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Ram 2500 diesel that rides smooth like an SUV.

We love our Ram 2500 diesel. Wouldn't own anything else. It does great pulling our 38 foot travel trailer and you don't even know you're pulling it. Love the heated seats in the winter and the cool seats in the summer. We have had a few problems with our transmission shifting hard, but there have been recalls and different fixes for it. Since being in the shop, the transmission is shifting fine. We have owned in the past the Ram Mega Cabs which I loved because of the leg room in the back. We now own a crew cab and I was surprised at all the legroom in the back with it not being a mega cab. My husband was a Ford Technician for 26 years and would not own a Ford Diesel truck due to the problems they have had. The Ram drives smoothly and is very comfortable. The Fords run rougher. I like having a nice smooth driving truck that isn't rough riding. The Navigation has a large screen, easy to see. It is easy to update when needed. The Laramie has just about everything you can think of. I wouldn't buy any kind of truck other than a Dodge Ram diesel.

- Karen W

RAM 2500 slt cummins turbo diesel

The RAM 2500 SLT cummins is a great vehicle to tow with and great space. The only downside I have experienced with the vehicle are: suspension is a little rough and the vehicle's wheels are not wide enough to disperse the weight when off roading. This is a great vehicle and all of the complaints are fixable with aftermarket products. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is going to use the vehicle for towing. The gas mileage and power of the 6.7 cummins is amazing.

- anthony F

Awesome truck, tons of power!

I love this truck. It has a ton of torque and power. The diesel sound is great. . When I am towing the truck barely seems to notice. Also the gas mileage does not go down much while towing. The interior is not quite as high quality as some other brands and the weather stripping around the windows is not as great as the Chevy I had but I still love this truck. It is a lot of fun to drive.

- Emma H

Ram trucks, above and beyond the rest!

I love my vehicle because its reliable, comfortable, roomy, looks mean and does what I need it to do. That being said, I've had a rM for at least the last ten years and have used it for everything from hauling my snowmobiles and trailer, to five hour road trips hauling my fishing boat to hot fishing holes. But no matter what task I put it up against, it always does it's job.

- Wesley K

Excellent fuel mileage while towing rd.

This truck performs well, has good fuel mileage even while towing a rave, it looks good and rides well. I usually get 20 miles per gallon around home and 12 to 14 while towing. I bought this truck because we travel a great deal, we have been across country with our rave twice with no issues. I don't however like what has to be done to change the oil filter it is ridiculous.

- Gene D

2016 RAM 2500 Laramie, the luxury truck.

I drive a RAM Laramie. It is a luxury pickup truck. The Mercedes of trucks. It has leather, seat warmers, great audio system, Bluetooth , navigation, backup camera, automatic mirrors and windshield wipers, climate control. It is a diesel and has 4x4. We have had no problems with it so far. It is wonderful to drive, smooth and responsive. I feel so safe in this truck.

- Julie T

Dodge RAM 2500 diesel truck.

Truck is very comfortable and fun to drive. Generally reliable, but have had some problems with the suspension and alignment. maintenance costs way more than any vehicle I have owned before, it is a diesel so oil changes are ridiculous and tires on a big truck cost so much more. Both last longer though. Overall I am happy with it.

- Lesley R

I'm happy with the purchase and plan to keep it many years.

The only complaint I have is related to gas mileage, but low MPG is to be expected with the size and weight of vehicle. This is the first time I've bought a non-GMC truck, but I've been quite pleased with it overall. I don't have any complaints. Even the recall items have been few and relatively minor in comparison to my last GMC.

- Christine D

The best truck I have owned

This truck has been a great truck so far. It was 1 year old with 40000 miles when we bought it. No problems until year 2 when the electrical windows started messing up. They sometimes won't close or you have to force them up. Also alarm is supposed to sound off however someone busted the window and the alarm never sounded.

- Caleb B

An important thing is to get used to the size of your vehicle when turning.

I live in Montana and you absolutely need a truck to get around. The winter's bring at least a foot of snow every week and you need a dependable truck to get you to work. Montana cities are fairly spread out and having a dependable truck to get you from point A to point B and navigating terrain is a must have.

- Andy B

2016 ram 2500 Laramie sport crew cab

The truck is great. Tons of power, very reliable. Definitely a workhorse but feels like a luxury vehicle. Fits the whole family. Great for long drives or just city driving. I have owned several trucks and this one tops them all. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a new vehicle

- Nick G

Big. Spacious, powerful and reliable.

Great vehicle. Very reliable. Lots of room, very spacious. Big, hold lots of stuff and lots of room. Performs exquisite. It is very powerful. Gets me where I need to go. Hauls our trailer great. You don't even know you're pulling anything. I would buy the same truck again in different color.

- Courtney W

2500 SLT Ram Truck -- work truck -- great for heavy duty work --

Tons of Factory Recalls -- none of which any of the authorized dealers have parts for to fix -- we have attempted time and time again to get these recalls fixed with no success -- rides rougher than rough. Has cloth seats -- the cloth is low grade quality and is not wearing well at all.

- Lori S

A big grey monster truck!!

My vehicle is huge which is a problem while turning, parking and driving out with consistently worrying of hitting another vehicle. It does have a backup camera with lines on end that turn while turning the steering wheel and show you on the monitor exactly where the truck will end up.

- Samantha S

This is a very durable vehicle.

