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Dodge RAM trucks The monitor that displays everything you need in your vehicle.

I love the size of my Dodge 2500 RAM truck! It has all the bells and whistles, such As: backup camera, GPS (gets me wherever I need to go). It has electric windows and locks, has cooling and heated seats, which I love! Has a phone set up on the monitor which pairs with my cell so I can talk hands free. Radio and CD player in monitor that I love! There is a lot of floor storage in the Dodge RAM, has plenty of legroom and the middle seat comes down for a drink holder and armrest. The back middle window also slides open to get fresh air! The front console has so much storage, even a locked one at the bottom which lifts up and makes the front seat a three person bench seat. Also has a sunroof which I use quite a bit. I like that I have a heavy duty grill, it helps if you ever hit a deer, which I hope never happens. It has a 4-wheel drive which I can go off-roading and the 20 inch tires helps on slippery roads. The Dodge 2500 RAM pulls trailers so much better than the 1500 that I have had before. It definitely pulls better up hills and pulls fifth wheels really well. So if you ask me what kind of truck would I buy? Between all the trucks out there, my choice would be a Dodge RAM. I have had a 1500 Chevrolet Silverado, but the Dodge RAM with all the bells and whistles, and not to forget the leather seats, my choice is always the Dodge RAM 2500!

- Susan S

Best truck for your buck!

It is extremely powerful. It pulls weight with ease due to its high payload capacity. The crew cab is very spacious which makes it great for families. I have never had any performance issues out of it. The information dashboard has a message center which has told me when I have a flat tire or need an oil change. It has storage under the back seats and in the floorboard of the backseat which makes it great for family road trips. It has a trailer package that helps with being able to use different hookups to haul many different things. It would make a great work truck, daily driver or family vehicle.

- Kay N

My 2012 Ram 2500 is great, the acceleration is fast.

My 2012 Ram 2500 is a great truck I love the way it drives and I especially love the way it breaks the only problem is I've had problems with the radio breaking and having to get it fixed a lot but other than that this truck is 10/10. I would recommend this car to people that love trucks and have experience driving trucks because it can be difficult to drive unless you already know how to drive a truck being that it is high above the ground and large.

- Drew D

Ram tuff. Years of fun with my favorite truck.

I have a 2012 ram 2500. Mostly it has been a great truck. I have never had any engine problems with it at all. I have had some small issues with it over the years. My stereo went out and had to be replaced. The left front headlight has a short and doesn't work. Lastly the lock/unlock button on the drivers door does not work. Other than that no issues. I assume a few of those issues just come with normal wear.

- Jason C

Ram 2500 towing performance and overall ride.

It has plenty of power, especially with the cummings diesel. I tow a lot of heavy trailers, lots of tongue weight and it performs great. When not pulling a trailer, it still rides smooth and gets decent gas mileage. The interior is quiet and has features more like a car which my family loves.

- Byron D

A lot of truck for the money.

A great vehicle I would highly recommend this truck it has a very comfortable ride and tows like a dream. The gas mileage can be a little suspect but when you buy a pickup you are shouldn't expect good gas mileage. And compared to other trucks the truck is reasonable price.

- Drew R

My RAM and Why I Love It!

I inherited this truck from my brother last year and I love it. It's a relief to me that when I NEED to get out in the snow or slush I know my truck will be there for me. I love the space in my RAM. No one complains about being in the 'back seat' anymore. What a relief!

- Jenna N

Our truck is not only a powerhouse, it also looks phenomenal!

Very durable and dependable. Rides and drives and hauls great. Has plenty of power torque. We have had no complaints out of this truck! We have hauled several big loads and it pulls great every time. We love the exhaust brake. It really helps you slow down when hauling.

- Amber D

Will not buy any other truck then dodge ram.

I have never had any issues. It will pull anything i've needed without a issue. It is a comfortable ride. It handles off road well. The one thing I wish the trunk had is back up camera. So the next trick i'll get will have that. But won't be selling my current truck.

