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I recommend for smaller people, that like good gas mileage.

Overall I Love my FRS. It handles really well, the fuel mileage is amazing, and it is an attention getter. It is very small, I recommend for singles of smaller stature. It does have a back seat but if there is anyone in the front seats the only people fitting in the back seats are going to be sitting with their feet in the seats. The cup holders are in the doors, I spill my coffee A LOT! It does require full synthetic oil, and everywhere I go to have the oil changed over fills it a little due to their system telling them the wrong amount. I have been driving mine for a year now and other than general maintenance I have had no issues at all!

- Baily M

Not the fastest, but definitely the most fun. Tons of aftermarket support.

Stock power/torque is subpar, leaving you wanting more. Especially in third gear and climbing into fourth, even at an aggressive acceleration. Stock problems/complaints are that the exhaust tone is very raspy and flat. The stock fuel pump has a problem where it chirps at idle. Mechanically speaking for the overall quality of the car. I have driven it hard for the 4 years I have had it, modified moderately heavy, full exhaust, ignition, engine pulley system, forced induction via s/c, heavily modified/stripped interior, transmission modifications as well,

- Spencer N

Good for a single driver - not a family car!

For the most part, I love this car! It is very sleek and cute, and in the years I have owned it, I have not have performance-related issues. The only downfall I face with this car is the size. I knew this going in, but it is very small inside and out. Going groceries is difficult with the small trunk and getting my daughter in and out of the car is also a pain. Besides wishing it was bigger, if you are not buying it for a family, they will love the car!

- Melissa V

Frs: fun, reliable and comfortable.

The frs is a fun little compact car, that has plenty of power for any car enthusiasts. However, there are some little problems, but not big enough that the car won't be enjoyable. One problem is that the engine likes to make a cricket sound but I have found that using shell 91 suppresses the noise. Other than just a little clunky transmission box, this little car is fun reliable and gets the blood pumping.

- Alex S

Fun car and doesn't get old.

Absolutely the only major complaint is it is terrible in snow. A minor complaint is that after time the window seals do not prevent road noise as well. Otherwise I love the car., lots of trunk space for a small car, handles well and does good and gas considering it will also get up and go.

- Rob C

It's not a ridiculous electric or autonomous car and it gets good gas mileage.

It's fun to drive, the exterior has sleek sports car lines, It's pearl white, the wheels are sporty stylish and the tires are low profile, it's great on gas usage, the interior is beautiful and powerful looking, and it has zip.

- Gail E

An affordable sports car for you

The car is very nice and quick, the payments were a bit high. Modifications were also expensive but for the price of the car I would recommend.

- Arron W

It is a stick shift so people should be aware it sometimes come in stick shift.

It is full efficient and a very solid car that has lasted me through many adventures. It is cheap to maintain and a very fun and easy ride.

- Brad K

Good value for the money. Very roomy inside, great gas mileage.

I love the It's small. It's good on gas mileage. It has plenty of room though for me to carry everything I need Car runs great

- Tammy S

It is fun for a single person or couple, but do not plan on children or dogs.

Like: sporty, looks good, fun to drive. Dislike: very small. Little trunk space. Does not handle well in winter driving.

- Jennifer C

It's the newest car I've ever had keys to.

I needed a car that same day to replace a vehicle. I got what I could right then and there, no time to shop around.

- Kristal L

It's a good little car with room for two car seats/booster seats in the back.

No complaints. I very much like the car. It drives well and gets me where I need to go.

- Kristal R

its durable enough for me great for family trips. it's not as roomy as i like my vehicles to be. i love the electronic features it has.its also very safe.

it is energy efficient.its durable for long road trips and safe for long road trips.

- Richard D