This is the second Dodge RAM 2500 we have owned, both new from dealer. The first being a 1998 and it was just sold still running in great condition with over 300, 000 miles. These are durable trucks and held Its value, paid about 20, 000 new and sold it for 8, 500 20 years later.

- Stephanie B

Great truck for light haul.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It performs as advertised and is a comfortable ride. Be sure to get the running boards with any 4x4 option because of the high step required to enter and exit the vehicle. This is of particular concern for my wife and elderly father.

- Jeff R

Love my truck. Everything I could ask for.

I love my dodge ram truck. It has been reliable and it's a very comfortable vehicle. The exterior has lasted and stayed pretty. It does have some recalls but what vehicle doesn't now days. It gets great fuel mileage and we use it to tow trailers and it's a good working vehicle.

- Catherine G

The truck is very nice and I hiring recommend the car.

I love truck because it drives like a car. I like the idea that the truck set up high. I love the interior in the car. The GSP is a nice size. The heated seat and the cool seat as well. The leather seat is very nice too. The autostart is very nice in the winter.

- Kathy B

Runs great has power to it

Great family vehicle. Pretty good on gas. Comfortable. Nice looking. Only had a few recalls but got fixed. Really nice to take when going to the lake. Great to travel in. Gone many times to California in it. Amazing amazing. My dog loves it. Kid friendly.

- Kelsey W

The truck will handle all you throw at it. 2300 miles in one week!

The performance of the truck is amazing. I'm very happy with it, however, I've recently started noticing some transmission problems with the way it stalls, or drags every now and then. Hopefully it won't be anything to bad, but overall I love the truck.

- Steven D

Rugged and ready for work. This truck can take some punishment and keep on trucking.

I love the power provided by the 6.4 Liter engine. It really gets any towing job done. What I do not like about the vehicle is how easy the seats show stains. Even if it is just water that spills on them, a stain will remain once it dries.

- Gary V

When it comes to towing the ram 2500 does the best in its class

I tow a 40 foot 5th wheel and my ram 2500 diesel pulled it with no problem. With the Jake brake feature going down steep hills are no problem. I looked at other trucks but no other truck could tow the weight I need it to. I love this truck

- Robert P

It is powerful, and is exceptional in appearance!

I like the styling. I also like the power of the cummings diesel motor. Four-wheel drive will get me anywhere. It has an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission that is exceptionally smooth shifting.

- Bob J

It is big and powerful truck, it is great for towing.

It uses more fuel than expected, but I need a truck at this point. I also is hard to get into and out of at my age. It has a lot of tech that I don't really need or use.

- Cherrill H

The rambox is an awesome feature everyone should opt to get.

Overall the vehicle has been great. There have been a few recalls on it, one that left me stranded, but Ram fixed it quickly and had me back on the road in two days.

- Dustin M

It has a backup camera. It runs good.

I like that it is a truck that is high off the ground. I like the v8 motor that it has. I dislike the fact that it does not have radio controls on the steering wheel.

- Ron G

It has almost 200,000 and still runs good.

It is large enough to fit a family of 6 and pulls out camper with no issues. It's got the best interior available in comparison of other diesel 2500 models.

- Jessica W

It holds great value worth every penny! My husband is over 6 foot and he fits comfortably

I love this space & the durability of this truck. We move frequently and it always is a bonus! The only thing we dislike is the gas usage

- Ashley C

the four wheel drive system if great for plowing, best plow truck I have ever driven.

Comfortable seats and a good highway ride. Plenty of power. Plows snow very well. Great visibility and decent sound system.

- Alan B

It is a work truck and not a luxury car.

What I like is the good fuel mileage, power to pull our rv, the body style. Dislike the rough ride and the cost of service.

- Bob G

It has great powerful performance and it a very curvy and sleek design.

This truck is beautiful inside and out. It has a sleek design and great performance. I get compliments on it all the time.

- Joshua M

It's strong and powerful and can haul things that are heavy.

It's strong and powerful and can haul heavy loads. It's a comfortable riding vehicle with plenty of bells and whistles.

- Jamie B

It can go almost anywhere.

Love the off road capabilities of my ram 2500 power wagon, I hate the recall issues it has had in such a short time.

- Tom R

Overall a great truck once the bugs are worked out!

3 recalls in 2 years. Idiots lights kept coming on. 3 trips to dealer to find out computer chip bad. Big fun truck.

- Yvonne G

It has plenty of interior room. Plenty of power, and it handles great.

My Ram has been very good to me. Only problems were a couple of minor recalls. Love the comfort and durability

- Michael H

Only brand with full size 6 speed manual transmission available

Front Room needs more space, larger rolling fill back window, more comfortable seats, Love the 6 Speed Diesel

- Phil b

Versatile vehicle with lots of power.

It is a durable truck used for a family business. Has lots of room inside for road trips with the family.

- Morgan A

It's as advertised, truly the class leader

Too many recalls, but great towing capacity, comfortable ride, reliable as the day is long.

- MAtt A

That it is very dependable. And it was responsibly priced.

It's a very comfortable truck. I enjoy the way it drives. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Stacy D

The power it has to be able to pull our travel trailer.

I would like to have more space. More quiet drive. Can area for my pets.

- Tonya S

it gets very good fuel mileage while towing my trailer

great towing capacity. like the cargo cam smooth ride too many recalls

- gene d

Best for towing, spacious, safety for children, and overall great truck

Love the safety, towing capabilities, and overall look

- Heather M