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Great all around sports car.

The scion fr-s is a great intro into owning a 2 door sports car. They are very reliable, they are designed very well with a comfortable ride. The first thing first, the room you get is quite reasonable for the car you get, which is a price point low enough to afford but not be over budget. The fr-s has decent gas mileage if you drive it normally, it tends to go down if you drive it harder though. The only problems I have had with it is the transmission went out a 66k but it that is normal. overall great starter car into owning a evenly priced sports car.

- Zachary P

Six-speed manual and 200 hp makes it a true driver's car.

It's a sports car, so it doesn't have a lot of luxury options. It's a manual six-speed with a four-cylinder 200 hp engine. It's a driver's car weighing less than 2,500 pounds with a low center of gravity. There's even a skid plate under the car in case you want to rally with it. It handles like a dream around corners and on the highway. Living in the mountains I have lots of opportunity to put it through its paces. Love driving those curves with one hand on the steering wheels and the other on the gear stick.

- Patricia G

Fun to drive, useless backseat, good on gas, looks good at the same time.

It is not the fastest car out there but it is really fun to drive. Seats are comfortable for long drives and the manual gearbox is pretty smooth. The only issue I have is with the backseat. There’s enough room for 1 toddler and that is about it. Might as well not even have the backseat. Since I use the car as a daily driver, I like the fact that it is good on gas. I got the car to enjoy the drive home from work. If you are going to be in traffic, might as well enjoy the car you have.

- Edwin G

Fun drive with minimal problems.

The FRS is a fun drive. It is good in gas and small enough to fit in all parking spaces. Excellent turn radius and handling. Also, after having the car for over 4 years it still maintains its sporty look and the body style still gets me compliments. However it is not very fast (it is a four cylinder) and you can feel every bump on the road. I would give it an 8/10 overall.

- Tab H

Scion FR-S 10 Series Daily Driver

It's a great car, definitely gets people's attention. Stock it has 200HP, which isn't that much compared to other couples but the customization options are really nice. What's great about the 10 series version of the car is that it comes with illuminated trunks and hood badges along with a few other goodies on the interior.

- Chris B

I am not a fan of the rear-wheel drive.

Ironically I have never had any detrimental issues involving the maintenance or wear/tear of my vehicle upkeep that I thought I would. Scion is a very well manufactured brand for cars. I wish scion continued to make the fr-s. The performance is amazing and the fr-s is such a sharp looking vehicle.

- Jacob P

Car scion 2013 furs I recommend it.

It is super easy to drive despite being a woman and driving a car that is practically for men is super practical and easy to handle, the inconvenience that I find is that despite being a car for 4 people only fit comfortably 2 but it is perfect for me and my husband since we're just him and me.

- Laura F

It is really good on gas and is cheap to fill up.

Sporty look, I get a lot of compliments when I'm out and about. Great on gas mileage considering it being a sports car and so many options for modifications. Dislikes, backseat is useless not big enough for anyone other than a child to fit. The trunk is pretty big but the opening is small.

- Elizabeth M

Very smooth driving on the corners.

The car is very small from the inside, only for 2 passengers only. It usually starts giving issues after 50k miles such as battery, wheel bearings and also traction control. Abs as well very problematic. But it is very economic on the highways. And reliable.

- Jonas R

2013 scion fr-s the first in the line.

It rides very hard.. Even for a sports car. This was the first year, so it is missing some of the later bells and whistles. It is a very fast car, and the overall design certainly turns heads! I am hoping that the newer model has a better sound system, too.

- David D

Very reliable vehicle for my family.

Very reliable never had an issue at all. I can always count on my vehicle to start and run without any mechanical or electrical issues. I have never had any issues with this vehicle since I purchased it. I love my daily driving car. It is very reliable.

- Amanda A


Overall, I love my 2013 Scion FR-S. My favorite aspect is the manual transmission with the 6 different gears. I have never had to replace the clutch yet and I daily drive with it. Always in city traffic and I have even taken it on road trips

- Johnathan C

That it has all that other more expensive sports cars have but at a more affordable price.

I like how it handles and how it rides on the road. It gets good gas mileage but also has good performance. It was also cheaper than similar sports cars but the quality is just as good.

- William B

That this brought back a market for sports car.

I love the handling on this car, being able to turn makes it enjoyable to car. I love the small compact feel allowing me to maneuver better than most. I dislike the torque dip.

- Ray k

It is a fun car to drive.

I love the handling of my car. It's has a very stiff and light chassis. The inside is roomy for how small the car is. Also, for a sports car it gets reasonable gas mileage.

- Matthew S

My FR-S is very fun to drive, handles well, and is unique.

I really love my car but I wish it had more power and better looking stock rims and tires. Sometimes leaves get stuck in crevices of the car that is a pain to get out.

- Kevin R

The car is is one of the most reliable cars i've ever owned.

I love that it is a sporty 4 cylinder engine and great on gas when you aren't stepping on it. I dislike the very little back seats and not too reliable in the winter.

- Ricardo B

Scion 10 series frs best car ever

Seats aren't the best for long road trips I had clutch issues around 50,000 and the visor broke on me for no reason other than that I love everything about the car

- anthony p

The most important thing about my car is that it is a 6 speed manual.

I love the way it looks and it is fun to drive. I do wish it had some more features like a back up camera, heated seats, etc. I love it overall.

- Lindsey G

It's a 10 series, only 2000 of them made.

Fun rear wheel drive sports car, not many people have them, the engine should have about 100 more horsepower and a bigger back seat.

- Michael M

It's a fun car to drive, has the sports car feel with an affordable cost

Zero maintenance issues (knock on wood). Great on gas, daily driver. Backseat is pretty much a waste, no one can sit back there

- Casey M

Fun to drive. Good gas mileage, low insurance rates.

Great design. Fun to drive. Lots of customization options. Good gas mileage. Finicky electronics. Only uses premium gasoline.

- Rick R

It's a fun car to drive with a good look.

It's very fun to drive. Good on gas. I always get told it's a good looking car even now that it is a couple years old.

- Nancy G

It difficult to drive in the snow.

Great car! I love the color. I love the interior. I do not like that it is rear wheel drive but I have felt with it.

- Stephanie G

Handling and engine power, rigidity of body

It is affordable sports car. And it is very good handling and driving performance. I really like it and no complaint

- Shinya T

Compact, Great gas mileage. Easy to drive. Small backseat.

Great Car, Very affordable to own. Exciting to drive. Great for single or small families. Good gas mileage.

- Zachary P

It is comfortable and good on gas. There is plenty of trunk space for a car this size.

The passenger seat airbag beeps if you lay your cell phone on the seat. Otherwise, I love this car.

- Lori P

Watch your speed because it doesn't feel like you are going as fast as you are

Nothing to complain about. I love my vehicle and wouldn't trade it for another.

- Jamie P

Very dependable vehicle would buy again if I had to choose.

I like how it looks and handles. The color and gas mileage is also good.

- Audrey Y

Scion FRS: the pros and cons of the vehicle.

- Breanna D