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The truck sits way to high. Its at factory height but it's still way too high.

The dealerships are terrible to work with on anything from payments to repairs would rather buy from a private party for the rest of my life then buy a new car again. I can't stand the recalls that I seem to get on a regular basis. The costumer service is rude and unhelpful. The dealerships call at least once a week wanting to sell me a new car but will not stop calling me. Never have been happy with the service I have gotten from dealerships.

- Ben E

2013 ram 2500, white exterior, grey interior.

I like the 2013 ram 2500 because it turns sharper than ford or Chevy. It also rides very smoothly. The seats are very comfortable. The crew cab has more legroom than the front seat, so my kids love riding in it as well. I have to park outside because it will not fit in my garage, but the exterior holds up very well to hail, which we get often where I live.

- Tom M

Amazing ride, looks great, hauls like a champ.

I drive a RAM power wagon & it is the best truck I have ever driven. It hauls like a champ. It has a smooth ride. Fuel economy is terrible but to be expected from that beastly Hemi engine, which I love. Plus it stands out in a crowd & you can hear it coming from a mile away.

- Samantha S

Great work truck, very dependable.

Great vehicle for what I use it for. The only problem I have ever experienced has been a transmission issue which has since been fixed by dealer. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a work truck that can haul anything you throw behind it.

- Dustin W

Straight line performance is fine. However, it shines when driven on the track.

The only thing that I dislike about my vehicle is that it eats water pumps. I love the power my vehicle has. I love how it gets me from point a to point b. I feel safe while driving my vehicle.

- Cheyenne B

Truck has been on multiple 300+ mile trips with no issues.

Truck runs great! I have had some issues with steering but it's been due to normal wear and tear. Performance is great, good gas mileage.

- Kyle T

2013 Ram 2500 for towing purposes

Great vehicle, serves its purpose. Wish the rated towing capacity were slightly higher. The gas mileage is pretty good for a truck.

- Alyssa P

It has the best warranty available on the market.

It looks awesome has plenty of power and drives good. But it gets horrible gas mileage. I do like the amount of space in the cab.

- Kurt C

My vehicle is a black ram with black rims and leather seats

I like my ram. It runs smooth as it has all the years I have owned my vehicle. Everything from the outside to the inside is nice.

- Elizabeth H

It is dependable and fun to drive.

Dependability, looks and accessories. I don't like that the driver door panel and the passenger seat have rattles.

- Patrick S

It's top of the line and has almost every option available.

I like that it is a diesel. It will pull my RV easily. I wish it was equipped with backup sensors.

- Jerry S