- Jason S

Feel the power, embrace the thrust.

2012 Dodge Ram 2500 6. 7 cummings. As far as power goes it's great, it reminds me of a pack of Clydesdales. Mechanically there has been a few issues, along with all the recall issues. Clogging of the fuel appears to be re-occurring. Looks are eye catching.

- Theresa F

We have a manual work edition. We did have to replace the clutch.

We love our pickup. It is very reliable and we use it for all of our vacation trips. This pickup pulls our 5th wheel, cattle trailers, hay trailers and equipment. There is plenty of room on inside for all of our stuff that we take places for our baby.

- Elizabeth P

Ram 2500 equals power and performance.

The Ram 2500 is a great towing vehicle. Plenty of power and torque to pull heavy loads. Not to mention that it rides extremely well for being such a heavy vehicle. I highly recommend the Ram if you are looking for pulling power and performance.

- Ryan B

The interior is very roomy for a regular cab truck and the seats are comfortable.

I like that the truck has been very reliable with the 5.7l Hemi engine and 6 speed transmission. It gets about 16 mpg which is pretty good for a 3/4 ton truck. The only thing that I dislike is the ride is pretty stiff when unloaded.

- James S

Great mileage and great towing capacity. Very dependable

Vehicle is reliable and in great shape. It is has a diesel engine and was used when we purchased the vehicle. The only complaint I have is the bumpy ride. That is due to the rugged tires that came with the vehicle.

- Zaundra D

It's amazing fuel mileage, given the size and power the engine makes is astounding.

It's a great truck for what it's intended to do. Being a diesel, it gets good fuel economy and makes adequate power for hauling and merging. It does not provide a comfortable ride on the roads I drive on.

- Ryan M

No interesting detail. Just a good work truck.

The performance is great. The only thing I have problems with is the slight vibration. The four wheel drive has problems too. But I haven't been able to take it in and fix that.

- Pete F

Comfortable and dependable. Beautiful to look at.

I love this truck, it is dependable, low maintenance, comfortable, stylish, and fits my needs as a horse farm owner. Tows a trailer like there is nothing back there at all.

- Lori W

This vehicle is very reliable, you can haul anything, at any time.

I am able to pull my rv, with plenty of room for the family. It has plenty of power if needed. It has all the luxury, leather seats, sunroof, heated seats sound system.

- Jose M

Always enough power for the job.

Great truck for pulling trailer. Always enough power to haul load. Engine brake is awesome. Motor has 315,000 miles and never had a problem. Would buy again.

- Danny C

Strong and powerful. Roomy for friends and family. family or work truck.

It's great. It's powerful to tow. It can be used for hauling heavy objects. It's roomy in the back and can hold many full size passengers.

- Mike D

The Cummins Diesel engine has been a winner. I highly recommend it for towing.

It had been a reliable vehicle. I have had some issues with non critical repairs such as various check engine problems like valves etc.

- Neil M

The color of the body and the stereo system

My vehicle runs very smooth. Good on gas mileage. It has a lot of power to pull almost anything you can think of pulling

- Christopher H

That it get good fuel mileage and has plenty of power for towing a trailer

I love my truck it has a 6.7 cummins diesel engine plenty of room for the whole family I really have no complaints

- Ralph G

Has a automatic inflate or deflate air system for this vehicle

No problems with this vehicle except the Emissions system. Reliability comfort are all Great. Lots of power.

- Ethan E

We love diesel trucks and would definitely buy another Cummins.

I like how big it is. I wish it was a mega cab for a little more room in the backseat.

- Kaylee U

It's reliable. Nice for someone who wants a heavy duty pick up truck.

I like my vehicle. It gets me from point A to point B reliably. Maintenance is easy.

- Frank s

It's Big. I feel like in a king of the world when I drive it

Comfortable with excellent towing capacity. Good gas. But wipers broke pretty quick

- Benj P