- Changsoo S

GreAt looking truck. Clean lines. Love the all Black

Awesome color easy to drive great gas mileage Love the look of the Dodge Ram. Better looking than Ford

- Jason M

Affordable to middle class. Dependable long lasting.

Its big and carries a lot in the bed. All the bells. Cheap price affordable. The white color is awesome.

- Gary D

It's been very dependable and fuel efficient. It's also such a comfortable ride

I love the size of my truck. It's great on gas considering it's a V8. It's been perfect for my family

- Amber B

Its ram tough. You can use it on the road and off road as well. Go buy a ram it's worth it and you won't regret it.

I love the toughness of the truck. I love the crewcab. It has plenty of space to go anywhere.

- Louis P

That it meets all my expectations on what a good vehicle should be

I love ram! It is an amazing smooth ride. The technology is top rate and very user friendly.

- Samantha S

It gets pretty good mileage for a vehicle of that type

I like the ride comfort. Plenty of back seat space. Good hauling area. The style is strong.

- Marty E

The engine is able to do anything I ask it to. Pulling my RV or going to the grocery. This is not your daddy's truck.

It has plenty of power. It looks good coming and going. I love the interior so many choices.

- Dar R

It's hard working and versatile in the amount of ways i can use it.

It's a pickup and I like trucks. It allows me to do heavy work. It allows to go off roading.

- Larry B

it's very roomy and comfortable for the whole family.

its big and comfy and makes me feel safe. its roomy enough for everyone.

- Cherine H

It's a beautiful shade of red which I love.

We just bought this new truck and so far we have no problems.

- Sheila T

great fuel mileage and power

like reliability fuel mileage no dislikes

- david Y

The handsome trim line and access to the backseat and storage area.

- Georgina B